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Grammar 7 day

Grammar 7 day

Grammar of the 7th day of the creation of the world.

From the structure of the model of the system described in the Torah, as "7 days
of the creation of the world," it is clear, that the text concerning 7-th day, as the
day of the "Rest of God", has "Inconsistence of meaning". And this is the main
misunderstanding of God, to which people “attribute human qualities”. And in
this regard appeared “immense field for fantasies and deceit”. God, in
principle, cannot rest, because the whole universe and our solar system is
constantly works without stopping. And God can not be a man! And this
discrepancy has always been controversial.

I suppose, that these inconsistencies are due to the fact, that in the “Scientific,
original ancient text”, changes were made, for the text it was easier to
“explain”, based on the understanding of “a certain group temple attendants". And
this group of people obviously didn’t have the logic understanding of the text, but
"wanted to remain ruling for the people". And in this “Rest of God”, made easier for
temple servants to explain their "Idleness" in the process of temple service and in
life. And reluctance to do heavy peasant work to provide for themselves and their
families with food.

It should be noted, that in Hebrew, as well as in all other languages of the world,
there is no concept of "Feedback". Because Feedback is an invisible and difficult to
understand concept, about which people never knew and did not guess. Because
the words of the language, it is "Model of the functional sequence of actions in
the system". And the very process of pronunciation of human speech is the
"sequence of sounds". And the reverse, closed in the "Circle" of the process in it
can not be.

And this is the reason, why the concept of "Feedback" was discovered by the
American mathematician Norbert Wiener only in 1960. And after this discovery, the
era of “New technologies of automatic systems”, and most importantly
“Elements of memory”, as "Paired Feedback Elements" began. While in the
world and nature, the Feedback has always existed. And in the Hebrew
alphabet there are letters reflecting this concept.

Therefore, in the words of Hebrew there is only one action associated with the
Feedback and this is the “Return” / root Hazor /, which directs the action in the
opposite direction. And therefore a return to the same action will be carried out by
the “Closed circular cycle”, where there is no beginning and end, and
therefore there is no following logic. And in Hebrew it is described by the word

All characters of the alphabet / letters / Hebrew are “World System Concepts”,
from which the “Meaning of words of a language” is built, according to the Trinity
rule of our thinking. And then, from the words, the “Meaning of sentences” is
composed, according to the same Trinity rule of our thinking.

The Hebrew alphabet has 3 letters, whose name is fixed "Cyclicity", as a
concept associated with feedback.

This is the letter "Vav", as a logical union, and as a change of times.
This is the letter “Mem”, as a symbol of “Circular action out”, therefore
connecting everything around. And accordingly the word Water is like a word
“Mayim” is the “pair connection” of everything around, and at the same time
the connection on itself.


This is the letter “Nun”, which in essence reflects the meaning of the
“Feedback” completely. It means, some “Return Action”, combined
with the help of Vav with the “Return Action”. Or in other words
some "cyclic action".

In the text of the 7th day of creation, there is only one word, that could
undergo a “change in spelling”, or rather “change in the meaning of the word”,
and this word is “Shabbat”.

If we analyze the letters, that make up the word Shabbat, from the point of view
of building the Ancient Hebrew alphabet as 7 parts of the system, then we'll see:

that these letters occupy the "first and seventh" part of the general division.
Where the first part is “Symbols of External Influence on the System”. Aleph -
impact from the outside. Beit - impact from within, i.e. Feedback.
The seventh part is the symbols of "System Sustainability". Shin – is changing
systems, i.e. Act. Tav - is a transition to stability, i.e. Balance.

From the system sense of the 7th part of the system, as “Feedback”, which
should be controlled and, if necessary, adjusted in "Five previous parts of the
action of the system of nature", is clear, that the meaning of the word Shabbat
should have two actions:
1. "Check 5 functional parts of the system".
2. “Transition to the 2nd part of the system and correction of the input effect”.
And in this sense, the word Shabbat must be consistent with these two actions.

The word "Shabbat" consists of three letters, the system meaning of which:
1. "Shin" - Change the state of the system. / The whole system must act for to see

the defects. /
2. "Beth" - input effect on the system from the inside. / Corrective action on the

contour of 2 part of the system, it means Water part. /
3. "Tav" - Transition to a steady state. / Sequential transition to the state of

balance /
From the sequence of constituent letters of the word "Shabbat" it turns out:
"Changing the state of beings of the 6th part of the system, like Shin" leads to
"Impact on the input of the system, like Water parts of the system, like Bet",
which leads to a sequence of changes of all the other 3 parts of the system of
Nature. / excluding the 4th part, which is outside the nature of the planet /, and as a
result to the balance of the whole system, like Tav ".
This means, that the word Shabbat truly reflects the action of the “Feedback”,
as the Reasonable part of the system. But the meaning of the word has
nothing to do with Rest.
Practically it means, that the entire system of Nature is closed in the
permanent Reasonable Balance Self-Regulation cycle through the “Water
As we all know from school age, there is a permanent “Water Circulation” on the


planet Earth, which includes the entire Aquatic and Earthy part of the land. And the
Torah emphasizes, that “Every Information cycles of living organisms”, like

belonging to the Third, Fifth and the Sixth day of creation, "included in this

Circulation of Water", and constantly Renewed! It means, Nature's system

adjusts its action itself, in constant search for Balance.

And this is thanks to "Divine Forces", which give her energy, without

stopping even for a split of second.

There can be only one conclusion from our language studies.
There is no “Rest” in our world! The meaning of the word "Shabbat" means

"Reasonable cyclic system of Nature", and it is described as the Seventh Day

of Creation, since this is the "Invisible Action."

Understanding of the common processes of the Nature system shows, that
the main Energy and “Regulatory” part of the system is "Water" and its cycles

of transformations. Therefore, water pollution implemented by the so-called
technical progress is “Death to the whole system of nature".

Yacov. 1994 – 2003.


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