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5 Table of Mendeleev and system 7 parts 5

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5 Table of Mendeleev and system 7 parts 5

5 Table of Mendeleev and system 7 parts 5

Table of Mendeleev and system of 7 parts.

Having Formulated 7-parts system of description of the world, I was constantly
occupied by check it in all spheres of our lifes, its expressions in concrete acting
systems of our world. So naturally, that I want to check it on fundamental table
physicists and chemistries of world, - Tables "Mendeleev-Bohr".

There was absolutely clear, that Whole table can’t be inserted in such system,
since describes the interconnections for lifeless world. However we know, that part
of elements tables of Mendeleev - Bohr, basically its most light elements, form
whole world of Alive, and probably not by chance, but since have the
characteristics allowing do this. So why these characteristics can not be a
System characteristics, which and predestine their use in Alive systems?
The Difficulty of analysis the table was concluded in that, that whole world alive it is
complex compositions of elements, this complex spatial interactions these complex
compositions. From these complex compositions difficult to realize the purpose of
separate concrete element, because sometimes these characteristics does not
exist, but there is characteristics of associations or groups.

So for proving, that for part of elements of table of Mendeleev-Bohr, forming base
of alive organisms, and organic compositions acts the law of 7-parts system
description, there was necessary to find such processes, where these elements go
own way in interaction with somewhat complex organic blocks and structures.
Naturally, that nearly for all elements of table were sewn on such processes
and researching General table, possible to value insofar well this is inserted in
system law.

The Elements of "Alive" System, as result of studies 17 - 20 age.

1 2 34 5 67

H, Ca ___ C PN O H2O

Na,K,Cl Mg Fe S


Worded by me 7-parts system building for the whole Alive, inherently its as idea
already is described in other form earlier and not for elements table of Mendeleev -
Bohr and much unconcern. This theory appeared on our planet about in 50 - 60
years and was identified, as the theory of "Functional blocks". The Theory confirms,
that all alive is built from the same “functional blocks and regulators”, where are
used the same principles and technologies. From biochemistry is known, that all
alive organisms is built from 12 elements from table of Mendeleev-Bohr, which form
the alive organisms on 99% approximately, and without which can not dispense not
a single alive organism.

I has drawn these elements in accordance with columns the source table, nearly
not breaking source order and was got interesting "Base table of Alive", with
system location of its columns. The Main value of this table is concluded in that, that
it is built on system principle and therefore simple for analysis. Moreover, this initial
table we can develop on levels of growth to difficulties of superblocks of Alive and
hereunder simplify understanding and perception this complex world and its most


complex processes of alive.
Since I never had notions nor in biochemistry nor in organic chemistry, than

naturally I could not continue to develop further this table, and certain, that anyone
fills this gap. Nobody never study the characteristics of elements in plan of their
system purpose, since else little knew, what is a system and all characteristics were
studied as characteristics of associations of element with other elements, that not
the same. I.e. the ability to associations reflects the characteristic of element in
forming the Processes – Triads, and therefore not having restrictions. The System
characteristics of Process – Element are limited with role, which element fulfils in
system, conditions of system in which it inheres.
So System can not allow the Process to be unlimited, and allow to element to be
excessively big, because the system then will perish. Really known to all, that each
person being born in determined time, has determined characteristics of nature,
depending on time of birth and the genetic inclinations. All horoscopes, using
experience of millenniums explain beside who with whom will in well alliance, i.e.
explain the ability to associations. These horoscopes explain, what preferred activity
in society to such person costs to concern with and this and there is its system
purpose. After all possible, that for this person came to this world, in spite of
thousand of conditions of fulfillment of given event.

If we will attentively consider General table, where inheres part from table of
Mendeleev -Bohr, than we see, that oxygen O2 stands in this table in 6th column.
But as we know, that 6th part of system it is executive part. And we really can
Confirm, that " O "- oxygen is an executive energy element of all alive systems, by
the strength of their own strong Oxidation characteristics, separations and
absorptions of energy. Inherently " O " -oxygen defines energy possibilities the
organism and we see this on ourselves and on athletes on breathing during loads.
Certainly this at all does not mean, that oxygen does not perform other functions
and actions in systems, but then its characteristics will depend on restrictions of
that part, where it inheres.

If we will consider the first column of given table, than we will see, that residing
there elements: H, Na, K - must with standpoint of system possess stimulating,
initiating characteristics of action, since this is the first part of system. If we will
consider electrochemistry scheme of action of hutch and described in her systems
of transport and cellular pumps, linking hutch with external ambience, than we see,
that described in biochemistry composition “H - ATP ” - is a composition
participating in phosphorinating “ H + “. Penetrating through shell of hutch on
gradient of potential by help of ATP, it joins to corresponding to phosphoric
compositions. The Ion " H+ " is an exciting of the whole process, which goes
inwardly cellular volume. Most "Penetrating ability " H " - hydrogen amongst all
existing elements and gives hydrogen a quality of facilitator and initiator of
many processes occurring in water solutions. As light having most mobility in all
spatial physical processes, such analogy possible to conduct for ” H “ -hydrogen
for biochemical processes in water ambience. The Process similar above described,
where hydrogen produces the role of facilitator exists in gastric secretion where by
means of so-called "H1+" and "H2+" - receptor it acts with Histamine. We will
remind the reader, that described in many scince works so-called "Cellular pump"
known as "Na+ - K+ - ATP" -pump. The Pump, where Na+ is carried in internal
ambience, and K+ in external. The Ion of sodium is an element, by help of which
occurs the penetration of glucose and amino acid through membrane barrier the
hutch, where then occur the following transformations. Understandable, that these


elements of 1st group play and other role in other parts of system.
If we will consider 2nd column of table, than we will see, that residing there

elements "Mg" and “Ca” must from standpoint of system to possess the
characteristics of Border functions of protection and regulations of penetration in
hutch. If we will consider their functions in system electrochemistry passing the
cellular membrane, than we will see, that composition "Ca2 – ATP” and "Mg2+ –
ATP” participating in transition through border in the manner of ions “Ca2+” and
"Mg2+” do not transport any ingredients, but only create the influences on gradient
of potential borders of transition. The Ions Ca+ and Mg+ are the regulators of
electrochemistry potential and hereunder block the cellular shell from casual or
undesirable penetration of materials which does not participate in controlled from
inside process. Besides known, that Ca is a wide-spread element of structure of
cellular membranes. Certainly these elements perform and other functions being in
other places and associations.

Now if we will consider 3st column table, than we will see, that there no any
single element and this is really confirmed, that elements of Memory in alive world
are complex organic compositions such as DNA , RNA. The nature have no
element, which could carry such function / may be Fe , but it too gravely for alive,
because organisms need greater amounts of memory. And possible there is any
electrochemistry restriction, but the main thing it is, that separate element can not
be a carrier controlling program, since has not the sufficient amount of discernible
firm states or conditions.

The Element residing in 4th column of table is "C" - carbon. According to its
position in table it must have the characteristics of “Controlling element”.
Regrettably, I did not find not a single organic process, wherever "C" -carbon act as
single person and possible there was do the practical conclusions. However known,
that "C" -carbon is the most "Flexible" element amongst all elements alive and it is a
main element practically of all structures alive. It forms more than 4 millions of
compositions of organic structures existing in world alive and practically predestines
all getting forms and interactions. The Four-dimensional relationships of carbon
allows to build flexible spatial structures, where it as it were predestines
crystallization spatial location associate elements. Hereunder we can establish, that
"C" -carbon is "Manager of spatial conditions " organic elements and hereunder
their characteristics in water space. Besides acknowledgement of this conclusion
we can observe the range of characteristics of "C" - carbon on example its physical
existence in the manner of - Diamond, as most strong material, and Graphite, as
one of the most soft material of lifeless nature. And finally last by example to
general natural importance controlling characteristics "C" - carbon is its
comp ubiquity, as part from gas CO2 , which is inalienable part by practically all
alive organisms and creatures.

The elements inhere In column 5 our tables "N" , "P" ,which according to their
position in system must have the purpose "Connecting" elements. However
gaseous "Nitrogen" in clean type participates in reactions of some plants only and
microorganisms, which I don’t try to discuss. In the same time natural circles "N"
and "P", existing in nature using not single Nitrogen and Phosphorus, but
compositions derived acids and gases from these elements like: "NH4 , HNO2 ,
H2PO4 " so, it is impossible to see these characteristics in clear way. However
obliquely we can observe these characteristics, since it is proved, that growing of
plants of all types and their development is defined from the percent “N” and
“P”, falling into process of their development. And this notify in the manner of law


"Capacity of Biomass" in Biology.
As we see 7th column of table of elements of Alive occupies not separate

element, but "Water". First of all’ we can see, that water it is composition between
columns “Six” and “One”, as connection between them.
Presence of high percent of elements "H"-hydrogen and "O"- oxygen in the
general mass of elements of Planet and predefined the possibility of existence life,
in ambience of products these two gases in three physical forms. With ensemble of
combinations from 12 light elements, forming suppressing part of alive organism

Water defines the Development Life and therefore the table explains the
“Miraculous characteristics of Water” in all its manifestations, as main part of all
structures alive.

Characteristics of hydrogen, as exciting in bio system, and oxygen, as performer
in system, gave the possibility to "H2 O " - water to realize the closed cycles of
biochemical ambiences, where water is 7th and most important part of alive
systems and table. It is ambience of all alive systems, Water due to its
electrochemical and physical characteristics close with circular inverse connection
any bio system and separate structure alive. So practically if we want to describe
the characteristics of separate elements from table as single so their combinations,
than it is necessary consider its electrochemical interaction with water, as spatial
correlations. It is not simple do this at all, since adjusted and flexible changeable
element it is the Water, forming flexible changeable shell for all structures Alive.

Regulation of “pH” of Water allows to adjust its electrochemical characteristic and
hereunder adjust all processes occurring in inwardly cellular and close to border
cellular ambiences, in all volumes and channels, that having water ambience. So
possible to say that all "Water processes " Transport, unite; combine; separations,
transformations, over combinations and other types of information motion with
electro impulsion nervous information it is realized, as vital activity of organisms.

Our body on 60% consists of water, as internal ambience of all processes. Even
in its solid state “Water” can keep life for some types microorganisms and therefore
can be a bridge ware life from one galaxy to another by means of comets, having
water base.

In table of elements of alive in column "6" - we see except "O"-oxygen one more
element " S" - sulphur, which on determination of system position have to be as
"Executive element". However we can see, that in spite of greater spreading of
Sulphur in nature and obligatory its presence in all alive organisms, it does not play
such Global role, that plays "O"- oxygen. It is explained of that, that Sulphur in first
in usual conditions it is “solid” material and in second, and main its combination
with Hydrogen are Gaseous materials and therefore can not form “Flexible
Feedbacks” in electrochemical structures of sells. So Executive function of "S" –
Sulphurs are in specialized cycles of rotation of Sulphur, as reactions by chamois of
acid H2SO4 and the following organic reactions of separation of clean Sulphur or
Hydrogen sulfides.

Then there is necessary to note, that element "Cl" - chlorine residing in table of
Mendeleev-Bohr in 7th column, are in system attitude possible to refer to 1st
column of system action either as elements H, Na, K , but only with sign of its action
/ - / rather then / + /. We really can observe this in cellular processes where
Chlorine has the action opposite action Hydrogen, Sodium and Calcium. This is
exciting process of transition through celluar membrane is produced as part from
process of transformations of join of chlorine as: HCl ,NaCl.

Except considered above elements we know that one of the most wide-spread


elements on our Planet is an Iron "Fe", which inheres according to physical table
between 7-th and 8-th columns of table Mendeleev -Bohr. Iron in spite of its rather
heavy specific gravity -"56" is obligatory element present in all organisms alive.
Presence its special magnetic characteristics and valence Fe+2, Fe+3 , see and
predestines the nature of functions, which it performs in system, as specialized
participant of carrying "O" -oxygen and CO2 - carbon dioxide to Lungs of organism
in riverbed blood. So its possible refer to 5-th group of system building, as
connecting element.

Thereby we see, that light elements of table of Mendeleev-Bohr, which are
“Bricks” for building of the whole Alive world, are inserted in 7-parts system of
building of the world. This group of elements is a lower system level, to which
accumulate the more high system layer and it is ended with general system
building such complex systems, as Macro systems of Human. If Macro systems of
Person are explored already enough well, than systems of more lower level. Level
of cells else inheres in stage of study and this very complex and long process.

Yacov Ioffe 1994.


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