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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2016-12-13 14:32:01

2014 Winter Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner

the winter 2015

hot news from inside OMRF

Your New Year’s
Resolution Guide

January is just around the corner, It all sounds good. Even admirable. Fortunately for you, OMRF has
and you know what that means: But breaking annual resolutions plenty of resources in place to make
It’s time to make those New Year’s has become every bit as much of sure you’re in the best possible
resolutions. a tradition as setting them. Only position to defy those odds.
eight percent of people who make
We have the best of intentions to resolutions end up following through Get fit!
make up for the holiday calories we with them.
just consumed or the needless stress One of the most common yearly
we just put ourselves through. So resolutions is to get in better shape.
we aim to turn a new page and start But it can be a pain to get to a local
clean on Jan. 1, promising ourselves gym and establish a routine. That’s
that we’ll eat better, exercise more, why OMRF offers a state-of-the-art,
and cut out some guilty 24-hour fitness center that is available
pleasure or addictive to all employees for just $15 a month.
behavior. Included in that low-cost package are
personal-training sessions, one-on-
one fitness evaluations, and group
classes like Zumba and Pilates.

Eat right!

It’s no easy task to eat healthy at
every meal, especially if you’re busy
or short on cash. OMRF’s Research
Café takes both of these things
into consideration, offering a wide


December 12 December 25 & 26

Children’s Holiday Party Closed for Christmas

December 17 January 1 & 2
Timesheets Due Closed for New Year’s

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bunsen burner

Winter 2015

Be resolved
Keeping your resolution is easier if
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Check it out! Healthcare Consumer Tips
post on the intranet and Instead o
range of healthy eating Regardless of how on the next page to get
options. It even increases healthy you feel, it’s always a better handle on all the Specific I’m going
your discount for choosing a good idea to get regular different ways to reduce eat health
lower-calorie “green” menu checkups. Mammograms, your healthcare costs.
options. So opt for a turkey flu shots, immunizations, Measurable Exercise w
burger, fish or chicken with vaccinations, physicals and Still need help? Try using at the top
a salad to watch your wallet teeth cleanings are all good the “SMART” method
get fat while your waistline ways to avoid bigger issues (see the handy chart to the
shrinks. from arising down the line. right). It’s a tried-and-true
Best of all, most are 100 plan to help you make
OMRF also offers an percent covered by OMRF’s resolutions you’ll actually
on-site Weight Watchers employee health insurance. keep. And isn’t that
meeting every Wednesday Also, check out the Good the point?
at noon in the Milligan
Center. You can visit a Attainable By summe
meeting for free to see
if you like it. If cost is get fit!
a concern, OMRF will
reimburse 50 percent of the
monthly membership ($36)
if you attend at least 70 Realistic Sign me u
percent of the meetings. for a mara

Feel better!

Not all resolutions center
on fitness and weight loss.
Maybe yours is to get your Timely I will lose
stress or your finances
under control or to seek 25 pounds
help with parenting or
family issues. Whatever the
concern, OMRF’s Employee
Assistance Program (EAP) Amanda Crawford rolls up her sleeve for her
provides a wide variety annual flu shot.
of resources to help
employees handle these
challenges. Contact the
EAP by calling (405) 947-
2688 or (800) 677-2729 or
by visiting

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Check Did your name or address change this year?
Your When your next paycheck arrives, please take a moment to
make sure your contact info is correct. Send corrections to
Sarah Hunter ([email protected]) in Human Resources so
Check your 2014 tax forms go to the right place.

T Be A
S Healthcare
f you keep it simple.

of this Say this

Are you a savvy shopper? or domestic partner who wellness visits) and dental
is not offered coverage plan (2 FREE cleanings per
to No more sugary Do you score bargains through his/her employer year). And participate in
hy! soft drinks for me. galore? Then why would you and child(ren) up to age 26 OMRF’s Wellness Program
pay more than you should use our medical plan. to stay healthier year-round.

will be I’m going to go for healthcare services? Educate yourself. Look for Consider maxing out
A lot of us shell out more and read the Explanation of your HSA contributions.
p of my list! on a walk three Benefits (EOBs) you receive The more you contribute,
than necessary simply from UMR. Pay your bills the more tax savings you’ll
times a week. only after receiving the EOB receive, and the money
because we miss the showing what you should is always yours to use for
pay. Once you receive the medical, dental, and vision
money-saving details in our EOB, it means the charges expenses.
have been processed and
er, I ’ll Eothvfeethrsyetadeiarlsey,vinIa’sltltoetraa.kde hymoeaSuantrlatyhcywopinsalt-aysnsn.e.ytBowuuotcrktahnfeorrreeadalulrece potentially discounted, Have questions about any
which can save you money. benefits topics? Contact
up I’ll park further healthcare needs. The out-
Use the preventive Beth “All About Benefits”
of-network deductible and health services covered Benefield in Human
by the medical plan Resources: Beth-benefield@
athon! away from the out-of-pocket maximum are (immunizations, physicals, or 17433.
separate from and higher
building to get in than in-network costs.

extra steps. Go to the emergency

My goal is to room only for true
emergencies. If it’s not
s! lose two
truly urgent, make an

pounds a month. appointment with your In 2015, OMRF will conduct a
doctor to be seen in the “dependent audit” to assure that all
those who use our medical plan are
office. Use urgent-care eligible for coverage. At that time, you
may be asked to provide documentation
facilities when possible like a marriage license or a birth
certificate to confirm relationship status.
instead of the ER, which can It will help OMRF keep your healthcare
costs low.
cost hundreds more.

Cover only your eligible

family members. OMRF

incurs costs for those who

use our coverage, even if

they aren’t eligible to use it.

Make sure only your spouse

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NUMBER bunsen burner
Winter 2015
You’ve probably seen them huddled around a
bank of laptops in an Accounting Office cubicle. S@eOeMn RF
They usually show up in October and disappear
by December. They’re the auditors, here for their TURKEY TIME:
annual visit. But what, you might ask, are they JAMIE MATA,

What do auditors do? All those numbers. Don’t
Auditors carefully check you get bored? RUNNERS GARY
and verify the accuracy of Not really. We audit a wide GORBSKY, STEPHEN
business records, especially variety of businesses, so
financial accounts. before we can get bored, APEL, ANNE ZIKE,
our workplace changes. It MICHAEL MCDANIEL,
Why do you come to can be a challenge to get MAGDALENA BIENIASZ
OMRF? started, but once we dive
Because OMRF receives into the books, it’s usually
federal funding through pretty smooth sailing.
research grants, the law
requires an audit of the What happens when you
foundation’s financial leave?
records. We take the information
we’ve gathered back to
Why do you come in our main office where it’s
October? reviewed again. Eventually,
OMRF’s fiscal year ends a complete audit report
June 30. So by the end of is issued to OMRF, which
September, the accounting can share the report with
staff has most of the donors, board members
records in order and ready and granting agencies.
for us to begin reviewing.

Know who else first came to OMRF as an auditor? Our own FLASHBACK:
Tim Hassen! He reviewed the books as an accountant for COMPARATIVE
the firm of Deloitte and Touche from 1995 to 1997, and MEDICINE’S FIRST
OMRF hired him away in 1998. PLACE COSTUME, THE
bunsen burner.indd 4 ROLLER COASTER

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