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4 Problems understanding of God, his Reason and Order 4

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Published by astroport, 2019-04-17 11:10:15

4 Problems understanding of God, his Reason and Order 4

4 Problems understanding of God, his Reason and Order 4

Problems of understanding the God, his Reason and Order.

The God of our universe, as the ancient Egyptians described scientifically, is the
Triple Forces, which are inseparable in action. He moves everything that exists in
the universe, in its infinite action. God created everything in the universe and
continues its action, which will never cease.

It means, God is the "Real concept" of the action of our world, which acts
in all of its "system parts" from incredibly huge, to incredible small.

Of course, we are most interested in the actions of God in the Living Systems.
And then we can see that God created an incredibly large number Living beings, as
Systems, in the form of "Eternal water engines, Generating "similar to themselves
systems" in an infinite change of generations.

And in this aspect, Man is also the "Eternal Water Engine" differing mainly in the
most complex construction: an unusual physical form of the body, an unusually
developed brain, the opportunity to create new things. Those, that are not exist in
nature, such as the wheel.

The relationship of Man and God is no different from the relationship of God with
other living beings. It means, God really gives man every second of time “The
power of life” until his death, without asking him he wants to live or not. And just this
is for all other living beings on the planet and in the universe.

While in man there are three Divine Forces, he is alive. Those, God can be
compared in a simplistic way with the Mother of life of the whole Universe, which
constantly gives the power of life to all Alive and Inanimate. With the only difference
is, that the lifeless does not reproduces, and therefore it is only "Building Material for
the Living."

It turns out that all living things, thanks to the constant receiving of the Divine
Forces, as the Systems of "Eternal Water Engines" there is "an incredible Power of
Reproduction of their kind and their development". Therefore, each of the creatures
is ready to "Fill all the possible for life space of the planet".

Therefore, the natural limitation for their "Unlimited reproduction" is the "Material"
from which they reproduce themselves, and which they take from outside. And in
the sense of the Material, all living things are divided into two classes.
1. "Growth", which takes material from the Inanimate world planet, and therefore

can not move.
2. "Moving beings", having the advantage over Vegetation, is that they have easier

access to food.
On the one hand, Vegetation loses to moving beings. But on the other hand, it
always has the material for growth, so she "Indestructible," even for the most
difficult conditions on the planet. Therefore Vegetation is Basis for feeding almost
everyone else creatures of the planet. And moving creatures "are forced to fight for
certain habitats", where their specific food is, and mostly it is vegetation.
Those. when scientists talk about the "Trophic cycle of eating" of the living
creatures of each other, then "It can not be called a cycle". Because there is no
feedback. All levels of power sequences of creatures, they take their origin from
"Vegetation". And it is not necessarily, that all the dead beings return to the earth,
although surely it is preferable.
The life span of creatures, as I understand it, is mainly determined by their
"Systemic Complexity", and compare the duration the life of Vegetation and Moving
creatures is impossible. With the growth of the complexity of the creature, its ability


to adapt increases. And in theory life expectancy should increase. However, I think,
scientific research on this topic is meaningless, because life is brought on our planet
from other worlds, and what conditions there were no one knows.

If in all parts of the World in a constant Trinitarian change and Balance the Divine
Universal forces act, and Reason is only one of the Forces, this means, that
Reason is not the Main Force. And as repeatedly stressed in the scientific books of
ancient Egypt, that without Forces of Time, Thought, as Mind, does not exist.

However, the Force and Energy of Time, as well as the Strength and Energy
of Gravitation, which create a space within which the Force of Reason acts
/ Thoughts, Electricity / these two forces are faceless!

But the Power of Thought or Mind, like Electricity "is extraordinary diverse", and
to this must be added her Parity. Exactly thanks to the diversity of the power of the
Thought / Reason / acting in our body, we understand and perceive the External
World, with the help of our senses. And so our inner world is so Various, although
it operates under the "Solid Electrical Laws". The beauty of the world is given by the
color gamma of the Energy of the rays of Light, which we perceive.

The energy of time in our body is perceived by the whole "Aquatic system of the
organism", and to "feel" it is necessary for this specially to study.

Therefore, it is precisely because Time and Gravity are faceless, and "Thought,
like Electricity" give the world "Variety", then therefore "Thought" distinguished in
ancient science, as the most important among the three forces of God. And that's
why only "The Power of Thought" was left to God, which they did "Creating the
whole World", although this is not true.

And as a consequence of this perception of the world, Vera appeared in "Clever
God ", sitting in the heavens and creating "Miracles", instead of "unchanging Laws
of the World". And it is natural, that such a "Smart God" has the goal is to save the
whole world. But in such a perception of God, it is impossible to understand, that
God does not set to anybody any goals, and even survival is the matter of the
beings themselves. For this, God gives each creature the “Power” to survive.
Goals in life appear during life itself.

The Mind of a man who has a multi-billion existence in other solar systems, as
the generation of God is very "Multifaceted and Developed". But the same Reason,
connected with the practical and creative activity of man, as opposed to all other
nature, does him "The most mistaken in the world being". And therefore the
erroneous theories, erroneous actions, and unfortunate inventions in the history of
mankind on the planet were unusually many.

And today, most people of science, thanks to understand that "Ideological Faith
in God" is a deception. And Prayers, which do not have address, and can not
respond to the "Higher Forces of our Universe" - this is a lie. Scientists deny the
presence of God, although God is the real action of our world, which they use in
their experiments. We can understand such a position of denial of ideologies of
religions. But the problem is, that such a position of scientists, denying the real God,
leads to "Irresponsibility", which really destroys the "Creations of God".

The mind of the world, acting in people should be subordinated to the "World
Mind ", which preserves the world in its "Natural Development " and the "Permanent
Balance of Forces", about which the Academies of Scientists simply do not want to
think! The artificial world created by man is "Death" in its various manifestations.
Therefore, God created man "Reasonable" so, that the person works due the
"Patents of the Creator", which are tested by the experience of billions of years, that


Man would support the "Natural order of the world", it means the balance of all
forces of nature.

And the main manifestation of Reason in our world is the "Order"
established by the laws of the world. And the supreme law of the world is
"Balance of world forces", which is creating and preserving our world. And it
is precisely, because the Jews preserved the "World's Greatest Scientific
Value of the World - Scientific Scrolls of the Torah", describing "The Systemic
Order of Our World". We have a chance, to try to preserve our planet in the
form, as it was created by God the Creator.

Scientific scrolls of the Torah should become a desk book of all scientists
all countries and academies, and all educational institutions of the planet!
Because due "The system of 7 days of the creation of the world" built
everything in the universe.

Yacov Ioffe 22.4. 2018.


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