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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2018-03-14 11:59:09

2018 Winter Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner




When the temperature starts to drop, it’s “Think of it as an interval training session,” Kelie says.
tempting to put on your sweats, wrap yourself Take those few minutes to do some pushups, sit-ups,
in a blanket and spend your free time cocooned jumping jacks or squats—or even march in place or
on your couch. walk around your house (just bypass the refrigerator!).
Leave your dumbbells or a yoga mat by the recliner to
But don’t let the cold sidetrack your fitness remind you to get up and moving.
goals. OMRF Fitness Coordinator Kelie Ashley
challenges you to think outside the box to keep Schedule it
you fit and healthy this winter.
“One of the best ways to
Beat the buffet commit to exercise is to treat it like
a meeting,” says Kelie. “If you
If you’re at a holiday party, says Kelie, eat off a keep saying ‘I’ll work out when
dessert plate instead of a dinner plate. You can also I have time,’ you’ll always find a
eat a healthy snack before you arrive so you won’t be reason not to do it.”
as likely to eat too much. Or do both!
Treat it like a lab or staff
“Be realistic with yourself this winter. You know you meeting. Put it on your calendar,
will indulge in some unhealthy choices during the stick to it and you’ll see results. It’s
holidays,” says Kelie. “So go into it with a game plan.” a lot easier to make fitness into a
habit when you take it seriously.
Act like a kid again
Go for the goal
Age is no barrier to having some
wintertime outdoor fun. Walk two miles a day. Sign up for a 5k. Lose 10
pounds. Nothing helps motivate you more than setting
Build a snowman. Go sledding. a goal. Just be sure to make it an attainable one.
Head to an ice skating rink, says
Kelie. “Try looking at the cold from a “Goal-setting allows you to focus on the bigger
different perspective,” she says. “Those picture and kick that cold-weather laziness to the
activities are all a blast and great for curb,” says Kelie.
burning extra calories, not to mention
they’re great stress relievers. Just don’t overdo it with Just be true to yourself and know what you will
the hot chocolate and cookies when you come inside.” actually keep up with, says Kelie. “Pick a couple of
these things and come spring, your body will thank
‘Ad’ to your gains you for it.”

Nobody likes commercial breaks, so make the most
of your TV-watching time and use those few minutes to
get some exercise.

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COLD-WEATHER TIPSI love running in the cold. If

you cover your face and hands, the
rest of you warms up in a hurry.
Plus, I love when all the steam comes

“off me at the end of a long run. Makes me
”feel like the Terminator.
A couple of
years ago, I started
using a bathroom

Brian Johnston farther away from

“ Put on your walking shoes and head my office. Sometimes
to the mall, if you have one nearby. I go to one on a
It’s temperature-controlled and it’s free different floor and
then take the stairs
(unless you’re an impulse shopper!). to get there.

Stephen Apel

Eliza Chakravarty

Since we all tend to be stuck I stay
inside more during the winter, one active by
of my go-to things is to take vitamin D trying to keep
supplements to make sure I’m still up with my

” “getting enough of this important
‘sunshine vitamin’ for my health. six-year-old grand

KenHumphries son. The goal now is
teaching him
“ In the wintertime, I try to be less efficient. how to hula-hoop.
Instead of one trip from the laundry room It’s a work in
to the rest of the house, I’ll take two or three. I progress.
also take extra laps around the grocery store
before I actually start shopping. Marsha Lewis

Sue Campbell

Congrats to A “Zero” Trio

What makes OMRF a consistent frontrunner on virtually every “top workplaces” list? The people
who work here, of course. We salute three who are marking special “zero” service anniversaries.
>>>All 2017 service awards will be presented on Jan. 23.

Roosevelt Mask

Start date: Jan. 5, 1987

When the #1 song was:
“Walk Like an Egyptian”

40Mike Bailey What were you doing 20Fredonna Carthen
before OMRF?
Start date: Jan. 31, 1977 I was at Tinker for more than Start date: Sept. 15, 1997
When the #1 movie was: “Rocky” 14 years doing aircraft engine What were you driving?
First job: Grants accountant disassembly. 1993 Ford Probe

How did you hear about OMRF? Favorite thing about OMRF? How did you come to
I worked at OU in the bursar’s I’ve liked everything about this work at OMRF?
office and was just finishing school. place, especially the people. I was a I was a temp with the goal
I needed a real job, and my boss little hot-headed when I started, and of finishing my degree at Southern
recommended a place I’d never I found a great group of people who Nazarene. In just a few months, I
heard of called OMRF. I met with really helped calm me down. went fulltime. The lady who placed
the personnel manager, Chip me at OMRF from the agency is now
Morgan, did a couple of interviews You seem to be here all the time. a patient here. Small world!
and got the job. I wear a few hats. After business
hours, I’m a night engineer and What has changed the least?
What has changed the most? do security. I’m usually here from The OMRF culture. The community.
When I started, we only had the 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. This is like my It’s still a laid-back place where
Chapman and Rogers buildings. I second home. everyone works together toward
never could have envisioned then something bigger. It’s wonderful
what OMRF has become today. Favorite memory? knowing you’re making a difference
A bunch come to mind, but the in people’s lives.
Favorite memory? tower stands out. I was here to see
When I met a charming and it come up, and that intrigued me
beautiful woman named every step of the way.
Sherri Smith, now Sherri
Bailey. We had a common 30 Favorite memory?
circle of friends on the same I coordinated a study for a drug
floor in the Rogers Building. known now as Benlysta, then
Let’s just say nature took its course, Belimumab. We started the phase 1
and that was that. She’s always been study and did all the phases at our
my favorite and always will be. site until the drug became approved
for treating lupus. It was so cool to
be a part of something substantial
like that.

Who holds the all-time OMRF record for longest service?
>>> Flip to page four to find the answer!

Jordan Tang gets the prize for longest service at OMRF.
He came in 1957 and retired in 2012—55 years later!

United You Rock! couldn’t believe the amount of participation, from the
pancake breakfast to the raffles to the Halloween party.
When word got out that Director of Development It seemed like every department and lab found some
Sonny Wilkinson was assuming responsibility for the way to get involved.”
annual United Way campaign, he got one swift—and
serious—word of advice: “Don’t even think about That collective enthusiasm paid off with a final tally of
messing with the pancake breakfast.” $31,673.62, the second-highest campaign total ever.

A relative newcomer to the foundation, he “More than $30,000 came from payroll deductions
made a mental note and, after hearing a handful and personal checks. That says a lot about how
of other similar comments, realized OMRF much giving back is ingrained in the culture of
employees take the annual United Way campaign this place,” Sonny says.
seriously. Very seriously.
Each year, United Way gives OMRF roughly
And, Sonny says, that’s exactly why this year’s $100,000, designated for areas ranging from
campaign exceeded all his expectations. multiple sclerosis to heart disease and aging.
“These funds give our labs flexibility to get new tools
“It’s the best campaign I’ve ever been a part of,” and resources they might not be able to otherwise,”
he says. “Everyone here knocked it out of the park. I Sonny says. “It’s a wonderful relationship, and this year’s
success shows this partnership will continue to grow.”

Party ON!

Halloween Party, First Thirstday, PC Cancer Classic & more

CALENDAR DEC. 25-26 OMRF Holiday JAN. 23 Employee Service Awards
JAN. 1 OMRF Holiday FEB. 14 Valentine’s Day

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