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OMRF's 2017 Annual Report

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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2018-03-20 17:11:27

2018 - I am OMRF

OMRF's 2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report 1

The production, printing and mailing of this
publication were made possible by a donation from a private trust.


Our Name May
Say Research, but…



...Our Foundation

Is People

Science doesn’t just happen. Every insight, large or
small, comes because somebody made it. And that
somebody—a scientist—didn’t do it alone.

There were technicians who ran the experiments.
Accountants who administered the research grants.
Human resources professionals who recruited staff
members to the labs. Maintenance staff who emptied
the trashcans and cleaned the lab benches.

In 2017, scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research
Foundation made discoveries about heart disease,
cancer, diabetes and autoimmune illnesses. Those
findings, we hope, will one day improve the lives of
patients suffering from a host of different diseases.

In these pages, we feature some of the people who
made those breakthroughs possible. Many of them have
never donned a lab coat. But make no mistake: Without
all of them, there would be no ah-ha moments.

Of course, those moments would also be impossible
without donors like you. Thank you for your generosity.
Like just about anything important, science takes a
village. We’re humbled that you’ve chosen to be part
of ours.

Stephen Prescott, M.D.


Good Eats

Chase Pierce
Chef and Lead Food Service Assistant

I really enjoy feeding the people who make the research
happen. I’ve met people from a lot of different countries
and cultures, so we’ve tried to incorporate dishes in our
menus that might appeal to them. Like curries. I try to
do a lot of different varieties: lentil, chicken, Thai. And
I’m open to cooking vegetarian and gluten-free. It forces
me out of my comfort zone. I do like making Oklahoma
classics like chicken-fried steak every once in a while.
They might not be that good for the body, but they’re
definitely good for the soul.

Joined OMRF in 2012

Guilty pleasure:
Braum’s butter pecan ice cream




Finding a

Tania Reyna
Neurologist, Clinical Assistant Member
Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence

Very early on, I learned that multiple sclerosis would be
my niche. I remember my first year in residency meeting
a woman who is still our patient today. She was in her
early 20s with two children, and she’d had a terrible
relapse. She was in the hospital. I felt a connection to
her because we were both young females, and I wanted
to try to do something for her. But MS is not like blood
pressure. You can’t just pop a pill and keep it controlled.
So many things can go wrong in MS: motor functions,
vision, sensory deficits. It’s not a cookie-cutter thing.
That’s why this is challenging. You must think differently
for every patient.

Joined OMRF in 2014

Tips Tania offers her patients:
1. If you smoke, stop!
2. Regular physical activity is important
3. Focus on the positive


Thunder Up

Jon Hamm
Network and Computer Systems Senior Administrator

Outside of OMRF, I do a radio show, “Thunder Insiders,”
on 107.7 The Franchise. It’s analyzing the Thunder,
top to bottom. I got my foot in the door talking about
salary caps, which are complex rules about how you
build your basketball team. Now I do call-in segments
during the week, little reports after games, and a show
on Saturdays. It’s a complete side gig, but it’s helped
me communicate better with everyone at OMRF. When
you’re on the radio, you learn that you can’t ramble on.
You need to get to your point.
Joined OMRF in 2002
Top 3 radio tips:
1. Slow down
2. Say more with less
3. Don’t eat (even if you mute the microphone)




My Home
Is Your Home

Carlisa Curry
Senior Human Resources Specialist

This past September, our postdoctoral association
hosted a neuroscientist from the National Institutes
of Health. I picked her up at the airport. We’d made a
reservation for her at a hotel, but when we got there, the
guy at the front desk said, “I’m sorry, we’re fully booked.”
It was 11:00 at night, and I couldn’t find anything else.
So, I said, “If you don’t mind coming to stay at my house,
I have an extra room.” I gave her my daughter’s room.
Luckily, it wasn’t a complete mess. But it was definitely
not your typical hotel room. Kiara had painted the walls
neon green.

Joined OMRF in 2012

Carlisa’s job-hunting don’ts:*
1. Use sexybunny94 as your email contact address
2. Ask your interviewer for a hug
3. Ask your interviewer for a high-five

*Each one is taken from Carlisa’s actual experiences as a recruiter.


The Write Stuff

Kandice Tessneer
Postdoctoral Fellow
Scientific Writer

Creative thoughts don’t bloom from restrictive
guidelines. That’s why when I’m coaching grad
students or postdocs, I tell them not to let things like
word counts stop them from putting their thoughts
on paper. You can always edit 4,000 words down to fit
a 1,000-word limit. But you have to let it flow and use
your creativity first.
Joined OMRF in 2012
Grammar pet peeve:
Run-on sentences




Making a
Joyful Noise

Jannie Jefferies
File Coordinator
Accounting, Records and Payroll

Do I have a favorite song? No, not really. I sang at a

Janniefuneral a couple of weeks ago. I sang at [longtime OMRF
receptionist] Joyce Holley’s retirement. I just try to fit the
song with what’s going on. I’ve been singing since I was
real little. Sometimes it feels inspirational to me. And, I
hope, to others.

PhotoJoined OMRF in 1990
Three songs Jannie loves to sing:
1. Amazing Grace
2. Safe in His Arms
3. I Won’t Complain


Not Fiction

Ken Humphries
Associate Member
Aging & Metabolism Research Program

Growing up, I loved reading science fiction. The stories,
the creativity, the possibilities. Take Michael Crichton’s
Jurassic Park. The idea that you could extract dinosaur
DNA from a mosquito sounded far-fetched. But even
20 years ago, the capabilities we have now would’ve
seemed like science fiction—the amount of data we’re
able to obtain so quickly, the high-throughput means
of discovery. We can even edit genes. I always tell my
son, “To me, the iPad and iPhone are science fiction.” We
walk around with videophones in our hands. As a kid,
that was inconceivable.

Joined OMRF in 2006

On Ken’s childhood bookshelf:
1. The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov
2. Lots of Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke
3. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card




49 and Counting

Chip Morgan
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

I was starting my junior year at OU, 20 years old,
married about one month. My mother worked for John
A. Brown’s department store in Oklahoma City, and one
of her co-workers ran a personnel agency. She helped
me get a part-time accounting job at OMRF. I’d come
in nights and weekends and post checks to our grants
accounts. It’s all computerized now, but back then I did
it with a ledger, a pen and a 10-key adding machine.
Since then, I’ve done just about everything imaginable
at OMRF. Accounting. HR. Facilities. Safety. Purchasing.
Technology transfer. Everything except research. I leave
that to our scientists, who still amaze me. How did I end
up spending my life around all these brilliant people?
Forty-nine years here, and I’ve never worked anywhere
else. I’m the luckiest son of a gun in the world.

Joined OMRF in 1969

Things Chip no longer sees at OMRF
1. Mainframe computers
2. A telephone switchboard
3. Carbon paper
4. People taking shorthand
5. Smoking in the office (or lab)


The Best of 2017

This past year, OMRF researchers published 126 studies
in scientific journals, bringing the total number of papers
this decade to more than 1,000. In hospitals and clinics
around the world, doctors used two different drugs born
at OMRF to treat patients suffering from life-threatening
blood disorders, and rheumatologists utilized a test
developed at OMRF to guide the care of people suffering
from rheumatoid arthritis. Meanwhile, two experimental
drugs with roots at OMRF—one to treat brain cancer, the
other sickle-cell disease—continued to show promise in
clinical studies.

Top 5 areas of disease research:
1. Lupus
2. Sjögren’s syndrome
3. Cancer
4. Diabetes
5. Arthritis

(Measured by number of 2017 OMRF publications)


Lupus Leaders Dr. Patrick Gaffney, a at high risk for developing
corresponding author on the lupus and treats them with an
A nine-year research study study. “Now we can start to make immune-modifying medication.
identified two dozen new genes connections that could ultimately “As a physician, I have seen
linked to the autoimmune disease lead to new drug targets down the damage that happens with
lupus. OMRF helped lead the the line.” lupus,” says Dr. Judith James,
effort, which involved more than who is leading the trial. “Even
100 scientists and physicians The research when patients get all the best
in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, was published in medicines we
Europe and South America. The the journal Nature currently have, the
researchers analyzed 27,500 Communications and disease still leads
DNA samples donated by patient brings the number of known lupus to deformities,
volunteers on three continents. genes to 101. OMRF researchers shortened
have played a role in identifying lifespans and
According to the Lupus or confirming 65 of those. things we just can’t fix. Now, we
Foundation of America, roughly may have the ability to dial this
1.5 million Americans live with In December, OMRF launched back and prevent people from
the disease. Understanding the world’s first lupus prevention moving into full-blown lupus.”
more about its origins will light study. The clinical trial, known
the way to better outcomes as SMILE, identifies people
for patients, says OMRF’s


Understanding Progress on
Alzheimer’s Colon Cancer

“When we think of Alzheimer’s An OMRF research team led
pathology, we think of dementia,” by Dr. David Jones made a
says Dr. Holly Van Remmen. discovery that points to how
But research has shown that the colon cancer develops. Published
memory-robbing disease can in the scientific journal eLife,
affect parts of the body other the finding could lead to new
than the brain. With a new grant, pathways for drug development
the OMRF scientist will examine for colorectal cancers, the third
whether Alzheimer’s also causes most common cancers in the U.S.
muscle deterioration. “People “We’re talking about ways of
suffering with Alzheimer’s often trying to predict who will develop
survive for many years while the colon cancer, preventing them
disease progresses,” she says. from getting it and, if they do get
“A loss of function can have a it, finding ways to treat it,” says
profound negative impact on an Jones. “This is a big step in
already declining quality of life.” that direction.”


Mouse House

With funding from the Presbyterian Health Foundation, Hearst Grant
OMRF opened the state’s first germ-free research
facility in October. The idea, says Dr. Sai Tummala, The Hearst Foundations made
is to start with a pristine setting in which lab mice are a grant to OMRF to support
free of the trillions of microorganisms that ordinarily populate their the recruitment of Drs. David
bodies. “Then scientists can introduce a single microbe or group of Forsthoefel and Gaurav
microorganisms and see how they affect the mice,” says Tummala, Varshney, two new scientists
who serves as director of the facility. Already, research has shown that who specialize in the use of
microorganisms may play a role in predisposing us to obesity and a novel research models to study
range of chronic diseases. “By knowing precisely which microbes enter disease. One of the nation’s
the environment, we can learn their specific role in disease.” leading philanthropies, Hearst
selected OMRF’s project as part
Innovation Award of a nationwide competition that
resulted in awards to nonprofit
The Rheumatology Research Foundation organizations in 24 states and the
presented Dr. Darise Farris with its District of Columbia.
Research Foundation Innovative Research
Award. The award provides the OMRF
scientist with a two-year grant to research
the origins of Sjögren’s syndrome, a painful
condition in which a person’s immune system
attacks the body’s own moisture-producing glands, inhibiting the ability
to produce tears or saliva.


for Patients

OMRF’s Multiple Sclerosis
Center of Excellence won the
Labe Scheinberg Award at the
2017 Annual Consortium of
Multiple Sclerosis Centers. The
award is presented annually to
recognize research excellence in
the field of neurorehabilitation
in MS. OMRF won for its work
in telerehabilitation, offering
remote alternatives to traditional
physical therapy for patients. Led
by Dr. Gabriel Pardo, OMRF’s
MS Center treats more than
2,500 patients suffering from the
autoimmune disease.

Partners in Discovery

GSK, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies,
selected OMRF to participate in its “Discovery Partnerships
with Academia” program. Launched in 2011, this highly
selective initiative develops innovative medications by
combining the insight and creativity of leading academic
scientists with GSK’s drug discovery expertise. At OMRF,
Dr. Charles Esmon will lead efforts to develop novel
therapies for acute pancreatitis, lung injury and trauma.

Hope for a Rare Disease

Dr. Lijun Xia found new clues about the origins of a bleeding
disorder known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura. In ITP, the body
mistakenly attacks and removes platelets, which play an important
role in protecting against bleeding. The new findings, published in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), could help
scientists develop new treatments for the condition, which causes
spontaneous bruising and can be life-threatening.


Two Events for One Great Cause

In September, OMRF held its sixth annual “241” fundraiser—two
events for one great cause. Country Music Association and Grammy
award-winning band The Mavericks headlined a wine and music
festival at OMRF, which was followed by a golf tournament at
Stillwater’s Karsten Creek Country Club. This year’s events brought the
241 fundraising total to more than $3.8 million since the events started
in 2012.

Making New

Dozens of prominent venture
capitalists and biotechnology
industry executives traveled to
Oklahoma City to attend the 2017
OMRF BioVenture Forum. “The
goal of the forum was to spark
commercialization by bringing in
folks who have varying interests
so we can get a broad spectrum
of ideas and thoughts regarding
tech commercialization and
investment,” says Manu Nair,
who organized the event. “I think
it was a success, and partner-
ships will blossom out of this as
a result.”


Leading the Way

In partnership with the American work in male-dominated fields
Heart Association, OMRF hosted and how STEM leaders are able
a STEM education program for to juggle family life along with
50 local female high-schoolers in such demanding careers,” says
October. A trio of female OMRF the American Heart Association’s
scientists and other women Debbie Hite Stewart. “The event
representing science, technology, really seemed to provide an
engineering and math fields opportunity for the students to
met with participants and led a think about their futures and
series of panel discussions about what direction they may want to
career paths. “The girls were go as they approach high school
eager to know what it’s like to graduation.”


“It’s quite an
honor to be
named number
one by your
own employees.”

Courtney Greenwood
OMRF Vice President of Human Resources

OMRF rang out the year by claiming the top spot in
The Oklahoman’s annual Best Places to Work competition in
the large organization category. Encompassing 800 employers,
rankings are based on surveys conducted by Pennsylvania-
based Workplace Dynamics LLC. The firm polled employees
across the state on a variety of factors, including pay and
benefits, job satisfaction, room for growth within the company
and management quality.


How We
Spend a Dollar

72¢ Research
20¢ Clinic operations
8¢ Administrative costs

When it comes to administrative costs, less is more.
According to the world’s largest nonprofit ranking
service, our single-digit percentage of expenses for
accountants, IT professionals and
other administrative employees
places us in select company. For
the 15th time, Charity Navigator
awarded OMRF its highest rating
in 2017. “OMRF’s exceptional
four-star rating sets it apart from
its peers and demonstrates its
trustworthiness to the public,”
says Michael Thatcher, President and CEO of Charity
Navigator. “People can trust that their donations are
going to a financially responsible and ethical charity
when they decide to support OMRF.”


Selected Financials

Selected Financial Information - Operating Fund

OPERATING REVENUE: Prior Year 2016-17

Competitive research grants:

National Institutes of Health grants $ 26,385,990 $ 28,911,625

Other competitive research grants 10,241,592 9,504,511

Total grants 36,627,582 38,416,136

Private contributions:

Income and gifts from trusts 7,513,537 7,538,361

Gifts and bequests 3,625,141 1,789,311

Contributions 1,928,256 2,131,621

Memorials 572,680 689,736

Total private contributions 13,639,614 12,149,029

Special event revenue:

Ticket sales and sponsorships - 584,996

Less: direct costs of event - (130,915)

Net revenues from special events - 454,081

Other revenue:

Clinical revenue, net of provisions for

contractual and other adjustments 9,728,825 9,992,552

Interest and investment income 641,696 837,182

Mineral income 1,340,234 1,538,463

Rent 445,084 382,390

Royalties and licensing income 937,033 1,277,966

Loss on disposal of assets (566) 289,941

Loss from uncollected receivables 76,734 -

Other 1,802,292 2,238,155

Total other revenue 14,971,332 1_6,556,649

65,238,528 67,575,895

Total revenue

Operating revenue from wills, pledges, and other

restricted gifts recorded in prior years 5,167,270 6,263,206

70,405,798 73,839,101


Program Services - Research 45,382,322 48,147,998

Program Services - Clinic operations 12,285,979 13,139,237

Support Services - General and administrative 5,018,171 5,058,758

Total operating expenses 62,686,472 66,345,993

$ 7,719,326 $ 7,493,108


Donor Honor Roll

OMRF was born in 1946 because of the generosity of
thousands of donors. That broad base of support has
continued for more than 70 years, and it has served as
a keystone of OMRF’s scientific success and stability.
In 2017, OMRF received gifts from more than 4,000
individuals, corporations and foundations. Each gift
matters, and we’re deeply grateful for your decision to
support OMRF. Your donations today light the way for
healthier tomorrows.

Donors who have given for 45 or more consecutive years:
1. Elizabeth and G.T. Blankenship
2. Betty J. and C.M. Clark
3. Mary Ann and John J. Coates, Jr.
4. Leslie M. Fitch
5. Billie L. and V. David Miller
6. Stanley F.H. Newman
7. Gene Rainbolt


$5,000,000+ Virginia and John Groendyke Leslie S. and Cliff Hudson
William D. Hawley, M.D. Gay E. and Ed Kirby
The Chapman Charitable Trusts Mr. Christian K. Keesee/The Kirkpatrick Kirschner Trusts - OCCF
Sara F. and Jay Kyte
$1,000,000-$4,999,999 Family Fund Estate of Dorothy A. Linton
Jessie Dearing Kinley Testamentary Linda F. Loughridge Family Trust
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Ms. Judith H. Malarkey
Estate of Pam W. Parrish Trust Estate of Shirley Lavonne McIntyre
Presbyterian Health Foundation Richard K. and Ruth S. Lane Memorial LaDonna and Herman Meinders/The

$500,000-$999,999 Trust Meinders Foundation
Peggy and Lee Mackey Estate of Glenn A. and Tressie L.
The Chickasaw Nation OMRF Fleming Scholarship - OCCF
Estate of Juanita Holsinger Susan C. and Steve M. Prescott Morford
Mr. Ronald A. Rosenfeld OMRF General Research - OCCF
$100,000-$499,999 William H. and Evelyn H. Shopp Trust OPUBCO
Simmons Charitable Foundation Order of the Eastern Star Oklahoma
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Mr. Bill Stoller/Express Employment
Estate of Frances L. Danley Grand Chapter
Wilma Davis-McElmurry Trust Professionals Mr. Gene Rainbolt
Inasmuch Foundation Glenna and Richard Tanenbaum Katie and Tony Say
Beth and Dale Matherly Scaramucci Foundation
McCasland Foundation $10,000-$24,999 Carolyn and Paul I. Schulte
Estate of Lucille M. Owens Jo Ann and Kenneth C. Smith
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Elizabeth and Greg Allen/Allen Family Tyler Media Group
Sarkeys Foundation Charitable Foundation Estate of Gary W. Wallace
United Way of Central Oklahoma Mrs. Nancy Wienecke
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation American Fidelity Assurance Company/ Mrs. Frances E. Wilson
American Fidelity Foundation/ Estate of Dennis Wayne York
$50,000-$99,999 InvesTrust
Anonymous Arnall Family Foundation Fund - Fidelity
Estate of Leota Margie Amsey Charitable Fund AT&T - Oklahoma
Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust Anonymous
Mrs. Jayne R. Hackworth Estate of Olin R. Branstetter BancFirst
Mr. Jacob Matherly/Matherly Ms. Susan Ross and D. Randolph Bank of Oklahoma
Bank SNB
Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Brown, Jr., M.D. Bayer Corporation
The Merrick Foundation Kim E. and Steve Bruno/United Mr. Mark L. Beffort/Newmark, Grubb,
Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Muncy
Glenn W. Peel Foundation Mechanical, Inc. Levy, Stange, Beffort
The Puterbaugh Foundation Becky H. and Jim C. Buchanan Linda and Lance Benham
Putnam City Schools Cancer Fund Mrs. Dolores P. Call Cemplex Group
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Saxon H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Black Mesa Investors, LLC
Estate of Charles William Wauhop Charles K. and Cassandra C. Bowen
$25,000-$49,999 Devon Energy Corporation Foundation
The Dillingham Family/Dillingham Harry and Louise Brown Foundation
The Anschutz Foundation Robert and Karen Browne Family Fund
Elizabeth and G.T. Blankenship Foundation
Nadyne Burruss and Merrill Ballenger Ramsey W. Drake/Carl E. Gungoll - OCCF
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Casey, Jr.
Burruss, Jr. Exploration, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Len B. Cason
Frontiers of Science Foundation of Ann-Clore and Walt Duncan/Duncan Oil The Crawley Family Foundation

Oklahoma, Inc. Properties, Inc.
Ms. Katharine M. Duncan
Christy and Jim Everest
Hardesty Family Foundation
Mr. Tim Headington
G. Ed Hudgins Family Fund - OCCF


Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Crites Betty and Charles O. Smith Leah A. and Dick A. Beale
Mr. Don Dekock Southwestern Stationery and Bank Sherry and Lee Beasley
Mrs. Katherine L. Dickey Mr. Mike J. Beckstead
Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Dillingham Supply, Inc. Mrs. Joanne Belcher
The Dobson Family Foundation Mrs. Erma D. Spann Mr. Jason Bell
Susan and Carl E. Edwards Stillwater Senior High School Sheryl and Bruce T. Benbrook
Embassy Suites Mr. Paul Thomson Benham Design, LLC, a Haskell
Ms. Tricia L. Everest Mrs. Norma F. Townsdin
First National Bank of Oklahoma DiAnna and Steve Waldschmidt Company
Cynthia and Hal French Traci B. and Gregory F. Walton Louise G. and Clay I. Bennett
Beverly and Mark W. Funke Donna K. and Allyn G. Warkentin Marilyn R. and Royce H. Bentley
David W. Gorham Gift Fund - OCCF Waters Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Best/The Best
Heritage Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. G. Rainey Williams, Jr.
Chick and Yvonne Hilgenberg Charitable Mr. Harvey Wolfson Companies, Inc.
Ms. M. Carol Wright Vickie and David L. Beyer
Trust Patricia and Sam C. Bingaman III
Cathy and John M. Huber $1,000-$4,999 Mr. Richard A. Birchall
David and Lezlie Hudiburg Family Mr. Paul J. Birckbichler
Mrs. Dorothy Jo Abbott Ms. Caroline E. Blakey
Foundation Ms. Cecilia E. Abrams Mrs. Mary J. Blanton/D.J. Blanton
Judith A. James Wood, M.D., Ph.D., and Mina and James Acquaye
Miss Mary Evelyn Adams Company
Glen Aden Wood Mr. Mike G. Adams Kaye and Fred L. Blaylock
Ann and Bill Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Winford Akins Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
The Journal Record Mr. Richard Alvarez Mrs. Frances M. Boatright
Jane F. and John A. Kenney Janice B. and D.C. Anderson Suzanne and Bruce Bockus
Judge Terence C. Kern Ms. Leslie Anderson Mr. Bart Boeckman
Ms. Sandy Kinney Lou E. and E.R. Andrew Cheryl L. and Chris J. Boeckman
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc. The Honorable and Mrs. Bill Anoatubby Bruce and Sherry Boehs
Barbara N. and Edward A. Krei Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Tony Boghetich
Mrs. Colleen F. Lage APS FireCo Brooke and Kurt Bollenbach
Mr. Albert W. Lang Falon and Todd Arms Mrs. Zandra Boucher
Mr. S. Whitfield Lee Shelly and Gary Arnold Mrs. Coyla J. Bowden
Carol A. and Dr. Joseph L. Lynch Nancy J. and Stephen J. Arntz Clara H. and Johnny L. Bowen
Inge and Melvin Hugh Madewell Mr. Robbie Auger Jana and Jon Bowers
Gigi and Rod McEver Lou J. and Marshall Ault Peggy and Del N. Boyles
Estate of Clara Louise McLaughlin Ms. Ann E. Bachelor Mr. Hugh Branscum
Nadine and Frank McPherson Robin J. and David Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Rick Braught
Linda K. and Ron C. Merritt Cyndi B. and Jim H. Baker Ms. Doris R. Brehm
Aimee E. and Kevin W. Miller Ms. Lavonne Baker Judge and Mrs. Thomas R. Brett
Lou Ann and Jim M. Morris Ball Family Fund - Fidelity Charitable Megan and Vincent M. Brigham
Polly and Larry Nichols Mr. Neil M. Briix
Linda and Don Nickles Fund Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Brown
Betty A. and Dennis Niver Bank 7 Pat H. and David J. Brown
Oklahoma Business Roundtable The Bank of Kremlin Kathleen S. and Rayford K. Brown
Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company Ms. Anna Barbato Ms. Sandra G. Brown
Kim and David E. Rainbolt Ms. Cynthia A. Barrios Regena A. and Brownie M. Browne
Vicki and David B. Righthouse Mr. Ed Barth Marissa and Kyle Brownlee
Mr. Pat Rooney/First National Bank of Ann and Larry Bartlett Mrs. Joanne A. Bruner
Mrs. Pearl Florene Barton Mr. Mike D. Brunsman
Oklahoma Mrs. Kay Bass Judith Warkentin and Jack L. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Satherlie Mr. James Dan Batchelor Mrs. Marjorie L. Bryan
Elizabeth and William Schraad, Jr. H. Jean and Jimmy R. Bayles Mrs. Patty Bryan
The Jack O. Scroggins Charitable



Ms. Regina A. Buckley Mr. Larry Compton John N. Eischen, D.V.M.
Mr. Bill Burgess, Jr./The Lawton Connelly Paving Company Glenda J. and Lloyd D. Eisenhour
ConocoPhillips Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Ellard
Constitution Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cook Betty C. and Larry J. Ensz
D. Ellen and Richard C. Burgess Mrs. Teresa L. Cooper Mrs. Patti P. Evans/Evans and
Ms. Cheryl K. Burnet Mr. Steven Copeland
Deane W. and John R. Burnett Mr. George Corkins Associates Enterprises, Inc.
Elaine M. and David E. Byrket Gayle and Ted L. Cox Lloyd I., Jerry Evans and Patricia Perdue
Mr. William Calvo Cox Communications
Ms. Alice Camp Mrs. Deborah J. Craine Evans Family Foundation
Dr. Patricia A. Capra Russell and Hazel Crooch Endowment Express Management, Inc.
Ginny B. and Peter B. Carl Mr. Robert S. Fabian
R.B. Carl, M.D. Fund - United Methodist Foundation Cyndi D. and Tom W. Fagan
Mrs. Ann O. Carlson Cross Family Benefit Mrs. Mary Faili
CarMichael Foundation Crowe and Dunlevy Farmers and Merchants National Bank
Mrs. Norma Sue Carpenter Mr. Dean A. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fergeson
Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Carroll Karen R. and Ronald S. Cunningham Ms. Cheryl Ferguson
Lisa L. and Bruce A. Carson Cypress Energy Partners, LP First Bank and Trust Company
Mr. Gregory D. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dakil First Liberty Bank
Brooke and Brett Case Mr. Bruce E. Dale First United Bank and Trust Company
Mr. Jeff F. Caughron DAT Land, LLC Mr. John A. Fischer
Mrs. Barbara Cavett Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Daughtrey Malinda Berry and Dick S. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Cawley Ms. Leslie A. Davidson Mr. Andrew Flesher
Central National Bank of Poteau Mrs. Nancy J. Davies Marlene G. and Robert A. Floyd
Donna F. and Michael A. Cervantes Rita G. and Thomas A. Dearmon, Jr. Mr. Timothy E. Foley
Stefanie and Dr. John Chace Tricia and Mike W. Deason Mary Jo and Mark A. Fortuna
Janice and Hiram H. Champlin Mrs. Myra A. Decker and Mr. Samuel Foundation Management, Inc.
Lynn and Harry E. Chancellor Jeanne M. and Ed Fowler, Jr.
Ms. Victoria Palmer Chase Lewis Decker Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie
Carolyn and Bill R. Chatham Ms. Amy Dedeke Mrs. Josephine W. Freede
Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Chatham Gayle A. and Randy J. Dekker Mr. Willard M. Freeman
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Cheatham Karen and Pete Delaney Mrs. Barbara J. Fretwell
Janice and Gary Christol Dortha R. Dever Legacy Fund - OCCF Deborah K. and Richard H. Friant
Mr. Roy W. Cichon Paula V. and Lanny J. Dickmann, Jr. Mr. John Frick
Debbie L. and Mickey L. Clagg Mr. Jack E. Dieken Elena and Andy Friot
Clark Family Giving Trust - Morgan Annie E. and Peter Dillingham Lena J. and Ed. L. Frost
Catherine A. and John E. Dillingham Mr. Mark Furgason
Stanley Charitable Fund Lisa and Chad Dillingham Amy and Patrick M. Gaffney
Dorothy N. and Max J. Claybaker Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Dillon, III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Gallaher, Sr.
Mrs. Jane C. Close Mrs. Marilyn A. Doty Jane and Gerald Gamble
Mary D. and John A. Coates Drake Gungoll Foundation Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coates, Jr. Mr. Clayton I. Duncan/Accele Mrs. Nina P. Gaugler
Martha and Rick M. Coe Mr. Carl Gibson
Mrs. Carolyn P. Coffey BioPharma, Inc. Mr. George T. Gibson
Ms. Kathryn L. Coffman J.E. Dunn Construction Company Harriet and Larry A. Gilbert
Lisa and Michael A. Coffman Barbara and Bill Durrett Mr. Peter D. Gill
Ms. Teresa Coffman Mr. Tommy R. Dyer, Jr. Ann F. and Robert H. Gilliland, Jr.
J.L. and C.N. Coffman Foundation Trust The Honorable Claire V. Eagan and Mr. Lisa K. and Gregory F. Gisler
Cogman Family Trust - Schwab GJW Associates, LLC
Anthony J. Loretti, Jr. Nancy V. and Jerry N. Glasgow
Charitable Fund Cindy M. and David R. Eckart Ms. Carol A. Glass
Mr. Adam B. Cohen Karen W. and Tom L. Edgar Elizabeth and Steve B. Glasser
Becky and J. Markham Collins Edmond Duplicate Bridge Club
Christi and Pete Eischen


Alyssa and John Goetz Theresa and Vaughn Holcer Pam and Jim Klepper
Mrs. Susan A. Gonzalez The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes Kathryn N. Klotsch Endowment - The
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Goodson Pam B. and Steve B. Holton
Gary J. Gorbsky, Ph.D. Catherine W. and Jerry T. Hoopert Baptist Foundation
Danae and Evan Grace Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hopeman Ms. Rebecca F. Knight
Grant Thornton, LLP Mrs. Virginia C. Horne Mrs. Neliena A. Krob
Janice and Rodney Gray Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Hubbard Anna Claire and Howard Kuchta
Randi D. and Gerald P. Green Mr. and Mrs. Huston Huffman, Jr. Mr. Steven Lance
Louise R. and John Ray Green Farhat Husain, M.D. and Larry C. Lariat Creek, LLC
Courtney D. and Owen Greenwood Ms. Joanna L. Latting
Mr. John W. Griffin/Griffin Holdings Hazelwood Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Lauchner
Mrs. Debra J. Gudgel Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Husen Ms. Virginia L. Lawrenz
Mary K. Gumerlock, M.D. Vicki E. and Carl S. Hutto Ms. Dorothy A. Lawson
Rozella and Jim Hadwiger Carole and Merl Hysinger Mrs. Mary Grace Lebeda
Alice C. and Dave A. Hager Idabel National Bank Lefco Energy, LLC
Jacqueline O. and Roger V. Haglund Mr. Cecil R. Ingram Martha A. and Gary I. Leff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hallren Ms. Jolene R. Ingram Mrs. Teresa LeMonnier
Ms. Pauline G. Hamilton Interbank Mrs. Sarah Lenz
Mr. Bret D. Hampton Dr. Sharon H. and L. Richard Iorio Mr. Herbert M. Leonard, Jr.
Teresa and Robert F. Hamra Mr. James Wesley Jack Ms. Kim Leonard
Cindy Meyer and Dale Hanchey Mrs. Florene Jacobs Linda and Robert C. Lesher
Ms. Arthenia L. Haney Dr. and Mrs. Brett Jameson Elaine and Harrison Levy
Ann and Burns Hargis Loretta and Jerry L. Janzen Ms. Darlene Lewis
Mrs. Beverly A. Harkness Ms. Deborah Jeffrey Zhimin Liang and Lijun Xia, M.D., Ph.D.
D.A. and D.B. Harmon Memorial Fund Ms. Charlotte A. Jeffries Mr. Dan Little
Ms. Carole C. Jemison Ms. Paula J. Loesch
- OCCF Drs. Michelle L. and Brian Joachims Loretta M. and John C. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn C. Harris Teresa K. and Gerald H. Jobe Karen L. and Donny J. Longest
Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Harris III Ms. Carrie Lou Johnson Ms. Sandra G. Lookabaugh
Mrs. Shirley A. Harrison Mr. Charles B. Johnson Lana L. and Dave R. Lopez
Mr. James H. Harrod Mr. and Mrs. Darryl F. Johnson Elizabeth and Dean Loshbaugh
Mrs. Maxine B. Hartman Mr. Russ C. Johnson Ms. Daralyn Loveless
Mr. Ronald F. Hartman Lynette and Clay G. Jones Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores
Erin and Tim Hassen Mr. Russell W. Jones Ms. Barbara L. Low
Ms. Judy J. Hatfield Susan A. and John C. Jones Ms. Eileen Low
Dawna and Marc Hatton Fred Jones Family Foundation Mr. Randy J. Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Rick L. Hauschild, Jr. Ms. Juliet H. Jones-Moss Drs. Cristina and Florea Lupu
Mrs. Charlene M. Heath Susan K. and Greg Kannady Mr. Pepper Mackey
Mrs. Bonnie B. Hefner Cathy and Frank Keating Brenda G. and Gary M. Macri
Ms. Melinda J. Heitz Keeler-Matthews Charitable Mrs. Marylou Mahaffey
Mrs. Virginia F. Hellwege Paul Mainard Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry L. Hendrick Foundation, Inc. Mr. Warren D. Majors
Mary and Frank X. Henke III Dr. and Mrs. Mike Kelly Joan L. and Michael J. Maly
Kim and Brad Henry Ms. Pauline G. Kempton Amy and John Manfredo
Myra L. and Gene Henry Rosemary E. Kerber, Ph.D. Marty J. and Robert C. Margo
Mrs. Lois C. Herndon Mr. Billy N. Kerchner Ms. Naomi F. Martin
Bette Jo and Frank D. Hill Mrs. Lou Kerr/The Kerr Foundation, Inc. Ms. Marcel A. Maupin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hill Mrs. Claren M. Kidd Ms. Kym Freeman Mason
Mr. Memphis S. Hixson Melanie and Paul W. Kincade Leaunna J. and Richard L. Maxon
Mr. Randy Hogan/Hogan Property Mrs. Opal C. King Dr. Israel Mays
Debra and Gary Kinslow McAfee and Taft
Company, LLC Mr. Larry Kinslow Mary T. and Arthur E. McAnulty
HoganTaylor, LLP Kirkpatrick Bank


Mr. Billy F. McCarley Ms. Julie Norman Sally T. and John S. Riley
Mary H. and Tom McDowell Ms. Jane Ann Norris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Roberson, Sr.
Mrs. Helen M. McFadden Sara and Rob H. Northwood Caroline D. and Wilbert J. Robertson
Ms. Sandra L. McFarland Diana and David O’Daniell Loydel and Fred J. Robertson
Mary O. and M.A. McGraw Elizabeth and P. B. Odom III Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Robinson
Ms. Vickie J. McIlvoy OGE Energy Corporation Mr. Don L. Roby
Janis S. and Tony R. McKaig Dr. Nancy Ogle Mr. Craig Roddy
Linda J. and Joe A. McKenzie Oklahoma Association of Mothers Clubs Ms. Beverly Rodgers
Margaret and Cameron R. McLain Oklahoma State University Mr. Robert L. Rogers
Kathy and Scott F. McLaughlin Marilyn A. and John S. Oldfield, Jr. Rogers and Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McLennan Mr. Jim D. Oliver Ms. Debbie L. Rose
Debby J. and Doug W. McQueen Van R. and Rudy Oliver, Jr. Sharon and Gary Roth
Susan E. and Scott A. Meacham OMRF Research Fund - OCCF Mr. Ryan J. Rother
Mr. and Mrs. Randy N. Mecklenburg Judy and David Onken Lynne and Bob Rowley
The Medallion Group, Inc. OU Medicine Tomra J. and Ken Russell
Katie and Will Merrick Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Page Mrs. June I. Rutherford
Ms. Judy A. Mikkelson Mrs. Twanda M. Page Ms. Kathryn R. Ryan
Mary and Chuck Mikkelson II Mr. Bill J. Palmeter Mrs. Dorothy F. Sales
Billie L. and V. David Miller/Miller Gayle and Richard H. Parry Karen and Mike Samis/The Macklanburg-
Mr. Todd E. Pauley
Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bond Payne Hulsey Foundation
Ms. Jonna L. Miller Mr. Merlyn N. Pearson Mrs. Patricia P. Savage
Mrs. Jane Mitchell Peck Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Barbara and John Schaefer
Kevin L. Moore, M.D. Mrs. Priscilla D. Peer Ms. Edith A. Schneeberger
Mrs. Sarah F. Moore Gailynn and John Phelps Ms. Mary S. Schneeberger
Suzy and Chip Morgan Ms. Sue P. Phillips Mr. Dale Schoeling
Jill and David Morgan Lisa K. and John B. Pickens Pat and Fred Schonwald, Jr. Gift Fund -
Margaret H. and Larry E. Morris Myrla and Gary C. Pierson
M.E. Morrow Charitable Remainder Gerry R. and Dick Pittenger OCCF
Kendra S. and Scott M. Plafker Dr. Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr.
Trust Mr. D. Frank Plater, Jr. Sue and Doug Schrag
Mrs. Annette R. Mrazik Dr. James S. Plaxico Mrs. Carol Jo Schultz/Farmers
Lisa L. and Greg M. Mullen Katherine Pond and John S. Spaid
Mr. Richard Muncrief Susan and Steve Porter Cooperative Association of Alva
Kay L. and Clark Musser Mrs. Anna Powell Donna and Bryan Schulze
Mrs. Margene Naberhaus Mrs. Marcia J. Powell Tom Johnson Investment Management,
Mr. Manu S. Nair Quail Creek Bank, NA
Swapan K. Nath, Ph.D. Mrs. Janet Quenzer LLC - Schwab Charitable Fund
Cena E. and Mark S. Nault Mrs. Patsy R. Ray Mrs. Kathryn Metha Scott
NBC Oklahoma Susan and Steve Raybourn Mr. Rob Shaff
Mr. Victor R. Neal Mr. George J. Records, Jr. Ms. Pamela Sharp
Ms. Mary Ellen Nelson Ms. Marisa Bradanini Records Ms. Betty Bryant Shaull
Ms. Nancy A. Nelson Ms. Martha Ellen Records Pam and Bill F. Shdeed
Ms. Sharon F. Neuwald Nancy and George J. Records Becky A. and Kirby G. Shelton
Alysa I. and Charles C. Newcomb Mr. Zane K. Rector Mrs. Surekha Sheorey
Ms. Karla R. Nickels Mrs. Jeanne Ellinger Reinpold Mr. Brad Shepherd
Lydia D. Nightingale, M.D. Catherine and Jonathan Renner Tenna M. and Greg S. Shepherd
Dr. Linda Barton Nimmo Mr. and Mrs. Dee A. Replogle, Jr. Carol A. and Kim W. Shoemake
Tina L. and Kevin Nimz Mr. Steven Replogle Mr. Dick Sias
Sandra N. and Dennis G. Noble Carol A. and Mike L. Rhodes Ms. Janet Welsh Simmons
Mr. Lloyd Noble, II Mr. Gordon S. Richards, Jr. Nancy D. and Jim M. Simmons
Mr. R. David Nordyke Barbara and Roger N. Simons
Marjorie Norick Gift Fund - OCCF Ms. Sandra M. Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Skinner
R. Emery and Mary Lee Smiser Fund - OCCF


Amanda G. and Rick A. Smith Ms. Shari Wanzer Jan J. and Don S. Zimmerman
Bonnie A. and Elbert W. Smith Mrs. Margie Ware Mrs. Betty J. ZumMallen
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Smith Mr. Mark Warner
Mrs. Etta Jean Smith Mrs. Norma J. Warner $500-$999
Jodie and Ray Smith Shelli K. and Craig S. Wasson
Mr. John F. Smith Wasson Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Don R. Abernathy, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. (Bob) Smith Dr. Gregory L. Watkins Carolyn A. and Richard M. Adkins
Smith and Pickel Construction, Inc. Ms. Margaret A. Weddle Joyce and Jack F. Amyx
Mr. Neil Spaeth Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Wedel Anonymous
Mrs. Mary P. Ransom Spence Mr. Charles T. Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (Gene) Arnold
Sathish Srinivasan, Ph.D. Ms. Linda K. Weeks Arvest Bank
Mr. Jay H. Stafford Barbara B. and Ken A. Weikel Mr. and Mrs. Cary Baetz
Mary E. and Anthony F. Stangl The Well of OKC Wine and Spirits Mr. Steve Baker
Mr. Kenneth Arthur Stanley Rebecca A. and Steve E. Wells Mrs. Lynn M. Baldwin
Janet S. and Danny L. Stansbury Mr. Steve A. Wells Ms. Betsy L. Barnes
Linda C. and Frederic W. Stearns Mrs. Naomi Welty Delores and Roger D. Barnes
Mr. Kenneth Steele Weokie Credit Union Foundation Mrs. Linda Barton
Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Ms. Mary L. West Kaye F. and Mike J. Base
Kenneth E. West Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Beatie
Foundation Mrs. Judy D. Whipple Sharon J. Bell and Gregory A. Gray
Ms. Mindy Stevenson Sue and Bob F. White Claudia A. and John Berges, Jr.
Becky L. and David Stinson Mr. Kirk Whitman Rebecca S. and Lowry Blakeburn II
The Stock Exchange Bank Patty and Jerry L. Widney Mr. and Mrs. Julius H. Bond
Mrs. Phyllis Jarnagin Stough Cindy and Royce H. Wieden Devota F. and Jim R. Bowers
Jeleta and Coy Sullivan Renate W. and Chuck E. Wiggin Mr. Cliff B. Branan III
Miss Joy J. Sullivan Nona E. and Jerry L. Wilhm Mrs. Elaine Burkhead
John and Kip Suter Ms. Judy Williams Darla J. and David F. Burks
Mr. Mark S. Svoboda Ms. Laurie Anne Williams Mr. G. Neil Cagle
Margaret A. and Ross O. Swimmer The Williams Companies, Inc. Mrs. Ann Cales
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Switzer Mr. Jimmy H. Williamson Mr. William M. Cameron
Mrs. Debbie J. Teague Margaret B. and John L. Williford Judith Carr Fund - OCCF
Lisa R. and Tim W. Teske Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Willits Ms. Maxine Cason
Ms. Lawanda Thetford Gara and Russ Wilsie Mrs. Lois F. Chappell
Mr. Alvin L. Thomas, Jr. Patricia A. and W.R. Wilson Ms. Sue A. Cogdell
Mrs. Sara R. Thomas Rep. Susan Winchester Ms. Julie Cohen
Mrs. Kristine Tibbetts Jan K. and Jim C. Wittrock Ms. Janet M. Cottrell
Janet S. and Sammy S. Todd Cynthia T. and Jim C. Wolfe Pamela and Richard D. Craig
Laura K. and William J. Toellner Wolzinger Family Foundation Ms. Nancy R. Cravens
Beth J. and Rheal A. Towner Conna D. and Paul S. Woolsey Camisa and Les R. Cummings
Mr. Loyd Trantham Mr. Dick Wright Ms. Margaret S. Davis
Jackie F. and Dennis Trepagnier Mr. and Mrs. R. Deane Wymer Ms. Lisa F. Day
Maureen and Steve E. Trotter Dr. William B. Wynn Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Dick
Susan and Mike Turpen/Riggs, Abney, Ms. Darlene Wynne Mr. Clarence C. Drumeller
Sarah E. and Paul E. Yauk Juanita and Andrew J. Dubois
Neal, Turpen, Orbison and Lewis Dr. and Mrs. James J. Yoch, Jr. Ms. Lisa R. Edmonds
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey M. Vanderwork Mr. John M. Yoeckel Mrs. Nancy Jo Ellis
Ms. Margaret A. Vater Ms. Linda R. Young J.H. Ellwood and Associates, Inc.
Amber and Brandt Vawter Barbara D. and Stephen F. Young Beth W. and Ed Evans
Penny L. and Russell L. Voss YourCause, LLC Evans and Davis, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Walker Carol and Tim Zaloudek Mr. Bradford L. Ezell
Ms. Ruth L. Wallace Ms. Anne E. Zike Mrs. Ann Farmer
Michelle D. and Lee R. Walther Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Farrar
Nancy and Chi-Sun Wang


Debbie and Larry Fenity Georgia R. and T.G. Lindsey Mr. Kenneth Schley
The First Bank of Okarche Kathleen Lister Fund - OCCF Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Schmitz
Mr. Doug Floyd Mr. Craig A. Mahl Ms. Kathleen R. Schoelen
Ms. Elaine L. Fransen Mrs. Treva Martin/Pawnee County Feed Pat A. and Eldon H. Schuessler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Frazier Ms. Charlotte M. Masters Jane R. and Milton P. Seagraves
Dorothea French Fund - United Methodist June and Jack K. Mayberry Marilyn K. and Rex A. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Jack De McCarty Ms. Michelle Silva
Foundation Ms. Marilyn Ann McEnroe Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Simons
Funk Family Gift Fund - OCCF Kelley D. and Matt R. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Simpson III
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gabriel Jean E. and David L. McLaughlin Mrs. Charlene C. Smith
Lynda S. and Norman Gaither Messer Church of Christ Mr. Mark E. Southard
Gail Garloch Family Foundation - Mrs. Stephanie L. Metts Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Stallsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Miller Julie and Reginald L. Stockton
Raymond James Charitable Gift Fund Mrs. Phyllis A. Mirkes Mr. David C. Strait
Debbie and Ron Garrow Gift Fund - BOA Mrs. Emma Rose Moore Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Stuntz
Jack T. Morrison, D.D.S. Suchsland Family Fund - Schwab
Charitable Fund Ms. Jeannette E. Morton
Marilynn H. and Paul F. Gassen Network for Good Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Gibson Jo Ann and Bud Nicholas Ms. Cathy Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Gilbert Ms. Elaine M. Nighswonger Mr. Charles L. Talley
Ms. Jean S. Gile Mrs. Mary D. Nigro Ms. Dawn Tamir
Nancy L. and Ralph L. Gilstrap David and Sherry Nock Fund - Schwab Target Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Glass Ms. Catherine K. Tatum
Ms. Courtney S. Glazer Charitable Fund Mr. Matthew Taylor
Mrs. Kathryn Greene OMRF Teen Leaders In Philanthrophy Mrs. Donna A. Tefft
Drs. Courtney and Tim M. Griffin Mrs. Priscilla A. Partridge Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Thompson
Mrs. Judy D. Griffith Mrs. SuzAnne K. Patterson Joyce F. and Lynn Treece
Nancy L. and Barry Grove Mr. William G. Paul Mr. Ronald S. Turner
Mrs. Martha C. Grubb Barbara J. and Robert W. Penick UBS Employee Giving Program
Betty and Steve Guest Ms. Nancy H. Pennell Tami and Brad Vaughan
Mr. Justin D. Guinn Dr. Raymond M. Perkins, Jr. Vision Bank
Ms. Ollis B. Harrison Mr. Daniel W. Phelps W.W. Builders, Inc.
Mr. John E. Hart Phillips 66 Mitzi and Philip Walker
Heiman Family Foundation Mr. Donne W. Pitman Ms. Ellen Wall
Mona and Vincent Hoehner Diane L. and Ed Polk Mrs. Judy F. Walters
Ms. Joan L. Murray Hogan Ms. Laura L. Pompa Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Weast
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Holloway Mrs. Mona Z. Preuss Grace L. and Darrell L. Wessels
Mr. John Horschler Jan Ralls D.D.S. and Ms. Matha A. Wilkerson
Nora and Kenneth R. House Mrs. Kathleen Williams
Mrs. Lynn A. Hughes Mr. Robert H. Henry, Jr. Ms. Beverly E. Wittrock
Christi L. and Shane Hull Donna and Bill J. Ramsey/Ramsey Real Mr. Paul Woody
Mr. Ronald G. Jacob Ms. Donna J. Wyskup
Mr. Danny B. Jay Estate Sharon J. and Bill A. Yeager
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jeffers Mr. Gene A. Ratcliff Mr. Ed R. Zschiesche
Mr. Carlos E. Johnson Kathryn M. and Phillip E. Rattan
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnson Sue C. and Joe M. Rector IV
Krista M. Jones, D.D.S. Mrs. Joan S. Redding
Mary and Brent Keck Mrs. Willa G. Ring
Ms. Laura M. King Mrs. E. Joan Rollins
Ms. Leslie B. Kise Lisa D. and Randy Romines
Janelle and Phil R. Kopp Mrs. Sharlee Rother
Ms. Lori Kuntz Ms. Joni Rund
Mrs. Patsy R. Lawyer Mrs. Betty Satterfield
Erna and Lowell E. Leach Mrs Letha J. Schantz


Under $500 Mrs. Ellaine R. Amend Sandy U. and Alan E. Aycock
Mrs. Elma Eileen Ames and Mr. Jim D. B & J Chemical Services, LLC
Ms. Teresa J. Aberle Pat and Johnny Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Abernathy Ames Megan and Joel Baggett
Mr. Jack Abraham Anadarko Ongoers Club Pamela F. and Jason Baggett
Ms. Diane Abrams Amy B. and Marty Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Bagwell
Cherri J. and Jason Adair Barbara E. and Harlan L. Anderson Deanna and Dick F. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Adams Ms. Jackie V. Anderson Mrs. Gail Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Adams Susan E. Bearden and Joseph K. Mrs. Pauline Bailey
Ms. Johanna Adams Dick Bailey Motors, Inc.
Becky and Randy D. Adams Anderson Mr. Terry D. Bainbridge
Sharon and Vester Adams Jimmie and Kenneth Anderson Betty J. and Ronald D. Bair
June and Gerrol Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Anderson Linda and Alvin C. Baker
Mr. Harold L. Aebi Ms. Martha C. Anderson Ms. Anna W. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Delvin D. Aebi Ms. Mary Lee Anderson Ms. Emma Baker
Aetna Foundation, Inc. Ms. Nelda F. Anderson and Mr. John Mrs. Glenda Lovelace Baker
Mr. Michael X. Agan Ms. Janet K. Evans Baker
Linda and Dave Agee McMahan Mrs. Karen Baker
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ahrberg Anne and Tom Anderson Kathy L. and Steve Baker
Mr. Richard N. Ainsworth Mr. Winston Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mel Baker
Ms. Carla Akers Mrs. Susan Andrews Mrs. Patsy R. Baker
Anita and Gene M. Akin Kathy and Alan Aneshansley Mr. and Mrs. Terry Baker
JoAnn and Travis Akin Miss Una S. Angeli Sally and Wayne Baker
Drs. Elizabeth and David Albert Mickey G. Anson Teresa A. and William O. Baker
Bryanna and Joe Albert Ms. Naomi L. Anson Ms. Jozell Baker
Betsy A. and Stan E. Albury Ms. Wilma Irene Anstine Miss Gayle Baldwin
Mrs. Anna Mae Alexander Ms. Annette Farley Anthony Susan and Gene Baldwin
Ms. Betty Jo Alexander Nancy J. and Cary D. Anthony Pat B. and Keith Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Alexander Ms. Linda L. Anthony Mona F. Baldwin Endowment
Linda A. and Clayton F. Alexander Arcadia Downhole Services, Inc Sarah J. and Mike E. Balenti
Mrs. Isabel H. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie K. Archey Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Balentine
Mrs. Florence Alkire Mr. Owen S. Ard, Sr. Ms. Marilyn Balyeat
All Seasons Travel Mr. Doyle W. Argo Mrs. Bonnie D. Bamberg
Wilma J. and Bryson L. Allen Arlington United Methodist Church BancFirst
Margaret Beth and Buddy Allen Donna and Bob Armstrong The Bankers Bank
Caroline C. and Tyler Allen Mrs. Bonnie L. Armstrong Ms. Donna R. Bannister
Ms. Emilenan P. Allen Ms. Euna F. Armstrong Carla G. and Mike Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Allen Mrs. June Armstrong Mr. Charles M. Barker
Mr. Leland Allen Ms. Mica Arnett Kelsey and Mitchel Barker
Pat W. and Richard G. Allen Mrs. Beth Arnhart Mr. and Mrs. Bob M. Barnard
Ms. Tommye J. Allen Bonnie and Don P. Arnold Ms. Bethany B. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Allford, Jr. Mae and Alvin J. Arterbury Mrs. Eileen E. Barnes
Ms. Patricia Shirley Allford ASE US, Inc Gayle and Bill Barnes
Mrs. Jeanie V. Almon Mrs. Debra A. Ashmore Debbie and James Barnes, Jr.
Alpha Delta Kappa Ms. Dorothy L. Ashton Ms. Karla Barnes
Alpha Mother’s Club Denise and Terry L. Ashton Marilyn S. and Lynn W. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Wadell Altom Ms. Martha L. Ashworth Mrs. Susan D. Barnes
Ms. Sharon Alumbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Auld Mr. Bryan R. Barnett
Alva Sewing Center Dr. and Mrs. Jack B. Austerman Judy and Darral Barnett
Amarillo ISD Secondary Librarians Mrs. Lois E. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Duwayne Barnett
AmazonSmile Jimmie Lynn and Billye Austin Ms. Jamie Barr
Ms. Pat Ambler
40 The Austin, Mayberry and Buss Families
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Avery

Ms. Precia Barrett Mrs. Elizabeth O. Bell Ms. Linda J. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Barrett Lila and James H. Bell Mary and Wally Bishop
Ms. Rosemary M. Barron Ms. Helen J. Bellamy Ms. Ann Bivins
Brenda and Jay Bartel Ruth A. and Jack J. Beller Sharon L. Bivins, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob N. Bartholomew Ms. Barbara W. Belt Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Black
Mr. Bruce E. Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Gary Benda Ms. Mary Black
Mr. William C. Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Glendon Benda Freda and Jack Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Bob W. Bartlett Carolyn and Steve Benda Ms. Sharon K. Blackburn
The Bartlow Family Jackie and Jerry Bendorf Carole and C. Norman Blacklee
Mary Ann and Mark Basore Paula D. and Stuart H. Benge Sue and Fred Blackmon, Jr.
Mr. Harold Bass Mr. and Mrs. Scott Benkendorf Mr. and Mrs. Milton C. Blackmore
Mary Jane and Milt E. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Blackstone
Lynn and Bill D. Bateman Sherry and Ike Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Don G. Blair
Mrs. Mary H. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Tommy D. Bennett Mrs. Joan Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Bates Arleen and Bill J. Benson Mrs. Theresa Gwendolyn Blalock
Mrs. Charlene Yvonne Bathurst and Mr. Ms. Laura E. Benton Jerry B. Blankenship, M.D.
Ms. Vonda Benton Bert H. and Sandra Blanton
Elmore Bathurst Ms. Vonnie Bergman Mrs. Phyllis Blaser and Mr. Wayne E. Blaser
Kathleen and John Batjes Cathy and Steve Berner Coleen and Bert Bledsoe
Mrs. Bonnie B. Battles Linda and Steve Berrey Mr. and Mrs. Mike Blessington
Carol D. and Haydon Battles Mr. and Mrs. Nick Berry Vicki and Chuck Blewett
Toni and Kirk Battles Deb S. and Jim D. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Bliss
Kathy W. and Neal L. Baumwart Lisa and Rob O. Berry Bliss Mothers Club
Mrs. Judith A. Bawcum Jennifer Ivester and Steve Berry Ms. Norma J. Blosser and Mr. Fred H.
Kathy and Bill Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Wade Berry
Ms. Suzanne E. Baxter Mr. Timothy G. Best Steadman
Mr. and Mrs. Cory S. Baze Ms. Carol J. Betchan Ms. Kayla D. Blount
Ms. Jane Beach Karen and Lawrence Betche Connie L. and Barry Bloyd
Miss Anita Beadle Ms. Joann D. Bethel Blueknight Energy Partners, LP
Mrs. Beverly J. Beal Better Investing Heart of Oklahoma Linda and Morris B. Blumenthal
Beals Cunningham Advertising Agency Mrs. Evelyn V. Boake
Mrs. Myrna Bean Chapter Barbara R. and Dr. Karl K. Boatman
Mrs. Karen L. Beare Lindsay and Scott Beuning Cindy R. and Mike L. Bobbitt
Mr. Carl E. Beasley Carolyn and Mark Bialick Mrs. Carol Bode
Ms. Lynette Beaty Patty K. and H. E. Bible Mr. and Mrs. Doug Boeckman
Mr. Wyatt Beauprez Bible Study Group Frances and Charles Boepple
Beaver High School Class of 1966 Mr. Lloyd W. Biddick, Jr. Mrs. D. Maxine Boevers
Lea Ann and Brad Bechtel Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Biddick Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Boevers
Ms. Freida M. Beck Mr. and Mrs. David M. Biddinger Joyce and Norman C. Boggs
Ms. Gloria Beck Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biddinger Ann and Jeff A. Bohanan
Ms. Joyce Beck Big 8 Wednesday Card Club Judy and Ron Bohannon
Ms. Peggy Beck Ms. Andrea D. Bighead Mrs. Judy Boker
Peggy and Bob Beckham Bikers Against Child Abuse Central Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bolay
Lucy C. and Gerald A. Beecher Bolenbaugh Farms
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Beechuk Oklahoma Chapter Joyce and Barry Bollenbach
Donna R. and Leonard R. Beene Melinda C. and Dale J. Billam Ms. Lourene Bolt
Mrs. Polly W. Beesley Billings and Billings, Lawyers Janice and Leon Bomhoff
Betty and Dr. Byron W. Behring Linda and Richard Billingsley Frances and Jimmy Bonds
Mr. Randall V. Belford Ms. Kathleen M. Bilodeau Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bondurant, Jr.
Ms. Amy Bell Ms. Betty J. Bingham Alice A. and Jim A. Bones
Mrs. Carol Ann Bell Lyn and Bradd Bingman Brenda and Fred Bonham
Mrs. Coralie Bell Mary F. and Tom Birkett Ms. Elaine Bonine
Ms. LaVere Bishop

Shirley and David Booher Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Brehm Liz and Bill J. Bruton
Boomtown Hospitality, Inc. Mrs. Marjorie E. Breidenbach Judy and Gary L. Bryant
Ms. Linda S. Boone S. J. Brenner, Ltd. Brandi and Michael Brynie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Boone Mr. Sam J. Brenner Beth F. and Tony Buchanan
Mrs. Linda Borelli Cindy and Bruce Brents Lori and Justin Buchanan
Ms. Peggy L. Borneman Ms. Bonnita M. Bressman Rexann and Ronnie P. Buchanan
Mrs. Sharon Boscarelli Mrs. Geraldine M. Brewer Builders Supply, Inc.
Debbie and Randy Bose Mrs. Jean Brewer Ricky L. and Kayla Y. Bull
Mr. and Mrs. Durand Boser Kay and Jess Brewer Mrs. Marlena K. Buller
Mr. Don Bostwick Janice and Keith L. Brewer Ms. Edith R. Bullis
Betty and Gary Boswell Mrs. Peggy D. Brewster Debbie and Joe T. Bullock
Sandra S. and Allen Boules Linda L. and Harold Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Bullock
Boulevard Bowling Leagues Cheryl and Steve Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Bunce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bourland Ms. Jean Brill Mrs. Barbara F. Bunch
Carrie and Frank Bourlon Mrs. Barbara Brimm Joni W. and Howard Burch
Ms. Kim Bouvette Kitty W. and Freddie R. Brinkman Mrs. Lisa K. Burch
Charlotte and J. C. Bowen Mrs. Betty Briody Mrs. Ramona C. Burchett
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Bowers Brixton Advisors Friends Ms. Tracey Burdick
Bowers Oil Company, Inc. Evelyn and Harold A. Brizzolara Mr. and Mrs. David Burge
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. F. Bowles Ms. Darlene Brock Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Burge
Mrs. Mary A. Bowman Mr. Jack Brock Mrs. Verona E. Burke
Lovilla and Gary Bowser Sheila J. and Danny G. Brooks Mr. John Carter Burks
Karen W. and Jeff J. Bowser Mr. Hardy O. Brooks, III Jean and Jim E. Burleson
JoAnn and Woody R. Boyce Mrs. Mary Ann Brooks Ms. Fern F. Burling
Susie and Alan Boyd Mrs. Stella R. Brooks Ms. Virginia E. Burlingame
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Boyd Wynona and Jack Brooks Ms. Pat Burnett
Ms. Novice Boyd Mr. Michael P. Brosley Mr. Jay A. Burns
Mrs. Barbara Fluty Boydstun Ms. Lois L. Brostrom Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Burns
Dr. and Mrs. Bill G. Bozalis Nita J. and Calvin D. Brown Clifton and Janice Burris
Mrs. M. Jane Bozarth Mary S. and Gerald W. Brown Mrs. Frances I. Burris
Sue and John Bozeman Jessica and Greg Brown Marcia S. and Phil W. Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. George Bracken Mr. Howard Brown Beth A. and Larry Burrus
Frances M. and John W. Brackett Jo and Jack Brown Mr. Jimmy Darrel Burt
Leigh and Jim Bradburn Gloria J. and Jack R. Brown, Jr. Sharon K. and Bill Burton
Ms. Paula Braden Janice K. and James W. Brown Nell and Darryl Burton
Mrs. Janice Bradley Kristin and Jeff Brown Dorothy and Corky Buser
Jill J. and Guy W. Bradshaw Faye and Johnny A. Brown Lynne and David Buskirk
Mrs. Betty L. Brady Ms. Martha E. Brown Mrs. Carol Bustin
Miss Joan Brady Mary Lee and Jerry L. Brown Bob and Pearlene Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Steve R. Brakefield Ms. Mary L. Brown Melva R. and Delmar R. Butler
Nanette P. and Bob M. Bramlett Merle Ann and Bill R. Brown Ms. Barb J. Butner
Colleen and Joseph M. Brand Mr. Michael O. Brown Mr. and Mrs. James D. Butterworth
Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Bratcher Paula J. and Paul L. Brown Ms. Brenda S. Butts
Brooke and Garrin Bratcher Barbara and Pete Brown Mr. and Mrs. John P. Buzbee
Patty L. and Bob Bratton Ms. Sharon A. Cook Brown Mrs. LaVerne S. Byler
Ms. Jana J. Brauer Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown Byng Elementary
Ms. Betsy K. Braver Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Brownrigg Mr. Charles J. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brawdy Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Bruce Ms. Dettie Byrd
Adena and David Bredehoft Suzy and Bob B. Bruner Ms. Ruth G. Byrum
Beverly and Mark Bredehoft Mrs. LaVerle R. Brunken Caddo County Commissioners
Polly and Stan Bredy Diane M. and Chuck Brunson Caddo County Court Clerks Office


Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Cady Dorothy F. and Dale A. Cassel Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Clark
Mrs. Shirley Cagg Cassidy Grain Company Carolyn M. and Jim C. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jeral Cain Ms. Bonnie K. Castor Beverly A. and Nate E. Clark
Mr. Tom J. Caldwell Mrs. Deloris J. Castor Dr. and Mrs. Randolph M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cate Leigh Ann and Ron L. Clark
Mrs. Linda L. Callaway Mr. James Caton Peggy J. and Rufus Clark
Calvary Baptist Church Heaven Bound Ms. Lisa Caton Amanda and Ryan J. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Stan W. Caufield Keli and Steve Clark
SS Class Mrs. Loretta Cavett Denise and Kent Clary
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Calvert CCDC, Inc. Class of 1953
Mrs. Blanche W. B. Cameron Cedar Springs Pharmacy, Inc. Class of 1954
Virginia L. and Buddy Campbell Central District Past Presidents Square Class of 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Campbell Class of 1959
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campbell Dancers Mr. W. Kirk Clausing
Lynne and Dennis Campbell Central Oklahoma Vintage Triumph W. Kirk Clausing, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Campbell Mrs. Norma M. Claybaker
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall E. Campbell Register Kendall A. and Stan O. Claybaker
Mrs. Marie E. Campbell Ms. Celin Chacko Mrs. Mary Alice Claybaugh
Dr. Nancy A. Campbell Judy M. and Don Chadwick Mr. Kyle L. Clayton
Jo and Ray E. Campbell Ms. Nancy Ann Chamberlin Mr. Michael Clayton
Ms. Mary Louise Cannon Peggy L. and Donald R. Chambers Mary Helen and Sherril Clayton
Sarah Cannon IT&S Family Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Chambers Gayle and Billy Cleary
Ms. Patricia J. Cantrell Sheila K. and Gerry C. Chaney Mrs. Dorlene Clem
Phyllis and Mark Cantrell Ms. Georgiana J. Chapman Carol A. and Lawrence G. Clemens
Mr. Steve Care Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chapman Charlene and A. B. Clement, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Carey Ms. Susie Chapman Ms. Connie Jo Clement
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carey Mr. William C. Chapman Mr. George Kent Clement
Ms. Margaret Carlile Mrs. Alyce J. Chappell Dr. Melissa and Mr. Richard Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Carlisle Priscilla and Steve A. Chastain Mr. and Mrs. Mervin D. Clements, Jr.
Ms. Donna L. Carlson CHBC Adult III Sunday School Mr. Richard H. Clements
Kay Sue and Billy D. Carnagey Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Clements
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Carolina Department Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Clendenen, Sr.
Mr. Brandon Carpenter Mr. Wesley R. Cheek Cleo State Bank
Mrs. Mona M. Carpenter Mrs. Lettie Cheeseman Ms. Su Clifton
Mrs. Darla Carr Cherokee Nation Office of Environmental Mr. and Mrs. Clay D. Clinesmith
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Carr Lori and Marty Clinton
Florence M. and Charles W. Carroll, Jr. Health Clinton High School Class of 1955
Mr. Patrick W. Carroll Beverley E. and Wayne A. Chess Mrs. JoAnn E. Clonts
Carrs Insurance Agency, LLC Darlene and Don Chesser Reta and Gary Clopton
Sandy and Glen W. Carson Leota and Gary W. Chester Mrs. Lorene Clouser
Mr. Joe L. Carson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Chiaro Mrs. Sue Clover
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Carson Ms. Marla Childress Ms. Sue M. Clowe
Ruth and Phil G. Carson Chisholm Trail Limousin Betty and Wheeler Cobb
Ms. Barbara A. Carter Mrs. Ann T. Choate Joanne and Jim Coble
Carolyn B. and Jim Carter Dr. and Mrs. Mike L. Chowins Mrs. Elizabeth M. Coe
Mr. Jon M. Carter Mrs. Yvonne M. Christensen and Mr. Bill Mrs. Helen Coffey
Barbara R. and Raoul Carubelli Mr. Michael Cohen
Karen and Randy Case L. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Murray Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Case Christian Caregivers Deborah and Chris Coker
Dolores L. and Sam Casella Mr. and Mrs. Arkie A. Christner Mr. and Mrs. Darrell D. Coker
Mr. D. C. Cash Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Church Family of Glen and Cleo Coker
Ms. Linda L. Cash Ms. Polly W. Church
Church of Christ
Rosemary and Earl Cinnamon
Jill and Bill R. Clark
Bob and Jane Clark


Coker Farms LLC Mrs. Yvonne Courtney Ms. Elizabeth W. Crow
Mrs. Betty J. Cole Ms. Mona L. Covalt Mildred and Edward Crowley
Karen and Gary Cole Tia and Ken Coventon Mrs. Betty A. Crowly
Ms. Virginia I. Cole Carole and Dale Covington Glen and Jacque Crusinbery
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Coleman Nancy and Earl W. Cowan Ms. Gladys F. Crutchfield
Miss Vicki Coleman Mrs. Joyce A. Cowie CSC, Inc
Dena and Eric Coll The Cowtown 49’ers Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Cude
Ms. Loydetta Collar Ms. Ann Cox Kim and Clint Culbreath
Mrs. Billie Collins Karen and Bobby Cox Karen and Richard Culp
Ms. Carol Collins Tracye J. and Carl Cox Elizabeth P. and Robert D. Culp
Mavis and Dean Collins Dr. Demetra Cox Mrs. Jo Ellen Culver
Ms. Jane Collins Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Cox Mrs. Betty J. Cunningham
Collins, Butler and Company, PC Gail and Don Cox Dolores M. and Charley L. Cunningham
Mrs. Maudine Collyar Ms. Gayle M. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Haile Cunningham
Jeni and Philip Colombo Mrs. Gerrie Cox Sarah J. and Larry W. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Colton, Jr. Ms. Jane H. Cox Mrs. Wilma F. Cupp
Comanche County Tag Agency Theressa and Jim Cox Pat M. and Jerry R. Currence
Lindy and Gary D. Combrink Ms. Karen Cox Mrs. Lisa G. Currie
Compassion Home Care Ms. Mary Cox Ms. Arla J. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Compton Mrs. Roma Cox Ms. Carlisa Marie Curry
Rocky R. and Mervin L. Compton Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Cox Curry and Friend, PLC
Mr. and Mrs. William Compton Eleanor S. and William F. Cox Wanda and Jim E. Curtis
Comstock Oilfield Supply, Inc. Ms. Gwen A. Crabb Mrs. Sally A. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Dick L. Conley Dr. Cecile M. Crabtree and LT COL (retd.) Mrs. Virginia B. Curtis
Dr. and Mrs. Don D. Connally Mr. Wayne Curtis
Ms. Andrea Conrad Albert Lee (Al) Crabtree Cushing Lumber Company
Kathy N. and Michael N. Conrad Ms. Gloria Crabtree Custer Masonic Lodge #258 AF and AM
Tracy and Will Conway Crabtree Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Cutler
Carol S. and Chelsea C. Cook Ms. Lois M. Craft Carole L. and Bill D. Cutsinger
Kaye L. and Dale L. Cook Sharon K. and Dennis L. Craig Judy and Everett R. Cutter
Mrs. Lorraine Cook Aletha J. and Eldon J. Craig Mr. William L. Dabney
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Cook Mary Ann and Danny D. Craige Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dagy, Sr.
Sharon Y. and Steve Cook Stephanie and Clair Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Daily
Ms. Virginia Cook Odalee G. and Ted K. Craighead Jenny C. and Edward Dakil
Charlene and Bob Copeland Mrs. Betty Crain Ms. Helen E. Daley
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Copeland Mr. Justin S. Crane Dalton Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ms. Inez R. Copelin Mrs. Glenda B. Cravens Sharon and Jack Damron
Linda and James W. Coplin Peggy and John P. Crawford Jo and Ed J. Darling
Elaine T. and W. Rex Coram Ms. Carolyn P. Crepps Ms. Venus D. Dartez and Mr. Alex R.
Mrs. Vuren Marie Corbyn Suzy and Keith Cresap
Cordell Diesel Services, Inc Mrs. Barbara A. Crews McCalmont
Mrs. Doris L. Cornell Elizabeth and Doug Crews Daughters of the American Revolution
Mr. William R. Cornelsen Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Criswell Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Davenport
Mr. Richard P. Cornish Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Cromwell Mr. James W. Daves
Mrs. Maxine Cotham Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Gil Davidson, Jr.
Carol and William Cotter Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cross Gloria N. and James A. Davidson
Jean and Don Cotton Janette and Hal Cross Linda R. and Steve Davidson
Mrs. Perina Couch Marie and Ron Cross Ms. Betty McClellan Daviee
Country Casuals/Merle Norman Ms. Sherrie M. Cross Ms. Shirley A. Davila
Debbie and David Courtney The Floyd Cross Family Nell J. and Call Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Courtney Mrs. Georgetta Crosser Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Davis
Mrs. Betty K. Crow Rita M. and Daryl M. Davis

Mr. Dave M. Davis Larry and Donelle Dewitt Jo and Charles Dudley
Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Davis Mr. Frank Dialessi Donna and David Dudley
Peggy J. and Elton G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dick The Leonard Duer Kids
Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. Davis Marsha and Dave B. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dugan
Marcia L. and Gary L. Davis Jane and Robert L. Diel Peggy and Don H. Dugan
Mrs. Helen L. Davis Ms. Lynn Ann Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dulworth, Jr.
Mr. Jerry Davis Sharon and Wendall Dilday Kaye and Richard E. Dunham
Ms. Norma Davis Dillingham Agency, LLC Ms. Ann Dunkin
Ms. Patsy Davis Marilyn R. and Larry R. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dunkleberger
Mrs. Shannon L. Davis Ms. Sharon L. Dillon Lenna C. and Gary J. Dunlap
Ms. Vicki Davis Ms. Kathy A. Ditch Ms. Luceen J. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Davis Ms. Evelyn W. Divine Ms. Peggy L. Dunn
Mrs. Margaret H. Davison Karen S. and Bobby L. Dixon Ms. Claudiatte J. Dunning
Micki and Jerry D. Davy Mrs. Carla A. Dixon Marva Jean and Darrell G. Dupree
Nancy L. Dawson, M.D. Brenda and J. C. Dixon Karen L. and Bruce Durkee
Mr. Joe Day/Joe Day Cattle, Inc. Mrs. Maxine Dixon Pat and Joel W. Duskin
Mr. Milo O. Day Mrs. Sharon Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Gil Dye
Bonnie M. and Dallas Dayton Ms. Lou Ann Doak Mr. and Mrs. Max Dye
Janet and Dominick De Caprio Karen S. and John Dobbins Joanna R. and Mike C. Dyer
Mr. Eduardo De Sousa Mr. John J. Doddy Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dykeman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Dean Nargie O. and Gordon B. Dodge Deanna and Ron Eades
Ms. Dianne Dean Mr. and Mrs. Martin K. Dodson Ro and Dick Easter
Jacque M. and Rick M. Dean Mrs. Carole Doerner Eastman National Bank
Marlene E. and Louis DeBois Frances A. and Skip Dolan Cynthia and Jim Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Tim E. DeClerck The Dolese Brothers Company Vicky and Bob Ebersole
Denise A. and Mark M. DeFendis Mrs. Mildred S. Doller Barbara E. and Rick D. Echols
Mr. Jack R. DeJacimo Ms. Barbara Dollins Mr. and Mrs. Dean Eckels
Cheryl and Bill DeJager Steve and Susan Donchin Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Eckenrode
Mrs. Linda Dekker Mrs. Brenda Donley Ruth A. and Ed Eckenstein
Nina Delorme and Calvin M. Poole, DVM The Donut Hole Judy and Duane Ecker
Brenda K. and Jerry DeLozier Ms. Doris Donwerth Lucy and Ken Edmonds
Katy Naifeh and Tom Delozier Mrs. Virginia L. Dorsey Ms. Pat Edon
Brownie A. and David M. Demmer Dr. Karen L. Dosser Ms. Deborah S. Edwards
Mr. Harold DeMoss Ms. Ann Dotson Nancy and Alan Effron
Cathy L. and Gary B. Dempsey Oletta and Stanley Dotson Ms. Violet D. Eggers
Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Denman Mr. Charles H. Douglas, Jr. Ken and Sally Eggleston
Mrs. Billie Dennis Mr. Jeff Douglas Ms. Katy R. Ehlo
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Dennis Karin M. and Dale Dowdy Eide Bailly, LLP
Ms. Carol Denson Ms. Ines M. Dowdy Alyne and Craig Eiland
Kimberly A. and Ray D. Denson Mr. G. L. Dowell Jo Lynn and Doyle W. Elder
Mrs. Betty Jo Dermon Mr. and Mrs. Ray Downs Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Derryberry Judy K. and Clyde Doyle Mr. John R. Elk, III
Mrs. Mary A. DeShazer Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Drake, Jr. Elk City Homemakers
Ruth M. and James A. DeSilver Mr. and Mrs. Bennie G. Drake Phyllis and Dempsey Elkouri
Janette and Jack W. Deskin Ms. Bobbye Jean Drake Susan and Phil C. Elliott
Linda K. and Tom H. DeSpain Angie and Brad Drake Mr. Richard Elliott
Anita and Richard F. Dettle Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Drake Mrs. Edith M. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Deupree Crystal and Ron Drake Sue and Mark W. Ellis
Alice A. and Chris Deurmyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Dresher Mark and Marla Ellis
Danelle and Bob Dewald Ms. Amy Drew Naveda and Harvey C. Ely
The Honorable and Mrs. Dale DeWitt Mrs. Mildred Driver Elizabeth A. and Eddy L. Emerson


Emmanuel Baptist Church Sonshine Ms. Glenda J. Ferguson Patricia L. and Joe M. Fortmeyer
Class Bev G. and Jim W. Ferguson The Fortune Club
Ms. Kathryn G. Ferguson Mrs. Charlene B. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Emmerling Christy J. and Kyle Ferguson Mr. Charles B. Foster
Mrs. Patty A. Empie Ms. Melanie Ferguson Mrs. Colleen Foster
Employees Charity Organization of Suzy and Larry D. Ferree Kathrine and Don C. Foster
Sally M. and Donald M. Ferrell Mrs. Elizabeth A. Foster
Northrop Grumman Linda M. and Gary L. Ferrell Mr. Eric Foster
Diane and Mark F. Emrick Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo D. Ferrer Ms. Martha J. Foster
Mr. Eric England Mrs. Nelda N. Ferrero Ms. Susan J. Foster
Diana and Robert England Kayla and Steve Fessler Mrs. Terry J. Foster
Ms. Renata Engler Lynn and Brad Fielding Myrna L. and Joe G. Fountain
Mrs. Lucille English Mr. Doug Filholm Anita and Roger Fowler
Mrs. Lucille L. Ensey Ms. Pamela Fink Mrs. Bobbie Fowler
Entire Design, LLC Finkenbinder Farm Diana S. and Jackie W. Fowler
Mrs. Barbara L. Eskridge First Baptist Church Adult D Sunday Mrs. Jacque M. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham H. Essaili Mrs. Charlotte A. Fox
Mrs. Edith Essex School Dept. Mrs. JoAnne Fox
Mrs. Jymme F. Evans First Baptist Church Willing Workers Mr. Paul D. Fox
Mr. Leon Evans Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fox
Mrs. Nancy O. Evans Class Janet and Buck Francis
Sheila and Gary Everett First Presbyterian Church Men’s Sue and John E. Francis
Phil and Judy Ewbank Kathy and Jerry Franklin
Ms. Sandra J. Ewing Breakfast Club Mr. and Mrs. Karl Franks
Ms. Linda L. Exstrom First Realty, Inc. Nancy S. and Merlin Freed
Effie and Lester Fahle Mrs. Carla A. Fitch Tori and Gary Freeman
Fairmont Fire Department Mrs. Leslie M. Fitch Ms. Jean Freeman
Fairview Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Grace B. Fites Kim and Andy Freeman
Fairview Mothers Club LeAwna R. and Steven P. Fitzgerald Ms. Mary C. Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. Ted A. Falconer Ms. Heather Fitzgibbon Mrs. Viola J. Freeman
Mrs. Jean Fallin Mary J. and Riley T. Fitzhugh Phyllis Jones and Clay Freeny
Ms. Elizabeth Fanning Mr. and Mrs. Len H. Flaming Ms. Brenda Freese
Fargo Senior Citizens Center Mrs. Kathleen Fleck Mrs. Genevieve A. Freese
Ms. Gail Farley Ms. Colleen J. Fleming Mrs. Georgia H. Freiling
Mr. James A. Farley Betty and Earl Fleming Paula and Alan Frickenschmidt
Deborah and Ken R. Farley Debra and John Fletcher Ms. Dorothy G. Frie
Betty and Max Farley Linda and Don Fletcher Friends of the Guthrie Museum Complex,
Sue and Coy R. Farmer Fletcher Baptist Church
Ms. Mary A. Farnik Mrs. Carolyn R. Flood Inc.
Ms. Karen Farrar Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flud The Friendship Circle of Fairmont
Mr. B. R. Farris Ms. Sharrel L. Foley Ms. Susie Frizzell
Anne and Larry Fast Mr. and Mrs. Delbert W. Foltz FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy
Dr. Wilmer D. Fast Mrs. Avis J. Forbes Mr. Elton E. Fry
Marjorie L. and Richard O. Faucett Mrs. Darleen G. Ford Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fuchs
Mrs. Darlene G. Faulkner Beverly A. and Mike Ford Glenda J. and Randy S. Fudge
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny N. Fauss Williene and Ron Ford Ms. Carrol Fuksa
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fee Ms. Sandra L. Ford Mr. Wayne Fullbright
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Felber Ms. Hughla F. Foreman Kaye and Gary D. Fullerton
Ms. Kimberli Felton Ruth E. and Don Foresee Mrs. Jean Fullgrabe
Tracee Craig and John A. Ferencich Ms. Carolyn J. Foresman Mr. and Mrs. John W. Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Ferguson Judith and Dr. G. Franklin Forney Shirley and Stan Funkhouser
Mr. Dallas E. Ferguson Mrs. Maurine Forrester Chris H. and John B. Furry
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Ferguson Sharon and Greg Forrester
Joyce L. and Gerald Forsyth

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Gahring Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gillespie Eddetta B. and Chris Grant
Phyllis J. and Steve F. Gainor Carol and Bob Gillham Ms. Jean Grant
Kathryn F. and Pat Gallagher Kathy and Danny Gilliland Ms. Annette M. Gravitt
Mrs. Patricia A. Gallagher Marcia and Steve Gillis Anne K. and Barry Q. Gray
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Mrs. Joan Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Gray
JoAnn and George D. Gallaspy Mr. John L. Gilmour Frances and Terry Gray
Ms. Elaine Gambill Mrs. Jennie M. Giltner Alyce A. and Terry Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gambulos Mr. and Mrs. Darrell E. Gingerich Wallie D. and Vic T. Graybill
Ms. Connie H. Gamel Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Ginsterblum Mr. Charles F. Grayson
Roxy and Allan Games Give With Liberty Ms. Katrinka M. Greear
Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Gangwer Mrs. Jean Givens Gerry and Arthur F. Green
Mr. John J. Gardner Lola M. and William R. Glasgow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Green
Ms. Jennifer Garn Dana and Bill Glasscock Clara and Geary Green
Mrs. Francesca A. Garner Mr. Ken Glazier Evelyn and J. D. Green
NaDean and Bob Garrett Ms. Doniece Glenn Carolyn and John Green
Ana and Chase Garrett Mrs. Ronda B. Glenn Mrs. Mary L. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Glendol Garrett Mrs. Wynema Colleen Godsy Debbie K. and Mike A. Green
Ms. Jenny C. Garrett Ermalene and James L. Godwin Marsha A. and Ronnie M. Green
Ms. Lynda L. Garrett Valinda and John Goeppinger Mr. W. O. Green, III
Mrs. Mary Garrett Mr. Joil Goff Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Troy O. Garrett Mrs. Betty Lou Goforth Joyce M. and Bob L. Greenhaw
Mrs. Lu Garrison Going Strong Senior Citizens Judy and Bill Gregory
Mrs. Mary Kay Garrison Judy and Barry Goldfarb Ms. Dorothy A. Gregory
Ed and Mary Garrison Mrs. Jo Ann Gooch Drs. Marlene M. and Richard C. Greyson
Marjorie and Phil Garrison Ms. Janice Goode Ms. Christine Griffin
George Ann and William Garrison Ms. Patricia J. Goode Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Griffin
Mrs. Faye E. Gash Debby and Jimmy K. Goodman Ms. Eulita A. Griffin
Carol Gifford and Mel Gaston Mr. and Mrs. Guy Goodner Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Griffin
Betty L. and Frank C. Gatewood Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goodnight Mr. Jeff D. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Gatewood Mrs. Zelda Goodnight Barbara and Jim Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gauldin Linda A. and Dr. M. C. Goodrich Mrs. Juanita L. Griffin
Archana Gautam, M.D. Caryll and Charles R. Gorham Mrs. June Griffin
Mr. Craig Gavras Sue K. and Charlie I. Gorman Mr. John C. Griffith
Jamie L. and Joe Gavula Terri and Ron Gose Bev J. and Bill D. Grigsby
Mrs. Shirley E. Gavula Betty A. and Bill V. Goss Mrs. Ann Grilliot
Mrs. Marion E. Gay Mrs. Gaye C. Goss Mrs. Frances Grimes
Mrs. Saundra P. Gay Mrs. Irma Faye Goss Linda and Jack E. Grisham
Ms. Opal Gayhart Mrs. Etta Goucher Marilyn M. and David W. Grissett
Mr. Pete Gelvin Dottie and Bill D. Gould Eldon and Patsy Gritz
Mrs. Helen F. Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Gourley Mr. and Mrs. Ben Grove
Jeannie and Kevan R. Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Gragert Ms. Judy L. Grove
Mary E. and Cal L. Gentry Mrs. Ann K. Graham Terrica and John Grunewald
The Gentrys and Spencers Mrs. Barbara L. Graham and Mr. Everett Guarantee Abstract Company
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Giaudrone, Jr. Linda C. and Darrell Gunsaulis
Mrs. Charlotte W. Gibbens Marion Garham Ms. Karen L. Gunter
Shaunagh and Jim Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Graham Ms. Maxine S. Gunter
Marjean and A. T. Gibson Becky S. and Mike Graham Belle and Gus Guthrie
Ms. Reba A. Gibson Ms. Nan D. Graham Ms. Dottie Gwin
Mrs. Zella M. Gifford Ms. Phynila D. Graham Mr. Bruce Gwinn
Mrs. Marilyn Giles Mr. Steven A. Graham Mrs. Bonnie J. Haas
Mr. James J. Gill Mary Ann and Stan W. Gralla Ms. Deborah L. Hackler
Mary L. Oster Granite, Ph.D.

Mr. Les Hackworth Ms. Judith L. Harman Patricia Ann and Clee Jay Hedges
Mrs. Barbara J. Haffner Ms. Virginia A. Harmon Amber and Ricky J. Heflin
Mrs. Velva Jean Hafner Terri B. and David Harp Mrs. Anna S. Hefner
Ms. Judy A. Hagar Mrs. Ardeth A. Harper Lisa and Richard B. Hefner
Ms. Beverly J. Hager Ms. Barbara J. Harper April T. and Larry Hetfeld
Mrs. Lois L. Haines Mr. and Mrs. William F. Harrah Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heldermon
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hajek Mrs. Katherine C. Harrell Ms. Teresa Heller
Mrs. Barb J. Hale The Eugene Harrell Family Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Helt
Ms. DeAnn L. Hale Ms. E. Gayle Harris Lois A. and Chuck Henderson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hall Dayla L. and Frank Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Danny M. Henderson
Sharon L. and James R. Hall Mrs. Gayla Harris Ms. Gearldine Henderson
Julie C. and Larry M. Hall Mrs. June B. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Henderson
Ms. Marilyn F. Hall Ms. Kathy L. Harris Mrs. Joan F. Henderson
Mrs. Minnetta B. Hall and Mr. Mike Linda and Ron D. Harris Vonda Z. and Mike Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Harris Ms. Phyllis Ann Henderson
Novotny Mrs. Yvonne Harris Ms. Susan Henderson
William H. Hall, M.D. Joyce and Ken Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Terry Henderson
Halliburton Giving Choices Mr. Conrad Hart Lavon and Gene Paul Hendricks
Mr. Bruce J. Hamburger Jean and David Hart Sharon L. and Ron W. Hendricks
Georgia and Charlie C. Hamer Dorinda and Jack Harvey Mary and Dr. Roger Henneke
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Hamer Ms. Peggy J. Harwell Hennessey Child Study Club
Terrye L. and Harold Hamill Ms. Jo Ann Hasenbeck Hennessey High School Class of 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Arleigh J. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Hasenfratz Robin and Tim Henricks
Carolyn S. and Cecil Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Haskins Mrs. Elizabeth Hensley
Becky and Johnny Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. I. Joe Hass Dr. James B. Hensley
Ms. Toxie Hamilton Debbie L. and Rick A. Hathaway Barbara and Steve Henson
Mrs. Kaye Hamm Martha A. and Harold E. Hatt Henson and Marshall PLLC
Mr. Kenneth G. Hamm Ms. Marilee Hattendorf Mrs. Anna Laura Henthorn
Lynn and Dennis Hammack Mr. and Mrs. Bob Haub Enid A. and Bernard N. Heppler
Hammert, Mikysa and Dennis, PLLC Mary W. and Bob L. Haught Rae and John R. Hermanski
Ms. Connie B. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Doug Haught Lori A. and Daniel F. Herrell
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck E. Hamrick April L. Haulman and Ed Cunliff Anne and Tanner Herriott
Mrs. Wanda Hanan Joy V. and Ron G. Havens Kim and Bill J. Herron
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy W. Hancock Mary E. and Jerry L. Hawkins Nancy W. and Larry W. Herzel
Ms. Fredith S. Hanifan Mrs. Juanita Hawkins Mrs. Marge F. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hankins Shari D. and Larry J. Hawkins Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hess
Agnes and G. W. Hannah Rita and Larry Hawkins Pam and John R. Hester
Mr. Monroe T. Hannon Mr. and Mrs. Tony A. Hawkins Ingrid and Don Q. Hewett
Mrs. Donna J. Hansen The Hawthorne Study Club of Shawnee Jynon Hibbard and Alfons Koegel
Mrs. Leslie Blair Hanstein Don and Joyce Haxton Jo Ann and A. J. Hickman
Rita D. and David T. Hardgrave Mrs. Helen L. Hayes Mrs. Joyce M. Hickman
Donna S. and Jim E. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Hayes Ms. Amanda Hicks
Ms. Marian E. Lamb Hardin Margo and Joe C. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hicks
Mrs. Betty M. Harding Mr. Jeffrey A. Hays Teena Hicks Company
Mrs. Lavona Harding Mr. and Mrs. David Hayton Ms. Connie Higgins
Ms. Barbara L. Hargis Mrs. Vinita Head Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Higgins
Joyce L. and Elson P. Hargrove Mr. John Heath Mr. and Mrs. John M. Highley, Jr.
Ms. Janie L. Harkey Mary and Steve Heath Ann and Tim Hight
Patricia A. and E. Pat Harkin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Heaton Ms. Pamela J. Hightower
Kellie P. and Fred C. Harlan Mr. and Mrs. Jon Heavener Joyce E. and Edward E. Hildebrand
Jean and Bob Harlan Ms. Bobbie Jean Hedger Mrs. Betty D. Hilger
Randus and Chris Harman


Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Hill, Jr. Ms. Phyllis Horn Jack and Sharon Hutchens
Lori W. and Dodge Hill Mrs. Thelma D. Horrall and Mr. Curtis Diana L. and Chris Hutchinson
Ernestine and Dr. Jim Hill Linda and James Hutchison
Ms. Leona C. Hill L. Horrall Mrs. Janice S. Hyatt and Mr. James E.
Ms. Linda M. Hill Carla and Gary L. Horton
Ms. Marian P. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Horton Hyatt
Ms. Mary Sue Hill Jan B. and Fred S. Horton Mr. Philip Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hill Mrs. Bertha L. Hostetler Mr. Wynn Ibach
Ms. Susan Hill Mendy L. and Brady D. Hostetler Mrs. Frances Ice
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Hillemeyer Karen L. and Alan Hough La Nae D. and Rick G. Ice
Mrs. Billye D. Hintchel Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Houk Phyllis D. and Tom E. Ikard
Ms. Jo Ann Hintergardt Ms. Karen D. Housley Mrs. Freda S. Schreiner Inda
Barbara and Mike Hisey Mrs. Julie C. Hovis Sandra and Earl L. Ingram
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hitch Anne and Campbell P. Howard Mrs. Helen Inman
Mr. Ron Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy A. Howard Pam and Raymond Inman
Susie and Dana Hobson Ms. P. J. Howard Shirley and C. E. Inselman
Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Hoch, Jr. Ms. Renee Howard Marilyn M. and Ernest R. Inselman
Ms. Sally B. Hoch Ms. Betty Howe Integris Edmond Pediatric Team
Mrs. Caroline V. Hodgden Mr. Mark Howell Ms. Annette L. Intravaia
Ms. Tammy Hodge Mr. Tuffy Howell Mrs. Mary Ellen Irwin
Ms. Melba R. Hodges Mr. William F. Howell Mrs. Mary L. Isaac
Hoe and Grow Garden Club Ina and L. B. Hoyle Ronda L. and Terry L. Isaacs
Teresa and Mark Hoehner Marcie J. and P. Mike Hronopulos Vicki L. and Jack W. Ivester
Dr. Robert and Mary Jo Hoffman Virginia M. Stuart and Jack Hubbard Ms. Marilyn A. Jablonski
Mrs. Marie E. Hogan Catherine M. and Joe H. Huber Mrs. Jean C. Jack
Mrs. Betty Holcomb Ms. Arnetta Hudson Julie R. and Clay C. Jack
Oma and Bill Holcomb Janice M. and Charles A. Hudson Beth L. and Douglas L. Jackson
Annabelle and Lee Holcombe Mrs. Marilyn D. Hudson Miss Helen L. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Holcombe Darla E. and Dale C. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Jackson
Mr. Stan K. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Hughes Ruth S. and Jim J. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Vern F. Holder Mrs. Michele M. Hughes and Mr. John Monte J. and Robert N. Jackson
Vicki and Larry E. Holderread Ms. Velda Jackson
Lynne K. Holkan Hatfield Hughes Jackson, Fox and Richardson, PC
Vicky and Fount Holland Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jacobi
Mrs. Joanne M. Holle Ms. Kay A. Hughes Mrs. Joy W. Jacobs
Hollis High School Class of 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hughes Marilyn and Alan James
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Holloway Mr. Mike L. Hulin Ms. Jenny James
Ms. Chardale Hanger Holmes Debbie and Russell Hulin Jody and Jon James
Mary Ellen and Freman Holmes Mrs. Wanda Hulin Karen J. and John James
Ms. Sandy Homier Ann and Mitch Hull Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. James
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Honeycutt Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. Hulme, Jr. Becky L. and Steve T. James
Mr. Mike Honeyman Mrs. Joella W. Hundley Drs. Cathy and John H. Jameson
Mrs. Sue D. Hood Mrs. Nettie E. Hunnicutt Linda F. Jameson and Larry Fritz
Mrs. Marjory P. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Hunsinger Mrs. Allez R. Jamison
Mr. Scott W. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Gaylan Hunt Marcia and Ron Janzen
Carol and Eddie Hooper Joyce E. and Terry F. M. Hunt Mr. Gerald Jaquith
Dana A. and Ted Hope Vickie L. and David N. Hunter Mrs. Virginia Jasper
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hopkins, Jr. Mrs. Shirley S. Hunter Ramona M. and Charles Jeffries
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Horinek Brenda and Tommy W. Hunter Mrs. Elma G. Jellison
Nina and Bruce D. Horn Hurley Manor Volunteers Pat and Randy Jenkins
Mrs. Lois M. Horn Jane P. and Jerry J. Hurst Ms. Gloria M. Jennings
Cathy and Jim Huskerson Ms. JoAnn H. Jentz
Mrs. Modena Hutchens


Ms. Ramona Jett Young Ja and Seung K. Jung Michele E. and Quinton Kinder
Ms. Judith L. Jetton JustGiving Teresa and Toby Kinder/Kinder Farms
Mrs. Jeanie Johns Barbara and Mike Kahn Mrs. Doris B. King
Ms. Belleva S. Johnson Terry A. and Michael D. Kaiser Sammye and Eldon King
Mrs. Betty L. Johnson Mrs. Donna R. Kalbfleisch Mr. and Mrs. Greg King
Kelsey and Chad Johnson Bennie and John A. Kapella Ms. Patricia F. King
Sandra R. and Charles D. Johnson Dr. Tommy K. Karns Ms. Zil R. King
Darlene and Don Johnson Elizabeth A. and Mike Kastl Kingfisher High School Class of 1957
Rev. and Mrs. Donald B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Katz Denise and Kris Kinzie
Mr. Faron L. Johnson Ms. Jessie L. Kauk Kiowa High School Class of 1966
Mr. and Mrs. Foster L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keel Ms. Dona Kippenberger
Mrs. Francene Johnson Elaine and Bruce Keeler Mrs. Margie Kirby
Ms. Janette Johnson Ms. Molly L. Keene Ms. Ruby J. Kirk
Barbara and Jerry Johnson Ms. Judy A. Keesee Jolene and Tommy Kirkes
Mrs. Karen S. Johnson Brenda and Richard M. (Miles) Kehrer Kirkpatrick Oil Company, Inc.
Mrs. Lucille Johnson Cindy and Dean Keiffer Claudia C. and Stan S. Kittrell
Ms. Melody B. Johnson Evelyn and Alton Keith Mrs. Susan C. Kivel
Ms. Mickey Johnson Linda and Tom L. Keith Mrs. Dottie K. Kizziar
Mr. and Mrs. Mike H. Johnson Karin M. and Garland K. Keithly Mrs. Janie E. Kizziar
Ms. Regena Johnson Mrs. Eileen S. Kelle Ms. Fern Klausing
Sandy K. and Ron D. Johnson Kristi J. and Steve Kelle Mr. Jason Kletke
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Johnson Ms. Miranda Keller Mr. Marc E. Kliewer
Mrs. Tina R. Johnson Linda and Dale Kellett Mr. and Mrs. Jack Klinger
Ms. Wilma Johnson Mrs. Nancy B. Kelley Bunnie and Don Klinglesmith
Ms. Joleta L. Johnston Mrs. Mildred Kellison Rhonda and Phil Klopfenstein
Mrs. Nancy Johnston Mr. Gary Kelly Mr. Kevin Klug
Mrs. Irene Jondahl Mrs. Neva Kelly Ms. Doris Knight
Mrs. Angela C. Jones Mrs. Myra Kemp Alana M. and Steve W. Knight
Mr. David Jones Mrs. Shirley Kendall Ms. Reita K. Knittel
Denise N. and Don Jones Becky J. and Leland R. Kennedy Ms. Lena M. Knopfel
Mrs. Eloise C. Jones Mrs. Diane Kennedy Ms. Diana Knox
Alceon and Gary A. Jones Amber and Neal Kennedy Mrs. Jere L. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Jones Ms. Tammy L. Kennedy Mrs. Kay Koble
Jo Ellen Jones and Stan Barnett Mr. Tom Kennedy The Sylvan Koch Family
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick I. Kenny Marjorie L. and Oliver A. Kocher
Mrs. Leslie P. Jones Ms. Sherrie A. Kent Ms. Doris Koeberle
Mr. and Mrs. Orval Jones Becky A. and Bob L. Kerr Sharon K. and Loren D. Koehn
Cindy and Rick Jones Mrs. Lou C. Kerr Beverly J. and Gary L. Kofoed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones Ms. Barbara Kersey Christine G. and Greg Kokojan
Ann E. and Ronny J. Jones Ms. Vickie J. Kersey and Mr. Bill Clay Dr. and Mrs. Doug R. Koontz
Sherrel A. and Stephen L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Kesler Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kopecky
Sudi and Terry K. Jones Mr. David C. Key Carol L. and Craig D. Kovin
Ms. Tina R. Jones Cherryl and Earl Key Jessica and Jeffrey Kraemer
Julie H. and Vernon M. Jones Ms. LaVerne Y. Key Mrs. Nancy M. Kraft
The Maysel Leffel Jones Revocable Trust Jacquelyn D. and August M. Khilling Charlotte and Nick Kramer, III
Mrs. Donna F. Jordan Ms. Dawn Kiddy Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kratzer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Jordan Mrs. Christy Kilgo Mary L. and Tom E. Kraus, Jr.
Judy and John T. Jordan Ms. Mary Sue Killam Mr. and Mrs. Michauel Kreiger
Judi M. and Jim R. Jorden Ms. Melinda C. Kimball Mrs. Linda M. Kremeier
JP Morgan Chase Foundation Mrs. Pat L. Kimball Mrs. Gaytha Kreymborg
Ms. Mary M. Jumper Kimble Mixer Company Ms. Dianne Krob


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