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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2017-09-11 12:10:46

2017 Summer Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner




When Angie Duke leaves OMRF’s Human
Antibody Core at the end of the workday,
she often takes on a different persona. And
that person can be seen on stages across the
metro area.

From her start as Linus in her elementary school
production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie
Brown” to her starring role in the Carpenter Square Theatre’s production
of the Pulitzer prize-winning “Wit,” Duke has slipped into the skin of
many notable characters, performing for crowds all across the state.
“You go on stage and become someone else,” she says. “There’s great
freedom in that.”

Angie first recognized that freedom to enter someone else’s reality as
a child in El Paso, Texas. “My parents knew I loved the library, and one
day I sat and just listened to someone reading stories out loud,” she says.
“There was something completely different about hearing stories than
reading them.”

At Texas A&M University, she majored in biomedical science and
minored in theatre. She came to Oklahoma City in 1987 and earned
a master’s degree from Oklahoma City University’s School of Theatre.
After a brief time back in Texas, she took a job at OMRF as a research
technician in 1995 and jumped headfirst into metro-area community and
regional theatre.

In the 20 years since, she has gone on to numerous high-profile roles,
including productions such as “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Hamlet,” “One
Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and the title role as Claire in the Carpenter
Square Theatre’s production of “Creating Claire” this year, to name a few.

Still, it’s not something she often talks about around the workplace.
“Angie and I started working together in the lab in 1995, and it was
years before I knew she was an actress,” says Kiely Grundahl.
But since she discovered her coworker’s second life, says Kiely, it’s been
a joy to watch her perform.

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OK-SEE what’s going on this summer

While vacations are synonymous with summertime, most of us end up spending the lion’s share of
the warmer months parked right here in Oklahoma City. We asked around OMRF for some ideas on
what to do around the metro:

“One of mano“dBvMiaebochevskeigaeeaitrsnodipeaea“stdtAhrr.ofoteeMwghuacerFnonnttehudvdMastitisoueuty9“msrrEwy.teihe.amaPa,Tea”dr.aye”er“SsG’rtsRCtoWoaeanalrmviedeniinedcodnee’netvnnjSuoiriewnsupesysgms!af”dooimifaftrseyetatttohhroteueesvirereLeenodisnitngAcslrukd”e
our favorite summer

outings is the Full Moon Bike Ride and
Run, which departs from the Myriad Gardens every
full moon. It’s family friendly, and we always take our
daughters. The route varies, but the ride typically
goes down by the river and through Bricktown.
There’s something so cool about riding en masse
in the dark with strangers–some of whom have
their bikes decked out with Christmas lights.
It’s beautiful and peaceful.”

Sonny Wilkinson

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Scott Hooker

Carnita Sheppard oamnpcTf“iterghHiSevrhraeeiettuhf.ieencnoTseeouAhdrtrgce–Rbtoyaooe,TnnahIhdfdaruPlevorbaaeevssan,edednabaodnuByastlslouiss–itfppo’ufseegsSnrCurrtfreeoiaemnaarleclmstiykhcocantPnoohnaaimtrgdhbrehkbeleetriW.ntmosoAninlurisdgetslhThvfiiacufteesaoren.flsaRtsdaTsetahcfhouayteesugrs,etedfdao.oa”onaonmodldelr

Gina Leeds

Fun & Free in Metro OKC Taking Center Stage (cont.)

Arts Council of OKC’s “The most memorable role for me was that of Vivian
Twilight Concert Series Bearing in ‘Wit,’” says Kiely. “The character had been
diagnosed with terminal cancer. In true form, Angie shaved
The Myriad Gardens features free her head of beautiful long curls for the role.”
live concerts starting at 7 p.m.
every Sunday on the Great Lawn This physical transformation, says Kiely, had a profound
from June 11 until August 27. effect both on her acting and the encounters she had at work. It was probably the first time her personal life
301 West Reno, OKC collided so prominently with her work life. “She played the
role magnificently to rave reviews,” says Kiely.
Make + Take Art
Angie recalls a particular performance in which cancer
This family event lets participants of all ages make a free survivors and loved ones of cancer patients were in the
art project designed by the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts auditorium. “We met with them after the show privately,
Center. And you get to keep it! and that was an amazing experience. That made it a lot more personal.”
3000 General Pershing Blvd., OKC
Angie says she never dreamed her life would balance
Martin Nature Park art and science. But whether she’s producing monoclonal
antibodies in the laboratory or taking bows in the limelight,
This 140-acre park features winding nature trails, she says, “It’s a joy to have two rewarding careers.”
picnic areas, a playground and an onsite nature
center right in the metro. It’s open from 5 a.m. to 9
p.m. all summer. under “Recreation”
5000 West Memorial Road, OKC

Oklahoma State Capitol Tours

The capitol features free tours
showcasing its Greco-Roman
architecture and is full of art exhibits,
murals, stained glass and more. It’s open 7
days a week. Call 521-3356 to schedule a tour. under “Art at the Capitol”
2300 North Lincoln Blvd., OKC

Fred Jones Museum of Art

“The Fred” at the University of Oklahoma in Norman
features more than 16,000 pieces for your viewing
pleasure. Admission is always free!
555 Elm Avenue, Norman

For your amusement

OMRF offers a fantastic bargain on
two of OKC’s most popular amusement parks:
Frontier City and White Water Bay. You can
purchase discounted $20 tickets for both parks at
any time. Just contact [email protected]
or [email protected]!

New LifeLab Portal? Yes, please!

Cumbersome. Confusing. Frustrating. You can also expect a wealth of external resources
to aid you in your health journey, including health
Courtney Stevens Greenwood has heard your challenges, tips-and-tricks articles and healthy recipes.
complaints about the current LifeLab Portal. In fact, she The changes will help you make LifeLab your one-stop
has experienced these feelings herself. wellness shop.

“The current LifeLab portal lacks intuitiveness, and “We expect it to be easier on the admin side, but
I even find myself asking aloud, ‘Where do I go to do most importantly, it will be simpler and better for
this? Gahhh!’” says Courtney, Vice President of Human users,” says Heather.
Resources and LifeLab regular.
For example, the current system requires a multi-
So LifeLab users will be happy to know that a new step process to manually input your own fitness tracker
and improved version will roll out on July 1. OMRF data. Manual entry will still be an option but without
will switch vendors from Wellsource to FitThumb, all the layers. The new system can sync FitBit, Garmin
following OU Physicians’ footsteps. “They say imitation or Jawbone brands with the portal, so your miles flow
is the highest form of flattery,” says Courtney. “I think effortlessly into your account.
our employees will like what they see.”
“We’d love for more people to use LifeLab, and we
All of the basic features will remain in place: Biometric think more people will now with this new system,” says
screenings, Lunch & Learns, Health Risk Assessment, Courtney. “It looks more professional and has fewer
Activity Tracker and more. The only “feature” being layers. You won’t have to click five times to get
removed is the hassle. “Same place with a new, everywhere,” she says. “Fewer clicks equals more
streamlined look,” says HR specialist Heather Hebert. time to get work done.”

Party ON!

Scientific Honors, Brick Dedication & Jeanne Fowler’s Retirement Party

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