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10 A different view on the state 10

10 A different view on the state 10

A different view on state Israel.

If till 18 century, before appearance oֹ f Capitalists Parliamentary states, opposite
classes in society was only two: Ruling Class and Working class, and so Religious
Ethics else play important role in life of society, since reduce the level of "Egoism"
all its members. However later, with development of Parliamentary relations, and
particularly Socialist Ideas, Religious Ethics simply could not do this, since number
of "Opposite Groups" inwardly all states "unbelievably" increased and all of them
inhere in Contradictions in different proportions with each other. But Egoist Group it
is not Person, to which possible influence by Ethics. We needs the special structure
of State! We needs the special Ethics!

But the real life acts only on the basis of "Necessity"! And the necessity of
life is "Products" and "Housing". Therefore, in the conditions of general
deception, the production of products and housing captured by "Money" in
order to keep the ruling elite at any cost, even by war. And the so-called
"Scientific Progress" /people, who call themselves scientists/ support this
position with all their might.

Certainly, Hitler planed Destruction of our folk, was inhuman Crime of Century
taking 6 millions souls from life, however, the destruction of the Jews was not born
at the time of Hitler.

Look please in encyclopedias on our long history of more than 2000 years of
galut, after all in this history, nearly no centuries, where somewhere in the World did
not destroy any "Jewish Community". And such helpless, primitive Halaha, with
its "Primitive Tradition of milk, meat and prayers" we offer to take as a basis
of our Israel state!
Oddly to say, but history did not teach us, and due on Dialectics of Hegel and theory
of Darwin "Deprives us Right on Existence", since, only one, that learns on his
mistakes and mutated in accordance with requirements of Life survives and
herewith lives "Full-fledged Practical and Spiritual Life". Here is we were whole our
history "Folk for bits", rather then folk for "Imitation".

If Zionism, been born inside Jewish Intelligence at the end of 19 century, has
organized the weak flow of Jews to Palestine, and support the order and legality by
Turky and England, then for time of Stalin Ruling, Jewish settlements really have
taken Power and Organization.

This Power and Organization came from Socialist and Communist adjusted
Jewish community. The Communist Image “Collective facilities" was best type of
"New Jewish Settling", since answer to Poverty of arrived Jews, possibility to
develop the agriculture by way of collective efforts, answer to military situation of
collective protection. Answer need of organized education a children and adult, and
exactly Kibbutz gave to country "local formed personnel (frames)". Only due to
Communist organization, so-called "Zionism", has survived and enable later to
organize the state. And for this greater thanks to comrade Stalin, inserting on the
whole World this Ideology and Jewish Palestine did not remain in side from his
politicians, and where he want to place his greedy paw. Hitherto You may meet in
some Kibbutz houses portraits of Stalin, and with reason. His desire to cover
Palestine and Arabic World by his influence help to Jews in formation of state in
1946 –1948 and when voting in UNO, when dare the question about Forming the
Jewish state.

Besides this, Stalin has written article about Jews, where he confirm, that


Jews are impossible consider as a "Folk", since they have no “United Land and
have no United Language", and possible confirm that He is right. In spite of the fact,
that their own "Scientific Ideas" He steal beside Lenin, which use these arguments
in its party fight with jewish fraction "Bund". Really, from System standpoint, the folk
not having one United Language and one United Territory can exist on territory of
other countries only as part "Necessary and Loyal to givenned Folk or State".

But the miracle is, that our people have been preserved in the territories of
strangers countries, just like in ancient Egypt. Everywhere we were considered
"Strangers", but were used for the "economic benefits of their countries". And the
Jews did not bring spiritual union of all peoples, since Judaism is never
was not International. But Lenin and Stalin really there were Internationalists and
theoretically and in practice.

It was the Russian Jews, even before the creation of the state, to recreate in
the people the ancient language of the Torah. And they were the main core
born state. But this was not enough for the people, it was necessary to unite
the people "Spiritually". And "Spirituality" creates only the "One Law" for
absolutely all people, and not the existence of Governments. There can not be in
the state of different laws: for religious, secular, politicians, financiers, etc.
Therefore, "Democracy" as a compromise: everyone has his own law, it's just
"the collapse of the state."

Worth specifically to notice that our first emigrants consist of intellectual,
educated public, origin from Europe. And when has got up the question about
making the Jewish State, than were discussed the questions of economy, land,
politicians, wars and others, but question of State Ethics, State legality was not
discussed. Why? Very simply, all Zionists were origin from Europe and lived many
years in accordance with Christian – Jewish Ethics, obliged to be well people of
these countries and other ethics did not know and consider, as the whole world lives
on this "Humane Laws", and particularly Jewish Society.

The Bright representative of such European Intelligence was Lyon Feihtwanger,
which wrote about Judaism Religion and our History in "Rose tones of Romanticism,
Reasonableness and Tolerances". And we "Technical and Humanitarian
Intelligence" of Europe countries were brought up on these books, and we saw such
Jews around itself.

But to this Jews of Europe wasn’t known on persisting unacquainted main Mass
of Jewish Folk, inhabited "Small towns". They were unacquainted about Fanatism of
Jewish Religion, which Christianity has penned in cranny Aries and Poor Fringes of
cities. They was not unacquainted "Jewish small towns" with its religious
Superstition, Pettiness and Envy’s, where Saint revenge is not Nature, not Art, not
Football, but " Prayer house and Graveyard". Where gist is not Joy Life!, but
"Torments"- sort of Masochism. Where King it is "Rabbi" from which depends your
prosperity". Where blessed with children family can not possibilities to extricate from

Religious Jewish Ethics was unacceptable for Jewish Intelligence,
as " very Retarded”, but receive a known at country Jews - Christian Ethics they
could not, therefore they are Jews! But when amongst the main part of Jews
broadly spread the Communist Ethics, then about Religion Ethics simply have
forgotten. So when after Forming the State of Israel in country has arrived the
greater amount of religious Jews from Moslem countries and when to him were
added Religious small towns Jews of Europe, then in country reign the full
Bewilderment. The Socialists and Communists thought that their Majority and


Internationalism and Socialist legality will be eternal, however after beginning of falls
Communist Regimes and socialist majority of Israel came to end.

And here turn out with the whole conspicuity that, United Folk of Israel does not
exist, but there is at least once Three Ethics, which keeps the population of Israel.

1. This is the Socialist Ethics with "Workers as Managing Power". As the
principles of "cohabitation".
2. This is Ethics science of European intelligentsia, with elements of Jewish
3. Ancient Jewish Religion Ethics, that lived somewhere in Past.
There was clear absolutely, that unite these Ethics in life impossible, so have
declared, that Israel it is "Democracy". However Democracy can not change the
existing Ethics and Legality for all, because the word long ago had lost its former
sense and each uses its with comfort for itself. So, announcement of Democracy
meant, that all is allowed, and all society divided on ensemble of Parties waging war
between themeselves for right to sit in government and parliament. But "Main
majority of intelligentsia and toiling", which not belong to any Parties, since they
occupied by deal, and not chatters about there patriotism, remain out of board of
participation in shaping the government suitable to them.
And parties phony Zionist and Socialist, representing the interests of party
bureaucrats and the top of business, are prosper. Exactly so, You never heard, that
someone did Questioning the Population about percent of people, which against "All
Parties". This war for warm places, commenced before existence of state, actively
lasts at our time, creates governments incapable of economic governance. But the
main thing is, that this apparatus divides the population into small groups, where
everyone person feels his "helplessness", because there is no connection between
workers and the government appratus. And accordingly in country many years is
introduced the Party Psychology – "I am entitled to benefits!" Each idler considers,
that state is obliged to him all: it is obliged find him job or give the allowance and all
privileges existing in State. True Zionism of Jews from Russia in the late 19th
century, which goes to the country "Work and build a state", but not engage in
chatter, he died. The state is completely politicized.
Therefore, in politicized Israel, with all the power extolled the lawyer
Herzl, and not the doctor and enlightener Eliezer Ben Yehuda, who revived
Hebrew. Herzel, who only talked, about what really did Russian and European
Jews in the Palestine long before him. But Eliezer Ben Yehuda created the state.
Therefore, the last millionth aliyah of Jews from Russia, who also came to "Work
and build a state", and therefore was completely "Apolitical," was greeted with
hatred in a politicized party Israel. herefore, she was left to survive. Instead of doing
Free Training in all children's institutions and universities, and give each child the
opportunity to "Ensure their lives and the state". Give "Kitsbat Yeladim" to educate
"Idlers", who relies on everything without Labor!
If Stalin don’t insert the constitution in USSR before 1936 , since wait the
moment, when it will not be Political enemies, as well as, show the Future under
his Management all the World "New Legality" in country. To our Party Thinkers
neither Ethics, nor Constitution not needs, because in the general
disturbances easier to reach their own Personal and Party Aims.
More so, those all known Thinkers, all these Idealists
dreaming of the General Good, all these Fryers: - Socrates and Platos,
Copernicuses and Spinosas, Kants and Hegels never nothing did not obtain, in this
sea of people "Pulling to himself", searching for Personal success. However


Progress and Spirituality develops with these "Fryers, with which neglected and
neglects this World". On these Saharoves, which Power propertied put on years
under home arrest, and herewith have to completely execute "Program which he

Using this situation of full Disorder in Israel, our carriers of Jewish Halaha, which
"Kept Quiet” during more than 200 years, since already whole World knew, that they
are beyond and behind in Understanding the World and its laws, that their notions
remain in distant slavery past, they have raised head and have begun Active
Political and Party fight for introduction its Ancient Halaha in our Modern Life.

And this Modern Life, nearly completely founded on Scientific Achievements
becomes "Maid" for them. Because only they are Jews! And since they always had
problems with "Dialectics Life", than was invented Theory "Observance at
Tradition", and for "Make new" his Ancient Halaha, they are now "Together with
Science", rather then against, as it was always in history. And as no wonder, but
they succeed in "Democratic Israel!" and have returned solid part of population in
"Time of Karo", in time, when every Jew, occupied whole his day by performance all
types of "Holy" foolishness.

Now look at the complete analogy of the approach to governing the country
"Religious and Party". If in ancient times people were taught, that wisdom comes
from the rabbis who understand the Torah. And that's why they said "Rabi namerek
said Thus". As the right to leadership by his mind. And today we constantly hear,
the Head of Government said Thus. And politician Namerek said Thus. There is no
difference between an ancient and modern approach. There are only
"Conversations", and there are no practical cases and achievements.

This "Ancient Commune of ancient Babylon" so remain to exist in our state,
created by Wits and Power of European Intelligence, as "Separate Commune", with
their own ancient laws. Only now they by help of Tradition, Knitting Kipa and Militant
Zionists try to transform whole country in "Babylonian Slavery”, declaring that only
they Jews! And oddly to say, that they manage well in Party, Lawless, Halfzionist,
Halfsocialists state. And in fight for Power in state all ways are good! And so
consider not only Israel Politicians.

And here is the problem of "Party System"! This "Epidemic deaths Lie and
Gamble! This is the party mud of wars on television screens, with the participation
of a huge armymass media. This endless contests of Slander for all themes of
political life.

Constant discussion of the military situation, which is really important for every
Israelite, this is the only topic, that gives people the feeling, that the government is
thinking about people. Our Security is the only topic, that unites the people. But, if
with the "War" unite the people, so that people love and respect each other! The
people are united by the Uniform acting Laws and Conditions of life for all, like in
Kibbutz. And then the people are one whole, "Strong and Durable". Then "necessity
fear of war" for unification is not needed.

But for the purpose of uniting the people, the party system of government does
not good, because it only "Disconnects", immediately recognizing, that the
goverment is nothing going to do. Because ‫ן‬n "Private Economy" you can not
interfere, this is "Taboo". Party government is always indifferent to life "Ordinary
workers", since they are only interested in the votes of people. But in this is the
problem, that there is no one to vote for! After all, we do not vote for "Specific
individuals", which are known to us for their achievements in life. We vote for those
who talk a lot. And business and chatter are incompatible, or the person works or


speaks. Therefore, to receive "The working, business and professional government”
is impossible in Israel. This is the government of "Conversations".

And no matter how our parties are transplanted or mixed up, "Left, Right, Center
or Religion”, they will not do for the state and the people nothing, because People
and Mind they do not represent! And the main thing, what can to do the “Party
Bureaucrats” in the Economy? After all, in order to do a little, you must at least be a
"specialist". And in our small State like Israel, all the "Disadvantages" of the
Economy "Instantly" get out and need to respond urgently. Here we are "Spin" from
one Bad government, to the next even more bad.

Therefore absolutely all parties, understanding their "inability" to act, and the
need for votes, "Shout, that they are fighting for the poorest sections of the
population". And who are the poor? It's not pensioners and beneficiaries, which
politicians are so care about. These are living like in Paradise.

The poor are our "working young people", who do not have support of wealthy
or well –off parents. This is the youth, who serves in the army, studies and works.
This is the youth, who can not buy an apartment, because of speculations of the
government, which don’t build a social housing. This is the youth, which is the
future of the nation. But the government has never fought for youth and will
not fight. Young people abandoned long ago and forever. Therefore, privileges
which give to soldiers, are based on the desire to attract young people to combat

The situation of complete Party inaction, chaos and disregard for Laws, makes
the Jewish youth aggressive. Aggressiveness increased all over the world, and
became the "Quality" of a large part of the youth. Politicians, consider this as the
quality of "Freely born"! We are more and more are approaching to historical
aggressiveness of Islam. This aggressiveness among the girls and women is
especially terrible, since leads to problems in family life, the inability to "Live
together". Leads to problems in Education, when the Teacher is an "Minor figure
in the classroom”, and children from the smallest age "Feel yourself always the
Right and Know!" Leads to the party leaders, who promise to "defeat" all
competitors and dissenters. Leads to the Mass Media, which are occupied
by "Cock Fights" between party rivals.

The question is, if our Ancient Religious Doctrine is so backward and does not
allow a person to "rise to the level of the Inner Freedom", then why does it
flourish in Israel? What turns out, all Jews are stupid and primitive people?

No, of course, because in this situation of preserving a primitive Religion is quite
objective causes. The main reason for preserving such a Religion it is not in the
Lack of Education, as many people think, but in Structure of the Society, generated
by the Party System. Party system spawned the main "Defect" of the Jewish
community, because divided the society into "Militant Groups" and "Buried any
Hope for a pragmatic economic guide Country”!

This ideology, through political games, has always created in the country
"Plurality of legislative standards", when the laws of the country for different citizens
are different. Members of the Israeli trade union and "Non-members". Serving in the
Israeli army and "Believers". The Israelis and Olims. The State Court and the
Religion Court. In all state-owned firms, there are workers who have "Quiute", and
those, that can be dismissed at any time. There are "Israelites", which employees of
the firm, and there are workers "Olims", which work through some Hire firm, and
therefore do all the work for a salary of two or three times less. This "guiding" group
of Israel, together with Party Idealogy is the main grave-digger of Israel.


It should not think, that in "Reality" Christianity rose to level of Science, although
Hegel and Kant did a great deal for this. Christianity also stayed away from Science.
However, Christianity unusually raised its "appeal" for absolutely all belivers from
simple workers to scientists, thanks to their Pragmatic direction: - "Religion has
nothing to do with Management”! Religion is the personal life of man and his
Soul! In other words, we can not have Religious Parties.

As we see, our "Party Democratic System", for governing the state, which we
borrowed from Europeans, is not effective and bad for people. However, "The laws
of the Torah," which religious leaders seek, is even worse.

What "universal", modern and advanced Ethics can be proposed for a country
like Israel and for a people like the Jews, with such Ancient History and the Holy
Book of the Torah?

It is necessary to understand, that the Torah is the "Scientific Book", that
describes "Man", and has nothing to do with Religion and Faith. Then "The
Structure of Man", as the most Reasonable Being of our world, opens us
completely different horizons for the construction of the "State structure by the
model of man as the System".

"Then the 7th day of the week is not considered as "Rest"! It considered, as
"Feedback of the state system". Therefore, on this 7 day, from the entire
population of the country is collected information about the "shortcomings",
which people behold in state and on the places. This information is then
"analyzed", for that in the "next 6 working days", it will be corrected! So
works the human body and any system in nature.

How is the System of Man governed, in which everything operates around 100
years without party wars, and decomposition? Science has long known, that Man is
governed by the "Two Governments"!

One government, this "Subconscious", which manages all Cells of the internal
organs of man. And this government absolutely "totalitarian". That gives order to
act to all Cells, those they do. In other words, this is the "Business Government",
which is "Eternal", because acts according to information from the "Genes" of our

The second government is "Consciousness", which checks correctly or not the
"Subconscious" act, and directs it in the right direction. It means,
Consciousness exercises "Feedback" for the actions of the Subconscious.
Consciousness receives information from all cells, whether they are good or not.
So Consciousness is the representative of all cells. Consciousness lives "One
Life", and must learn from parents. If this does not happen before the age of 7, then
the human mind remains at the level of the animal.

The value of such a "Double Government" in a person is, that it constantly
adapts to the "external conditions", and therefore can live "Forever”. It means, it not
need to be re-selected, but simply to exclude "tired", or "not coping with work”.

Those. In all states there should be a "Business Government of Economy",
similar to the "Subconscious", which controls the employees. And "Thinking
Government", similar to "Consciousness", receiving information from the entire
population, about all the shortcomings, existing in the country.

Well, what do you ask, is it possible for such a structure to "equalize" Rich and
Poor, Smart and Fools, Possessing power and not having Authorities?

Can! Only in the human body, "Non-functioning cells", simply removed and
replaced by new young cells. Since in nature there is a cruel Law of "Life and
Death", or the Law of belonging to the System.


Human society, like the human system, but it does not require "Murder of non
working people". Because, for this it is enough to use sufficient "Law of
belonging to the System" in the form of "deprivation of citizenship".

The law "Deprivation of citizenship" he is unusually "Flexible", because
allows "Remove any person from any position", or deny citizenship the
offender, or partially deprived of citizenship for violating the law, or to deprive
the criminal property.

This law is universal, because combines in himself and the "Dialect of
Hegel", and Kant's imperative, and the “Feedback”, as the "Mind of Our
World", open by Norbert Wiener. Because, this law is taken from Life, and
obliges the Person be "Responsible for the country in which he lives"! It is the
Imperative of Kant, allowing to introduce only "Positive Laws suitable for the
whole population. " This law The closing process of the state's action in the
"Circle" will remove all contradictions Hegel's Dialectics.

Such a law "Equals people" of all levels of life and knowledge. It educates
people more, than all "Educational Institutions".

And this "state structure" and the laws "to work and citizenship" taken
from the "Scientific Torah Scrolls", from the "Building System" of Nature, like
the “7 days of the creation of the world! "

This is the most significant scientific contribution to the “Scientific
Thought”, which will make Jews for Humanity. Because, it Unites all scientific
knowledge, to which Mankind act in its development, and briefly described in
the article.

The world built by the Creator, it's the Just! Fair for all of them! The world is
really built Fair, but human Society, unfortunately, has never been built
according to these rules, and hence all the suffering. And this justice for
absolutely all never demanded and does not require Judaism.

But may be will come the Messiah and will rescue this World?
In light of the 7-parts understanding of the World, and the modern situation
permanent world conflicts, I see, that there is only one Force on the earth, that
can stop "Violence and Stupidity". And this is Women of our planet!
So if will come the Messiah, then in image of Feminine Government !

Yacov 1995 – 1997.


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