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Published by astroport, 2019-05-22 02:01:47

Atoms and sumer numbers

Atoms and sumer numbers

Analysis of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table,
according to the numerical ratios of the Sumer number system.

The scientific understanding of the world, which existed at the beginning of
human civilization, said that the basis of our universe is the Three Basic Forces,
which created this world in an endless Trinity interaction and change.

The Sumerian number system 60, in accordance with the image of its numbers
in the form of Triangles, tells us, that the Basis of the world is “Trinity” and at the
same time "Binary". Which means the presence of the Dynamic Balance of the
Three Forces for all structures of the universe. And it means the presence of a static
balance in the form of 2, or Symmetry. So the basic basis of the universe is the
number 6 = 3 * 2. However, the world is not primitive, but complex, and built
“Systemically” and has many levels in construction. Therefore, this complexity is
expressed in the additional system and functional mapping as 10 = 2 * 5. And
accordingly the whole table of Sumerians numbers, it is 60 = 6 * 10 = 3 * 2 * 2 * 5.
Where 5 is the principle of constructing the volume of the Sphere, or Functional
sequence of system action.

From the point of view of the ancient scientific "Trinity construction of the world",
all atomic structures of chemical elements known to us, this the remnants of that
mass of “Material” compressed by the force of Gravity to the “Black Hole”, from
which there is no way out. Material, that existed before the appearing of the
“Strength of Time”, which exploded this apparently "Critical mass".

These incomprehensible to us the forces of "internal gravity", that hold nuclei of
simple substances in unchanged condition, supply us structures, on which the
“Stretching Force of Time” acts very limited. This allows "Nature" to use these
substances as "Durable building materials". And allows the creatures of nature
"Be sustainable structures" all there life.

Under what conditions does such a force of Gravity arise is unknown.
How it is saved is unknown. How can you change this structure is unknown. And
already absolutely clear, that "to blow up" these strong structures, that irresponsible
scientists invented no one needs.

As I understand, for all chemical elements there are general rules, which are
directly related to the Trinity of our world. Therefore it is worth exploring the
elements of the Periodic Table on their qualities in the light of the “Trinity Law”.

First, as scientists believe, all structures of atoms strive take the "Volume Ball",
what we are really seeing for planets and partly for the crown of trees. But of course
this is only possible, if it is possible to create a 12 * 5 structure for the kernel
pentahedra, which aim at the volume of the ball. However Balls for nuclei atoms,
and especially light elements having a small number nucleons compressed with
incredible force in principle impossible. Therefore, nucleons are rather built to form
like: Cubes, Parallelepipeds, Pyramids and other regular geometric shapes, that
we see in the crystals of nature. Indeed, in nature there is no movement of the
wheel and the ball. This means, that all elements have symmetry axes occupying
a certain sustainability interval. And their combination into different compounds is
subject to the rules of structural balance.

Secondly, all elements of atomic structures are the same, i.e. can not be
half, third and other parts proton or neutron.

Thirdly, the "Gravity Force" of all atoms, so strongly retains this structure, that
the "Force of Time" acting stretching the entire structure, can pull electrons out of


certain neutrons, according to a certain distribution rule Electronic forces in terms
of the Spherical Core. Where probably exist Axes of preference.

Because the distribution of electrons obeys the Bohr Law, where all the internal
orbits of the electrons are "balanced with the nucleus of the atom", and therefore
they do not affect to other atoms outside. Therefore, only electrons unbalanced
inside the electric part of the atom, really enter into external interaction.

Fourthly, the presence of isotopes for a set of elements says, that there are
spatial gradations about how an atom can hold additional number of neutrons, and
remain stable.

Therefore, the weight of the atom is an indicator of functional purpose.
Electric charge is an indicator of controlling forces. Because Energy herself is
faceless, and manifests itself through the electricity of the atom.

Fifthly, "The pairing of electron orbits" says, that the "Forces Acting inside Atoms"
strive to create a "Symmetrical structure of the nucleus". And accordingly Symmetric
arrangement of Neutrons and Protons / Nucleons /. But this symmetry of the
Nucleons will depend on their “quantitative volumetric location”.

In the analysis we proceed from the consideration, that the general structure of
atomic nucleons remained unchanged as long as she got Impact on her Energy
stretching Time. And since Power of Time could not break the core, then she only
managed to “pull out electrons from certain neutrons", and most likely on "Surface".
And this way the Electric Forces were formed Atoms created by Time. / The
electrical forces, that the ancient Egyptians called "Thought" / And the electrical
forces of atoms already created the "Pair wise and Trinity of the internal orbits of

I mean a number of orbits: "2, 8" as paired. Lightest Elements of table from
Hydrogen to Calcium with symmetrical properties "2, 8, 8, 2".

And elements having a Trinity in the structure "18 = 2 * 3 * 3", as paired
- ternary. Starting from Scandium to Barium.

Then again the predominance of the pair "32 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2". It's all

Then, starting with Hafnium, the Trinity of structures increases again. And it
starting from Gold to Astat, all elements have a Trinity Layer "18 = 2 * 3 * 3".

The Electric Force, in turn, will try to balance the entire structure along the axes
of Gravity and Time of the opposite action, and accordingly the result of this balance
will be the orbits of the electrons. The only question is, where are the “Axes of the
action of Time”, stretching the whole structure. Internal imbalance of the structure of
the nucleons and gives to the system of atom its "Activity to the connection".
Conversely, balanced structures don't want to interact.

From poorly balanced atoms inside, we can point out first of all those, of which
all living things are built: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Potassium, Sodium,
Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Fluorine, Boron, Lithium,
Beryllium, Aluminum, Silicon. These are all the first 17 elements of Periodic table,
up to Calcium, seeking to complement its electrical symmetry in water and other
compounds. And which for the most part do not exist in their pure form.

If we select from these 17 elements, which exist in the human body and nature
"in large quantities", then we get this distribution:
The first 11 elements, and of course Water, from the list are Basic for the
construction of the organization. And the last 6 of the list are: Fluorine, Boron,
Lithium, Beryllium, Aluminum and Silicon play a very important role in
management of the body's processes.


And these 6 elements are joined by a group of elements, having Ternary groups
in the structure of the nucleus, since they accumulate electronic layer
of 18 = 2 * 3 * 3. These are the elements, that are widespread on earth from 4
Row of table: Iron, Titanium, Chrome, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc,
Selenium, Bromine. As I understand, in the structure of the nuclei of these
elements appear "Symmetrical axes of the sphere structure", 360: 18 = 20.

As well as the elements of the 5-th row of the table, widespread in Earth, forming
the second Trinity electron shell 18 = 2 * 3 * 3: And these are common elements:
Molybdenum, Silver, Cadmium, Tin, Antimony, Iodine.

The appearance in the 6-th row of the table of the electronic layer
32 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2, which is completely symmetrical, speaks of the striving
structure atom to passive self-isolation. And indeed in this series we have mostly
"Precious Metals".

It is clear, that the force of time pulls an electron out of the neutron, when it is
closer to the edge of the structure.

The initial part of the table consisting of the 20 lightest, most common on earth
elements, and therefore the most important for the whole Nature elements,
occupies 3 incomplete rows of the table. In essence, it is this set of light elements,
that allows us to move, fly, and swim. And it is immediately divided into two classes:
1. existing in its pure form.
2. existing only in compounds.

If we will take a human body weighing 70 kg. then we have:
Water - approximately - 45 - 46 kg.
Body oxygen - 3 kg. - exists in its pure form.
The body's hydrogen is 2 kg. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Carbon - 14.7 kg. - exists in its pure form.
Calcium - 0.98 kg. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Nitrogen - 2.1 kg. - exists in its pure form.
Phosphorus - 0.78 kg. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Sulfur - 140 gr. - exists in its pure form.
Potassium - 140 gr. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Sodium - 100 gr. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Chlorine - 95 gr. - highly active, not in its pure form.
Magnesium - 19 - 25 g. - exists in its pure form.
Iron - 4.2 gr. - highly active, in its pure form is not.
Zinc - 2 - 3 gr. - highly active, not in its pure form.

From the data for the atoms of the body, one can see, that the main stabilizing
elements of the body are Carbon and Nitrogen.
Moreover, if the mass of water refers to the mass of carbon as 3: 1. Then the
number of water molecules in relation to the number of carbon atoms refers to 2: 1.
It means, for every 2 water molecules there is 1 carbon atom.

The Sumerian system 60, which is a grid of spatial coordinates for a circle and a
sphere, tells us about "stable axes of a sphere" and functional axes. Where the
numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60/0 / are the minimum energy axes for the “Circle and
Sphere”, and at the same time maximum stability of the structure.


So for the “Water”, as stable but liquid compound, we have a molecular weight
of 18. And this means, that the molecule is Symmetric and its sphere is divided into
360: 18 = 20 degrees. That is, these 18 axes of symmetry of the molecule are in
minimal energy directions. And perhaps this determines its “Liquid state” and
maximum permeability.

For the sphere of the Carbon molecule we have the ideal ratio:
Axis Core 360: 12 = 30 degrees. Electron axes 360: 6 = 60 degrees. It means, ratio
of 2 nucleons to 1 electron. Therefore, it is clear why Carbon is the most
important element of the body after Water. Because he is stable itself, and
combining with other elements in a stable connection gives it additional stability. So
Carbon dioxide has the mass number 32 + 12 = 44. 360: 44 = 8,1818181 ...

For the sphere of the atom Nitrogen, we strive for the ideal ratio: The axes of the
nucleus 360: 7 = 51.429. Electron axes 360: 14 = 25, 714. That is, although the
Nitrogen axes are unstable, but have perfect ratio of 2 nucleons to 1 electron.

For the sphere of Oxygen we have the ideal ratio: The axis of the nucleus
360: 8 = 45 degrees. The axes of electrons 360: 16 = 22, 5 degrees. It means, axes
of Oxygen has an ideal ratio of 2 nucleons to 1 electron.

Similarly the “Perfect ratio” by the “2 nucleon” to “1” electron possess:
Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Sulfur.

For the “Calcium” molecule we have a molecular weight of 40. And this means,
that the molecule is symmetric in the Sphere and divided into 360: 40 = 9 degrees.
And the shell has 20 electrons and is also symmetrical after 18 degrees. So has a
ratio of 2 nucleons to 1 electron, i.e. symmetrical relative to each other. Therefore
Calcium is the basis of hard constructs of organisms.

On Calcium, the ideal ratios in atoms end,
For the Bohr molecule we have a molecular weight of 80, and accordingly
the sphere is divided 360: 80 = 4.5 degrees, where they can be represented by
different pairs 80 = 20 +20 +20 +20. And then it turns out, that all four parts have an
angle of 18 degrees. I think, that this is the reason for the “liquid state of Boron”.
Where the number of electrons is close to 36. That is 360: 36 = 10 degrees. It
means, also close to symmetry.
For Mercury molecule, we have a molecular weight of 200, which suggests the
presence of 200 = 10 * 20 axes having 18 degrees. And accordingly Mercury is
liquid. And the electronic axis 80 = 20 +20 +20 +20 allow to mercury atom to be
symmetric, and therefore self-sufficient.
For a Zirconium molecule with 40 electrons in the shell, i.e. axes through 9 or 18
degrees. Due to its internal symmetry, the molecule is inert and does not affect the
human body. So used by for dentures. The core has a weight of 91, i.e. close to 90
as a multiple for spheres.
It is interesting to consider also from the point of view of the Sumerian system
atoms of the “Magnetic Elements”: Iron, Cobalt, Nickel. Iron is one of the most
common metals on earth after Aluminum. There is a reason to suppose, that the
properties of the Magnetization of the atoms of these three metals are associated
with a nucleon weight close to 60, i.e. close to perfect ratio in the Sphere. Because
360: 60 = 6. The basis of the Sumerian number systems. A Spherical arrangement
of the axes of electrons for these metals, it is fundamentally unstable:
For Iron: 360: 26 = 13, 846153846153 .... the periodic number.
For Cobalt: 360: 27 = 13, 333333333 ..... the periodic number.
For Nickel: 360: 28 = 12, 857142857142 ... the periodic number.


From the numerical analysis of the Periodic Table, using spatial representation of

atomic spheres by the numerical method the Sumerian number system can be

observed: With all atomic structures are divided into 2 types of systems.
1. “Internally Balanced Atoms”, and therefore establishing regular sustainable

body structures.

2. Internally unbalanced, and therefore participating in the processes of

constant change and renewal of the body.

3. Molecular balanced substances oriented to the "system balance" or

"Interactions of the atoms of the table with Water."
And at the same time, this numerical method gives an understanding of “Why
elements of the table of creation of the universe behave in this way”!

Yacov. beginning of 2017.


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