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Spring 2013
Life Interrupted:
Alea Hubbard: Alea was only 17 when she got MS, but she won’t let it keep her from reaching her dreams.

Shan Carter: MS knocked this former athlete down, but she says she’s far from out.
The OMRF MS Team: OMRF’s MS physicians discuss their whole-person approach to treating the disease. - Dr. Gabriel Pardo, Dr. Farhat Hussain
Research Pioneer: A salute to Morris Reichlin: physician, scientist, mentor and friend
Ask Dr. P – Allergies, Danny Smith letter
Native Partners – Judith James, Choctaw, Chickasaw partnership
OMRF Scientists – favorite apps
One Family, Three Generations of Support for OMRF: For decades, the Gaylord family has made OMRF a philanthropic priority.
7 Things About Eliza Chakravarty: From ballet to babies, OMRF scientist shares some little-known secrets.
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