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Published by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2016-12-13 14:18:15

2016 Summer Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner




Heather Hebert
HR Specialist

Carlisa Curry
Senior HR Specialist

Getting Here the hiring managers and research technicians to the
people interacting in the hallways during their visit,
How does OMRF manage to recruit the best and everyone plays a critical role in getting people to feel
brightest job candidates time after time? Partnership welcome and comfortable here at OMRF on top of the
and teamwork are the keys, says OMRF Senior Human stellar science.”
Resources Specialist Carlisa Curry. And covering every
conceivable base. Human Resources modifies its efforts at every turn,
tailoring itineraries to each recruit’s specific needs. The
OMRF has a long track record of success in selling application process itself is pretty streamlined, and
itself to prospective faculty, postdoc and laboratory staff technology like Skype is routinely used to communicate
candidates. But recruiting top talent is never easy. And with applicants. But they take it even a step further with
recruiting top-flight scientific talent from across the globe detailed customization, modifying recruitment details to
to Oklahoma City can add another layer of difficulty to fit the applicant to a tee.
the equation.
For example, if a prospective scientist has young
“The majority of recruits look at our science first, and it’s children, HR provides information on local schools. Info
excellent here. However, location can be a tough barrier on downtown apartments? Check. Listings for homes in
to overcome, because a lot of people have preconceived nearby suburbs with a realtor to show them? Ditto. For
ideas about Oklahoma,” says Carlisa. “We’re always asked info on OKC before coming in for a visit, HR will send
about our extreme weather like tornadoes and such. At brochures and videos covering everything the metro has
least the fact that we aren’t using horses and carriages to offer. HR even keeps data at the ready for directing
usually comes as a pleasant surprise.” them to information about specific hobbies and interests.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and HR partners “I always tell them Oklahoma City is sort of like a small
with hiring departments to find a way time and time again, town disguised as a big city,” says Carlisa. “We have it
to fill the foundation’s labs and offices with some of the all. We just have to find the best way to pinpoint what the
top talent around. applicant wants and present it well.”

“In truth, we are all recruiters. It takes every one of us, But it doesn’t end there.
and every interaction matters,” says Courtney Stevens
Greenwood, Vice President of Human Resources. “From continued on page 2

Getting Here, cont. HR Team

The HR staff members and the hiring departments Davida Chandler Beth Benefield
go out of their way to make sure guests and visitors
feel welcome, says Carlisa. “We aim to be very Courtney Sarah Hunter
accommodating. Whether it’s picking them up at the Stevens Greenwood
airport, arranging a special lunch with OMRF staff or
showing them around town, we try to find a way to take
care of whatever they need.”

Make no mistake, it takes a total team effort to keep
this well-oiled machine in operation.

Carlisa works with postdocs, and she and Courtney
assist with faculty recruits. Heather Hebert takes on
administrative positions and research technicians, as
well as putting together information for visitors. Davida
Chandler handles hotel and other arrangements, while
Beth Benefield handles benefits questions. Sarah
Hunter prepares all new-hire paperwork, arranges start
dates, answers immigration inquiries and helps process
visas, if needed.

“We have all bases covered, and everyone plays an
important part in the process. Plus we all back each other
up” Carlisa says. “But for all involved, it’s a labor of love.”

And when a recruit answers “yes’’ to a position at
OMRF, it’s like music to Carlisa’s ears.

“That’s the best part of my job,” she says. “If a recruit
accepts our offer, there’s no greater feeling.”

But even when the hunt is over, the recruiting doesn’t
end there.

Carlisa says they must continue the wooing process,
make sure new recruits are happy and have been put
in the best position to succeed, and deliver on the
promises made during the initial interviews. “We have
to follow through,” she says. “We can’t sugar-coat it. We
have to be genuine.”

Fortunately, OMRF tends to sell itself at that point.
With a diverse staff and employees representing
roughly 30 countries, it can make for recruiting
challenges. But it’s always been one of Carlisa’s favorite
parts of her job.
“I love meeting people from different backgrounds
and having the opportunity to hear their stories when
they arrive,” she says. “Honestly, I love every step of the
recruitment process, and I think it shows.”

“It warms my heart when people stop by to tell me, ‘I ”

love my job,’ or ‘I love my coworkers,’ and I hear both a lot.

Carlisa Curry
OMRF Senior HR Specialist

McArthur Wrights, Brian Johnston, Janine Parsons, Peter Carl, Brady Dexter, Chase Pierce

OMRF’s Research Cafe CeHretaifltiahbyly

Crisp greens and fresh toppings line the salad bar.
Chicken, fish and lean cuts of pork star on the menu
regularly. Locally grown veggies and a wide variety of
healthy meal options in OMRF’s Research Café keep even
the pickiest eaters happy and attract customers from Of course, there was some push-back. “I had one
across the Oklahoma Health Center campus. person tell me they’d never eat at the salad bar again.”
As a result, the Research Café has earned the Oklahoma But Peter stayed the course, and the Research Café
Department of Health’s Certified Healthy Restaurant has continued to refine its methods and improve in
designation four years running. But things look a lot every way it can, including listing nutritional information
different in the café today than they did when Peter Carl on every item. Also, with the “green” and “red” food
took the reins in 1996. coding system, the healthier you eat, the cheaper your
“Chip Morgan wanted me to bring some healthier food meal will be.
options into the cafeteria long before it was a fad,” says In Research Café dishes, you’ll find no bacon fat, no
Peter. “We had very little work space and very limited salt and no heavy cream. “It’s a constant challenge, and
equipment, so one of the best ways to start was on the the menu is always evolving,” Chase Pierce says. “But I
salad bar.” can tell you this: Our team is never bored. I think it’s the
His first order of business: removing the iceberg lettuce. best restaurant job in Oklahoma City, because things are
“It has almost no nutritional value, so I replaced it always changing.”
with a mix of romaine, green and red leaf lettuce,” he But, says Peter, it isn’t the awards that set the Research
says. “I also got rid of ranch as the house dressing and Café apart. It’s simply recognition of what the staff is
made a rosemary balsamic vinaigrette from scratch to striving to achieve every day: offering customers healthy,
replace it.” delicious options at reasonable prices.

Chef Chase’s Stuffed Bell Peppers

1. Preheat over to 350 degrees F.
• 1 pound lean ground beef or turkey
• 1 medium onion, diced
• 2 ribs celery, diced 2. Brown the ground beef in a large fry pan over medium high heat for 5 minutes
• 2 cloves garlic, minced or until cooked almost through. Add the chopped onion, celery, and garlic and
• 1 large tomato, chopped cook until vegetables are softened, about 5 minutes. Stir in the diced tomato,
• 2 tablespoons tomato paste tomato paste, cumin, chile powder and kosher salt and cook for another 4-5
• 2 teaspoons cumin minutes. Stir in the black beans, green chiles, corn, cooked rice and chopped
• 1 teaspoon chili powder cilantro.
3. Meanwhile, cut off the tops of the peppers and spoon out the ribs and seeds,
• 1 teaspoon kosher salt
• 1 15 ounce can of black beans
• 1 7 ounce can of roasted green chiles then rinse. Lightly sprinkle the inside of the peppers with kosher salt and
place in a microwave safe dish with ¼ cup water. Cover with plastic wrap and
” • 1 cup frozen corn, defrosted microwave for 5 minutes or until they start to soften.
• 11/2 cups cooked long grain rice Transfer to a 3 quart baking dish and fill the peppers with the hot meat and rice
• 1/4 cup cilantro leaves 4. mixture. Sprinkle the tops with cheese and bake for 20 minutes or until peppers
• are tender and cheese is browned. Garnish with additional chopped cilantro.
• 6 rainbow bell peppers
1 cup spicy cheese (chipotle gouda or pepperjack)

Seen @ OMRF 1JU4N 4JUL 2AU6G

OMRF OMRF Designated OMRF’s 70th
Blood Drive Celebration

Open SeasoN to have medical coverage, but you only care about your
teeth and want to drop everyone else off your dental
While you’re getting your summer plans in order, don’t plan, you can do that. We can help you do whatever
forget to add one important bullet point to your priority works for you and your situation.”
list: benefits open enrollment.
But remember, your spouse cannot be covered by
June 20 to July 1 is the time when you can make OMRF’s medical plan if they are employed and offered
changes to your health plans at OMRF. This is the only medical insurance through their own employer.
opportunity to enroll, terminate or change your coverage
for the next 12 months without a qualifying event (like “They’re welcome to join our plan if they’re not eligible
a birth, death, marriage or divorce).The Benefits Guide for other coverage, if their employer does not offer
(available soon on the intranet under Human Resources) coverage or if they are unemployed or self-employed,”
will assist you with your decision-making process. says Beth.

To make any changes to medical, dental, vision or OMRF offers other benefits, as well. Life insurance,
voluntary insurance, please complete a Change Form accidental death and dismemberment coverage (AD&D),
and return it to HR by July 1 (available on the intranet or and long-term disability insurance are covered at no
in the HR office). cost to you. Options like short-term disability, additional
life insurance or AD&D policies, and flexible spending
HR can help you tailor your coverage to fit your accounts (including dependent care) are all also
personal needs best, says Benefits Manager Beth available. But the time to add or adjust them is during
Benefield. “If you want every qualified family member open enrollment.

If you have questions, please contact Beth Benefield
([email protected]) at ext. 17433 or Sarah Hunter
([email protected]) at ext. 17436.

Before you make • Medical and dental premiums will remain at the current rates.
any changes, • Vision rates will increase slightly.
here are a few • Teladoc will be added. This new service allows you to “visit” a doctor
online or via phone, so you may not even need to leave the office or
home to receive care!
• Our life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, long- and
short-term disability carrier will switch from Unum to Guardian. Some
rates for voluntary coverage may change, and more information will
be provided soon.

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