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Teaming Up OMRF and OU launch a clinical trial for patients suffering from a deadly brain cancer. Glioblastoma

Well and Good – employee wellness

Ask Dr. P – Thin on the outside, fat on the inside, type 2 diabetes Jill Holmes Craighead letter. Odds of children inheriting multiple sclerosis Dr. Gabriel Pardo

Bookshelf – Science books

Research Round-Up – Dean Dawson, Regis Meyer, Mike Kinter, Paul Kincade, Lijun Xia

Long Division A pregnancy starts with a single fertilized egg. Nine months later, that one cell has become trillions. Join us for an up-close-and-personal look at how a single cell becomes many through the story of one OMRF researcher’s pregnancy. Tim and Courtney Griffin.

Meet the Grad Students: Flora Ling, Joe Wilkerson, Eric Dumas, Reema Biswas Davis, Julie Ward, Lori Garman, Lee Bockus
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