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4 Egypt - Israel 4

4 Egypt - Israel 4

Ancient Egypt and Israel are one culture.

The entire scientific and intellectual world today is well aware, the ancient
pyramids of Egypt, as one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. After all, there
were no such huge structures in the world. But, as it turned out in the last 2
hundred years, that there are many such "Megalithic" buildings all over the world,
the Middle East, America, Russia and Africa. These are the structures of Baalbek
in Lebanon, and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and Hebekle-tepe in Turkey,
this is Underwater monoliths in Japan, these are the balls of Costa Rica, this is an
iron column of 7 meters in the Qutb-Minar complex in India, as facts of presence on
earth Space technology.

Let us ask ourselves, but why born the idea of building such "Useless
Constructions", like the pyramids, appeared in the midst of the Pharaoh and
well-educated, well-organized and well-economically developed state?

Egyptian civilization during the construction of the pyramids was very
advanced and economically strong for those times the state. It was the state where
people seek to get bread, where wanted to get knowledge. The inaccessible state,
because was isolated by means of deserts. Thanks to the isolation, Egypt lasted a
long period from "The beginning of human civilization," when the planet was
colonized by "astronauts". Then the earth became the scientific centers on the
planet, most suitable for agriculture: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, China, India,
South Europe and South America.

No one can say with confidence, how the "Scientific Knowledge of New
Technologies" of the first civilizations, on our planet appered. Maybe these were the
remains of the Mystical knowledge of the disappeared "Atlantis". Maybe it was a
new formation of the astronauts, who arrived on our planet from the region of the
constellation Orion. And we know that the Egyptians wrote about disappeared
Atlantis, but they also for some reason identified the constellation Orion. At the
same time, the Sumerian Epos of "Mesopotamia" describes this, as the arrival of
the Gods on our planet.

In terms of preserving these settlements, the least fortunate was the state of
"Sumerians", well developed in that ancient period, which occupied in
Mesopotamia district beetwin two rivers. The tribes of the surrounding lands, quickly
have penetrated into the developed civilization, and quite quickly "Scientifically
developed civilization" dissolved in successive masses of invaders. All scientific
information and writing of the Sumerians for a long time disappeared, and
partially reappeared only in the 20th century.

Perhaps, the destruction of the Sumerian civilization, that made the
"Pharaohs and Magisians of Egypt", to think about the preservation of
"Scientific knowledge", which they possessed. And what was the scientific
knowledge of ancient Egypt? This is the principle of construction and action of the
World, as well as the Magic of construction and actions of the Person.
Incomprehensible things for all people: Of what is person consist, and by what laws
acts. All these scientific knowledge in
The Egyptians apparently kept the form of the "Sacred Scrolls" on a "papyrus"
Which they already had during the first dynasty. But papyrus material
Very unstable and combustible, and for storage for a long period it is not suitable,
Here you need a stone. Pharaohs wanted to deliver the "Sacred Scrolls" to the
future generations of people. But the fact is, they saw no sense in conveying


this knowledge to its population of that period.
Therefore, as I see, that all the "Records of the sacred books of Egypt: in

stone and in graves", had as their goal, "To preserve the highest scientific
knowledge, for future generations"! And the highest knowledge of our world,
is the construction of the higher being of our world - Man. I suppose, that
Pharaoh's top of Egypt, well understood the importance scientific information,
which reached her from the "Beginning of Human Civilization". The top of Egypt,
also understood, that the level of social, scientific and instrumental knowledge is in
the zero. So there was no chance to save this knowledge among people; It can
not be used in a concrete life of people. Science at that time did not exist, and
the practical Magic of our body can only be used "to improve people's
health." For Public purposes Magic is useless, and for science is limited.
Although the science of Egypt used the "Analogy Method", but it was not real
"Experimental Science."

Therefore, in order to understand, what differed ancient Egypt from other states
the world must understand, why the Pharaohs ruled in him. And Pharaoh, this is the
Adept of Magic.

And what is Magic?
"Magic", this is the "Balance System" inherent in the body structure, which
leads the body to perfection of all internal Systems. An "Inner Perfection of
the organism" leads to "Perfection External", i.e. "The ability of a person to
work and create" in all necessary spheres of life.
It can be understood, that the perfectly healthy and intelligent body of the
Magisian, and plus scientific knowledge about the construction and laws of
the world, made Egypt such prosperous and desirable for all people.
That is why, it was decided to hide these "Knowledge" in the graves for future
generations. And that is why, according to the scientific principle of the
Ancients "The Holy Scrolls Book of the Dead" was built the oldest state of
This attempt of the ancient Thinkers of Egypt, to hide the Sacred Egypt's
scrolls in the graves, and the announcement of the "holiness of the graves"
was successfull. All Sacred scrolls of Egypt: "Book of the Dead, Book of
Heaven, the Book of Caves, the Book of Gates, the Book of God Thoth, the
Emerald Tablets" came to us in 19 century, and also became a motive for scientific
archaeological research the disappeared Sumer.
But note, that according to the same principle of building the state, in according
to the sacred scrolls, not only "ancient Egypt" was built, but also "Ancient
Israel", which was also built in according to the "sacred scrolls of the Torah",
just like Egypt.
How could this happen?
Whence in to the light of God appeared the holy book of Israel - "Torah"?
After all, even in accordance with the information from the Torah, "God" / the
incomprehensible Essence / gave only "Stone Tablets" to Moses.
The answer to these questions can be given to us: the history of ancient Egypt,
since Jews lived in Egypt from 2000 to 3000 years BC.
The History, and the development of the Hebrew language, and the history
of the appearance of the ancient Israel kingdom, which scientists describe, in
my opinion has excessive influence from the contents of the sacred Torah
scrolls. Like I am understanding the history of the appearance of the kingdom of


Israel, it is not at all, like us presented by connoisseurs, and the Jews themselves

We know, that Hebrew, Akkadian and Aramaic in Mesopotamia, and Egyptian
it's Semitic languages. Egyptian language for many years of existence has
preserved his "Semitic structure of words and sentences", and also "Mute
letter". But absorbed a large number of other people's words from their African
neighbors. So I think, that the source language of Egypt was "Hebrew." And that
was the reason of such good absorption of Jews in Egypt in antiquity.

From the recorded on the stones Pharaohs stories of his reign, we know, that the
entire coastal territory of "Palestine and Lebanon", up to kingdom of Hits, / territory
of modern Turkey /, since the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose 3, / 1525 - 1473 BC. / was
under the rule of the pharaohs Egypt. There were groups of Egyptian troops. The
Jews lived on the territory of ancient Egypt, and were known as Hyksos, which
means aliens or strangers. The Egyptian historian Monotheon, who lived
somewhere in the 3rd century BC, i.e. approximately 900 years after the events,
/ which wrote for some reason in Greek /, claimed, that the Hyksos / Jews /
conquered and ruled in Egypt. This is completely untrue; because he did his
conclusion on the basis of fact of "Expulsion of the Jews". He writes, that after
expulsion the Jews established themselves in Judea, and founded Jerusalem. And
the fact of construction the temple in Jerusalem, it is really true.

In fact, the Jews could not conquer Egypt, since lived only in one small eastern
region and supplied the Egyptians with meat. If, indeed, the conquest and
destruction of temples, then the Jews, but not Pharaohs would rule in Egypt for
many centuries. And they certainly would not have been Slaves. Temples in Egypt
were destroyed in the internal war for ruling Power over the whole country. This war
was waged between "groups of priests Temples ", where each group led its own
area, which was 42.

It is also clear, that the culture of the Egyptians was incommensurable higher the
aliens, and it is natural, that the Egyptians had a disdain for them, which for sure
remained in the further history. Although the next generation of Hyksoses, born in
Egypt, / and they really lived there for 400 years / as is usually case, they differed
little from the Egyptians themselves.

During the reign of the pharaohs Ramses 1, Horemheb, Seti1, and the main
Ramses 2, / 1290 - 1224 BC /. known as the great conqueror, Jews became part
of the "Initiates in the Secrets of Magic", and received a high status in Egypt,
since renamed their capital Avares in Ramesses.
It is very likely, that the Jews were a significant force in the army of Ramses 2,
and had considerable weight in the circle of "Initiates in the secrets of the

And what does it mean to live within a foreign state?
It means speaking the Egyptian language, knowing the culture of the people, and
participate in the economic activities of the state. It is known, that Jews supplied
meat to the Egyptians / dirty job /. Jews participated in all rites and ceremonies, and
the top even knew Magic.

From these ancient times the Jews preserved the "rite of imposing tefillin", on
the "forehead" / the position of cobra on the head of pharaoh, or the third eye /,
and on the "arm", / the main part during session of magic. There is no doubt, that
the Hyksos / Jews / were familiar with Egyptian Epic, and especially, the generation,
that grew up in Egypt. And one of simple proof of this, is the Hebrew word "Amen",
that means "Let it come to pass!", which exists in the Hebrew language until now.


And this word is, nothing else than, the name of one of the main gods of Egypt
"Amon", considered as god "Creator", which name translates "He who is
hidden", and this hidden god, the Egyptians called "the God of all Gods".

The pose of practicing magic.

As for the language, there is reason to suppose, that the source language of
Egypt in ancient times was "Hebrew", and which in the process of time mingled with
African languages. Because, the Hebrew, this is the most concise "Systemic,
scientific language", built in accordance with the "Trinity Human thinking"
and "7-parts Systemic construction the surrounding world", in the Alphabet,
Words and Sentences. Scientific Language of the System world. The Egyptian
language, by that time, had already lost its systemic severity. However, the
Egyptian language could not abandon its the basis of "Three-character Root of
Words", and the “Trinity sentence”, since this is the principle of people's thinking.
Therefore, borrowing new words from others languages could not change his
semitic essence. And if we take into account, that unknown ancient scrolls and
paintings from the "Beginning Human civilization", were still stored in the cellars of
Egyptian Temples. Then scientific essence of Egyptian civilization was preserved.

In addition, the Jews are long-time neighbors of the Egyptians, since according to
archaeological excavations, about 250 settlements on the land of Canaan were for
a long time.

The capture by Egypt of Canaan and Phenicia, led to the fact, that the number
of Jews in the areas of Canaan began to grow. And the reason for that was the
army contingent, who was in Canaan and Phenicia. Ask yourself, which of the
Egyptian peasants wanted to go to conquer and reside in "Deserted Canaan",
where there is little water, when life in Egypt is so smart and calm? Probably this
was the reason, why in the armies of the pharaohs were many Jews. And who
commanded these troops? Of course the Pharaohs, their sons and the "Dedicated
of Priests", who established order there.

Why did Egypt need these coastal territories?
Of course, in order to protect themselves from the invaders, who could come only
from the East or from the Sea. The Egyptians wanted the buffer zone in Kanaan, as
a strategically important territory of roads from the east. And they also wanted to get
rid from the Jews, who lived in Egypt, as a strong rival group for the top of Egypt.
This way Pharaoh's top of Egypt solved three tasks at once:

1. "Preservation of the scientific information of the sacred Torah scrolls"
for future generations. Just like they did with their sacred scrolls. The
Torah was kept in a temple in Egypt, and it, unlike the Egyptian books of
Magic, can be used as laws for the real life of a whole people.


2. Protection of Egypt by a friendly state with a similar culture.
3. Getting rid of a competing group of people, in situation of a complex

competing struggle between the Temples of 42 regions of the country and
the Pharaoh Central power.
This desire of the top of Egypt, gave birth to the idea of a "buffer state", which will
save Egypt. Since troops in Canaan were still mostly from the Jews, and they could
at any time announce the creation of their own State. From an economic point of
view, Canaan is not was of interest to Egypt, because these are semidesert lands,
mostly suitable for grazing goats and sheep. Thus, Egypt managed to keep friendly
relations with the Jews. It is the fact, that Israel and Egypt have did not fight. But
after the Jews left Egypt, the pharaohs to strengthen their military position in the
state with constant internal strife, began to take in their army commanders of
soldiers from Libya. The result of this was that the 22nd dynasty of Egypt was
headed by the pharaoh "Shishak" from Libya. The third force in the internal war in
Egypt received a new development.
The priests of Egypt extracted from the basement of a temple "Sacred scrolls of
Torah", which may be, even have been familiar to many of "Dedicated to secrets
the Hebrews". Pharaohs offered to Jews a treaty. Jews remain under the
protectorate of Egypt, and for this they build their country in accordance with the
Egyptian book of Torah. As I think, the Priests began to persuade the Jews to
move to the "Holy Land, the current Milk and honey", as it is written in the
sacred scrolls of the Torah. The Egyptians knew for sure, that they were
deceiving the Jews. At the same time, one part of the Jews, who supposed, that
they were being oppressed in Egypt, was happy to create "Their own State".
Another part of the Jews, did not wan to leave the country, set up by hundreds of
years of good life in Egypt. Then the pharaoh Merenptah decided to use force, so
that people did not have a choice and they left the country.
/// I ask readers to pay attention to the following: "How important were the Jews
for culture of ancient Egypt! " After the death of Pharaoh Merneptah 19
the dynasty, that sent the Jews to Canaan, the war for power began. To power
came a nobleman named Setnacht, who founded a new 20th dynasty, which
lasted until the year 1070 BC. After which, the High Priest of Egypt Smendes came
to power, and this is already was 21 dynasty. It was in the ruling of Smendes,
because of absence the Order and the Law, in about 30 years, all the wealth of
burials of the Pharaohs in the valley of the kings, were plandered. The Ancient
culture of Egypt was destroyed from the inside! And the ongoing war between
Temples and groups of Temples, no longer allowed to rise the highest culture of
mankind. It was during this period, in the kingdom of Israel appeared in 1005 bc,
the first king Saul, as a symbol of the necessary Order! And Israel itself, as a
symbol of the "Successor of Egyptian Culture". ///
Why for "Dedicated in the secrets of Magic, and laws of action the world", it
was so important, that their "Holy Book of the Torah" became law for the whole
I'm sure, that the Pharaohs and the Dedicated to Magic knew about the existence
of the Torah, since some stories of the Torah, repeat the places of other sacred
books of Egypt. But the main reason was, that the Torah tells how the human is
born, and how develops. And this means, the conversation is about the "Cell".
Dedicated in the secrets Magicians knew about human cells, because if you
read the "Emerald Tablets", telling about the principles construction and action of
the world and a man, then you will find there the words: "Oh man", and


"Children of Man". And it becomes clear, that in the first case, it is talking about
"Man as a being". And in the second case, it is talking about "Cell". And the
dedicated saw the "Analogy" in the construction of the Man and his Cells.

Dedicated realized, that the Magic of Balance the Organism is different
from the magic of the balance of cells. Because, the body's balance has clear
lines of energy directions, and the information interaction of all systems. Balance
Cells do not have such structural energy directing. And the cell, as whole, has
the shape of an egg, but the main thing is, that the cell "independent system" and
in action is oriented to the internal set of genes. At essence, this is "automatic
machine", acting only by laws and forces of space, to which the body provides
"permanent, unchanging conditions". Therefore, the main thing for a cell is its
"genetic program", from which it should never deviate. And accordingly Torah
says, that the world is built according to the strict laws from "Above", and man
must strictly follow them, not deviating either to the right or to the left. / And this is
for Cells correctly /. But therefore in the simple life of people, where it is required
to adjust to the real conditions of life, the Torah proved to be inadequate.
And after the written Torah, after some period, appeared "Oral Torah”, like a
loophole in real life. Therefore "7 days of the creation of the world", as the
model of construction of all beings in Nature, which really can be adjusted to the
conditions of life, in the text of the Torah, nowhere else not being discussed!

Why is the history of Jews people associated with stories from the Torah?
The point is, of course, that the history of Israel, described in the Torah itself, was
easier and more convenient to explain, and believe to people! Because the
histories of the Torah develops very logically, and form a complete picture.
In fact, there is no in Torah in general, not a single "Date", and therefore, in
principle, it can’t be related to History. So even the Jewish calculus of time
as 3760 before the time of the birth of Christ, calculated by the rabbis from the
“Creation of the World”, it turned out just stupid. Since scientific scrolls of the Torah
don’t have nothing to history the Jewish people. But after the birth of the Jewish
state, the Torah really formed a new nation, and a new culture with a new
scientific language, taken from the Sacred Scrolls. But this "new nation" was
rooted in Egyptian culture.

It can be said that, despite the real 400 years of Jews' stay in Egypt: 1600 - 1200
= 400 before the exodus, the Jews did not consider themselves Egyptians, since
the Lunar calendar from Mesopotamia, where really were the Jewish roots and
Language, was used.

All the huge number of Names, given in the text of the Torah, has sense
"Structures of cell action". And scientific understanding "7 days Creation
of the world ", as a "system ", allows us to explain the scientific meaning
of this "Multitude Names". Today, scientists, while studying the cell, have
already given new names of all elements and organelles of the cell. This is a kind
of "new Scientific language". But this language has long existed in the Torah.

"The Torah, and its scientific system language Hebrew" are inseparable, and they
explain each other. Torah, as a scientific description of the development of the
Human cell, could not be used in Egypt, since Egyptians have already built
their country, in accordance with the structure "Systems of the human body".
Therefore, they owned the Magic of the impact on the body. Scientific Information
from the Torah did not fit into their system. To save the "Torah" really needed
another country and a different language, rather than the one, that existed in Egypt.

For example, in the texts of the Torah proposals, begins with the symbol "Vav",


which changes the time of the verb from "Past to the Future", or vice versa. There
is no such symbol in any language of people. Why? Because to understand this, it
is necessary to understand scientifically how the "System of 7 Functional Parts"
works in reality, which is described in the Torah, as "7 days creation of the world".
Because, these are the times in the real system, but not the times, that we see in
our life. In life, we do not see the future tense.

As I understand, between the "Dedicated in the secrets of Magic" and "Pharaoh
Ramesses 2, the Great", who had 60 heirs from different wives, were tense
relations, which were intensified by competition between Heirs. Probably one
or more of his wives were Jewish. It means, in his reign in the country there was
political tension.

"Dedicated in the secrets Magicians" were dissatisfied with the existing "slave
system of the state", but to change it in the very Egypt was not possible for them.
Therefore, the "Dedicated in secrets Magicians", who possessed the secrets of the
Magic of the human body, and who also knew about the existence of the "Holy
Torah Scrolls", which had no relation to Magic, the idea of creating a new state
was born. Because, there is no "Slavery" for the cells of the organism. Cells,
that are in the human body, live in complete equality and justice. It can be said,
that the human body, this is a kind of "Kibbutz", which, by the way, first
appeared in Israel in time appearing of Christianity. This structure, was
seen by the Magicians, as a worthy organization for a state without slavery.

The son of Ramses 2, Merneptah was a military commander in the army of his
father, and rules in 1212 - 1202 years b.c. He started a war against the Jews,
because wanted get rid of competitors inside Egypt. This pursuit of the pharaoh,
forced the second half of the Jewish population to move to Canaan. Therefore, it
was during the reign of Merenptah, i.e. approximately 1200 year b.c. the Jewish
state built on the basis of the stories of the Torah. The state, which was divided
into 12 regions, according the names of the "Sons of Israel".

Accordingly, it was the first state in the world, where it was the Slavery
forbidden. It was the first state in the world, that required equality for people.
It was the first state in the world, where there was common literacy, because
everyone was trained to read the Torah. And this was the second people,
after the Egyptians, in the world, that by document has consolidated the
territory of his country.

Let us note, that in the newly emerged state, in the opinion of Rabbies, for 200 -
250 years, ruled "Judges and Prophets"! This is mistake. At this time, the Jewish
state was under the protectorate of Egypt, and there ruled "Dedicated in the
secrets of Magic of Egypt", who were representatives of the Pharaoh, and knew
well how to work with Population, which knew the rules of the Egyptians. If in
this period of the formation of the state, there would be Jews, who led the
population, then their names would be preserved in the history.

Prophets and Judges in principle can not maintain order in the country. Since
order is maintained only by force, not by mind. I suppose, that namely, "Dedicated
in the secrets of magic", who led Israel in that period, and invited to Jews to choose
a king. Because, for this time has passed not less than 6 - 8 generations, and the
slaves, who left Egypt were already dead. It's already there were generations of
new Jews, and who were not inclined against Egypt. It was already a buffer state,
to protect Egypt. The Goal of the pharaohs of Egypt was implemented. And then
in 1005 year b.c. the first king Saul appeared in Israel. And when the first king
appeared, and the people were already completely literate, then already recorded


history of the people of Israel appeared. But and this history of the Jews Kings is
not connected with the stories of the Torah. The stories of the Torah are real
exist and act in human cells every second now, and have a past history of
action of billions of years.

An additional fact of the unity of the culture of Egypt and Israel is form of the
"Holy Torah Scrolls", since they were made from "Roll of Papyrus". Exactly the
same kind had the "Sacred Scrolls of Egypt", since were also performed from the
"papyrus". Papyrus is quite fragile and combustible material, and therefore "Roll",
this is its natural storage. / What could be the reason for the construction of the
Pyramids and burials, because of aging and destruction of scientific scrolls /. Most
likely, the first and subsequent records of the Torah were also from papyrus, and
this is the main reason, that they did not survive in such a complex Jewish history.
Those time, the ancient Egypt was the only place of production of papyrus.

In 332 b.c. Alexander of Macedon, a disciple of the great Aristotle,
conquered Palestine and Egypt, displacing the Persians from there. He did not
change anything in Pharaoh's Egypt, but he founded a new city of Alexandria,
where he built a library. Greek scholars, who accompanied Alexander in campaigns,
gathered there all over Egypt a huge collection of Scrolls. This library became a
place of pilgrimage for scientists from all countries of the empire of Alexander.
However, somewhere in the early 2nd century b.c. Pharaohs of Egypt banned the
export of papyrus from country. This led to the search for new material for records,
and only in the 3rd century of new era, in Europe begins production of "Pergament".
Although the products of leather for shoes have been used by mankind since
ancient times. Therefore, I suppose, that the first records of Torah scrolls on
pergament also appeared around the 3rd century AD. But the initial form of the
Sacred Scrolls of the Torah was preserved.

The very word “Torah”, has Egyptian origin and meanss "The Way of Thought",
or "Pharaoh's Way". This meaning of the translation of the Egyptian name of
Book, and gave birth to his Jewish equivalent of "Halacha". That means the “road
of life the Jew". Although, I heard the Jewish song "Derekh Hameleh", i.e. maybe
among the people was known also its ancient Egyptian meaning.

If I affirm, that the sacred scrolls of the Torah are scientific information about
the "Cell", that came to us from the "Beginning of Human Civilization", it means:
"That everything that is written in the Torah really exists in the Reality "! Of
course, apart from those additions, that were made in the complex history of the

And in the Torah it is really said, that God chooses and distinguish specifically
the "people of the sons of Israel", from all other peoples on the earth. What does
this mean? Are Jews like people better than other nations? That's the thing, that to
the Jewish people themselves it does not matter. But to the cellular people of
"Ribosomes" this has a direct relationship. Ribosomes are cell elements, that work
at the plant of the "Endoplasmic reticulum", which is a narrow channels. These
channels are similar in structure to the channals, that the Egyptians built from the
Nile for their fields. And therefore, it is not surprising, that they are called "Egypt" in
the book. Ribosomes develops "Gene memory cells", for "Reproduction" of all
cells, in the long-term change of generations of cells during the life of the
organism. The ribosomes actually form the nucleus of the cell, described in the
Torah, as Temple. And the nucleus of the cell is really a temple for the body. It is
possible to say for sure, that the creation of the "Gene Memory of cells",
which exists for the whole world of living Nature, starting from Plants and


ending with a Man, which exist "Eternally", it really is the reason to call the
people of Ribosoms "Chosen."

In the Torah it is written, that the slaves of the Jews produced in Egypt "Bricks"
for construction. But consult the archaeologists, if they saw a brick in Egypt or
Israel. There are only one huge stones. But the bricks, like separate information
elements of DNK, which supply Ribosomes, are exists. And this really exists in
every person and in every being. In this context, pay also attention to the number
of the Sons of Israel, given in the Torah. Such a large number of people in principle
could not live on the scanty lands of Israel.

Of course, there were no wanderings of the Jews in the desert, because this is the
process of leaving by the Ribosomes place of his action, before “Mitosis the Cell”,
i.e. dividing it into two cells. And, accordingly, transition the Ribosome to a new
place of work in a new cell. And in this process of "Transition Ribosomes into a
new cell", is the Analogy in the history of the exodus people of Israel from

And in general it is worth noting, that the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is
the main and final history of the Torah. And why? Because the Exodus of
Ribosomes, this is the main process of "Appearing of a New Life in Nature".
The exodus of plant seeds, it is the birth of new plants on the surface of the earth.
The exodus of the seed of animals, it is the birth of new generations of the animal
world. The exodus of the human seed, it is the birth of new generations of people.
It means Exodus it is «Renewal of Life». Exodus, it is practical realization of
Love, which poets like to glorify.

In terms of my evidence of the "Science of the Torah" and the description of
"Cell", I especially like the story of "The Ark of Noah". Which in terms of
conventional logic, seems to be a "fantasy" for absolutely all literate people.
Because, to accommodate such an incredibly large number of living creatures in
the Ark is impossible. But, if the text are talking about the description of the
"Primary Cell" of Man, then in this ark you can put absolutely everything alive.
Because, all living beings, also begin their life with the "Primary Cell". And which
necessarily floats and sticks to some shore, and no matter where he is, in the water
or on the land.

In the text of the Torah, after 7 days of the creation of the world, the chapter
begins with the title: "This is the origin of Heaven and Earth". And after this
chapter begins the chapter with the title: "This is the Book of the Origin of Man".
The name of this chapter says directly, that the entire text of the holy book is
dedicated "To the Man". And this means, that the book has a direct instruction to
think about "Building the man himself".

Anyway, if you analyze the information given in the Torah, in the key of the
development of the "Cell Information Structures", then you will see
complete Analogy.

From the very first description of "Paradise", where Adam and Eva live, we find
ourselves in the "fairy tale", which contradicts the logic of people's lives. But for
human cells this is not a fairy tale, it really exists in the X and Y chromosomes of
people. The existence of Adam and Eve for all people is understandable, because
there is an analogy in Life. But where does the Serpent? From the point of view of
logic, this is nonsense. But if we will using the achievements of modern science
about the cell, it turns out, that pair of DNK, as the Male and Female parts, have
a third component in form of Snake, and this is the "Protein". And the fairy tale of
the Torah immediately turns into reality.


I'm not an expert in human cells, and I can not do full identification of the text of
the Torah and internal structures of the cell. But, in principle, I did not set myself
such an incredibly difficult task, because modern science still does not know
everything. It was enough for me, that I saw in a large number of Torah places a
complete analogy with the cell. And most importantly, I proved, that "7 days
creation of the world", this is a real "Model of all systems Nature” on our planet.

From the point of view of the proof of the "Science of the Torah", the most
key moment is "Holiness of the Sabbath". About the Sabbath is repeated in the
text repeatedly and recorded in the 10 commandments, as the Law. But this
holiness of the Sabbath, already about 200 years annoying the unbelievers, since
blessing Idleness, this is simply harmful to society. The interpretation of the verb
"Shabbat", after the verb “Finish” / work /, how to "rest" was quite natural. But
the system sense of constructing this root of the word says that: "Shin" in the
beginning root means "Transition or Change". The letter "Beth" means "Return or
Feedback". The letter "Tav" means "steady state". And respectively, together the
root makes sense: "The transition of the return of stability". Or in other words:
"Back to the beginning, to test the stability of the whole system". Let's not be
strict with our ancestors in this interpretation. Because, only in 1960 a brilliant
English Jew mathematician "Norbert Wiener", discovered, that in nature there is
"Feedback"! So, with his discovery the era of new technologies appeared! Not
Einstein, but Wiener was the main genius of the 20th century. This means, that
God worked on the Seventh Day. Only He "checked how his system works", and
may be there is a need whether something to change for the better. And this
means, that Seventh part of System is her: "Reason". And it is natural, that
"Intellect, that controls the actions of the system, is the most important part
of it". Because, this is "The most necessary information part", for Adapt and
Survival of all the Living! And it is natural, that "Shabbat is Holy", but has
nothing to do with Idleness. This fully proves "Scientific of Holy Scrolls of the
Torah" and simultaneously "Scientific Language of Hebrew".

Despite the fact that modern man is already actively being introduced into the
processes of reproduction cells, but in fact no one understands the processes
going inside. Because the Torah is still a mystery. And I hope, that the study of
information from the "Holy Scrolls of the Torah", will reveal this Secret.

In the history of the Jewish people there were two periods. One, the first period,
was "Practical", since there was a Temple, and the whole population was
connected with the Temple, because provided the temple attendants with
everything necessary. Services in the Temple, and the ceremonies of the holidays
took place according to all those rules, which are described in detail in the Torah.
Therefore, the servants of the Temple did not need anything add. The main thing is,
that during this period there were no "Prayers", but there were concrete actions of
people in the service of God. I think, that this service in the end was painted with the
common singing of the Psalms. Because, psalms of King Solomon appeared during
this period.

Complete provision of Temple Servants, from the point of view of the Torah,
describing the "Cell", it is correct, because the “Temple is the Core of the Cell",
storing "Genetic information for the Future reproduction of cells". But from the
point of view of the people themselves, this is wrong. Because, the main world law
is "The duty of all to work"! And naturally the people were unhappy. Why are
large groups of temple attendants they should provide? Service in the Temple is a
privilege, but after work.


Therefore quite natural, that inside people appeared Jehoshua, who blamed the
attendants of the temple. And his companion Paul, in general, proclaimed the law
"Who does not work, he does not eat". And it was right and understandably. In
the people appeared large groups of Christians, who lived in communes far from
the authorities. So it happened, that soon after the appearance of Jews Christians,
the Temple was destroyed.

Then appeared the second period of Jewish history "Ideological", in which
the significance of the Torah scrolls in the life of the Jews increased. And so
the other nations began to call Jews "People of the Book Torah".
Instead of the temple, the Jews invented a group "Prayer". And for the leaders of
the community, Rabbis, the law "Obligations to Work" generally disappeared,
because they regarded themselves as guardians of the Faith. The word "Faith"
appeared, which did not exist before the destruction of the Temple. This spoiled the
common people, settled in all areas of the huge Roman Empire, and then other
countries. The people were spoiled by the fact, that every simple worker Jew
wanted for his children to become Rabby, since they lived well and did not work.
On the other hand, it forced everyone to learn Torah, and this stimulated mental
Jewish Genes appearing in the beginning of human civilization, and reinforced by
the obligation to read and understand the "Sacred Scrolls", immediately with the
appearing of the state of Israel on land of Canaan, strongly intensified. And that
was the reason of successes of Jews in all countries of dispersion. The old remnant
of this upbringing сhildren in Jewish society are "religious communities" living in
modern Israel, about the time of its appearance. You will not find in these
communities a single "professional school", that teaches workers proffessions. They
prefer collecting all kinds of donations, to decent work. It's just proffessional loafers.

Therefore, when the rabbis, trying to close their fellow tribesmen under their own
Control, and in an incomprehensible text, they called the Sacred Scrolls
Torah "Description of the world", it was a deception, that was dictated by
"The ideology of preserving their Privileges”.

The whole nature of the earth has always lived and lives under law “Duty to work”.
Slavery and the use of someone else's labor in Egypt was considered natural. The
Jews demanded to treat the slave, as a member of the family, in which he works.
But only aparting from Jews, Christians, who knew the Torah used this rule. In the
modern world, the law "Duty to work" not even discussed. Today young people are
brought up in the key "Learning to think and to know much", since "Workers" are a
secondary sort of people. And young people from youth age wants to become
millionaires, actors, TV personalities or lawyers. Today you will not find a person
who has gone from "a worker to a rich businessman". Mankind has degraded, and
the existence of the "Personal Path to Perfection" in ancient Egypt, simply not
known. In his quest for wealth, the expression from the Torah: "From the dust you
are taken, and to dust you will return", is forgotten. Although this is the reality of life.

But the fact, that the scientific Torah Scrolls are "The key to understanding
construction of the world", this is "Unconditional Truth".

Modern Israel can not rebuild its Temple anew. But modern Israel, can build
its own state, based on Scientific information from the Torah. And then such a
state will become a model for building all the states of the earth. And all the
peoples of the earth themselves will build the ancient Israeli Temple, as a
memory of "Science", as “Monument of human Cell”, and as respect to the
difficult history of the people, who preserved the priceless Scrolls.


Yacov Ioffe. Reduction of the 1993.


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