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Summer-Fall 2015
Scott and Kendra Plafker are partners in life and in the lab.

ASK DR. P Are pills a safe fix for sleepless nights? Mary Schneeberger letter

ANGEL INVESTORS Why donations are crucial for helping scientists take ideas from inspiration to innovation. Tim Griffin answer.

STAIR MASTER When he’s not maintaining OMRF’s computer systems, Brad Pazoureck is climbing his way to the elite ranks of the sport of stair-climbing.

THE FATHER OF STEROIDS It’s doubtful that OMRF’s Dr. Charles Kochakian spent much time pumping iron. But his discovery of the musclebuilding effects of steroids more than a half-century ago inadvertently started a new era in sports.

Cities of tiny creatures live inside us, and scientists now believe that a thriving population of these microbial lodgers can keep us healthy. Pat Gaffney -microbiome

REMEMBERING DR. CAPRA Although former OMRF President Dr. J. Donald Capra passed away in February, his legacy lives on at OMRF and in labs around the world

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