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Summer-Fall 2014
Mystery Man: Two days before he nearly died, Ryan Eisner felt great. Sepsis. Charles Esmon.
Predicting Lupus Flares: Drs. Judith James, Melissa Munroe and colleagues have discoverd a way to peer into the future that could ease patient symptoms
Cyberchondria: Dr. Prescott answers your questions about information found on the Internet. April Rutledge letter.
Mutants Among Us?: Hint… you’re one of them. Chris Sansam genetic mutations
Nation of Givers: The Chickasaw Nation makes major gift to cancer research
Learning with a Boom!: How do you teach elementary kids to love science? OMRF Science Night
Long Way From Home: OMRF expands science beyond our borders. Greenberg Scholar. Debashish Danda
Thanks a Million: When a group of teens lost a friend, they decided the best way to remember her was to lead a fundraising effort they’d never forget. Linda Kennedy Rosser, Mary Thompson Denman, Classen High School. Million Penny campaign.
Seven Things: Dish with OMRF’s Vice President of Technology Ventures. Manu Nair.
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