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4 Explanations for Magicians 4

4 Explanations for Magicians 4

Explanations for those wishing to become Magicians in Israel.

The magic of Ancient Egypt is "The path to personal Perfection". The heirs
of Ancient Egypt are the Jews, thanks to the scientific book of the Torah, and
the disappearance of Pharaoh's Egypt.

The path to personal Perfection is known from antiquity, and is not anyone's
discovery. For example, even in ancient times the Hindus had a way to perfection,
as the teaching of "Yoga." The Chinese had the teaching of the path to the
perfection of the Dao. Jews, as heirs of ancient Egypt, should have the method of
"Magic". But, however, due to a misunderstanding of one's own history, and content
of Torah, the method of Magic by the Jews was never used. And this is wrong.

It is important to understand, that all these ancient "Ways to personal perfection",
trying scientifically explain the action of the "Energy and Thought structure of a
person". Because all these processes occur inside a person without the
participation of the person himself. This is the sphere of action of our God
of the world, and it's not easy to influence to them.

To become a real magician, one should learn from the history of mankind.
And probably the most interesting and instructive history of mankind is the history
of China.

If we take a long human history, and ask ourselves:
Which people made the greatest contribution to the inventions, by which people
have enjoyed and enjoyed to this day? Then it will be the Chinese.
The Chinese are the most intelligent nation. Here, for example, the inventions they
gave to the world: Scores from wooden beads. Blast furnace. Typography.
Paper. Paper money. Bronze. Clock. Compass. Crossbow. Dry dock for ships.
Porcelain. Silk. Fan. Fireworks and a rocket. Fishing hook. Powder. Kite.
Balloon. Glider. Parachute. Lacquer. Matches. Propeller. The piston pump.
Screw. Toilet paper. Suspension bridge. Wheelbarrow. Umbrella. Toothbrush,

In contrast to the achievements of the Chinese, all other nations have not
invented so much, and I would mention especially in this list only "Computer" and
"Refrigerator", which are really needed in every home.

Why did the Chinese prove to be the Smartest?
I think, that the reasons were as follows:
1. The greatest wisdom of the Chinese, this complete absence the "ideology" of
the leaders of China throughout most of the history of 8500 years. The Chinese
knew their history of appearance, as coming from the Cosmos "3 rulers", who
taught people the main life skills. And then after them "5 emperors", who laid down
the State laws and personal qualities of the Chinese.
The Chinese knew about the existence of the "Creator of this world", but also
understood, that together with the world the Creator created "Laws of the World".
But the Creator does not prescribe to the person the Goal, for which he comes in
this world. The Goal of human action follows from an understanding of the
construction of the world. Where the main law of this world is "The Law to Work"
in order to get food.
2. The Chinese does not understand the logic of other peoples, about "Rest,
boredom, and simply idleness”, or that others work for them. The Chinese are
always at work, and nothing difficult for him to do. Therefore, they are the best


inventors, and therefore, today China, as always, is the supplier of the set
3. "Legislation of China" has never been ideological, directed at some Higher
Powers. Confucianism and Buddhism are not religion, this is a set of "Rules for
people", so that people and the state prosper. Only at the end of the 18th
century, the European philosopher Emanuel Kant, proved this theoretically. And the
Chinese did not need Kant's proof, they are always understood this. Therefore, the
Chinese are the most responsible people in the throughout history.
4. Throughout the history of China, the most important and significant figure of
society was "Teacher". And so the level of knowledge in China will never fall, they
will remain the most enlightened nation in the world.
5. The Chinese have never been aggressive, and practically their territory did not
changed. All the wars in China were mainly with the neighbors from Manchuria,
Tibet and Mongolia, who periodically attacked prosperous China. And an example
of this is the great Chinese wall, which could only be built the greatest people in
history. A nation worthy of imitation for all peoples.

The second greatest civilization of the world in human history is Egypt.
The history of Egypt also dates back to ancient times. And the culture of Egypt and
its scientific knowledge have reached our time, only thanks to the preservation
the extraordinary graves of the Pharaohs. In which with the help of "Drawings and
Text" a whole series of "Scientific books on the construction of man" was
transmitted to future generations. And this ancient scientific knowledge, the
scientists is till now don’t know how to understand. Unfortunately, ancient Egypt has
not survived to our days, it was destroyed by the conquerors. And the last
conquerors the Arabs, already completely destroyed ancient culture. And today
there is a culture of Islam, culture of nomads. It is important to know, that in ancient
Egypt, there was a whole group of "Priests, Initiates in the Secrets of the Life,
leading by Pharaoh", who used in their lives "Magic of the human body”. It means,
Magic was born in ancient Egypt, but has been completely forgotten for so many
Centuries of time.

Now about Magic.
The magic of the life of the human body is in the "Balance of Action and
interaction of all body systems", as well as in "Balance of the spatial structures of
the Symmetrical organism". Look on the images of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
Look at the image of the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton, the beautiful Nefertiti. She has
absolutely symmetrical face, a clear sign of the occupation of Magic. And it is the
reason, why she recognized, as a symbol of female beauty.
Therefore, it is clear, that symmetrical action is very important for the organism.
And since the most important elements of our action are "Hands", then the incorrect
action of the hands, leads to an imbalance in the body. And this you can clearly see
in the people of the "Right" and "Left". The Left-hand side organism at people
working "Right Hand" is always weaker, and in it develops more painful problems.
And accordingly for people working with the "Left Hand", the right side is weaker
and has more problems.
Hence we conclude, that for better health we need the same degree to work with
both hands. And for those, wishing to become Magicians, better make a change of
"Right and Left Day". Due to the fact, that I'm right handed, I always had a backlog
of Energy left side of the body, and even many years acting in magic, to a small
extent change this imbalance.


The energy of the body structure is built like a pyramid, consisting of
"Water", as "Energy intermediary" for the World Univers energy. And the
"Bones and tissue structures," which are surrounded by Water, in the form of
non-compressible volume of the dodecahedron. Energy the system tends to
form a "pyramid", and then the body will take the maximum amount of space,
and the proper distribution of all tissues and cells of healthy organism.

This form of "Pyramid", close to the form of the "Big Triangle", if you raise your
hands during the session, you will really feel during sessions of magic. This is a
geometric realization of the body structure for Energy. If the hands are in the
"Cross", then you feel the form of "Five-pointed Star", described by Leonardo da

Since our body is the "Liquid Water Crystal", strengthened by other chemical
elements, and mainly "Calcium" and “Carbon”. Then on the "Water crystal of our
body", have a strong impact of Vibration.

Therefore, during the Singing, you feel directly how
something spreads through the body. And from the point of view of Magic this is
"Necessity. Daily broaching Singing, which you enjoy will necessarily improve
to your health. And it does not matter, what your voice is, just do it so, as not to
disturb others. And for the same reason "Collective singing" is so good. In the East,
in antiquity, the Chinese and Hindus used the "Singing of a few vowels" to
strengthen health. In fact, all the sounds, that you can sing for a long time,
differently affect our body. But we must understand, that such singing during the


Magic sessions is very dangerous for people, who have Atherosclerosis, i.e. clots of
blood and fat on the walls of blood vessels. For such people singing can lead to a
lethal outcome.

The Magician, as a responsible person, does not have a "Free time". The
magician is always busy. Because, if a person has free time and he does not know,
what to do with himself / is bored /, then this is no longer a person, but Human
construction, in which there is no "Personality". Personality always strives for
perfection and she always has something to occupy herself with. And for people,
who want to contribute to the conservation of nature, it should not feed stray dogs
and cats, since animals living with humans are not Nature. We must do "Eternal
work for people", and this is Planting Trees and courtship of the forest so, that it
does not deteriorate and wither. And make sure, that there are no fires.

Why did the Egyptians hide the "Magic of the Perfection of Health" from the
simple toilers of Egypt?

Because the Magic is a dedication for life! If you become a magician, it means
taught your hands to talk with the energy system of the body, then "there is no way

Now your Energy System will interact 24 hours a day with your hands, and
whatever terrible pain, or swelling, or other diseases, from which the body can not
free itself, will destroy the body, "you can not do anything"!

Therefore, every person should think carefully: He wants to become a magician
or not! Because there is no turning back.

Therefore, the Magicians hid this process from the common people. And
themselves they chose healthy children for initiation into Magic.

The magic of the body, is part of the "Learned System of the body". How should
we learn to go, learn to talk, learn to work with your hands. We also need to teach
the Energy system to interact with hands. It means, we are not born with this
quality, such as the ability to suck and scream.

Magic activates all the hidden defects of the body, and tries to freed of them "By
improving the body to full health and extraordinary efficiency. And the result of the
action of Magic can be either "Positive" and you will become "Perfect." Or you
start to get very sick and quickly go to the world of non-existence.

The magic of the organism is in principle intended for "Perfection Gene system
of man", which can be sent to other solar systems. It means, this is our "Cosmic
accessory". And also for the improvement of human society. To save the life of
Nature forever.

It is important for the Magician to understand, that our Consciousness lives only
one life. And it Serves the "Subconscious", which lives "Forever", since it contains
gene information about all our ancestors for billions of years. It is the information
accumulated in the Subconscious, that is transmitted to your child. Therefore, the
Subconscious carefully checks all information received from Consciousness on
"Truth". And what you will be able to add to the gene memory is well dependent on

If you are weak physically, and mentally, then it is more likely, that your children
will be the same. Therefore, it is so important for us to train our Body and the brain,
and in this respect, Magic is the Ideal process. So I think, that a person must have
two specialties: "One worker", to work physically with both hands. "Another
Mentally", to work with your head. And how to combine these two actions is
everyone chooses by himself. Of course, it's easiest to combine this with "Mental
work", in day time, so to do physical exercises in the evening. Therefore, working


people are important "Constant mental gymnastics", which is always present in
games, puzzles and loved hobi.

Sessions Magic, as the filling of the body with energy, usually begin in the
morning, when you wake up. They start themselves right in bed, and then you do
not need to initiate them yourself. This does not mean, that getting up, you do not
need to repeat the session Standing, the more it will be short-lived and necessarily
different. Sessions of Magic appear and after a day's sleep.
However, in my opinion, it is not necessary to do Magic Sessions in the evening and
before going to bed. It will be difficult for you to fall asleep. In the evening, it is better
to go 5 - 7 kilometers, to get a little tired. And you will sleep well.

Mastering Magic is a fairly long process / I have about month /, requiring
patience, because this can not be accelerated. And the main thing is, that
movements of the arms around the body, during the Energy Filling, standard
for all, because the regions of energy are the same for all people.

My path to Magic turned out this way. I knew nothing about the magic of body
energy. In my 35 year, after a difficult period in my life, which was expressed in a
constant lack of sleep, I earned many diseases. Decided to improve my health, and
having read about the wonders of Yoga, took up it. Because I was always sportive
I could do the most difficult poses of Yoga without much effort. However, my health
did not improve. By chance, I met an old man who told me about the simplest Yogic
movements. I began to perform this simple complex of exercises in conjunction with
Respiratory exercises, and after about 3 - 4 months, got rid from a serious and
painful condition.

When I started to prove the "Science beginning of the Human civilization", and
"Science of the Torah", and "Scientific language of Hebrew", I wrote many articles
on this topic. However, all this was "theoretical reasoning". In my theory of the
existence of science in antiquity, there was lack the "Practical Evidence", which
everyone person could check.

I chose for this 12 map of the Egyptian Main Arcana Taro, in the form of a
"suspended man". Drawing, which in the Alphabet of Hebrew corresponded to the
concept of Space. Wherein at the image of the map, the man has around his head
Nimbus, and the man himself was upside down. This said to me, that this is
"Unusual Space", in which a person is. This had to be checked. I started to do the
pose from the picture of the map, i.e. just lay in this position for half an hour a day.
I immediately felt, that my body falls into some sort of "Unusual state". I did not
Understand, what occurs with me, although I felt much better after that. Sometimes
I just fell asleep in this pose, so I was fine. Sometimes I felt, that my hands were like
enter the body.

After a month of such pursuits, I became interested what I discovered. I learned
from my friend, that there is a "Reiki Method", which teaches Filling by energy the
body with your hands. I found "Master Reiki", which for money, "opened me the
energy channels”, although I did not feel any changes. At the same time, she sold
me a brochure with drawings, where man had to put his hands on the body for
charge. Overlaying hands on the Reiki technique: 5 minutes per area, within a
month, I did not feel anything. It turned out, that all this is just a trick. Having opened
the Internet, you can find tens of thousands of "Masters of Reiki", who promise
miracles of healing, for very "Good money", because health is very expensive. And
because it is Business, you will not find in the Internet the drawings, where it is
necessary to put hands for improvement.


Wherein, my pose 12 cards really worked, my body immediately responded, as
soon as I put my hands on the lower back. Then I did the decisive expirement. I put
my hands on the solar plexus and waited body reactions. Only after 15 minutes of
lying down my hands clung to the body, I realized, that there is contact with the
body. After that, for another 15 minutes, I felt the effect of the hands on the entire
area beneath them. Then the hands themselves got up and swam very slowly and
lay down on the Nipples breasts. I realized, that I did the Discovery of Magic. My
first bypass session with the hands of all the energy volumes of the body lasted 2
hours and 30 minutes.

Hands really need to impose on the known since ancient times energy areas.
But they must be imposed with one of the most important condition. You must wait
until the "Body reacts to your hands and they will stick to him!" And then they
themselves will fill this area, and swim to the next area. Then you became a real

Do not forget, that Magic is the path to complete Perfection man.

Yacov. 2005 year.


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