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ecanangnews_2021_ISSUE 1_040722_FINAL

e-Canang News Issue 1/2022

ISSUE 31./22001292 1

Welcomes 2022
In August 2018, an idea of developing a space that could accommodate
the samples and materials contributed by the UiTM Perak Branch alumnus LET’S DIVE INTO
was proposed by Dr. Mohamed Nizam Abdul Aziz. A studio was being set up PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY
as a result of the hardwork of 6 volunteering staff from the Centre of Studies
for Interior Architecture, UiTM Perak Branch. It was officially named as REKA- 6Page
hub and was officiated on the 9th of April 2019 by the former respective
Vice Chancellor, YBhg. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim, during his visit to UiTM SOLAR LIGHTING PROJECT

Most of REKAhub’s facilities were built from Centre of Studies for Interior Ar-
chitecture’s alumni contribution. In addition, the current students and staff
have been volunteering in maintaining REKAhub as a space that welcomes
every class or event. Since then, various guests have visited REKAhub includ-
ing representatives from Bangladesh, Brunei and many more. The objectives
are to make it as a resource center for students as well as to accommodate
functions and events.

Up until 2020, the REKAhub team had successfully organised five webinars
involving the alma mater. This effort is in line with the vision and mission of
REKAhub which are to play a great role in bringing our community together
and to ensure that the alumni relations become a strategic asset for higher
education institution.

The first webinar was held in July 2020 featuring a presentation from the prin-
cipal of Ditto Studio Sdn Bhd, Mr. Juni Haikal. As a former student in UiTM
Perak Branch from 2009 until 2011, he had shared his experience on his office
design works before he gave a virtual tour of his office. It was also mentioned
that most of Ditto Studio’s staff are Centre of Studies for Interior Architec-
ture’s alumni. The Ditto Studio team had also previously participated in the
ID Week organised by UiTM Perak Branch back in 2019.




ISSUE 13/.22001292 2

REKAhub had previously invited two panels for the alumni webi-

nar sessions in August. Mr Mohd Husni Daud, the Project Director at
MAMYHOME Sdn Bhd and an alumnus from the year of 1994 to 1997,
shared his valuable thoughts on “The Cost of Renovation Work”. It
is believed to be a good start to promote REKAhub’s existence to
the community.

In addition to that, Mdm Aida Anis, the CEO of MIBS Studio Sdn Bhd
was also invited to deliver her inspiring talk entitled : “Seni Desa
Disebalik Keyakinan”. Besides having an interior design consultant
company in Rawang, she is also a founder of her own Bathldeas
toiletries products that emphasise the usage of natural and organic
ingredients. It was an enthralling session for the students as she high-
lighted the inner confidence students should have while studying in
university. Both of the August webinar sessions were moderated by
Dr. Mohamed Nizam Abdul Aziz, the founder of REKAhub.

The second week of the October 2020 semester welcomed Mdm
Nurhafizah Ahmad, the CEO of RitzReka ID Sdn Bhd to the alumni
webinar session. She shared about the importance of ergonomics
and anthropometric design in a kitchen as an owner of a cabinetry
company that deals with spatial design. She is also an alumnus with
a vast experience in interior works amongst the Malaysian celebrity.

The week also welcomed Mdm Nur Faizah with the topic of “The
Reality in Corporate and Branding Identity” which highlighted the
significance of this element in interior designing. Having graduated
in 2007, she has wide experience as a branding consultant which
was helpful in assisting students with their projects. Besides the talk,
the sessions were also moderated by Mdm Jazmin Zulkifli, who suc-
cessfully conducted the webinars which garnered many positive
reactions from the participants through the Q&A session.

Rekahub believes that this collaboration had tremendously bene-
fited all especially the student and thus is looking forward to col-
laborate with other parties especially UiTM alumni in sharing their
expertise and knowledge. It is hoped that REKAhub will successfully
function as a support network of alumni who are able to help raising
the university’s profile as well as to connect with the interior design
fields socially, academically, and professionally. Warmest apprecia-
tions go to the committee of REKAhub; Mdm Noorul Nadya Shaha-
rum, Mdm Norfazillah Ahmad, Mr Ahmad Haqqi Nazali Abdul Razak,
and Dr. Othman Mohd Noor, for giving the best to UiTM. REKAhub
team believes another great year awaits.

Jazmin Zulkifli
( FSPU )

ISSUE 31./22001292 3


We are now entering the year of 2022, after the two un-
forgettable years of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
The world by far has prepared to face the new challeng-
es by adapting to the new norms. Though Malaysians are
being emotionally, financially, and socially affected by
the changes, it is our duty as human to strive and face
the challenges ahead.

While the world is getting used to the new way of living,
UiTM too has taken multiple initiatives and measures to
adapt with the current situations. With the aspiration of
GRU 2025, it is fair to say that UiTM has started to adopt
the Restart, Recover and Restore approach to embrace
the upcoming uncertainties and challenges. Therefore,
several key points have to be embraced in ensuring the
achievement of GRU 2025. This includes supporting the
synergy transformation of UiTM in various areas includ-
ing the four elements of Global Competency which are;
Knowledge, Values, Skills and Behaviour.

As for UiTM Perak Branch, we can proudly say that we
have managed to expand our networking and collabo-
ration net with the additions of several strategic partners
through MoU and MoA throughout the year of 2021. It is
as the matter of fact, aligned with the mission for UiTM
to achieve our 2022 Key Performance Indicator on the
linkages with other international universities. In 2021, UiTM
Perak Branch has managed to secure 10 MoU and MoA
with universities from all over the world. With these collab-
orations, the most prominent outcomes can be seen from
the aspects of promoting, encouraging, and supporting
excellence in research. At the same time, it promotes in-
novations, creativities and exploration of new knowledge
and ideas which undoubtedly benefit both academia
and students.

Prof. Ts. Sr. Dr Md Yusof Hamid, PMP, AMP
Rector, UiTM Perak Branch

ISSUE 31./22001292 4

EOxUtReHnadnindgs It was an eye-opener as well as a learning experience to
tPoeJoaphlaei observe the interest of the students and the adults of Jahai
people in learning.
On the 3rd of September, 2020, a group
After a brief session by the headmaster, the team began pre-
of researchers from UiTM Perak Branch consisting paring for the CSR that was jointly organised by UiTM team
of three teams of 11 lecturers conducted a com- researchers and SK Sg. Tiang. It involved preparation of
munity service (CSR) for Jahai people at Kg. Sg meals for 200 people of the Jahai community under the ob-
Tiang in Royal Belum, Perak. The aim of the CSR servation by one of the team members, Pn Sheema Liza Idris.
was to establish contact with the Jahai commu-
nity and school children as well as to understand The first session began with a welcoming speech by the
the lives of the community in Kg. Sg Tiang. headmaster who thanked UiTM Perak Branch for organising
They reached the site after a one-and-a -half- the CSR and invited future collaboration to assist the school
hour drive on a speedboat and was pleasantly and the community in Kg. Sg Tiang. The following session con-
greeted by Mr Mohd Sarapi bin Shamsun, the tinued with a speech by the Head Village (Tok Penghulu),
headmaster of SK Sg. Tiang. Shortly after that, Mr Roslan bin Bahlok. After that, a representative from UiTM
they conducted data collection on the students Perak Branch, Associate Professor Dr Thuraiya Mohamad ex-
there and had the opportunity to observe Ja- pressed her gratitude for the warm hospitality and coopera-
hai adults during their English learning lesson. tion from the community to the teams. In addition, she briefly
explained about UiTM and what it can offer especially to the
school children should they decide to pursue their studies.
Dr Puteri Rohani Megat Abdul Rahim also gave a brief mo-
tivational talk on the importance of education and the role
of the parents in encouraging and providing support to the
children to learn. This was followed by a talk by Mdm Nor
Zarina Mohd Salim, who provided a detailed explanation on
what UiTM can offer to Jahai children to further their studies.

The session was continued with a presentation by the ladies
of Jahai community using a traditional musical instrument
made from bamboo and followed by two traditional dance
performances by the school children. Before the programme
ended, the team welcomed the community to refreshment
with the prepared Fried Rice and banana cake served. The
one-day session in Kg. Sg Tiang was filled with activities and
inspiring experience to both parties.

Dr Puteri Rohani
( APB )

ISSUE 31./22001292 5

Industrial Talk:


On July 9, 2020, Faculty of Applied Sciences, UiTM Per-
ak Branch Tapah Campus organised an Industrial Talk
webinar entitled “Introduction to Aerospace and Com-
posites Industry” which was a collaboration between the
industry and UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus. A total
of 126 participants comprising of 69 staff, 56 students and
1 alumnus of UiTM from different campuses of Universi-
ti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) were involved in this webinar.

The objectives of the webinar were to give exposure to the The participants’ excitement and interest in the field of
students about the application of science and technolo- aerospace were enhanced after listening to his speech.
gy skills in industrial sector and a culture of knowledge and Additionally, he explained about the composite industry
experience sharing between the industry practitioners including the aircraft materials and composition, 45 years
and academicians as well as the students. This promotes of composites evolution in aircrafts, advanced compos-
and establishes a good relationship between industries ite market eco-system, composite manufacturing process
or external agencies and Faculty of Applied Sciences, flow, and the Malaysian Aerospace Industry and CTRM
UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus. Dr Mohammad Ham- (High technology based aerospace company in Malaysia)
dan bin Sanusi, Deputy General Manager/Head of Pro- profile. He accentuated that aerospace is one of the im-
gram Management of CTRM Aero-composites, Melaka, portant sectors that will boost the economy of our country
began the webinar by giving his speech about his portfo- by the year of 2030 to RM2.6 trillion. He further highlighted
lio, introduction to aerospace, aircraft industry and such. that this is an interesting field for the younger generation.

The participants gained new knowledge through his talk
regarding the aerospace engineering and also its major
branches: aeronautical and astronautical engineering.
Dr Mohammad Hamdan bin Sanusi also shared about
the future of aerospace and emphasised about NASA
Artemis programme. NASA Artemis programme is one of
the ongoing space missions which aims to land on the
moon’s south pole by the year 2024. NASA intends to
launch future mission to Mars which is called ‘Moon to
Mars’ plan that includes building a new space station in
moon to go to Mars. Apart from that, he also stressed on
the global aircraft market outlook in which by the year
of 2036, there will be 41,030 new airplane deliveries, 6.1
trillion dollars of market value, traffic growth increase up
to 4.7% and fleet growth up to 3.5%. Asia pacific region
will undergo the highest growth by the year of 2036 com-
pared to other regions of the World and Malaysia is one
of the countries in Asia Pacific.

E. Tavasuria A/P Elangovan
( FSG )

ISSUE 31/.22001292 6


On July 10, 2020, a webinar on “Intro-

duction to Petrochemical Industry” was

organised by Faculty of Applied Scienc-

es, UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus.

This industrial talk aims to give exposure

regarding the petrochemical industry.

A total of 42 participants including staff

and students from various campuses of

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) were in-

volved in this industrial talk. In line with

the main purpose of the industrial talk we-

binar, it gave new insights and exposed

the students to the integration of sci-

ence and technology skills in the industry.

In addition, the industry experts, academi-
cians, and students involved can experi-
ence knowledge exchange with each oth-
er. This industrial talk developed a good
relationship with the industry and external
organisations and enhanced the reputa-
tion of UiTM Perak Branch, Tapah Campus.
This webinar industrial talk started with a
session by the international speaker, Dr
Mohammad Azizol bin Abdul Wahab who
is the Lead Scientist (Polymer), Technol-
ogy Group, Petrochemicals, at Saudi Ba-
sic Industries Corp (SABIC) Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia. He spoke about himself and SABIC
which is one of the world’s largest and top
10 chemical companies.

ISSUE 31./22001292 7

The main agenda of his session included the He also spoke about the commercially most im-
upstream and downstream business in oil and portant seven petrochemical building blocks
gas industry; the relationship between pe- and the polymers that can be derived from
troleum, petrochemicals and polymers, and them. In addition, Dr Mohammad Azizol bin Ab-
petrochemicals building blocks related to dul Wahab enlightened about the importance
petroleum-based polymers (plastics). Petro- of polymers and how polymers contribute to the
chemical means the chemical products that formation of plastics and other advanced ma-
can be obtained from fossil fuels such as pe- terial and products. Furthermore, he also sug-
troleum, coal, natural gas, or non-renewable gested new ways to the researchers and those in
sources. Dr Mohammad Azizol bin Abdul Wa- petrochemical industry on how to manage plas-
hab also explained about the importance of tics in order to avoid pollution. Lastly, he ended
petrochemicals, petrochemical-based prod- his session by sharing his own experiences which
ucts and activities in petroleum business seg- ignited the participants’ interest in the petro-
ments: upstream (exploration, drilling and pro- chemical industry.
duction), midstream (processing, pre-process,
storage and transmission), and downstream
(oil refining, convert to energy or petrochem-
icals products mainly from two classifications:
polymers and chemicals, lubricants, and fer-
tilisers). Apart from that, he gave a speech
about the growth of petrochemical in Saudi
Arabia, in which he accentuated the typical
composition of crude oil and its refining pro-
cess until it can yield the petrochemical-based
consumer goods.

E. Tavasuria A/P Elangovan
( FSG )

ISSUE 13/.22001292 8



Researchers from Faculty of Architecture, Planning
and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Perak

Branch have initiated a community-based approach project
that helps rural schools in Perak to harvest solar energy for
lighting purposes. This project involved three schools in Per-
ak and was led by Sr Dr Nur Azfahani Ahmad with an aim
to provide a sustainable power supply to generate lighting
for the targeted schools. The main purpose was to assess the
effectiveness of solar electrification in rural schools with the
involvement of local communities. This project was funded by
the FRGS grant, and has officially started since March 2019
until March 2021. This project witnessed the involvement of 10
researchers and 5 postgraduate students from the Faculty of
Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM Perak branch.

In this project, 16 solar lightings with the capacity of 50-watt
power were installed at two primary schools in Parit, Perak,
whilst another 2 solar-powered charging hubs were installed
at a selected boarding school located in Lenggong, Perak.
This project selected rural schools in Perak at locations far
from the main road, in the middle of plantation or agricultural
areas, and where it is very dark at night. With these conditions,
the students from the respective schools had to face issues of
safety and security before the installation of the solar lamps.
This project has given the school the opportunity to receive
sustainable energy and at the same time, green education.
This project has provided a platform in enhancing sustainabil-
ity projects between the university’s researchers and local
communities through a community-based approach project.

Sr Dr Nur Azfahani Ahmad
( FSPU )

ISSUE 31./22001292 9


Dr Azizul Azli Ahmad is actually from an interior As an expert in this field, how do you
foresee the situation of Malaysia and
design background. Before he became one of the ex- THE world in 10 years ?
perts in the property field, he had a part-time job as a
lecturer in a private college while being a senior lec- According to Dr Azizul, the market value of the property in
turer in UiTM Perak Branch Seri Iskandar Campus. He Malaysia is insignificant as proven by the minimum rate of
has a doctorate in Malay Interior Traditional Mosque salary in Malaysia. When he was working in the industry in
after he finished his PhD studies at University Malaya. 1998, the salary that he got during that time was around
RM1800 but when he asked about the salary in 2020 to
Contributions/Achievements his ex-students, most of them had the basic salary around
RM1900-2000 which is not much of an increase since 1998.
Dr Azizul Azli Ahmad has published 8 books, many of Due to this matter, the property market is considered as in-
which hit the shelves and become bestsellers in Book- significant as the market value in 2020 is increasing for over
stores. Moreover, he is also a panel for a few developers 19 percents yet the basic salary only increases from 2 to 6
and has been invited to a few programmes with the de- percent.
velopers. He also has his TV show on TV Al-Hijrah from 2015
to 2017 and he has been repeatedly invited to a few TV However, Dr Azizul said that between
programmes and featured in news. Aside from all these, this and upcoming years is the years
he has also received awards from PKNP, PKNS and LHDN. of correction due to the fixed mar-
ket values by REHDA. According to
Motivation/Inspiration Dr Azizul, REHDA has been setting
the property market value for ev-
The one who initiated Dr Azizul Azli Ahmad’s journey as a ery type of houses and apartments
GURU in property field was his wife. When he was doing in Malaysia which, in his opinion is a
his PhD, his wife bought a book entitled ‘Rich Dad, Poor good solution to fix the insignificance
Dad’ which opened his eyes about the importance of of the market values. This is because
knowing money management. The book talked about over 60 per cent of properties are
the fate of two fathers, one with PhD having to make a not being sold as the market values
living by selling ice cream, and another father without are higher than the minimum salary
PhD but living a successful life. Dr Azizul realised that he of Malaysian workers.
needs to have savings before his retirement or he will
end up like the father with PhD. Hence, he started to
read more books related to money management and
property. After some reads, he started to go for auctions
and during his first auction in Penang he started to learn
more about this field and ended up being someone that
is successful in the property field with over 18 houses in
different states. Moreover, his goals also motivated him
in the property field. According to him, there are three
goals at the moment that he wants to achieve. Firstly, he
aims to have 20 properties before 40 years old. He also
wants his wife to retire early. Lastly, he wants to have his
first RM1 million saving. Thus, for all of these reasons, Dr
Azizul Azli Ahmad has become a well-known property

ISSUE 31/.22001292 10


DR AZIZUL said that since we have a moratorium from the government, many of us

started to have more savings and the excitement of using the money for a new house
has increased. However, it is not advisable to buy a new property in our current situation.
He also said that the property market would decrease from 20% to 30% in the next few
months or to be exact in March 2021. Due to the moratorium that would end in Septem-
ber, there would be many property buyers holding off their payment which eventually
would bring them to the phase where the bank would auction their house. Hence, Dr
Azizul believed that by that time the property values would decrease and bring more
profit for the new buyers. Moreover, Dr Azizul emphasised that people need to be patient
in buying property, as in Malaysia there are more than 34000 properties available in the
market hence there will always be better offers in the future. Lastly, Dr Azizul said that
he always gives advices to people to never be too eager in buying a property because
there will be many other properties with good values out there.

investments come

from a good

ISSUE 31./22001292 11






( Corporate Communication Unit )

ISSUE 31/.22001292 12

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form
or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, with-
out the prior written permission from UiTM.


Corporate Communication Unit
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak Branch

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