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Published by astroport, 2019-04-18 11:55:31

3 Women she Manager3

3 Women she Manager3

Woman she is Manager in nature.

I address to all Women of the world, not for teach them, but for they have more
deeply understood there role in human society and family. For Women, instead of
Men, were managed in all states, since it is there «Natural assignment».

The history of mankind is so long, that it has already disappeared from the face of
the earth many peoples. Thousands of times our understandings about the world, in
which we live in, have changed. Already, mankind has come to the situation, that one
person can destroy all life on earth with the push of a button.

What else does humanity need?
Little. "Justice and Happiness" for all people, not for a small bunch of billionaires.
What's the matter? Why the thousands of years of Science Development and
Thoughts did not lead to a change in the Human Society? After all, as soon as the
Matriarchy disappeared, and the Slave-owning States appeared, practically almost
nothing has changed in human society. Even the latest ideas of the 20th century, as
"Communism and Socialism" disappeared on our eyes like a myth. So, may be a
question of "Justice" in the Human Society is really a mirage impossible to achieve.
When thinking about life, you can not say, why you live and where you're in a hurry. This
hopelessness of our life against the background of Scientific Progress raises the
question: "Who generally needs this progress, if he does not help us to live”? How can
our children be healthy, if the air we breathing in all cities is polluted and unsuitable for
breathing. How can we be healthy, if the water we drink contains different types of
poisons industry, that can not be completely cleaned? How can we live in a society,
where the majority is in constant fear, that they will lose their jobs and a piece bread,
and the minority suffers only by the question of how to make big money to even more
big money. And while talking about their love for the common people. Do we come into
this life only to suffer? It is clear, that such a "Justice" is beneficial only to the Rich and
Powerful people, as it has always been in history. So what? Well, we'll make another
revolution, we'll send these Rulers in a different world, but after all the following rulers
will be the same!

Well, what are you tormenting the moron? It was always like that! I'm suffering!
Because "God the Creator" created our Beautiful World Fair! Nature, it is a system
of absolute Equality, where there is not a single being, that has advantage over
others. Animals do not have property, that passes into the inheritance to the next
generation. After all, in our beloved Human body, all cells live in complete equality
and there are no wars.

But if our whole story is "Wars, Violence and Lawlessness". If we are up to ours
days of the "Scientific Explosion" in most countries, do not know what to do, this
means, that there are very serious reasons for this "Human Limitation". Despite the fact,
that we call ourselves stately "Homo-Sapiens”, we are not such, and all of our human
history is an example.

And the reason, beyond any doubt, is that we do not see and do not understand
the main secrets of our world, which make this world so Fair, Beautiful and Long-
Lived for millions of years. And in these secrets of life, the most important place
among the many mysteries, I see, "The Secret of the Role of Women in our
complicated World". Or in other words "The Secret realization of the Duality" of
our world. The principle of realization of Duality, Pairity, Symmetry still remains
explored only for individual particular tasks. Since apparently is a field of activity
not bringing no fame nor money.


It is asked, why the male half of humanity by violence took power in human society,
and completely excluded Women from the administration Human society?

If we turn to the very beginning of human civilization, when among the first
settlements on our planet rules the "Scientific Magic", such as in ancient Egypt. Then
we can see in the images of Tarot cards, such drawings of Women.

Priestess. Strength.

The Priestess in the first drawing symbolizes the "Wisdom of the World". In the
second figure
We again see the Woman as a symbol of "Wisdom and Weasel", and Leo, as a symbol
of "Male Power", which obeys a woman. Similar drawing with the Goddess
"Anana" and the Lion, near her legs, we can see in ancient Sumer, 4, 5 - 5 thousand
years ago.

From the drawings of these maps it is evident, that the role of women is far
from being a servant and a concubine for men. Where was lost in history
present "Scientific understanding of the role of women" in human society?

For this we need to recall the history of the development of mankind. Mankind has
begun its way from the scientific development of several centers, like Egypt,
Mesopotamia, China, India, Greece and South America. In all these centers, were
unusual stories about the "Gods", which in fact described the "Construction of Man",
as the most complex creature on the planet. The difficult conditions of life, wars, and the
lack of an instrumental basis for science, have led, that knowledge, passed on by
generations, practically disappeared. The only attempt to convey Scientific knowledge
into the future, made Pharaohs of Egypt, undertook buildings the pyramids and hid the
"Scientific Sacred Scrolls" in their graves. And the sacred scrolls of Torah were passed
on to the Jews, as a law for the real life of people. And this attempt was successful!

It was the "Scientific Sacred Scrolls of the Torah", that caused the transformation
of Women in people of the second grade, incapable of creativity. The reason was,
changes in the text of the Sacred Scrolls, made apparently deliberately. And the Torah
scrolls, thanks to the translation by the Greeks, and thanks to the spread Christianity
around the world, have transferred this attitude to women in practice everywhere.

The fact is, that the text of the Torah, there are almost 5 names of women, when it
has a huge number of male names. Therefore, somebody decided, that the role of
women in the world "Secondary", and changed the text.

And in Chapter 3 Genesis verse 16 we read: "And to the wife He said: "By multiplying
I will multiply your flour in your pregnancy, in torment you will give birth to boys. And to
your husband's attraction yours, and he will rule over you”. Reading this verse we see,
that the first part of the verse is "Eve's Punishment", for giving Adam an apple, and


everything is clear and logically and in a textual manner. But what relation to
"Punishment" has her inclination to husband, and this "Attraction" clearly does not add
up to the fact, that the man will be "Manager". In addition, it is not clear why a woman
will give birth only to Boys, and where "Girls". Can be seen with the naked eye,
that was changing and addition in the "Source text of the Sacred Scrolls".

This "Religious Legislative Enforcement" of the provision, that "Man is Lord
for the Woman", together with the spread throughout the world of Christianity.
And seven centuries later Islam, finally established "The disenfranchised
position of a Woman". And intolerant and militant Islam made a woman "Slave"
without rights and in modern society.

Therefore, after the spread of Christianity, in order to strengthen this situation,
"Women's minorities" and "Men's Priority", to women began to attribute terrible qualities.
Women: Practical, Sly, Lies, Have two faces, Dissolute. Graceful, Charming,
Lovely, but also Haughty, Hysterical, Trivial, Tricky, Capricious, Insidious, Evil
on the tongue, Inconsistent, Evil, Vindictive. A woman has a cat's gift transform
into housing any point of space. Women love to do silly generalizations. Women
stereotyped thinking. Vengeance in the nature of women. For a woman, usually the
desire for order in daily life, bordered on pettiness. Search a woman! Etc. Etc.

And this was written not by some simpletons, but by a well-known state and religious
figures, educated in their times. Therefore, we can say, that the women were
absolutely always incomprehensible to the men.

And this situation of the "Priority of Men" was formed a very long time together with
the appearance of weapons of bronze and iron, for capture and destruction. Exactly
then the role of men in society has increased, and they have taken advantage of this to
seize power.

But look at small children. The little girl playing, at once starts «To organize the
house», in which all operates by rules, which she sees in the family. The little boy,
never can occupy himself. He always wanders and searches: what to make? He can
break utensils and laugh at happiness. He can throw a stone, which frequently falls on
his head, or to throw sand.

From these supervision of the childhood you at once can draw conclusion, for what
purposes of society are Men, and for what purposes of society are Women by Nature are

Women by nature "Managers" of family collective and society. Therefore women
always are «responsible and not violate», so they supervise over children and husbands.
And consequently women are capable to see all set of fine details, which should
see and take into account "Manager".

Men by nature "Executors". Men are capable to achieve concrete goals, better, than
women. But men are «not able to be good Managers». Therefore, if the man is manager,
he builds «system or group of Submission». I.e. builds military structure of unconditional
submission, were he is King. Therefore the man does not see fine details, and sees a
general picture, for achieve the purpose, and achieve full submission.

And accordingly «Female collective develops very easily», since everyone want to
receive as much as possible "Information". And not free information, but to make
exchange by experience of life, since experience is always truth! Women freely start
to talk to unfamiliar women. Therefore, if the family has friendly families they are
women’s girlfriends. In female working collective all contradictions between members
are defined by "welfares", which participants receive. And even small difference in the
salary between identical working, women can cause scandal.

The man's collective develops very hardly, because of conditions "Submission", and


desire to push one’s fortune. And only teamwork and the identical purpose helps makes
men’s friendship between not so compatible on to character. Basically Men do not
collect common information, and consequently quantity discussed by them terms very
small. It basically are women and sex, politics and sports.

Morally men are more unstable, than women, and among them much weak people.
Therefore one man's weakness is expressed in drunkenness, narcotics, smoking and
content aggressive dogs. And other weakness is expressed in Violence and
infringement the laws of society.

It is necessary to understand, that any creature or separate structure of our world,
are Systems. Where human Society and even family is too "System", which
composed from three parts: «the Manager and Functional part » which inseparable,
and "Feedback", which act independently.

About the existence of the "Feedback" as the "Mind of Our World", it was
known to the Magicians of ancient Egypt, and it is depicted on the Tarot card
"Priestess”. On the eighth Tarot card “Strength” in general we see, that just
Woman, who must manage the strong Man.

To our great regret «Feedback of system», which usually invisible, was opened by
Norbert Wiener, only in the middle of 20 century. And actually, after this discovery
began era of High technologies. Scientists finally realized, that every Organism and
Man is "Dual". And in each organism and system has "Two parts of the mind". One
part of the mind is "Inner", and it Controls the actions of the body and is called the
"Subconscious". This is Male executive of an organism, so, that at it is written in
his program, he does. The second part of the mind is "External", and it "observes
and corrects actions of Subconscious". This part of the mind is called
"Consciousness", and this is the Female "All-Seeing and All-Sensing Part". And
she does everything, for to ensure, that this Worker did not do anything stupid in his
work. You're cold, - let's get ourselves covered! You are hungry - let's find food there
and eat! You're hot - let's go to the shadow! Etc. Etc. These are two parts of the "One
Body", that can not be without each other Exist! And there is not among them the Main
and the Secondary! Both are Main. They have "Different Roles", and they are in a
constant dialogue of "Interaction"! Without female Mind, male mind is Donkey. And
this applies to absolutely all aspects of life, both family and state.

It is for this reason, misunderstanding of the main principle of the Reasonable
management existing in our world, people could not find «the correct organization of
human society». And the modern organization of society not differs from ancient male
organization of society. In fact, it is completely unimportant, who governs in society:
King, Religious leader, or Party. All of them can be Violent, and the history of mankind
proves it.

"Feedback" is the "Cleverest" part of system, since it observes the actions of all
system and corrects its actions. And this role of “feedback”, for to tie all to whole, fulfill
women, when managed in the family.

The Acting part is "King", who forces to execute Functional parts all his "Orders",
which are written down at his brain. Therefore "King" does not need to be flexible and
clever, as Feedback. And king does not need to observes all Executors, since he has
messengers and subordinators.

Therefore we can see, that in System of the Society and Family "Man" is
simultaneously «King and the Executor», he physically strong, direct and nonflexible.
And "Woman" is «Queen of the Feedback», which physically weaker, flexible and
clever, and sees all trifles.

So, what are Women in society should manage?


Women should support a human society in « Healthy and Peace condition», for in
society there was no Violence and Irresponsibility. For all people at society worked,
instead to conduct conversations about there developing Mind and Importance.
And for this purpose the Women should supervise over Men! To be exact, Women
should remove from society the Violent and Irresponsible Men, and thus supporting «the
Healthy Basis of the Society».

Then the structure of society will be "System", which have created in the world by
«Supreme forces». And then, such society can live without Wars, Revolutions and in full
Prosperity «indefinitely long time», like the Nature.

The new structure of human society, suggested by me, will be the "Ring" capable to
constant improvement. In which good, instead of bad people will "Dominate".

Social way, suggested by me, without revolutions and violence, will reconstruct a
human society in more fair for Good people.
/ And bad people it is simply forbidden to regret! Since is not present, and cannot be,
equality between bad and good people. Since in our world there is no justification for bad
actions of people /. Man – it is responsibility! No responsibility - no man!

Women should deprive from bad people of society «Citizenship and his prosperity
reached by dishonest conditions» constantly or temporarily, and protecting rights of fair
workers. And then in a human society "Money" will cease to have the status of "God".
And "Responsibility" will receive supreme status.

Structure «System society» looks as follows:

As we see from figure, that for Women could execute there «Natural Assignment», we
do not need to change anything in existing Economic and Organizational order of the
states. To us is necessary to enter into the organization of human society only «Female


part», which today does not exist. Therefore any Wars, Revolutions and Violence it is not

Only Women, having taken authority in society, can rescue our world! Since
completely unimportantly, who manage in the country King, the Pope or Political group of
people. Important, that women of each state can deprive rights and citizenship from Tiran
or Irresponsible swindler. Since to check and manage responsibility of people is system
assignment of Women, in a counterbalance to man's management. Only female board
can win "Bureaucrat", who at all times of history was considered as "Invincible", and very
much frequently operated, and operates today, against people and the state. Only
women organizations can abolish the criminality, and especially advocates defending
criminals and not receiving for that punishment.

And for, that Female government had also practical Force, but not only
Legislative, under their management should be Police, Army and Court.

The existing today struggle for "equality between men and women",
is meaningless, because such equality is not exist in nature, but there is
a different role in the society. Therefore, only when the women would achieve the
role "Controlling force to public officials", then their rights will not be need to

I am not going to teach Women, that they should make seriously change the human
society to the best, the woman are cleverer than me. I only suppose, that for the
beginning it is necessary to make in the state the World law: "Belonging to the system",
as "Citizenship" - the Highest and basic Law! This law, deprivation of citizenship
and property, temporarily, partially or constantly, is "Extremely Flexible". Because
this Law allows first to Educate, and only then take away rights from Forcible,
Irresponsible and Criminal people of society. This is the role of women in the human

As I understand, "United Nations Organization" should be «The female organization»
and to replace modern, impotent man's United Nations, which are unable on serious
actions against Violence, and especially religious.

I'm not sure, that after reading my book, women will start practicing Magic. Because
they take care of their family all the time. But I have to say to young women. That magic
exercises give not only Health to the body, but also "Full Symmetry of its two sides".
And also the spatial proportion of the "Golden Section". And this is "Beauty", which we
understand and feel.

Yacov Ioffe. 09.02.2010.


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