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Published by Ama Lin, 2019-12-11 04:33:53

Workout For Women : Fitness Apps

fitness for women

Keywords: fitness

Application Project :

Madam Noridah Binti Abu Bakar

Group :


Workout For Women Application

Introduction of this application : Workout for women is the application
that can help us to build muscle and lose weight.It also can make our

body fit.Next,we dont have to go to a class or a gym to do this
workout.We can use this application to make it more easier for us to

do exercises at home.However, it also derives of advantages and
disadvantages when using this app.

It contains a lot of fitness exercises

Increases life expectancy It prevents cardiovascular
Strenghten muscles

Preventing diabetes

Disadvantages obsession towards exercise can
cause break up of family bond

excessive exercise can cause
stress and inflammation

athletes will go through premature diet will derail from healthy eating habits
aging and joint damages

athletes will gain overtraining syndrome
which can affect athletes general well-being

click the appstore to find the apps
of workout exercise.

search the application of
workout exercise.

click and install this

when the application installed, so this is
the first page of this application.

the calendar that we can check
out our daily exercise.

you can insert your
weight here.

you can connect to your
smartphone health to ensure that
you are active or not day by day.

it contains a good daily
quote to make sure people
does not give up.

types of exercises: this exercises contain 7 minutes
for one type of workout exercise.

• add a balance food pyramid

• increases additional time for workout

• have to sign in using this application to avoid • open this application for all
from cheating while doing the exercise gender

• need a notification for daily
routine workouts


• this application is very good and easy for people
that has no time to do any exercises.

• we can use our free time to do this exercise.
• it also contains many benefits and advantages

for the users.
• this application gives us higher confident level to

do the different types of fitness exercises.

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