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Published by muhdamirsani, 2019-12-13 22:42:23


final project nisa

Final project (Group assignment) for SPS105
Wahoo Fitness
present by:

Nur Khairunnisa bt Azizul

Muhammad Amir B Mohd Sani

Introduction wahoo 2

Wahoo Fitness is a fitness technology company
based in Atlanta, Georgia.Its CEO is Chip Hawkins

Wahoo’s portfolio of cycling industry products
includes the KICKR is a platform for family of Indoor
Cycling Trainers, the ELEMNT family of Cycling
Computers, and the TICKR family of Heart Rate

Wahoo Fitness 3

▹ The Wahoo Fitness App is a free app that has

been specially designed to work with the
range of Wahoo hardware sensors in
conjunction with your iOS or Android device.
However, it will also support other Bluetooth
4.0 compliant devices.

▹ This product is designed for use on the

iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer,
iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPod 5th gen.
Download the Wahoo Fitness app from the
App Store.


The History icon will display all recorded workouts in
reverse chronological order. From this screen you can
review a completed workout, export it, share it with
another app or delete it. As you perform more workouts,
the bottom of the screen will generate a sliding graph
indicating workout history over time

“To review a complete workout:

• Select the workout you wish to review from the


• Scroll through the workout to view the various

information recorded for that workout.

• If your workout has GPS data, select to view

the map in more detail.

• If your workout has heart rate data, you can

set your Burn and Burst numbers here if you


• If you want to export your data or share it with

another app select the Sharing icon in the top

right corner. (See To share or export a workout

to another app)

• When finished, exit the workout and select

“Done” in the top left corner to exit the History

menu. 5

To delete a

Swipe left over the workout

you wish to delete.

▹ Select “Delete”. 6
▹ A popup prompt will ask to

confirm the prompt to

delete, or cancel to retain

the recorded workout.

▹ When finished, select “Done”

in the top left corner to exit

the History menu.

To share or export a 7
workout to another


•Select a workout from the History menu.
•Select the share icon in the top right corner.
•Select an app from the list that you wish to export

to. If it is unauthorised, tap the icon and follow the
login prompts to enable sharing of information with
this app. Alternatively, export your workout as the
filetype of your choice to open in another app later.

•When finished, select “Done” in the top left corner.
•When finished, exit the workout and select “Done”

in the top left corner to exit the History menu


The Settings icon will display the Settings menu,
where you can edit a large range of app
attributes, modify app sharing, create or edit
workout profiles and access help and
information about the app or sensor device.

Create a New 9
Workout Profile:

▹ Select “Create Workout Profile”.
▹ Select a template for the Workout

Profile you wish to create or use the
“Copy Existing” button to make a
duplicate of an existing profile.

▹ Give the profile a custom name or

retain the default name.

▹ Select which sensors you wish to link to

this profile.

▹ Select “Done” in the top left corner to

exit the Settings menu.

Percentage of user 10
Wahoo App
according the age:

• 14 - 19 years
old : 33.3%

• 20 – 35 years
old : 50.0%

• 36 years old
and above:


The Sensors icon will display the Saved Sensors menu,
listing all sensors that have been paired with your device.
From this screen you can review or modify the settings for

a given paired sensor, add a new sensor, shop for
additional sensors, remove (forget) saved sensors and

also access the Help/FAQ service.

The following Wahoo Fitness 12
sensors are currently available:

KICKR - indoor cycling trainer
TICKR - heart rate monitor
TICKR Run - heart rate monitor
TICKR X - heart rate monitor
RFLKT - bike computer
RFLTK+ - bike computer
RPM - cadence sensor
Blue SC - speed and cadence sensor





By supporting both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity,
TICKR heart rate monitors allow you to connect to the
widest array of fitness devices, like sport watches and
bike computers, as well as the most popular training apps
and platforms. TICKR heart rate monitors are smartphone
compatible, supporting both iPhone (iOS) and Android




• Tracking your heart rate:
Heart rate can be a vital training tool helping you
understand your baseline health and be a guide
for your training efforts. Before you start tracking
your HR here are all the details about what goes
into heart rate training.
• Optimize your workout:
Connect Wahoo Fitness App with TICKR X you
get data on heart rate, calorie, distance, cadence,
repetitions, running smoothness, pace and time
data. Help optimize your routine and meet your
fitness goals.

SUMMARY Place your screenshot here

▹ The Home Page functions as 16

the launchpad for all workout
related activity and displays a
summary for the period of the
previous 4 weeks. The
summary outlines the number
of workouts performed,
distance travelled and time
spent during workout sessions.

▹ When the Wahoo Fitness app

is opened for the first time, a
wizard will step through the
process of pairing a sensor,
setting up as a user and
getting the first workout

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