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Winter-Spring 2015
IF YOU BUILD IT Since it opened in 2011, OMRF’s research tower has captured the attention of architects and scientists alike.
BACK TO THE BEGINNING Dr. Eliza Chakravarty’s new award for her work in rheumatology links her to another noted woman in the field—one she knew well but never met.
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? With today’s DNA sequencing technology, scientists at OMRF and throughout the world are unraveling our bodies’ secrets at an unprecedented pace. Pat Gaffney.
BRRRRR-ING ON THE COLD Bundle up for a look at OMRF’s ultra-cold biorepository, where patient samples sit waiting to help scientists learn more about human disease.
ASK DR. P To eat gluten or not to eat gluten? That is the question. Janet Puckett letter.
GONE FISHIN’ For OMRF’s Dr. David Jones, the road to new treatments for cancer runs through tanks of tiny, aquatic creatures. Brian and Alana Welms
DELAYED GRATIFICATION Despite her simple lifestyle and frugal ways, schoolteacher Wilma McElmurry left an unexpectedly rich legacy to medical research.
CULTURAL EXCHANGE Dr. Xiao-Hong Sun’s brainpower took her places her younger self never would have dreamed. Childhood in China cultural revolution
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