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Annual report - with all donors

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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2017-04-24 11:15:34

2016 Annual Report

Annual report - with all donors

2016 Annual Report

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

The production and mailing of this publication were
made possible by a donation from a private trust.

”For the research worker, there is no joy
equal to that of a discovery.”

Sir Alexander Fleming

OMRF dedication ceremony
July 3, 1949

Research Matters

Although the search for deeper
understanding is a noble one, it’s not
enough, says Dr. Stephen Prescott. “We
perform research that aims to improve
people’s lives.”

Patients Matter

Greg Watkins was living on borrowed
time until an OMRF discovery gave him
a new lease on life.

2016 Matters

Milestones from the year gone by

Publications Matter

One research study, three years,
four continents

Donors Matter Finances Matter

The work in OMRF’s labs can’t take How we spend a dollar
place without the support of people like
Cecile and Al Crabtree, who have been You Matter
giving to the foundation for 25 years.
”We couldn’t be major donors. But the Saluting the givers whose generosity
small gifts add up over time.” keeps OMRF going

Scientists Matter Scientific Faculty Matter

Finding new treatments for diseases Our researchers and the diseases they study
like cancer requires “a pyramid of
scientists and physicians, all handing Leadership Matters
information to the top,” says biologist
Dr. Dean Dawson. A millennium of service

Networking Matters

Raising awareness of OMRF beyond
Oklahoma’s borders

Since the dawn of time, the pursuit of knowledge has proven a defining characteristic
of the human race. In that quest, as Dr. Stephen Hawking has observed, “Scientists have
become the bearers of the torch of discovery.”

As a scientist, I love that quote. It makes my colleagues and me sound high-minded.
Intrepid, too. Like some sort of cross between the Pope and Indiana Jones.

Yet while the search for deeper understanding may be a noble cause, in medical
research, that is not enough. That odyssey has to lead somewhere.

From its earliest days, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation has understood
this. Our initial motto focused not on the process of research itself but, rather, on the
goal of our scientists’ work: “That more may live longer, healthier lives.” Today, we
go by “Discoveries that make a difference.” The phrasing may have changed, but the
sentiment remains the same. We perform research that aims to improve people’s lives.

Of course, we don’t always succeed. That’s one of the many tricky aspects of research.
Indeed, scientists will tell you the lion’s share of their experiments don’t yield the
results they desired. But they’ll also say there’s no such thing as a “failed” experiment.
Because an unexpected outcome can open a door that no one even knew existed.

Through the years, OMRF has opened its share of hidden doors. And they have led
to serendipitous and life-changing outcomes, like treatments for HIV and rare blood
disorders. They’ve created powerful tools to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
And they’ve lighted a path for investigational new drugs for people suffering from
leukemia and brain cancer.

In other words, OMRF’s work has made an impact.
On the pages that follow, you’ll read about the different ways medical research
touches the lives of different people. A patient. A scientist. A pair of donors.
Each has a different connection to the work we do at OMRF. But they share a
common belief in the importance of what goes on in our labs. And we at OMRF share
a common belief in their importance.
You see, without them, we wouldn’t exist. Without patients, there’d be no reason
for the pursuit of medical knowledge. Without scientists, there’d be no one to lead that
quest. And without the donors, we wouldn’t have the means to do so.
This annual report offers a small cross-section of our accomplishments over the past
year. It also lets you hear some of the narratives that drive the OMRF community. In
their words, I hope you’ll hear echoes of your own voice.
If you’ve chosen to invest in OMRF, thank you. You make what we do possible. So
our goal is to ensure the research we do at OMRF matters to you. Because you matter
to us.


April 20, 2007. If you’d been looking at Dr. Greg Watkins’ life from the outside, you 7
might’ve thought he was 57 years old on that day. But from his perspective, time works
a little differently.

“I call that my new birthday,” says the Oklahoma City dentist. “Because it was the
start of my new life.”

On that day a decade ago, Watkins received his initial dose of Soliris. The drug grew
out of a discovery made at OMRF by Drs. Peter Sims and Therese Wiedmer, and it had
just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. It stood as the first
treatment for a rare blood disorder known as PNH.

Caused by a mutation in a gene that helps certain proteins stick to blood cells, the
disease first manifested itself in 1995 by turning Watkins’ urine the color of grape
juice. “I was terrified,” he remembers. Doctors immediately hospitalized him, but it
took months of testing to identify the rare condition, which strikes one or two people
out of every million. With the pronouncement, recalls Watkins, came grim news: “The
average patient lives only eight years past diagnosis.”

Because his red blood cells were subject to constant destruction, Watkins fell prey
to frequent infections. He suffered bone pain so severe that it left him unable to move
at times. A long-time distance runner, he soon found himself too exhausted even to
handle the demands of maintaining his own dental practice, which he was forced to sell.
His physicians countered with various medications, but the drugs caused his weight to
balloon and blood pressure to spike dangerously.

“I tried to do everything I could to manage the disease,” he says. “But the longer it
went on, the more I realized how chronic and progressive it was.” He battled debilitating
fatigue and frequent bouts of flu-like symptoms, which led to repeated hospitalizations.
Over time, the illness causes organ damage and, ultimately, organ failure.

By 2007, having survived with PNH for 12 years. Watkins felt he was living on
borrowed time. So when he visited his physician that spring, the news he received
stunned him: “The doctor said, ‘We now have a cure.’”

The new drug, Soliris, grew out of breakthroughs OMRF scientists made while
studying the body’s immune system. Although not technically a cure, I.V. treatments
with the medication every other week soon eliminated all of Watkins’ symptoms.
“How many people,” he asks, “can say they’re healthier and their quality of life is
better in their 60s than their 50s?”

Able to return to practicing dentistry full-time, he took a position at the Oklahoma
City VA. There, he treats veterans and mentors young dentists. And once or twice a
week, he eats lunch in the cafeteria of the VA’s next-door neighbor: OMRF.

“That I’m working just steps away from where my drug got started is totally a
miracle,” he says. “The research at OMRF means everything to me. It gave me back
my life.”

8 Al Crabtree sang bass. He sat in the second row of the University of Oklahoma men’s
glee club. Oddly enough, that was right behind the seven women who made up the first
row of the men’s glee club.

“We fronted them,” laughs Cecile Crabtree, who back then went by her maiden
name of Cecile Gray.

Al and Cecile spent that first semester of glee club complaining to one another about
the people they were seeing at the time. Around December, Al said to Cecile, “Why
don’t we dump those two and start dating each other?”

Three years later, they got married.
Over the next two decades, they traveled the world together as Al served as a
communications and computer officer in the Air Force. When he retired from service,
they returned to Cecile’s hometown of Duncan, Okla., to raise their two sons. A
geologist by training, Al went into the oil business. Meanwhile, Cecile earned her Ph.D.
and began teaching music and art history at Cameron University.
They helped care for Cecile’s aging mother and father. In the course of doing so, they
decided to begin emulating one of her parents’ long-time practices. “Instead of sending
flowers to funerals, we started making donations to OMRF,” says Cecile.
As with so many families, disease had taken a major toll on the Crabtrees. Alzheimer’s
claimed Al’s father and both of his aunts. It’s now struck his sister, too. His mother and
uncle both suffered from diabetes, a condition that affects Al, as well. He’s also battled
non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Supporting OMRF, says Cecile, “just seemed logical to us. We couldn’t be major
donors. But the small gifts add up over time.” Plus, she says, when you make a donation
in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one, “People really seem to appreciate it.”
The Crabtrees now have been giving to OMRF for 25 years. Although their donations
have yet to produce cures for illnesses like Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes, they’ve
helped OMRF researchers make important advances in the understanding of each of
these diseases. And that kind of incremental progress is exactly what the Crabtrees
expect when they support OMRF. “Medical research is very long-term,” says Al. “It
takes a steady investment.”
Over time, he says, “we hope for improvements in a wide range of diseases.” But he
knows breakthroughs don’t follow a simple recipe. “The amazing thing about science
to me is that so much of it is almost accidental. The brilliance of researchers is that they
can see something useful and meaningful even though the results of an experiment
may not be anything like they expected.”
Then Cecile finishes his thought. It’s something she does often; after all, they’ve
been married for 55 years. “We belong to a generation that doesn’t expect instant
gratification. We know things worth waiting for take time.”

When Dr. Dean Dawson was young, he lived in North Dakota, just a few miles from
the Canadian border. As soon as he got home from school, he’d head outside. “I had a
dog,” he says, “and we’d go out into the woods and play until dinner.” With his canine
sidekick, he’d catch fish from streams. Build forts. Track animals. “I loved the outdoors.”

A talent for science earned him a degree in microbiology and a spot in a top-flight
Ph.D. program. But before he pursued his doctorate, he spent the summer after college
battling forest fires in Wyoming. He enjoyed the excitement and time outdoors, and he
figured if graduate school didn’t pan out, he’d just “go back and fight fires.”

Dawson sits in an office chair while recounting these memories. He fidgets and
laughs and punctuates lots of what he says by adding, “I don’t care if you write this
down.” At any moment, he seems like he might pick up his backpack—which lies on
the table behind him and which he wears when he bikes to work most days, like he did
this particular morning—and make a beeline for the nearest grove of trees.

But the woods aren’t where Dawson is headed. Now a cellular biologist at OMRF
(grad school worked out just fine), his next stop will be the laboratory. There, he’ll
continue the journey to which he’s devoted three decades of his life: “trying to figure
out how the cells that make up each one of us can divide literally trillions of times and
almost always maintain the perfect 46 chromosomes per cell necessary for our bodies
to function properly.”

When the process of cell division goes awry, we produce the wrong number of
chromosomes. Those errors lead to life-threatening outcomes, most notably birth
defects and cancer.

Through his research, Dawson works to devise a “parts manual” for the microscopic
engines that power our bodies. “I study the cellular machinery and figure out which
parts are most vulnerable to malfunction, causing cells to become cancerous.”

For Dawson and his lab, the path they’re following these days has brought them
to a gene they’ve termed a “master regulator.” All cells need the gene, but cancer
cells seem to require supersized servings. His team now is focused on identifying the
specific proteins this gene controls. “We’re trying to figure out which of its targets are
necessary for cancer cells to survive,” he says. The researchers will then “look for a very
special drug that switches off those targets.”

If that leads to a lifesaving treatment, Dawson will have played an essential part. “It’s
a pyramid of scientists and physicians, all handing information to the top,” he says.

To the public, Dawson’s role in the process remains largely invisible. But that’s fine
with him. “I’m happy if our work can contribute to finding solutions in the long-term.”
Then he grins, looking for all the world like a kid who just landed a big walleye.


2016 Matters Making Headway Against
Colitis and Colon Cancer
Year in Review
OMRF scientists discovered certain
OMRF Celebrates 70! sugars produced by the body play a key
In 1946, DNA was just a collection of letters. Genes were nicknames for role in causing colitis and, ultimately,
people with the given name Eugene. But in Oklahoma, a group of physicians and colon cancer. The new finding could
business leaders saw the potential biomedical research held. lead to treatments for ulcerative colitis,
Crohn’s disease and colon cancer.
In August, OMRF marked the 70th anniversary of that moment, when
Oklahoma’s Secretary of State granted OMRF’s charter. The next year, Gov. Roy “Colorectal cancers pose a significant
J. Turner led a statewide drive to fund construction of the new medical research healthcare problem and are the third
foundation. “Oklahoma was ahead of its time in creating OMRF,” says OMRF most common cancers in the U.S.,” says
President Stephen Prescott. Dr. Lijun Xia, who led the research. “To
solve this problem, we first have to know
What began as a two-person operation the cause. With this research, we think
has grown into an internationally we’ve found a key.” Xia is now working
recognized research institute employing to develop therapies to treat colitis and
400 staff members who study cancer, prevent tumor development.
heart disease, autoimmune disorders
and diseases of aging. Their discoveries

have yielded lifesaving drugs and
hundreds of patents. “Most of our
peer institutes came about from the
generosity of a single benefactor,”
says Prescott. “OMRF, though, is the
child of an entire state.”

12 James Named to
Institute Council

The National Institute of Arthritis and
Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases has
named OMRF’s Dr. Judith James to its
advisory council. The institute supports
research on arthritis and musculoskeletal
and skin diseases and awards roughly
$100 million in grants each year. The
advisory council, comprised of the
nation’s leading scientists with expertise
in the institute’s mission areas, makes
recommendations on research proposals
and gives policy advice. At OMRF, James
focuses her work
on predicting and
preventing lupus.
“This appointment
confirms what we
already know,” says
OMRF’s Dr. Paul
Kincade. “Dr. Judith
James is the best of
the best.”

A Half-Dozen Years of Fundraising Success New Clues in
Fighting Diabetes
When Keb’ Mo’ took the stage at OMRF in September, the crowd could hardly wait
to hear the Grammy-winning blues artist perform. But for the foundation, the real “Normally, when your heart is
performance had already occurred. Part of OMRF’s annual 241 (two events for one stressed or your fight-or-flight response
great cause) festival, the concert and accompanying golf tournament had generated is activated, the heart beats faster,” says
$600,000 to fund research. Since it began in 2012, 241 has raised $3.2 million for OMRF’s Dr. Kenneth Humphries. In a
OMRF. “The funds from 241 are vitally important, because they provide OMRF’s healthy person, the heart can use sugar
scientists with essential resources to continue their work,” says OMRF President to meet the increased energy demands.
Stephen Prescott. Virginia Groendyke and Don Pitman served as event chairs, with But in diabetics, Humphries found,
Tom McDaniel and Natalie Shirley leading sponsorship efforts. the inability to process sugars creates
a problem that leads to perpetual over-
activation of the heart. In 2016, he
received a new grant
from the National
Institutes of Health to
explore this problem—
and how to stop it. “In
diabetics, this creates
an unneeded strain on
the heart,” he says.
“Over time, that can
be deadly.”

Building Strength in Cardiovascular Research 13

Led by Vice President of Research
Rodger McEver, OMRF secured a grant
from the National Institutes of Health
to continue support for heart and blood
research that’s been ongoing for more
than a decade. The grant represents the
third installment of federal funding that
has provided support for cardiovascular
researchers at OMRF.

“The original rounds of funding went
to support our investigators while they
were newer and getting established at
OMRF,” says McEver. “Now they’re all
scientists with their own funding, so the
grant did exactly what it was supposed
to do: mentor young researchers and
prepare them to work independently.”

Previous funding from the grant
has advanced understanding of several
major disease areas, including vascular
disorders such as lymphedema. The
new award will primarily cover costs
for shared research resources like
microscopy, helping cement the long-
term success of scientists’ research
projects. “Their achievements really
show how successful this initiative can
be,” says McEver.

Publications Matter

Research is what we do at OMRF. of flowing blood. It also offers insights
And publishing the results of that on ways to combat potentially deadly
research is how we share our findings. vascular problems such as aneurysms.
Think of each study as a stone dropping
into the water—and each time another In the three years following its
researcher or physician relies on that publication, Griffin’s research has
work as a ripple. created quite a series of ripples. By
2016, as shown on this map, scientists
For example, Dr. Courtney Griffin and on four different continents and in 41
her OMRF research team published a cities around the globe had relied on
study in 2013 about how the expression this study to help advance their own
of a certain gene affects blood vessel research. If just one paper generates
formation in embryos. While this work that kind of international reach, just
sounds highly specific, it holds broad imagine the collective global splash
implications. It casts light on how the the 130 papers OMRF scientists
cardiovascular system develops to published in 2016 will make.
withstand the biomechanical pressure

North America Europe Asia 1

Bethesda, MD Leuven, Belgium Tel Aviv, Israel
Boston, MA Copenhagen, Denmark Tikva, Israel
Dallas, TX Birmingham, England Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Houston, TX Bristol, England Istanbul, Turkey
Los Angeles, CA Cambridge, England
New York, NY Harrow, England Australia
Rochester, NY Leeds, England
San Francisco, CA Leicester, England New South Wales
Stanford, CA Liverpool, England
Montreal, Canada London, England
Toronto, Canada Manchester, England
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
14 Nottingham, England
Oxford, England
Salisbury, England
Sheffield, England
Southampton, England
Berlin, Germany
Dresden, Germany
Freiburg, Germany
Homburg, Germany
Leiden, The Netherlands
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Edinburgh, Scotland

Selected 2016 Publications

Red indicates OMRF scientist Dozmorov MG, Cara LR, Giles CB, Munroe ME, Young KA, Kamen DL,
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Rheumatol 68:1290-1300, 2016.

Finances Matter

How We Spend a Dollar

72¢ Research 20¢

8¢ It’s right there in our name. And it’s Clinic Operations
why we exist. In 2016, experiments
16 in our labs took on a dizzying array of In our onsite clinics, OMRF physicians
health conditions: cancer, heart disease, and their teams care for patients with
HIV, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, autoimmune diseases like MS and lupus.
neurodegenerative disease, lupus, obesity These teams not only give people suffering
and more. Over time, the most promising from poorly understood conditions the
findings will lead to new breakthroughs kind of specialized care they need, but
in treating human disease. Indeed, in through research studies, they also gather
2016, two experimental drugs with insights that lead to new and better
OMRF roots—one for brain cancer, the treatments for these illnesses. In 2016,
other to treat sickle cell disease—made OMRF clinics recorded more than 6,000
encouraging strides in clinical trials. patient visits. And with 41 clinical trials
underway, doctors are bringing the next
Administrative generation of medications to patients who
Costs need them most.

When it comes to administration, less
is more. At OMRF, we pride ourselves
in delivering administrative support
in the most cost-efficient manner
possible. According to the world’s largest
nonprofit ranking service, our single-digit
percentage of administrative expenses
places us in elite company. For the 14th
time, Charity Navigator awarded OMRF
its highest rating: four stars. “This
exceptional designation sets OMRF apart
from its peers and demonstrates to the
public its trustworthiness,” says Charity
Navigator CEO Michael Thatcher.

Selected Financial Information - Operating Fund

Prior year 2015-2016


Competitive research grants:

National Institutes of Health grants $ 25,458,698 $ 26,385,990

Other competitive research grants 9,175,033 10,241,592

Total grants 34,633,731 36,627,582

Private contributions:

Income and gifts from trusts 7,079,530 7,513,537
Gifts and bequests 919,153 1,928,256

Contributions 1,910,923 572,680
Memorials 770,783

Total private contributions 10,680,389

Special event revenue:

Ticket sales and sponsorships 472,684 -
Less: direct costs of event (170,435) -

Net revenues from special events 302,249

Other revenue:

Clinical revenue, net of provisions for contractual

and other adjustments 6,952,995 9,728,825
Interest and investment income 447,332
Mineral income 1,113,721 445,084
Rent 481,352 (566)
Royalties and licensing income 1,313,724
Loss on disposal of assets 145,562 14,971,332

Loss from uncollected receivables -

Other 1,290,751

Total other revenue 11,745,437

Total revenue 57,361,806 65,238,528

Operating revenue from wills, pledges, and other 6,482,183 5,167,270
restricted gifts recorded in prior years

TOTAL OPERATING REVENUE 63,843,989 70,405,798


Program Services - Research 46,610,618 45,382,322

Program Services - Clinic Operations 9,922,312 12,285,979

Support Services - General and administrative 5,042,838 5,018,171

Total operating expenses $ 61,575,768 $ 62,686,472

EXCESS OF REVENUES OVER EXPENSES $ 2,268,221 $ 7,719,326


You Matter

Recognizing Your Generosity

OMRF was born 70 years ago because of the generosity of thousands of Hearst Foundations
donors. Throughout our history, that broad base of support has been the key Give to OMRF
to OMRF’s success and stability. This past year was no different. In 2016, we
received gifts from almost 4,000 donors. The donations came from individuals, In December, the Hearst Foundations
corporations and foundations. They came in every amount imaginable, and each awarded $200,000 to OMRF to grow its
one made a difference. cancer research programs. The funds
went to support the recruitment of two
In this printed honor roll, we’ve recognized all gifts of $500 and above. You new scientists who use novel research
can view a complete list of all gifts of any amount to OMRF in 2016 at models to study the genetic mutations
honorroll. that occur in cancer.

To each one of you who supports OMRF, thank you. Your generosity makes all Media mogul William Randolph
we do possible. Hearst created his eponymous
foundations in the 1940s, and the new
Honoring Loyal Donors award to OMRF was one of 76 in a round
At a trio of 2016 Loyal Donor Society receptions in Lawton, Tulsa and Enid, of funding that went to nonprofits in 24
OMRF thanked long-time givers. OMRF established the group to celebrate the states and the District of Columbia. It
foundation’s most consistent donors, recognizing those who’ve donated for at represented Hearst’s fourth gift since
least five straight years. During the events, which also featured updates on the 2004 to OMRF, which has now has
foundation’s research projects, OMRF staff specifically acknowledged people received a total of $850,000.
who’ve given for up to 30 consecutive years. “We wanted to recognize these
donors,” says OMRF Senior Director of Development Ginny Carl, “because
they are the true foundation of support for OMRF.”

18 Stillwater Students
Donate to Cancer

Last year, Stillwater High School
students staged a “Pink Out” week
to support breast cancer research at
OMRF. Events included a bake sale, a
silent auction and a pass-the-bucket
collection during the football game
versus Deer Creek. The activities raised
$8,600, bringing Stillwater High’s gifts
to $42,000 since naming OMRF as the
school’s charitable beneficiary in 2011.

$5,000,000+ $10,000 - $24,999 Mr. Ramsey Drake/Carl E. Gungoll
Exploration, LLC
Chapman Charitable Trusts Elizabeth and Greg Allen/Allen Family
Charitable Foundation Embassy Suites
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 Lloyd I., Jerry Evans and Patricia Perdue Evans
American Fidelity Assurance Company/
Estate of Dorothy A. Linton American Fidelity Foundation Family Foundation
Ms. Tricia L. Everest
$500,000 - $999,999 Anonymous First National Bank of Oklahoma
Estate of George Herman and Vela Yvonne Mrs. Josephine W. Freede
The Chickasaw Nation Mr. Hal French/French Family Charitable
McCasland Foundation Baker
M.E. Morrow Charitable Remainder Trust Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Foundation
Robert and Karen Browne Family Fund - OCCF Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Funke
$100,000 - $499,999 Kim E. and Steve Bruno/United Mechanical, Ann F. and Robert H. Gilliland
David W. Gorham Gift Fund - OCCF
Estate of Leota Amsey Inc. Mr. John W. Griffin/Griffin Holdings, Inc.
Anonymous Becky H. and Jim C. Buchanan Helton Family Fund - Ayco Charitable
Regena A. and Brownie M. Browne H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Mary K. Chapman Foundation Mrs. Nancy J. Davies Foundation
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Ann-Clore and Walt Duncan/Duncan Oil Heritage Trust Company
Estate of Charlotte Erwin Chick and Yvonne Hilgenberg Charitable Trust
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Properties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hogan/Hogan Property
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Susan and Carl E. Edwards
Estate of Lucille M. Owens Christy and Jim Everest Company, LLC
Glenn W. Peel Foundation Hardesty Family Foundation Cathy and John M. Huber
Putnam City Schools Cancer Fund Harris Foundation, Inc. Lezlie and David Hudiburg
Sarkeys Foundation G. Ed Hudgins Family Fund - OCCF Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O. Johnstone
United Way of Central Oklahoma Leslie and Cliff Hudson The Journal Record
Estate of Gary W. Wallace Estate of Dwight E. Huth Mrs. Mary V. (Ginger) Kelso
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Mrs. Halina Johnson Sandy Kinney and Mike Sugg
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc. Gay E. and Ed Kirby
$50,000 - $99,999 Linda F. Loughridge Family Trust Barbara N. and Edward A. Krei
Ms. Judith H. Malarkey Ms. Colleen F. Lage
Judith Warkentin and Jack L. Bryan MedImmune, LLC Mr. Albert W. Lang
Wilma Davis-McElmurry Trust LaDonna and Herman Meinders Mr. S. Whitfield Lee
Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust Lou Ann and Jim Morris Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Lee Fund - OCCF
Beth and Dale Matherly OMRF General Research - OCCF Love Family Affiliated Fund - OCCF
Mr. Jacob Matherly/Matherly Mechanical Barbara D. and Stephen F. Young/Oklahoma Carol and Dr. Joseph L. Lynch
Nadine and Frank A. McPherson
Contractors, Inc. Electrical Supply Company Linda K. and Ron C. Merritt
The Merrick Foundation Mr. Gene Rainbolt/Gene Rainbolt Cancer Fund Multiple Sclerosis Bridge Fund
Estate of Donald E. Moon Linda and Don Nickles
Presbyterian Health Foundation - Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Elizabeth and P.B. Odom III
The Puterbaugh Foundation Mr. Ronald A. Rosenfeld OGE Energy Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Saxon Natalie Shirley and Russ Harrison/HGC Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
Olson Family Foundation
$25,000 - 49,999 Holdings, LLC OPUBCO
Betty and Charles O. Smith Ms. Marilyn Pape
The Anschutz Foundation Mr. Bill Stoller/Express Employment Gayle and Richard H. Parry
Elizabeth and G.T. Blankenship Premier Point Home Health, Inc.
Leigh and Richard Bradley Professionals Kim and David E. Rainbolt
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill B. Burruss, Jr. Tyler Media Group Vicki and David B. Righthouse
Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Mrs. Nancy Wienecke Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Turner Rooney
Ms. Susan Ross and
Inc. $5,000 - $9,999
Virginia and John Groendyke D. Randolph Brown, Jr., M.D.
William D. Hawley, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Anderson Mrs. June I. Rutherford
Mr. Tim Headington/Headington Companies AT&T - Oklahoma The Jack O. Scroggins Charitable Foundation
Jessie Dearing Kinley Testamentary Trust BancFirst Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Richard K. and Ruth S. Lane Memorial Trust Bank of Oklahoma Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family
Luttrell Family Trust Bank SNB
OMRF Fleming Scholarship - OCCF Sharon J. Bell and Gregory A. Gray 19Foundation
Order of the Eastern Star Oklahoma Grand Benham Design, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Lance Benham III Margaret A. and Ross O. Swimmer
Chapter BMI Holdings, LLC Laura K. and William J. Toellner
William T. Payne Fund - OCCF Mr. and Mrs. Len B. Cason Mrs. Norma F. Townsdin
Estate of Emily Wolfson J.L. and C.N. Coffman Foundation Trust Traci and Gregory F. Walton
Cox Communications Miss Jane A. Weber
The Crawley Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Crites

$1,000 - $4,999 Mrs. Elaine Burkhead Gayle A. and Randy J. Dekker
Deane W. and Randy Burnett Karen and Peter B. Delaney
Mrs. Dorothy Jo Abbott Elaine M. and David E. Byrket Kaye and Mark A. Dick
Mr. Mike G. Adams Mrs. Dolores P. Call Mrs. Katherine L. Dickey
Mr. Harold L. Aebi Michelle M. and William Calvo Paula V. and Lanny J. Dickmann, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Winford Akins Darla and Andy Campbell Chieko S. and Jack E. Dieken
Joan and Paul R. Allen Dr. Patricia A. Capra Annie E. and Peter Dillingham
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Allen Wanda J. and Wayne Cardwell Catherine A. and John E. Dillingham
Ann Simmons Alspaugh Ginny B. and Peter B. Carl Kay and Dan L. Dillingham
Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Anderson R.B. Carl, M.D. Lisa and Chad Dillingham
Lou E. and E.R. Andrew CarMichael Foundation Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dillon III
Anonymous Mrs. Norma Sue Carpenter Mrs. Marilyn A. Doty
Katie and Jim F. Arens II Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Carroll Mrs. Arlene B. Dougherty
Falon and Todd Arms Mr. Gregory D. Carter Mr. Clayton I. Duncan/Accele BioPharma, Inc.
Shelly and Gary Arnold Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Casey, Jr. J.E. Dunn Construction Company
Nancy J. and Steve J. Arntz Mrs. Barbara Cavett Barbara and Bill Durrett
Arvest Bank Betty Jane and Mike A. Cawley The Honorable Claire V. Eagan and
Mr. Rick Koch/ASAP Energy Mr. Brad Naifeh/Central Liquor Company
Mr. Robbie Auger Stefanie and Dr. John Chace Mr. Anthony J. Loretti, Jr.
Lou J. and Marshall Ault Janice and Hiram H. Champlin Edmond Duplicate Bridge Club
Automated Building Systems, Inc. Lynn and Harry E. Chancellor Mrs. Sally Eggleston
Ms. Ann E. Bachelor Carolyn and Bill R. Chatham Christi and Pete Eischen
Ms. Lavonne Baker Harolyn P. and Jimmy L. Chatham Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Eisenhour
Bank 7 Mrs. Jacqueline M. Cheatham Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Ellard
Carla G. and Mike Barber Pamela and Michael A. Chozen Jeanette and Rand Elliott
Ms. Betsy L. Barnes Janice and Gary Christol Mrs. LeAnn D. Ellis
Mr. Ed Barth Claims Management Resources Betty C. and Larry J. Ensz
Ann and Larry Bartlett Dorothy N. and Max J. Claybaker Ms. Patricia Evans/Evans and Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bass Mr. and Mrs. Clay D. Clinesmith
Mrs. Kay Bass Mr. Keith P. Clingman Enterprises, Inc.
Leah A. and Dick A. Beale Mary Ann and John J. Coates, Jr. Evans and Davis, PLLC
Joanne and Vernon Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Faili
Lori and Jason Bell Martha and Rick M. Coe Farmers and Merchants National Bank
Sheryl and Bruce T. Benbrook Mrs. Carolyn P. Coffey Sue P. and Jim D. Fellers
Louise G. and Clay I. Bennett Ms. Kathryn L. Coffman Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fergeson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Best/Best Companies, Inc. Lisa and Michael A. Coffman Ms. Cheryl Ferguson
Vickie and David L. Beyer Susan and Don V. Cogman Family Trust - Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Filstrup
Mr. Mike Blake, Jr. Mr. Richard D. Finley
Mrs. Mary C. Blanton/D.J. Blanton and Schwab Charitable Fund First Bank and Trust Company
Mr. Adam B. Cohen First United Bank and Trust Company
Company Becky and J. Markham Collins Mr. John A. Fischer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma ConocoPhillips Malinda Berry and Dick S. Fischer
Suzanne and Bruce Bockus Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cook Marlene G. and Robert A. Floyd
Cheryl L. and Chris J. Boeckman Nichole and Steven Copeland Mr. Timothy E. Foley
Brooke and Kurt Bollenbach Ms. Janet M. Cottrell Mary Jo and Mark A. Fortuna
Natalie A. and Jeff A. Bonney Gayle and Ted Cox Foundation Management, Inc.
Zandra and Darrell Boucher, Jr. Valerie B. and David M. Craig Jeanne M. and Ed Fowler, Jr.
Mrs. Coyla J. Bowden Mrs. Deborah J. Craine Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bowen Russell and Hazel Crooch Endowment Fund - Frazer Bank
Mrs. Betty L. Bower Mr. Willard M. Freeman
Jana and Jon Bowers United Methodist Foundation Deborah K. and Richard H. Friant
Peggy and Del N. Boyles Crowe and Dunlevy/Crowe Dunlevy Frontier State Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Braught Amy and Patrick M. Gaffney
Ms. Doris Brehm Foundation, Inc. Jane A. Jayroe and Gerald L. Gamble
Megan and Vincent M. Brigham Barbara A. and Dean A. Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gardner
Mr. Neil M. Briix Susan R. and Louis M. Dakil Mrs. Nina P. Gaugler
Jo D. and Gene Brown Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Daughtrey Debra and Robert Gholston
Linda W. and Miles S. Brown Drs. Susannah Rankin and Dean S. Dawson Harriet and Larry A. Gilbert
Pat H. and David J. Brown Ms. Lisa F. Day Mr. Peter D. Gill
Miss Rebecca A. Day Lisa and Fred R. Gipson
20Marissa and Kyle Brownlee DCP Midstream Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Lisa K. Gisler
Mr. Mike D. Brunsman Rita G. and Thomas A. Dearmon, Jr. Nancy V. and Jerry N. Glasgow
Ms. Marjorie L. Bryan Tricia and Mike W. Deason Ms. Carol A. Glass
Mrs. Patty Bryan Myra A. and Sam L. Decker Lish and Steve B. Glasser
D. Ellen and Richard C. Burgess Ms. Amy Dedeke

Mrs. Susan A. Gonzalez Mrs. Annette Hull Ms. Paula J. Loesch
Mrs. Sharon K. Gowdy Ms. Mary Beth Humphrey
Danae and Evan Grace Farhat Husain, M.D., and Larry C. Hazelwood Mrs. Lynn V. Lofton
Grant Thornton, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Husen
Janice and Rodney Gray Vicki E. and Carl S. Hutto Loretta M. and John C. Long
Louise R. and John Ray Green Hyde and Company CPAs, PC
Randi D. and Gerald P. Green Idabel National Bank Karen L. and Donny J. Longest
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Greenberg Inasmuch Foundation
Courtney D. and Owen Greenwood Mr. Cecil R. Ingram Ms. S.G. Lookabaugh
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gulick Ms. Jolene R. Ingram
Mary K. Gumerlock, M.D. Interbank Lana L. and Dave R. Lopez
Carl E. Gungoll Exploration, LLC InvesTrust
Mrs. Jayne R. Muncy Hackworth Mr. James Wesley Jack Elizabeth and Dean Loshbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hadwiger Judith A. James Wood, M.D., Ph.D., and Glen
Mr. William A. Hadwiger Dr. Bill P. Loughridge
Alice C. and Dave A. Hager Aden Wood
Jacqueline O. and Roger V. Haglund Dr. and Mrs. Brett Jameson Ms. Barbara L. Low
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hallren Loretta and Jerry L. Janzen
Ms. Pauline G. Hamilton Ms. Susan D. Jeffers Mr. Randy J. Ludwig
Mr. Bret D. Hampton Drs. Michelle L. and Brian Joachims
Ms. Arthenia L. Haney Carol A. and Russel C. Johnson Lori and Chuck Lumsden
Ann and Burns Hargis Ms. Carrie Lou Johnson
Mrs. Beverly A. Harkness Mr. Charles B. Johnson Drs. Cristina and Florea Lupu
D.A. and D.B. Harmon Memorial Fund - OCCF Tom Johnson Investment Management, LLC -
Estate of Mabel B. Harp Mr. Michael T. Lynch
Kim and Chris Harrell/Best Companies, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Harris III Fred Jones Family Foundation Peggy and Lee Mackey
Jessica and Jared Harrison Lynette and Clay G. Jones
Mr. James H. Harrod Susan A. and John C. Jones Brenda G. and Gary M. Macri
Mrs. Maxine B. Hartman Ms. Juliet H. Jones-Moss
Mr. Ronald F. Hartman Janice and Dwight Journey Inge and Melvin Hugh Madewell
Hartzog, Conger, Cason and Neville, LLP Susan K. and Greg Kannady
Erin and Tim Hassen The Honorable and Mrs. Frank A. Keating Mrs. Marylou Mahaffey
Ms. Judy J. Hatfield Sharon L. and Robert Keating
Dawna and Marc Hatton Keeler-Matthews Charitable Foundation, Inc. Paul Mainard Family Trust
Debe and Rick L. Hauschild, Jr. Jane F. and John A. Kenney
Mr. Russell O. Hayes Rosemary E. Kerber, Ph.D. Joan L. and Michael J. Maly
HC Construction Holdings, LLP Mrs. Lou C. Kerr
Mrs. Bonnie B. Hefner The Kerr Foundation, Inc. Mariner Wealth Advisors
Heiman Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Bob Kidd
Mrs. Virginia F. Hellwege Melanie and Paul W. Kincade Ms. Naomi F. Martin
Helping Hands Home Care, PLLC Carissa and Garrett King
Mimi and Curtis B. Henricks, Jr. Debra and Gary Kinslow Ms. Kym F. Mason
Mary and Frank X. Henke III Kirkpatrick Bank
Kim and Brad Henry Pam and Jim Klepper Ms. Marcel A. Maupin
Myra L. and Gene Henry Kathryn N. Klotsch Endowment - The Baptist
Mrs. Lois C. Herndon June and Jack K. Mayberry
Mr. Richard L. Hesser Foundation
Bette Jo and Frank D. Hill Ms. Rebecca F. Knight McAfee and Taft
Mr. Memphis S. Hixson Delores and Ken L. Kofoed
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hogan III Mr. Joe B. Kreger Mary T. and Arthur E. McAnulty
HoganTaylor, LLP Dr. and Mrs. Gary Larson
Theresa and Vaughn Holcer Ms. Joanna L. Latting Caroline and Billy F. McCarley
The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lauchner
Pam and Steve B. Holton Ms. Dorothy A. Lawson Letha and Bob A. McCray
Mrs. Winnie P. Hood The Lawton Constitution
Catherine W. and Jerry T. Hoopert Mrs. Mary Grace Lebeda Mary H. and Tom McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hopeman Andrea and Todd Lechtenberger
Mrs. Virginia C. Horne Mrs. Martha A. Leff Gigi and Rod P. McEver
House of Webster, NC Mrs. Sarah Lenz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hubbard Linda and Robert C. Lesher Helen M. and Joe C. McFadden
Tim Hughes Custom Homes, LLC Barbara R. and Andy W. Lester
Elaine and Harrison Levy Ms. Sandra L. McFarland
Miss G. Darlene Lewis
Mr. Dan Little Mary O. and Mike A. McGraw

Janis S. and Tony R. McKaig

Linda J. and Joe A. McKenzie

Margaret and Cam R. McLain

Kathy and Scott F. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McLennan

Debby J. and Doug W. McQueen

Susan E. and Scott A. Meacham

Linda and Randy N. Mecklenburg

Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Mellow/The Mellow

Family Foundation

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Coe/Merco Energy, LLC

Katie and Will Merrick

Mr. and Mrs. Mick Michaelis

Ms. Judy A. Mikkelson

Mary and Chuck Mikkelson II

Aimee E. and Kevin W. Miller

Billie L. and V. David Miller/Miller Family


Ms. Jonna L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Mitchell

Kevin L. Moore, M.D.

Jill and David Morgan

Suzy and Chip Morgan

Kathy and Noel Morris

Margaret H. and Larry E. Morris 21
Gayle and J. Gary Mourton
Annette R. and Tom Mrazik
Lisa L. and Greg M. Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Muncy
Ms. Jon Evah Murray

Ms. Joan L. Murray-Hogan Carol A. and Mike L. Rhodes Southwestern Stationery and Bank Supply, Inc.
Mrs. Margene Naberhaus Mrs. Mary Jane Richards and Mr. Gordon S. Mr. Neil Spaeth
Mrs. Jeaneen E. Naifeh Katherine Pond and John S. Spaid
Swapan K. Nath, Ph.D. Richards, Jr. Mrs. Erma D. Spann
Cena E. and Mark S. Nault Charlotte and John Richels Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Spence
NBC Oklahoma Kathryn and Elbert H. Riddle Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Stallsmith
Mr. Victor R. Neal Sally T. and John S. Riley Mary E. and Anthony F. Stangl
Nancy A. and Kenneth A. Nelson Mr. Duane Ring Mr. Kenneth A. Stanley
Ms. Sharon F. Neuwald Dr. Carolanne H. Roach Janet S. and Danny L. Stansbury
Alysa I. and Charles C. Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Roberson, Sr. Linda C. and Frederic W. Stearns
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nichols Caroline D. and Wilbert J. Robertson Joanne and Kenneth Steele
Lydia D. Nightingale, M.D. Loydel and Fred J. Robertson Ms. Mindy Stevenson
Dr. Linda Barton Nimmo Jo and Carl A. Robinson Becky L. and C. David Stinson
Mr. Lloyd Noble II Mr. Don L. Roby The Stock Exchange Bank
Sandra N. and Dennis G. Noble Mr. Craig Roddy Mrs. Phyllis Jarnagin Stough
Mr. David Nordyke Ms. Beverly Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Stuntz
The Honorable & Mrs. Ron Norick Advised Mr. Robert L. Rogers Jeleta and Coy Sullivan
Rogers and Bell Miss Joy J. Sullivan
Fund - OCCF Ms. Deborah L. Rose John and Kip Suter
Ms. Julie Norman Sharon and Gary Roth Julie G. and Mark S. Svoboda
Ms. Jane Ann Norris Jennifer and Dr. Brant Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Barry Switzer
Sara and Rob H. Northwood Lynne and Bob Rowley Mrs. Donna A. Tefft
Novartis, FSC Mr. and Mrs. Ken Russell Lisa R. and Tim W. Teske
Oklahoma Association of Mothers Clubs Ms. Kathryn R. Ryan Ms. Lawanda Thetford
Oklahoma City University Johnece H. and Richard N. Ryerson Mr. Alvin L. Thomas, Jr.
Marilyn A. and John S. Oldfield, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy F. Sales Mrs. Jane L. Thompson
Van and Rudy Oliver, Jr. Karen and Mike Samis/The Macklanburg- Beth J. and Rheal A. Towner
OMRF Research Fund - OCCF Mary L. and Larry B. Trachtenberg
OMRF Teen Leaders In Philanthropy Hulsey Foundation, Inc. Jackie F. and Dennis Trepagnier
Judy and David Onken Mr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Satherlie Trinity Commercial Sales
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Page Mrs. Patricia P. Savage Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Trotter
Mrs. Twanda M. Page Dr. and Mrs. Olaseinde I. Sawyerr University of Oklahoma Medical Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Palmeter Barbara and John Schaefer Bonnie J. and Mickey M. Vanderwork
Mr. William G. Paul Ms. Edith A. Schneeberger Ms. Margaret A. Vater
Mr. Todd E. Pauley Ms. Mary S. Schneeberger Amber and Brandt Vawter
Mr. and Mrs. Bond Payne Dr. Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr. Penny L. and Russell Voss
Mr. Merlyn N. Pearson Elizabeth and William Schraad/Schraad Marsha and John N. Waldo
Estate of Bonnie L. Lesemann Pegg DiAnna and Steve Waldschmidt
Ms. Katrina L. Pendleton Enterprises, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Walker
Mrs. Marian Pfenning Paul I. and Carolyn Schulte Ms. Ruth L. Wallace
Gailynn and John Phelps Donna and Bryan Schulze Nancy and Chi-Sun Wang
Lisa and John B. Pickens Mrs. Kathryn Metha Scott Mrs. Margie Ware
Myrla and Gary C. Pierson Mrs. Sue Seymour Donna K. and Allyn G. Warkentin
Kendra S. and Scott M. Plafker Hakeem Shakir, M.D. Mr. Mark Warner
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Plaxico Ms. Mary A. Shank Linda S. and James J. Wasson
Wanda S. and John R. Potts Ms. Pamela Sharp Dr. Gregory L. Watkins
Mrs. Marcia J. Powell Pam and Bill F. Shdeed Ms. Margaret A. Weddle
Quail Creek Bank, NA Rebecca A. and Kirby G. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Wedel
Jan Ralls, D.D.S., and Mr. Robert H. Henry, Jr. Mrs. Surekha Sheorey Mr. Charles T. Weeks
Donna and Bill J. Ramsey/Ramsey Real Estate Tenna M. and Greg S. Shepherd Ms. Linda K. English Weeks
Dr. and Mrs. Steve A. Ramsey Carol A. and Kim W. Shoemake The Well of OKC Wine and Spirits
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Mr. Richard L. Sias Carmalieta and Dan Wells
Mr. Gene A. Ratcliff Silicon Valley Community Foundation Ms. Leslie A. Wells
Mrs. Patsy R. Ray Mr. Steve Aaron Wells
Susan and Steve Raybourn Autodesk Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Wells
Mr. George J. Records, Jr. Barbara and Roger N. Simons Mrs. Naomi Welty
Ms. Marisa Bradanini Records Dr. Jeri Singleton Weokie Credit Union Foundation
Nancy and George J. Records Louise and Joe L. Skinner Ms. Mary Lynn West
Amanda G. and Rick A. Smith Sher and Don West
22Mr.Kyle Rector Bonnie and Elbert W. Smith Wheeler Brothers Grain Company
Mrs. Joan S. Redding Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Smith Mrs. Judy D. Whipple
Jeanne Ellinger and Dom Reinpold Jo Ann and Kenneth C. Smith Sue and Bob F. White
Catherine and Jonathan Renner Mr. John F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dee A. Replogle, Jr. Mary G. and Wayne Smith
Mr. Steve Replogle Mr. Ralph C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. (Bob) Smith
SomaLogic, Inc.

Mr. R. Kirk Whitman Judith Carr Fund - OCCF Mrs. Opal C. King
Mrs. Euteva M. Widener Eliza Chakravarty, M.D. Caroline S. and Mike T. Kinter
Cindy and Royce H. Wieden Stephanie and Jack Chapman Robin R. and Brad W. Krieger
Linda B. and Don A. Wiens/Wiens Investments Mrs. Alyce J. Chappell Anna Claire and Howard Kuchta
Mrs. Lois F. Chappell Jean and David Lavers
LLC Ms. Connie Cline and Mr. Frank M. Dinkler Mr. Roy Lawrence
Renate W. and Chuck E. Wiggin Mrs. Teresa L. Cooper Mr. Larry LeBarre
Nona E. and Jerry L. Wilhm Mr. and Mrs. George Corkins Jenny K. and Chris M. Lee
Williams, Box, Forshee & Bullard, PC Ms. Nancy R. Cravens Mr. Herbert M. Leonard, Jr.
The Williams Companies, Inc. Ms. Teresa Cravens Kathleen Lister Fund - OCCF
Mr. and Mrs. G. Rainey Williams, Jr. Cross Family Benefit Mindy and Greg Mahaney
Ms. Judy Williams Camisa and Les R. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Mahl
Mr. Jimmy H. Williamson Mrs. Trudy Dedman Ms. Billie W. Marcoux
Margaret B. and John L. Williford Laura and Brent Dennis Dee and Adair Margo
Gara and Russ Wilsie Mr. Gilbert G. Dick Ms. Charlotte M. Masters
Jan K. and Jim C. Wittrock Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Drumeller Mr. Justin McCallon
The Hon. James Winchester and Rep. Susan Juanita and Andrew J. Dubois Phyllis and Tom H. McCasland, Jr.
Eastman National Bank Ms. Marilyn Ann McEnroe
Winchester/The Winchester Group, LTD Ms. Lisa R. Edmonds Judy A. and Dennis M. McGrath
Cynthia T. and Jim C. Wolfe Mrs. Nancy Jo Ellis Kelley D. and Matt R. McGuire
Barbara B. and Robert L. Wood Ellwood Associates Mary and Philip McMahan
Mr. James Wood Ms. Barbara L. Eskridge Stephanie L. and Jeff E. Metts
Conna D. and Paul S. Woolsey Mrs. Ann Farmer Moffitt, Parker and Company, Inc.
Ms. Carol Wright Debbie and Larry Fenity Ms. Bonnie Monarch
Mr. Dick Wright Marie Elise Howard Fund - Fidelity Charitable Ms. Jeannette E. Morton
Mrs. Sandra C. Wright Network for Good
Mr. and Mrs. R. Deane Wymer Fund Jo Ann and Bud Nicholas
Dr. William B. Wynn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Pete Nichols
Ms. Darlene Wynne Dorothea French Fund - United Methodist Ms. Elaine M. Nighswonger
Nancy P. and Jim J. Yoch, Jr. Jane Ann and Bob L. Niles
Mr. John M. Yoeckel Foundation Order of the Eastern Star #77
Ms. Linda R. Young Lena J. and Edgar L. Frost Gabriel Pardo, M.D.
YourCause, LLC Judy E. and Tom H. Gallaher, Sr. Mrs. Priscilla A. Partridge
Carol and Tim Zaloudek Mr. George T. Gibson John M. and Billy Paschal
Jan J. and Don S. Zimmerman Margaret C. and James N. Gibson SuzAnne K. and Rob F. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Gilbert Barbara J. and Bob W. Penick
$500 - $999 Mrs. Jean S. Gile and Mr. Ben R. Gile Mr. Daniel W. Phelps
Nancy L. and Ralph L. Gilstrap Ms. Laura L. Pompa
Ms. Cecilia E. Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Ike Glass Mrs. Mona Z. Preuss
Miss Mary Evelyn Adams Ms. Courtney S. Glazer Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Pryor, Jr.
Carolyn A. and Richard M. Adkins Ms. Patricia J. Goode Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Pulliam
Mr. and Mrs. G. Louis Allen Mrs. Julia Greenlee Putnam Christian Church
Joyce and Jack F. Amyx Mrs. Maxine M. Griggs Qiagen, Inc.
Mrs. Janis L. Andersen Mrs. Martha C. Grubb Kathryn M. and Phillip E. Rattan
Patti and Phil Anderson Mr. Justin Guinn Pat and Walter Reif
Anonymous Teresa and Robert F. Hamra Republic Bank and Trust
Dick Bailey Motors, Inc. Cindy and Dale Hanchey Retired Old Men Eating Out
Bill A. and Lynn M. Baldwin Ms. Ollis B. Harrison Mrs. Margaret C. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Balentine Lisa and Richard B. Hefner Mr. and Mrs. Norville Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Beatie Mr. and Mrs. Gerry L. Hendrick Mrs. E. Joan Rollins
Mr. Lloyd W. Biddick, Jr. Ms. Dena M. Hinshaw Mr. and Mrs. Randy Romines
Rebecca S. and Lowry Blakeburn II Mr. Stewart Hoge Mrs. Melissa Rother
Barbara R. and Karl K. Boatman Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Holloway Susan C. Freeland and Ken C. Schley
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Boghetich Ideal Home Care Staff Phoebe E. and Francis J. Schmitz
Mr. and Mrs. Julius H. Bond Mr. Ronald G. Jacob Mr. Dale Schoeling
Devota F. and Jim R. Bowers Mrs. Florene Jacobs Pat A. and Eldon H. Schuessler
Jan A. and Jack P.F. Bowles Ms. Carole C. Jemison Mr. and Mrs. David Nock - Schwab Charitable
Ms. Sandy Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Jenkins
Estate of Juanita Louise Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Jobe 23Fund
Janna L. and Dean Brinkoetter Mrs. Karen S. Johnson
Ms. Regina A. Buckley Martha and Craig Johnson Jane R. and Milton P. Seagraves
Darla J. and David F. Burks Pam and Carlos E. Johnson Mrs. Marilyn K. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Chase Burns Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnson Ms. Michelle Silva
Mr. Neil Cagle Mr. Russell W. Jones Silver Strings of Putnam City, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Cales Mr. Paul Kamp Nancy D. and Jim M. Simmons
Mrs. Ann O. Carlson

Ruth and Phil G. Carson Dr. and Mrs. Mike L. Chowins Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Collins
Mrs. Pam Carter Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Christensen
Ms. Sue Carter Ms. Corinne J. Christensen Collins, Butler and Company, PC
Ms. Fredonna Carol Carthen Cimarron Production Company Inc.
JoAnn and Les Cartwright City of Newkirk Employees Mrs. Maudine Collyar
Barbara R. and Raoul Carubelli Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Clark
Casa La Mia Carolyn M. and Jim C. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Colombo
Mrs. Myrtle I. Case Mr. and Mrs. Chip Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Case Mr. and Mrs. James L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Colton, Jr.
Ms. Linda L. Cash Bob and Jane Clark
Mr. Ronnie Cash Jill and Bill R. Clark Comanche County Tag Agency Customers
Mr. Patrick J. Cashman, Jr. Mrs. Kathryn R. Clark
Ms. Marjorie L. Cassady Wanda F. and Don E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Combrink
Dorothy F. and Dale A. Cassel Class of 1945
Cassidy Grain Company Class of 1954 Donna and Robert Combs
Mrs. Becky J. Ledford Cassil Class of 1955
Mrs. Barbara Casteel Class of 1959 Ms. Robin Comer
Mrs. Kristen Castiglione Class of 1962
Ms. Mary Castle Class of 1966 Communities Foundation of OK Mahan and
Amy and Mike Castleberry Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Claxton
Mrs. Eva C. Castleberry Vickie J. and Bill Clay Soderquist Family Fund
Mrs. Deloris J. Castor Mrs. Mary Alice Claybaugh and Mr. Charles V.
Linda K. and James R. Caudle Community State Bank
Marcia K. and Johnny R. Caudle Blaybaugh
Mrs. Linda Causey Gayle and Billy Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Compton
Ms. Sallie Cavin Angela and Bill J. Clem
Mrs. Ann Caylor Ms. Connie Jo Clement Mary Ann and David Compton
Cayman’s Mr. Lyndon Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry W. Caywood Madeline L. and Stan Clements Rocky R. and Mervin L. Compton
Cedar Grove Wesleyan Church Mr. Richard H. Clements
Central District Past Presidents Square Dancers Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Clendenen, Sr. Jo Ann and Allen J. Comstock
Central National Bank Mandy and Shane Clifton
Mrs. Julie Cervantes Mr. and Mrs. Kerry N. Cline Mr. Scott Comstock
Mr. Joe Cesaro Ms. Wilene Clodfelter
Ms. Celin Chacko Mrs. Sue Clover Comstock Oilfield Supply Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Chadwell Ms. Sue M. Clowe
Judy M. and Don Chadwick Joanne and Jim Coble Mrs. Betty S. Congress
Mrs. Joan P. Chain Mrs. Joan Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Chambers Mrs. Pat J. Cochran and Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. (Dick) Conley
Mrs. Judith A. Chambers
Linda and James A. Chambers Mr. Robert R. Cochran, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Don D. Connally
Kitty G. and Richard H. Champlin Mr. Sam Cochran
Sheila K. and Gerry C. Chaney Mrs. Evelyn P. Coe Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. Connell, Jr.
Beverly A. and Jack A. Chapman Mrs. Frances Coffey and Mr. Jack L. Coffey
Mrs. Linda Chapman Mrs. Helen Coffey Shelly and Trace Conner
Ramona and Jim Chapman Gail and Glenn Coffman
Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Charmasson COG Petroleum Corporation Connie’s Custom Cuts, LLC
Priscilla and Steve A. Chastain Ms. Nancy Cogburn
Chatterbox Club Ms. Sue A. Cogdell Ms. Donna J. Conover
Ms. Betty L. Chaudoin Mr. Michael Cohen
CHBC Adult III Sunday School Department Mr. and Mrs. Murray Cohen Peggy A. and Curtis S. Constien
Mr. Jonathan Cheffy Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Coke
Ms. Susan G. Chesnut Mr. and Mrs. Darrell D. Coker Mrs. Tracy Conway
Dar and Don Chesser Deborah and Chris Coker
The Cheyenne Gang Ms. Linda C. Coker Susan W. and Howard W. Conyers
Cherilyn and Ron Chiaro Coldwell Banker Americana, Realtors
The Chicago Girls Judy and Preslie B. Cole, Jr. Ms. Betty Cook
Chrissie L. and Don R. Childers Mr. and Mrs. James L. Coleman
Ms. Amelia P. Childress Miss Vicki Coleman Ms. C. V. Cook
Teresa S. and Bruce Chill Dena and Eric Coll
Chisholm Trail Limousin Ms. Loydetta Collar Mr. and Mrs. Chelsea C. Cook
Ms. Pranom Chivaluksna Ms. Linda L. Collier
Ms. Wanda Choate Beth and Marty Collins Ms. Doris Cook
Julie and Dustin Collins
Mr. Lorenzo T. Collins Mrs. Gloria F. Cook

Jennifer and Dale Cook, Jr.

Kaye L. and Dale L. Cook

Mrs. Toni Cook

Ms. Vicki Cook

Ms. Liz Cooley

Sharon and Bill Cooper

Mrs. Cynthia Cooper

Mrs. Leora E. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cooper

Peggy and Leon Cooprider

Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Cope

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Copeland

Lisa and Larry Copenhaver

Mr. and Mrs. W. Rex Coram

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Corbitt

Mrs. Marie T. Corbyn

Ms. Michelle Cornelius

Mrs. Doris L. Cornell

The Cornish Families

Deb and Paul D. Corr

Dr. Terry L. Cotterell and Mr. Paul Crossfield

Jean and Don Cotton

Ms. Donnelle Cottrill 27
Mrs. Mary A. Couger
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Coulter
Mrs. Norma Coulter
Glenda and Sam Countiss
Carole A. and Jere L. Courter
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Courtney

Mrs. Yvonne Courtney Ms. Linda Cummings Mrs. Michelle Davy
Ms. Marcille Covey Terri and Sean Cummings Margaret R. Dawkins and Kenneth David
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Covington Mrs. Donna L. Cummins
Nancy and Earl W. Cowan Mrs. Jacqueline M. Cummins Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Don Cox The Cummins Construction Company Inc. Linda and Tom E. Daxon
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Cox Mrs. Betty J. Cunningham Mrs. Florelee Day
Eleanor S. and William F. Cox Dolores M. and Charley L. Cunningham Mrs. Joyce C. Day
Ms. Gayle M. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Haile Cunningham Ms. Kris Day
Mrs. Jane Cox Karen R. and Ronald S. Cunningham Mr. Leroy Daykin
Kristin and Steven R. Cox Mrs. Wilma F. Cupp Cathey and Michael Deal
Mrs. Patsy J. Cox Pat M. and Jerry R. Currence Nada and Ronnie Deal, Sr.
Tracye J. and Carl Cox Ms. Arla J. Curry Mrs. Debbie Dean
Ms. Almeta Coyle Ms. Carlisa Marie Curry Jacque M. and Rick M. Dean
Cathy and Brad Coyle Leslie and Harvey Curry Ms. Sarah Dean
Mrs. Gwen A. Crabb Mrs. Virginia B. Curtis Pat L. and Milton W. Deason
Cecile M. and Albert L. Crabtree Mr. Wayne Curtis Ms. Gail Deaton and Dr. Peter A. Winn
Mr. F. Dale Crabtree Mrs. Betty Cushenbery Mrs. Evelyn DeBoard
Ms. Gloria Crabtree Cushing Lumber Company Marlene E. and E. L. DeBois
Joy and Todd Crabtree Linda and Chip Cutler Gwen DeCassios Insurance Agency Inc
Crabtree Pharmacy Linda and Gary A. Cutler Cody and Dick Deem
Ms. Lois M. Craft Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cutsinger Mr. Randy DeJacimo
Tracee and John Craig Judy and Everett R. Cutter Cheryl and Bill DeJager
Mary Ann and Danny D. Craige Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cypert Mrs. Toni A. Dekock
Stephanie and Clair Craighead Mr. W. L. Dabney Joyce and Dennis Delano
Mrs. Hilda Crain Melba and William J. Dagy, Sr. Linda and Bill Delano
Margaret L. and Brady L. Crain Mrs. Anita J. Dahlgren Nina Delorme and Calvin Poole, DVM
Mr. Bob R. Crandall Jenny C. and Edward Dakil Brenda K. and Jerry DeLozier
Mrs. Vicki Cranford Ms. Lucille Dalrymple Beta Sigma Phi Delta Alpha Chapter
Helen R. and David L. Craun Anne and Ed Dalton Ms. Peggy L. DeMeyer
Mrs. Glenda B. Cravens Sharon and Jack Damron Brownie A. and David M. Demmer
Kinta and James Cravens Mrs. Kay D’Andrea Mr. Dustin DeMoe
Ms. Amanda G. Crawford Ms. Nancy Daniel Cathy L. and Gary B. Dempsey
Beverly and Freddie Creed Ms. Sharon K. Danks Sally S. and Clifford Dengerud
Ms. Carolyn Pyle Crepps Leah L. and Forrest J. Danley Mrs. Pam Denker
Suzy and Keith Cresap Ms. Phyllis J. Danley Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Denman
Elizabeth and Doug Crews Carolyn and Ed S. Darby Mrs. Billie Dennis
Mrs. Anita Cribley Robetha and Bob Darby Karen and Bruce Dennis
Joan and Wayne Crissman Felecia S. and John C. Dauth Mr. and Mrs. Omar Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Crissup Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Davenport Ms. Vickie J. Dennis
Diane B. and Tom E. Criswell Mrs. Linda R. Davidson Ms. Carol Denson
Mr. Rick Croasdale Mr. and Mrs. Marion Davidson Department of Human Services - Greer
Mrs. Daisy L. Crockett Mrs. Betty McClellan Daviee
Mrs. Virginia L. Cromwell Ms. Shirley A. Davila County
Lael and Roger Cronin Ms. Betty Davis Mrs. Mary Ann DeShazer
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cross Beverly and Don C. Davis Linda K. and Tom H. DeSpain
Ms. Janette Cross Billye F. and William D. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tom A. Devinish
Tinky and Ronald Cross Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Davis Ms. Claire Dewar
Mrs. Georgetta Crosser Mr. Dave M. Davis The Honorable and Mrs. Dale DeWitt
Mrs. Norma J. Crouch Mrs. Denice R. Davis Georgeann R. and Bob Dexter
Ms. Barbara Crow Jamie G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James E. Diacon
Ms. Elizabeth W. Crow Mrs. Juanita M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Dick
Mrs. Penny S. Crow Mrs. Marjorie E. Davis Michelle Q. and David W. Dick
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Crowder Ms. Mary E. Davis Sparla and Curtis Dick
Judith and Bob M. Crowley Mrs. Mary Katherine Davis Estate of Ada A. Dickason
Mildred and Ed Crowley Mrs. Nell Davis Peggy M. and Kenneth Dickerson
Mrs. Della Crull Mr. and Mrs. Rick Davis Jane and Robert L. Diel
Ms. Patricia Crum Ms. Sadie J. Davis Mrs. Vera M. Dierksen
Terri and Donnie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dies
28Susie G. and John R. Cully Ms. Vicki Davis Ms. Lynn Ann Dietrich
Elizabeth P. and Robert D. Culp Mrs. Virginia Sue Davis Mrs. Wini C. Dietrich
Karen and Richard Culp Wanda J. and John W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Dilbeck
Mrs. Jo Ellen Culver Mrs. Margaret H. Davison Shireen and Stanley Diller
Julie A. and Bob Ed Culver Victoria D. and Denver M. Davison Dillingham Agency, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Culwell Mrs. Jo Dimmick
Disciple Sunday School Class

Ditch Witch Main Office Employees Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Dunitz Mrs. Jymme F. Evans
Mrs. Evelyn W. Divine Mrs. Ann Dunkin
Brenda and J. C. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dunkleberger Mr. Leon Evans
Mr. Bryan Dixon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Dunlap
The Honorable and Mrs. Bryan C. Dixon Ms. Luceen J. Dunn Ms. Mary Evans
Darlene T. and Chas A. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Dunning
Karen S. and Bobby L. Dixon Ms. Janice Dupree Mrs. Nancy O. Evans
Mrs. Marge Dixon and Mr. Merle Gene Dixon Mrs. Karen Durkee
Mrs. Maxine Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D. Dyer Ms. Sandra K. Evans
Mrs. Sharon Dixon Mr. John W. Dyer
Ms. Joanne E. Doak Jannis V. and W. Samuel Dykeman Mr. and Mrs. C. Randolph Everest
Ms. Lou Ann Doak Mrs. Teresa Eagon
Mrs. Kathryn Dobbins Gay and Mel Eakes Sheila and Gary Everett
Sunny and Jerry C. Dobbins Mrs. Maureen A. Early
Ms. Lana Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. Paul Early Ms. Chelia Evey
Ms. Ruth M. Dobbs Ms. Donna Earnheart
Carol C. and Neil A. Dobry Cynthia and Jim Eaton Ms. Sandra Ewing and Mr. William L. Reichardt
Glinda S. and Bill H. Dobson Janie and Condo Echelle
Cheri K. and Dennis D. Dodds Barbara E. and Rick D. Echols Ms. Linda L. Exstrom
Mr. John J. Doddy Ms. Ruth A. Eckenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Martin K. Dodson Judy and Duane Ecker Mr. and Mrs. Derry G. Eynon
Mrs. Wendy Dodson Ms. Susan S. Eckman
Mrs. Carole Doerner Mrs. Lillian F. Eden Mr. Bradford L. Ezell
Mrs. Ann Dohrmann Mrs. Karen W. Edgar
Miss Mildred S. Doller Beverly S. and Curtis N. Ediger Mr. and Mrs. Melton L. Ezell
Nancy S. and Patrick S. Donehue Lucy and Ken Edmonds
Billie and Gary C. Donner Mrs. Norma Edsel Ms. Judith A. Ezzell
Donna’s Beauty Salon Betty L. and Elvis D. Edwards
Ms. Doris Donwerth Ms. Judy E. Edwards Cyndi D. and Tom W. Fagan
Sheryl and Scott Doornbos Ms. Stacey Lynn Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Dorsey Mrs. Martha Ehrlich Jones Effie and Lester Fahle
Mrs. Juliene Dorsey Christi C. and Bill D. Eischeid
Mrs. Virginia L. Dorsey Roberta A. and John Lee Elder Fairview Mothers Club
Ms. Jan Dosier Mr. John R. Elk III
Ms. Ann Dotson Susan and Phil Elliott Dinah and Ted A. Falconer
Ms. Pam Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Ellis
Mrs. Anne C. Dougherty Ms. Sandy Ellis Mrs. Jean Fallin
Mr. Charles H. Douglas, Jr. Sherry and Bob Ellis
Janette L. and Don H. Douglass Sue and Mark W. Ellis Mrs. Arna L. Farabee
Pat A. and Stephen R. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Ellison
B. J. and Bob W. Dow Mrs. Susie Ellison Ms. Gail Farley
Ms. Ann Dowdy Ms. Cindy L. Elmore
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dowdy Naveda and Harvey C. Ely Sue and Coy R. Farmer
Mrs. Debra Dowers Mrs. Mary E. Embree
Carol and Gordon Dowlen Emmanuel Baptist Church Adult 6 Men’s Class Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Farrar
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Downs Emmanuel Baptist Church Sonshine Class
Gina L. and John C. Doyle Mrs. Rose A. Emmerling Leslie and Paul Farrington
Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Drake Lynelle and Lloyd L. Emmons
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie G. Drake Charlene and Kerry Emrick Linda and Dean Farris
Susan A. and David C. Drake, Jr. Jan S. and Alan L. English
Ms. Tillie Drake Mrs. Lucille English Mr. and Mrs. Nathandale Farris
Dr. Padmaja and Mr. Anil D’Souza Mrs. Virginia English
Jo and Charles Dudley Alta and David Ennen Mary and Jerry Fast
Nancy and Bill D. Dudley Becky and Joe H. Enos
Ms. Shelly Duer Entire Design, LLC Marjorie L. and Richard O. Faucett
Mr. Jack Duffe Mrs. Carol Enwall
Peggy and Don H. Dugan Ms. Maria Erbar Sharon K. and James R. Faulkner
Ms. Barbara J. Duggan Karen A. and Bobby A. Eshleman
Mr. Mike Duke Mrs. Janet H. Eskridge Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Feagins
Willeta and Homer Duke Connie Unruh and Michael J. Estes
Mrs. Amber B. Duncan Beverly B. and Ralph J. Evans Ms. Wanda Feerer
Ms. Mary E. Duncan Dorothy J. and Hugh A. Evans
Kaye and Richard E. Dunham Mrs. Imogene Evans Ms. Marjory Feighny

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Felber

Gloria L. and Don L. Felts

Cyndy A. and Rick Fenton

Ms. Rose Marie Ferda

Bev G. and Jim W. Ferguson

Mrs. Cathy Ferguson

Mr. Connor Ferguson

Mrs. Doris Ferguson

Suzy and Larry D. Ferree

Linda M. and Gary L. Ferrell

Sally M. and Don F. Ferrell

Mrs. Nelda N. Ferrero

Mr. Monty Fica

Fidelity Rea Family Charitable Gift Fund

Mrs. Claudine Filtz

Ms. Linda Filtz

Linda and Robert L. Filtz

Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Filtz

Finkenbinder Farm

Shelly and Scot Finney

The First Bank of Okarche

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra

First United Methodist Quilters

Ms. Jan Firth 29
Mrs. Helen Fischer
Mrs. Jennie A. Fischer
Joy and Randy Fischer
Kathy and Kevin P. Fisher
Louise and Dean Fisher
Mrs. Leslie M. Fitch

Elizabeth and Jay Fitzgerald Friendship Quilter Club Ms. Barbara A. Gibson
Laura and Scott Fitzgerald Cindy and Scott Froneberger Mrs. Emmadelle Gibson
SoRelle and Don W. Fitzgerald Frontier Country Beekeepers Association Pam S. and Tommy R. Gibson
Mary J. and Riley T. Fitzhugh FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy Saramay and Don E. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Len H. Flaming Nan and Steve Fry Mrs. Vivian L. Gibson
Ms. Colleen J. Fleming Nancy and Kirk Fry Ms. Wanda J. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fleming Elizabeth A. and David L. Fuchs Mrs. Carol Gifford
Karen I. and Don P. Fleming Sherri and Bruce Fuksa Dana J. and Glen P. Gifford
Mrs. Ann Flesher and Mr. Samuel R. Fulkerson Patricia G. and Claude D. Gilchrist
Mr. Wayne Fullbright Kathy and Will Gillett
Mr. Thomas H. Flesher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Fuller Ms. Roberta J. Gilliland
Joni K. and Tom H. Flesher, III Mrs. Jean Fullgrabe Cindy W. and Charlie L. Gilmore
Mrs. Mary Clyde Flesher Shirley and Stan Funkhouser Mrs. Joan Gilmore
Ms. Nancy S. Flesher Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fussell Mrs. Sylvia Jean Gilmour and Mr. John L.
Tracy and Kyle Flinton Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gabriel
Mrs. Juliet Flory Mrs. Joyce Gaige Gilmour
Mrs. Susie Fluckiger Phyllis J. and Steve F. Gainor Give With Liberty
Mr. Logan Fluitt Kathryn F. and Pat Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Glaser
Betty and Dale Folks Ms. Norma Gallagher Mrs. Anne O. Glasgow
Mr. Paul Folmsbee JoAnn and George D. Gallaspy Mrs. Betty J. Glasgow
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert W. Foltz Jean A. and David O. Galloway Lola M. and Bill R. Glasgow, Jr.
Foltz Family Trust Laura and Mark Gandy Mrs. Patricia Glass
Foote Farm Supply Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Gangwer Dana and Bill Glasscock
Beverly M. and Mike Ford Joyce A. and Ron L. Gann Mr. Kenneth Glazier
Mrs. Darleen G. Ford Mrs. Judy M. Garber Ms. Doniece Glenn
Ms. Syble L. Ford Garber School Staff Mrs. Janice R. Glos
Williene and Ron Ford Mrs. Phyllis R. Gardner Karey R. and Shane Glover
Cheryl L. and Roy D. Fore Judy L. and Bill W. Garner Amy and Jerome Godeaux
Mrs. Josephine L. Forney Mrs. Ann T. Garrett Freda F. and Don J. Godsoe
Patti L. and Joe M. Fortmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Glendol Garrett Mrs. Colleen Godsy
Debra L. and Phillip E. Foss Ms. Jenny C. Garrett Valinda and John Goeppinger
Ms. Charlene B. Foster Don and Judy Garrett John H. and Jane L. Goetzinger
Mrs. Colleen Foster Ms. Lynda L. Garrett Helen M. and Bill J. Goforth
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Foster Mrs. Mary Garrett Going Strong Senior Citizens
Ms. Joyce A. Foster NaDean and Bob Garrett Mrs. Joanne L. S. Goldberg
Linda K. and Joe B. Foster Mrs. Susan I. Garrett Ms. Mary Beth Goldberger
Mrs. Terry J. Foster George Ann and William Garrison Bea J. and Larry E. Goldman
Myrna L. and Joe G. Fountain Mrs. Lu Garrison and Dr. G. Bolar Garrison Jennifer P. and Rodger E. Goldman
Anita and Roger Fowler Sharon and David Garson Mr. Barry Goldstein
Mrs. Bobbie Fowler Mrs. Luella Gartrell Mr. and Mrs. Tom O. Goldsworthy
Mrs. Jacque M. Fowler Mrs. Mable J. Gassen Ms. Marilynn Golightly
Jerri and Wayne Fox Marilynn H. and Paul F. Gassen Mrs. Mary L. Gomez
Ms. Lana Fox Ms. Mary Lou Gaston Mrs. Jo Ann Gooch
Mr. Paul D. Fox Betty L. and Frank C. Gatewood Pam and Mike Goodall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Gatewood Ms. Janice Goode
Mrs. Kris Frankfurt Ms. Patricia Gatewood Mrs. Loretta Goodhart
Donna K. and Terry G. Franklin Mrs. Jean Gauldin Mary Ann and Bill Goodloe
Mrs. Judy Frans Mrs. Marion E. Gay Debby and Jimmy K. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Freed Mrs. Mildred S. Gee Mrs. Sue Goodman
Kim and Andy Freeman Jo Wendelyn and Bobby L. Geis Mr. and Mrs. Guy Goodner
LaFern and Wayne Freeman Mr. Pete Gelvin Sue and Mike Goodnight
Ruthie W. and Boyd W. Freeman Mr. Charles L. Gender Mrs. Zelda Goodnight
Mrs. Viola J. Freeman Kelly and Ragon Gentry Linda A. and Dr. M. C. Goodrich
Phyllis J. and Clay Freeny Mr. Mark Gentry Mrs. Peggy Goodrich
Mrs. Barbara Fretwell June and Barton George Tina and Gerald Goodson
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Freudenberger Georgia Pacific Engineering Nancy H. and Robert S. Goolsby
Rita M. and Loren V. Frey Ms. Lois Gerber Ms. Kathleen C. Gordon
Friday Prime Timers Mrs. Shirley Gewin Betty A. and Bill V. Goss
Miss Sallye E. Geyer Mrs. Gaye C. Goss
30Friday Quilters Mrs. Judy Giaudrone Mrs. Orpha M. Goss
Ms. Cindy Fridrich Ms. Cassandra Gibbons Ms. Barbara A. Gossett
Ms. Dorothy G. Frie Nancy D. and John M. Gibbons Mr. Arnold Goucher
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Friend Mrs. Debbie Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. William Goudeket, Jr.
Friends of the Library Dottie and Bill D. Gould
The Friendship Circle of Fairmont

Mr. Howard L. Kisling Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ladd Paula and Jon Leonard
Ms. Janet A. Kiss Jane L. and Leo Ladefian Mr. and Mrs. John C. Letham
Kathryn S. and Luke C. Kissam IV Mrs. Margaret LaFave Sara H. and Jim Leveille
Cheryl R. and Larry E. Kitchel Beverley E. Lafferrandre and Wayne A. Chess Ms. Tommie L. Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kivel Mr. Brian Lahann Jan E. and Howard M. Levine
Kiwanis Club of Shawnee Sandra and Randy Lahann Mr. Joe Lewallen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Kizziar Susan and Bill H. Lamb Ms. Diane Lewis
Mrs. Monna L. Klaus Barbara and Dannie Lamb Pat and Gale Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Klein Lola J. and John Lamle Jonkeeta Lewis
Marian Lane and Bruce Klein Nadine and Kurt Lampe Ms. Katherine Lewis
Mrs. Abby Klepper Mrs. Julie B. Lampkin Ms. Nadene Lewis
Carolyn and Don Klepper Ms. Teresa Lancaster Mr. Roger Lewis
Mr. Dale Kletke Donna and John B. Landes, Jr. Mrs. Carla Libby
Mr. Jason Kletke Ms. Gillian Landgraff Liberty National Bank
Milli and Phil Kliewer Nova Landrith Linda and Ron Licklider
Ann and Darrell Kline Ruth Ann and Merlin C. Landwehr Ms. Diane M. Liebl
Ms. Sue Klingaman Ms. Hazel Lane Judy E. and Guy H. Liebmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Klinger Ms. J. Renee Lane Lierman Graduate Services
Bunnie and Don Klinglesmith Ms. Lucy I. Lane Jackie S. and Lane E. Ligon
The Kloset Corporation Sandy and Jim L. Lane Susan L. and William L. Liley
Karen and J. R. Knapik Mrs. Sara Dean Lane Ms. Martha Lillard
Sharon and Paul Kniffin Dr. Suzie Lane Ms. Marcella Lilly
Alana M. and Steve W. Knight Cindy and Tim Lang Mr. and Mrs. Johnny G. Limber
Mrs. Gerry M. Knipmeyer Mrs. Edna Lang Judy G. and Roy L. Lindsey
Ms. J. Carolyn Knippers Laura E. and George Lang Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Lindsey
Mrs. Lena M. Knopfel Ms. Eunice A. Langager Lindsey, Shook, Kaiser and Savage Families
Mr. J. D. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Langford, Jr. Susie and Jim Linehan
Marjorie L. and Oliver A. Kocher Lieselotte J. and Frederick F. Larwig Mrs. Lola F. Lingo
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil K. Koci Ms. Patricia Ann Latham Mr. Ken E. Lisle, Jr.
Jynon Hibbard and Alfons Koegel Ms. Betty J. Latta Joyce Ann and Fred Little
Sharon K. and Loren D. Koehn Ms. Janice E. Lawhon Mr. Lawrence A. Little
Mrs. Beverly J. Kofoed Mr. Kevin T. Lawlor Ms. Marta Little
Grace and Kyle Kolvereid The Lawrence and Lees Families Mrs. Irene Littlejohn
The Doug Koontz and Snell Families Family of Lawrence and Letha Overton Carla and Tim Livesay
Janelle and Phil R. Kopp Ms. Virginia L. Lawrenz Jo and Don D. Livesay
Koskie and Eulberg CPAs, PC Mrs. Ernestine Lawson Ann D. and Joel B. Livingston
Carol L. and Craig D. Kovin Mrs. Billie G. Lax Ellen and Ray Loard
Ms. Mary Lu Kraft Norma and Tom Lax Karen S. and Loy Lockwood
Mrs. Nancy M. Kraft Hung Le Ms. Pauli D. Loeffler
Mrs. Evelyn Kramp Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Leach Mrs. Susan J. Loeliger
Mary L. and Tom E. Kraus, Jr. Carol and James G. Leak Valerie M. and Troy D. Loesch
Regina and Randy Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Leake Mrs. Carol Loftin
Denise C. and Stanley D. Krausse Dorothy and Leslie Leaming Becky and Doug Loftis
Mrs. Louise Kreke Ms. Dolores M. LeDoux Mrs. Donna D. Logan
Mrs. Freda Kretchmar Mrs. Coweta Lee Mrs. F. Arlene Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike F. Krodel Marjorie and Kenneth Lee Ms. Joyce Logan
Ms. Deborah Kroll Mrs. Maxine Lee Mrs. Susan Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kruchoski Mrs. Peggy Lee Mr. and Mrs. John K. S. Loh
Ms. Ann Kruse Mrs. Shirley Lee Ms. Monty Lohmann
Annita M. and Ken Kruse Mrs. Patti P. Leeman Trayce and Randy Lohmann
Ms. Angela Krysler Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. Leeper Mrs. Betty R. Long
Miss Elsie W. Kuck LaSue and Carl E. LeForce Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Long
Shannon and Daryl Kuhnemund Ms. Mary Nell Legg Mr. David W. Long
Mrs. Wynona Kuhnemund Mrs. Norma J. LeGrant Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Long
Ms. Lori Kuntz Betty L. and Don E. Lehman Jane E. and Jim M. Long
Mary E. and Joe Kuntz Mrs. Margaret Lehman Linda and Larry Long
Bonnie L. and Bill L. Kurtz, Jr. Kathy and Jack Leitner Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie D. Long
Cathie E. and Mike H. Leland Penny and Bob D. Long
34Ms.Margie Kutch Mrs. Eleanor Lenaburg and Sue and Campbell Long
Mrs. Jean Kuykendall Ms. Della K. Longhofer
Kuykendall Hearing Aid Centers Mr. Donald D. Lenaburg Mr. and Mrs. Andy Longoria
Mrs. Karalyn L. LaBrue Mr. and Mrs. Lavern A. Lenaburg Sherry and John Lookingbill
Ms. Jacci L. Lackey Miss Roma E. Lenehan Mrs. Gay F. Looney
Brooks and Marvin E. Lacy, Jr. Ms. Laurnell E. Lenz

Gail and Kirby LoPresto Mr. Tom A. Marberry Mr. Don W. McAfee
Jane and Jim Lorenz Ms. Peggy Mariano Debbie and Mike McAskill
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Lorenz Ms. Frances E. Mark Ms. Laura Quinn McAuley
Shelley W. and Paul Lovan Sharon F. and Phil A. Marker Ms. Theresa A. McAvoy
Ms. Betty Love Karla and James W. Markle Ann T. and Craig McBride
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Love Jim Markle Auto Repair Joyce and Carlos McBride
Malia and Frank C. Love IV Mrs. Linda J. Marler Cheryl J. and Michael A. McCabe
Janelle and Tim Love Ms. Jimmie F. Marrs Mrs. LaVerne L. McCain
Kaye and John F. Love Frankie J. and Wesley Marshall Ms. Janice McCalip
Pam K. and Joe C. Lovell, Jr. Ms. Janean Marshall Ora and Dean McCart
Dianne and Roy W. Lovett Linda and Terry Marshall Mrs. Betty McCarther
Carolyn G. and Dewayne Lowe Patti M. and Dick E. Marshall Mrs. Barbara K. McCartney
Mrs. Pauline Lowe Mrs. Susan Marshall and Mr. Gerald R. Mr. and Mrs. Jack De McCarty
Ms. Phyllis Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. McCasland
Suzie and Sam E. Loy III Marshall Mrs. Catherine McCaslin
Loyal Women’s Fellowship Cheryl L. and David A. Martens Dr. Paul B. McCay
Mr. Andrew Loyd Georgia L. and Tim E. Martin Margaret A. and Bob McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence S. Lucas Janice and Bill S. Martin Mr. Robert E. McClain
Margaret and Scott Luchesi Mrs. Janice L. Martin McClain Bank
Mr. Dale E. Luddeke Karen N. and Jim K. Martin Jean and Dean McCollough
Ms. Evelyn Luddeke Ms. Katherine Martin Leah R. and Eric McCombs
Janita and Tim Luddeke Ms. Kay Ann Martin Mrs. Shirley McConnell
Mr. Jeff A. Luddeke Ms. Marguerite K. Martin Ms. Cleota M. McCraw
Mr. Richard H. Luetkemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Monte Martin Mr. Joe McCray
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Lumry Ms. Nella M. Martin Becky and David McCubbin
Ms. Mary V. Lunn Martin Siding and Windows Inc. Marta F. and Mark H. McCubbin
Patricia and Raymon Lunsford Ms. Myra Martindale Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCullough
Marcy A. and Ryan L. Luter Mr. Steve Martindale Mrs. Cordelia McCullough
Patty J. and Dannie L. Luter Ruth and Jack Martyn Mr. Mark McCullough
Mrs. Nancy D. Lutz Mary K. and Fred W. Marvel Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. McCully
Mrs. Ruth D. Lyles Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Mascho Donna M. and Eldon W. McCumber
Ms. Rachel E. Lynch Ms. Sally Ann Masengale Carol and Rick McCurdy
Carolyn and Dennis G. Lynes Mrs. Linda L. Massad Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McDaniel
Martha and Don A. Lyon Jeannette and Steve Massey Ms. Paula McDaniel
M and M Cattle Company Ms. Kim I. Masters Mrs. Joyce L. McDaniels
Liz and Joe Maciel Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Masterson Ms. Billie R. McDonald
Michele and Mike L. Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Jamie J. Mata Mrs. Lois M. McDonald
Mrs. Vicky L. Mackey Edyth A. and Merrill Matal Tammie and Richard C. McDonald
Barbara J. and W. F. MacSwain Mr. and Mrs. Larry Matheny Sue and Eddie R. McDowell
Ms. Carolyn Maddox Ms. Erin Mathews Mrs. Hazel E. McEwen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Maddox Paula Matlock and Bill Wheatley Mr. Lary McFall
Ms. Diana S. Madsen Mrs. Linda Matson Phyllis J. and Carl C. McFarland
Ms. Paula R. Magee Bonnie L. and James O. Matthews Ms. Jan McGee
Ms. Rosemary J. Magee Mrs. Charlotte Ann Mattson Mrs. Mary Ann McGee
Ms. Carol Magness Mr. and Mrs. Mike Matula Mr. Fred L. McGinn
Ms. Alyssa Mahieu Mr. and Mrs. Bill H. Matzdorf Roberta and Pete McGinnis
Paula and Jimmy Mahieu Mr. Scott Maule Mr. and Mrs. Del B. McGowen
Mickie and Kevin H. Mahoney Mrs. Liz Maupin Mrs. Anna B. McGregor
Ms. Sandra Mahoney Mrs. Shirley A. Maye Mr. Don H. McGuar
Ms. April L. Maier Ms. Mary Anne Mayer Ms. K. Kim McHugh
Ms. Irene K. Major Ann and David Mayes Alice E. McInnis, MD
Nancy and Billy Mallory Mrs. Carol Mayes Joan C. and Dennis K. McIntyre
Mr. George D. Malone Ms. Doris B. Mayfield Mrs. Sally K. McKeown
Alice S. and Harold D. Maloy Mrs. Mary L. Mayfield Katrina and Jay McKie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Maly Ms. Nancy J. Mayfield Gayle M. and Jerry McKinley
Amy and John Manfredo Mrs. Velma Mayfield Mrs. Greta C. McKinney
Mrs. Shirley Mankin Ms. Wanda L. Mayfield Mrs. Linda L. McKinney
Mrs. Carol G. Mann Teresa G. and Charlie Mayhue
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Mann Betty L. and Glen E. Mayo 35Mr. Greg McKinnis
Linda and Stan D. Mannschreck Ms. Lou Mayo
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mansfield Mayo Clinic Emergency Medicine Consultants Mr. Dan A. McKinnon
Connie L. and John T. Maple Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mays Mrs. Laura McKinsey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Maples Maysville High School Class of 1956 Betty J. and Wallan McKnight
Darlene and J. D. McAdams Mrs. Judy Ann McKown and Mr. Gene McKown
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell McMasters

Carol and Don McMenamy Ms. Frankie S. Miller Ms. Patricia D. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McMurphy Mr. Gary Miller Ms. Patricia L. Moore
Dr. Wilfred E. McMurphy Mrs. Glenna Miller Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Moore
Ms. Darlene R. McNally Ms. Jean A. Miller Stephanie and Grant Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. McNally Jeanna M. and Gary Miller Sue and Wayne Moore
Ms. Suzanne McNatt Joan and Starling Miller Mr. Ted C. Moore
Miss Dawn Machele McNeil Mrs. Joyce Miller Mrs. W. Cheryl Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Leon McNeil Kristi L. and Tom E. Miller Mooreland High School Class of 1977
Mr. and Mrs. Don McQuerrey Laurie and Kelly Miller Mrs. Esther L. Moorhead
Shirley and Ray McWhorter Mrs. Lois Miller Mrs. Arvella Moran
Mrs. Alice Gene Meacham Mr. Lonnie R. Miller Tracie and Dave Mordy
Mrs. Melba F. Mead Ms. Marilee Miller Debbie and Gary Morgan
Mrs. Kimberly K. Meade Mrs. Mildred A. Miller Mr. Eugene V. Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Meaders Paula K. and Larry G. Miller Mrs. Harriet C. Morland
Marva B. and Howard F. Meador Ms. Rose M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John R. Morris, Jr.
Mr. Roland Means Vickie and Cliff J. Miller Ms. Judith H. Morris
Mrs. Sherri Meaux Yvonne M. and Jeff H. Miller Ms. Mary Kay Morris
Medford Class of 1966 Starling Miller Real Estate & Auctions Ms. Sherrill Morris
Ms. Edith Medley Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Mills Charlene and Gaylord L. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Medlock Mr. John C. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Dean Morrison
Mrs. Belva J. Meench Mrs. Tracy F. Milner Ms. Ella Morrison
Debbie and Joel Meier Ms. Peggy Ming Ms. Sondra L. Morrison
Lora F. and Ralph M. Meier Janette and Tom R. Minihan Kathy and Rick Mort
Ms. Marlene D. Meier Mary and Jerry Minihan Mrs. Mary Ann Morton
Ingrid and John Meinders Mr. C. Kenneth Minter, Jr. Mrs. Mary Moser
Mr. David Melendez Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Minter Mr. Wil Moser
Billie L. and Dale C. Melendy Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Miraglio Jean and Robert J. Moses
Donna and David Melott Mrs. Phyllis A. Mirkes Dr. and Mrs. Rob E. Moses
Ms. Pam S. Melvin Trisha and Alen Misak Mrs. June A. Mosier
Memory Lane Cruisers of Seminole Mr. and Mrs. Terry Misar Mrs. Frances Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Steve G. Menasco Mrs. Patricia Miskel Kathy and Raymond Moss
Mr. Fernando Mendes Mission Generation Ms. Marilyn Moss
Mrs. Jerry Ann Menz Mrs. Janet P. Mitchell Margaret E. and Raymond W. Mosteller
Mr. Larry E. Menz Norma K. and Bob S. Mitchell Ms. Virginia L. Mouzakis
Ms. Shelly Menz Pam and Jerry Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Moyer
Mrs. Doris I. Mercer Mitchell and DeClerck, PLLC Ms. Faye Mueggenborg
Mrs. Wanda L. Mercer Linda J. and Eulis R. Mobley Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mueller
Mrs. Jeannie K. Merchant Mr. John M. Mock Mrs. Roxie Mulloy
Mr. Keith Meredith Mr. Paul H. Mock Carolyn G. and James R. Munger
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Meritt Ms. Stephanie S. Mode Municipal Employees Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Bob F. Merrell Ann and Stan R. Moffat Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Munkres
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Merrick Mr. and Mrs. Charley E. Molleur, Jr. Kathy and Jon Murdock
Karen K. and Monte F. Merritt Gloria and Sam Moncrieff Ms. Jean C. Murphy
Jane and Jordan P. Metcalf Moneta Group Suzy and Mike T. Murphy
Methodist Church Ms. Gerry Moneypenny Carolyn and Darryl Murray
Metro Appliances and More Ms. Becky Monro Mr. Joe T. Murray
Metro Radio Group, LLC Mrs. Patricia C. Monsees Mrs. Sherry S. Murray
Mr. Charles L. Metscher Mrs. Carolyn Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Musgrove
Cathy and Bob F. Meyer Ms. Kim Moody Mr. and Mrs. Ken Musick
Ms. Goldie Meyer Mr. Bill Moon Mustang Mandarin Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Meyer Carma and Bob Moore Mrs. Joey Muth
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Meyer Carolyn A. and Max E. Moore My Tribute Gift Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Shirley J. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Don Moore Cheryl W. and Robert W. Myers
Ms. Beth R. Miles Donna and Fred A. Moore Pat and Nelson Myers
Mr. Donald Mileur Mrs. Drenda K. Moore Wendy and Tim Myers
Mr. Ron Millard Mrs. Eleanor R. Moore Mrs. Beverly Nall
Mrs. Pauline Millemon Mrs. Emma Rose Moore Nancy and Paul L. Nall
Bobbi J. and Gene Moore Mrs. Ruth L. Nash
36Mrs. Betty R. Miller Mrs. Maribel Moore Faysal L. Nasr, MD
Carol A. and Monty M. Miller Mrs. Mary E. Moore Ms. Carolyn Nation
Ms. Doris E. Miller Mrs. Mary R. Moore National Christian Foundation Perkins Family
Ms. Elizabeth B. Miller Mrs. Maxine Moore
Esther M. and David A. Miller, Sr. Nan W. and Carl L. Moore Fund
Mrs. Eulamae Miller National Council of Architectural Registration

Boards Northwest Crop Insurance, LLC Allison C. and Spencer Parker
Mr. Charles V. Nault Jennifer L. and Joe B. Norton
NBC Oklahoma Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Nuzum Ms. Charlyn K. Parker
Linda and Larry D. Neal D. J. Nuzum
Jean and Tom F. Nealis Ms. Della Ruth Nuzum Ms. Donna L. Parker
Necco and Byrd, PC Mrs. Lori Nuzum
Mrs. Diane Neeland Mrs. Priscilla Nwankwo Mr. Doug Parker
Mrs. Diane M. Neely Mrs. Doris Y. Oakes
Patty and David G. Neely Betty and Chuck Obermiller Glenda and Odell F. Parker
Rosemary A. and Doyle Neely Gloria A. and Richard G. O’Brien
Mrs. Beverly Negelein COL (Retd.) Ron F. Ochis Mrs. Helen G. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Neidy Mr. and Mrs. James D. Odell
Judy and Wayne Neilson LaNelle and James Denny O’Dell Ms. Kristi Parker
The Nelms Family Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Oehl
Mrs. Ann Leonard Nelson Dr. Wynn’s Office Staff Nancy and Norman L. Parker
Mrs. Jenny L. Nelson and Mr. Joseph A. Nelson Mr. Robert O’Keeffe
Pam and Joe Nelson Oklahoma City National Memorial Mr. Phillip Parker
Nelson and US Club Oklahoma Court Clerks Association
Mr. and Mrs. Perry L. Nemecek Oklahoma Department of Transportation Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parkhurst
Miss Evelyn M. Nephew Oklahoma Retired Citizens Travel Club
Jill and Chris Nerio Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Ms. Elizabeth Parks
Mrs. Mary K. Nerio Mrs. Margaret L. Olinger
Mr. Scranton G. Nesbitt Mr. Evan Oliveaux Mrs. Loretta J. Parks
Ms. Glenice A. Nester Mrs. Bessie Ann Olivo
Debbie J. and Don B. Nevard Mrs. Pat Oller Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Parr
Dr. Lila Nevrekar Ms. Dorothy A. Olsen
Mr. John Newbern Ellen and Rob Olsen Earlene and Mike Parr
Mabel M. and George W. Newer Ms. Darla Olson
Mrs. Patricia Newhouse Ms. Pam Olson Mrs. Wilma F. Parr
Ms. Debbie M. Newman Merlene and Wade Olson
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Newman Mrs. Marcellene J. O’Malley Mrs. Georgia A. Parrish
MAJ GEN (Retd.) Stanley F. H. Newman Ms. Ann M. O’Neil
Mrs. Mary Nicewander Ms. Phyllis O’Neill Joanne A and Ken D. Parrott
Joan and Mike Nicholas Ongoers
Mr. David Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Levi Opitz Ms. Mitzi Paschall
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Nichols Judy and Walt P. Opitz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholson OptionOne Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy Mr. Coy D. Passmore
Mrs. Gayla Nicholson Mrs. Charlotte Orebaugh and Mr. Bill
Glenda and John W. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Paston
Suzy E. and Don R. Nicholson Orebaugh
Dr. and Mrs. M. C. Nickell Helen and Mike Orf Amy L. and Darrin Patrick
Mrs. Mavis Nickels Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Ormston
Mrs. Peggy Nickelson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Orwig Ms. Shawna C. Patrick
Dr. Tim Nicklas Mrs. Nona L. Osborn
Mr. Clark Nickles The Osmus Family Mrs. Rebecca J. Patten
Vivian J. and Gary D. Nida Mary Lou Oster-Granite, PhD
Sandra A. and Peter K. Nigh Melanie and Phil Osterhout Mrs. Karen Patterson
Mrs. Joan F. Nightingale Glenna G. and Sam Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nite Nancy and Danny Overland Mr. Randy Patterson
Ms. Peggy J. Nix Ms. Ann Dee Overstreet
Peggy J. and Larry J. Nixon Ms. Florence S. Oxford Mrs. Bertha Patton
Mrs. Lynda L. Nolen P & K Equipment Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey R. Nolen Mrs. Ella M. Pace Lyn and Mark Patton
Patricia W. and Jitter Nolen Deanna and Jim Page, Jr.
Ms. Pauletta Norbury Naomi and Omar S. Page Nita L. and Gilbert R. Patton
Mrs. Esther Norman Christi J. and Wade Pagett
Mrs. Zelda Norman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Paine Mrs. Vicki Patton
Norman Arts Council Kathy and Jack Painter
Mrs. Martha R. Nornberg Mrs. Suzanne C. Palmer Marcia and Gary L. Patzkowsky
Linda C. and John R. Norris Mary and Dennis Panke
Mrs. Marjory Norris Betty and H. M. Pannell Ms. Bea Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Northcutt Mrs. Annette K. Parham
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Northern Roberta and Jay C. Parham Paul’s Place Steakhouse, LLC
Mrs. Nadine Park
Ms. Loretta Pavell

Ms. Judith A. Pawlak

Pawnee County Retired Educators Association

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Payne

Mrs. Joan N. Payne

Ms. Merlene Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Payne

Valerie J. and C. D. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Payton

Mrs. Gwen K. Peard

Sonya K. and Larry Pearson

Ms. Donna J. Peck

Mrs. Jeanette Peck

Mrs. Rita F. Peck

Ms. Sue Peery

Laurie and Monte Pelter

Mrs. Jane Pemberton

Pen and Quill Book Club

Carolyn and J. T. Pendergraft

Mr. James W. Pendleton

Ms. Nancy H. Pennell

Joyce and Dan Pennington

Juana K. and Leroy Penry

PEO Chapter CL

Mr. Arnold Peoples

Mr. Eric Percival 37
Mrs. Nadine E. Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perkins
Shirley and Roy A. Perkins
Ms. Kris Perry
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Perry

Kevin and Kyle Stevens Mrs. Susan Sutter Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thiessen
Ms. Laverna Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Svejkovsky Barbara and Max Thomas
Lu and Butch Stevenson Ms. Peggy J. Swafford Bertha and G. W. Thomas III
Mrs.Shelley Stevenson Mr. Eddie Swaggart Connie and Phil A. Thomas
Ms. Nicole Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swaggart Mrs. Reba Thomas
Dee and Roger Stickley Ms. Evelyn L. Swanda Tom A. Thomas, Jr. Fund - OCCF
Stilwell Pharmacy Incorporated Mr. Glen Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Stan Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Stinchcomb Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swart Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thomasson
Mrs. Mary Thetford Stipe Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Thompson
The Stirman Families Ms. Joyce Swearingen Becky G. and Rick D. Thompson
Stockmans Bank Betty and Tim Sweborg Mr. Chuck R. Thompson
Mr. Dennis L. Stokes Teresa Jo and Gary Sweet Mr. David Thompson
Glenda and Stan Stokes Dr. Leva K. Swim Dianna and Buddy J. Thompson
Ms. Kathleen L. Stolle Mr. and Mrs. Gary Switzer Mr. and Mrs. Doyle A. Thompson
Andrea D. and Jonathan B. Stone Mrs. Willa Mae Switzer Ms. Helen H. Thompson
Mrs. Betty S. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Symcox Mr. Lee B. Thompson, Jr.
Jeanette and Jack Stone Sysco Facilities Group Ms. Lori Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Stone Ms. Veronica M. Syvertson Miss Melissa S. Thompson
Laura and William Stonebraker Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Szymanski Mr. Scotty Thompson
Mrs. Roseanne Stonecipher Mrs. Shirley A. Tabor Mrs. Shelby F. Thompson
Mary and Melvin Stoner Mrs. Joyce L. Talley Sue and J. W. Thompson
Cindy and J. R. Storer Dawn and Jim Tanner Betsy and Robert S. Thorpe
Gail L. and Glenn A. Storey Tanner Engineering Mrs. Donna S. Thralls
Ms. Fern L. Storm Tanti Study Club Ms. Lou Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Storm Mr. Don D. Tapper Mrs. Evelyn M. Tidholm
Mr. and Mrs. David Story Ms. Buffy Tate Tiger Trucks Inc.
Marion J. and Craig Story Nelda and John Tate Loretta and Charles R. Tilden
Libby E. Stott and T. R. Thedford Ms. Dolores P. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Tillery
Mrs. Ann Stout Dorothy J. and Jack E. Taylor Megan B. and James M. Tilly
Becky and Jared Stout Mrs. Jan Taylor Timbers Homeowners Association
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Stout Janet F. and Donald O. Taylor Ms. Karen A. Tindel
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stout Ms. Jean A. Taylor Jo and Robert L.Tiner
Mrs. Jaquita B. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Jim Taylor Tinker Boom Shop
Mrs. Marie Stover Judy and Geary Taylor Donna C. and Max L. Tinsman, Jr.
Sharon K. and D. Chris Strait Mrs. Lela W. Taylor Florene M. and Kenneth Tipton
Ms. Treva Strand Mrs. Linda Taylor Linda and Dale Tivis
Emily and David Stratton Dr. Lynne Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Todd
Mrs. Barbara J. Streck Mrs. Mary Anne Taylor Claudia M. and David E. Todd
Ms. Gretchen Street Justice and Mrs. Steven W. Taylor Donna S. and Bill R. Toellner
Ms. Mary F. Streller Mrs. Tommie J. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Tollett, Sr.
Ms. LaVerne Stroh Naea M. and Les E. Teachman Ms. Janet M. Tomarkin
Mr. Josh H. Stroman Mr. and Mrs. William R. Teague Mrs. Lola Tomson
Dana L. and Billy Stromberg Tecumseh Housing Authority Resident Council Town and Country E. H. Group of Cashion
Mrs. Jolene Strong Town and Country Home Makers
Judy B. and Chuck P. Stroo Association Gladys M. and Robert E. Trammell
Alice and Raymond L. Stroud Kristen and Kyle N. Tefft Mrs. Yvonna L. Treas
Stroud National Bank Ms. Jane M. Tehven Denise and Mike Tribbey
Stroud Regional Medical Center Foundation Ms. Glenda Temple Ms. Mona S. Trice
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Struck Pat and Rod Templer J. A. Trigg Oil and Gas Properties, LLC
Structural Services Inc Ms. Phyllis Templeton Trinity Fellowship
Mrs. Roberta Stubblefield Tenkiller Women’s Club Mrs. Ann T. Trost
Scott N. Stubbs, MD Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Terrell Charlotte G. and Louis F. Trost
Kathryn and Lynn D. Sturgeon Mrs. Dana Terrell Mr. C. E. Trousdale
Sheryl and Rustin Sturgeon Joe Ann and Alan Terrill Mr. and Mrs. James Trowbridge
Darla G. and Leon E. Subera Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Teter Mrs. Mariellen Jones Trumble
Ms. Mary Beth Sudduth Tetra Tech Inc Phillip Truss Insurance Agency
Mrs. Millie M. Sullens Texanna Lady Crafters Inc. Mrs. Charla Tubb
Janie K. and J. Pat Sullivan Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Mr. and Mrs. James B. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Sullivan Dorothy and Udho Thadani
Mrs. Mary Sullivan Mrs. Patsy J. Thanscheidt 41Mrs. Linda C.Tucker
Ricki and Gary Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ross W. Thanscheidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Theis II Verla Tucker Family
Mrs. Sharon L. Summary Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Themer Tuesday Night Pilates Girlfriends
Sunshine OK Home & Community Education Ms. Debbie Theodorou Tulsa Mrs. Club
Becky and Tim Thesman Ms. Angie D. Tumberlinson
Mrs. Gloria Turley

Mrs. Judith Turner Gena and Shelldon Vogt Mr. and Mrs. Jim Waters
Judy and Ron S. Turner Mrs. Peggy Vorel Miss Judy G. Waters
Sandra L. and Ronald L. Turner Frieda J. and J. C. Voyles Martha and Roy L. (Wimpy) Waters, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Turner Brenda P. and Matthew W. Waack Waters Charitable Foundation
Ms. Penny A. Turney Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Wade Ms. Carol Watkins
Linda P. and Eric T. Tutwiler Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waggoner Janice and Claude Watkins
Ms. Jean Anne Tuxhorn Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Wagner Kari and Hardy Watkins
Mr. Larry Tuxhorn Ms. Betty F. Wakefield Mrs. Lynda C. Watkins
Two Brothers Bistro Donna and John G. Wakefield Mrs. Sue Watkins
Barbara L. and Ralph W. Tyler Peggy and Jackie G. Waldo Carita and Rudolph Watson
Ms. Dorothy Tyler Dorothy J. and Kenneth B. Waldron Mrs. Della L. Watson
Mr. James L. Tyler Ms. Bonnie J. Waldrop Claudia and Kent Watt
Ms. Nelda J. Tyler Ms. Kathy Wales Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Watts
Ms. Karen S. Tytgat Mrs. Ann Walker Mrs. Cleo Watts
UBS Employee Giving Program Ms. Carmaleta Walker Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Wayland
Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Ueltzen Mrs. Claudia Walker Ms. Patricia Wayman
Lisa and Tom Uhlenhake Mr. Ed Walker Ms. Freida I. Wayne
The LeRoy H. Uhlenhop Trust Mrs. Helen Walker Wayne High School Girls Softball
Ms. Margery Unbehaven Ms. Iva Nell Walker Ms. Janis Wear
Dana and Mitch Underwood Ms. Judy Walker Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Weast
Dana A. and Dewey L. Underwood Mr. Larry Walker Ann and Clifton Webb
Ms. Ruth A. Underwood Ms. Neta Walker Delma and Frank Webb, Jr.
UniBridge Systems, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walker Mrs. Donna L. Webb
United Church of Lahoma Steve and Vanessa Walker Donna and John E. Webb
United Methodist Church Virginia and Ray Walker Mrs. Jacquelyn Webb
United Way of Central and Northeastern Mrs. Vynetta Walker Mrs. Patricia A. Webb
Keith F. Walker Oil and Gas Company, LLC Mrs. Betty Joe Weber
Connecticut Ms. Charlene F. Wall Ms. Diana Weber
UnitedHealth Group Kay and P. L. Wall Kerry A. and William C. Weber
Ms. Bobbie J. Unruh Mr. Richard Wall Mrs. Naola Weber
Ms. Edith Unruh Annette P. and Gene Wallace Phyllis and Phillip R. Webster
Lillian and Melvin L. Unruh Mrs. Louise D. Wallace Mrs. Sandra A. Webster
Marsha and Dean Unruh Mrs. Margueritte H. (Margo) Wallace Ms. Debbi L. Wehba
Ms. Angelia G. Upchurch Ms. Marjorie A. Wallace Charlotte and Ken Wehmuller
Kim and Bruce Usher The Wallace Girls Mrs. Pamela Weibel
Mrs. Adeline O. Vaill Mrs. Betty L. Walls Donna M. and Kirk Weinkauf
Ms. Karlinda S. Valadez Shelly J. and John H. Walstad Mrs. Julia A. Weinkauf
Ms. Karen Valentine Mrs. Callie M. Walter Beth and Bill F. Weitzel
Ms. Margaret L. Vallion Marilyn J. and Richard M. Walter Mr. Max Weitzenhoffer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Van Eman, Jr. Ms. Shirley J. Walter and Mr. Jose Anzaldua Ms. Donna Welch
Mr. Douglas Van Ranken Ms. Jean C. Walters Ms. Linda L. Weldon
Kathy and Rick VanCleave Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters Ms. Barbara Welk
Mr. and Mrs. Guy D. Vanderslice Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Walters Ms. Regina Wellman
Mickey Vanderwork Farm Twila F. and Jeff M. Waltner Mr. Joel F. Wellnitz
Ms. Connie Vanfleet Ms. Alice Waltrip Mr. Dennis Wells
Rene J. and Bill Vassar Mrs. Jacquiline G. Wanger Margaret H. and Bill Wells
Mrs. Suzanne Vater Patty and Rod Wanger Ms. Marilyn S. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Vaughn Jeanette and Jim C. Ward Trish A. and Jarrod Welsh
Mrs. Betty S. Vaught Ms. Jimmie Lou Ward Johnnie and Arthur Welty
Mrs. Nellie F. Vaught Ms. Lynne W. Ward Lynn S. and Mark A. Wendt
Sharon L. and John L. Veach Ms. Marion S. Ward Grace L. and Darrell L. Wessels
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Veazey Mrs. Myra B. Ward Kathie R. and Ike G. Wessels
Mrs. Kathryn Venamon Mrs. Sandra K. Ward Mrs. Bernice West
Ms. Kristy Ventimiglia Ms. Sharon S. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. West
Mr. Blake Vernon Sherilyn R. and Gary B. Ward Mrs. Evelyn J. West
Mrs. Robert R. Vick Sherry K. and Jeffrey L. Ward Karen and David West
Mrs. Janet Vierra Mrs. Nadine Ware Mary D. and Ken West
Nancy K. and John D. Villines Jami D. and Kent Warkentin Ms. Melinda T. West
Ms. Sandra K. Vincent Mrs. Jan L. Warner Sue L. and Donald West
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin W. Warren Mrs. Juanita Westfahl
42Mary and Mark Virden Mrs. Laura B. Warriner Peggy O. and Harold W. Westfahl
Vision Bank Nancy and Richard Wasson Donna and Robert Weston
Vision Source OKC South, PLLC Ms. Sharon Watanabe Renee and Gary S. Weyl
Corrine and Olen E. Visor Mrs. Barbara J. Waters Janice and Larry Whaling
Ms. Deanna Voegeli
Mrs. Donna Kennedy Vogel

Le A. and Jack Wheat Willow View United Methodist Church Woodward County District #3 Road Crew
Mrs. Cheryl A. Wheelbarger and Mr. James D. Crusaders Class Woodward County Farm Bureau
Woodward, Harper and Ellis Counties Rtd.
Wheelbarger Eileen and W. A. Wills
Mrs. Jeanne Wheeler Peggy and Jim Wills Teachers Assn.
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wherritt Ms. Kyndal Wilmot Mrs. Ann D. Woolley
Dorothy A. and G. L. Whitaker Mr. Andy Wilson Ms. Susanne Woolley
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Whitaker Brenda and Chris Wilson Cheryl W. and Clyde F. Wootton
Mr. LaVerl Whitaker Ms. Carol I. Wilson Virginia and P. J. Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. White Ms. Connie L. Wilson Page G. and Harry Worsham
Jamie and Pete White Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilson Jonathan Daniel Wren, PhD
Ms. Joy Murphy White Ms. Ellen Wilson Ernestine and Tom Wright
Mrs. Linda K. White Joanna F. and Clinton A. Wilson Mrs. Frances J. Wright
Mrs. Marilyn White Jody and Steve L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wright
Nona and Terry White Judy A. and Jim W. Wilson Mrs. Hazel M. Wright
Mr. Paul M. White Ms. Mary A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright III
Mrs. Rebecca C. White Mary Ann and Keith O. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Wright
Mr. Tom D. White Dr. Max Wilson Shirley J. and Leon W. Wright
Buford White Lumber Company, LLC Ralinda J. and Ronald Wilson Mrs. Sylvia J. Wright
Teresa D. and Jerry K. Whitney Sharen and Joel Wilson Mr. Richard Wuerflein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Whitten, Sr. Susie and Jerry Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wunderlich
Mrs. Shirley L. Wiedemann Mrs. Wenonah Wilson Mr. John Wustenberg
Mrs. Susan Wiewall Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie L. Wimberly Mr. Joe S. Wylie, Jr.
Wiggins Auctioneers, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Winchester Ms. Suanne M. Wymer
Ms. Gwendolynn Wilburn Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Winchester Lynn and Travis Yadon
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell E. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Damon D. Wingfield Sharon J. and Bill A. Yeager
Ms. Judy S. Wilcox Mr. Gary W. Winsett Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. York
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Wilcoxen Mrs. Erma L. Winstead Mr. Harvey Yost II
Mrs. Marlene L. Wilczek Marjorie M. and Jake Winter, Jr. Letha and Mark Yost
Ms. Theresa Wilczek Mrs. Ruth D. Winter Ms. Kay Youderian
Catherine C. and Roger L. Wiles Mrs. Sue Winterringer and Mr. Jim C. Lori and Ryan Youderian
Mr. and Mrs. Dave V. Wiley Anita and Charles D. Young
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Wiley Winterringer Ms. Bertha Ann Young
Nadine R. and Frank Wilkerson Mrs. Orpha Winters Ms. Carol J. Young
Carol and Jack Wilkins Bob and Donna Wion Ronnie and Dee Young
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilkinson Ms. Beverly E. Wittrock Mr. and Mrs. Don Young
Charla and Jim Wille Ms. Toni N. Wizenberg Mrs. Jennie L. Young
Betty and Ray Williams Mrs. Karma Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Young
Ms. Debbie Williams Mr. Bill M. Wolfe Mrs. Julie Young
Mrs. Debbie Williams Mrs. Christine Wolfe Ms. Leslie Young
Eileen and Bob P. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Milt Wolff Mrs. Mary C. Young
Mrs. Flora Mae Williams Mr. Mike Wolgamott Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Younts
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Williams Ms. Maerita R. Wolverton Your Office Colleagues
Mrs. Jean H. Williams Women of the Moose #1587 Nelda B. and Larry G. Yow
Julie G. and Scott Williams Wonderful Giving Ms. Kaye L. Bodkin Zachary
LaNelle and Lon Dean Williams Alice and Bob G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Don T. Zachritz
Mr. and Mrs. Len Z. Williams Mrs. Celia Wood Mrs. Liz Zaloudek
Ms. Lonnie F. Williams Mrs. Charlotte A. Wood Jean and Jack Zamberlin
Ms. Lynette Jequeta Williams Mrs. Cindy Wood Ms. Melanie S. Zeller
Mrs. Mary Beth Williams Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne C. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Elvin E. Zeman
Minnie and Jerry W. Williams Dottie and Gary C. Wood Ronda K. and Gary A. Zenker
Ms. Sandra Williams Mrs. Elaine B. Wood Rita A. and Lee Zentic
Mrs. Sonya S. Williams Mr. Jimmy D. Wood Deanna and Bob L. Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Williams Ms. Joyce M. Wood Mr. Edward R. Zschiesche
Ms. Sue E. Williams Ms. Mary Y. Wood Ramona R. and Dr. Sattar M. Zubaidi
Suellen and Bruce Williams Ms. Paris Wood
Wilma A. and James R. Williams, Jr. Mrs. Gail Woodard 43
Bev and Don Williamson Mrs. Terri Woodbury and Mr. Roy Lee
Gwen and Bruce Willingham
Ms. Mary Lou Willingham Woodbury
Judy and Allon Willis Mr. Kent Woodry
Mrs. Shirley Ann Willis and Mr. Perry Willis Kay and Bill C. Woods
Mrs. Colleen Willms Mrs. Maxine Woods
Ms. Julia A. Willms Mrs. Nancy J. Woods
Mrs. Wanda J. Willms Nancy A. and Alvin Woods
Helen E. and Jack Woodward
Mary Ann and David A. Woodward

Scientific Faculty Matter

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate about half of all American Cardiovascular Disease
adults—117 million people as of 2012—live with chronic disease and health conditions.
And one in four lives with more than one chronic health condition. 85.6 million

At OMRF, our scientific faculty members are focused on changing those statistics. Jasimuddin Ahamed, Ph.D.
Through a combination of laboratory and clinical research, they’re laying bare the
genetic and environmental factors that cause disease. That work is also enabling them Charles T. Esmon, Ph.D.
to devise new ways to predict, treat and prevent those illnesses.

Here, you’ll meet OMRF’s 47 principal scientists. For just about every one of them,
their work touches on multiple disease areas (including many not listed here due to
space contraints).

On these two pages, we’ve grouped our principal scientists by the health conditions
their research most directly impacts. The accompanying numbers show how many
Americans are currently affected by each condition.

Cancer - 14.5 million Susannah Rankin, Ph.D. Courtney Griffin, Ph.D.
Christopher L. Sansam, Ph.D. Michael T. Kinter, Ph.D.
Magdalena Bieniasz, Ph.D. Linda F. Thompson, Ph.D. Florea Lupu, Ph.D.
K. Mark Coggeshall, Ph.D. Rheal A. Towner, Ph.D. Rodger P. McEver, M.D.
Dean Dawson, Ph.D. Jonathan D. Wren, Ph.D. Vice President of Research
Gary J. Gorbsky, Ph.D. Lorin Olson, Ph.D.
David Jones, Ph.D. Ray Rezaie, Ph.D.
Roberto Pezza, Ph.D. Sathish Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Lijun Xia, M.D., Ph.D.


Autoimmune Disease - 23.5 million Joan T. Merrill, M.D.

José Alberola-Ila, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert Axtell, Ph.D. Courtney Montgomery, Ph.D.
Eliza Chakravarty, M.D.
Umesh Deshmukh, Ph.D. Swapan K. Nath, Ph.D. Arthritis - 52.5 million
A. Darise Farris, Ph.D.
Timothy M. Griffin, Ph.D.

Gabriel Pardo, M.D. Hearing Loss - 37.5 million
Robert “Hal” Scofield, M.D.
Robert A. Floyd, Ph.D.

Patrick M. Gaffney, M.D. Kathy (Moser) Sivils, Ph.D. Gaurav Varshney, Ph.D.

Judith A. James, M.D., Ph.D. Ira N. Targoff, M.D. Diabetes - 29.1 million
Susan Kovats, Ph.D. Katherine Thanou, M.D.
Christopher J. Lessard, Ph.D. Kenneth Humphries, Ph.D.

Asthma - 24 million

Xiao-Hong Sun, Ph.D.

Neurodegenerative Disease Eye Disease - 36.5 million Paralysis - 5.4 million

6.4 million Scott Plafker, Ph.D., R.Ph. David Forsthoefel, Ph.D.

Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.

Kenneth G. Miller, Ph.D.

Disease statistics courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Christopher Reeve Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

Leadership Matters

Board of Directors

As a nonprofit, OMRF doesn’t have any owners. But we do have 77 individuals who
volunteer their time to serve as the foundation’s governing board. It’s an esteemed
group, consisting of many of Oklahoma’s leading executives, public servants and
philanthropists, all of whom lend their time and skills to ensure the foundation
functions at the highest level. Fortunately for OMRF, they‘re a devoted lot, with
more than a millennium in combined service to the foundation among them.

Recognizing 28 Years of Board Leadership Board Adds Two
To salute a long-time board member and supporter, OMRF in November Dr. J. Michael Kelly and Sarah E.
dedicated the Sharon J. Bell Laboratory. An attorney, Bell is managing partner Yauk were elected to OMRF’s board.
in the Tulsa law firm of Rogers and Bell. She joined OMRF’s board in 1988 and Kelly is a retired plastic surgeon
has since served in numerous leadership capacities, including chairing the board’s from Oklahoma City. Yauk lives in
executive committee. Buffalo, Okla., where she runs federal
programs management for rural
“Sharon Bell has provided outstanding leadership and wise counsel to OMRF schools and trains administrators and
for many years,” says Len Cason, chair of OMRF’s board. As individual trustee teachers.
of the Chapman Trusts, Bell has also helped provide OMRF with funding for
dozens of scientific and capital projects, including a leadership gift that enabled

46the construction of OMRF’s research tower. “She really understands OMRF,” says
foundation COO Chip Morgan, “and she’s remained committed to our mission for
nearly three decades.”

Years of Service 20 years or more Brett Jameson, M.D.
30 years or more Bruce Benbrook Jim Morris
Woodward Oklahoma City
Elizabeth Blankenship* Barbara Braught Bond Payne
Oklahoma City Duncan Oklahoma City
Ellen Burgess Randy Brown, M.D. Gary Pierson
Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Merrill Burruss* Ken Fergeson Phyllis Stough
Geary Altus Oklahoma City
Elizabeth Coe* Harrison Levy Gregory Walton, M.D.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Mark Collins, Ph.D. Jack McCarty Deane Wymer
Tulsa Newkirk Fairview
Bill Durrett* Richard Parry
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 5 years or more
Randy Everest* Patrick Rooney
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Bill Anoatubby
Jacqueline Haglund Paul Schulte Ada
Tulsa Kingfisher Ramsey Drake
Brooks Hall Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City 15 years or more Walt Duncan IV
Randy Hogan Edmond
Oklahoma City Greg Allen Carl Edwards
Gene Rainbolt* Charlottesville, VA Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Michael Carolina Christy Everest
Dee Replogle Edmond Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Malinda Fischer Mark Funke
Betsy Thorpe Stillwater Edmond
Oklahoma City Virginia Groendyke Cliff Hudson
Enid Oklahoma City
25 years or more Burns Hargis William O. Johnstone
Stillwater Oklahoma City
Lance Benham Robert Henry Larry Nichols
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Sharon Bell Lou Kerr Dan Little
Tulsa Oklahoma City Madill
Jil Boghetich Don Pitman Bill Loughridge, M.D.
Oklahoma City Tulsa Tulsa
Michael Carroll Robert Ross Becky Switzer
Edmond Oklahoma City Norman
Len Cason, Chair John Saxon III, M.D. G. Rainey Williams, Jr.
Oklahoma City Muskogee Oklahoma City
Hiram Champlin
Dallas, TX 10 years or more Fewer than 5 years
Gerald Gamble
Oklahoma City Claire Eagan Michael Cawley
John Griffin Tulsa Ardmore
Tulsa Pat Evans Judy Hatfield
Frank McPherson* Ponca City Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Ann Felton J. Michael Kelly, M.D.
Rebecca Patten Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Norman William Hawley, M.D. Mindy Mahaney
David Rainbolt Oklahoma City Bristow
Oklahoma City Kim Henry Sarah Yauk
Michael Samis Edmond Buffalo
Oklahoma City Jerome Holmes
Ross Swimmer Oklahoma City *Life Directors
Steven Taylor

Networking Matters

National Advisory Council

Now in its fourth year, OMRF’s National Advisory Council helps raise national
awareness of OMRF. Chaired by OMRF Director Larry Nichols and comprised of
influential individuals from around the U.S. with a connection to Oklahoma, the
Council gathers twice a year for updates on research and new initiatives at OMRF.
Through their networks, council members introduce and endorse OMRF to
individuals, corporations and charitable foundations that could serve as potential
sources of support for OMRF.

In 2016, council members met in Arizona and at OMRF, where they learned
about OMRF’s research on the microorganisms that line the human digestive
tract. Understanding what takes place in OMRF’s labs, says Don Cogman, enables
his fellow council members and him to advocate for the foundation. “OMRF does
very important work. I hope we can raise awareness about it across the country
and the world.”

California Oklahoma Virginia/DC
Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D. William M. “Bill” Cameron Don Nickles
Oregon Fred J. Hall Ronald A. Rosenfeld
William H. Stoller Cathy Keating New York
Arizona Larry Nichols, Chair Christian Keesee
Don V. Cogman Texas Joe Wright
Utah Blake Hogan Richard D. Story
Whitt Lee Blaine Wesner Georgia
John F. “Sandy” Smith

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