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7 Cards Taro & Numbers 7

7 Cards Taro & Numbers 7

The Cards of "Tarot".

Particularly interesting consider here in this book information arriving before us, as
information from distant past, in the manner of "Cards Tarot ". To my great regret I has
openned for itself cards Tarot, when my work of “Hebrew language and 7 day of creation of
the world”, already was completely written. But cards could be shorten me way to finish.

Since Tarot cards are the “pictorial and systemic meaning for the letters of the
Hebrew alphabet”. And also “Pictorial and systemic sense for Digits decimal number

Value of cards Tarot in that, that they carry in itself whole "Plot", and their "Symbolism"
more rich sense, than any hieroglyphic drawing of letters any ancient Language, i.e. in
them there is serious information for cogitation. The Cards Tarot give us more
demonstrative possibility, than Egyptian Hieroglyphics, unite "As Whole" Knowledge,
existed in ancient Egypt, and Hebrew Language System, which link with the
modern Scientific Knowledge. They unite the past Egypt ana Jews culture.

Regrettably during appear much variants of cards Tarot,
but we certainly, interest in the most ancient drawings of cards, because only they can
carry information, which we have got from “Outside of our civilization”. Nobody does not
know when cards were created and whom, nobody plainly does not know whence they
appear, but their consider to be received to us immediately from two sources: Ancient
Egypt and Ancient India. The Majority of authors refers the birth of cards to book of “Toth”,
which consider was written by “Germes Trismegista lived in Egypt approximately 5000 bc,
as well to time of “Zoroastra” lived 6400- 6000 bc. Zoroastra describe the Magic knowledge
and spoke, that all "Names" are built from triads and all "Forms" are built from tetrads and
so is got the number 7 as united image of Creation. It is considerd, that cards Tarot hand
before us in hieroglyphic and symbolic type a contents of pictures, inhered in underground
common-room of Egyptian Temple and there had the entrance only " Dedicated to

I don’t know if India has attitude to this cards, but that they are connected with ancient
Egypt I can confirm, since in they are present ancient 7-parts System of Egypt and Babylon
and here is the Reason. The Set of drawings of cards has two brightly denominated parts:
First 22 Main cards, / Main Arcan, where word a Arcan is translated as "Secret" / and
secondly additional set from 56 cards, separated on 4 parts by speacial signs.
/ I.e. - 4 * 14 /. The Name of cards is connected with sense of Egypt word "Tar" - meaning –
Road, and since in name there is else accompaniment, “Ro”, which explain the reduction
of two words “Rosh” / head / or “Rog“ / tsar /, that its explain the accompaniment Tsarist,
i.e. The Road of Tsars. Though I personally I was prefered first variant, i.e. "Road of

I want here specifically to note, that name of Script that got our folk - "Torah"
completely assonant this Egyptian Word - "Tarot", and herewith has not the clear Verb
expression, i.e. could be unoriginal, taking with Moses from Egyptian language, as having
general sense and as tipoff on continuation and development "Information mortgaged in of
Magic of Egypt". From scientific standpoint there is possibility, that Torah was kept beside
“Dedicated in Secrets” in Egypt and later it is used, as Religious Canon.

Usually, set of Main cards involve with 12- types of horoscope people, and this
relationship is explained complex growing Ternary system of Ancient Egypt: Whitsunday,
Double Whitsunday, Triple whitsunday, Quadruple Whitsunday and etc, but this
relationship is not clear. Absolutely clear that number of Main cards will exactly suit with
number of Letters Jewish, Egyptian and Pheonician alphabet, but true contents is lost as
far back as antiquities, together with "Book Toth", which was considered the description of
contents of cards Tarot. Exists Kabbalistic description to relationships of Cards Tarot with
Jewish alphabet, but since I do not consider Kabbala as Science, since I do not know not a
single Law from life, which it has proved, than I do not concern it. The Relationship
between "Contents of Plots" cards Tarot and System Contents of Letters of Jewish


alphabet must be unambiguous and then this will be indirect proof of place of their birth
and acknowledgement of stated Ideas of book.
It is difficult to say were shown Main drawings of cards Tarot an Predict of alphabet of
Hieroglyphics of Egypt, or on the contrary attempt to save the System contents of Letters
of Alphabet, save the notions of Sovereign Power ruling in world, but let us will try to find
the points in common between them. We exactly know that in that ancient world of begin
civilization did not exist any Religions, because exist the Magic, which explain power ruling
in the world. Magic hands before us existance inwardly Person of Spirit, the Astral body
and Physical body. And if we will consider these correlations between this Spirit,
Unconscious and Conscious, that see that they remind us correlations between Memory
of Genes, Memory of unconscious processes and Memory of Conscious action. The
Magic handed before us existence in body 7 Chuckrs of Energy channels. The Description
Spiritual, Astral and Physical bodies Person gives the person intuitive belief about its
"Multiplicity", "Variability" and its deep relationship with "Cosmos". Obliges us to
conceived about itself and our road in life. On the other hand our Spiritual wholenesss or
inferiority we can understand only "Physically", our Mental circle, because only
Consciousness can analyse our actions in life, in what sphere Spiritual, and never mind
Unconscious or Conscious they occur. The Magic explain the Main God with its pantheon
of the Gods. Magic explain "Visible to us world", where the Light is Main acting Person. The
Magic explain "Invisible to us world", where Main acting person is "Astral Light", which
controls our "Intuition". The Intuition, which is a manifestation our Spiritual Beginning.
Beginning of civilization is characterized in that, that on person of that time, which else
not far has left from bestial, falls the enormous volume of knowledges, which He could not
absorb. So "Magic", scientifically explained as it is made world, with large number acting
power, explained how to became "Free Person" - balancing its Spiritual and Physical
Perfection, finally in all centres of development civilization closed to small groups
"Dedicated to Knowledge" beside which there were knowledges, but since time to "Miracles"
and Quackery. Brought about such, general understanding, that was suitable
for "Top" of societies "Deified" pharaoh, and people consider that "Any action there is God"
in life, and He does all, and activity of person unimportant. And inherently jewish religion
of our days, outlives the same process.

In spite of the fact, that drawings of Main cards Tarot has Magic sense, and all
explanations of contents of drawings, which known, without fall have "Hidden Mystic
Sense" and never these explanations are not lowerred before realities or laws of this world.
And for all that, some from these utterances came to us from deep antiquity and can be a
helps in our searching for, in spite of epidemic number of foolishnesses and mystics, in
which they sail.

As we already have analysed in first part of book that all letters jewish, egyptian and
pheonician alphabet make Sense system constant, in spite of their semantic Difficulty.
Let's analyse the Main cards Tarot on presence the same or closed contents. Arrived
before us order of cards Tarot could be changed during, but check this possible only
comparable drawings of cards with their Notions of system images. Considering drawings
of cards to me not to manage to find same or similar principle of fission of Main Arcan to
7 parts, which exists in Hebrew Alphabet, since or existed differences in color gamuts or
existed somewhat "Ancient symbols" about which I simply do not know. Clear, that Magic
and fortunetelling by means of cards Tarot appear not accidentally, because Tarot
contains information about "Building of World and Processes in him" and certainly in
Headwaters at all was not intended for Fortunetelling. All these notions existed in ancient
Magics in temporary Zoroastra, Germes and Toth explained building of World to
“dedicated to Secrets”. Because notion of each System Constant World it is connected
with other Constant World, then under their language analysis I use the Names of Letters
of alphabet, which are semantic helps, but for drawings of cards we can not have such
helps. These helps can only have form of different symbols of drawings, and here there is
evident difficulties, since no unambiguous interpretation of these symbols, and
thousand-year layer Mystics has hidden true importance of Headwaters.


As we know the first letter of Hebrew alphabet “‫ “ א‬have sense - External Information,
External influence to system. Now if we will look at first drawing of cards Tarot, than this
Is “Magician” or “Tricker”, which performs something with subjects restin upon table. If
Magitian personifies itself "Information", than his "Influence" on subjects and will explain
the contents, since information or energy acts upon subjects or system only From outside.
The Stairway downwards, on the byplay speaks that information goes inside systems. The
Snake biting itself for tail on head Magician, speaks of endless cycle. Upon head Magician
sign of infinity. To my opinion it speakes about Unity of the world with some infinity
kinds of “External Influence”. / Germes -"Herald" of Gods!, speaks fortunetelling /.

The Second letter of jewish alphabet “‫ ” ב‬have sense – “Information coming on feedback”
from inside systems and called to save Stability or Viability of system, save its
Structure from disinteration. Does whole System "Reasonable", capable to correct their
own actions. Now if we will look at contents of drawing 2-nd card Tarot, than see "The
High Priestess" sitting between two columns of Temple and Keeping it. Presence "Horns"
on her head, framing circle, speaks about Intelligence, which carries this part of system.
After columns we see Nature, and it means, that it is Alive world. In Her right hand a
papyrus handing down before steps of legs, as more sign of Intelligence. And even
Fortunetelling speaks: "Gekata goddess of sorcery, night visions, mirk and moons "….
" Prophecy of Reason - Reason enlightment with serching the God by eyes of will...The
Science about truth will be given to you! ".


Third letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ג‬have sense – “Border functions which will convert
External information in Internal system information”, passing border function / Such as
information on diskette we write on language which understands inside computer and this
is the Border function /.
If we will consider the contents of drawing 3 card Tarot, than we see "The Empress", which
"Misses Water" to residing behind Trees and Land, which needs for their Intern life. The
Big Sign of Venus, Second star! the solar system inheres near by her, speaks about
Belonging to Border part of system. On head She has corona with stars, which count 12
stars and this is already evident of Astrological addition.

The Fourth letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ד‬have sense – “Border structure”, border form,
which is save during life the system and it is updated.
The Contents of 4-th card Tarot is "Old emperor", as saving borders of empire, but
truncheon which it catch in his hand means "Renovation". The heads of two Rams on
Chear, speaks about his Power. And how speaks fortunetelling: Emperor personifies the
Power of spirit on Form and Order.

The Fifth letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ה‬have sense – “Memory of a certain Process or
Models” of characteristics of certain Real Space. Contents of 5-th card Tarot expresses


" The Hierophant " – The High Egyptian Priest, knowing Divine power, and keeping Temple
in the sense of system model. Hierophant or High Priest there was main person amongst
"Dedicated to Secrets", which kept the knowledges. The Truncheon in hand of Hierophant
are exactly present the half of letter “ ‫ “ ה‬in pheonician alphabet, / See the general table
of Hebrew Language / as ensembles of conditions of expressed space or process, to which
separate internal space of Memory. There is one more name of this card "Magician of
Eternity" - and this exactly reflects the sense of Keeping Models and Structures in Space
and Time.

The Sixth a letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ו‬have sense – “Unity or Associations logical
or functional”. It links parts of Model in united integer and that there was separate in space
of Memory. Contents of 6-th card Tarot expresses the “Angel blessing Unity between Man
and Woman”. If Angel means "Association" or "Love", than understandable that it links
male and feminine begining in united integer. So current Time links unite all, and in the
same way male and feminine beginning.

The Seventh letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ז‬have sense – “Internal time, internal generator
acting upon all system elements”. Contents of 7 th card Tarot expresses the
Chariot controlled by Warrior, but horses are Sphinxes. If Chariot there is moving Time,
than sphinxes speak us, that this time is infinite, and warrior driving this Chariot speaks that
for this needs certained Energy, as generator of pulses beside computer. Two sickles of
Moon on shoulders of warrior, speak us of importance of Moon time, at internal our human
hours. The Card has else name "Chariot Germes".


The Eighth letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ח‬have sense – “Functional Manager of system,
Manager by action”. It controls the functional processes of system, changes these
functional processes depending on keeping in Memories of information. Contents of 8-th
card Tarot expresses the Woman stroking the Lion. The Woman, as symbol of Weakness
symbolizes itself "Weak, Small Powers of Signals, as Source of Information, and
Intelligence this Information. And Lion, as symbol of Power and Fire symbolizes the
Greater Powers of Executive Elements, which controls with weak "Functional Manager".
The sign of infinity upon head of woman speak us, that this information has connection
with Memory.

The Ninth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ט‬have sense – “Condition Management,
Management measure qualities of process”. Contents of 9-th card Tarot expresses the
Person / Oldster / with Torch in hand. The Oldster is as sign of experience, searching for
something. He is serching because the values and measurements usualy they are
veriables. In other hand of Person a crosier or stick, as Value of measurement.
"Prudence there is arms of Sage" - speaks fortunetelling.


Tenth Letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ י‬have sense – “Information or Energy
Relationship” of mutual action, having always two opposite poles. Copntents of 10-th
card Tarot expresses "Wheel of Fortune", as its usually name. God Anubis or Sphinx
sits overhand the wheel and handed Sword of Power, Energy and Ruling. "The Sword
means "Function of Management" and this in turn means that Wheel of Fortune spins
under Governing the Sphinx. Since tenth letter of Hebrew alphabet from System
considerations have sense "Energy / Information / Relationships", than understandable,
that Wheel of Fortune, indeed is not than other as "Cycle of Duality Relationships", which
can link Fresh power of interaction in Circle Structures motion like "Planet type". If wheel
means Information or Energy relationship, than two opposite disposed Figures, as symbol of
balance two Opposite Power with possible rotation on circle. This opposition speaks,
that Information or Energy relationship can be Useful planetary Processes of balance and
steady or Destructive, when is absent Balance.

Eleventh Letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ כ‬have sense – “Spatial Electoral, Conditional
relationship”, linking in N - measured space complex, dependent processes, electoral and
controlling characteristics. In computer this function is knowing as function “ If “.Contents
of 11-th card Tarot expresses the Woman and has name “Justice”. The Woman sitting
between two columns of Temple, which in one hand she holds Scales, as symbol showing
that this Conditional Function, "Weighting" or Measuring Logically each its Action. In other
hand of Woman holds Sword as symbol of Management.
Pay Attention that Symbol of Management, Balancing and Choice are taken a
Woman rather then a man, as this really realized in our World.


The Twelfth letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ל‬have sense – “Spatial Connecting
relationship”. This function in computer is knowing as function “Go to”. This sense
corresponds to 12-th, card Tarot, which expresses the person hanging downwards head.
The name of card – “The Hangedman”. The person hungs downwards head, speaks of
Inverse direction of action. Or this, that Science names "Inversion", logical and spatial.
This Semantic of "Inversion" for Moving in space "Constantly" exists contradiction,
because the Object simultaneously "inheres and does not inhere" in somewhat point of
Space. And herewith always exist the Border Energy Transformations. And the gates
presented as trees with gnarls, speaks of that, that "Inversion" Spaces and Logic exists
in all Alive systems.

The Thirteenth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ מ‬have sense – “Consequent Relationship”, or
queues. Card have Sense of Ordering or Consequent Relationship. 13-‫א‬
card Tarot expresses the Death with sidelong. Scene of death Itself in the manner of
skeleton of Person, well send us the Ordering. On the other hand this reflects itself
sequence of Births and the sequence of Deaths, sequence of Generations, as
"Consequent" Order of Life.


The Fourteenth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ נ‬have sense – “Inverse or recirculating
Relationship”. This sense corresponds to 14-th card Tarot, having name “Temperance”,
and which is identified with some more names, as "Alchemy" or "Angel transfusing life
contents", or it has else name "Angel of time". The Drawing of card expresses the Angel
transfusing water from one pitcher in another. And this symbolizes the "Cycles of Water"
existing in nature, as for the whole land, so for the whole Alive nature.

The Fifteenth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ס‬have sense – “Onward motion”. 15-th
card Tarot expresses and has name "The Devil", which sits on the grounds of to which is
riveted by chain a man and woman. In left hand he catch the Torchlight, and for back has
Wings. Wings and Torchlight speak, that he potentate of Energy and Desires. Wings point
to Motion in space, Torchlight points to Energy, and sources of his energy are sent by Man
and Woman, as two Opposite Power on which he sits and acts, as sources Pairs / +, - /
Attractions. This first card, amongst 6 cards sending "Motion" and therefore means Power,
which in principal can not be " Balanced “ without other parts of system and so onward
motion is expressed in the manner of Satan i.e. incomprehensible and incredible power.
And star with 5 angles speaks about functional parts of system.


The Sixteenth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ע‬have sense – “Oscillatory or Rotational
Motion”. In ditto time 16-Th card Tarot expresses "Decaying tower" and has name “The
Tower”. We see on drawing double Lightning, which appear from very black sky. One
lightning has split the tower and make fire. Two persons are falling from tower. If this
drawing will was express and has name of "Earthquake", then we really could expect, that
it is Oscillatory motion, and not tower but Land, and then there was full coincidence of
senses of letter and drawing. Hier it is possible notice, that reason, that researchers saw
in this drawing Divine Lightning from Sky, destroy the Tower under absolutely clean sky,
there is result of Magic and Mystic stratifications.

The Seventeenth letter of ewish alphabet “ ‫ “ פ‬have sense – “Functional Motion”,
motion in water ambiences. Moving the functional processes of organism etc. The 17- th
card Tarot has name “The star” and expresses the Girl with two pitchers. From one pitcher
Girl pour water in lake, and from the second pour water to land. The Girl symbolizes
herself “Functional Motion”, and Pitchers symbolize two "Groups of Alive Organisms".
The Group of water organisms and group of land based organisms.The Bird sits on bush
and is going to fly. 7 small stars inhere on sky and eighth big star, like Sun is in the middle
overhand all rest. The small stars symbolize 7 parts of system in which acts Functional
Motion. What symbolizes the 8 -th bright star, I do not know how explain.


The Eighteenth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ צ‬have sense – “Structured Border
Motion”, moving the muscles of body or cellular shells. The Ability of movement in space.
18 -th card Tarot expresses "Get fat moon" sanctifying Road / or Border /, separating
picture on two nearly alike parts / and possible in original alike /. On both halfs a Dog
/ or a Wolf /, tower and a symmetry body of cancer as continuation Border / Road /. On
the sky inhier the fourteen bodies like medusas 2 * 7= 14 , symbolizing the septenary
cycle of moon and his symmetry. This bodies speaking about “Need of Pair of System”
for realizing “Border Moving”. The Drawing expresses "Symmetry on Land and in
Water". I.e. from my standpoint a drawing speaks of that, that possibility of Border motion
can be realize only by symmetrical built creatures, realizing simultaneously and lever of
carrying the weight and stability. The Road dividing the drawing fifty-fifty symbolizes Border
motion and their interactions. But how depends our symmetry from influence of Moon, for
this question I do not know any answer.

The Nineteenteenth letter of jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ק‬have sense – “Complex functional
motion”. Moving the Internal system elements. Motion bound functional processes.
19 –th card Tarot expresses "Sun" sanctifying denuded Boy driving on horse. Seven steps
of wall inhiere after boy and upon some Sunflowers. "Complex Motion", which is complex
functional motion much for scene gravely and accordingly explanations. All Alive on
drawing can approach under given motion: motion of sunflower, motion of child, motion
of horse. Turn emphases, that Sun has two types of Rays and its number 21. We see,
that the place for Ray 22 is empty. It explain us that many late Egypt Scientists don’t
know how to connect full 22 parts of card Tarot and Alphabet letters with Triple Dialectic
understanding of the Human. Than they think, that 22- Th card of High Arcan – “Fool”
was Spare. And so it was with the Ray 22 on the sun.


Twentieth letter of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ר‬have sense – “Information Motion”. Motion
information, fields and signals. 20-th card Tarot is identified as "Day of court". On card
is drawn Angel ballyhooing in horn, as well as young Man, Woman and children listenning
Angel. Probably drawing is connected with legend, that Person dies in that moment, when
Angel from skies ballyhoo him in Horn. / Gives him Command /.

People exchange Information with each other through Sounds, and a pipe the angel in
the figure reflects the "Source of Sound". Thence possible understand, that Angel with pipe
symbolizes "Motion of Information", as "Controlling Output Commands of System" and
therefore on drawing are only People its perceiving.
The Drawing of givenned letter in ancient Egyptian alphabet was Head, as source of
promoting information. And name of letter In Hebrew alephbet are connected with the
same notion. The boxes are somblizes number 4, that indicate about “Informational
Control”, as system with 4 parts. / See explanation number 4 /.

Twenty first letters of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ש‬have sense – “Analysis of Stationary Change
the Conditions” of Process of Elements or Systems. 21-th card Tarot has name
“The World” and expresses denuded Girl encircled Wreath, and therefore forming oval
around girl. In both hands of girl ot greater Truncheons. On corners of drawing of Girl: Oxen,
Lion, Bird, Person / but sometimes Angel / as four Elements our Life, but more exactly four
main "Conditions of Matter", which us surround: Fluid condition, Solid state, Gaseous
condition, Plazma condition. If "Girl" symbolizes the Analysis of Executive Actions of
System, than a Wreath in which it inheres symbolizes " Ring of feedback", speaking of
Stationary repeating Process. But two Truncheons this two Borders between which Stability
of Process exists.


Twenty second letters of Jewish alphabet “ ‫ “ ת‬have sense – “Analysis Firm
Conditions” of System or Elements. 22-th card Tarot has name “Fool”, it is considered as
Special and its even sometimes exclude from Main Arcane. It expresses "Fool" / Buffoon /,
which goes not looking ahead to Precipice an here is he will be falling in it. This situation
with “Precipice” symbolizes, that situation, that we can not beforehand know, when Buffoon
will fall in Precipice, and it shows “Unchanging Stability of System”, before certained
Moment, when it will move over to Future in ther new Firm Condition.

As possible observe from made comparison, that Plots of Main Arcane well comply
with contents of System Constant World, and therefore understandable why they were
the "Secret", by Priests of Ancient Egypt, probably not knowing what can do with this,
and therefore cards become integral part of " Black Magic" and subsequently Gipsy used
it for fortunetelling. And Priests themselves began by high caste "Dedicated to Knowing"
either as in Ancient India. Similarly we can observe at our days, as achievements and
development of "Mathematicians and Technologies begins as the base of All types of
Raffles and Fraud.

As to "Small Arcane" of cards Tarot, than it is seen, that 56 cards have similar on
symbols, but not on drawings, parts from 4 * 14 = 56 cards. But four colors of this Arcane
explained several ways, and here for all clear, that this four types is the same "Road". Many
supposed, that "4" types, it is matter for alive, that exists on Air, Water, Land and Fire, or
that we mean, as "Four types of physical condition of Matter", which us surround:
hard, fluid, gaseous and fire. So if you see on Indian god Vishnu, you will see he holds in
their own hands : “Chakres”, as potentate of seed of energy oceans of Human person or
potentate of 7 parts of structure of system. He hands “Wand”, as potentate of Land and its
vegetation. He hands “Sink”, as potentate of Water or epidemic deathes. He hands “Bow”,
as potentate of Air. And similarly we see Signs of types in Hindu variants of Tarot.
In Egyptian variants you see : Swords, Wands, Chalices and Pentacles / Five-pointed star in
circle, which possible take as the “Sign” of special System /, or in other variant this: Eagle
/as Air /, Person, / as Water /, Oxen /as Land /, and Lion / as Fire /.

The Kabbalistic Interpretations of Symbols of 4 types of cards Tarot are close on
sense to ancient Magic interpretations and are described as one of the the names of the
God - ‫יהוה‬. From system point four types Signs of cards Tarot close to source, but even
so from they differ. From 7- parts system standpoint types of Signs of cards Tarot has the
following sense: Cup - Interaction of Systems in Water ambiences. Swords - Interaction of
managerial, as Informational or Power of system. Pentacles - Interaction of Functional
systems. Wands - Interaction between system as Ecological systems.
Arisen at more late periods of human history of hundred of variants of cards Tarot for
Fortunetelling and simply Plays, already had no Souce Scientific sense, which we have got
to our Planet from someone “Outside Source”.

The Numerals of Hebrew Language and drawings of the Small Arcana of
Tarot cards.

If we want to find real, Scientific sense of drawings "Small Arcane", cards Tarot, than we


must in the first place understand System sense of "Ten Numbers”. The numbers for
7-parts of System, described in Torah, they, as we know, have no drawing, they have
only Names! From Semantic contents of Letters - "Names for Numerals of Hebrew
language", either as for other Words of Language, possible to see the following Sense,
which is confirmed the modern System Notions and their Dialectics. This Sense we can
compare and complement with source from Sense of drawings of Cards Tarot. And source
from Drawings of Cards Tarot and from that, that Hebrew Numbers have only Name, we
can see, that "Sense of Sent to Us Information from of basis of civilization", much greater
than "Digital Sense". And this Sense really "Explains the System Notions of Alphabet". And
this "United System of Knowledge", comprised in Language and drawings of cards Tarot.
1. - ‫ אחת‬,‫ אחד‬- means: “Border structure / ‫ ד‬/, depends from a certain “Internal
Transformation” / ‫ ח‬/, which in turn depends on “External environments” / ‫ א‬/.
And this is for first word, but for the second word last letter canges to / ‫ ת‬/ and it is Firm
conditions or states. In another words, the “One” System, or system as “Whole or
Autonomy” is characterized with 3 functions:
It have to has “Intern function of Process transformation”, or Intern Algorithm.
It have to has “Border function of percieving Extern information”.
It have to has “Border spatial Reaction”, which change its spatial border place or state.

In simple words it have to has Border and Change due to Extern influence.
The Unity – it is Separatly or Autonomy of certain Structure and process. Depending on
Its internal processes and conditions a System can have certain Positive, Negative or
Neutral reaction with Ambience. Image of “One” will be any structure having closed
“Border”. In cards Tarot, all “Units” express: Cycle of Water, Ecological Cycle, Functional
Action, Control Action.

2. ‫ שתים‬,‫“ – שנים‬Sequence of Energy or Information relationships” / ‫ ים‬/, that
depends from “Intern Cycle” / ‫ נ‬/, that in turn depends from “Border States Changing”
/ ‫ ש‬/. Or for second word, depends from “Intern and Border states Changing” / ‫ שנ‬/.
In another words number “ 2 “ describes System, built from Two interacting “Inversional
Systems”, which are bound in Unity or Cycle by means of Double “Inversion” realationship.
Due to this “Inversion Realationships”, or as it was named by Hegel – “Unity of
Oppositions”, system remains either in firm Condition, or in firm Process for a long time.
And accordingly conditions of system or process of System has only “Two States”. I. e.
In other words system as “Pair” is characterized with 3 following Functions:
It must have Internal “Cycle or change the Conditions”.
It must have “Border change the Conditions”, depending on External influences.
It must have “Spatial Informational or Energy Reaction”, which is consequent and
Therefore unlimited in time.
Two is always “Unadulterated structure” and therefore possesses the characteristic of
“Memory”, memories of process prehistory. The image of “Two” will be any structure,
which links the vapour of objects in united process “Interactions”, which for one separate
its part does not exist. Such as rotation electron around kernel. As double logic element


of Memory element of system. “Two” reflects the principle of Dialectics our life in its
Structure Base. The most interesting picture of “Two” in cards Tarot is expressed in scene
were Yang man hand two Pentacles connected with Endless Wire / or Tape /.

3. ‫ שלשה‬,‫“ – שלש‬Changing States” / ‫ ש‬/, depending from “Spatial Trasitional
connections” / ‫ ל‬/, that in turn depends from “Border Changing States” / ‫ ש‬/. And

for second word the same sense, but in space of Memory.
I.e. in other words System, defined given letters possible characterisized following Three
The System must have the “Internal Transformation” as - "Spatial transition" or

" Logical Inversion".
2. It must have "Border change the Conditions", depending on External Influences.
3. It must have " Reaction change the Conditions", which suits to "Inversion" internal space
of System. I.e. such System is gone able constant Change the Output Action, Eternal
Change, and if these system is closed in ring, than it changes to Generator. Such system
can not save Firm Static Process, as this does Double System. “Unpaired Inversion
Relationship” does such System "Unstable and Changing". The Image "Three" will be
structure, which "Radiates" or "is Changed" not backing to old condition. The most
interesting picture of "Three" in cards Tarot is displayed in scene of "Round dance with
Three girls with Cups".

4. ‫ ארבעה‬,‫ ארבע‬- “Information action of Structure of System” / ‫ ע‬/, depending from
“Internal Structure Feedback” / ‫ ב‬/, that in turn depends from “Control Border function”
/ ‫ ר‬/. And this Process / ‫ רבע‬/ in turn depends from “External Function” / ‫ א‬/.
I.e. in other words, the System made from 4 parts, forms Information or Functional
System, in which Process can "be Adjusted", or change and stop on according our
instruction. So sense of letters hands the Sequence of "Controlling Influences", occurring
during Action of System. External "Controlling Influence" / ‫ א‬/ causes Internal "Controlling
Influence" / ‫ ר‬/, which on chain "Feedback of System" / ‫ ב‬/, as part from Internal Reaction
"Transformations of System" causes "Round Controlling influence" / ‫ ע‬/, performing


reaction of system. Presence of first letter, before root, emphasizes, that process of
Management always "is Initiated" from outside of System. So it means, that main semantic
Roots on basis of first letter / ‫ ר‬/ and last letter / ‫ ע‬/ in Hebrew language have to be
composed with letters of 2, 6 and 7 groups of alephbet like: ‫ רשע‬,‫ רקע‬,‫ רצע‬,‫רגע‬
and we see, that we have not words composed with letters of 4 group, because they
have sense “Intern Control Function” and the word will had like more than one system.
Accordingly sense of number “Four” is defined the number "Controlling" influences of
system. The Image of number "Four" is a structure "Management" such as Automatic
Sending the Patron in stem, where Inverse power of shot produces the action. Or for
instance: Faucet, where dependency from Feedback simply is absent. Worth to note,
that "Four Poetries" or "Four Conditions of Matter", at all unconnected with "Four" sense,
and simply coincide "Quantitative", as any Objects. In drawings of Tarot for “Four” we see,
that “Water”, “Swords” and “Pentacles” form the Sequences from Three, and Fourth
element always apart, and only for “Wands”, as ecological systems, it divides on Pair

5. ‫ חמשה‬,‫“ – חמש‬Executive Change the Conditions of System” / ‫ ש‬/, depending from
“Internal Sequence of Transformations” / ‫ מ‬/, and which in turn depends from Border
Transformations / ‫ ח‬/. Presence of Transformations on Border / Or on Input of System /
speaks us of that, that System Has "Memory Prehistory” and "Autonomy of Spatial Action"
And then All Internal Processes are subordinated the Internal Memory of Reactions of
System. I.e. in other words each System has "Five" Processes of Transformation from its
Entry before Output. These Transformations form certain "General Functional Process"
and they in all systems following:
The Border Functional transformation.
The Functional Transformation "Memory".
Controlling functional transformations.
4. The Functional transformations of Relationship.
5. The Functional transformations Executive Actions Systems.
Then there is cost to add, that "System Autonomy", speaks us of that, that it is complex
structure allows to realize "Movement in Space" as well as its "Reproduction". So Pentacle
it is “Five angular Star” always drawn surrouned with "Circle", emphasizing System
Autonomy. The Number "Five" reflects the amount of "Minimum Necessary" Functional
parts of system and Number of internal functional transformations. Functional Five parts
this is the Base of all processes Alive and therefore all Triple words / roots / of Hebrew
express contents and sense "5-parts Functional System", - the bases on which acts Any
Functional Process. This conclusion is confirmed as well as Sense of Verb on base of this
Root, which means - "Compress, Unite" i.e. do the System United, Whole. To better
understanding the sense of “5-parts Functional Action” worth consider all verbs from group
with first and last letters of under investigating Root: ‫ חבש‬- "Change the Output Conditions
of System depending on Border Transformations and Feedback", and accordingly its
language sense - " Tie Around / Couple to one”. ‫ חדש‬- "Change the Output Conditions of


System depending of Border Transformations and Border Structures", and accordingly
language sense - " Renew, Month". ‫ חוש‬- " Change the Output Conditions of System
depending of Border Transformations and their Internal Associations", and accordingly
language sense - "Feel ". ‫ חלש‬- " Change the Output Conditions of System depending of
Border Transformations and their Connecting Spatial Relationships", and accordingly
language sense - " Fall, Be Weak ". ‫ חפש‬- "Change the Output Conditions of System
depending of Border Transformations and intern Functional Transformations", and
accordingly language sense - " Search For, Be Free”. ‫ חרש‬- " Change the Output
Conditions of System depending on Border Transformations and intern Controlling
Transformations", and accordingly language sense - "Non-act, Be silent, Repress,
keep silent", as Process, which we do not see astir! The Image of Sense 5-functional
System we can well seen on drawing of “Ace Pentacle”, which conditionally expresses
the "Plants are drawn in land in full Functional Cut".

‫ ששה‬,‫ – שש‬Because the word has 2 letters, than sense of letters is formed from
sense 3-rd and 5-th group of Alphabet and will be following: "Change the conditions of
Internal Relationship” / ‫ ש‬/, /, depending from "Change the conditions of Memory" system.
I.e. in other words, there are in view of "Part of System" changing their own Conditions on
the signals of change the Condition of Memory. But also in 5 functional System these
conditions are changed depending of Conditions of Memory. About what Conditions are
going the speach? So, if we speak about 6 -th part of System, than we speak only about
“Checking and Analizing” output reactions of system. And it is system, that can realize
“System of Attempts and Errors”, it means the system can learn to make least errors.
And it is first level of “Intelligent Creature”. This Level, when "Education" is of the form of
"Copyings of Actions". And as a rule acts in world of nature and early period of Human
Person. To Display or reflect 6 parts of system is not simple and therefore most
understandable picture is displayed on drawing with Six Pentacles, where a Man hands
"Scales", symbolizing Aim the six part of System, and Man helps to the wretch, which
symbolize, “Automating” Functional Pentacle Systems.


7. ‫ שבעה‬,‫ שבע‬- “Information Executive Action” / ‫ ע‬/, depending from “Structure of
Feedback of Transformation” of system / ‫ ב‬/, and which in turn depends from “Change the
Conditions on Border” of system / ‫ ש‬/. I.e. in other words System has 7-th Reasonable
Feedback, built-in in its structure being simultaneously 1-st and 7-th part of System and
correcting Reaction of Action of System. And therefore whole System becomes
Reasonable and Flexible Accomodated to External Environment or Influences. To better
understanding the contents of under investigating Word, well consider the close roots from
this groups. The Sense these roots reflecting 5 – parts Functional System looks so:

‫ שמע‬- " Information Executive Action depending from the Sequence of Changeable
Conditions", and its language sense - " Hear, sound ". ‫ שסע‬- " Information Executive
Action”, depending from “Conditions of Changeable Motion", and its language sense –
"Split, cut..". ‫ שפע‬- " Information Executive Action”, depending from “Change the
Conditions of Functional Action", and its language sense – “Multiply, tower, ensemble,
abudance, huge..”. ‫ שקע‬- " Information Executive Action”, depending from “Change the
States Conditional Complex Action” - and its language sense - " Sink, be lowerred ".
The Defect of such 7-parts system is, that without "Education or Learning" such Reason
not Act effective. Than Obligatory condition of such Reason is "Need of Education"
for Activation "Feedbacks of System", forming 7-th part of System. Exactly such a System
is a Human Person! The Absence of "Learning the Person" at early age transforms him in
System with 6 parts. And this is an Animal. This Sidebar of Reasonable Feedback, being 7-
th part of System, allows to do one more very interesting Conclusion. As follows, that
such Systems must be bound "Unceasing Sequence of Issue of Knowledge", because the
Interruption of the Sequence of Education from Fathers and Mathers and Full-grown to
sons, brings about Regressions of the whole Society, falling its on Level close to 6 parts.
And this is in turn speaks in favour of ideas "Issues of Knowledge through, Ages" and
particularly such Language as Hebrew and such information as "Structure and Action of
Human Hutch". The Image of 7 parts system is not simple and therefore for instance 7
cups express the whole set of possible systems!

‫ שמנה‬,‫ שמנה‬- / Contents / “Executive Memory “/ ‫ ה‬/, depending from “Cycle of
Transformation” / ‫ נ‬/, which in turn depends on “Consecutively Border Change / ‫ מ‬/. And
this Sequence of Border Change depends from the External Information Conditions
Change / ‫ ש‬/. In accordance with functional sense of Letters, we see, that this describes
the Process "Remembering Data of certain Process in Memory", and therefore sense
possible to do more comprehensible if we will consider its root part “ ‫“ מנה‬, and to it will add
consideration of roots sense of whole group closed to root, reflecting as all 3 letters words
5 parts Functional system. And even In principle important to comprehend only first two
letters, because only they carry the sense of system transformations Then for whole group
we have: ‫ מאה‬- " Sequence of External Functions ", but its language sense - "One
hundred". ‫ מדה‬- " Sequence of Border Structures", and its language sense - Measure of
Extent, Measure of Measurement. ‫ מטה‬- " Sequence of Values ", and its language sense
- "Twig, Branch". ‫ מכה‬- "Sequence of Conditional Relationships", and its language sense


- " Nock, wound, bruise ". ‫ מסה‬- " Sequence of Movement", and its language sense - "
Melt, test, suffering, Tribute". ‫ מצה‬- "Sequence of Border Actions", and its language
sense - "Suckle, wrung, Matzo". ‫ מרה‬- "Sequence of Controlling Actions", and its
language sense - "Oppose, reject, distress??", possible has derived from sense first two
letters. ‫ משה‬- "Sequence of Changing Conditions", and its language sense - " Pull, draw,
extract??, rescue??", where two lasts of sense were formed probably from History about
Moses. ‫ מתה‬- "Sequence of Firm Conditions, Importances", and its language sense - "
Stretch, Occupy the Area". The sense of under investigation word: ‫ מנה‬- "Sequence of
Cycles", and its language sense - "Fix, define, consider, solve, put the limit", as well as "
Separate? Part? The Share? The Portion?", as sense appeared from word made from two
first letters. As we see all semantic language meanings reflect the actions connected with
Intellect activity. I.e. 8 -th part of system it is additional Main part of system in Hierarchies
of Memory and therefore Eighth Part of System allows the system to possess the ability
"Send the Knowledges", and ability to "Accumulation of Public Knowledges". The Image of
such system is well displayed the drawing Tarot " 8 pentacles", which expresses the
Person producing a Work. The Drawing means presence in society "Teachers" and "Public

9. - ‫ תשעה‬,‫“ – תשע‬Information Executive action” / ‫ ע‬/, depending from “Change the
Conditions of Transformation” / ‫ ש‬/, which in turn depends from “Stability of border
Conditions” / ‫ ת‬/. I.e. in other words System has the ability to change its Information
action in dependencies "from Internal conditions" Only. I.e. has "Ability be abstracted
from external world". Probably, there is in view of ability to "appear in one's dreams". The
Ability to "Autonomous Rest". To make sure, that our Conclusion really reflects the contents
of this word, we will consider the groups of verbs having such first and the third letters. And
for this group we have: ‫ תלע‬- " Information Executive Action”, depending from “Spatial
transition", and accordingly sense of word - " “Swallow”. ‫ תקע‬- "Information Executive
Action” depending from “Conditional Complex Action", and accordingly sense of word - "
Stick? Confirm. Publish the Staccato Sound."

‫ תרע‬- " Informational Action”, depending from “Controlling Actions", and accordingly
sense of word - " Gates, Cut Through". As we see, the root sense of group has not special
persuasiveness, in spite of absence of contradictions. However there is a word having
Under investigation root ‫ תרוע‬- having sense - " Salvation and Victory", confirming its
sense. Clear that 9 -th part of system necessary to Complex Systems for "Savings" and for
"Survivals" and in complex Conditions particularly. The Image of system with 9 - parts is for
the best displayed in Tarot by means of 9 swords, where yuth sits on bed, closing with
hands his face.


10. - ‫ עשרה‬,‫ עשר‬- “Controlling Executive action” / ‫ ר‬/, depending from “Change the
Conditions of Transformation” / ‫ ש‬/, and which in turn depends from “Information Border
Action” / ‫ ע‬/. Such System having first letter / ‫ ע‬/ means, that it gets Information From
outside, but this in turn means, that we can consider the Second letter of Semantic
Sequence as Source Semantic for the Third letter / and / , which means Controlling
Semantic Action of System. So if we will analyse Semantic Importance of words of group of
verbs formed First and the Third Letters, than we make sure in correctness of our
Conclusions and shall accordingly know as insofar deeply we understand contents of
Under investigation root. For under investigation group we have: ‫ עבר‬- "Controlling Action
for new Feedback of System / New Internal Structure /", and accordingly the sense of
Language words: - ‫ עגר‬- "Controlling Action” for new “Border Function", and accordingly
sense of Language word - " Go for Cheek / for a certain Border /". ‫ עדר‬- “Controlling
Action” for new “Border”, and accordingly sense of this Language Word - " Herd, or Barrier
fence". ‫ עור‬- "Controlling Action” for new United importances of Memory", and accordingly
sense of Language word - " Stay Awake”. ‫ עזר‬- "Controlling Action” for new
“Controlling Headwaters ", and accordingly sense of Language word - " Help ". ‫עטר‬
"Controlling Action” for new “ Data of Parameters ", and accordingly sense of
Language word - "Surround???". ‫ עיר‬- “Controlling action” for new “Energy / Information /
Relationships”, and accordingly sense of Language word - " Wake, Arouse ". ‫– עכר‬
" Controlling Action” for new “Conditional Relationship", and accordingly sense of
Language word - "Alarm, Confuse”. ‫ עמר‬- " Controlling Action” for new “Action, following
on Order ", and accordingly language sense - " Sheaf wheats, as change the Season ".

‫ עפר‬- " Controlling Action” for new “Functional Action ", and accordingly sense of
Language word - " Ground and its Processes, Race ". ‫ עצר‬- " Controlling Action” for new
“Border Executive Action ", and accordingly sense of Language word - " Shutter, Stop,
Install, Hold away”. ‫ עקר‬- " Controlling Action” for “Functional Action ", and accordingly
sense of Language word - "Root Out, be a Fruitless”. ‫ עתר‬- " Controlling Action” for new
“Firm Condition of System", and accordingly sense of Language word - " Choose, Install ".
As we see, that practically all words acting Language correspond to their System Sense,
but certainly use only part from the general system sense. Most brightly sense of Under
investigation Word, we can understand, comparable its first of all with word an ‫ עתר‬,
because its sense Opposite and complementary to investigating. Because investigating
word have sense "Get Rich", is explained else, that Opposite word " Choose, Install ",
speaks us, that in system exists "Tree or Logic of this Choice or Determinations", known
beforehand. And in under investigation word a Possibility of Choice has not the Borders.
What this means? Because it is Tenth and the Top part of System, which must give her
one more new and most important Quality. On my opinion this quality describes our human
Possibility to installation Aims, installing the Priorities, to conduct of Study surrounding
World and Themselves Itself, when no Known Source for this. And accordingly
achievement by person of New Qualities and Functions. Display this quality much difficult,
since this look as the ability to Scientific Studies, ability to Autosuggestion or Zazens.
When person has no concrete initial information and so person must Work Out Inwardly by


Himself. This be High form "Self-training and Home rules" All organs of System, and the
top form of Adjustment and Survivals. This ability to Independent Study and abstracting
from "External World", it is "Development" Natural Ability to abstracting definied by Ninth
Part of System. The Image of system with 10 parts most well pictured on drawing with 10
swords, which are thrust in back of Youth, speaking us of that, that He inheres in condition
of no filling Pains.

General uncomplicated Analysis "Sense of Names of Numbers" Hebrew language
shows us, that they only in small degrees are connected with its "Mathematical Sense".
And so except numeric sense beside they exist and Functional System Sense. And the
main their purpose "Explain Sent System of Knowledge about the World" in which we live.

Explanations for Numbers Pictures cards Tarot.

As we are speaking early for every four signs of cards we have real system sense, were:
Chalices are the systems of Water, Swords are the systems of Control, Pentacles are the
Functional systems, Wands are the Ecological systems.

The Ace - / One / expresses the hand, which catches Chalice upon surface of land
high, coated by water and which united as it were by pipes with chalice and on mounteded
swarm hungs the bird with sign "Cross". Presence of bird and pipes speaks to us of
characteristics of evaporation and assotiation of water, and drip flying downwards confirm
this. Speaking about Sycle of water.

The Ace – One Sword expresses Sword on, which hungs the tsarist corona, as sign
of govern of authority. On corona hung the bushes and vegetation, from which fall drip
of water. The Vegetation and water speaks us, that scene is about Alive systems only.

The Ace - One Pentacle expresses the hand keeping Pentacle, adown which we see
the cut of land and plants, roots under land and stems on surface, i.e. picure speaks
about Functional processes.

The Ace - One Wand expresses the Hand with Wand on background of certain
Landscape with trees and river.

The Dyad or Pair of Chalices expresses the Man and Woman, upon which head
with wings and figure reminding two Snakes. And as a whole card speaks of fresh strong
alliance, which exists for water and water joins.

The Dyad Swords expresses the sitting youth with tied eyes and keeping two Swords
cross. The Moon on sky and water near which sits the youth speak of that, that picture
speaks about management in Alive. Possible to expect, that management in every
system works only one management, or pair, that always cross, i.e. not simultaneously.

Two Pentacles express the man keeping two Pentacles in hands and they united by
Process or wire of Infinity. This speaks us of that, that two Functional processes can be
bound by Exchange Functional process, how much is pleased time.

Two Wands express the Person keeping in Right hand a Globe, and in Left Wand.
The Second Wand is attached to pedistal. The Globe in hand of Person I consider, that


Pair is Main Ecological structure. How comment the Ecological system consisting of two
systems I do not see, except Constancies and Spreading this Systems, as well as Dominant
one of the pair from System.

The Three-tuple of Chalices expresses the round dance with singing of girls with
chalices and this get over that perpetual motion, which exists for triple water compaunds.

The Three-tuple Swords expresses the Heart poked with Three Swords. This
symbolizes the process, which speaks us that our non stop beat Heart system inheres,
under Management of Triple system.

Three Pentacles express the scene in Church / plot is obviously changed / where upon
three figures on column three Pentacles form the Triangle / Probably tipoff on Holy Triple /,
as one of the Headwaters of Christianity, but we have no tipoffs about Functional

Three Wands express the Person resting in one of the the Pair (vapour)s Wands, but
the Third inheres on the other hand from it. The Drawing speaks, that Ecological
Whitsunday not so Steady composition, and in Vapour (pair) one Dominants.

Quadruple Chalices expresses youth, which sits in pose of unwillingness to take
The Chalice, which he stretches the hand, but three Chalices cost (stand) beside its legs,
in token possible alliance. The Whole drawing speaks us, that for water compositions no
"Quadruple" Alliance.

Quadruple Swords expresses the Deceased or Sleeping Man and Swords are divided
in Three and one?? But scene speaks of that, that drawing is powerfully changed to
original and I do not know how their comment.

Four Pentacles express person , which stands on two Pentacles, and embrace
One Pentacle with hands and Other inheres on his head. I.e. it is emphasized the
Functional relationship, which there is exist between Left and Right by our system, as
well as between head and Body. The Functional part of head is Higher, because it
stands on Crown.

Four Wands express Two Pair (vapour)s of Wands twined by Colours, i.e. The
Ecological Alliance for “Four Systems” wholly and steady and prospers in Nature.

The Quintuple of Chalices expresses "Unnerved man" beside legs which on the one
hand stands the pair of Chalices and on the other hand lies three chalices. The Drawing
speaks us of that, that Water pair or join does not allow to act the Rotation a Whitsunday.
And so river current beside legs presents the Chaos of water compaunds.

Five Swords express the scene of victory of one warrior on other, and herewith two
Swords wallow on land and only Three winners catch in hands. I.e. possible expect, that
Five managers together do not act, since two of them always supressed. / In uniting
system having 5 parts there is one part, intended for Governing and in her 3 main
Managers of system.

Five Pentacles express two wretches on background five Pentacles, in spite, that
drawing is changed, we can guess that it was similar, because Five functional Processes
lose steadiness or "Balance" in system and this always brings about disastrous results.

Five Wands express five mans with Wands in hands, between which goes the Fight.
This speaks us of that, that in Ecological alliance from 5 Systems, goes the Fight for

The six of Chalices expresses the Market of Colours, where Four chalices / see two
pair (vapour)s / stand together, pervaded colours, but the third pair is divided fifty-fifty. One
on pedistal as Main, and other handed to byeris for checking. The Drawing speaks us, that
Three pair of Water compaund, well interact and give "Colours".

Six Swords express the boat, which controls the rower and inwardly which all thrust in
It six Swords, where three inhier near by small figure of boy, and three near by big
figure of woman. Possible expect, that in system with six Managers they well work and
subdevide, on two parts for balance the moving the system.

Six Pentacles express the Man keeping scales and give muny to two poor, on
background of six Pentacles. The Scales in hands of a men speak of that, that Six
Functional Processes give the system "Balanced" and so Prosperring.


Six Wands express the Man on horse with Wands in hand, to which clinging Wreath,
but all Wands are divided into Pairs, where Wand, that hands the man powerfully
dominant to others.

The Numeral seven of Chalices expresses "Water as Base", and expresses seven
Chalices from which protrudes: Human head, Snake, Water monster small, Wreath, Jewels
and Castle. The chalice inheres in the centre from which appear the figure, radiating light.
I.e. drawing speaks us of that, that we live in the 7 parts system world, where water is a
Base of life, Base of structures and Base of Spiritual power. Speaks us of that, that
Systems of Alive is Flexible, Reforming Structures.

Seven Swords express the Man carrying Five Swords, but two are left by it in side and
They stay , i.e. from seven of Managers Five and Two work apart in different parts of

Seven Pentacles express Man standing in Second thought on seventh Pentacles, and
near by him inhere six other Pentacles, forming together with bush certain Unity. The
Drawing speaks us of that, that Seventh Functional process of System is realating to six
other Functional processes, and can have the characteristics of "Reason", and all system
becomes reasonable.

Seven Wands express the Man with Wand in hands and in tense pose, but rest Wands
is divideiֿ ntoed pair (vapour)s, but inhere adown, under Seventh Wand.
This speaks us of that, that in Ecological system from Seven of systems, one is controling
all rest.

Eight Chalices expresses Moon influence on processes of Water, and we see, that all
chalices are installed as two pyramids in five and three chalices. We know, that Moon acts
upon all Processes above-ground organisms creating special Moon cycles Alive. But why
Influence of Moon attraction on Water processes forms 8 parts of system I don’t know to

Eight Swords express youth with armband on eyes and bound, but eight managers
are divided as Five, Two and One. This speaks us, that Eighth Manager this manager
influences to such system, which connected with Vision and unconnected with Motion and
this possible management from intern Memory.

Eight Pentacles express the Man processing 8-th Pentacle by help of cog and gavel.
The Drawing speaks us, that 8 Functional systems allow to build the System to capable
Education, Creative activity and Activity.

Eight Wands Express the groups of Wands on Two and Four, which quite well

Nine Chalices expresses Magician sitting in pose of act of concentration and all nine
chalices stand as it were fence around its heads, so probably there is in view of somewhat
influence on Water processes in our organism, which act only in our head, and which allow
to becalm and slow down all processes, enable to Rest or ability to use one's dreams.

Nine Swords express the youth closing with hands their own eyes and sitting on bed,
i.e. possible expect that it speaks about appear in one's dreams, when act in person Nine

Nine Pentacles express the Woman by encircled nature. The Right hand its rests in 6
pentacles, and 3 adown the other hand. The Bird sits on Left its hand. The Drawing speaks
us of that, that 9-th Functional systems can form the System, which allows to influence and
understand Surrounding nature and "Feeling”.

Nine Wands express Man, who rests pressing on Wand, but 8 Wands inhere behind
higher than Man, it speaks us of that, that 9 -th System dominant to 8 system in
Ecological alliance.

The Group of ten of Chalices expresses "Holiday of Water", which under influence of
Sun gives the Rainbow and other processes of Life.

Ten Swords express the youth sleeping Dead Dream and in which thrusted 10
Swords. Such condition "of whole Insensitivities" possible only, by Zazen or

Ten Pentacles express the Scene of Family with oldster in easy chair, dogs, child and


Parents and simultaneously scene of City. The Drawing speaks us, that by means of
reasonable 10 parts functional systems possible to build the Sound Family and Society.

Ten Wands express the Man, who catchs in hands 10 Wands and which form
together as it were Strong and Flowering Alliance. I.e. 10 parts systems in Ecological
Unity and give the Strong United System.

Hereto short analysis of Small Arcane of cards Tarot it is necessary to add, that
comparatively four lasts of cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King, beside me did not appear
"Serious" Idea of their explaining, without concerning of that, that in original certainly
weren’t Pages and Knights. However we can see, that King, Queen and Page this is
"Solitary of figure" and we can draw a conclusion, that their Sense on the one hand
complies with sense of "Aces", but for King on the other hand and Queens there is full
coincidence on plot of drawing with the Third and Fourth cards of "Main Arcane". The Page
on form of plot complies with "Fool", and Knight on horse it is drawing with two figures and
reminds us 13 th card of Main Arcane - "Death", where Horse nothing else, than
"Implacable Motion of Time". And as I understand, Knight can reflect information on
"Attitude between Nature and Human Person". And here readers itself useful offer their
own decisions on base of ideas 7 parts system and Nubers of 10 digital system.

We can see from drawings of Cards Tarot, that their contents received to us from
distant past absolutely brilliantly complies with System notions of Hebrew Language, as
well as with achievements of Modern Science and gives some data, which science else
there is to do.

Whorth to say, that "22" System Constant Descriptions of World offered and
described by me, indeed have much greater Depth and more Capacious importance and
therefore I hope, that are found the Scientist, who is filled defect of my knowledge, mistakes

and errors of this System Understanding the World and its Spirit has gained,
that importance, which it deserves.

Yacov Ioffe. 1997.


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