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PAL Solutions RU P6L43 Prelim 3 Paper 2 WS (1)

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PAL Solutions RU P6L43 Prelim 3 Paper 2 WS (1)

PAL Solutions RU P6L43 Prelim 3 Paper 2 WS (1)




Topic: Prelim 3 Paper 2 (Lesson 43)

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Primary 6: Rev Up! Math


Paper 2 (20 marks)
Questions 1 to 5 carry 2 marks each. Questions 6-12 carry 3 marks each.
Question 13 carries 4 marks. Show your working clearly in the space provided
for each question and write your answers in the spaces provided.
1. Mrs Tan works 8 hours a day from Tuesday to Sunday every week. She is paid

$m an hour and she gets an extra $50 per day for working on a weekend. How
much does she earn every week in terms of m?

Ans : $

2. Mrs Tan drew 3 squares to form a figure. The areas of the squares were in the
ratio of 1 : 9 : 25. She then shaded some parts of the figure as shown below.
What is the ratio of the shaded parts to the unshaded part of the figure?

Ans :


Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

3. Alan has a sum of money which allows him to buy either 25 markers or 60 pens.
With his sum of money, he decides to buy 10 markers and some pens. How
many pens does he buy?

Ans : pens

4. Jane has some 10-cent and 20-cent coins. She has 6 more 10-cent coins than 20-
cent coins. The value of the coins adds up to $4.20. How many 10-cent coins does
Jane have?

Ans :

5. In the figure below, a rectangular piece of paper is folded at two of its corners until 2
of the edges meet. Find ∠y.

83º °
y 4

Ans :


Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

6. Alice sold 258 red, green and blue pens. The number of green pens sold was
twice the number of blue pens sold. 13of the red pens sold was 8 more than the
total number of green pens sold. How many green pens did Alice sell?

Ans : [3]

7. TankA measuring 28 cm by 16 cm by 48 cm is 34filled with water. The water is then
transferred into cubical container of side 34 cm. How much more water is needed

for the cubical container to be 1 filled with water? Give your answer in litres.

48 cm 16 cm 34 cm

28 cm 34 cm
TankA 34 cm
Cubical container

Ans : [3]
3 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

8. Alan, Ben and Chris shared some Pokemon cards. Alan took 408 cards. Ben took 1

of the remainder. Chris had 24% of the total number of cards. How many cards did

the 3 boys have altogether?

Ans : [3]

9. Every week, Tim is given $8 more pocket money than John. John spends $3 a week
and Tim spends thrice as much as John. How many weeks have passed if Tim have
passed if Tim has saved $18 more than John?

Ans : [3]
4 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

10. ABC and DBC are triangles. DE is a straight line. ∠ABD = 40º and ∠BDC = 110º
A ∠ACE = 150º. Find ∠BAC.




Ans : [3]

11. A group of girls sold an average of 60 balloons at a carnival. Then 2 boys joined the
group. The two boys sold a total of 165 balloons. After the two boys joined the
group, the average number of balloons sold by all the boys and girls became 65.
How many girls were there in the group?

Ans : [3]
5 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

12. A total of $1 332.50 was collected from the sales of adult and child tickets to a
concert. $635.50 more was collected from the sale of the adult tickets than the
child tickets. Each child ticket cost $3.50 less than an adult ticket. There were
twice as many adult tickets sold as the child tickets. Find the total number of
children who went to the concert.

Ans : [3]
6 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

13. The figure below is made up of four semi-circles, a large circle and a
rectangle PQRS. PQ = 9 cm, QR = 12 cm and PR = 15 cm. Find the total area of

the shaded parts.
(Take = 3.14)

9 cm

12 cm
15 cm


Ans : [4]
7 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

14.Mr Francis had chocolate muffins and strawberry muffins for sale. He sold 204

chocolate muffins. 15% of the muffins sold were strawberry.

(a) How many chocolate muffins and strawberry muffins did Mr Francis sell

(b) He sold 30% of his muffins. 45% of the muffins left unsold were chocolate.
How many strawberry muffins did Mr Francis have at first?

Ans : (a) [1]
(b) [3]

8 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

15. The figure below is formed by two identical circles with centres at P and R.
PQRS is a square and the length of PQ is 24 cm.


(a) Find the perimeter of the unshaded part.
(b)Find the total area of the shaded part.
(Take = 3.14)

Ans : (a) [2]
(b) [2]

9 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

16. Adrian bought $2101.20 worth of files and markers. The ratio of the number of files
he bought to the number of markers was 5 : 3. The total cost of the files was
$958.80 more than the total cost of the markers. Each file cost $1.70 more than
each marker. How many files didAdrian buy?

Ans : [5]
10 4

Primary 6: Rev Up! Math

17. Both Joshua and Ben had an equal amount of money at first.
Every month, Joshua spent $746 and Ben spent $831.
After a few months, Joshua was left with $1275 while Ben had 35of the money
Joshua had left.
How much did Ben have at first?

Ans : [4]
11 4

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