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7Education Internet 8

7Education Internet 8

Example for using 7 parts system for Right
organization of Education and possibility to

influence on this process.

Suggested here the approach to organization of Education are not and can't
be Universal, because the author don't wont to teach Specialists in this sphere.
But because I make in this article the System Analyze this sphere, then it
give us pragmatic approach and it will be very useful for all present parents and
I hope many specialists in education will find useful aspects, because System
approach allows to define "Role", which in Human Society must perform
"Formation", as well as allows explains "Reasons of Behavior of children" at
certain age, and hereunder gives Help, what strategy necessary to use for each
age. So we will begin from "Role", which must perform "Formation" in Society.
For present-day is everywhere considered, that Formation must carry to people
"Knowledge". The Knowledge the people really need, since each of us come to
this world with "Zero Knowledge". However, the problem consists in that, that
Knowledge this Weapon with two directions. The Knowledge can give the
Refrigerator and can give the Atomic bomb. The Knowledge can bring up
Buddha and can bring up Hitler and Stalin. So main source reason for
Forming System it is a law of "System Role". Which speaks of that, that
every life essence on the land, including Human, and each existing object
and process, there is "Role", which it act in this World, and which reveals
itself through its “System Role”. So main Personal problem of each
Human, and accordingly System of Formation, which helps him in this,
obtain that, that "Person there was Needed in Society", has found its Role
in Human Society. And the road to the "Necessity of Man in Society" is
going through the "Personal Path to Perfection"! To perfection Physical,
Mental and Soulful.

And the personal path to Perfection lies through:
1. Desire and ability to work. And for the period of childhood is study.
2. Raising a person's internal discipline. Like abilities set goals and


interact well with surrounding team.
These two components must be the “School Requirements”, from the
“Education System”. Without them, the school turns into a “Place

entertainment, and students in the "undeveloped idlers", unsuitable

for any work and team.
So problem the system of Formation consists in that, that all children, entering

in human Society there were needing and did not destroy it.
Since each person is built as Septenary system principle and

appears on light in the manner of sell from which develops the adult organism,
than the whole process of Education occurs with its physical and mental
development, i.e. the Life. The Development of Mental circle occurs with
development of functional systems. So Education occurs on priorities of
development of systems of person, which prompt us, where in Education and
Formation it is necessary to place the Accents.

7 parts of any System looks like this way.

123 4 5 6 7

External. Informat. Memory Control System Perform. Checking
Informat. Reception process functions relationship actions analysis
actions action behavior

We can observe that our Education occurs in same follower Sequence how the
System works, in the same order how the Person develops, in the same order
1. Priority "External Information"

We know that development of person begins in belly full-grown of mother
according information got from both parents. So first part as "External
Informational developments of person have no Education and person
develops in according with natural laws. Possible to say that in nature of
Creator all creatures come to this world in full equality, All creatures begin
from zero! And that itself much important, for understanding that, that our
World is built Fair.
2 Priorities of systems "Perceptions of information".
The first period of education approaches After birth. The Period of stabilizing
all systems of child in new conditions, and then education itself. This
Education carries special nature character, because occurs on principle of
"Copying", child repeats all actions of parents. In this time of "Priority of
systems of Perception the information" a child gets the notions and
language names for all things, that relates to his life and actions. In this
period a child possesses only "concrete perception" and maximum ability
mechanical memory. For period from 0 to 3 years a child gets quickly


maximum information about External world. The Child in this period
completely Egoist, though he don't understand his "I ". He doesn't play
in collective plays, and always keeps in hand his personal toy. This
period of parallel formation and other systems of organism, so a Child
adopts the main rules of behavior in life.
3. The Priority of Memory.
The Third period begins from about 3 years and ends in 7 - 8 years. This
period when Memory of child is characterized the appearance of "I ". This
period to emphasize the time of "I wont", " I don't want", period of initial
development of independent thinking. The Child can adopt 10
commandments and other rules of behavior in collective, continues to train
the notions of external world. This period characterize more complex nature
of plays and beginning to education practical skills necessary in life,
self-service. This Period of maximum playing on streets and fields in
companies of children from different ages from 3 till 8 years. This
Period, when all positive that is put in, remains lifelong, because It is
Remembered forever.
4. The Priority "Governing the actions and behaviors".
The Period beginning from 7 approximately , 8 years and last till 13 years.
The Period of escalated development of Mental Circle devices and logic of
thinking. The Period of escalated desires of positive actions. The Children
of this age very active, get into all deals and talks of adults. They
participate in all circles and school deals. Actively participate in all political
and other events of country. They are caught in adventures and any
histories. They can solve very difficult problems on mathematics.
5. Priority of "Communications network".
The Period begins from 13 approximately and ends till 18 -19 years. The
Period characterize with the First attempts of independent activity and
determinations "Relationships outside of Families" and therefore this peers
on class or peers from place of residence. This Period of breakup of
relationships with family. This Period is characterized the Sexual awaking
of young people. This Period, when young people begin be interested In
the opposite sex individuals and his appearance, fashionable cloth. This
Period of painfully Self pride, helplessness and conceit. This Period of
nervous vagary and full absence of brains, only feelings and extremities.
This Period of neglect contempt by parental conversations, because
consider, that parents is foolish and nothing don't understand. This
Period, when information from friends is considered most important and
does not yield to any critic. Period, when begin unhealthy, criminal
companies, bringing subsequently to tragedies of whole life. The Period
of casual sexual relationships.
6. The Priority "Systems of performance and actions"
Period from age 18 and till 60 years.
This is a Period of packed independence. This is Period of service in
Armies and complex choice of partner in life. The Period, when realize


plans of serious training, work, formations of family and education of
children. The Period of Active sexual life, practical entering in world and
adaptation in him. The Period of life successes and disillusionment's.
The Period of appearance Associative Memory and initial of weakening
of mechanical memory.
7. The Priority of systems "Checking and Analysis". This Period beginning

from about 60 years and ending to age of limit independence.
The Period, when is already accumulated solid experience in life and
person can analyze their own mistakes. When life, as a rule, already
settled and already little or no prospects in life, but children enough
independent. The Period, when begin to conceived on that, that occurs in
your life and why. Period when family problems, usually already settled
and already exactly know, what you want from your wife, children and
from work and friends. The Period when Religion receipts with heights of
understanding life and life experience. The Period of strong weakening
mechanical memory and fortification of associative memory. Strong signs
of weakening the health and sometimes memories.
Such System division of Development of person is made me, on base analyze
of Systems Septenary building of the World, and as we see, 7 parts of process
of Learning and Developing the Person are exactly inserted in scheme of
development of person in life and mankind came here to By practical
consideration and Scientific understanding the world. So today all existing
services of Education are inserted in Septenary signify thread of system, with
only difference, that Septenary system can explain, why we have this dividing
of education and together with development of Life does not Select any part,
in spite the modern understanding of Education selects " Childhood and Youth"
as special time, when necessary " Spoil" small person.
We can see these 7 parts of system in organizations of education.
2. Priority of systems of "Perceptions" – baby groups and kindergarten till 3

3. Priority of "Memories" - kindergarten senior groups till 7 years.
4. The Priority of "Management of actions" - Grade school
5. Priority of systems "Relationships" - School of senior classes
6. The Priority "Performances of actions" – Universities, College, Courses
7. Priority "Checking and Analysis" -Courses of specialization

Let us analyze all periods of education from 2 till 7 parts in accordance with
process of Development the personalities of child, and then of adults. The
Periods 2 and 3 in spite of difference in approach of education and therefore
realized in baby groups and kindergarten, have the same characteristic. The
General, that unites both these period, it is special position of "Women (woman)
- full-grown" in this time. The Child for the whole period before 7-8 years felt the
special inclination to full-grown and she to him. And in this system "Mother –
Child", woman plays the key role in education. Both these period 2 and 3, in
spite of difference in approach to children, are united with one main aim of


Education - "Upbringing the Person". All following periods of education and
life's periods are based On this.
Period 2, 3. Education of children till age 7 - 8 years in Israel simply repugnant
and on this there is real reasons. The Main reason is concluded in that, that
parents concern with it in very small degrees, and those small groups of Tutors,
onto him is replaced this process can not do nothing. Hereto Is Necessary add
that Israeli families usually are formed to age of 25 - 30 years and therefore
given birth generation much weakly physically. After such education of babies
and children in the kindergarten, position of school Teacher, as "Source of
knowledge" very unenviable. The Teacher arrived in class, as on the war and
unable calm the children. As a result, the Teaching process becomes in small
percent effective and in some reason meaningless.
And almost real teaching begins only Tikhon, so many students not receiving

So Septenary theory speaks, that all girls in Senior classes must get the
course : "Bases of baby care and upbringing", as future mothers, as future home
tutors, as Basis of our Society and State. Only skill of our young women to bring
up the small children will raise our formation on other level.
The Periods 4 and 5 have too general Criterion, which is identified " Babies
negativism". Indeed exists simply "Negativism" and we can observe its by many
of Adults population and simply on children it is denominated more brightly,
because it decreases together with birth of "Person" only, with birth of Strong
Character, when all actions are under checking of "Need" and "Responsibility".
But this factor defines from created "System of Society".
The Period 4 -period of grade school of age 7 - 13 years. Typical characteristic
of this period of education is, that school programs uncomplicated and
practically any interested parent can check and help to his child. In this period
a children most receptive to all good offers and therefore in this period it is
necessary begin "Ascetic education". Ascetic Education trains Teacher-
psychologist who together with pupil develops its Personal program of daily
get over some divisible difficulties in training and nature, as well as additional
aims of knowledge and fascinations of child. The Psychologist brings the
positive life examples, from life of the Known people particularly. The
Psychologist Explains that each person during its
life Forms at yourself, but parents and teacher only can help. Psychologist helps
to find the example in life – as Honor teacher, to which pupil want to imitate,
though this can be his father and mother. Psychologist explains as all we
like only good people and how it is important to be good person, and it is "
Profitable". This period most important in the fight with Childish Negativism,
because else possible to do something, that children did not change to small
Tyrants and Rapists and particularly in families where don't make this hard job.
The Period 5 - period of Secondary school and High school. The Period from
13 before 19 years, when school programs complex and saturated. The Period
when not all parents are capable to help to his children to understand school
material. So in this period particularly important that Ministry of formation would


gave to parents the programs of education, making easier for parents checking
the process of education themselves or by means of private teacher. Usually,
programs of school training hides, because the Ministry never wants to agree
that it works bad and does not want that parents could check and criticize
functioning (working) the teachers, because the critiques can be absolutely
ungrounded, and particularly this critiques from parents, which consider that all
teacher "are Obliged", make from their child genius. Or conversely, that they
"too much require" from their weak child.

However Parents are an integral part of system of Formation and
only coordinate actions can perfect the process of Education. The Period from
13 till 19 years is the most difficult age in plan of resistance to teachers and
parents. The Age of extreme vagary, foolish imitation bad things and
sometimes beginning criminal activity. Remember, that on Yiddish language
this age of " Teenager " has got the sense of Fool. So in this period Teacher-
psychologist must bring as large as possible examples "Negative Destiny",
which surrounds us the great ensemble. Explain the Beauty and Intern power of
Pragmatic Lifestyle, i.e. useful life deals on good of the whole society. As it
was already spoken earlier, in this period much important that girls as
our future full-grown study "Bases of baby education". In this age important to
explain to girls, that God create the woman and man "Unequal" and physically
and mentally and on perception of world, but not in Legal sense. The Women
(woman)s more perfect, wise and harebrained, while men more strong physically
and more sensitive to perception of cosmos information. The Men and women
(woman) only together form persisting power, because complement each other.
And they have approximate equality approaches only after making the Family.
In this age important to introduce to youth all achievements of "Astrology" as
influences "Stars" on our natures. This can help in choice of friends and partner
on life. It is Important to understand that only school and other circles of
learning the teenager can convince him not to lose good Relationships in
Family. Importance of work with psychologist or simply with teacher / or
parents / in this age is defined else in that, that even We - Adults sometimes
open for itself Things, which we did not knew about Themselves.
And what we say about youth, which have not any experience of contact with
different groups of population, have not experience of independent work and
naturally knowledge, that can got only in training and on work. But to understand
at Yourself , as well as for what We come to this Life, it is a Real frames of
Yourself formation on the road to "Good Person". This period is Critical in
plan of fight with "Negativism", which in this age already gains the nature of
"Contempt by Laws of society" and schools sometimes change in source of
Narcotics, Small banditry and Violence. In my opinion, this occurs, therefore
that children exclude from general Law of country in spite of the fact that they
the same people in all senses. May be In this period necessary, that to
Psychologist of class should help with their own Lectures a Representative of
Police bodies, concerning with children criminality. This period when begins
serious formation of Will and Strong Nature, without which impossible no


Achievements in Life of person, and which reveals itself in Order and
Self-discipline of each person, in spite of all Difficult Conditions. We can see
that all Jewish Genius like Einstein, Winner, Freud and many, many other,
were hard labor and organized. Ditto possible to say about genius not Jewish
origin, because all their achievements, were impossible without Will and Hard
Understanding of Difficulties of Education of this difficult period has brought
to situation, that practically in all countries worldwide, threw this age on
arbitrariness of fate. "Wise" teachers have solved that life itself must solve this
question, - After all we too were at one time the same Fools! However, indeed
in life can't be any Vacuum, since this hole is immediately filled the Dark,
criminal personalities. And we see that exactly from this age a teenager begin
to go to all dark places, which with the permission of "Democrats", always
works in the night. Ask, why in the night, when all workers sleep? Really, if it
is impossible to open the disk hole from 19 till 24 hours, that parents could go
with youths together? Here is the answer, why from this age a children try
disobey to parents, though they live to their account. We themselves throw
them in Night World, when possible to do in night any heinousness. And
herewith we want that they like us and respect. But in such situation possible
to get the Respect from your children by only amount of money, which You give
him. And it is already not Love and not Respect. Only when children know all
about You, and You know all about your children can exist real present
Household contact. Only then You can expect, that Your children will be
interested and visit You. And all begins from age of Bar Mizva and Bat Mizva.
This age is
complicated with that, that by Parents sharply fall possibility to "Punish"
teenager, which has made bad or very bad action, since teenager already not
so cherish Your good attitude, but beat him already simply uncomfortable,
after all he is already higher then You. And for him the relations with peers,
already the mains. And here for to find the convincing words about his
mistakes and behavior, you simply necessary to know, what and how comes
with your youth. But how you can know, if he walks in the night and you nearly
don't meet him, while he does not finish the money? I.e. except that, that
Nature create us difficulties with upbringing the teenagers, we are themselves
add the Problems in our relations with them and this Collapse between parents
and Youth already transform in "Precipice", when is constantly demonstrated
the Disrespect to adults and Contempt by all rules and behavior.

The Serious moment in upbringing the Girls at age from 13 till 18 years
include else in that, that from Analysis of psychology of Women and Men,
possible to see Serious "System" differences in priorities of Psychology of
behavior and adaptation in life. So for women these Life priorities cost
(stand) in the following order:
1. The Family. 2. The Sex. 3. The Career and value in society.
For the same time for men these Life priorities cost (stand) in another
order as follows:


1. The Career and value in society. 2. The Sex. 3. The Family.
Exactly because of these Life priorities "System Role" of women

in Society more higher and more Important. The Woman, rather then man
is a Base of society, its "System Base". This imposes on their education
more difficulties and problem. This creates Specifically Complex and
massive problem with girls education of complex period from 13 before
18 years, when they do not yet be going to form the family and too much
percent of male population trying to use their foolishness, instability of
nature, poverty and household difficulties for absolutely Low Aims. After
hit in this enormous Sex industry, enormous percent of women breaks
itself life, since lose of Household Happiness. And this speaks us of that,
that our ancestor there were not fools, when have done "Separate" forming
the boys and girls. Since problems and purposes of formation absolutely
different! The Boys must be targeted on "Technical and Physical
education" while girls must be targeted on "Family Management and State"
and naturally physical development. Accordingly Teachers beside boys
these are Men, but beside girls are Women. And this comes not from need
of improvement moral principles of young people, though this too
necessary, but from that, that each man must be a specialist in some
business area, and each woman must be a leader and psychologist in
family and state.

I would tell, that by the end of time of education 5-th period, each child
should become a "Dog", i.e. to learn to wag a tail, to lick hands and face to
Persons, which feed him and give all necessary things. I.e. children by this
period have to learn "to thank" constantly those who Brings them up, i.e. first of
all Parents and Teachers.

Complexities of education 5-th period from 13 till 18 years understood
already in gray-haired Antiquities. I do not know, whether Jews are
ancestors of a ceremony the Bar– Mizva, when teenagers began to receive
the status « Adult Man » and accordingly «the Responsibility for all in
life». So, who has entered this ceremony in life undoubtedly understood
psychological complexities of this period young people. However the
problem consists that « To appoint the person Adult and Responsible it is
not enough! ». And it means, that to age « Bar Mizva » the young man
already should know and understand precisely, that « Anyone person Is
responsible for All in this World and first of all for himself! » And it means,
that in the period 4, i.e. in the age from 7 till 13 years young people
should understand and realize this Human « Responsibility in the Life ».
And the period 5 this strengthening of concepts of the Responsibility, so
that young person has already left during the Life with the right of all
citizens of the state. Because to irresponsible people should not have the
rights in the state. The school should begin a "Guarantor", that the young
man is not a source of violence and not will carry harm to the state and to


The Periods 6 and 7 are periods from 20 till 60, and from 60 - till age of

These two periods of education possible to unite, because in training enter
already adult people, which by itself settle the problems of its formation. So
quality of formation basically depends on level of teacher, qualities of its
lectures and material. But desires and assiduousness to our students usually
is enough. All our students toil gravely and this correct. I.e. possible to say,
that our Israel High school is built enough quite well

Septenary system say, that if we want to do the process of Education
greatly efficient, than we must observe in process all necessary parts of
system and first of all existing 7 – th part of system, because we have to
be convenience, that we possible to correct the process in positive side!
Presence of 7th reasonable part expects the presence of "Balance", which
necessary to obtain the most process of education in system. For instance
"Punishment of child", which important on point of System reactive
memory, on the strength of Balance, never must change in Violence or
Mockery / basically concerns the men /. And encouragement, which
important on point of System Analytical memory, never must move over to
performance of all whimsies of Child. / basically concerns the women /.

For people interesting in questions of importance of formation and beautiful
fruitful Jewish life, I wont to bring "terrific example" private life of the known
scientist, philosopher, and worker Baruh Spinosa.

Importance of example of life of this person I see in the
following : Baruh Spinosa was "Genius" in study of Bible, Talmud, Kabbala,
Language and its grammar. He was brilliant connoisseur of all scientific
achievements of medium 17 age in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and
mechanic and etc. He was amongst first Jews, which have begun "Scientifically
research" the Bible and other Jewish heritage. Spinosa abandoned from
"inheritance of his rich father" and hereunder began his own life absolutely by
itself and from zero. He earn itself by heavy work - polishing of lenses. In spite
of the fact, that retarded in knowledge Rabbis has excluded him from Jewish
commune, Spinosa consider itself as Jew and led the Jewish lifestyle. I.e. follow
rules, never did nothing bad, that correspondence with his humanistic principles
and reasonable understanding of life. The Life of person, that worthy to imitation
in all its aspects. Bringing Up in traditional Jewish family, I heard from childhood
from grandmother and aunts by which was brought up " Necessary to be a good
Person!" and it is the essence of Jewish education and I want to be in Israel
surround exactly such people.

However can we know that system of formation is well organized and
executes necessary work? Yes can, if each Graduate of school know, he
has « the Responsibility for himself, for family, for work, for the state, for
mankind and for the Nature in this world! ».

Yacov. 1995 - 2001.


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