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Published by astroport, 2019-06-03 09:46:51

Ideology 2 поправки X

Ideology 2 поправки X


Ideology, by my definition, is human fantasy, unrelated to the real world, leading
to the degradation of the human person.

The ancient world lived according to the real laws of the world, was difficult for
understanding of people, and therefore people all over the planet were looking for
“Strong Patron”, in real life. The God, that created the world and lived in each
creature was not clear to them, since he did not participate in the life of the people.
Therefore, the God was for people “Neither”, people simply did not perceive him.
Therefore, the main people of all communities were Shamans and various Healers.
For example, in ancient Egypt, the heads of communities and healers at the same
time were Magicians from the Temples.

In the ancient world, ideologies were still associated with the scientific
understanding of the world, and practical benefits to society. Therefore, in ancient
Egypt, already at the end of the 4th millennium BC. there existed Magic, “As each
person’s personal path to Perfection”. And as "42 rules of decent behavior of
every person in society", which certainly reduced the Egoism of people.

About the middle of the 6th century BC, the Buddha appeared in India.
He was the ancestor of the "Rules of personal improvement of people", which
became a religion in many countries of the east. In China, in the 5th century BC,
during Confucius reigns appeared “Practical rules for the virtues of the people”,
that resembled the rules of the Buddha.

The appearance of the Jewish Torah and the state, where Jewish people
received the Egyptian Education has changed the situation all over the world.
Because in the Torah was a concept of God, who created the world, and most
importantly, God participates in people's lives. And as a consequence of this,
"Religious Ideology" appeared.

Naturally, the absence of the "Visible existence of the real God” in human
life, create a “Contradiction” between the text of “Sacred scrolls”, where God
participates in the life of people, and between “Life itself”, where he not

Then the religious leaders of Jewish folk, who did not understand the scientific
nature of the text of Torah, and what part God takes in our lives, they came up with
a new word "Believe in God", which has become an integral part of existence
"The Real God". It means, God himself is not, but we must believe in him, and
then he will help people in life. Although such facts, God's help in solving the
tasks of life, for many millennia of human existence has not been fixed. Thus was
born the “Religious Ideology of Deception”, which demanded from people
“Praying to God”.

Therefore, Ideology in human real life began to play the “Role of the Accepted
Deception”, which is only for the benefit of people. And even in our time of
complete dependence of people's life on Science, the UN has adopted a law -
“On the freedom of religion”. It means, UN legalized religious deception of

And in real Life, which is the “unconditional Truth” everywhere and in
everything, where there is no and can be no Cheating, this “Ideology of
Cheating” has become the “Law of Life” of people.

And it turned out, that Nature and the whole Inanimate world remained in power


the real God of Life, where there is no deception. And the Man fell into the power
of the “Invented God”, who helps to all, who ask him by prayer. Therefore, we are
always confident both in Nature and the Sun and the Moon, that they us are not
deceived. But we are not at all sure of the people, who even before the advent of
Ideology, were “barbarians”, and therefore war and slavery flourished everywhere.
Ideology intensifies barbarism and intolerance of people.

Jewish society based on the laws of the Torah, despite the emerging Ideology of
the superiority of the Jews over other nations, kept the people under the "Human",
thanks to the pragmatic laws of the "Ten Commandments". And the internal
crisis between the religious elite and the people, on the issue of "compulsory work
for all", gave rise to inside the Jews Christianity, which, once in Europe, gave birth
to the Christian Ideology. So, the Christian Ideology of Europe has already lost
touch with the pragmatic “Ten Commandments”. God appeared - Man, and,
accordingly, deception of the population by miracles, and separation from the reality
of life. And as a result, the endless wars and slavery.

But when in the 7th century, Islam emerged as the Nomad Ideology, which
immediately united God and the Prophet Muhammad into one, the question of
"The rules of human behavior in society", did not stand. Muhammad
immediately identified the Person’s Personality, as a “Warrior who fights against
infidels". It means, Muhammad immediately deprived from like-minded people the
right to be a Man. Because the real God of our world, "begets Life", but not
death, in everything, that exists in the world. And indeed Islam is a “military
organization”, that fights both inside all Islamic countries and outside of all Islamic
countries. After the appearing of Islam, war became the norm of all mankind.

And after “Religious Ideology”, the legalized “Inequality of people” appeared.
Because Religious Leaders appeared, as guides to Belief in God, and this is one
part. And the second part, Simple workers, tested on faith, by the number of gifts

The action of ideology is facilitated by the fact, that the person is very
Complicated being. And for a real “Homo-sapiens” to appear, a child needs at least
13 years to start an “Independent life”. A "Homo Sapiens" may appear only under
two conditions:
1. When the Child learns to “Do any of the dirtiest and hardest work without

internal opposition!”
2. When He become "Responsible for all that he does". It means Responsible

for Himself, for Society and for Nature around him.
Without these two qualities, a person at any age will try to live at someone else’s
expense, and bad to do any kind of work. And this "desire to live at expense
someone else" and stimulates Ideology, because Religious elite never did not work.
Because any Man and of course the Animal is moving only "The need for
survival". So why work, when you can get everything easy and simple just by
talking. And this is the reason, why Dogs and cats so quickly become parasites, and
do not know how to hunt. Therefore, so many people rush into ideologues of
religious or party.

In the 20th century, inequality was complicated by the fact that, in addition to
“Religious Ideologies", the "Party Ideology" fell on the heads of workers. Which is
also nothing but an additional "Cheating” did not bring. All party ideologies are built
in exactly the same way, they “Promise to the working population" to raise their
standard of living. But every time money only enough for additional benefits for the
"party top" and for Rich.


The modern world is the world of “Deception”, where “Absolutely everyone
and at all levels of the population” lie. Humanity is no longer belongs
“To the Real True World and its Creator, where there is no Lie”, we are the
cancerous tumor on the body of Nature. And this is the way to our self-

How do we get back to the real True World? For this, there is only one way -
“Understanding the Science of the Beginning of Human Civilization”, which
came to us from other solar systems of people. And for this you need:
1. Scientifically understand all the people of the planet, how act the “Real God

Creator" in the whole universe and in man himself. So, that everyone man
could personally verify, that God works within his body without stopping
his work for one second. We are all humans, and all that exists in nature and
in the world, uses real physical Forces of God, for continuation of our lives.
God is only interested in our Existence. But the goals of our lives, and
what we will spend our lives on, God is not interested. God gave us for that
the Reason! And we must make our own lives useful for the Nature, part
of which we are. We are only part of Nature and not the main!
2. Create a “Fair Society”, when people live “One life" in all countries of the
earth, as it exists for cells in human body. This is the Patent of God the
Creator of the world.
3. In the world of God the Creator, there is no “Money”, there is no “Accumulation
of Money”, and there is no “Inheritance”. Money is an “Artificial Patent”, and
from which “We are people” is not the first in the universe “Suffering”, and it
reports us "The Holy Book of the Torah", which came to earth from space. With
the modern development of mathematics and computer technology, we can
safely get rid from money. The absence of Inheritance in all Nature, this is
the main rule of "Equality of all people", where everyone begins his life from
"Zero". In Egypt, man-made laid in his grave.
4. Resurrect ancient Egyptian Magic so, that everyone on the planet try all his life
to "Perfection", and thus he argued, that he is a “Man” - not an animal, and
can live among people.
It is “Money”, as the “main Purpose of life” of every inhabitants of the planet,
that makes them the “Real God of people”, and all people “Barbarians as
destroyers of Nature”.
As I understand it, the importance of money is directly related to "Freedom and
independence of a person, his high status and his opportunities". Hence the
desire for money. It seems to people, that if they have a lot money, then they get for
themselves "Freedom of Action", it is self-deception. Human freedom can only
be exercised "Within the framework of personal necessity"! Since in our world,
which is built as "One Whole", all connected with all. Man breathes, so he needs
air. Person drinking, then he needs water. The man is bisexual, it means he needs
the second half. A man has a mother and father, so he needs a family. Etc. Etc.
A free man is only Dead, because he doesn't need anything. Evil bank money
forces actively stimulate you in making money. Them it is important, that a person
buy thousands of things and objects, without which he can live, and that after his
death will go to the garbage. Humanity actively takes away everything, that can be
taken from Nature, and then throws it out landfill, poisoning the same nature.
It is worth remembering, that all human activity is related to the fact, that he
"All thing taken from nature, living and non-living". The food a person gets from


Living nature, taking away area for agriculture. Man produces things and dwelling
from materials of animate and inanimate nature. From the very moment, when the
Empires invaders began to distribute lands to their generals in possession, the Land
received the status of "property for sale". And today the most expensive
property is the Earth. The very Earth, that people did not create with their own
hands! The land does not belong to people, so no one has the right to sell it.
However all states actively speculate the earth. For land is an active historical war,
especially agricultural and rich in minerals.

Nature has no chance to survive, in the face of "Barbarians, armed with
Scientific Technical Progress", which with each year grows along with insane
population growth and insane projects! Our Nature’s only hope is, that the
“World Atomic War” will finally break out, and then nature will have a chance
to recover.

I do not believe, that humanity will be able to abandon the ideologies of
deception and will return to the "World of Truth", which is valid for eternity after
eternity. After all, civilizations of people on earth already existed. Rich and
politicians, rather they will destroy our whole world, than renounce their privileges,
although all these privileges are such Tinsel.

Yacov Ioffe.


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