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[15] Revised Punctuation

[15] Revised Punctuation

Read the passage and circle the correct
punctuation (the full stop, comma and
apostrophe) in the spaces. Some spaces do
not need punctuation marks. For such spaces
just circle the ‘-’

Papa and mama were waiting for the little boy . , ‘- he
would be bringing home some money , . ‘- he had
worked in the shop , . ‘- for a week , . ‘-
Papa was at the door , . ‘-
Mama was cutting some slices of bread , . ‘- for him , .
‘- she looked old and sad , . ‘-

Then Tommy came in , . ‘- he looked no older than ten ,
. ‘- he looked funny in long trousers , . ‘- he had a sad ,
. ‘- tired an frightened look , . ‘-
Smiling, Papa put out his hand , . ‘-
Tommy cried, “Please , . ‘- I don’t have any.”
Papa , . ‘- s face turned red , . ‘- he reached for the
long , . ‘- huge cane.


Sarah remembers a school friend who was once
very poor. She decides to write to her. Help
Sarah punctuate her letter, using the full stop,
comma or question mark in the spaces below.

Dear Cindy,

How are you getting on I hope you are fine we
should write more often to each other I don’t use the
phone very much I don’t know when you’re busy

Let me tell you a bit my school it is a good, well-
known school it has eleven primary two classes
there are altogether six blocks one block has a huge
library gym and hall there are also two swimming
pools four squash courts and four tennis courts \

What I like most are the swimming pools it is fun to
swim on hot days

Hope to hear from you

Regards, 2

Sarah’s mother has asked her to phone the TV
repair shop. Read what they say and put
punctuation marks (full stop, comma or
question mark) in the boxes below.

Good morning Uncle Aziz. Sarah here

Good morning Sarah what can I do
for you

Well we need help. My TV is not working

could you repair it tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow afternoon should be O.K. How about

Fine thanks. Maybe Uncle Naim could
come He is a very good repair man.

I’ll try he is very busy tomorrow.


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