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Published by astroport, 2019-09-13 10:02:42

Respect death

Respect death

Respect the Death, without it there is no Life!

For Magicians of ancient Egypt - “Death had a special Meaning”, as a
transition after the “Righteous Life”, into the next world “Dreaming in
Heaven". They prepared for Death and Respect it!

The whole history of mankind, which did not possess scientific knowledge
of ancient Egypt, and lived a simple natural life. "Death" was a natural part of
people's lives.

All our long life and every night we are a Dream, as if we are learning
“Death”, so that at the end of our life “Asleep forever”. Death is not scary,
but nice, because this is the end of our endless life challenges.

The history of mankind shows, that people always related to Nature, as to
the “Bottomless Source of Food”, which was created for people, as Intelligent
beings. And although since ancient times, people knew, that growth of
population was not adequate to "Food production", but could not do
anything, and Death entered into their legal rights.

And when the English economist Thomas Malthus in 1798 published
his book - “The Experience of the Population Law”, where he showed, that the
population of people is growing in “Geometric Progression”. Because
humans can breed year round. And food production can only grow in
"Arithmetic progression". Then his theory was scorned.

And it doesn’t matter, that Malthus made a mistake in calculating and think,
that the population doubles in 25 years, but in fact it doubles in 13 years, i.e.
almost 2 times faster.

But in the problem posed by Malthus, “Imbalance the population of people
and Nature”, he did not know the most important thing. Namely, that all
terrestrial Nature is a "Closed System together with the Sun, Moon and other
planets revolving around the Sun", in which everything is interconnected and
in a "constant Balance". And if on the planet the “Vegetation” suffers, which
man has already destroyed 60% or more, then all other types of Nature suffer.
And the Sun intensifies its activity, trying to save the vegetation.

It means, at our Nature there is the protector! And this is the Sun, that
changes its activity depending on the state of "Vegetation" on the planet. So
today due to human activities glaciers are melting. But in the past, because
of the "vegetation", there was a large icing of the planet.

It is worth to understand, that it’s not People, who are the main in the
“System of Nature”, the main part of nature is "Vegetation"!

“Material of the Living”, for the life of all creatures, is limited by that, that
produces "Vegetation" from the Inanimate World.

The “Human Mind”, which gives him unlimited possibilities of “Activity”, on
the other hand, is its Terrible flaw. Because man is the “Most Mistaken
Being”! on the planet. And at the same time the “Most Unorganized Being” on
the planet, neglecting the "Laws of the world, nature and society".

Therefore, of course, it would be “Magnificent and Useful for people” if the
“God Creator” would created the “Archangel” on the planet, which would
make people obey the laws of the world, nature and society.

But what we can to do, if the only representative of God on earth is the
“Process of Balance of the Higher Forces", which "Balance the processes of
Nature", in the constant change of Life and Death of all the existing.


Therefore, people want or do not want, but they are obliged to take upon
themselves the “Responsibility” for the “Natural Balance on the planet”, and
preserve life!

It means, Man, as part of Nature, must obey the law "The balance of all
nature". And this law of Balance with nature is not a topic for the search for
"Consent or disagreement" of people. We must obey this law. And for this we
need to “Balance Mortality and Fertility of people”!

For “Vegetation” the main thing is “Earth and Water”. Where a man took
the lands, concreted and paved them. And he took away the Water and ruined
it with oil. Oil violated the Cycles, important for all creatures of the planet:
Water, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and other elements. Therefore, "Technical
Progress", which reduces the physical load people at work, destroys the
nature of the earth.

As everyone knows, “Life” is a process of constant and infinite
Development, and the birth of a new life. Where Life has no deceleration
and acceleration, but endlessly gives rise to a new life from the material
surrounding it with a certain speed.

"Death" is the process of stopping Life, for balance and renewal life itself.
Therefore, only "Death" provides the balance and prosperity of life.

I think these definitions of Life and Death have already been spoken
thousands of times in the history of mankind. And this is especially important
for "Death", the meaning of which people are ugly perverted in the wrong
direction. And the reason for this is, that people do not understand their role
in the system of Nature. And also constant wars, when died "Young" people
full of life. A natural senile death, like the natural need to complete the "Life
Cycle", people evaluate as "Punishment". And this is wrong, because death is

Without understanding the importance of “Death” as a regulator of a
person’s Balance with the Life of nature, it is impossible to build a human
society, that has not destroyed itself. Because, Life of Man and all kinds of
creatures on the earth does not have a regulator. Every living being on earth,
and especially a man, who does not have enemies, strive for "Infinite

But if wildlife have a regulator of balance with nature as the “Nutritional
Capabilities” of the habitat area. So for man there is no such barrier! And it is
no coincidence, that the whole history of mankind, the population of the
planet has always increased to infinity. And only Natural disasters, wars and
epidemics, for a couple of generations slowed growth population.

Stabilization of the level of the population, which will not “harm Nature”, is
the very task for all of humanity, which can turn people into Homo-sapiens.
Because only, when "Humanity on the planet" solves the problem of "Balance
of Life and Death of people", it will be live forever. And this is essentially a
task: "Determining the average life expectancy of people". And the adoption
of such a law is very difficult to enforce.

Today, all scientists neglect the solution of a complex problem.
"Balance of Life and Death of the population", because afraid to defend
"Importance of death". Because in all developed countries proclaimed:
"Human Life is Above All!" And this is from the point of view of Nature, where
all beings are “absolutely Equal”, including humans, a terrible mistake.
Because Man by virtue of his "Intelligence, longevity, and physical


universality", is the "Most Surviving Being" on the planet. And therefore it
does not have the right to breed like rats or locusts.

Therefore, only the "Legislative implementation of Death in the life of
human society", as the regulator of "Population" can save life on earth.
Because may end the process of destroying wildlife, necessary for human

Where to get the source data for calculating how long the Person
should live without harming nature?

Of course, only from Nature itself. Therefore, if we take the scientific data from
excavations of ancient human graves, then all scientists say that an ancient person
lived on average 30 years! Moreover, infant mortality had a very high percentage.
Because Nature itself produced genetic selection of children able to survive in
the most difficult living conditions.

And therefore, with the Natural Regulator, the human population of the planet
fundamentally could not exceed the dangerous barrier, which is mandatory
leads to the “War between Communities”, for food sources. And in our time, it is
also a war between countries over trade markets and influence.

No Man on earth has the right to speak on behalf of God.
Especially in the question - "To whom to live, and to whom to die". All
decisions should be made on the basis of the law “Balance with Nature”.

The nature created by God - the Creator on the planet earth, is the "Source
of Wisdom for people". And it is no accident, that all the patents of scientists
at all times were borrowed from Nature. And all scientists "revolutionaries",
who want to "Improve Nature", which is billions of years old, never reach the
goal. Therefore, carried out by scientists of all countries, "Technical
Progress", starting with the invention of the "Gasoline Engine", convenient
only for people, turned out to be a terrible enemy of Nature. Because
Absolutely all Nature Beings are “Eternal Water Movers”, which are
absolutely harmless!

What can we do? If a person is able to live 120 years, and Nature allows him
to live only 30 years, so that Man does not turned into Locust, destroying all

What can we do, if people set up huge cities, that for nature as “Black
Holes”, concrete and asphalt millions of kilometers of “Living Earth”. Namely,
land and water are needed for nature.

Humanity does not have much choice, because without nature, humanity
will die anyway, because we have nowhere to run from the planet. And all the
talk of irresponsible scientists about moving to other planets is a hoax.

Therefore, we need to seriously consider, what laws to introduce in
absolutely all countries in order to balance humanity with nature.

The best patent for regulation of the population was invented by Nature,
and this is "Child mortality". It means, natural death of the incapable of life
children. And Malthus correctly wrote about this.

Children sick from birth "Torment themselves in life", and involuntarily
torturing their parents. Therefore, the moral force of nature stands out
here as the "Savior", bringing death to incapable of life children. And when
the "Media" accustom us to the idea, that we will be saved by "Science and
Doctors", who know and can do everything. So actually the possibilities of
science are limited. And the best Doctors honestly say: - Medicine is


"Statistics". Nature cannot be improved! Because, Nature selected “Billions
of Years” our genes. And all mutations occurring with People,
consequences of pollution of Water and Vegetation are.

Our “Pity”, which does not exist in the wild, creates only problems. And as
a rule, this kindness is at the Alien Account. After all, only Mother suffers for
many years, caring for a sick child, who has no chance of becoming an
"independent person". A doctor giving him life stands apart.

“Full Independence”, and receiving “Pleasures from life”, this is Life. When
every movement is a joy to you. When you nothing is difficult to do for family
and friends, and of course at work. When people are pleased to see you and
communicate with you.

“Infirmity” is an indicator, that you should go to “Peace”, and here each
person must show "Responsibility" to the Family, Society and Nature, so as
not to become the subject of “Pity and Problems”. And many older people
really physically feel, that they are "Tired of life". And for this situation,
people need a "Law", because there are a minority of “responsible people” on
earth! And most people lives by inertia, seriously not thinking about anything,
and this is correct, but only for a "well-organized society".

It’s clear, that with such a terrible “Overpopulation people on the planet",
it’s just necessary officially to authorize Euthanasia. And the question of
ethics is simply not worth it. Man is no different from others creatures of our
planet in terms of the right to life.

And looking at how people destroy the Wildlife. How governments are busy
with Money Counting, Weapon production, the oil war, ban abortion, stimulate
birth rates to have many soldiers, and are busy with useless Politics. Instead,
of investing all the money in the development and conservation of Nature. I
feel, what a terrible and crazy being Man is. And I feel like “Alien and Extra” in
this “Military and Money Chopper”. And I want to die as soon as possible, for
don’t see this. Although “Magic” made me a “Healthy person”, I would like to
bring the “Magic experiment of my life to the end” and inform people.

From the same point of view, “The balance of human society with nature”,
the main population of the earth should be "Peasants", and of course
specialists in agriculture, ecology and biology. And the urban population of
the planet should be minimal, because it is the growth of cities, that is the
"Main source of harm to Nature".

And from a moral point of view, if people have no goals for action other
than "The convenience of their life" - there is no "Sense for their Life"! At the
same time, God - the Creator, does not separate Man from Nature! And so it is
written in sacred scrolls of the Torah: "You are taken from the dust, and you
will return to dust". It means, after death, a person must be buried in the
ground, so that his biomaterial returns to the Vegetation.

Our fear of Death is supported only by the "natural instinct of Self-
Preservation", when in the wild we can become for someone "Dish". But a
person has not lived in conditions of such danger for a very long time, this
fear has been dulled for a long time, and we are afraid only of People, which
are much more dangerous than animals.

Be Intelligent, do not be afraid of Death! Respect Death, it lives inside each
of Us, as a Balance. Leaving the cells "Required by the body" and taking away
the "Spent and Harmful cells", and this supports our Life! The same Death will
bring you finally complete peace!


Yacov. 1993 – 2019.


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