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Workbook+E-Book Lead Magnet For My Self Love Journey

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Workbook+E-Book Lead Magnet For My Self Love Journey

Workbook+E-Book Lead Magnet For My Self Love Journey

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Get to know about self- Practicing self-love Be more self-aware
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I'm glad you're here.

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periodic publication that can be printed or
published electronically. It is published on a regular
basis, usually once a week or once a month, and it
contains a wide range of content. Articles, stories,
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CHAPTER1 Get to know about self-love

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CHAPTER 2 Practicing self-love

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CHAPTER 3 Be more self-aware

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CHAPTER4 Caring for our mental health

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Know Your


Hi, I'm Natasha Iris

Life-changing habits to help you
start your day better, be more
productive, and set yourself up for
success, I help people find the right

way that works for them.

“The whole secret of a successful life is
to find out what is one’s destiny to do,

and then do it.”
fits their lifestyle. | page


"Love yourself!" we hear all the time. We are constantly told
that loving ourselves is the most important and beneficial
thing we can do. But what we don't always hear, or
understand, is how. What exactly is self-love? What does it
mean to put it into practise? How do we get started?

Adulthood is exaggerated. It's not surprising that many
people make this claim out of frustration. Being an adult
can come with a lot of responsibilities. Accepting multiple
responsibilities and devoting time to the essentials is the
only way to be at peace with yourself. Personal care is

This book will teach you about self-love, its importance,
and how to practise it in your daily life.


Natasha Iris

Certified Life-Couch

NatashaIris NatashaIris NatashaIris [email protected]

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How to use this workbook

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Chapter 1

Get to know about self-love

After you've decided on your cover story, brainstorm ideas for
feature articles. Interviews, product reviews, human interest

pieces, and even lists are examples of this. | page

Get to know
about self-love


Loving yourself is exactly what self-love entails. It entails accepting
all aspects of yourself, including your flaws, weaknesses, and things
you don't always like about yourself.
Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of self-love. After all, we are frequently taught
that prioritising yourself or your needs is selfish and that you should devote your efforts to
others. Self-love, on the other hand, does not make you selfish or narcissistic; it simply
means that you will not settle for less than you deserve because you understand and
respect your own needs.
Self-love is often simply extending the same respect and care that you have for others to
yourself. | page

Questions to


Ask yourself, "What Do I make conscious or
does the word mass purchases?

"happiness" mean to

Are my objectives In one word, describe what
truly what I want? stands between me and my

ideal life/goal.

What disadvantages of another How can I simplify my life so that
person am I unwilling to bear? I can focus on what is most
important? | page

Why is self-love important

Self-love is an essential component of leading a healthy and happy life. Taking care of yourself,
both mentally and physically, is essential for regaining control of your health. Self-love does
not have to require a large time commitment or cost the earth. It could be bathing, reading a
good book, going for a walk outside, or eating your favourite food.

Self-care can help you improve your physical health while also protecting your mental
Committing to looking after your body and becoming more in tune with its needs is an
important part of self-care. Whether it's getting more exercise or getting enough sleep
each night.
Prioritizing self-care can aid in the management of mental health issues and may even
prevent them from worsening. | page

Live as if you were to die
tomorrow. Learn as if you

were to live forever

– Mahatma Gandhi | page

Chapter 2

Practicing Self Love

After you've decided on your cover story, brainstorm ideas for
feature articles. Interviews, product reviews, human interest

pieces, and even lists are examples of this. | page

Practicing self-love


Here are ten 1.Recognizing and accepting your feelings
suggestions to help you 2.Take time for yourself
on your journey to self- 3.Get enough sleep
love! 4.Listen to your body
5.Eating right
6.Using self-talk
7.Challenging a negative story about yourself
8.Forgiving yourself
9.Committing to self-love
10.Commit to learning more

To begin, I recommend that you think of As you incorporate more loving
one loving thing you can do for yourself
today. It could be a reassuring thought or thoughts and actions into your
action. Next, write down what you intend
to do and when you intend to do it. daily life, some of your self-
Writing it down increases accountability
and increases the likelihood of you defeating thoughts and
following through.
behaviours will begin to fade away.

Self-love will become second

nature with practise. | page

Self-care is defined as anything you do Self-care can take many different forms,
to take care of yourself in order to stay but it always benefits you and your
physically, mentally, and emotionally health. Maintaining a regular sleeping
healthy. Its advantages include schedule, eating healthily, spending time
improved physical, mental, and outside, engaging in a hobby you enjoy,
emotional health and well-being. and expressing gratitude are all

While many of us have a lot on our plates,
it's critical that we take time out for
ourselves every day, even if it's just a few
minutes. Another advantage of self-care is
that it does not have to be expensive. And
you can even do it from the comfort of
your own home.

Life is dynamic, and so are our wellness
dimensions. During difficult times, we
may rely on our strong points to help us
get through. When too many dimensions
are compromised, we may struggle and
find it difficult to handle things that we
could easily handle in the past.

MORE INFO | page


Bingo Challenge

Take a stroll Drink more Go for a walk Take a Go to bed
at the park water earlier
in nature break

Listen to a Eat vegetarian Take a nice Learn a new Practice
guided meals bubble bath skill Yoga

Go on a solo Create your Give yourself Practice Try a DIY
date ideal future a facial gratitude Project

Watch the Read a book Explore a new Watch your Give yourself
sunrise city favorite movie a manicure

Get some Start a new Write out Organize your Watch the
sunlight hobby your goals closet sunset | page

Self-love is key to life

First and foremost, love yourself, and everything else will fall
into place. To accomplish anything in this world, you must first

love yourself. | page

Chapter 3

Practicing Self Love

After you've decided on your cover story, brainstorm ideas for
feature articles. Interviews, product reviews, human interest

pieces, and even lists are examples of this. | page

Be more self-aware

We'll look at what self-awareness really
is, how to tell if you're self-aware, and,
most importantly, how to improve your
own self-awareness right now.

What is self-awareness?

Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund
(1972) proposed that at any given time,
people can focus their attention on the
self or on the external environment.

In other words, self-awareness is the
ability to concentrate on oneself and how
one's actions, thoughts, or emotions align
or do not align with one's internal
standards. You can objectively evaluate
yourself, manage your emotions, align
your behaviour with your values, and
correctly understand how others perceive
you if you are highly self-aware. | page

Developing self-awareness
Yep, you can!

There are numerous ways to improve and cultivate self-awareness, but here are four
of the most important to get you started.

Ask “What?” instead of “Why?” Practice Mindfulness
When assessing their current Mindfulness enables you to be
circumstances, feelings, and surroundings, present with yourself and observe
people all too frequently wonder "why." your thoughts objectively. What
"What is causing my depression?" Why was better way to become self-aware
that criticism directed at me by my boss? than to focus on yourself without
Why isn't my project progressing as judgement?
quickly as I'd hoped?
Highly self-aware people ask "What" Become a Better Listener, and Ask for
rather than "Why." "What" questions are Feedback
more fruitful because they focus on You will become more empathetic
objectives and future goals rather than and understand people better if you
past mistakes. learn to listen to your friends,
colleagues, and managers without
Spend Time With Yourself evaluating or judging them.
By avoiding distractions, you can give Listening, by the way, is not the same
yourself the space and time you need to as hearing; listening, like
reflect. To connect with yourself, spend mindfulness, requires purpose and
time reading, writing, meditating, or control.
engaging in other solo activities.
Allow yourself 30 minutes of
uninterrupted silence per day. | page


It's You, Really!

Your objectives are clear when you are self-aware. You are aware of the factors that
influence your happiness or sadness. You have a strong sense of your values,
convictions, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, you are conscious of your
successes, challenges, and interpersonal relationships.
Write down the following:

Goals :

Things that bring you joy:

What makes you depressed: | page

Your values:

(Aim, equality, morality, diligence, accountability, etc.)

Your viewpoints:

(Aim, equality, morality, diligence, accountability, etc.) | page


Along with learning from your own and other people's mistakes, take the following
actions: Keep up a set of ideals that you respect. Develop qualities like humility and
honesty. You want to cultivate the following values:

Notes : | page

The greatest glory in living lies not in
never falling, but in rising every time we

fall. -

Nelson Mandela

Knowing your talents and limitations is only one
aspect of self-awareness; you also need to be able to

watch your thoughts. | page

Chapter 4

Caring for our mental health

Make a list of themes for your feature articles after choosing
the subject for your cover story. This may include lists,

product reviews, human interest stories, or even interviews. | page

The emotional, psychological, and social facets of
our life are all included in the concept of mental
health, which is a condition of wellbeing. Positive
mental health enables you to reach your full
potential, work effectively, cope with everyday
challenges, maintain healthy relationships, and
give back to your community.

On the other hand, if you have mental health issues,
it could affect how you feel, think, and act, which
might have a negative effect on other aspects of your

To distinguish between mental health and mental
health disorders, some specialists have tried to coin
new terminology. Many people have suggested
words to stress that mental health is about wellness
rather than sickness, such as good mental health,
positive mental health, mental wellbeing, subjective
wellbeing, and even happiness. While some claim
this has been beneficial, others contend that adding
additional words to express the same thing only
serves to increase confusion. | page

Describe your


You may maintain excellent mental health and
manage with difficult circumstances by talking
about your feelings.
Speaking about your emotions is not a sign of
weakness; rather, it is a necessary step in accepting
responsibility for your health and wellbeing.
Talking can help you deal with a situation that has
been bothering you for a time. Being heard might
increase your sense of support. It also functions in
reverse. If you're honest with yourself, it might
inspire others to be as well.

Notes : | page

How Can I Keep My Mental
Health in Good Shape?

Here are Some Useful Tips and

Discuss your 2 Get moving
1 emotions.

Eat 4 sensible drinking
3 healthfully. | page

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