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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2016-08-22 14:04:42



When you PrESIDENT

think of team

sports, what

comes to mind? Dr. STEVE PrES

For me, it’s medical research.

Behind every discovery is a team of scientists who have
pooled their talents in service of a greater goal. Each brings
a different expertise to the project: biochemistry, immunology,
cardiovascular biology, biostatistics. By combining their skills,
they are able to solve problems that no one of them alone
could crack.

Yes, as in athletics, there are stars. These are the innovators,
the “big picture” women and men who develop the hypotheses
that ultimately lead to breakthroughs. Yet they do not work in
a vacuum. They rely on colleagues, graduate students and
technicians to help translate their ideas into concrete findings.
These are the people who perform the experiments, who
analyze the samples, who take concepts that are sketched
out on whiteboards and make them real.

In the pages that follow, you’ll find a collection of virtual
OMRF trading cards. If, like me, you collected such keepsakes
as a kid, these will take you back.


Although this set lacks the requisite bubble gum, it features
some of OMRF’s league leaders. These are the scientists who
are hitting the ball out of the park time and again. And with every
swing of the bat, they are bringing us closer to new treatments
for Alzheimer’s, lupus, heart disease and cancer.

At OMRF, we’re lucky to have talent at every position. A strong
pitching staff. And a deep bench. Not all of these players got their
own cards. But without them we couldn’t win games.

Growing up, I enjoyed swapping baseball cards with my friends.
As I looked through this collection, I found myself wondering
whether I’d trade a Chuck Esmon for a Jordan Tang, a Judith
James for a Rod McEver.

Luckily, I don’t have to make those kind of choices. At OMRF,
we’ve already assembled quite an all-star team.

Jordan Tang, Phd

Born: Taipei, China Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1966

Taiwan provinCial College
grad sChool:
UniversiTy oF oklahoMa

One of the world’s leading Alzheimer’s disease

researchers, Dr. Tang had another banner year

in 2010. Working with scientists at Purdue

University, he developed an experimental

compound that was shown to reduce memory loss

and Alzheimer’s-causing plaques in mice genetically Here Comes
engineered to develop the illness. Meanwhile, The Scientist
another drug Dr. Tang helped develop is

progressing through human clinical trials.

“Alzheimer’s is a complicated, multi-faceted

disease,” he says, “so it’s important to press

forward on as many fronts as possible.” Jordan got married
in the OMRF chapel

Under the Sea

Charles esmon, Phd

Born: CenTralia, il Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1982

College: Chuck has gone
UniversiTy oF illinois
grad sChool: scuba diving almost
washingTon UniversiTy, sT. loUis 200 times.

It’s extremely rare for a scientist to discover a
single new drug. But Dr. Esmon has done it twice. First,
he helped create Xigris for the treatment of severe
sepsis, which kills more than 200,000 Americans each
year. Then he discovered Ceprotin, a therapeutic
for patients suffering from a life-threatening protein
deficiency. In recognition of his “historic” contributions
to cardiovascular research, the American Heart

Association awarded Dr. Esmon its 2010 Basic
Research Prize. His work, said Heart Association
President Ralph Sacco, “makes a vital connection”
to patients’ lives.

dynamiC duo Now
paTriCk gaFFney, Md • kaThy Moser, phd
Kathy took up piano at
In 2010, Drs. Moser and Gaffney
led the largest genetic experiment the age of 4 and played
ever done in the field of lupus competitively as a teen
research. The OMRF scientists
analyzed massive amounts of
data gathered from 15,000 blood
samples donated by patients
with lupus, a disease in which the immune system
mistakenly turns its defenses against the body.
Working with scientists from 33 institutions in Spain,
Colombia, Canada, England, Sweden, Puerto
Rico and the U.S., the scientists identified a
genetic variant associated with lupus and,
potentially, heart disease and certain kinds
of cancer.

The Power of Two What a kick!

CoUrTney MonTgoMery, phd • TiMoThy griFFin, phd

Drs. Montgomery and Griffin took very different

paths to OMRF. Montgomery is an Oklahoma

native who made her way back from Case Western

Reserve University in Cleveland. Griffin began life As a Harvard undergrad,
in California and left Duke University to come to Tim punted for
OMRF. Both have already made important research the football team

contributions at OMRF. In 2010, the Arthritis Foundation

named Griffin’s paper on obesity and osteoarthritis as the previous year’s second

most influential publication in the field. Meanwhile, Mongomery has identified a

cluster of three genes associated with early-onset colon cancer in families.

Carol webb, Phd

Born: Casper, wy Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1990

washingTon UniversiTy, sT. loUis
grad sChool:
UniversiTy oF alaBaMa, BirMinghaM

When Dr. Webb found a way to reprogram adult cells

taken from bone marrow into completely different types of

cells, it opened the door to a world of new treatment

possibilities. In the shorter term, the discovery Pet(roleum)
could lead to a more efficient process for Project

creating stem cells to treat people with

leukemia. Over time, the work might also

give rise to new therapies for spinal cord

injuries, type I diabetes, heart disease Carol got her first
and neurodegenerative conditions like taste of science
Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases. distilling crude oil in
her family’s fireplace

JudiTh James, md, Phd High Note

Born: pond Creek, ok Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1994

oklahoMa BapTisT UniversiTy
grad sChool:
UniversiTy oF oklahoMa

Dr. James was one of the major reasons OMRF

ranked 4th among the 90 members of the

Association of Independent Research Institutes Judith and her daughter
for Recovery Act funding in 2010. She spearheaded recently sang at New
the effort that secured a National Institutes of Health York’s Carnegie Hall

construction grant to help build out three floors of OMRF’s

new research tower, and she also won several other grants to support

her research on lupus and

other autoimmune

diseases. Next

up: In 2011, she’s

overseeing the

opening of the OMRF

Multiple Sclerosis

Center of Excellence.

Paul KinCade, Phd Hog Wild

Born: Moorhead, Ms Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1982 Paul rides a

College: Harley-Davidson
Mississippi sTaTe UniversiTy
grad sChool:
UniversiTy oF alaBaMa, BirMinghaM

During an OMRF career that’s spanned three
decades, Dr. Kincade has established himself
as one of the country’s leading immunologists.
His work studying the development of the human
immune system has deepened our understanding
of illnesses ranging from childhood leukemias and
lymphomas to autoimmune disease. In 2010, he
helped establish the Oklahoma Center for Adult
Stem Cell Research. As the Center’s scientific
director, Kincade is leading the state’s effort to
understand and develop therapeutic uses for
adult stem cells.

rodger mcever, md Road Scholar

Born: oklahoMa CiTy, ok Joined oMrF sCienTiFiC sTaFF: 1987

College: Rod once bet he could
yale UniversiTy
grad sChool: run a marathon in under
UniversiTy oF ChiCago 3 hours and 19 minutes—

After his junior year and finished in 3:18:56!
at John Marshall
High School, Rodger

McEver spent a summer

in OMRF’s labs getting his first taste of medical

research. But little did young Rod imagine he’d one

day return to OMRF as a senior scientist. At OMRF,

Dr. McEver has pioneered scientists’ understanding

of the cellular processes that lead to diseases of

the circulatory system. In 2010, he led OMRF’s

Cardiovascular Biology Research Program as its

scientists made key discoveries in areas ranging

from traumatic injury heart disease to cancer.

TriPle ThreaT

CoUrTney griFFin, phd
Jana BarliC-diCen, phd
hong Chen, phd

In less than three years at OMRF,

this trio of scientists has made a

major impact at the foundation—

and in the world of medical research.

Since joining OMRF’s Cardiovascular Biology

Research Program in 2008, Drs. Griffin, Chen and British Invasion

Barlic-Dicen have cast new light on how blood

vessels develop and how plaques form in

arteries. This research could have important

implications not only for preventing and

treating heart attacks and strokes, but also

for controlling tumor growth in breast cancer Jana came to OMRF from
and other forms of cancer. London’s Imperial
College of Medicine


lorin olson, phd
ChrisTopher sansaM, phd

I want
my mummY

For these two scientists who joined OMRF

in 2010, biomedical research means

understanding cellular mechanisms that are

vital to our existence—but can be deadly when Lorin’s first biology
they malfunction. Dr. Sansam examines cell
division, a process whose malfunction can lead to project was sequencing
DNA from 2000-year-old

Egyptian mummies

cancer or birth defects. Meanwhile, Dr. Olson studies

cell signaling, a mechanism of cellular communication that,

when it breaks down, can cause cancer and autoimmune conditions like lupus.

“If we can understand how these processes go wrong,” says Olson, “that will

gives us important clues about how to stop these diseases.”

global allianCes

oMrF inTernaTional parTnerships

When OMRF formed a strategic partnership
with Beijing’s Institute of Biophysics at the
Academy of Chinese Sciences, it represented
the foundation’s fourth alliance with a foreign
research institute since 2008.These relationships
let OMRF share scientists and equipment with
some of the leading research institutes in India,
Brazil and China. “Because human disease is
so complex, it takes researchers across a variety
of specialties to make scientific advancements,”
says OMRF President Stephen Prescott. “Having
international partners help us ‘fill in the blanks’ and
speed the process of medical innovation.”

In 2010, 14 OMRF

scientists visited one
of OMRF’s “sister”
institutes in India

green is good

The oMrF researCh Tower

2010 opened with OMRF being named as a finalist for the

Renewable Energy World North America Award. OMRF was

the only Oklahoma institution among the 25 finalists for the

national honor. The awards, presented at the Renewable

Energy World Conference & Expo North America, recognized There’s enough
cutting-edge programs, projects and technologies in renewable
energy. When complete in 2011, the tower’s energy-conserving concrete in the tower
to build a sidewalk
features will save the from Norman to

equivalent of 44,000

gallons of gasoline each year

and cut annual carbon dioxide

emissions by more than 2

million pounds.

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J oint project FOMR
Awith Texas rese rchers targets Epartn rs
Nprostate ca cer Bwith eijing researchers

M$7 illion A ran
Afederal gr nt awarded for Priddy, age 105,
rnew towe rleaves gene ous estate gift

MLeuke ia Jthe ournal
UArthritis & Rhe matism recognizes
Atre tment could NDr. Timothy Griffi ’s
Ystem from new discover
Er search

JIn ecting inhibitor ADr. C rol Webb
Ucould resc e victims of Utransforms ad lt stem cells
Lautomobi e accidents and Gthrough repro ramming
Ytraumatic injur

SClu ter of oMRF scientist
Ecolon canc r genes cdis overs
Troo s of childhood lupus

New Alzheimer’s Dr.
obreakthr ugh ECharles smon receives
cAmeri an Heart Association prize
Vgi es hope


Marta E. Petar José Jana Robert
AlArcón-riquelme AlAupovic AlberolA-ilA bArlic-Dicen bArsteAD

Michael Hong K. Mark Dean Igor M.
centolA chen coggeshAll DAwson Dozmorov

Michael Charles T. Darise A. Robert A. Patrick
Dresser esmon fArris floyD gAffney

Gary Courtney Timothy M. Kenneth M. Farhat
gorbsky griffin griffin humphries husAin

Judith Paul W. Michael T. Susan Hui-Ying
JAmes kincADe kinter kovAts lim

Florea Rodger P. Joan T. Kenneth Courtney
lupu mcever merrill miller montgomery

Kevin Kathy Swapan Ewa Lorin
moore moser nAth olech olson

Gabriel Roberto Scott M. Dario C. James B.
pArDo pezzA plAfker rAmirez rAnD

Susannah William Christopher Amr Hal
rAnkin roDgers sAnsAm sAwAlhA scofielD

Xiao-Hong Luke I. Jordan J. N. Ira N. Fletcher B.
sun szweDA tAng tArgoff tAylor

Yasvir A. Linda Rheal A. Weidong Carol F.
tesirAm thompson towner wAng webb

Jonathan Lijun Stephen M.
wren xiA prescott, PRESIDENT

Honor roll Click to zoom in or out.

Between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010, more than 7,000 individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations made gifts and pledges
to OMRF. Each one of those donations made a difference. In this Honor Roll, we have recognized gifts of $500 and above.

$5,000,000 and above Dr. and Mrs. Bill P. Loughridge Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Bayles
Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. McEver Dick and Leah Beale
Chapman Charitable Trust Mrs. Dimple C. Mobbs Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Belcher
E. L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Jim and Lou Ann Morris Ms. Sharon J. Bell and Mr. Gregory Allen Gray
OCCF G. Ed Hudgins Family Fund Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 OCCF General Research SAIC - Benham
OCCF OMRF Fleming Scholarship Bessemer Trust
Mary K. Chapman Foundation ONEOK Foundation Best Companies
Hardesty Family Foundation Order of the Eastern Star Oklahoma Grand Chapter Mrs. Mary C. Blanton
J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Barbara V. Robbins and Dr. Galen Robbins* Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bockus
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Marylin J. Upsher Mr. and Mrs. Chris Boeckman
Gregory and Traci Walton Jeffrey A. and Natalie A. Bonney
$500,000 - $999,999 John L. and Clara H. Bowen
$5,000 - $9,999 Del N. and Margaret P. Boyles
Johnnie Fisher* Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Bradley
Inasmuch Foundation American Fidelity Foundation Mrs. Carolyn R. Branham
Mr. Tom H. Baldwin Mrs. Mary J. Bredel
$100,000 - $499,999 Jim C. and Kay Bass Neil and Gertrud Briix
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Boeckman D. Randolph Brown MD and Ms. Susan Ross
Ann Simmons Alspaugh Harry and Louise Brown Foundation Dave and Pat Brown
Mr. David Chernicky Donna and Len Cason Mrs. Linda Walker Brown
Virginia and John Groendyke Michael A. and Pamela Chozen Brownie M. and Regena A. Browne
Ms. Janie L. Harkey Elizabeth Merrick Coe Mr. Mike D. Brunsman
Hocker Foundation Mrs. Barbara M. Creager Jack L. and Judith Bryan
Don J. and Patti Leeman Ms. Carole J. Drake Mrs. Marjorie L. Bryan
McCasland Foundation Ann Felton Jim and Becky Buchanan
Presbyterian Health Foundation Flintco, Inc. Richard and Ellen Burgess
Stephen and Susan Prescott Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie Ms. Gretta J. Burnett
Estate of Aran Rebecca Priddy Mark and Beverly Funke Randy and Deane Burnett
Estate of C. L. Priddy Mrs. Maxine B. Hartman Mr. David Byrket
Puterbaugh Foundation Heritage Trust Company Robert D. and Dolores P. Call
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Mr. L. Richard and Dr. Sharon H. Iorio T. J. Campbell Construction Company
United Way of Central Oklahoma Haskell L. and Wilda Looney Campbell-Lepley Hunt Foundation, Inc.
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Susan E. Loosen Revocable Trust Cheryl K. Cantrell, MD
Frank and Nadine McPherson Drs. J. Donald and Pat Capra
$50,000 - $99,999 Pilot Club of Muskogee Dr. and Mrs. Chris Carey
Rogers and Bell, Attorneys at Law Ms. Patricia Gaberino Carey
Estate of Billie Ruth Conn Paul and Carolyn Schulte Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Carl
Wilma Davis-McElmurry Trust Estate of Doyle C. Sluder Mrs. Norma Sue Carpenter
Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust Charles O. and Betty Smith Lisa and Mike Carroll
Mr. Dale Matherly/Matherly Mechanical Contractors, Inc. C. Robert and Glenda Steves Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Casey Jr.
Putnam City School District Cancer Fund Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Svoboda Mr. Jeffrey Foster Caughron
John H. Saxon III, MD Mrs. Norma Townsdin Central National Bank of Poteau
Estate of Evelyn Wynell Woodruff Donald R. and Jean Wasson Hiram H. and Janice Champlin
Wetherbee Electric, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Chandler
$25,000 - $49,999 Ms. Vicky Palmer Chase
$1,000 - $4,999 Bill and Carolyn Chatham
Floris Benton Trust Mrs. Jacqueline M. Cheatham
Estate of Estelle Kinnear Anonymous Max J. and Dorothy Claybaker
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc. Don R. and Shawn Abernathy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coates Jr.
Richard K. and Ruth S. Lane Memorial Trust Ms. Mary Evelyn Adams Ms. Kathryn Coffman
Marvin and Ruth Lebow Medical Research Foundation Mr. Mike G. Adams Michael A. and Lisa Coffman
Elaine and Harrison Levy Winford and Judy Akins J. L. and C. N. Coffman Foundation Trust
Estate of Lucile S. Lindsay Mrs. Leota Margie Amsey Adam Buckley Cohen
Estate of Julia McHale The Honorable and Mrs. Bill Anoatubby J. Markham and Becky Collins
Merrick Foundation Ms. Naomi Anson Ms. Ernestine E. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Records Arvest Bank Ms. Kathryn Cook
Mr. Rob Auger Chuck E. and Suzy Cotter
$10,000 - $24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Louis H. Cox
Mr. Bob J. Bailey Drs. Dan D. and Mary Ann Craige
Greg and Elizabeth Allen Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Baker Wm. H. and Carol Crawford
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Charley F. Ballou Mr. and Mrs. James B. Crawley
BancFirst Bank of Oklahoma, The Private Bank Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Crites
Lance and Linda Benham Bankers Bank Russell and Hazel Crooch Endowment Fund
Bethany Public Schools Baptist Foundation Kathryn N. Klotsch Endowment Les and Barbara Cummings
G. T. and Elizabeth Blankenship R. Michael and Carla G. Barber Mrs. Alice Badger Dangott
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Burruss Thomas D. and Charlene Barbour Ms. Nancy J. Davies
Coppermark Bank Miss Betsy L. Barnes Drs. Dean Dawson and Susannah Rankin
Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. Mrs. Bobbie Barnes Al and Rita Dearmon
Estate of Werner Gubelin Mr. David Glenn Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Boots Hall Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bartlett *Deceased
Highmark Mountain State Administrator
David and Lezlie Hudiburg
Fred and Mary Eddy Jones Foundation
Herman G. Kaiser Foundation
Jessie Dearing Kinley Testamentary Trust

Sam L. and Myra Decker Idabel National Bank Ms. Jon Evah Murray
Gilbert G. and Arloene Dick Cecil R. and Laura Ingram Howard W. and Alice Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dick Ms. Jolene R. Ingram NBC Oklahoma
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Dieken Mr. and Mrs. Richard James Ms. Edna Irene Nedbalek
Dan L. and Kay C. Dillingham Dr. and Mrs. Bretton H. Jameson Kenneth A. and Nancy A. Nelson
Thang C. and Laurie Do Jerry and Loretta Janzen Mr. Scranton G. Nesbitt
Richard A. and Janice A. Dobbs Brian and Michelle Joachims Ms. Sharon Neuwald
Bill and Barbara Durrett Tom Johnson Investment Management, Inc. Charles C. and Alysa Newcomb
Mr. Jerry D. Eggleston Ms. Jana L. Johnston Dr. Linda Barton Nimmo
Mr. Pete Eischen Clay G. and Lynette Jones Dennis and Sandra Noble
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ellard Dwight and Janice Journey Mr. David Nordyke
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Ellison Greg and Susan K. Kannady Rob and Sara Northwood
Jerry and Joanne Emmons Ms. Lois M. Kate Roy A. and Janice Nuttall
Mrs. Patricia Evans The Honorable and Mrs. Frank Keating OCCF D. A. and D. B. Harmon Memorial Fund
Randolph and Faith Mary Everest Keeler Matthews Charitable Foundation Paul and Beth Odom, III
Jim and Christy Everest Kelsey and April Kennedy Mrs. Frances W. O’Hornett
Robert and Lura Fabian John A. and Jane F. Kenney Oklahoma Association Mother’s Club Grant Fund
Farmers and Merchants National Bank Mrs. Joyce C. Lacey and Mr. Melvin Kenney Mr. Jim D. Oliver
Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson Mr. Robert Kent Mrs. Van R. Oliver
Ms. Cheryl Ferguson Rosemary E. Kerber, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Palmer
First American Mrs. Lou C. Kerr Ms. Pam W. Parrish
First Bank and Trust Company John J. and Tracy A. Kidwell Richard and Gayle Parry
First National Bank in Altus Ms. Sandra L. Kimerer Mr. and Mrs. Bond Payne
First National Bank of Oklahoma Robert L. and Catharine B. Kingsley Mr. Merlyn N. Pearson
Richard S. and Malinda Berry Fischer E. P. and Roberta L. Kirschner Foundation Jack and Janis Perrault
Mr. John A. Fischer Brian D. and Carly Knight Mrs. Sue Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Floyd Edward A. and Barbara N. Krei Ms. Sharon Piper
Mr. Timothy E. Foley Mr. Cecil Labude Dick and Gerry Pittenger
Ed and Jeanne M. Fowler Steven and Elaine Lance Jim S. and Jackie Plaxico
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fransen Mrs. Jo Anna Campbell LaPorte* Mrs. Christi S. Powell
Marie Freeman Living Trust Mr. Ray M. League Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Pryor Jr.
Barbara Fretwell Vernon and Von Leake Putnam City West Class of 1980
Richard and Deborah Friant Ms. Elinor A. LeDoux Quail Creek Bank, NA
Andy and Elena Friot Gary I. and Martha Leff Mr. Gene Rainbolt
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fulkerson Bruce B. and Sarah Lenz Bill J. and Donna Ramsey
Gerald and Jane Jayroe Gamble Mr. Herbert M. Leonard Jr. Mrs. Patsy R. Ray
Ms. Deborah D. Gardner Ms. Sharon K. Lester Steve and Susan Raybourn
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gardner Liberty Drug, Inc. Mr. George J. Records Jr.
Miss Mildred J. Garton Dr. and Mrs. Dean Loshbaugh Mrs. Joan S. Redding
Robert and Debra Gholston Mr. Randy Ludwig Dr. Pamela Kay Reichert
Ms. Mary Alice Giarda Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leo Lynch Dee and Penny Replogle
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Gibson Lee and Peggy Mackey Dr. Sue Ann Rice
Ben and Jean Gile Melvin Hugh and Inge Madewell David and Vicki Righthouse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Gill Madewell and Madewell, Inc. Owen and Dorothy Robbins
Ms. Carol A. Glass Paul Mainard Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Robbins
Tom and Sandy Goldsworthy Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Majors Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Robertson Jr.
Mrs. Susan Gonzalez Mrs. Avis L. Marcum Fred J. and Loydel Robertson
Dr. Gary Gorbsky Rick and Susan Martin Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Robinson
Mr. David W. Gorham Von A. and Karen Martin Mr. Craig Roddy
Mr. A. W. Green Ms. Marcel A. Maupin Mrs. Sarah Jane Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. John Ray Green Robert and Brenda Maxey Mr. Robert L. Rogers
Griffin Holdings, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mayo Patrick and Marianne Rooney
Ms. Debra Gudgel McAfee and Taft D. Jaye Rose
Mr. William A. Hadwiger Arthur E. and Mary T. McAnulty RoseRock Bank
Jacqueline O. and Roger V. Haglund Aubrey and Katie McClendon Bob and Lynne Rowley
Ms. Sue Hale Gigi and Rod McEver Ms. Kathryn R. Ryan
George and Kay Halko Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Ryerson
Burns and Ann Hargis Ms. Chloe A. McKaig S and F Investments
Mrs. Beverly A. Harkness Tony R. and Janis S. McKaig Mrs. Dorothy R. Sales
Harold’s Inspection Service Mr. and Mrs. Cameron R. McLain Karen and Mike Samis
Claude M. and Linda Harris Mason and Joye McLain Mrs. Patricia P. Savage
Robert G. and Crosby Harris Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McLennan Mike and Kerry Sawatzky
Mr. Ronald F. Hartman Doug and Debby McQueen Dr. and Mrs. Olaseinde I. Sawyerr
Tim and Erin Hassen Randy and Linda Mecklenburg Dr. Clyde H. Schoolfield Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hauschild Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meinders Ms. Jamie Sue Schrag
Mr. and Mrs. Russell O. Hayes Katie and Will Merrick Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Schultz
Mrs. Bonnie B. Hefner Mr. Philip J. Meyer Mrs. Kathryn Metha Scott
Mrs. Audrey M. Hendershot Ms. Judy Ann Mikkelson Jack O. Scroggins Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Henke III Walter and Mary Mikkelson Mrs. Sue Seymour
Gene and Myra Henry Kevin W. and Aimee E. Miller Mr. Rob Shaff
Mrs. Lois C. Herndon V. David and Billie Lynn Miller Bill and Pam Shdeed
Frank D. and Bette Jo Hill Ms. Janet F. Mitchell Mr. Kirby G. Shelton
Dan Hogan Properties Mr. Jignesh Modi Mr. Greg S. Shepherd
The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes Mrs. Sue F. Moore and Mr. James Richard Moore* Rex and Marilyn Sheppard
Jerry and Catherine Hoopert Chip and Suzy Morgan Richard L. and Jeannette Sias
John M. and Cathy Huber Larry and Margaret Morris Simcox Family Trust
Brian and Pam Hudson J. Gary and Gayle Mourton Ms. Evelyn B. Simmons
Drs. John E. and Debbie Huff Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mueller Mr. Richard M. Singer
Bob and Joan Hunt Clarence and Jeanne Mullins Mr. Ralph C. Smith
Mr. Carl S. Hutto Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Muncrief Mr. and Mrs. Sherman E. Smith
Jim and Laurie Hyde Mrs. Elois Muncy John F. and Joan Snodgrass

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Barney U. Brown Robert F. and Alice G. Lovely
John S. and Katherine Pond Spaid David F. and Darla J. Burks Dr. and Mrs. Florea Lupu
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Spence Mr. and Mrs. Chase Burns Ms. Billie W. Marcoux
Jeff and Judith Stallsmith Mrs. Frances I. Burris Dennis and Judy McGrath
Craig and Mary E. Stanley William M. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McQuigg
Danny L. and Janet S. Stansbury Peter and Ginny Bass Carl Mr. Gary W. Melsby
Mrs. Mary Lou Stark Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Carr Mrs. Ella Jewell Meriwether
Karl E. and Sheri Stickley Phil G. and Ruth Carson Kevin L. Moore, MD
C. David and Becky L. Stinson Mrs. Grace O. Clark Greg and Lisa Mullen
Stock Exchange Bank Mrs. Marzell Clubb The Myatt Family
Mrs. Phyllis Jarnagin Stough and Dr. Daniel Ross Stough* Ms. Sheryl Colton Mark S. and Cena E. Nault
Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Stuntz Fred and Bonnie Combrink Ms. Joann L. Nitzel
Coy and Jeleta Sullivan The Cancer Fund at Communities Foundation of The Honorable and Mrs. Ron Norick
Ross and Margaret Swimmer Norick Investment Company
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Talley Oklahoma Ms. Jane Ann Norris
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Talley Cox Communications OCCF Kathleen Lister Fund
Ms. Dawn Tamir Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Crank OCCF OMRF Research Fund
Estate of Jaunita B. Taylor Mr. Harold L. Crites Oklahoma United Methodist Dorothea French Fund
Timothy W. and Lisa R. Teske Dean and Barbara Cunningham Ms. Cheryl A. Palmer
Linda Thompson, PhD Mrs. Betsy Amis Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A. Partridge
Grant Thornton, LLP Dr. and Mrs. Harry Davis Rebecca J. Patten
William J. and Laura M. Toellner Lisa Day Mr. D. Frank Plater Jr.
Rheal A. Towner, PhD Jerry and Brenda K. Delozier Ms. Laura L. Pompa
Chester Tracy Farm Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Mike L. and Carol A. Rhodes
Dennis and Jackie Trepagnier Harry H. Diamond, Inc. Gordon and Mary Jane Richards
John A. and Lynne C. Trigg Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dillon III Mrs. E. Joan Rollins
Stephen E. and Maureen Trotter The Dolese Brothers Company Phil and Avis Scaramucci
Garfield L. and Mary Ellen Trumble Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ellis Mr. Duaine Schoneweis
Ronald S. and Judy Turner Farmers State Bank Eldon and Pat Schuessler
Union Bank Mr. William Neil Fobes Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shelley
United Methodist Home of Enid, Inc. Mr. Gary A. Fouts Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Skinner
Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary Orval and Rosemary T. Free Raybourn H. and Mary Vaughn Smiser
William and Holly Vieux Mrs. Miriam K. Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Smith
Mark and Mary Virden Ed and Lena Frost Ms. Margaret D. Smith
Russell and Penny Voss Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gambulos Jay and Millie Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Waldo Mr. and Mrs. Olin Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Gilbert Ms. Janna K. Story
Allyn G. and Donna K. Warkentin Mr. Steven Alan Graham Miss Joy Sullivan
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Marc and Gloria Weatherall Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Groom Jr. Ms. R. Taubman
Ms. Margaret A. Weddle Grow For Life Breast Cancer Foundation Mr. Alvin Thomas Jr.
Ms. J. N. Weil Mrs. Martha C. Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Thompson
Dan and Carmalieta Wells Mr. Chester L. Hales Vic and Lisa Thompson
Mr. Steve E. Wells Mrs. Arthenia L. Haney Sammy and Janet Todd
Weokie Credit Union Foundation Bill and Joanne Harrah Mr. Benjamin Vannier
Mr. Jack P. Wilburn Mr. Jess Harris Jr. Mr. Victor J. Veroda
Mrs. Madine Williams Wilburn Hartzog, Conger, Cason and Neville The Robert Vick Family
Jerrell R. and Mary Williams H. K. and Beverly A. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Randy Von Netzer
Mr. Jimmy H. Williamson Gerry and Marisha Hendrick Jackie G. and Peggy Waldo
John L. and Margaret B. Williford Mr. Richard C. Henry Gene and Judy Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Willits Donald R. and Dolores Hill Jeremy and Lori Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilsie Miss Helen J. Hodges Ms. Ann T. White
Frank Wohl Memorial Bass Tournament Mrs. Zemirue Holden Patricia H. White, PhD
Judith James-Wood, MD, PhD and Mr. Glen Aden Wood Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Holloway Mr. Robert Williams
Paul S. and Conna D. Woolsey Mr. Kenneth R. House Ms. Louise Wolff
Dick and Camilla Wright Mrs. Jenell D. Hubbard Mr. John Wustenberg
R. Deane and Esther M. Wymer Mr. Kurt L. Hudson Ms. Donna J. Wyskup
Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Wynn Larry and Annette Hull Mr. and Mrs. James R. Zachary Jr.
Lijun Xia, MD, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. Hulme Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Ylitalo InterBank
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John and Debbie Yoeckel Dr. John H. and Mrs. Cathy Jameson
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Young Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jeffers
Ms. Linda R. Young Mr. Gerald H. Jobe
Stephen F. and Barbara D. Young Mr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Johnson
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$500 - $999 Mr. Kent Kennedy
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Richard M. and Carolyn A. Adkins George S. (Stan) and Sally Kimball
Mr. Lindsay L. Alexander and Mrs. Rosalie P. Alexander* Michael T. and Caroline S. Kinter
Marshall and Lou J. Ault Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Knight
Aven Gas and Oil, Inc. Ms. Rebecca F. Knight
Jerry D. Balentine, PC and Associates Mr. John D. LaRue
Bank of Union Ms. Joanna L. Latting
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Mr. and Mrs. Tony Boghetich Mr. Curtis Lockhart Sr.
Ms. Zandra Boucher Mrs. Ruth London
Mrs. Coyla J. Bowden Donny J. and Karen L. Longest
The Brame Brothers Ms. Sandra G. Lookabaugh

The Discoveries

OMRF is poised to play a key role in the revolution of biomedical science that tomorrow will
bring. With our staff of world-renowned scientists, we will perform the research that drives the
next generation of life-changing discoveries. To this end, OMRF has launched the most ambitious
expansion in our 65-year history–the Discoveries Campaign.

The centerpiece of this effort is a new “green” research tower, the first lab building in North
America to tap wind energy as a power source. This new structure adds 186,000 square feet of
state-of-the-art scientific and administrative space and serves as a home to the most precious
resource in biomedicine: human capital.

We have set the total fundraising goal for the Discoveries Campaign at $125 million: $85 million
to construct and furnish the building and $40 million to recruit 30 world-class scientists and equip
their labs. Achieving this goal will ensure that Oklahoma stays on the leading edge of biomedical
research. And that OMRF scientists continue making discoveries that make a difference.

$ACE5NsShS.s,aLaat0ot.ampico0atmieunan0eaatdoi,lnolf0TRInOnCh0osokheb0tflaliaemtCurhraiattteoseannmGsbNtdlraaoeoayfblOaTlHOolrepburekpdsFoaloatolFvrthhutouoenunmdnitaadytaiGFotinuoo,nvnIednrcn.ments $VMP5Sircuga0Ctiren0kariea,bs0ylaaas0unngF0ddhoFJu-Foono$hudunn9andtG9diaoar9tnoitoi,eo9nnn9dy9ke
$MMH1HIaJrnaM,o.Ar.Pa0ryREcDRaduAsrk0.aKesebaemneaiossrv0.cnnreunbntioCbd,yeyFcdyi0rochhdotFCaalLe0atsFuannFh.rp-F0EnrimddeJoaamad.oruntiHKm-anleaMhnyeatiHrnncd$iianFlontykseaiFbi4enortytatyyeooiu,loMentu9nZohnncdfa9FFFdCaOroa9raotloumkiet,uoiwnl9noainnlddynh9dFaooaF9otnmitouoiounnannd, daInaticot.ionn, Inc. $ACD1WnDhErNn0GseoiSlRlaaD.ls0nSliteiatoeCanrii,Jn.ommbpp0eh.nJneheam0aoaaRreaWrtnhnlo0lnkaeGdnMdn.ensas-PlPdHuHeEnaeAola$n.datnneiltlnSprp4edstSlrilhpraiReF9suLNgaxooHasey9Saouunapeeoncg,Cnnpm9almLheodIreIPF9arsriaIovpnortE9teysiouFosisrnsnomacdutFooianotonttdniuoanntdioantion

Gifts/pledges less than $100,000 - $1,171,191

Financial Summary

For the ninth consecutive year, OMRF has received the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s
largest charity evaluator. Using publicly available financial information, Charity Navigator promotes intelligent giving by
providing report cards for U.S. and international charities.

“As the nonprofit sector continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, savvy donors are demanding more accountability,
transparency and quantifiable results from the charities they choose to support with their hard-earned dollars,” said Ken
Berger, President and CEO of Charity Navigator. “This ‘exceptional’ designation from Charity Navigator differentiates
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation from its peers and demonstrates to the public that it is worthy of their trust.”

other operAting revenue: $ 31,179,138
operating revenue Competitive research grants: 8,252,805
revenue from $5,271,410 National Institutes of Health grants 39,431,943
prior gifts Other competitive research grants
$4,150,252 Total grants 7,008,283
private Private contributions: 1,527,446
contributions Income and gifts from trusts
$10,289,312 Gifts & bequests 620,582
Contributions 10,289,312
Revenue Memorials
$59,142,917 Total private contributions 2,251,182
competitive research grants Other revenue: 620,620
$39,431,943 Interest and investment income 563,209
Mineral income 977,019
support Rent
services Royalties and licensing income 5,271,410
excess of $3,550,272 Other
revenue Total other revenue 54,992,665
over expenses
$4,549,692 Total revenue 4,150,252

Expenses Operating revenue from wills, pledges, 59,142,917
$54,593,225 and other restricted gifts
recorded in prior years 51,042,953
research 3,550,272
$51,042,953 Total operating revenue 54,593,225

operAting expenses: $ 4,549,692
Program Services - Research
Support Services - General and administrative
Total operating expenses

Excess of revenues over expenses

Selected Publications

ADvAnceD mAgnetic resonAnce cell cycle AnD cAncer biology
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synthase (iNOS) in rodent gliomas. Free Radic Biol Med 48:691-703, 2010. 21:1799-1809, 2010.

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autoimmunity. PLoS ONE 5:e9599, 2010. most specific finding for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) on noncontrast magnetic
Hughes T, Webb R, Fei Y, Wren JD, Sawalha AH. DNA methylome in human resonance imaging of the hands and wrists: A comparison of patients with RA
CD4+ T cells identifies transcriptionally repressive and non-repressive and healthy controls. J Rheumatol 37:265-274, 2010.
methylation peaks. Genes Immun 11:554-560, 2010. free rADicAl biology AnD Aging
Maiti AK, Kim-Howard X, Viswanathan P, Guillén L, Qian X, Rojas-Villarraga Cussiol JR, Alegria TG, Szweda LI, Netto LE. Ohr (organic hydroperoxide
A, Sun C, Cañas C, Tobón GJ, Matsuda K, Shen N, Cherñavsky AC, Anaya resistance protein) possesses a previously undescribed activity: lipoyl-
JM, Nath SK. Non-synonymous variant (Gly307Ser) in CD226 is associated dependent peroxidase. J Biol Chem 285:21943-21950, 2010.
with susceptibility to multiple autoimmune diseases. Rheumatology (Oxford) Dibello PM, Dayal S, Kaveti S, Zhang D, Kinter M, Lentz SR, Jacobsen DW.
49:1239-1244, 2010. The nutrigenetics of hyperhomocysteinemia.quantitative proteomics reveals
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cArDiovAsculAr biology genetic moDels of DiseAse
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rolling. Blood 116:485-494, 2010. secretase) hydrolytic activity. Protein Sci 19:2175-2185, 2010.

Board of Directors
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SttrAhiaa2aollczl0sAtnsrrhof0ee.uldloezy,sanLiir0hisdemttde0hecreeaeae0oeuinrmtrravrmchtAsn’tieehsifrtmamniaemrrendayc’eneesdoeirndsirdersFdittie1eicanhsiDnfasa9sgeoeaAoesn4rataaeewas-6saOsann,s,eeppedzaMhdO.apry.neeodOcMRmrDdaaogehuFRrdeivrvas.tryeleoFencybdessdrloeoiacgshebsvlpidir/axlieene.doeirpsanngruiOovseisgtbgedeictMreshessdiommi,tRr,ensvaorconifeeFentueafrnorscedOgcnirtpceletehacuMeiuososdeldfhs.neRnfidriceu,snaorFatcimlugrhbnuttcgheialaptvheshadtnubeeuevfksartcocetoissfrhlrlailieehrsnhnscadeiadtcrtlivmopaateinelcnedadnlts The more you giveWmeyfsaoioatisrhmukii’ienplOnlrgld.gMeiFe—vtRhitodeFtrahu’desea$evl1osmecnirtaosayenrix-oe$donc2fy$-rtoaey4ou-od,k0guigit0invi(d0vdfeooefsn.r,hotaatgar.htsitjef.eeotnsitmntoeautvoxOpfericleMrterobreyRse$odF)e2ui.,tn,,I0st’a0sv0e.

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