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PL BM P6L41 Prelim 2 Paper 2 (1)

PL BM P6L41 Prelim 2 Paper 2 (1)

Primary 6

Boost! Math

Name Prelim 2 Paper 2(Lesson 41)
Tutor Prelim 2 Paper 2(Lesson 41)

Primary 6: Boost! Math


Paper 2 (55 marks)
Questions 1 to 5 carry 2 marks each. Show your working clearly in the space
provided for each question and write your answers in the spaces provided.
For questions which require units, give your answers in the units stated. (10 marks)

1. Mandy took n hours to pack 200 boxes. She took another hour to pack 40
boxes. Find the average time Mandy took to pack each box?
Give your answer in terms of n.

Ans : h

2. At Viva Supermarket, potatoes are sold at $0.95 per 100 g. John paid $17.10 for
some potatoes. Find the mass of potatoes that John bought.

Ans : kg



Primary 6: Boost! Math

3. At first, Linda had an equal number of red and blue beads. She gave away 2 of her

red beads and some blue beads. In the end, she was left with 1 of her beads. What
fraction of her blue beads did Linda give away?

Ans :

4. The cost of 3 similar pairs of shorts and 2 similar dresses is $340. The cost of a pair
of shorts is 75% of the cost of a dress. How much does a dress cost?

Ans : $

5. A rectangular piece of paper, not drawn to scale, is folded as shown below.
Find ∠ x.



Ans : °


Primary 6: Boost! Math

For questions 6 to 17, show your working clearly in the space provided for each question
and write your answers in the spaces provided. The number of marks allocated is shown in
brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part-question.

(45 marks)

6. 20% of the people who went to a carnival were children. 5 of the remaining people

were women and the rest were men. There were 96 men. How many people were
there at the carnival?

Ans : [3]

7. The tank below was 1 filled with water at first. A tap was turned on to fill the tank

with water at a rate of 1.5 ℓ per minute. How long would it take to fill the tank to the

36 cm
20 cm

50 cm

Ans : [3]


Primary 6: Boost! Math

8. In the figure ABCDE, R and S are rectangles. U is a square and V is a triangle.
Rectangle R has an area of 128 cm2 and Rectangle S has an area of 96 cm2.
Square U has an area of 64 cm2. What is the area of Triangle V?



Ans : [4]

9. The table below shows the cost of grapes sold in 2 different supermarkets.

Mass of grapes Supermarket C Supermarket D

First 1 kg $17.90 $18.95

Every additional $1.90 $1.75

Mrs Tan wants to buy 2.3 kg of grapes. Which supermarket should Mrs Tan buy from
so that she could have more savings?

Ans : [3]


Primary 6: Boost! Math

10. A group of 13 friends went for a meal in a restaurant. They agreed to share the
cost equally. However, two of them forgot to bring their money, so each of the
other friends had to pay $4 more. What was the cost of the meal?

Ans : [3]

11. The ratio of the number of women to the number of men was 4 : 3 at a carnival. 1 of
the women left the carnival at 3 p.m. 60 adults stayed behind. How many adults

were at the carnival at first?

Ans : [3]


Primary 6: Boost! Math

12. In the figure below, not drawn to scale, O is the centre of the circle and AE is
parallel to BC. DF = DE, ∠OAB = 58° and ∠FED = 50°.
(a) Find ∠ GBC.
(b) Find ∠DCB.


A O >G 50°
58° D

B >C

Ans : (a) [2]
(b) [2]



Primary 6: Boost! Math

13. The figure below is made up of a square with sides 18 cm. The total area of the
parts A, B, C and D is 171.36 cm2. W hat is the area of Z?
(Take = 3.14)

18 cm

Ans : [4]


Primary 6: Boost! Math

14. Mrs Tan wanted to buy a dress. She saw a red dress on sale at 12% discount and
a blue dress at 20% discount. Both dresses had the same original price before the

To pay for the red dress, Mrs Tan would need another $6 more than what she had.
So Mrs Tan bought the blue dress. After that she had $8 left.

(a) What was the original price of the red dress?
(b) How much money did Mrs Tan have at first?

Ans : (a) [2]
(b) [2]



Primary 6: Boost! Math

15. A cubical tank of edge 40 cm contained some water to a height of 14 cm.
(a) Find the volume of water in the tank at first.
(b) A tap was then turned on for 15 minutes to fill the tank with water at a rate of
0.8 litres per minute. How much more water was needed to fill the tank tp the
brim when the tap was turned off? Leave your answer in litres.

40 cm

Ans : (a) [1]
(b) [3]



Primary 6: Boost! Math

16. Katherine baked some tarts. She gave 17of them to David and 40 of them to her
neighbours. She was left with 2 of the tarts. She packed these into 30 boxes.
Some boxes contained 6 tarts while the rest contained 12.
(a) How many tarts were packed into the 30 boxes?
(b) How many boxes contained 12 tarts?

Ans : (a) [3]
(b) [2]



Primary 6: Boost! Math

17. Hazim had a rectangular block of wood 15 cm by 8 cm by 5 cm.
He painted all the faces of the block.

5 cm

8 cm

10 cm

(a) What is the total painted area?

(b) Hazim cut up the block into 1 cm cubes.
How many of these cubes have

(i) none of the faces painted”
(ii) 2 of the faces painted?

Ans : (a) [2]

(bi) [1]
(bii) [2]

Have you checked your work ?


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