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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2016-08-22 14:13:00

2015-annual report

2015-annual report

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6 8 12

President’s Letter Half a World Away Roman Conquest

Even in today’s “flat” world, successful Dr. David Jones woke to a new adventure Sjögren’s syndrome is a rare disease. Rarer
scientific collaborations can’t just happen every day when he visited China. While still are those who devote their careers to
through screens and keyboards. Dr. there, he received an award, toured cancer trying to plumb the mysteries of Sjögren’s.
Stephen Prescott offers an ode to the hospitals, visited historic sites and found When the field’s leading researchers
odyssey, research style. himself the honored guest at countless gathered in Italy, it was the perfect chance
dinners. The trip, he says, opened new for Dr. Kathy Sivils and a group of OMRF
avenues for research collaboration. immunologists to share their knowledge
and learn about the newest efforts to solve
this puzzling condition.

16 24

Land of the Midnight Sun Destinations
See where our scientists’ travels took
With 20 hours of sunlight each day, Dr. them in 2015
Florea Lupu had plenty of time to spend
talking about joint cardiovascular research 26
projects with his colleagues in Scandinavia.
Best of 2015
20 The year’s milestones in a nutshell

Passage to India 28

Ten days of wild car rides, discussions Selected Publications
over tea, and visits to temples, research
institutes and cultural havens highlighted 30
Adam Cohen and Manu Nair’s trip to
India. Best of all, they left the country Financials
with a solid plan for bolstering the
relationship between OMRF and the Rajiv 32
Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.
Discoveries Campaign
The curtain closes on a watershed
fundraising effort


Honor Roll
Meet the givers whose generosity
keeps OMRF going


Scientific Faculty


Board of Directors


National Advisory Council
Raising awareness of OMRF beyond
Oklahoma’s borders

Letter from the



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Dr. Prescott’s letter


TrDavrel.erDavid Jones



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Dr. Jones’ letter


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Dr. Sivils’ letter

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Dr. Florea Lupu

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DENSToINArTwIONay & Sweden

Flip over Dr. Lupu’s postcard



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Toronto, Canada


Whistler, Canada MaKDnoerdny. tSCsrtueeolsalnaule,nlCaSKraynoBmvaiopadlotaossgiya on Molecular
San Francisco Boston

Los Angeles New York
Washington, DC



Salt Lake City St. Louis
Little Rock
DGVVroa.erCsndcotouuunlrrataRrn,eCeCsyeAelalGrBrciihfofliCongoynference on Las Vegas Denver
New Orleans
Scientific collaboration knows no
boundaries. In 2015, OMRF Dallas
researchers gave presentations, attended
meetings and connected with scientific
colleagues in 17 foreign countries (and 31
U.S. cities). Here’s a sampling of where
their work took them.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

- 24 -

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland Copenhagen,
Paris, France Denmark


Bergen, Norway

Warsaw, VS1Diy1ersnt.thnHemaIan,litAcSeucrLsonutfapiretiuilaodsnEarlyCtohnegmraetsossouns

Mumbai, Beijing, China

Bucharest, India Xian, China
Romania Japan

Rome, Thiruvananthapuram, SSJDuoizrao.hncLohgiuosjuu,wCnIUhnXnisnitiavaiteurtseitoyf Hematology,

Bloemfontein, DIrPC.MIoCTnehAglab-rIroeXluseAsrsn-ECesT,mSAou2ns0t1r5alJiaoint
South Africa

- 25 -

Welcome to OKC! Puterbaugh laboratory dedicated

More than 30 leading venture capitalists and McAlester’s Puterbaugh Foundation made a major gift to the foundation in honor of OMRF’s
biotechnology industry executives spent the president. The $500,000 donation created the Stephen Prescott, M.D., Laboratory in OMRF’s Arthritis
day in Oklahoma City at OMRF’s BioVenture and Clinical Immunology Research Program. At a special ceremony, Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice
Forum 2015. At the event, executives and Steven Taylor, an OMRF board member and Chairman of The Puterbaugh Foundation, thanked
principals from U.S. and international Prescott (who was joined by his wife, Susan) for his tireless work on behalf of OMRF. The lab houses
pharmaceutical, diagnostics and venture a research team led by Dr. Patrick Gaffney, who holds the J.G. Puterbaugh Chair in Medical Research.
capital firms met to share ideas and forge
relationships. For many participants, this was
their first visit to Oklahoma. Congressman
Tom Cole (R. Okla.) gave the keynote address,
and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin welcomed
the participants at a networking reception.
“It’s discussions like these that will lead to
greater contributions and participation from
Oklahoma in biomedical research nationwide,”
said Cole.

New center targets A four-star
diseases of aging achievement

Advances in science have helped people live OMRF earned four stars—the highest possible
longer. But with those added years comes rating—from Charity Navigator, the nation’s
an increase in diseases associated with aging. largest charity ranking service. According
The National Institutes of Health awarded to Charity Navigator, this top score signals
researchers at OMRF, the University of that OMRF “exceeds industry standards and
Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the outperforms most charities in its cause” in
Veterans Administration Medical Center a five- the areas of financial health, accountability
year grant to establish the state’s first Nathan and transparency. “When one of the nation’s
Shock Center of Excellence in Basic Biology leading charity evaluators gives you its seal of
of Aging. The long-term goal of the Oklahoma approval, it’s both humbling and gratifying,”
Shock Center is to focus on the emerging says OMRF President Dr. Stephen Prescott.
field of “geroscience,” the study of how aging “OMRF makes every effort to ensure that
impacts and predisposes people to disease. we are good stewards of our supporters’
donations, and this ranking tells us we are
- 26 - succeeding.”

Traumatic brain Fundraising with heart
injury findings
OMRF’s annual “241” events—two events for one great cause—raised $590,000 to support research
OMRF’s Dr. Holly Van Remmen made on heart disease and stroke. A musical performance by Grammy and CMA award-winning Nitty Gritty
an important contribution to the rapidly Dirt Band got partygoers rocking for research at a wine and music festival. Events capped off the next
emerging field of traumatic brain injury day with a golf tournament, where 25 teams took to the links to support cardiovascular research in
(TBI) research. Increasingly, experts OMRF’s laboratories.
have grown concerned that TBI can
contribute to long-term
neurodegeneration. In
the lab, Van Remmen
and her team looked
specifically at whether
TBI affected the
progression of the
neurodegenerative disease
amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis, also known
as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s
disease. Using mice genetically altered to
develop ALS, Van Remmen found that TBI
caused decreased coordination and muscle
function, as well as loss of grip strength.
“This research does not answer the question
of whether suffering a traumatic brain injury
can make you more likely to develop ALS,
but it shows that TBI can worsen the traits
of the disease,” says Van Remmen.

New hope for
lupus patients

In lupus and other autoimmune illnesses,
disease flares—a sudden worsening of
symptoms—can leave a person completely
debilitated with no warning. But a discovery
by OMRF scientists Drs. Judith James and
Melissa Munroe aims to change that. The
pair identified 52 disease mediators, which
are molecules that regulate inflammation and
increase or decrease the chance that a lupus
patient will experience a disease flare. A new
collaboration between OMRF and Progentec
Diagnostics will create tools designed to
improve the treatment of autoimmune
diseases. The initial project will focus on
developing a diagnostic test to identify patients
at an increased risk of disease flares in lupus.

- 27 -

Norway D1Sr9w. RsecdoiedenngetoirsnMtsocnfEreovpmeurbGwleiocrarmktiaeondny.waitnhd
Belgium Switzerland

Iceland ScotlaWnadles Slovenia
France Saudi
Canada Portugal Arabia
United States
Spain Italy India Japan
Mexico Taiwan
Cuba Hungary Greece
Columbia Turkey Singapore




Scientific papers are how OMRF researchers share their discoveries SEfplrDnuaogprim.lnuaJ,snSoSpdoacau,nopIttcMhelearKelnawrdonrriidatelhln,aMpdc(uoaeSblnxlwladiiecsbdhoCo,ereanadnt)aao.dras,
with laboratories and clinics around the world. Those new insights
run the gamut of medical conditions, from diabetes to lupus to
breast cancer. In 2015, OMRF researchers published 184 papers
in some of the world’s top scientific journals. On the opposite page,
we offer a selection of those publications. And on this page, you
can see the global interconnectedness of that work: In the last year
alone, OMRF’s scientists co-authored papers with researchers from
the 37 countries shown on this map.

- 28 -

Bockus LB, Humphries KM. cAMP-dependent against influenza characterize the plasmablast Schubert RD, Hu Y, Kumar G, Szeto S,
protein kinase (PKA) signaling is impaired in the response in SLE patients after vaccination. PLoS Abraham P, Winderl J, Guthridge JM, Pardo
diabetic heart. J Biol Chem 290:29250-29258, One 10:e0125618, 2015. G, Dunn J, Steinman L, Axtell RC. IFN-
2015. Kavanaugh A, Cush JJ, Ahmed MS, Bermas BL, beta treatment requires B cells for efficacy in
Borgogno MV, Monti MR, Zhao W, Sung P, Chakravarty E, Chambers C, Clowse M, Curtis neuroautoimmunity. J Immunol 194:2110-2116,
Argarana CE, Pezza RJ. Tolerance of DNA JR, Dao K, Hankins GD, Koren G, Kim SC, 2015.
mismatches in Dmc1 recombinase-mediated Lapteva L, Mahadevan U, Moore T, Nolan M, Shao B, Yago T, Setiadi H, Wang Y, Mehta-
DNA strand exchange. J Biol Chem. 2015. Ren Z, Sammaritano LR, Seymour S, Weisman D’Souza P, Fu J, Crocker PR, Rodgers W, Xia L,
Chaaban H, Keshari RS, Silasi-Mansat R, MH. Proceedings from the American College McEver RP. O-glycans direct selectin ligands to
Popescu NI, Mehta-D’Souza P, Lim YP, Lupu F. of Rheumatology Reproductive Health Summit: lipid rafts on leukocytes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA
Inter-alpha inhibitor protein and its associated The management of fertility, pregnancy and 112:8661-8666, 2015.
glycosaminoglycans protect against histone- lactation in women with autoimmune and Song K, Herzog BH, Fu J, Sheng M, Bergstrom
induced injury. Blood 125:2286-2296, 2015. systemic inflammatory diseases. Arthritis Care K, McDaniel JM, Kondo Y, McGee S, Cai X,
Cohen SG, Itkin T, Chakrabarty S, Graf C, Kollet Res (Hoboken) 67:313-325, 2015. Li P, Chen H, Xia L. Loss of core 1-derived
O, Ludin A, Golan K, Kalinkovich A, Ledergor Kovats S. Estrogen receptors regulate innate O-glycans decreases breast cancer development
G, Wong E, Niemeyer E, Porat Z, Erez A, Sagi immune cells and signaling pathways. Cell in mice. J Biol Chem 290:20159-20166, 2015.
I, Esmon CT, Ruf W, Lapidot T. PAR1 signaling Immunol 294:63-69, 2015. Szczerba BM, Kaplonek P, Wolska N,
regulates the retention and recruitment of Larabee CM, Georgescu C, Wren JD, Plafker SM. Podsiadlowska A, Rybakowska PD, Dey P,
EPCR-expressing bone marrow hematopoietic Expression profiling of the ubiquitin conjugating Rasmussen A, Grundahl K, Hefner KS, Stone
stem cells. Nat Med 21:1307-1317, 2015. enzyme UbcM2 in murine brain reveals modest DU, Young S, Lewis DM, Radfar L, Scofield
Edgar CE, Terrell DR, Vesely SK, Wren JD, age-dependent decreases in specific neurons. RH, Sivils KL, Bagavant H, Deshmukh US.
Dozmorov IM, Niewold TB, Brown M, Zhou BMC Neurosci 16:76, 2015. Interaction between innate immunity and Ro52-
F, Frank MB, Merrill JT, Kremer Hovinga JA, Meyer RE, Chuong HH, Hild M, Hansen induced antibody causes Sjögren’s syndrome-like
Lammle B, James JA, George JN, Farris AD. CL, Kinter M, Dawson DS. Ipl1/Aurora-B disorder in mice. Ann Rheum Dis 2015. EPub
Ribosomal and immune transcripts associate is necessary for kinetochore restructuring in Towner RA, Ihnat M, Saunders D, Bastian A,
with relapse in acquired ADAMTS13-deficient meiosis I in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Biol Smith N, Pavana RK, Gangjee A. A new anti-
thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. PLoS Cell 26:2986-3000, 2015. glioma therapy, AG119: pre-clinical assessment
One 10:e0117614, 2015. Plafker KS, Plafker SM. The ubiquitin in a mouse GL261 glioma model. BMC Cancer
Evans TM, Jaramillo CA, Sataranatarajan K, conjugating enzyme, UBE2E3 and its import 15:522, 2015.
Watts L, Sabia M, Qi W, Van Remmen H. receptor, Importin-11 regulate the localization Walsh ME, Bhattacharya A, Sataranatarajan K,
The effect of mild traumatic brain injury on and activity of the anti-oxidant transcription Qaisar R, Sloane L, Rahman MM, Kinter M, Van
peripheral nervous system pathology in wild-type factor NRF2. Mol Biol Cell 26:327-338, 2015. Remmen H. The histone deacetylase inhibitor
mice and the G93A mutant mouse model of Obregon-Tito AJ, Tito RY, Metcalf J, butyrate improves metabolism and reduces
motor neuron disease. Neuroscience 298:410- Sankaranarayanan K, Clemente JC, Ursell LK, muscle atrophy during aging. Aging Cell 14:957-
423, 2015. Zech XZ, Van TW, Knight R, Gaffney PM, 970, 2015.
He C, Medley SC, Hu T, Hinsdale ME, Lupu F, Spicer P, Lawson P, Marin-Reyes L, Trujillo- Wiley MM, Muthukumar V, Griffin TM, Griffin
Virmani R, Olson LE. PDGFRbeta signalling Villarroel O, Foster M, Guija-Poma E, Troncoso- CT. SWI/SNF Chromatin-remodeling enzymes
regulates local inflammation and synergizes Corzo L, Warinner C, Ozga AT, Lewis CM. Brahma-Related Gene 1 (BRG1) and Brahma
with hypercholesterolaemia to promote Subsistence strategies in traditional societies (BRM) are dispensable in multiple models of
atherosclerosis. Nat Commun 6:7770, 2015. distinguish gut microbiomes. Nat Commun postnatal angiogenesis but are required for
Iwayama T, Steele C, Yao L, Dozmorov 6:6505, 2015. vascular integrity in infant mice. J Am Heart
MG, Karamichos D, Wren JD, Olson LE. Ratliff ML, Ward JM, Merrill JT, James JA, Webb Assoc 4:e001972, 2015.
PDGFRalpha signaling drives adipose tissue CF. Differential expression of the transcription Yago T, Petrich BG, Zhang N, Liu Z, Shao B,
fibrosis by targeting progenitor cell plasticity. factor ARID3a in lupus patient hematopoietic Ginsberg MH, McEver RP. Blocking neutrophil
Genes Dev 29:1106-1119, 2015. progenitor cells. J Immunol 194:940-949, 2015. integrin activation prevents ischemia-reperfusion
Kaur K, Zheng NY, Smith K, Huang M, Li L, Sansam CG, Goins D, Siefert JC, Clowdus injury. J Exp Med 212:1267-1281, 2015.
Pauli NT, Henry Dunand CJ, Lee JH, Morrissey EA, Sansam CL. Cyclin-dependent kinase
M, Wu Y, Joachims ML, Munroe ME, Lau D, Qu regulates the length of S phase through TICRR/
X, Krammer F, Wrammert J, Palese P, Ahmed R, TRESLIN phosphorylation. Genes Dev 29:555-
James JA, Wilson PC. High affinity antibodies 566, 2015.

- 29 -



In nine separate programs, OMRF researchers
study a wide array of disease topics, including
cancer and brain diseases, cardiovascular disease
and autoimmune conditions such as lupus and
multiple sclerosis. Research at OMRF benefits
people throughout Oklahoma, the United States
and the world. Our research, published in the
world’s leading scientific journals, deepens the
ability of scientists and physicians to understand
and fight life-threatening illnesses.

16% 8%

Patient Operations Administrative Costs

In keeping with our mission of helping more to For an organization like OMRF, administrative
live longer, healthier lives, OMRF moves new costs are a bit like golf scores: lower is better.
discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic and Our team of accountants, fundraisers, IT
the patients who need them. In our onsite clinics, professionals and other administrative employees
we focus on caring for patients with autoimmune is essential to supporting the research and clinical
diseases and enhancing our understanding of arms of the foundation, but we work hard to
these disorders for future generations. In 2015, streamline the costs in those areas. Nonprofit
OMRF clinics recorded more than 6,000 patient success is often measured by how little an
visits. And with 45 clinical trials underway, organization devotes to administrative costs
physicians are bringing the next generation of while simultaneously achieving its core goals.
medications to patients who need them most. OMRF’s single-digit percentage of administrative
expenses places us in an elite group of
- 30 - nonprofits.

Selected Financial Information - Operating Fund

Prior year 2014-2015 


Competitive research grants:

  National Institutes of Health grants $29,028,222 $25,458,698

  Other competitive research grants    7,350,571    9,175,033

   Total grants 36,378,793 34,633,731

Private contributions:

  Income and gifts from trusts 6,893,689 7,079,530
  Gifts and bequests 143,980
  Contributions 1,736,405     770,783

  Memorials    696,895 10,680,389

   Total private contributions 9,470,969

Special event revenue:

  Ticket sales and sponsorships 607,523 472,684
  Less: direct costs of event     (212,420)
   Net revenues from special events 395,103

Other revenue:

  Clinical revenue, net of provisions for 5,774,897 6,952,995

   contractual and other adjustments 447,332
  Interest and investment income 740,421
  Mineral income 1,707,443 1,313,724

  Rent 401,597 145,562
  Royalties and licensing income 818,689
  Gain or loss on disposal of assets (72,323)

  Other    1,756,518

   Total other revenue 11,127,242

Total revenue 57,372,107 57,361,806

Operating revenue from wills, pledges, and other 6,864,157 6,482,183
  restricted gifts recorded in prior years

TOTAL OPERATING REVENUE 64,236,264 63,843,989


  Program Services - Research 46,613,009 46,610,618

  Program Services - Clinic Operations 8,608,451 9,922,312

  Support Services - General and administrative    5,034,456    5,042,838

   Total operating expenses $60,255,916 $61,575,768


- 31 -

Launched soon after Dr. Stephen Prescott On the next page, we have listed the names
joined OMRF as our ninth president in 2006, of the leading donors to the Discoveries
the Discoveries Campaign drove the largest Campaign. But every gift, large or small, helped
expansion in the foundation’s 70-year history. make the effort a success.
Completed in 2015, this fundraising effort
secured nearly $100 million and accomplished Moving forward, we will keep adding talented
its twin goals: recruiting a new generation of researchers and physicians to our staff. Those
scientists and building a new research and clinical initiatives will be supported by ongoing “mini-
facility to house them. campaigns,” which will raise funds targeted to
research in cancer, MS and heart disease.
Thanks to the generosity of 857 donors,
OMRF has added more than two dozen new By continuously stoking the fires of
principal scientists and physicians to its staff. innovation, we can ensure Oklahoma stays on the
Already, those researchers have made a series leading edge of biomedical research. And that
of high-impact discoveries. They’ve identified OMRF scientists continue making discoveries
the potential genetic roots of lupus and other that make a difference.
autoimmune diseases. They’ve devised promising
experimental methods for stopping the growth
of tumors in breast cancer. And their insights
have deepened our knowledge of conditions
ranging from diabetes to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

With the construction of our eight-story
research tower, OMRF added a state-of-
the-art laboratory and clinical facility that is
home to many of these rising research stars.
Completed in 2011, the tower includes dozens
of new laboratories, the Samuel Roberts Noble
Cardiovascular Institute and the OMRF Multiple
Sclerosis Center of Excellence, a clinic that treats
thousands of Oklahoma MS patients. Built with
sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, the
building was named a finalist for the Renewable
Energy World North America Award. It also won
a worldwide competition to secure the S-Lab
Award for best new research laboratory.

- 32 -

Mini-Campaigns Virginia and John Groendyke
McCasland Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis Campaign Puterbaugh Foundation

Co-chairs: Nancy Ellis and Jim Morris $100,000 to $499,999
Ann Simmons Alspaugh
Cancer Campaign Anonymous
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Co-chairs: Christy Everest and Gene Rainbolt ConocoPhillips
The Dillingham Family
Cardiovascular Campaign Drs. Naomi and Charles T. Esmon
William D. Hawley, M.D.
Co-chairs: Hiram Champlin and Bill Hawley William Randolph Hearst Foundation
The Kerr Foundation, Inc.
$5,000,000 and above Patti and Donald J. Leeman
Association of Central Oklahoma Governments Elaine and Harrison Levy, Jr.
Chapman Charitable Trusts The Merrick Foundation
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Lou Ann and Jim M. Morris
National Institutes of Health MS Bridge Fund
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. National Multiple Sclerosis Society
State of Oklahoma Opportunity Fund Glenn W. Peel Foundation
Susan and Stephen Prescott
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999 Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
Mary K. Chapman Foundation Nancy and George Records
Mr. David J. Chernicky Dr. John H. Saxon III
The Chickasaw Nation
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma $50,000 to $99,999
Hardesty Family Foundation Linda and Lance Benham
The Hocker Foundation Libby and G.T. Blankenship
Inasmuch Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Merrill B. Burruss, Jr.
The Masonic Charity Foundation Janice and Hiram H. Champlin
Katie and Aubrey McClendon Mrs. Nancy P. Ellis
New Source Energy Corporation Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust
Presbyterian Health Foundation Malinda Berry and Dick S. Fischer
Rainbolt Family Courtney and Carl H. Holliday
Records-Johnston Family Foundation The Herman G. Kaiser Foundation
Sarkeys Foundation Nadine and Frank A. McPherson
Stephenson Cancer Center
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

$500,000 to $999,999 Total gifts under $50,000 = $1,105,008.35
241 Event 2014 - Cancer
241 Event 2013 - Multiple Sclerosis

- 33 -

Between January 1 and December 31, 2015, almost The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. Mr. Gene Rainbolt/Gene Rainbolt Cancer Fund
6,000 individuals, corporations, foundations and Glenn W. Peel Foundation - Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
organizations made gifts and pledges to OMRF. Estate of Hazel Posey
Each one of those donations made a difference. The Puterbaugh Foundation Mr. Ronald A. Rosenfeld
In this Honor Roll, we have recognized gifts of Dr. and Mrs. John H. Saxon III Natalie Shirley and Russ Harrison/
$500 and above. Your generosity makes life-saving
discoveries possible. $25,000 to $49,999 Cemplex Group
Jearl Smart Foundation
$5,000,000 and above The Anschutz Foundation Betty and Charles O. Smith
Estate of Joe Paul and Mary Alice Boone Southern Oklahoma Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Chapman Charitable Trusts Leigh and J. Richard Bradley Mrs. Erma D. Spann
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill B. Burruss, Jr. Stillwater Senior High School
$100,000 to $999,999 Christy and Jim Everest Glenna and Richard Tanenbaum/
Virginia and John Groendyke
241 Event 2015 Proceeds Mr. Tim Headington Premier Assets, Inc.
Mary K. Chapman Foundation Richard K. and Ruth S. Lane Memorial Trust
The Chickasaw Nation Marvin E. Lebow Trust $5,000 to $9,999
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Katie and Aubrey McClendon
Estate of Dorothy Farmer LaDonna and Herman Meinders Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable
Estate of Richard Ralph Gamel Lou Ann and Jim Morris Foundation
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Kay L. and Clark Musser
Estate of Mabel B. Harp OMRF Fleming Scholarship - OCCF Anonymous
Inasmuch Foundation Susan and Stephen Prescott AT&T - Oklahoma
Marvin and Ruth Lebow Medical Research BancFirst
$10,000 to $24,999 Bank of Oklahoma
Foundation Bank SNB
Estate of Donald E. Moon Elizabeth and Greg Allen/Allen Family Linda and Lance Benham
Presbyterian Health Foundation Charitable Foundation David Bialis Family - Schwab Charitable Fund
Putnam City Schools Cancer Fund Mr. and Mrs. Len B. Cason
Estate of Essie Roark American Fidelity Assurance Company/ ConocoPhillips
Sarkeys Foundation American Fidelity Foundation Cox Communications
United Way of Central Oklahoma The Crawley Family Foundation
Estate of Seba Whitehead Elizabeth and G.T. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Crites
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Harry and Louise Brown Foundation DCP Midstream Matching Gifts Program
Becky and Jim C. Buchanan Devon Energy Corporation
$50,000 to $99,999 Mr. David J. Chernicky Duncan Oil Properties, Inc.
Mrs. Carolyn P. Coffey Embassy Suites
Ann Simmons Alspaugh Suzy and Chuck E. Cotter - National Lloyd I., Jerry Evans and Patricia Perdue Evans
Janice and Hiram H. Champlin
Wilma Davis-McElmurry Trust Philanthropic Trust Family Foundation
Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust Barbara A. and Paul E. Ellis Ms. Tricia L. Everest
William D. Hawley, M.D. Express Employment Professionals First Mortgage Company, LLC
George W. and Valeria G. Howard Trust Malinda Berry and Dick S. Fischer Family Fund - First National Bank of Oklahoma
Beth and Dale Matherly Mr. Hal French/French Family Charitable
Mr. Jacob Matherly/Matherly Mechanical Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
Frontiers of Science Foundation of Foundation
Contractors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Funke
The Merrick Foundation Oklahoma, Inc. David W. Gorham Gift Fund - OCCF
Ann F. and Robert H. Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenberg
G. Ed Hudgins Family Fund - OCCF Mr. John W. Griffin/Griffin Holdings, Inc.
Leslie and Cliff Hudson/Cliff and Leslie Ramsey Drake/Carl E. Gungoll

Hudson Family Fund - OCCF Exploration, LLC
Jessie Dearing Kinley Testamentary Trust Heritage Trust Company
Sara and Jay Kyte Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hogan/Hogan
Ms. Colleen F. Lage
Linda F. Loughridge Family Trust Property, LLC
Nadine and Frank A. McPherson Cathy and John M. Huber
Katie and Will Merrick Lezlie and David Hudiburg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O. Johnstone
OMRF General Research - OCCF The Journal Record
Order of the Eastern Star Oklahoma Grand Chapter Gay E. and Ed Kirby
Kirschner Trusts - OCCF

- 34 -

Barbara N. and Edward A. Krei H. Jean and Jimmy R. Bayles Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Casey, Jr.
Mr. Albert Lang Margarette E. and Richard Baze Mr. Jeff F. Caughron
Elizabeth and Dean Loshbaugh Mr. Mark L. Beffort Betty Jane and Mike A. Cawley
Dr. Bill P. Loughridge Joanne and Vernon Belcher Donna F. and Michael A. Cervantes
Love’s Travel Stops Lori and Jason Bell Stefanie and John Chace
Ms. Judith H. Malarkey Sheryl and Bruce T. Benbrook Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Chancellor
Ms. Kym F. Mason Louise G. and Clay I. Bennett Ms. Victoria Palmer Chase
Al E. Moorad, M.D. Vickie and David L. Beyer Carolyn and Bill R. Chatham
NBC Oklahoma Mrs. Mary C. Blanton Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Chatham
Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company Mr. and Mrs. James B. Blevins, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline M. Cheatham
OPUBCO Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Arthur Racian Chu Fund - Vanguard
Gayle and Richard H. Parry Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bockus B.C. Clark Jewelers
Kim and David E. Rainbolt Dee-Dee and Bart Boeckman Dorothy N. and Max J. Claybaker
Mr. Bob A. Reece Sherry and L. Bruce Boehs Jim Click Automotive Team
Vicki and David B. Righthouse Brooke and Kurt Bollenbach Jack L. Cline Inter Vivos Trust
Carolyn and Paul Schulte Kaye and Howard Bond Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coates, Jr.
The Jack O. Scroggins Charitable Foundation Natalie A. and Jeff A. Bonney Martha and Rick M. Coe
Mrs. Norma F. Townsdin Ms. Zandra Boucher Lisa and Michael A. Coffman
United Mechanical, Inc. Mrs. Coyla J. Bowden J.L. and C.N. Coffman Foundation Trust
Traci and Gregory F. Walton Clara H. and Johnny L. Bowen Susan and Don V. Cogman Family Trust -
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Ward/L.O. Ward Petroleum Mrs. Betty L. Bower
Jana and Jon Bowers Schwab Charitable Fund
Corporation Margaret P. and Del N. Boyles Mr. Adam B. Cohen
Valari and Greg G. Wedel/BMI Holdings, LLC Megan and Vincent M. Brigham Becky and J. Markham Collins
Mrs. Nancy Wienecke Mr. Neil M. Briix Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
Mr. and Mrs. G. Rainey Williams, Jr./BMI Pat H. and David J. Brown Debra C. and Gary Cook
Jo D. and Gene Brown Ms. Janet Maureen Cottrell
Holdings, LLC Mrs. Joyce K. Brown Gayle and Ted Cox
The Williams Companies, Inc. Kelly and Justin Brown Valerie B. and David M. Craig
Margaret B. and John L. Williford Linda W. and Miles S. Brown Mrs. Deborah J. Craine
Estate of Evelyn Wynell Woodruff Kathleen S. and Rayford K. Brown Russell and Hazel Crooch Endowment Fund -
Mr. and Mrs. R. Deane Wymer Regena A. and Brownie M. Browne
Marissa and Kyle Brownlee United Methodist Foundation
$1,000 to $4,999 Kim E. and Steve Bruno Cross Family Benefit
Mr. Mike D. Brunsman Crowe and Dunlevy
ACRP Oklahoma City Chapter Judith Warkentin and Jack L. Bryan Barbara A. and Dean A. Cunningham
Miss Mary Evelyn Adams Ms. Marjorie L. Bryan Alice R. and Don W. Dahlgren
Mr. Mike G. Adams D. Ellen and Richard C. Burgess Susan R. and Louis M. Dakil/Dakil Auctioneers,
Mr. Harold L. Aebi Deane W. and John R. Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Winford Akins Helen M. and Kenny C. Burrows Inc.
Mrs. Leota Margie Amsey Elaine M. and David E. Byrket Mr. Bruce E. Dale
Janice B. and D.C. Anderson Mrs. Dolores P. Call Phyllis and Tommy L. Daughtrey
The Honorable and Mrs. Bill Anoatubby Michelle M. and William Calvo Mrs. Nancy J. Davies
Anonymous Mr. William M. Cameron Ms. Lisa F. Day
Shelly and Gary Arnold Campbell-Lepley Hunt Foundation, Inc. Miss Rebecca A. Day
Nancy J. and Steve J. Arntz Dr. Patricia A. Capra Rita G. and Thomas A. Dearmon, Jr.
Arvest Bank Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cardwell Tricia and Mike W. Deason
Ms. Ann Asbury Ms. Patricia Gaberino Carey Myra L. and Sam L. Decker
Lou and Marshall Ault Ginny B. and Peter B. Carl Gayle A. and Randy J. Dekker
Autodesk Foundation R.B. Carl, M.D. Paula V. and Lanny J. Dickmann, Jr.
Automated Building Systems, Inc. CarMichael Foundation Chieko S. and Jack E. Dieken
Carla G. and Mike Barber Mrs. Norma Sue Carpenter Annie and Peter Dillingham
Ms. Betsy L. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Carroll Cathy A. and Jed Dillingham
Mr. J. Edward Barth Mr. Greg D. Carter Kay and Dan L. Dillingham
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bartlett Lisa and Chad Dillingham
Mrs. Kay Bass and Mr. Jim Bass - 35 - Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dillon III
Barbara and Dan Batchelor Mrs. Marilyn A. Doty

Mrs. Arlene B. Dougherty Mrs. Susan A. Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Husen
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Duncan Mrs. Sharon K. Gowdy Vicki and Carl S. Hutto
J.E. Dunn Construction Company Danae and Evan Grace Hyde and Company CPAs, PC
Barbara and Bill Durrett Grant Thornton, LLP Idabel National Bank
The Honorable Claire V. Eagan and Mr. Anthony Randi D. and Gerald P. Green Mr. Cecil R. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. John Ray Green Ms. Jolene R. Ingram
J. Loretti, Jr. Mary K. Gumerlock, M.D. Integris Health
Susan and Carl E. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hackworth Interbank
Mrs. Cherri A. Eggleston Rozella and Jim Hadwiger Investrust
Mr. Jerry D. Eggleston Mr. William A. Hadwiger Sharon H. and L. Richard Iorio
Christi and Pete Eischen Jacqueline O. and Roger V. Haglund Mrs. Florene Jacobs
Pete Eischen Chevrolet Company Angela and B.J. Hall/Fred Jones Family Judith A. James, M.D., Ph.D., and Mr. Glen Aden
Glenda J. and Lloyd D. Eisenhour
Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Ellard Foundation Wood
Joanne H. and Jerry L. Emmons Ms. Pauline G. Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Brett Jameson
Betty and Larry Ensz Mr. Bret D. Hampton Mr. Gerald Jaquith
Ms. Patricia Evans/Evans and Associates Ms. Arthenia L. Haney Ms. Charlotte Jeffries
Drs. Marie Hanigan and Gary J. Gorbsky Ms. Carrie Lou Johnson
Enterprises, Inc. Ann and Burns Hargis Mr. Charles B. Johnson
Evans and Davis, PLLC Mrs. Beverly A. Harkness Kathryn and James C. Johnson
Sue P. and Jim D. Fellers D.A. and D.B. Harmon Memorial Fund - OCCF Carol A. and Russel C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fergeson Linda M. and Claude M. Harris III Becky R. and Warren Johnson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Jessica and Jared Harrison Tom Johnson Investment Management, LLC -
First Bank and Trust Company Mr. James H. Harrod
First National Bank in Altus Mrs. Maxine B. Hartman Schwab Charitable Fund
First United Bank Jeannie and Don Haskett Ms. Jana L. Johnston
First United Bank and Trust Company Erin and Tim Hassen Lynette and Clay G. Jones
Mr. John A. Fischer Ms. Judy J. Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jones
Johnnie J. Fisher Trust Debe and Rick L. Hauschild, Jr. Ms. Juliet Jones-Moss
Lisa A. and Stephen W. Florea Jo Ellen and Russell O. Hayes Fred Jones Family Foundation
Marlene G. and Robert A. Floyd Mrs. Bonnie B. Hefner Janice and Dwight Journey
Mr. Timothy E. Foley Heiman Family Foundation Susan K. and Greg Kannady
Mr. Paul Folmsbee Ms. Melinda J. Heitz The Honorable and Mrs. Frank A. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fortuna Helping Hands Home Care, PLLC Keeler-Matthews Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Foundation Management, Inc. Mary and Frank X. Henke III Jane F. and John A. Kenney
Jeanne M. and Ed Fowler, Jr. Kim and Brad Henry Rosemary E. Kerber, Ph.D.
Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie Myra L. and Gene Henry Mrs. Lou C. Kerr
Mrs. Josephine W. Freede Mrs. Lois C. Herndon The Kerr Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Barbara James Fretwell Bette Jo and Frank D. Hill Tracy A. and John J. Kidwell
Glenda J. and Randy S. Fudge Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hill Ms. Sandra L. Kimerer
Amy and Patrick M. Gaffney Ms. Jo Ann Hintergardt Melanie and Paul W. Kincade
Jane A. Jayroe and Gerald L. Gamble Mr. Memphis S. Hixson Mr. and Mrs. Garrett King
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gardner Shawn Groendyke and Greg Hodgen Dr. and Mrs. Robert King
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Garner Ms. Joan L. Hogan Debra and Gary Kinslow
Mrs. Nina P. Gaugler HoganTaylor, LLP Kirkpatrick Bank
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Gaulding Theresa and Vaughn Holcer Pam and Jim Klepper
Debra and Robert Gholston The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes Kathryn N. Klotsch Endowment - The Baptist
Ann Gibbons Trust Pam and Steve B. Holton
Harriet and Larry A. Gilbert Catherine and Jerry Hoopert Foundation
Jean S. and Ben Gile Christine and Todd Hopeman Ms. Lisa J. Knight
Mr. Peter D. Gill Judy and Bill J. Howard/B.J. Howard Properties, Ms. Rebecca F. Knight
Nancy L. and Ralph L. Gilstrap Mr. Joe B. Kreger
Lisa and Fred R. Gipson LLC Dr. and Mrs. Gary Larson
Lisa K. and Gregory F. Gisler Annette and Larry Hull Ms. Joanna L. Latting
Nancy V. and Jerry N. Glasgow Farhat Husain, M.D., and Mr. Larry C. Mrs. Mary Grace Lebeda
Lish and Steve B. Glasser Andera and Todd Lechtenberger
Hazelwood Leidos Engineering, LLC

- 36 -

Mrs. Sarah Lenz Mr. Manu S. Nair Susan and Steve Raybourn
Linda and Robert Lesher Swapan K. Nath, Ph.D. Nancy and George J. Records
Barbara and Andy Lester Cena E. and Mark S. Nault Mr. George J. Records, Jr.
Elaine and Harrison Levy Mr. Victor R. Neal Ms. Marisa Bradanini Records
Miss G. Darlene Lewis Nancy A. and Kenneth A. Nelson Ms. Martha Ellen Records
Ms. LaCrecia A. Lewis Ms. Sharon F. Neuwald Mr. Zane K. Rector
Jere and Al Litchenburg Alysa I. and Charles C. Newcomb Mrs. Joan S. Redding
Mr. Dan Little Ms. Karla Nickels Mr. and Mrs. Dee A. Replogle, Jr.
Ms. Paula J. Loesch Lydia D. Nightingale, M.D. Carol A. and Mike L. Rhodes
Mrs. Lynn Lofton Jane Ann and Robert L. Niles Mary Jane and Gordon S. Richards, Jr.
Loretta M. and Johnney C. Long Dr. Linda Barton Nimmo Cindy D. and Tom C. Riesen
Karen L. and Donny J. Longest Tina and Kevin Nimz Sally T. and John S. Riley
Ms. Sandy G. Lookabaugh Sandra N. and Dennis G. Noble Mrs. Willa G. Ring
Lana L. and Dave R. Lopez Mr. Lloyd Noble II Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Roberson, Sr.
Drs. Cristina and Florea Lupu Mr. David Nordyke Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Robertson, Jr.
Peggy and Lee Mackey Ms. Julie Norman Loydel and Fred J. Robertson
Brenda G. and Gary M. Macri Ms. Jane Ann Norris Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert J. Robertson
Inge and Melvin Hugh Madewell Sara and Rob H. Northwood Jo and Carl A. Robinson
Mrs. Mindy Mahaney Diana and David O’Daniell Mr. Craig Roddy
Paul Mainard Family Trust Elizabeth and P.B. Odom III Mrs. Sarah Jane Rodgers
Janice G. and Tom Majors Oklahoma Association of Mothers Clubs Ms. Teresa N. Roewe
Joan L. and Mike J. Maly Marilyn A. and John S. Oldfield, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Rogers
Manhattan Construction Company Mr. Jim D. Oliver Rogers and Bell
Marty J. and Robert C. Margo Van and Rudy Oliver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Turner Rooney
Ms. Naomi F. Martin Olsson Associates Jennifer and Dr. Brant Rouse
Ms. Marcel A. Maupin OMRF Research Fund - OCCF Lynne and Bob Rowley
McAfee and Taft OMRF Teen Leaders In Philanthrophy RSM
Letha and Bob A. McCray Judy and David Onken Mrs. June I. Rutherford
Mary and Tom McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Page Ms. Kathryn R. Ryan
Gigi and Rod P. McEver Mr. Coy D. Passmore Johnece H. and Richard N. Ryerson
Mary O. and Mike McGraw Ms. Shirley R. Patten Mrs. Dorothy F. Sales
Kelley D. and Matthew McGuire Janet S. and Larry Patterson Karen and Mike Samis/The Macklanburg-Hulsey
Janis S. and Tony R. McKaig Mr. and Mrs. William G. Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Bond Payne Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Joye H. McLain Mr. Merlyn N. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Satherlie
Kathy and Scott F. McLaughlin Madalynne L. Peel Foundation Mrs. Patricia P. Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McLennan Janis F. and Jack Perrault Barbara and John Schaefer
Debby J. and Doug W. McQueen Mrs. Marian Pfenning Ms. Edith A. Schneeberger
Susan E. and Scott A. Meacham Gailynn and John Phelps Ms. Mary S. Schneeberger
Linda and Randy N. Mecklenburg Myrla and Gary C. Pierson Mr. Dale Schoeling
Mary and Chuck Mikkelson Pinnacle Business Systems Dr. Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr.
Ms. Judy A. Mikkelson Gerry R. and Dick Pittenger Elizabeth and William Schraad/Schraad
Aimee E. and Kevin W. Miller Kendra S. and Scott M. Plafker
Billie L. and V. David Miller/Miller Family Mr. D. Frank Plater, Jr. Enterprises, LLC
Jackie and James S. Plaxico Jamie Sue and Jon Douglas Schrag
Foundation Bridget and Paul Poputa-Clean Carol Jo and Phillip Schultz/Offerle
Mr. Byron Burr Millsap Wanda S. and John R. Potts
Doris and Lawrence Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Powell Co-Operative Grain and Supply Company
Kevin L. Moore, M.D. Mrs. Marcia J. Powell Donna and Bryan Schulze
Mrs. Sarah F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Pryor, Jr. Mrs. Kathryn M. Scott
Suzy and Chip Morgan Quail Creek Bank, NA Mr. Andrew Seamans
Margaret H. and Larry E. Morris Donna and Bill J. Ramsey/Ramsey Real Estate Mrs. Sue Seymour
Gayle and J. Gary Mourton Drs. Susannah Rankin and Dean S. Dawson Ms. Pamela Sharp
Annette R. and Tom Mrazik Mrs. Patsy R. Ray Cindi M. and Mike Shelby
Mrs. Elois Muncy Rebecca A. and Kirby G. Shelton
- 37 - Mrs. Surekha Sheorey
Tenna M. and Greg S. Shepherd

Marilyn K. and Rex A. Sheppard Penny L. and Russell Voss $500 to $999
Carol A. and Kim W. Shoemake Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Walker
Mr. Richard L. Sias Walters Church of Christ Ladies Bible Class Adimab, LLC
Barbara and Roger N. Simons Nancy and Chi-Sun Wang Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adkins
Ms. Sandra M. Simpson Ellen and Scott Ward Joyce and Jack F. Amyx
Louise and Joe L. Skinner Mr. Tom L. Ward Ms. Leslie Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Smith Mrs. Margie Ware Anonymous
Jo Ann and Kenneth C. Smith Donna K. and Allyn G. Warkentin Antero Resources
Mr. John F. Smith Mr. Mark Warner Mr. and Mrs. Gene F. Arnold
Ms. Juanita A. Smith Linda S. and James J. Wasson Ms. Ann E. Bachelor
Mr. Ralph C. Smith Dr. Gregory L. Watkins BancFirst - Tulsa
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith Ms. Margaret A. Weddle Mr. and Mrs. Jerald L. Barr
Southwestern Stationery and Bank Supply, Inc. Barbara B. and Ken A. Weikel Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Bathurst
Mr. Neil Spaeth The Well of OKC Wine and Spirits Mr. Carl E. Beasley
Katherine Pond and John S. Spaid Carmalieta and Dan Wells Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Beatie
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Spence Ms. Leslie A. Wells Peggy and Bob Beckham
St. Anthony Heart Hospital Mr. Steve Aaron Wells The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Millie and Jay Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Wells Mrs. Alma G. Betchan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Stallsmith Trish A. and Jarrod Welsh Rebecca S. and Lowry Blakeburn II
Peggy S. and Bob L. Standeford Mrs. Naomi Welty Ruth and Gary A. Boeckman
Mr. Kenneth A. Stanley Weokie Credit Union Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tony Boghetich
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Stansbury Ms. Mary Lynn West Mr. Jackie L. Bonny
Linda and Frederic W. Stearns Sue and Bob F. White Sylvia S. and Richard H. Bottomley
Joanne and Kenneth Steele Mr. R. Kirk Whitman Devota F. and Jim R. Bowers
Ms. Mindy Stevenson Mrs. Euteva M. Widener Bowers Oil Company, Inc.
Becky L. and David Stinson Cindy and Royce H. Wieden Jan A. and Jack P.F. Bowles
The Stock Exchange Bank Linda B. and Don A. Wiens/ Estate of Juanita Louise Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stoller Mr. and Mrs. Rick Braught
Mrs. Phyllis Jarnagin Stough Wiens Investments, LLC Mr. John T. Brogan
Stringer Family Foundation Renate W. and Chuck Wiggin Barbara and F.W. (Pete) Brown
Ann B. and Ross M. Stuntz Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Wilhm Ms. Regina A. Buckley
Joyce and Mike Suchsland - Schwab Charitable Ms. Judy Williams Mrs. Elaine Burkhead
Mr. Jimmy H. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Buser
Fund Gwen L. and Daniel R. Willits Mr. Neil Cagle
Jeleta and Coy Sullivan Gara and Russ Wilsie Ann and Jack C. Cales
Miss Joy Sullivan Patricia and Robert Wilson Ann O. and Ed W. Carlson
Julie G. and Mark S. Svoboda Jan K. and Jim C. Wittrock Judith Carr Fund - OCCF
Margaret A. and Ross O. Swimmer Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D. Mrs. Barbara Cavett
Lisa R. and Tim W. Teske Cynthia T. and Jim C. Wolfe Central National Bank of Poteau
Ms. Lawanda Thetford Rhonda and Brendan Wolverton Debbie L. and Mickey L. Clagg
Mr. Alvin L. Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Coy L. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Clay D. Clinesmith
Linda F. Thompson, Ph.D. Conna D. and Paul S. Woolsey Gay and Mike Cocheres
Betsy and Robert S. Thorpe Mr. Dick Wright Mrs. Elizabeth M. Coe/Merco Energy, LLC
Beth J. and Rheal A. Towner Dr. William B. Wynn Teresa and Jim S. Coffman
Mary L. and Larry B. Trachtenberg Ms. Darlene Wynne Susan W. and Howard W. Conyers
Jackie F. and Dennis Trepagnier Dr. and Mrs. James J. Yoch, Jr. Mrs. Ernestine E. Cook
Maureen and Dr. Stephen E. Trotter Mr. John M. Yoeckel Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Cooper
Judy and Ron S. Turner Ms. Linda R. Young Mrs. Teresa L. Cooper
Tyler Family Fund - OCCF Barbara D. and Stephen F. Young Pam and Richard D. Craig
University of Oklahoma Medical Systems Carol and Tim Zaloudek Camisa and Les R. Cummings
Valliance Bank Jan J. and Don S. Zimmerman Suzanne and Jim S. Cyrus
Bonnie J. and Mickey M. Vanderwork Mrs. Betty J. ZumMallen Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. DeLong
Ms. Margaret A. Vater Brenda K. and Jerry DeLozier
Amber and Brandt Vawter - 38 - Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Dick
Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary Dee Ann and John M. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Drumeller Jenny and Chris Lee Mrs. E. Joan Rollins
Juanita and Andrew J. Dubois Mr. Herbert M. Leonard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Romines
Kaye and Richard E. Dunham Kathleen Lister Fund - OCCF Ms. Deborah L. Rose
Eastman National Bank Ms. Lori Lumsden Mr. Mitch Russell
Edmond Duplicate Bridge Club Michele and Mike L. Mackey Cheryl and Michael Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Mahl Mr. David Schrader
Debbie and Larry Fenity Amy and John Manfredo Pat A. and Eldon H. Schuessler
Tamyra and Gary Fancher Ms. Billie W. Marcoux Jane R. and Milton P. Seagraves
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Frazier Helen M. and Joe C. McFadden Dr. Hakeem Shakir
Mrs. Susan Freeland and Mr. Ken Schley Mr. Robert McGinley Ms. Sara Sharick
Mr. Willard M. Freeman Judy A. and Dennis M. McGrath Nancy D. and James M. Simmons
Dorothea French Fund - United Methodist Ms. K. Kim McHugh Julie Y. and Myron D. Simons
Judy A. and Gene McKown Ms. Jeri Singleton
Foundation Memory Lane Cruisers of Seminole County Courtney Stevens and Owen Greenwood
Judy E. and Thomas H. Gallaher, Sr. Stephanie and Jeff Metts Sherrie and Rick L. Stong
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Starling Miller/Starling Miller Real Mr. and Mrs. Barry Switzer
Mr. Graham B. Glaser Ms. Angela M. Tabor
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Glass Estate and Auctions Mr. and Mrs. Joe Talkington
Ms. Courtney S. Glazer Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mock Janet L. and Charles L. Talley
Mrs. Zelda Goodnight Mr. Paul H. Mock Ms. Catherine K. Tatum
Drs. Courtney and Timothy Griffin Mrs. Emma Rose Moore Marlene and Charles L. Tefertiller
Mrs. Martha C. Grubb Ms. Kim Morris Mrs. Jane L. Thompson
Mr. Justin Guinn Ms. Patricia Neises Mr. and Mrs. Mike F. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gwaltney JoAnn and Bud Nicholas The Thompson Company
William H. Hall, M.D. Ms. Elaine M. Nighswonger Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Thornton
Halliburton Giving Choices Mr. and Mrs. David Nock - Schwab Charitable Janet S. and Sammy S. Todd
Teri and Robert F. Hamra Mr. and Mrs. James R. Tolbert III
Kellie P. and Fred C. Harlan Fund Sherry L. and Lonny H. Towell
Mr. Jess Harris, Jr./Harris Family Trust The Honorable & Mrs. Ron Norick Advised Joyce F. and Lynn Treece
Mrs. Virginia F. Hellwege Miss Linda C. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry L. Hendrick Fund - OCCF Tami and Brad Vaughan
Mr. Curt B. Hendricks, Jr. Ms. Della Ruth Nuzum Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Voyles
LaDonna and L.W. Henshaw III Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association Peggy and Jackie G. Waldo
Kim and Bill J. Herron Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Mitzi and Philip Walker
Mona and Vincent Hoehner Susan and David O’Neal Judy F. and Gene Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Holloway Mrs. Priscilla A. Partridge Michelle D. and Lee R. Walther
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hubbard SuzAnne K. and Rob F. Patterson Sally Ward and Raimund Ober
Mrs. Rita S. Ice Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Penick Waters Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Donald E. Jeffers Ms. Nancy H. Pennell Mr. Hal Witt
Marilyn S. and Larry W. Jenkins Mr. Danny Phan Ms. Donna J. Wyskup
Drs. Michelle L. and Brian Joachims Mr. Daniel W. Phelps Pamela and Ervin Yen
Teresa and Gerald H. Jobe Phillips 66 Jeanette I. and Kent M. Young
Pam and Carlos E. Johnson The J.T. Philp Company
Mrs. Karen S. Johnson Mr. Randall Pierce
Ms. Michele Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donne W. Pitman
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnson Marcia L. and Chris N. Pixler
Mr. Russell W. Jones Diane and Ed Polk
Mr. Ryan Kalkbrenner Ms. Laura L. Pompa
Bob and Claren Kidd Mrs. Mona Z. Preuss
Mrs. Opal C. King Sheryl H. and Ford Price, Jr.
Caroline S. and Michael T. Kinter Putnam City Schools Silver Strings
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kofoed Jan Ralls, D.D.S., and Mr. Robert H. Henry, Jr.
Janelle and Phil R. Kopp Mr. Gene A. Ratcliff
Ms. Vonda K. Latchaw Republic Bank and Trust
Erna and Lowell E. Leach Kathryn and Elbert H. Riddle
LaDonna and Norville Ritter
Mr. Don L. Roby

- 39 -

Rheal Towner Susan Kovats

Cornwall, ON Cleveland, OH

Linda Thompson

Cincinnati, OH

Ken Humphries

Youngstown, OH

Robert Axtell Patrick Gaffney Dean Dawson

Regina, Saskatchewan St. Paul, MN Mt. Pleasant, MI

Holly Van Remmen Ken Miller

Milwaukee, WI Grand Rapids, MI

Luke Szweda David Jones

Beaver Dam, WI Dearborn, MI

Mark Coggeshall Susannah Rankin

St. Louis, MO Concord, MA

Ira Targoff

Brooklyn, NY

Gabriel Pardo Scott Plafker Gary Gorbsky

Lincoln, NE South Amboy, NJ Philadelphia, PA

Mike Kinter

Philadelphia, PA

Tim Griffin Charles Esmon

Sacramento, CA Centralia, IL

Chris Sansam Lorin Olson Chris Lessard

Vallejo, CA Provo, UT Springfield, IL

Judith James Courtney Griffin Joan Merrill

Enid, OK Valdosta, GA Washington, D.C.

Everybody starts somewhere. They’re all Darise Farris Eliza Chakravarty Robert Floyd
at OMRF now, but take a look at the
birthplaces of our scientific faculty. These Midwest City, OK Nashville, TN Yosemite, KY
33 Ph.D.s, 8 M.D.s, 3 M.D./Ph.D.s
and 1 Ph.D./R.Ph. (that’s a doctor Kathy Sivils Rodger McEver Jonathon Wren
of pharmacy) make up our very own
miniature United Nations. Muskogee, OK New Orleans, LA Tallahassee, FL

Hal Scofield

Dallas, TX

Courtney Montgomery

Dallas, TX

- 40 - Roberto Pezza

Cordoba, Argentina

Florea Lupu

Rijletu Vireos, Romania

Katherine Thanou

Athens, Greece

Jose Alberola-Ila

Valencia, Spain

Xiao-Hong Sun

Beijing, China

Swapan Nath Lijun Xia

Siliguri, India Rizhao City, China

Umesh Deshmukh

Pune, India

Jasimuddin Ahamed

Murshidabad, India

Sathish Srinivasan

Tiruchirapalli, India

Hui-Ying Lim


- 41 -


1 1
1 1 3





How does OMRF keep going places? It takes 4
the guidance of a group of leaders whose
vision and dedication keep the foundation’s 1 1
programs strong. OMRF’s 84 directors bring 1
a cross-section of skills honed in the business, 1
civic and volunteer sectors that they share with
administrators and scientists to ensure that 1
the foundation operates at the highest possible
level. OMRF directors hail from 20 different 1
Oklahoma counties, as well as Michigan, 1
Texas and Virginia. Our two newest
directors, Mindy Mahaney and Judy Hatfield,
joined the board in 2015.


- 42 -

AMhteihnlpederydfMiprsratohmbaonoaetreydO(mBMreRiesFtti.onwg,) Greg Allen J. Walter Duncan IV Kim Henry Donne Pitman
Charlottesville, VA Edmond Edmond Tulsa
7 Ann Alspaugh * William Durrett * Robert Henry Harold Powell *
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Norman
1 The Hon. Bill Anoatubby The Hon. Claire Eagan Randy Hogan David Rainbolt
Ada Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
2 Sharon Bell Carl Edwards The Hon. Jerome Holmes H.E. Rainbolt *
Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
1 Bruce Benbrook Patricia Evans Cliff Hudson Dee Replogle, Jr.
Woodward Ponca City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Lance Benham III C. Randolph Everest * Brett Jameson, M.D. Pat Rooney
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Stillwater Oklahoma City
Elizabeth Blankenship * Christy Everest William O. Johnstone Robert Ross
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Jil Boghetich Ann Felton Lou Kerr Michael Samis
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Barbara Braught C. Kendric Fergeson Harrison Levy, Jr. John Saxon III, M.D.
Duncan Altus Oklahoma City Muskogee
Randy Brown, M.D. Larry Ferree Dan V. Little Paul Schulte
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Madill Kingfisher
Bill Burgess Jr. Malinda Berry Fischer Bill Loughridge, M.D. Phyllis Stough
Lawton Stillwater Tulsa Oklahoma City
Ellen Burgess Barbara Fretwell Gerald Marshall * Ross Swimmer
Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Tulsa
Merrill Burruss Jr. * Mark Funke Jack McCarty Becky Switzer
Geary Edmond Newkirk Norman
William Cameron Gerald Gamble Frank McPherson * The Hon. Steven Taylor
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City McAlester
C. Michael Carolina John Green * Mindy Mahaney Betsy Thorpe
Edmond Detroit, MI Bristow Oklahoma City
Mike Carroll John Griffin James Morris II Greg Walton, M.D.
Edmond Muskogee Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Len Cason (Chair) Virginia Groendyke James Mueller Rainey Williams, Jr.
Oklahoma City Enid Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Michael A. Cawley Jacqueline Haglund J. Larry Nichols Deane Wymer
Ardmore Tulsa Oklahoma City Fairview
Hiram Champlin Brooks “Boots” Hall, Jr. Richard Parry
Dallas, TX Oklahoma City Oklahoma City *Life Director
Elizabeth Merrick Coe * V. Burns Hargis Rebecca Patten
Oklahoma City Stillwater Norman
J. Markham Collins, Ph.D. Judy J. Hatfield S. Bond Payne, Jr.
Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
Ramsey Drake William Hawley, M.D. Gary Pierson
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City

- 43 -

This group of national business and thought leaders helps spread
the word about OMRF outside of Oklahoma. In 2015, the
Council gathered in Washington, DC, and welcomed a distinguished
group of Washington-area guests that included Congressman Tom
Cole (R. Okla.) Chair, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and
Human Services, Education and Related Agencies. By raising
national awareness of the foundation’s successes, the council helps
connect OMRF to individuals, corporations and foundations that
can provide support to the foundation.

William H. Stoller
Tualatin, OR

Richard D. Story
New York City, NY

Ronald A. Rosenfeld
Bethesda, MD

Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D. Cathy Keating
San Juan Capistrano, CA McLean, VA

David Bialis Don V. Cogman John F. “Sandy” Smith
San Diego, CA Scottsdale, AZ Atlanta, GA

Whitt Lee Blaine Wesner Fred J. Hall (Vice Chair)
Salt Lake City, UT Austin, TX Oklahoma City

Blake Hogan Steve R. Akers
Houston, TX Dallas, TX

Bea Carr Wallace
Dallas, TX

- 44 - OLkalrarhyoNmicahCoiltsy(Chair)

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