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12 My path to scientific God 12

12 My path to scientific God 12

My path to a scientific understanding of God and the scientific
nature of the Torah.

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After I has finished course of Hebrew "See and listen”, I became to search for
group for deepened Hebrew study and certainly such group was sewn on. This
group led the Leonid Zeliger. Zeliger was young person about 30 years and
language knew simply brilliantly. To moment of our acquaintance He already has
published his Hebrew grammatical in Russian language. It was printed somewhere
in the west and spread in Russia enough broadly, since was written in considerable
detail and with large number of examples well. Strictly with acquaintances with
Zeliger, I began the new stage in my life, stage when I already did not sail adrift by
“Standard Thoughts using everywhere, but became to comprehend the main notions
of our life, universe and Judaism. Possible to say, that through Hebrew language I
came to new understanding the world, to which costs be joined, if certainly this in
principle possible.

Hereto time I already was established like person with determined experience in
life and scientific understanding the world, not bad formation and enough well-read.
The Position “Refusnik” kept me either as many other Jews in constant depression,
and for many Jews it was condition of constant stress. To leave thereof stressful
condition it was necessary be or very strong person or find itself such activity, to be
not conceived about all these refusing deals, at least most of time. For me such
deal, which has wrested me from paws of constant stress, became decision of
problem - "Formalities or System structure of Hebrew language”. Else concerning
with Hebrew for beginning I has gained Bible together with translation on Russian
language and checking myself own knowledge of Hebrew became to peek in
Bible. First I peer into Russian text finding unacquainted Hebrew words, then has
seen that words too much and became simply to read the Russian text. Than I
became to reread Bible at mature age, absolutely differ from that, that I read in
childhood with Rabbi and I knew from antireligious literature. In first, I then did not
understand the many belongings, and besides then me there was no one who was
assign the question, since my father know to read and prayers, but absolutely did
not understand any text, and was in general sense ungrammatical. He simply knew
that so it is necessary to do and so taught him my grandparent. Reading Torah he
did not understand that he reads and turn out to be that only some few Jews, under
study "Bible" and Talmud understood the contents. Rest read as parrots. But under
study in youth Hebrew language were all from old generation, so my father in law
has an uncle, that studied Hebrew. This was little old man of years 80 +, which was
in full wit and talk with him there was true pleasure. On each thought it brought the

utterance from Talmud or aim history with sense. Additionally he had the higher
education, but such formed people there was little. The Main mass of Jews, such as
my grandmother and father, knew the order of prayers and holidays, knew how to
read, but contents did not understand, because spoke on Idish. Rereading Torah I
inhere in full fillings of Eminence from that, that I read. Wao! And this notion is taken
from us i.e. Jews, and this from us, and this from us! I was crowded by pride for my
people that together with hostility to kommunists as Anti-Semites, add to me the
to find in Torah even more, than there was indeed. Having got studying at Zeliger,
which was rationalist till brain of bones: present scientist inspecting on truth each
comma, I got from him information, which on the one hand confirm my thoughts that
we were in Headwaters, but on the other hand deny that we were in headwaters and
simply plagiarize all by other folks. When I for the first time has voiced to Zeliger
thought that Hebrew language is Formal language, than he poured out on me
refreshing shower in the manner of that, that "All languages go from Language of
Birds to Formalities". I.e. the known scientific position, as part from theory Darwin,
that all languages began and develop from Bird language. On the other hand he
tolled us about Mystery dividing Hebrew alphabet on 7 parts, the thing that
don’t knowing to most part of Israel society. So, once he concern the question of
Decimal numbers system and said, that scientists are thinking it at first appeared at
Arabs or India, but nobody can clearly say, when it was, anyway later Torah.
I, as Engineer of computers, and understanding what means the decimal system,
said to him that Bible has inside the “Decimal System”. He don’t agree with me, but
arriving on next study say, that I am right. Really in Bible is written “Decimal system”,
but it is written by words and had not “Special Signs”, that known now in all nations.
But it is not so important, because the “Signs” we can change to another, because it
is agreement between people, but important it is “Sense” of decimal system. And
these “Names of decimal numbers” are the one of indirect proofs of “Formality of
Hebrew”. I was delighted of problem of Formality of Hebrew, but problem was so
complicated and huge, that for this can catch or Genius or Fool, that don’t
understand what he catch. I don’t consider at myself no Genius, no Fool and decide
to work on this problem till my Deadlock, knowing good, that only in process of hard
work and study the person develops. Really, if suppose, that our fathers, that
speaks - “Torah it is the World”, speaks truth: and I had calculate, that our
generation postponed from generation of Moses 32 centuries, and if in every
century we have 4 generations, than altogether 128 generations, and than we have
no place for loose of information. Than clear, that Torah, as book average size and
using about 8 thousand of words, can not describe our endless in diversification and
endless in sizes of elements the World. But Torah can maintain a Key for
understanding the World. And Key for understanding the World can be only
“Science System” for describing this World, but not Faith, that nothing explain. And if
this “Science System” is writing in Hebrew Language in form of Torah script, than
this Hebrew Language obliged to be “Formal, System Language”. And if it is so,
than Hebrew can not be language, that developed from “bird language”. This
language obliged to be different from other languages and was given to us from
“Outside “ of our planet with Intelligence, that knowing how is built our World. And
from this follows, that our civilization was found with “External Intelligence”, that give
us this language, as information through generations, as information about our
World. Than, if as nation we appeared on map of history about 15 – 12 bc, so where
was our God before? Really, the world existed before our appearance, and Hebrew


Language existed in Babylon some thousand years before Moses. Something in
history explanations of our Religion fathers don’t catch ends. And understanding of
God, as creator of this world, as source of informational field, where we all are being
and filling it constant every day, partly deprives his Mystery and take forms of “World
Laws”, and this forms very Realistic. I.e. by God there are two Faces: One is reality,
personifies “Unity of laws acting in the World”, the second “Mystery”, hidden in
infinity of space, time, lack of understanding and vague fillings of human. But no
serious sense to speak about Mystery part of God, because the experience of huge
generations in history don’t open to us any Road. Since from mystery and
misunderstanding are no information.

In another side, if in Torah are coded some information, that about it speak our
fathers, so this information impossible to extract from notions of Torah itself, and
than all trying and interpretations originated from text of Book has no sense,
because Key of understanding can be taken only “Outside” with some definite Model
and System, that explain all contradictions and absurd of famous text. Really, try
due to electric scheme of computer determine “Principle of Organization and Action
its Program”? And it will be more simple problem. And in the same time the Critics of
famous text of Torah really exist many years and we can’t get rid of this with silence
or reference to miracles, that we can’t understand. Parts were breaks Logic of our
knowledge about the world, miracles and contradictions existing in text of Torah,
born distrust to all text of book. We can’t run away or don’t notice this Critics,
because our real life and formation connected with Real World of cold Logic and
Intelligence of Reality. And for all that, all text of Pentateuch describes “Real”
actions of God, that real act, give laws, participate in all actions and generations of
our fathers, and for all that – “Invisible”. Let us question at yourself, if we are
surprising when we hear the voice of radio announcer, and when we don’t see radio
waves? We can understand, why our fathers went to “Mystics” of understanding of
God, because they don’t know many laws of this world, but this “Reality of God” in
text and its contradictions with real world have to oblige us to revise the Sense of
Contents this book on Science basis, but not Mystic basis. From very ancient time
Jewish Thinkers impede explain many parts of Torah, but Life demanded
explanations, and so was born idea of “Histories from life” on some subjects of
Torah, and after that was born “Talmud”. In middle ages, after spreading of
Christianity and its forestall development, appear necessity insert changing in life,
that was not in Torah. Than for saving the Authority of “Write Torah”, that forbid to
change, appear idea of “Oral Torah”, that give possibility to insert changing in life,
don’t changing “Writing Torah”. The new brilliant idea appear at more late period of
middle ages, - “Reading between lines ", and so appear " Comments" of text of
Torah. However " Reading between lines ", thing very dangerous in scientific
sense, since fantasies of authors, their literacy and desire to find the additional
sense, brought the authors to is packed isolations comments from text, and else
more important to isolations from life and its laws. So several popular names from
the whole enormous mass of commentators, which try not to overstep the fantasies
and remain the realists. However nobody from commentators till Baruch Spinoza,
did not try to explain contradictions of text of Torah by scientific method. And
therefore these old and multiple commentators take either people Ungrammatical in
general sense, or fanatics, Interested to save this at any cost, as one of the Base of
Judaism. Impossibility by means of "Commentary" come out of Contradictions
existing in text of Torah have provided in 13th age to the following Brilliant Idea, as
follows: " That beside text of Torah there is second, hidden Under sense". This


brilliant idea gave birth creation of "Cabala”. But since such idea have to begin the
study of Hebrew Language, on which is written Torah, that as effect of this Cabala
have to return to Ideas of Ancient Egyptian Magic and explain the Miraculous
characteristics of our Language. However all buildings of Cabala come from
"Miracles of Building of Name of the God" and miracles of explanation of numeric
characteristics of the Word. So withdrawal in thickets of "Miracles" Cabala could not
and can not explain not a single law, which acts in life and accordingly Cabala did
not able to become the source of "Scientific cognition of the World". And if Torah is
received from somewhat "External Source", that our language existed several
thousand of years before reception of Torah can not be Usual Language!

Certainly I understood that value of my knowledge, which I collect, - it is measly,
but in another side, if I shall first study all that has accumulated mankind on all this
questions, that I need life such long as was at forefathers. Besides this I remember
the splendid phrase of Einstein, when him had asked how he came to theories of
relativity. He has said, that he simply did not know that, that he had proved
Impossible, how other scientist knew! And besides, I, in general sense, perform
Obligatory of each Jew "Study the Torah by itself", rather then study all things,
which create some "Clever Jews". After all, our Jewish History is "Negative", so
“the Reason of the Old commentators of the Torah" does not coincidence with
“Reason of the World”.

To another side, investigation of Common history of Ancient World say us, that
In those ancient time were “Technologies”, that were reached only in 20 century. It
means there is walls, that built from cubes, were surface of sides processing with
accuracy, that no hand processing can not reach this accuracy. In India there is
famous column made from “pure iron”, that can produce only now with high modern
technology. And “cosmic aerodromes” with symbols of navigation, that can watch
only from plane. And knowledge in medicine, yoga, agriculture and so on, and so
on. We can make decision, that our civilization was created “from Outside of Sun
system”, but exactly and clear proving we have not.

I understood, that must revise the way of development of civilization. And as I has
understood already since time, working on notions of language and checking all this
on examples from life, that I practically must Unite three periods : 1. Time of modern
development of science and technologies.. 2. Time of reception of Torah. 3. Zero
hour of civilization, as time the receptions of language of system description of world
together with other technologies of that time. Or in another words, I have to find the
Modern Scientific Theory, which "will Explain" all Ancient Knowledge and
Contradictions of Text of Torah, than this will be a step forward in development of

So I has solved that let this turns out to be work "in vain", or this will be next
"bicycle", but I will try to build completely my own System, as I it understand. Since
time solving and thinking on questions, to which I did not knew any answer and
could not nowhere get, I has noticed that on each such question I got in head an
answer through somewhat time. I.e. I has felt that exists somewhat external source
of information, which answers me. But because such thoughts appear suddenly and
anytime day and nights, then I got in general form the opinion that all new, that
comes up for our heads, there is not a result of our Wit, but skills to "listen" and
skills to assign the question! And this can do each thinking person. I.e. we
constantly inhere in field of a certain External source of information. And this well
confirms the Idea of Hegel about "Absolute Reason".

The Questions there was


greater amount and answers, which I got or may say appear beside me in head,
completely disappear from my head, if I did not have time to write them and all
began at first. When I this has understood I became arise even in the night to write
the thought, which came me in head. Fact, that I could completely forget about that,
that came to my mind, confirm the fact of not my production of thoughts.
Simultaneously with problem of writing, appear the new problem: I was covered in
enormous amount of rough copies, which amount grew as snow lump. Then I
became to sort the rough copies on subjects, but also this little relieve me life, since
I in month later already or several months did not remember, that for will become I
has written and rereading wonder, as this sound well or how it foolish and threw out.

Since for decryption of keys of Torah there was necessary to prove the System
structure of Hebrew, than I began to build this system and simultaneously all time
thought about that, what information has sent I, if me necessary there was its code.
I came to conclusion that key sent for knowledge of future generations can
approach genetic and cellular system of human, as most complex from that,
which exist on the land and in ditto time most difficult for study. And besides cell it
is a main base of whole alive. I.e. in Sell is kept the Secret of Tree of Life.

This idea well coincidence with open contents of book of Torah, which speaks of
certain sequences of generations, and so develops any organism and this explains
the greater number of names in text of Torah. Besides I has conducted the small
experiment, having interviewed my own familiar: how much generations they know
from their own relatives. Turn out, that main mass of people knew 3 generations i.e.
their own grandmothers and grandfathers, and only very small part knows else and
4th generation of parents. But after all in Torah are spoken about very greater
account of generations and names. In the beginning of my studies, I has written on
this cause small article and gave it to read to Zeliger. Leonid, as person of science,
sharply criticize my article, since I could not bring any proof, it was one utter
romanticism. Why you suddenly has solved that in Torah is scrambled the system of
person, rather then recipe of salting of cucumbers? Whence this follows? I could
say nothing on this cause and he was really right on hundred percents. Hereon
event he did not take from me on reading not a single work, gates were locked and I
myself was guilty in this situation. Certainly miserable me only one moment, since I
lost literate educated opponent, in what I need all these many years and so i remain
the alone inventor.

Worth to say, that in history plan, my idea "Issues of information on
generations" also pack all on their own places, since all archeological works and
excavations speak of that, that practically all personalities and tales of Torah are
invented. After all, it is not found no acknowledgements of existence of Abram,
Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon. No signs of existence of Tablets,
Tabernacles of precept and other attributes described in Torah and only late period
of existence of folk on ground of Israel is confirmed historically and archeological.
And hereto is necessary to add, that Egyptian word “Egypt” on Hebrew language
sense means "Two Narrow Strips". Where we can see these two narrow strips?
Understandable, that this two narrow strips of fertile land along Neil. And this there
was really so in time of Ancient Kingdom.

But during period of "New Kingdom" i.e. period 1570 - 1070 before new era,
Egypt conquered whole area of Palestine, including Lebanon, before ancient Hittite
Kingdom, i.e. modern Turkey. But if hereto
add, that exactly in this period appeared Jewish folk and Torah, than Jewish folk not
there was need to run away from Egypt, since this there was simply senselessly run


from Egypt in Egypt. So contents of Run from Egypt has probably absolutely other
sense, and possible unconnected with historian of our folk.

Possible to say, that we Jews were Cultural anew born in Mystic and
incomprehensible hitherto Egypt and we were "New Change Nation" of vanished
Egypt of Pharaohs, kept "Knowledge about Essence of our World and essence of
Human". « Cultural knowledge and the organization Devoted in Secrets of the
World » have destroyed by force "Slaveholders", since this knowledge of Devoted
had for Slaveholders danger of " the Revenge of slaves », suffering from
unjustness. Therefore the hope of devoted has been realized by "Jews" in the
remote seized province of Egypt, and then it was distributed on the World.

I suppose, that after destruction of Egypt of Pharaohs and disappearance
"Dedicated to Secrets of our World", appearance in Torah the new conception of
"United God", speaks of need of introduction in wits of people and understanding
the action "United Laws all over the world", i.e. need of birth anew "Science", for
study of world, and speaks of that, that "Ancient Scientific Knowledge, that was in
temporary of beginning civilization" there was forever lost. And as I this understand,
here is no contradictions or discrepancies, since all that are described: - "So it well
exists, but only exists inwardly us themselves, as essence reflecting Principle of
Building of this World, description which we have got in the manner of Language
and Scientific Book of Torah ".

Let us question at yourself, what knowledge is "Key" to understand,
"What Is a Human"? And possible to answer, that key of Knowledge, it is "Human
Sell", which also complex, either as System of person, and very complex for
Studies. But now if we will visualize, that in Torah is described the structure and
functioning (working) the Human Sell, than all contradictions found earlier by
Science, for its Religious Explanations "Disappear" and all becomes on their
own place. Judge themselves! Seven days of Creation, this is "Key for
understanding the Torah", since describes "Model of any System of our World", and
so describes 7 parts System actions of " Alive Systems " on ground, with person as
part from it. And you may make sure, that all System parts inhere on its place, as
they act in any system. Since, today there is enormous amount of programmers in
world, computer engineers and specialists on systems, than understand, that 7 days
of creation of World this description of “System Model” uncomplicated.

However if I will further develop this subjects, and speak that: Adam and Eva
two parts of DNA, like information, from which is built all the rest. And gene
information really is whole beginning! The Snake certain information chain
connected with Eva, probably protein. Paradise with its "Trees", controlled by Divine
power, there is nor that other as Kernel of Hutch of Human. "Tree Life" and "Good
and Ills", nothing other as Sex Chromosomes X and Y. And if we will know from
what parts consist these Chromosomes, than we shall know all "Age
Transformations", which passes the Person during his life. The Belt, which God has
done for Adam and Eva, nor that other as connections composing chromosomes in
compact X. Four rivers in Paradise it is channels for transport exchange and
information relationships with Kernel. Brothers Kain and Hevel are possible genes,
where Hevel gene of structure, and Kain gene of information, because he “Eternal
Wanderer”. Profathers – with long life, that were inherits of Adam possible Protein
Regulators, because it is long chains of Genomes. And became clear why Adam
and his inherits live so many years.

Noah with his sons and his sell describes the common structure of functional


sell, and became clear why in “Sell of Noah were inserted all creatures of the Earth”,
because nobody not exist without Sell !

Shem son of Noah with his inherits till “Sons of Israel / Jacob /” are the main
part of Sell, because they “Builders” of Sell due information, that they get from
“Elohim”, they all the time in moving. Very possible that “Sons of Israel” describes
“Ribosome’s” of sell, and than they are builders of all “Alive World”, and than can
understand why they are “Celebrate Folk”. And than we can understand why there
were so many people, because in reality this number never was in Egypt and never
was in Palestine. Abram, Isaac and Jacob it is main Functional Structures in
process of “Mitoses”, or “Reproduction” of sell. And than Egypt it is the Channels
of factory of “Ribosome’s Reticulum “, were ribosome’s are really “Slaves”. All
attributes, that created with “Sons of Israel” like” Holy Ark”, “Table”, “Dwelling place”,
“Altar” etc, etc. it is like a “Mitochondria”, one of the gist “Moving parts
controlling of Sell”, always inheres in place of active action of cell. And than Bezalel
it is special structure for reproduction of Mitochondria. Kohan, his cloth and other
attributes it is “Special kind of Ribosome’s”, supplying Information for ribosome’s
through Mitochondria, that arriving from outward of cell.

Why all the time in the text emphasize important of “Primaries” from other sons?
Because the structure all Primary genomes always differs from others in chain of
structure. And than makes clear for us so completely exactly “Numbers” describing
in Torah, since it is Structures and Functions parts of cell. And so possible give the
functional cellular purpose for all Names of Torah.

You will say to me, that I indulge in fantasy! But if each of you will do the
Semantic System analysis "Names of Torah", you will see, that my proof wholly
realistic. And particularly, if you will understand the principle "System hipping for
Complete Systems", existing in Hebrew Language.

This "Correspondence to - Coincidence", between Text of Torah of Structures
and Processes of Alive Sell possible to continue else much long, and if somebody is
interested in this, can themselves "Think to this Subjects". This Correspondence
Semantic and Language removes all Semantic and Logical Contradictions existing
for Text of Torah, but Main is, that here is no Mystics, no miracles with numbers
Cods, no Fantastic Cosmic Buildings. All is real and is checked with "Life" and
Science, and even God it is "General Process of Management in Alive Systems",
wholly Real Process. And so all Scientist and Thinkers had analyzing texts and
histories, spoke of too "Larval" God of Torah. And as we see, on this there is their
own Real Reasons, connected with Issue of Knowledge in Future.

And thence understandable that on persisting, to a nicety, "Decipher the Torah"
under power to only Specialist of Analysis and System Study, and particularly
Connoisseur of Structure and Operating the Alive Sells. Fanatics of Cabala,
Prayers and Tradition here simply nothing to do.

I.e. possible to say, that such look at the script speaks, that Torah this "Scientific
Book", which was for a long time used as Religious Canon, and therefore there is
"Accompaniments", in "Legislative Part" particularly. But from scientific standpoint
this is not terribly, since the main Information Part – "Names and Numbers of
Torah", as well as Histories connected with "Names". For Restoring whole
Information being kept in script necessary Scientific Knowledge about Basis of Life
and it is like “Clasteron of Names and Histories of Torah", for which we search for
the Real Model about Basis of Life.

On the other hand, if we take the development of our Civilization on Axis of time,
than we will see, that this development occur like steps / conditionally in thousand


of years/: 10000 bc - basement of Jericho, beginning of metallurgy. 9000 bc –
Domestication of sheep’s, cultivation of wild plants. 8000 bc - beginning of Chine
culture. 7000 bc – beginning potter's art, American domesticate the plants. 5000 bc
– beginning of “Summer civilizations, First Zicurat / Temple - Castle / in Summer,
Irrigation in Egypt, scales in Egypt, beginning of Chinese culture. 4000 bc –
invention Wheel in Mesopotamia, domestication of cat, first settlings in Britain.
3000 bc - Appearance Summer letters, appearance of chariots in Mesopotamia,
Bronze products, Phoenician culture, galleries on Mediterranean sea, Culture
Minoah on Crete, Troy and Greece, Appearance of coins in Summer. However
special period possible to name period about 2700 bc, which characterized the
appearance Cosmic Epos of Egypt and building the most ancient Step-like pyramid
Zosser in Sakkara, and then in 2500 bc building of pyramids Giza. In this period
about 2700 bc appear Indian civilization with its pantheon of the Gods. In this
period 2700 bc. appear Hellenistic / ancient Greek / civilization with pantheon of
Gods living on Sky. This period we can direct connect to osculation of “External
Intelligence” with life on our planet. By the way, this period refer the domestication
of wheat in Egypt.

Regrettably I am not a connoisseur of ancient Epos of Greece and I am aware
of this only from artistic translations. However allow me to remind insofar it is
Cosmic and Functional, and obviously send certain scientific concept of
development of the world, in that part particularly, before birth of Zeus, when
authors of record could not add nothing from its perception. I.e. whole period of
development of lifeless world from Chaos, Geo, Nights, Light, Titanium, Uranus and
before appearance of Crones / Endless Time/ and then his son Zeus, we can wholly
put in modern theories with their acting Galaxies, Energy, Masses, Light and Black
holes and etc. etc. Certainly period as from appearance of Zeus, as basis of life and
as United Potentate of the world living on the land, is overcrowd with human
qualities too much and already difficult to separate "Present sent Headwaters" from
accompaniments contributed during time, and particularly figures of Art.

However I think, that majority of researchers never consider this in such
foreshortening. I.e. I suppose, that deep system study of Myth Greece and India will
show their compatibility with 7 parts System building of world.

In the same time insofar primitive sounds on this background an utterance of our
Rabbis: "At The Beginning Initially there was Word". And primitive it is therefore,
that such stating the question immediately abolish whole infinity and extraordinary
complexes of the world, and herewith nothing does not explain.

Else more interesting in Scientific system plan the Indian Pantheon of Gods,
which because of isolation of India from World short of time of Alexander
Macedonian, has saved nearly in unchangeable type the Main Pair of gods, -
Vishnu and Shiva and Sanskrit Epos – Vedus. Semantic contents given to Gods a
Vishnu and Shiva obviously send two us obligatory parts existing in each system of
World: “Reasonable part and Functional part” bound with each other by certain
interactions. And where Functional part "Twofold" in its base i.e. carries in itself
Creative and Destructive characteristics, either as it is described Shiva.

The Following special period’ it is a period of Pharaoh Ramses mentioned in
Torah, it is 1279 - 1213 bc. In this period in Egypt are built the unusual monuments
Abu-Symbel, Temples Karnak and Lucsor. In this time appears new folk, with
unusual understanding the Unity of God and unusual Holy Script given to our folk for
This can speak us also about direct osculation of External Intelligence on our life on


planet. Apropos two new civilizations appear in this period in south America “Olmec”
and Peru. In 1000 bc appears the first Jewish calendar Gezer. I.e. as we know, first
found real signs of existence of our folk on territory of Canaan account for time of
Solomon and after, i.e. time of building of Temple and it is 972 - 922 bc, that suits
well with appearance of Calendar and rule of Pharaoh Ramses. Let us question at
ourselves, why calculation of Time made by sages and connoisseurs of Torah does
not comply with method of numbering the years, which get the specialists on

After all, calculations of time according to Torah can not have greater
mistake, because these calculations were carried out for periods of reign
pharaohs and kings. But archaeological evidence can completely faceless. And
to this we must add’ that the whole territory of Canaan to Hitit kingdom
/ Territory of modern Turkey / was conquered by Egypt in 1500 BC
and it remained under Egyptian rule until 1050. And if we remember that the first
Jewish King Saul began his reign in 1029 BC, and before him 200 years were ruled
Judges. And Hyksos / Egyptian Jews / called there capital "Ramses".
It turns out that the establish of a Jewish state in Canaan was un time ruling
Ramses 2 the Great. And it turns out that the Jews fought on the side of Ramses
and gained control over Canaan, and other areas of the coastal strip.

This can mean only one thing, that sense of information recorded in Torah, at all
not such as it is interpreted, and even word "Year" has other sense. But if this so,
then long-lasting life of our forefathers on 9xx years will scientifically will be seen at
all otherwise. But most important moment for understanding origin to our Nation
and appearances of Saint Script it is necessary to note, I seem, two moments: First,
that on history line of our civilization, first unconditional signs of appearance of our
folk it is “Temple in Jerusalem “practical complies with disappearance of Ancient
Egypt. And in text of Script this is confirmed. The Second, that appears the new
type of Knowledge, which it is impossible destroy, as temples, pictures, sculpture
and graves in ancient Egypt. It means, we are legal successors of sent Knowledge
in future, instead of Ancient Egypt.

Thinking about System of Hebrew language, I immediately has understood, that
me necessary to solve two problems: First, to show that organization of Alphabet,
Words and Offers of Hebrew will submit with the same system rules. Second, that 7
parts of alphabet comply with 7- parts of Technical Systems, which science already
quite well has studied in all spheres and in electronic systems particularly. If such
coincidence exists, then since world consists of Systems and Processes which in
they act, then Hebrew describes these processes and it is System Language. But
then, as we can take Functional Blocks of Systems and build of them Machine or
Process, so we can build from Semantic blocks of Hebrew Language General
Sense to certain Models of Process or Structures.

*** Pay attention to modern science. In all branches of science, which
several hundred and maybe more, you will find a huge number of terms and
concepts, that correspond to certain "real elements of open science". For example,
for Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. invented the names of different elements
of science, that by reading these texts on your native language, you feel like a
complete idiot. At best, there is drawing, and then understanding is simplified.
It means, to understand the text, you just have to memorize all these terms, and this
is the "New Language". At the same time, all the great scientists know only the
language of their science. And this is a complete impasse for the whole Science.
Therefore, the principle of building Hebrew, and tells us how to build all


Scientific languages, so that all people can understand. ***
However if Hebrew is a system language, than all languages differ from

Hebrew in that, that in Hebrew a sense of
word is “calculated”, since it is got from sense of letters, which is form it. In all
other colloquial and not formal languages we free in choice of letters of word. But
then, a sense of word it is impossible reproduce during, if its nobody did not use
somewhat length of time! Since it is agreement of a certain group of people, and so
we are shown as prisoners of these languages and can not understand with each
other. The Sense of words of Hebrew we can restore during, since it is formal and
describes the building of Systems of World. Since all these notions came to us from
distant past, when our ancestor did not know what is it a computer, than this can
only mean, that Hebrew language was given to us from outside by Reasonable
Creatures, knowing more us. Besides, many scientist coincidence in opinion, that
Jewish alphabet was unoriginal and borrowed from hieroglyphics and it must be
assumed, that it has certain reason, since relationship really existed. Moreover, in
text of Torah an appearance “Sons of Israel” as folk is historically connected with
ancient Egypt and nearly no acting persons, who was not in Egypt.

However forget on moment about alphabet, because I speak about System
building of the whole language on all levels, i.e. words and offers, in spite of that,
that Language Egypt too Semite. After all, our language we really don’t borrow by
Egypt, they have another language. However on all these questions it was
necessary to give the answers. I went to central library of my town and begin to
study Alphabets of Near east, as birthplace of our civilization. Amongst ensembles
of researchers, all repeated each other agreed in that, that first appear the drawing,
then hieroglyphic writing, then writing of Summer and only then alphabetical writing.
I.e. all went after Darwin and each indicate as were changed shapes of letters
during, and nobody could not image, that writing can be in general not invention of

All things in this chains was well, if the Summer letter appear later then
hieroglyphics of Egypt, rather then together with him, and if in Summer letters
possible to find at least somewhat close to drawing. But first, Sumerian were in
general stranger folk in Mesopotamia and unknown whence appear, and in the
second their system of writing absolutely abstract and unconnected with any
drawings. So, I did not find closed chain of changing and this question was seen to
me farfetched and more confirm my ideas.

The Fascination by Theory of Darwin at the beginning 20 age was
absolute, since it certainly right, and we can not observe not a single Process of
Development by Division on types, i.e. development from Complex organism to
more primitive. We observe only the Development on Darwin way, from Simple to
Complex, but this absolutely does not mean that, nature has no other ways of
development and in the first place, moving or transmigration of civilizations from one
place to another. Even at our days, when we are aware of nature of person and
development of heredity only small part, and already this allows us to act upon
systems of vegetation, bestial and even person and create something new, though
from my standpoint a human is inserted in prohibited for him area, concealing more
dangers, than we suppose. Solitude our Solar system, where we live, conventional
and astronauts this already proves.

Really system of writing of Summer absolutely abstract and connected with
sound articulation, i.e. is purely functional system in indication of sounds and words.
So, combinations of pegs on clay in principle nothing does not differ from Morse


code or any other formal system to record or issues of information. Absolutely other
hieroglyphic system of Egypt. Studying drawings and hieroglyphics of different
periods of Egypt I came to conclusion, that ancient drawings and hieroglyphics
primary had no relations to letters and sounds, but were Cosmic.

These drawings and hieroglyphics refer to Myth stories, which by means of such
facilities sent on generations information about “Powers” ruling in the world in the
manner of Divine Creatures. This "Sense of Action" those Deities really well
conforms with notions of "System Constant", that after some time transforms to
Egyptian, Phoenician and Hebrew alphabet.

Attempt of ancient Egyptians to save this getting Knowledge and send it in the
"Future" has brought about appearance of Drawings - Gods, and only at more late
period, when serious part from Knowledge was lost, than drawings, hieroglyphics
become be used for pictures as Letters – Sounds of language. Hereto is necessary
to add the enormous number of different of buildings of Egypt, including Pyramids of
Giza and else group of ten of places, temples and sphinxes of huge sizes, that
obviously bound by cosmic contents. The Purpose of pharaohs to use pyramids as
burial vaults, incomplete image explains their construction, particularly such
enormous as pyramids Giza. May be ideas of burial vaults were need for in them did
not settle, were afraid and did not destroy, but idea any pharaoh to take with him
their own belongings has brought about robbery of burial vaults. But mummification
it is type of issue of knowledge on generations.

And if we take such monument as Abu-Simbel, where direct ray of sun
gets on figure of pharaoh only twice a year: - 20 February and 20 October and it is
dates of transition pair of signs of zodiac in Astrology. These dates divides the Year
in respect of 1 : 2 , and therefore that Pharaoh there was "God of Sun" in Egyptian
Myth, we can expect that here is information of "Sun cosmic", which influences
upon our Sun, or at least the best time for observing planet of Exodus, for
“Dedicated in Secrets”.

Having read recently book of R. Bewal and E. Gilbert - "
Secrets of Pyramids" I was pleased hear, that Egyptologists manage to prove, that
all Pyramids 4th dynasty were built on united plan and completely reflect
configuration of constellation "Orion", that completely confirms proof and ideas of
this book. That our Civilization is founded with the External Reason. The truth is,
that commentary of Headwaters of Knowledge "Dedicated to Secret" of ancient
Egypt of those period are made, from my standpoint weakly, because make from
knowing some secretes of life, fanatics of future life. And the main it is, that authors
did not put (deliver) any gist question: why Pharaohs want to continue his life on
constellation of Orion? Really, is it on sky lack other stars? The Opinion existing by
a certain part of scientific researchers, that pyramids it is some sources to
relationships with cosmos, can be well founded.

Besides ancient Myth of Babylon and Summer be heard fore us, similarly to
Myth of Egypt, that exists the One God of development Tammuze, God of
development of child in womb, God of fertility and fertilizations. I.e. these Gods are
similar the God "Ptah" in Egypt, but for alive, rather then for whole Cosmos. And
wife of Tammuze – Goddess Ishtar she keeper
of life, keeper of fruits. The System approach of analysis Myth, as information sent
on generations of human, puts this information in more realistic and more
comprehensible for us frames, does not do from our ancestors fools. Does the
comprehensible sources of ensemble of the Gods and ancient Magic. I.e. approach
to Epos, as fairy tales and fantasies of our ancestors, from my standpoint is invalid,


and this was proved long ago, else from excavations of Troy in Greece.
Particularly well this is examined in comparison Myth of Egypt with “System

Constants” of Hebrew Language. However our language came to us from deep
antiquity, antiquity, which we name the "Beginning of Civilization", when how we
consider appear three languages: China / Mongolian /, Sanskrit and Hebrew. And
there is even opinion, that these three languages derived from language of Atlanta
country – “Vatan”. If i suppose, that Hebrew language and two other were given to u
s from Outside, than as could is got, that knowledge, which we have got,
disappeared, and its is necessary anew it after 10000 years.

Recall please the archeological excavations of first human settlings with their
enormous amount of stone weapon: - certainly it is already Homo-Sapience, since
he already begins to think, but it is not yet civilization, since knowledge in human
society practically given up not in society, but in family and this is 14000 – 18000
years ago.

Only 10000 years back appear the first Buildings, Agriculture and tame bestial.
A human of that time is occupied with hunt, gathering fruits and primitive processing
the ground to be fed. And length of his life, how founded archeologists, much close
to 30. And suddenly the whole city appear on this background, as Jericho,
Treatment diseases, Astrology and etc. The Deities appears In Egypt : Osiris and
Isis, as well as first dynasties of Pharaohs. Appear Chinese, Indian and Etruscan
rulers with determined Culture and understanding the World and Divine power. The
Development of these Cultures from an Unknown Source has brought in a certain
time to appearance in these kingdoms Ruling layer -"Dedicated to Secrets" – groups
of people possessed "High Knowledge of Building of the world”.

Arriving to us information of that time is small, but it speaks, that Fire people have
got from Atlanta, and they keeps Terrestrial cover, that it did not fall. The Skill of
Treating too was received, from outside and not there is invention of human. And
look please at game of Chess, how can invent this game people, which can not
even to count simple numbers. I.e. even from spoken histories clear that Human
got certain initial knowledge and strictly with he began its tempestuous
Development. However in the same antiquities was realized, that not all people are
capable and want to obtain this knowledge, since this is not light process and so till
our time "Knowledge" it is fate only part of Population.

Besides process of accumulation of Knowledge always is "Opposite" to
knowledge, which uses "Power" of population, - Ruling Upper part, since knowledge
requires the Improvements of Public relations. From System standpoint a Process of
accumulation of knowledge always is Triple and requires: Mental Analysis of certain
Process, or as speaks, the Imaginative Experiment, comparing two Models: Model
of Real Under investigation Process and "Model – Fantasy" of our Brain, which this
experiment checks. This Triplexes of the process of our Thinking is much essential,
because it limited in relation to real process.

If we will consider the process of accumulation of knowledge, which arrived to us
from that ancient time, when science was "Magic", than we’ll see, that main method
used in that time and which is used presently, there was Method – of "Analogies".
The Second part to which were built All mental experiments and proof was notion –
"Triads". This notion of Triad is a key notion "Buildings of the World" and I suppose
it was received "From outside", since it is inalienable part by 7 parts System. On
notions of Triad there were are built all models of Egyptian "Dedicated to Secrets"
and therefore all ancient Thinkers went there to study these knowledge. All genius
of antiquity as from Zoroastra, Germes, Orpheus and hundreds of names, which not


arrived to us used this notion.
What means the notion of Triad and why it is so important for us?
In first, therefore that ancient notion of Triad nobody never cancel, but on the

contrary in terms this notion only developed by scientists and develops by Scientists

In the second, therefore, that notion of Triad this is "Element of our Human
Thinking" and simultaneously "Element of Action of World", that, as we people see
it. And this understanding about us people we were given, from those Creatures,
that knew it. For instance: Person in spiritual sense - Soul linking Body Astral, and
Body Physical. The Light, is substance linking by balance Wave and Quantum
nature. The Electric Current, is Process linking by balance Electrons and Protons.
This is Processes of Motion of our Body balancing Intern Information of Memory
about body position in surrounding us the World, and surrounding World itself. This
is balance of Powers, holding Sun and Planets of solar system on their Orbits. This
is, that in ancient China was interpreted as World Essence / Pan-gu / linking by
balance Energy Ian / + / and Energy In / - /. This is, that in
ancient Egypt was interpreted as Gorus / Fate / linking by balance Osiris God of
creation and Tiphon, as god of destruction. This is, that in ancient Greece was
interpreted as Dionis linking by balance Zeus creator and Aid from hell
underground caves. This is Indian god Vishnu linking by balance gods Brahma and
Shiva. This is Logical Function of Following, which links by balance two Logical
Variables. This is Process, which links by balance Two systems to one Unit, or
Two people Unite to family, or Two Elements in Unity. This is Verb, linking by
balance Two Objects in offer of any Language. This is the Function of two Variable
identified in Mathematician, or equation X +Y = Z.

Practically all Processes, which exist around us possible to describe with Triad,
with one only clause, that there is Triad Inverse, when exists the process of Division
Whole on Two parts. Such unusual value of Triads has provided in antiquities to
that, that notion of the Gods too remove through Triads. From Triad
remove and Notion "Four" as association Direct and inverse Triad. However number
five already in triad at all was not inserted, but six and seven were once again
explained through Three and Four. Already in more later time Pythagoras
explained whole world through numbers and geometric figures and
practically was founder 12 parts horoscope, since these knowledge in Egypt were
locked for using all over the world. Pythagoras consider, that God this is - "1", / as
Unity whole and Presence in all /, Universe this is - "2", / as Pairs of interaction ,
induced Units /, Processes this is - "3", / as interaction of Pairs /, Twin Process it is
– "4", / as interaction Pairs going in both directions / , Complex Processes it is as
Product – "3 * 4=12". Using Only Imaginative experiments of ancient Thinkers try
to explain and 7 parts World, which they have got, but 22 constants, from which is
built 7 parts system did not allow do this, and so it was reduced to 7 = 3 + 4, not
matching up to 22 constant or shortening one of the them like, 7 * 3 =21. And this
particularly well seen on cards of Taro, since usually from main Arcane of cards was
excluded the last card – "Fool". And it is understandable, why Genius of antiquity
have no chance to explain the relationship between 7 and 22. Only, modern
understanding the System allows to explain us, that this System -"7" parts consists
from "Sequences" or "Trees" - of Triads and Inverse Triads and herewith closed to

However using Method of Analogies and Only Imaginative, which was
impossible practically check, ancient genius got and wrong Results. Pressing down


special importance of our Astral Body, which we do not see, but only feel, and
images which impossible define through Concrete notions.

Ancient "Dedicated to Secrets" have developed the methods of Magic, which
brought about Reinforcement of influence "Dedicated to Secrets", and
discrimination of remaining portion of population, as Slaves. The Unusual
knowledge restored in cellars of Temples of Egypt on purpose were hidden. Wars
and robberies destroy the main mass of belongings of Temples. But then, because
of narrow group of "Dedicated to Secrets" there were lost practically all Sources of
sent Knowledge. And only inhered separate parts of Sent Knowledge, which there
was already impossible to restore.

Let us ask at ourselves, if it was possible to conserve the Knowledge, which
Human Society has got, being at a rate of "Communal society" and at a rate of
"Natural" death-rate, when only some individuals arrived to adult age and found the
families. If could the Knowledge in the manner of Languages, agricultural skills,
knowledge of Nature, domestication cows, fabrication of cloths and bronze weapon,
calendars of method of numbering the years and other knowledge? Certainly these
knowledge could not remain on all amounts and could remain only in very small
part, because the Difference between Source of External Knowledge and existed in
human society was " Many millennium”, since completely was absent of Education
and Public Knowledge, since the Communes lived, really Natural Life.

But vaccinated Languages have begun to Live in Communes, and due to new
knowledge sharply increase the number of human population. And people closed to
Sources and possessed by knowledge of Astronomy, Astrology, Treatment and
knowledge about possibilities of Human Body get status of Magic. The Main reason
is, in impossibility to perceive and understand the Knowledge, which exist inwardly
whole clan Dedicated to secrets, in folk themselves hidden these Knowledge. They
could understand and absorb in itself only that knowledge, which was – Practical,
rather then Theoretical. So they were kept the recipes, Technologies, Ways of
Meditation. But why it is so? Nobody from Dedicated to secrets did not know and
could not explain this. And additionally how to reproduce for instance, knowledge
about that, how to come to condition of Meditation, this person must itself practically
reach and so hitherto this can reach only little persons. But since at Meditation we
open our 7th part of system, i.e. disconnect the Feedback, observing whole System
of person, occupied constant "Vigil", that we insert into such Internal Condition, Self-
actions of our Brain, that can observe any Miracle. But possibility to Control
these Self-actions of our Brain could manages wretched count people.

The situation, that much generations of "Dedicated to Secrets" search for
"Solving" got in inheritance of Knowledge, little help, because experimental base of
Studies could not yet even be born, but Imaginative Experiments directed
"Dedicated to Secrets" in dead ends, which exist constantly in Science and in all
time, because the Triple System Law knowledge can not developed another way.
For any deep Study there is dead ends, which are permitted to decision only
during time and on new level of knowledge.

In spite of impossibility of taking the Scientific Sources of got Knowledge, human
knowledge in that Ancient Time, there was not more "Superstitious", than at our
days, and not more Superstitious, than in time of Unconditional ruling of Religions.
The Situation of full hopeless of development of Ancient Societies of Egypt,
India, China and other kingdoms, absorbed Magic has brought about full
sluggishness of Human Society, since then it was not notions of Unity of the World.
And in the same time in countries of development of Magic, as in Egypt, was saved


the Ancient System of Description of World, sent to people for Development. Due to
this not common dispatch of Knowledge in human society, period of Magic was
uncommonly robust and enough strong, that was kept not one thousand of years.
// And in Magic there was uncommonly important moment in which agreed all
Genius of Magic, and it is, that each person must train his Will, Wit and Nature to
become better and strong, and this road for improvement of the whole society //.

So, following step, capable to shift Mankind from dead point, there was
Creation of New Folk, which has inherited Ancient
System of Knowledge of Egypt, Language of beginning Civilization and else
“Something”, that were must bury Magic of "Dedicated to Secrets", having saved
their System of Knowledge. This "Something" became the Torah, written on
language of beginning Civilizations. I.e. Torah and its Language have saved the
System of 22 Notions- Letters, existed in Egypt, and Babylon, have saved and have
intensified System of 7 parts buildings of the World, have saved the contents of
Triad Processes of World, as principle of Building and Organizations of Hebrew
Language and even Egyptian name of book - "Torah" too speaks of Heredity.

It is small probability, that possible to prove, that “Torah" was in the beginning,
kept by Dedicated to Secrets in Egypt. Logic of Semantic Relationship between
name of Bible and Egyptian word the same contents, as well as relationships in
topics of Bible, with full identification between Hebrew Alphabet and Drawings of
cards Taro, / take attention to similar name/, speaks us of that, that possible and
text of Bible was taken from cellars of Egyptian Dedicated to Secrets. The Plot of
Torah describes the fall of Egyptian Magic and transition "Knowledge" in hands of
Moses and his folk, and even law forbids to Jews to concern with the Magic. I.e.
from idea " Issues of knowledge on Generations" follows the unambiguous
conclusion, that our folk was created, because "Knowledge of Dedicated to Secrets"
of ancient Egypt were developed and will become as Knowledge of Whole Folk, and
through It will become as knowledge all nations of the land!

One more very important reason of appearance of Torah and Jewish Folk in that,
that "Knowledge about the World" and its laws in the manner of "Pantheon of Divine
Power", known as Myth keeping in old civilization of Greece, India and Egypt was
distorted on the strength of Giving to “Strange Gods Essences "Human" forms and
behavior. So one of the requirements of Torah it is "Not to do any Scenes of the
God". And description of God made in
Torah can be interpreted and as having Human line, so as absolutely Abstract
Image. And main Thought, that is there is United God by the World, than World will
comply to United Laws, and these laws today taken by Science.

Already in time of ancient Magic a Scientist have begun to substitute instead of
Semantic Notions - Numbers and Geometric Figures, pressing down it Special
Mystic Characteristics. In Middle Ages, Teosophic Calculus’s bring the authors to
Expressions: 1+2+3+4 = 10, / 4=10 /, 10 = 1+ 0 = 1 / 10 = 1 / etc, bring to
"Alchemy" and to searching for "Philosophical Stone ". The Similar results get some
"Jewish Religious scientist", performing similar numeric focuses with Words of Bible
and demonstrating Miracles of Numerology for this Book for Ungrammatical and for
Don’t wanting to think.

But semantic Triad, as it came to us from antiquity, so and remain to live before
our time and otherwise can not be. And for al that, for our
analysis and understanding most important processes Uniting - Triple, realizing
Unity, since on base of Unity from Atoms are got the Molecules, from Molecules
Chain of Molecules and Cycles, From cycles and Chains -Proteins, Sugar,


Ferments, RNA, Fat, Vitamins and etc, From Proteins, Ferments, Fat,
Carbohydrates, RNA and are Etc.. formed the Functional Blocks of Hutches:
Ribosome’s, Chloroplasts, Mitochondria and Etc.., From Functional Blocks are
formed the Hutches, From hutches are formed the Functional Blocks of Organism,
from Blocks of organism are formed the subsystems of Organism. The System of
organism is formed from subsystems. From Organisms is forms the Family. The
community is formed from Families. Folk are formed from Communities.

So, psychological we perceive the Triad Uniting, as positive. "Inverse Triad",
separating something asunder, and example its are "Births", and without which does
not act any Triad Uniting, since not there was parts from which can built, it is
perceived as negative. The whole described above Sequence of Uniting processes,
that mentally we perceived as positive, but Uncoupling processes is perceived as
negative, though actually it is not. This, as it were "Negativity" uncoupling, degrading
processes has brought about that, that in Hinduism from initial pairs of the Gods
"Vishnu and Shiva" appear the Third God –“Brahma”. Since ancient psychology of
Hindus at all could not get over "Simultaneous Destructive and Creative sources for
the God - “ Shiva”.

All described by me above history development of Triad was always indistinct,
but at the end of 19 age, Genius from Geniuses – “Hegel” gave to Triad most full
explanation with all sides, having written his "Dialectics". According to Hegel
“Reality" – it is “Absolute Intelligence”, Sense and Spirit, which manifests
themselves in Natural and Human History. This Reason "Universal", and so can not
Identified with Reason of Concrete Personality. Sooner, each Concrete Reason this
is "One Aspect" from World Intelligence, and semantic and rational activity of each
Personality, this is "Phase from the Absolute Intelligence /God /". This Activity of
Reason is Dialectical in Nature and has "Triple Development", where one Phase,
requires Necessary Phase, through Internal Need. Such Development / Action /,
named "Dialectics", where one Concept / Phase / or Thesis carries in itself Its
Negation / Next Phase/, or Antithesis, where is as a result got the constant Conflict
between Two / Phases /, and bringing their together on High Level, as new Concept
or Syntheses, which brings about new Thesis of the following Triad.

The known aphorism of Hegel - "Reality Expedient / Rational / and Rationality is
Real". The Laws of Reason / Dialectic / always Real and not there is "Agreement of
People"! Understand the Nature of Thought this signifies to understand the Nature
of Reality as Whole. The Science about Logic this is most close base form, in which
Process of Reason must be grasped by understanding. Even, Nature shows the
Dialectical Activity "Reason" and must learn from Rational prospects more, than
from powerfully limited experience. The Genius of Hegel first has seen the World as
"Unity and Fight of Oppositions".

Genius of Hegel did not yet knew, what is it a "System", since there was only
19th century. Only in end of 20 century scientists understand that Action, that write
Hegel is a “System”. System this is Universal Structure, which "Solve All
Contradictions and Conflicts" in all aspects its "Natural and Human Development".
But understand this possible only using Dialectics of Hegel.

Having begun to build for Hebrew alphabet "Universal System", I has asked
myself: really possible simply to picture Complex and Universal System Notions?
Well certainly no! Exactly so and appear such little comprehensible Myths
Mesopotamia and Egypt with their Divine rulers of World. If we will turn our Watch
on that old Term, when there was not Religions, and exist the Magic explaining the
World and the Gods, than we know that in those Term Moses was bring up in home


of Pharaoh and therefore was denoted in Magic. We can see that in that Term
existed the Magic Numbers.

But the Magic of number “Seven” was herewith special. We can meet in ancient
sources: Seven Miracles of Light, Seven Great Roads, which Gods lead looking for
Truth, Seven days of creation World, Seven weekdays of Moon month, Seven
Winches of ancient Fiv, Seven colors of rainbow and etc.

So division of our Hebrew alphabet on seven parts, too speaks of its Mystic
characteristics. The Alphabet is a Heart of language and I has proceeded to
searching for of System in alphabet. Knowing that alphabet are divided into 7 parts ,
and system on science divided into 6 parts, I became to compare both
interpretations and nothing was not got, while I did not say to myself so. If who, that
has sent us knowledge about building of systems of the world, than it was aware
of this world more than we knows, and then I became to search for part of system
which science there does not include. Soon I has understood that on scientific
interpret –"External influences" do not comprise of system, since they always
inhere outside of systems.

However this is wrong, since without external influences a system can not exist –
In system then no need! After all, purpose of system this react on somewhat input
influence and stabilize. It means the system and external influence indivisible.
When part of Technical system have complied with parts of
alphabet I has proceeded to determination of contents of symbols, as corresponding
to concrete technical parts of system. Since for some Letters of alphabet I had the
helps about contents and characteristics of these symbols in language, as
ligaments and determined verbs prefixes and other attachments then with them I
began the building of System of Alphabet. In this work I constantly use the helps
from contents of drawings of Ancient alphabets. Work was very laborious and I went
the circles of hundred and may be thousand times, checking back and giving to
letters another contents which afterwards where not confirmed. The Special
difficulty present three even groups, since for them in language not there was no
helps. Finding Technical Equivalents of System for all Letters of Alphabet I made
1. That Real Technical Sense of Part of System corresponds to the Sense of

Name of Letter, which follows from Triple Dialectical Sense its forming Letters.
2. Made Sure, that Place of Letter “Group” in Alphabet exactly corresponds to its

position and “Role” in Process of 7 parts of system Action.
3. Made Sure that contradictions allowed in System between External and

Internal, between Past and Future, between Limited and Endless, between
Division and Association, between Invariant and Changeable, between Energy
Internal and External, between Process and Structure are permitted and in

4. Made Sure, that Output Executive Function of Word carries the Main Sense

of Word and carries its in System of more high Rank, either as in real System.
5. Made Sure that in accordance with Triple Law of Dialectics, in all Roots of

letters, if where lack the letter, there is for this wholly comprehensible
reasons, i.e. exists the conditional letter, which is simply lowered.
6. Made Sure, that Language Sense of majority of Roots, consisting of two or
three letters are inserted and comply with System "Calculated Sense of
7. Made Sure, that 7 parts division of Alphabet and buildings of Language,
corresponds to 7 parts an action of Alive System, described in 7 days of


creation of the world in Torah.
Possible this is not "Strict Proof" of formality and system building of Hebrew , but
Me had shown their Correspondence to.

All letters of Hebrew alphabet were clearly inserted in system notions, without
which not exists a single system. In 7 parts system were inserted all word, carrying
sense of concrete
system notions. In 7 parts system were inserted the offers of Hebrew, carrying
sense of processes and interactions inwardly and outside of systems. The Structure
of words and offers, which possible to see and analyze in general 7 parts table of
building of the world. Possible to see, that System contents of words does not
disagree the Language contents, and System sense clearer. All examples of such
study and compare inhere at the special short article, that has name "Hebrew
language and 7 days of creation".

We know from archeology, that person exist in different forms millions of
years and are found his dwellings, instruments of hunt, grown cultures, taming
bestial. However present blast of ubiquitous development of mankind began
somewhere 8 - 10 thousands of years back and this was caldron of Mesopotamia
and separate Egypt, as well as may be center of American continent. There is much
bases to consider that quick development of technologies in life of person of that
time was inserted or organized from outside by means of direct presence of
reasonable Creatures of more high development. We can see, that Babylon with its
multiple folks developed in technological direction, separate with deserts an Egypt
developed in scientific direction, and American tribes in wandering on fertile lands.
India and China developed in study the gist of Person and its possibilities. Presence
at Summer system of writing, development of high technology of agriculture,
medicine rubbed, appearance of astronomy, astrology and etc directs on thought
about direct osculation with External Intelligence left traces in cosmic Myth of Egypt,
languages and technologies of Babylon, in calendar American tribes and ensembles
of constructions with high technology attainable only at our time.

However we know, that buildings and recipes can get lost in wars and epidemics
so if Extern Intelligence want to send information for future our society, which only
else beginning to develop, than such information could be only "Language".
Language, which always lives together with person. So, if we want serious research,
what we was got from Source of more high level of development, than we must
research the first Source languages. How Do I known, such Source Languages
there was on Territory of Euro-Asia only three: Ancient Semitic, ancient Indian and
ancient Chinese. Though possible it was even more, since in this was need.

Nobody can not know languages on all amounts, and the main at study of
languages concern with that, that correlate the word of one language to words
other. However, gist of every language it is studying its system, as images of
surrounding us world, principle of image. Moreover, under observing developments
of separate parts of our civilization, I seem, we can see even manifestation of the
personal qualities of
creatures concerned with this deal. Really, how otherwise we can explain, that
calendar of Maya people was and remains the most exact as appeared and was
displayed figures existed on all constructions, which we hitherto can not explain, and
in the same time they had no plow for processing the land. Or how we can Explain,
that Egyptians having developed agriculture and medicine had Slavery structure of
society. I has called attention, that all Deities described and expressed in Egyptian
pantheon have the Cosmic origin, that goes in cut with forgiven by worldly notions of


antiquity, when people were occupied in collecting, hunt, fishing, agriculture, i.e.
they lived amongst nature completely and idle time of activity, when completely was
absent education except household. I.e. from my standpoint a people of that time
and that level of knowledge and technologies could not rise before such cosmic
notions and processes, which at our time of complex technologies even and 20-25
years of learning the young generation, these notions on all amounts attainable with
small percent of population. Moreover Egyptian Deities of cosmic processes is
basically described as pairs of interacting processes, and this is already in general
sense like “Heavens”.

So in Egyptian mythology are 4 pairs of Gods male and feminine describing
united process subordinated to the united God “Ptah”,- God of
the general development. Where from system standpoint they are:

Nun & Naunet, as primary matter and space or space and time.
Kuk & Kauket’ as unlimited and limited or bound and unbound.
Huh & Hauhet, as darkness and vagueness in counterweight to light and clarity.
Amon & Amaunet, as hidden and kept silent in counterweight acting and open.

Impossibility the most populations to explain there Myth speaks of that, that they
never were in it denoted and execute the role of witnesses and performers of menial
works. On the one hand insulating the Egypt amongst desert help to save
archeologist monuments, but from other side basis for keeping knowledge was too
small, since all population were slaves. Therefore no doubt, that getting knowledge
hard distorted, because of misunderstanding the essence of knowledge and
maintained as Myth and than the pictures of Myth creatures wasted in time there

Analogical mismatch of “Sense of Myth Action” and “System notions of
Science” we see for Gods of India:
1. “Shiva” - expressed into notion of Creative a Destructive Powers of the world.

Moreover Shiva so full reflects Duality all processes of the world, that He has two
sexes, it means He simultaneously are male and female. You can remember,
that Adam in Torah was created as male and female simultaneously. And we
know from science, that every human has inside Two Sex Sources, but one has
priority. And so composition of two Actions of Creation and Distraction we see in
all functional processes every Alive Creature. For instance, Digestive process It
is division food on parts with following building new structures of hutches of
2. “Vishnu” - expressed into notion of Balancing creative and destructive Powers of
the world. And this type of Action has every Intelligent Feedback for all Alive
creatures, checking processes of creation and distraction, that fulfilled Shiva.
And it says, that feedback as Balance, makes the system the "Circle".
Because born of Hinduism, as Religion Canon counters about 1500 bc, and it is
time, when India was conquered with Arian tribes, that bring to serious changing in
life of India, bring to serious changing in Hindi Myth, because from this time began
the writing of Veda. And it means, that was danger “to loose oral Myth” and that
source can be changed. Because beginning of Hindi Civilization refer to 2700 bc,
but language Sanskrit, on which is written “Vedas”, refer to Source Languages
beginning of civilization. So we here observe get fat Analogy with Hebrew and
Torah, both as on "Time", and as on "Contents". I.e. issue of Knowledge from a
certain Source in future. But this means that Sanskrit, either as Hebrew can carry
"System Building" in itself. Besides Recall the Pole from “clean ferric” on territory of


India, which impossible there was get by "Usual Technology" known before 20
century .

Today we do not know Sense of drawings from arriving to us the most ancient
book : - "Book of Dead" of ancient Egypt, as well as "Pictographic Drawings"
ancient Aztec, but in these scenes we can see "Laws of action of Systems" in their 7
parts dividing Ternary Sequence. All Drawings of these scenes there is "Sequences
of Reiterative Figures" Certain incomprehensible us Actions or Process. And I
suppose that by means of 7 parts System approach their sense possible to explain.

Certainly possible comply with researchers that all languages of the world
develop, since they tag along for development of technology, sciences and public
relations. However we can not confirm uniquely, that languages develop from non
formality to formality, since in all absolutely languages always exists the process
de formalization , appear all manner of idioms and ambiguity and even changes
the sense of the words. But here is, the System of Language in principle can not
change, since we otherwise don’t can think!

But look in distant of our past, time life in Mesopotamia. What method in that
distant time, when not even exist the tip off on mathematician and logic, appear
such formal language on building as Hebrew and Aramaic, on which spoke our
ancestor. The answer can be only one - this language was given to Human of that
time and strictly with it and other first languages began our civilization! Absolutely
clear, that about language it is impossible say, that they was created with group of
our literate ancestors, as usually speak its critics about Bible.
But formality, i.e. correct System organization of language in general nowhere to
stick in history of its development from Birds language. And if comply with fact of
reception of language at the beginning civilization, than fact of reception of Torah
on Sinay has the more real line and loses the Mystics. To time of Moses. i.e.
approximately 3500 - 3200 years back, or approximately through 4 - 6 thousands of
years after beginning civilization, mankind went on way of polytheism, superstitions,
cannibalism, wars and slavery.

We can not say exactly, if it was an osculation with “External Intelligence”, or we
get this information from “Keeping Secrets in ancient Egypt”, but creation “New folk
with New teaching”, creation “Society without slavers”, was therefore very leading.
The Choice of our folk there was not casual, since we spoke on language, which
was given at the beginning of Civilizations, which was called to send information on
generations. So and Torah as Script is called to send the necessities a knowledge
in Future. No and could not be a sense in that, that Source create our folk for such
primitive purpose as "Observance of off-hour Saturday" and "Meal of kosher food".
But 10 commandments spread amongst all folk since, this system laws without
which society can not exist.

Besides Torah was possible to distribute on keeping to many folks on different
languages, and then we have big confidence that it will be preserved. The fact that
only single folk has got the Torah, and fact that this was realistic rather then mystic
act, must have the serious reason. And such reason
can be only information for future, Key for understanding the system of Creator,
systems of Building of the world. Exactly so ancient history of our life in Egypt on
position of slaves, history of Exodus and conquests of Palestine is not confirmed the
archeology, since this canvas for issue of new knowledge to future generations. The
reception of Torah complies with period of the end of rule of Magic on land, as
Divine rule of whole Pantheon of the Gods. At this point of time rules of United God,
began the new era of our Civilization, began present "Science", which began to


think about categories surrounding our world, categories of Science.
The Book sending information in future! The Book has proclaimed three main

1. The World united, since comply with the united center of development -"God"

and accordingly comply with the United Laws.
2. Person, as created on "Resemblance", must become free to be responsible

for world in which he lives. The Person must keep and develop this world.
3. The Person must build the society, laws, family, country in accordance with laws

of world, laws of Creator.
Our Folk got Script, must become the center of development of human society,
developments of knowledge, before that Level to extract information sent in future.
The society, when God inheres in pocket beside person in principle can not develop,
and so possible to say, that with talents of Torah and appear the Science, as effect
of Unity of the God, Unity of Laws of the world, and this at all by no means
unconnected with Faith. In other words "Free person" – it is person Equal to God,
since his Responsibility and and He saves on land all that is created by God. The
Person is deputy of God on land.

Finishing history and language study we can do following division of the whole
period of development of our civilization:

1. The First period: 10000 - 5700 years back. The Period of Magic, which
began with receptions of Most important information on building of the World
and the most latest technologies From outside. The Period of reception first
“Source Languages” of our civilization. The Period ends the loss of Scientific
information by conservation of certain part of technologies, and
determinations of rule of Power beside all folk. The Period of appearance
three main centers to civilization Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. The
Conservation of some knowledge of Magic, as Thinking and Advising part of
Rule of Pharaohs and other Rulers. The Period ends full loss of notion "Unity
of the World", and accordingly loss of understanding of " Validity of Laws of
the World ». The period has ended with occurrence of " the Slaveholding
States ». The Period only natural Technologies.

2, The Second period: 5700 - 3300 years back. The Period of appearance of
new centers of civilization - Greece and India and Secondary speedup of
Egypt. The Period of development unusual Myths, cultures and technologies
of these centers. The Development Arts of these countries. The period of
attempt of easing of cruel slavery, and appearance the theory of " Clever
Heroes » working on helping to all illiterate majority of society. The Period
only natural technologies.

3. The Third period: 3300 - 500 /400/ years back. The Period of Religions, which
began with receptions of Torah, which has revived a notion "Unity of the
World" in more strong form. From this time start to appear and develop the
Religions. This period of rule of Power and Religions, and underground
existence of Magic. The Period of natural Technologies.

4. The Fourth period: 500 years back - before our days. The Period of
appearance of Antireligious theories. The appearance of science as part of
Development of new Technologies, weakening Strong All-out Authorities,
appearance of Parliaments. The appearance unnatural, artificial
Technologies. The Ubiquitous Overpopulation of Planet. Appearance
Economic Marx's theory, which has led to appearance " the Principle of the


Majority» in management of society, as " the Principle of Fools», and to
strong rise of violence in all countries. The theory, that led to the real
appearance of the "God of Money" in all countries! Today in people's
lives all determine only by money!
As we see the Fourth period is last and most destructive period in history of
mankind, and in this modern period «Artificial technologies» there will come the
sanction of destiny of Mankind. Or the Mankind will return to «First Scientific and
Natural period of Technologies ». Or the Mankind will fail to overcome internal
destructive force of "Irresponsibility" and «Monetary Deities», then He will destroy
himself and probably the most parts of the Nature. And last warnings of it from
Nature already were to us repeatedly. We people, don’t created our Nature and
more so the Person, therefore we have no any right to interfere in it by «destroying
way» in this "System", not understanding her.

Yacov Beginning in 1984.


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