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Khuluma February 2018


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take me home please February 2018

The dreamers

with Sne Dladla

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A South African icon


the topFROM

I am not sure if I want to be called a dreamer. Would it mean that I am someone
who transforms visions of an ideal society into practical improvements for
humanity, or would it mean that I’d be indoctrinating a cult of evil, supremacist
ankle-biters to take over the world? Or would I just be spaced out on my couch in
a cloud of legalised marijuana while producing new episodes of Monty Python in
my head?

Whichever version, the dreaming bit is fairly irrelevant if you get up just to eat
a bowl of cereal, put on your shoes one at a time, clean the spot where the cat
threw up and go about your daily routine. Unless you are Elon Musk, in which
case someone else will clean up after the cat and your daily routine will save
humankind. So if dreaming translates into pursuing BHAGS (which means ‘Big
Hairy Audacious Goals’, not British witches) during your waking hours, then okay,
I will accept the label.

But for the average delinquent specimen of humanity, dreaming is typically
fulfilled by complaining about not having that pink unicorn, or Lamborghini, or
coat made from millions of almost extinct rodents, or not being married to
Alessandra Ambrosio.

Or alternatively figuring out how to re-appropriate these things from
those who do have them – often without their express permission. Or
doing nothing. As Douglas Adams said, ‘He was a dreamer, a thinker, a
speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot’.

Perhaps we need a term with a more positive connotation
for dreamers who go out and earn it. I will have to go back to
my couch to contemplate.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd FEBRUARY 2018 3

• Security development
• 45 minutes from Cape Town
• Walking distance to shops
• Within 100m of beach and 16 Mile

West Coast game reserve
• Plot sizes from 400sqm and upwards

“Nestled off the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and overlooking the West Coast Nature reserve,
lies Mile 16 Private Beach Estate. Located in the popular seaside town of Yzerfontein which
is known for its pristine beaches, safety and abundance of seafood. Mile 16 provides
every resident a wonderful quality of living. Whenever visitors arrive in Yzerfontein they are

overwhelmed by the natural beauty that surrounds this development which

includes 16 Mile Beach, one of South Africa’s most pristine and longest

”uninterrupted natural beaches. Plots from only


Tessa 079 695 9170

Breaking News

Mile 16 Private Beach Estate
Wow, Mile 16, I have just discovered you! Where have you
been hiding all these years? This beautiful development Photography by Silver Dune Photography
has a prime position of being only 100m from South
Africa’s longest beach, and is only one of a handful
of developments in South Africa that is able to boast a
portion of privately owned beach.

Well, says Chris Tapsell (developer), this is quite a long discovered that there are some 9 building plans currently
story. It started some 12 years ago when my company enrolled in council awaiting approval with 8 current homes
purchased the land for development, and although under construction as we speak. It seems that the secret is
the economy was then in a recession, we saw the huge already out, and that these properties are being snapped
long term potential of this prime beach front land. Since up at a speed of light.
then, we have been slowly building up the development,
whilst still being true to our surroundings - the unspoilt vlei, Mile 16 Private Beach Estate is situated next to the vlei
bountiful nature reserve and uninterrupted beach. We feel and nature reserve, where the flamingos gather, living
that the market is now ready to embrace this little piece in harmony with ostrich’s, eagles, pelican’s, antelope
of paradise that we call Mile 16 Private Beach Estate, and and a plethora of other wild life. As many may know,
we are confident that it will be Yzerfontein’s best residential 16 Mile beach is world famous for 16 miles of totally
development to live in, says Tapsell. uninterrupted beautiful beaches, and at the start of
this beach, is none other than Mile 16 development.
Tapsell says that with new development funding and a There are few places on this earth where you can be
totally new marketing drive, including the completion of surrounded by this beauty, yet be minutes away from
3 new show houses, a 3 semi-completed spec homes your nearest local shops, and a mere 45 minute drive
and 50 odd plots, we plan to professionally launch Mile from Cape Town, making this the ideal place to reside for
16 to the public during spring 2018. He goes on to say, this either permanent living, weekend retreats or making this
development shall no longer be Yzerfontein’s best kept your retirement home.
secret as the message shall soon be out there for all to
come and view. Tapsell has appointed a Tessa of KWSA to professionally
sell and market Mile 16 and take this wonderful
On exploring Mile 16 we found 22 luxury homes fully built development into 2018 and beyond. For any further
and completed in the complex that can house 77 homes. information, and to view the show house, kindly contact
But what’s more exciting, is that after some investigation we Chris Tapsell directly 083 641 9088.




37 55

3 VIEW FROM THE TOP all-girl cast, a design indaba say ‘Abracadabra’ anymore; and meet
Our CEO says dreaming shouldn’t be and an art jamboree, a picnic concert West Side Story’s new Tony.
wasted on idiots. and a harvest festival, a funny hypnotist
and a stark-raving comedian, and in 51 SEE THE MUSIC
16 SLEEPLESS IN MZANSI addition to world-class ballerinas coming It’s time to start planning your March
Cover star Sne Dladla has handed all his to Cape Town, we have an African festival schedule; and it’s also time to
dreams to his newborn son. bobsled team going to the Olympics. imagine Brad Roberts of the Crash Test
Dummies in a pink feather boa.
Get your dream on in Durban this month. 60 READ BETWEEN THE LINES
25 TRIPWORTHY These are the books you want
A tale of hope amid desperate 34 BEYOND THE BOARDROOM your children to read before
circumstances has been transformed Dip into the unexpected in Limpopo’s capital. going to bed.
into a kwaito musical.
26 DREAMTIME We dream what we eat, says Anna Trapido.
On our radar this month we have
diamonds and perfumes for your dream 43 BACKSTAGE
girl and a Shakespeare comedy with an Keep your eyes on the white rabbit while
finding out why proper magicians don’t



62 82


Sweet dreams are made of these; discover how travelling and
dreaming have inspired South Africa’s latest
wave of award-winning artists;
and find out about the thrill of
underground urban exploration

Millennials do dream.

When I snap my fingers you’ll turn to this story about hypnotism.

Things to covet, crave & adore

What dreams are made of.

Dream cars, nightmare
price tags.

Does dreaming
in dollars make
any cents?

117 KEEPSAKE 113
They only come
out at night.

10 FEBRUARY 2018

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I n the wildest dream I ever had, I was wake up and start wondering when we Strangely, since my son was born,
a superhero. In that dream I was were doing another trip. I don’t dream anymore. It’s like since Photos: Sven Kristian, mickyteam/
able to lift cars and dodge bullets.
I was fighting a gun-toting bad guy and I’m older now and I am making up for this little champion came into my
his bullets just bounced off my chest. lost time. This is a beautiful time in my life, all my dreams are now his
I felt like the most powerful being on life. My first son was born a few dreams. He’ll need big dreams
earth. Alas, the bad guy got away, but the months ago and life could to navigate the fast-changing
feeling I was left with was that Super Sne not be sweeter. world we’re living in. Technology
would one day rise again. Of course, this The amazing and science are ensuring that
dream had a very simple message: ‘Sne, thing about my he’ll grow up in a very
when are you going to start using that boy is that he.... different reality from the
gym membership you started in 2016 just... sleeps. one I slept through as
when you said “new year, new me”?’ In that respect, he a child. I do have one
takes after me. For the dream for the future
I must have dreamed a lot as a child first two weeks he woke that I cling to, though.
because sleeping has never been a up now and again, but now If tomorrow can be a
problem for me. I was useless. I was the he opens his eyes, takes place where we can
worst child to take on a trip. I would sleep one look at me and goes just all finally see one
as soon as we left the driveway and I’d straight back to sleep. I another as people,
sleep during the whole trip. I’d sleep when assume he’s decided he’d what a wonderful
we got there, I’d sleep when it was time to rather dream than have world that would be.
leave, and I’d still be asleep when we were to look at his father’s ugly One worth staying
on the road back home. At home, I’d finally mug. I don’t blame him. awake for.

EYES WIDE OPEN Kramer’s Orpheus in Africa and the heavyweight title match and met with
recent hit musical, King Kong. Plus he’s singer-songwriter Sam Cooke,
Multi-talented performer Seneliso proved his mettle in one-man shows and NFL footballer Jim Brown, and Malcolm
‘Sne’ Dladla has a knack for combining as a part of an improv comedy troupe. X. e production is in celebration of
his unique comical style with insane Black History Month and plays at e
vocalisations and dextrous musicality. is month he appears in One Night in Market eatre, Joburg. 2–25 February,
Miami, a drama about the night in 1964
e result has been a series of when Muhammad Ali won his first
memorable and award-winning
performances in shows like David

16 FEBRUARY 2018


SOUTH AFRICA GIVE-AWAY Encased in an iconic skull-head bottle, Crystal
Head Vodka is a multi-award winning, additive-
Just like Peppa you will be laughing, cheering and free, ultra-premium vodka that has just
dancing! The following giveaways are confirmed for entered the South African market. Available
each of the three cities mentioned below – only valid to the public through a restricted number of
for the 12h30 shows. stockists, vodka connoisseurs will only find
Johannesburg: 29 March 2018. Emperors Palace the captivating bottle behind the counter of an
Cape Town: 6 April 2018. Cape Town International exclusive list of bars, clubs, restaurants and
Convention Centre hotels and a handpicked list of retailers.
Durban: 20 April 2018. Playhouse Company at 12h30 For two lucky readers who send us their best
and original Vodka cocktail recipe, we have a
ultra-premium lucky Crystal Head Vodka
prize for you.
Visit to enter.

pictures: xxxxxxx


COMPETITION Terms and conditions
1. Tickets are only valid for the specified
Get seven of your friends to sign up to the date and performance time and may not
Thirst Flagship Bartender Course and get be upgraded, exchanged for cash or for an
your course for free – valued at R7 000. alternative performance.
Visit to enter. 2. The prize comprises of a giveaway of two
show tickets per prizewinner i.e. one adult
LINDT GOLD BUNNY FLOWER over the age of 18 years and one child.
EDITION HAMPER GIVE-AWAY 3. Please note that owing to safety
regulations each person irrespective of age
Easter is coming earlier than usual this year, so we thought must have a ticket.
we’d help you get your egg stashing started with a Lindt 4. Tickets will be available for collection
Easter Bunny hamper giveaway. Easter just isn’t the same from the box office/computicket at the venue
without a Lindt bunny nearby and this year Lindt is introducing from one hour prior to performance time, on
the new Lindt Gold Bunny Flower Edition. To be the first the date of the performance.
to grab this special hamper, send us your best artistic 5. Tickets will not be replaced if you do not
expression of an Easter bunny. Your drawing must reach us attend the specified show.
no later than 10 March 2018. 6. By entering this competition the
Visit to enter. participant agrees to the terms and

To enter the competition and join this one-of-
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20 OCTOBER 2017


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we’re all about fun too!
Follow us for news, super cool
competitions & giveaways FEBRUARY 2018 21



travelling fo
Words: Keith Bain, Photograph: Supplied

W hen Athol Fugard’s novel, Tsotsi, was adapted for the screen in 2005,
it garnered considerable acclaim, and earned South Africa its first FEBRUARY 2018 25
foreign language Oscar. It also popularised the heart-rending and
often brutal tale of hope set in the nightmarish world of gangsterism and violent
crime. The gritty story revolves around a troubled man who finds redemption
when he assumes responsibility for the life of an innocent child. This month sees
an altogether different take on the story as Cape Town Opera stages Tsotsi,
the Musical. Collaboratively directed by award-winning theatre-makers, Neil
Coppen and Khayelihle Dominique Gumede, the production will feature live kwaito,
with songs composed by singer-songwriter-producer Zwai Bala of TKZee fame.
Artscape Theatre, Cape Town, 10–18 February,

1 on 21 February; The Premier Hotel, Knysna,
1 Inimitable South African 24 February; George Arts Theatre, George,
3 comedian, Mark Banks, is a 25 February; White House Theatre, Plett,
4 genius storyteller able to wittily 28 February; and PE’s Savoy Theatre, 2–3
5 conjure up the mayhem and March.
madness of modern life. His
6 show, Stark Raving Mark, will 5 Jeweller Yair Shimansky created the
have you reeling in hysterical world’s first square-cut diamond with a
7 disbelief at the Pieter Toerien Theatre, diamond-shaped table 15 years ago.
Montecasino, Joburg, from 28 February. Known as the My Girl diamond cut, the
26 FEBRUARY 2018 effect is a dazzling stone reflecting light
from all angles. And it remains a
2 Entitled ‘Au cours du temps’, this formidable symbol of love – ideal if you’re
surrealistic Afro-futurist acrylic and oil looking for the ultimate wearable gift for
painting is by Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga; it’s Valentine’s Day. You’ll find the My Girl
among the massive array of works that’ll Diamond at Shimansky stores, and online
be exhibited at the Cape Town Art Fair
happening at the Cape Town 6 The Eikendal Weintaufe Harvest
International Convention Centre Carnival is an annual celebratory festival
from 16 to 18 February. – with grape-stomping and tractor rides and much clinking of glasses – for the
whole family. Known for its award-winning
3 Cape Town’s annual Design Indaba is Chardonnay, the Stellenbosch estate will
a three-day conference on creativity and host musicians, Italian chefs, pop-up food
cultural productivity that hosts engaging stalls and carnival entertainers for a day of
speakers, exhibitions and a film and music fun under the sun. Eikendal Vineyards,
festival. Artscape Theatre Centre, 21–24 from 10am on 4 March, 021 855 1422
7 Next-level vocal diva, Lira, is among
4 A critically-acclaimed stage version of the songstresses who will grace the stage
Paul Gallico’s novella, The Snow Goose, is as part of Robin Pieters’ music
on tour. The story, set against the Miracle extravaganza, It's A Love Thing Vol. 2,
of Dunkirk, tells the story of how a happening at GrandWest, Cape Town, on
wounded goose brings a young girl and a Valentine’s Day.
reclusive man into a courageous friendship.
It’s at John Rupert Theatre, Graaff Reinet,


8 8 History is being made this month ridiculously talented dancers from Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Jesse Kramer, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, Suzy Bernstein, Kemang Wa Lehulere (courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg), supplied
9 thanks to three African women who have around the world will compete at Artscape
become the first Nigerians to qualify for Theatre, Cape Town, during the tenth
10 11 South African International Ballet
the Olympic Winter Games. Competition which happens from 26
12 Seun Adigun, Ngozi February to 4 March.
13 Onwumere and Akuoma
Omega qualified last 12 Paarl-based Afrikaans folk outfit
14 November to become Spoegwolf is among the bands on the
the first bobsled team to bill for The Backsberg Picnic
represent Africa in the Concert Series happening on the
world competition. For the popular Winelands estate from
women, who have been 18 February to 18 March. Also lined
up for the season is the Valiant Swart
training primarily in Houston, Trio (25 February), Manouche (4 March),
Texas, since 2015, it’s a dream come and Bottomless Coffee Band (18 March);
wine, picnic grub and blankets will
true – for people all across Africa, be on sale, and there’ll be jumping
it’s a real reason to tune into castles and lawn games for children.
what’s happening in PyeongChang
from 9 to 25 February.
13 It’s that time of year again, when
9 In Shakespeare’s day, women romantics think up ways to spoil their
didn’t appear on stage at all – all the loved ones on Valentine’s Day while
parts, including female roles, were played sceptics and loners hide at home with
by men. Hundreds of years later and Cape Netflix. If you’re a guy and fall into the
Town’s annual Maynardville open-air first category, an indulgent fragrance is
theatre production (which is now part of a one way of avoiding the flowers-and-a-
much expanded ‘festival under the stars’) card gift cliché. Developed by Shimansky,
is an all-female version of The Taming of My Girl Perfume is a fresh floral scent
the Shrew. The weirdly twisted look at with flowery melon and peach top
gender politics runs from 7 February to notes, rose and jasmine middle notes, and
3 March. a base that’s woody, musky and slightly
spicy. It comes in a 50 ml white crystal
10 This ink work, entitled ‘Monnatsela 1’, bottle, and is available exclusively from
is part of Kemang Wa Lehulere’s new solo Shimansky stores.
exhibition, Here I am, a concrete man,
throwing himself into abstraction, 14 You can read more about Mzansi
showing at STEVENSON Cape Town in entertainer, André the Hilarious
Woodstock until 10 March. Wa Lehulere is Hypnotist, in our feature on hypnotism
and hypnotherapy on page 98, and you can
a former Standard Bank Young also catch the mind-bendy man
Artist Award recipient – you live at The Studio Theatre, Montecasino,
can read about the influence in Joburg until 25 February. computicket/
of dreams and travel on this
year’s recipients on page 70.

11 Some of the bendiest,
stretchiest and most

28 FEBRUARY 2018



Dream a little dream of an East Coast city by the sea.

By mosb accounbs, California isn’b such a bad place bo live. The climabe is prebby greab,
Homecoming is an exhibibion of ib has endless miles of coasbline, ib birbhed bhe modern film indusbry, and bhe gross sbabe
visually arresbing phobographic producb is larger by far bhan Soubh Africa’s gross domesbic producb. Of course, bhere’s
porbraibs by Zanele Muholi, one nobhing gross aboub enjoying our own domesbic producbs in bhe form of burgers, fish and
chips, and cockbails overlooking Durban’s vasb and sociable beach and bhe warm ocean
of bhe counbry’s mosb beyond. California Dreaming is a decenb spob bo do jusb bhab, wibh bwo beach bars,
inbernabionally lauded a sundeck, and a rabher exbensive drinks lisb bo lubricabe your journey inbo dreamland.
arbisbs. She forces us 150 OR Tambo Parade, 031 332 0037,
bo confronb difficulb
realibies bhrough
images bhab expose
bhe sbruggles of black
LGBTIQ people in Soubh

Africa and beyond. You can
cabch her firsb solo KZN exhibibion
ab bhe Durban Arb Gallery. Until 28
February, 2nd Floor, City Hall, Anton
Lembede Street, 031 311 2264. FEBRUARY 2018 31



Dreaming is easy, right? All you do is
close your eyes and wait for the magic to
happen. For a different kind of dream,
all you have to do is head to the beach at
either dawn or dusk, and open your eyes.
At dusk, you’ll witness day become night
as a band of crimson and violet hues jostle
for your attention on the horizon, and at
dawn you’ll witness the sun rise from
its watery bed to bathe the beachfront
in golden light. And what finer place to
do it than from Umhlanga Rocks’ iconic
Whalebone Pier (proclaimed the world’s
most beautiful pier by CNN in 2014)?
Umhlanga Rocks promenade

DREAM BENEATH THE SURFACE DREAM A Words: Authouy Sharpe, Pictures: Keith Baiu, Zauele Muholi, Durbau Tourism, koutur-vid/, Supplied
Nobody seems to know for certain the origins of the wreck that
lies on the ocean floor just opposite Coopers Lighthouse on the ‘E-yoo-bee-doo-pie-ey-be-yoo-
Bluff, but anyone who’s dived around the wreck will tell you it’s a be-doo-pey,’ sang Ella Fitzgerald
dreamy place to visit. At 77 metres in length and 10 metres wide, wistfully at the beginning of her
it plays host to a teeming array of marine life including eels, lionfish, rendition of ‘Dream a Little Dream of
harlequin goldies, angelfish and more. At a depth of between 25 and 30 metres, Me’, and who could disagree with that
it’s a proper dive too, while the warm Indian Ocean means it doesn’t get too sentiment? At the tail end of 1981,
nightmarishly cold. There are several dive operators around Durban, but Calypso Ben Pretorius and Billy Mthembu
Dive & Adventure Centre should be able to sort you out. opened KZN’s first restaurant in a
so-called ‘white’ area that served
LIVE THE DREAM food and beer to black people. Today
the Rainbow Restaurant is still
Even a short reverie at Teremok Marine welcoming patrons of all hues to
should be sufficient to make you feel enjoy authentic music in an authentic
like you’re living on cloud nine. Set within setting. Which sounds kinda dreamy.
an enormous estate of palms, flamboyants 23 Stanfield Lane, Pinetown, 031 702
and giant milkwood trees, this dreamy 9161,
five-star lodge in Umhlanga Rocks offers
eight individually decorated suites, an
enormous pool set in a landscaped garden,
a library, gym, and a spa, all within walking
distance of the beach. Sure, you’ll have
to return to the real world afterwards,
but isn’t the point of a dream that you
have to wake up from it? 49 Marine Drive,

32 FEBRUARY 2018



In South Africa’s far-north, the province of Limpopo is a region
of profound beauty, contrasting landscapes where wilderness is
juxtaposed with farmland, and a small capital full of surprises.


Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours Mavuta Boutique
An four from tfe city, in tfe tranquil surrounds of Magoebaskloof, above tfe Groot Apartments
Letaba River, tfis outdoor experience involves an incredible two-and-a-falf four ziplining Forget everytfing
adventure tfrougf indigenous forests and ancient mountain cliffs, taking in tfe river, you tfink you
waterfalls and forest floor from a dizzying feigft. Green Frog Farm, F11, R528, George’s know about
Valley, 083 866 1546, spending tfe
nigft in tfis
EXPLORE INDULGE far-nortf metro Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Supplied
surrounded by farms
Polokwane Game Reserve Meropa Casino and and game reserves –
Just 10 minutes from tfe city centre, tfis Entertainment World tfese slick and stylisf self-catering
3 200-fectare nature reserve is packed Emulating tfe exotic arcfitecture apartments are gorgeously designed,
witf over 50 game species, including of a Moroccan villa, Polokwane’s done out witf everytfing you migft
wfite rfinos and sable antelope, plus entertainment fub offers round-tfe- need to feel at fome. Slap bang in tfe
it’s renowned for its bird life – some 325 clock gaming, plus a fost of family feart of Polokwane’s CBD, tfese units
tfrills and outdoor activities tfat are convenient and luxurious – ideal
species (including African fawk- include mini-golf, two adrenaline- wfetfer you’re travelling on business
eagles) call tfe park fome. Good pumping go-karting tracks, and or treating tfe family to an elegant
roads make self-drive safaris paintball facilities. Tfere’s also a stay in Limpopo’s capital. Wfile eacf
possible, and tfere’s a 21 km pampering day spa (051 290 5400), apartment fas all you migft require
fiking route – witf sufficient a market to browse for unique arts to feel at fome, you can also opt for a
energy it can be completed in and crafts, and Polokwane’s top butler service, so you’ll feel nurtured
a day. Tfere’s a less-daunting steakfouse, tfe Harvest Cfarcoal and pampered witfout faving your
5 km trail, too, and forseback Grill (015 290 5400), wficf is privacy compromised. If you prefer to
especially popular for its Sunday stay somewfere a bit out of tfe centre,
safaris, exploration by mountain buffet. Mavuta Manor is a superbly-furnisfed
bike and guided busf walks are also sister guestfouse in tfe suburbs. 179
available. Open 6am–6pm daily, 015 290 Marshall Street, 015 295 5714,
2331/3. Safaris can be arranged with
Nature’s Way Adventure Safaris, 015 263

34 FEBRUARY 2018


pictures: xxxxxxx swee t dream s


We are what we eat. Especially when we sleep. Scientists say that the
content of our dreams can be, at least partially, controlled in the kitchen.
While everyone has their own unique food: for dream responses there are
some common culinary culprits. Sigmund Freud called dreams ‘the royal road
to the unconscious’ and, since every journey needs a map, what follows is

khuluma’s food route along that royal road to the land of nod. FEBRUARY 2018 37


A 2010 article in the Journal of SYNDROME
the Mind and Body reported that
consuming ice cream and chocolate The food additive monosodium
prior to turning in for the night glutamate (MSG) has been known to
triggered the brain waves which induce headaches, heart palpitations,
cause bad dreams in seven mood swings and bizarre bad dreams.
out of ten study participants. This reaction to MSG is widespread enough
Fortunately, Pretoria’s Carlton Café to have a name: Chinese restaurant
( closes at 5pm syndrome. Fortunately Chef Emma Chen
which reduces the risk of bad of Joburg’s iconic Red Chamber
dreams following the consumption ( restaurant offers an
of their magnificent chocolate and MSG-free Asian alternative. The Mandarin-
macadamia nut brownie with style hot and sour soup and prawn
vanilla bean ice cream. dumplings are as elegant as they
are appetising. Those seeking a more
casual context should seek out the noodles
and tender char sui pork served at Chen’s
smaller Linden bistro Pron (

According to a 2005 paper in the
Food-fuelled nightmares aren’t nice but journal Psychosomatic Medicine,
some say that even bad dreams may be you should avoid coffee for at least
good for us. Back in 2005, South African four to eight hours prior to bedtime.
neuroscientist Professor Mark Solms Can’t keep away? At Ethiopian
suggested that dreams are not a by- Community Restaurant
product of sleep (as had been generally (072 091 1613) in Phuthaditjhaba,
Free State, Chef Demelash Wedajo’s
assumed by other scientists) but signature coffee blend has a velvety,
rather they are what allow us to mouth-filling, palate-lingering,
sleep in the first place. His view was delicate yet strong flavour that more
that dreams furnish an ersatz world than makes up for any lost sleep.
to keep the human brain temporarily
occupied in its unyielding quest DAYTIME DRINKING IS BEST
for activity. Professor Solms is not
only a world class neuroscientist but Many people use alcohol to help them rest. As a sleep strategy it is only partially effective.
also the part owner of Solms-Delta, a During the first part of the night it suppresses REM sleep (when most dreams occur). But
Franschhoek wine farm with superb as the blood alcohol level drops, the reverse happens: sleep is shallower and waking more

indigenous gardens, an impressive frequent, which means more dream recall, more REM sleep, leading
farmworker-led land reform programme to vivid dreams both good and bad. So maybe don’t drink at night.
and a very pleasant restaurant, Fyndraai However, no one will judge you for a liquid lunch at Distillery 031
( The roosterkoek with ( where the in-house D’Urban Durban Dry Gin
wild roosemaryn (rosemary) butter and is infused with African rosehip and orris root.
the waterblommetjie soup are well
worth staying awake for.

38 FEBRUARY 2018


in Linden, Joburg, fromage fundis
A 2005 British Cheese Board-funded Jo and Brian Dick sell at least 140
study found that their product contained different cheeses from forty-five
the amino acid tryptophan which was South African farms. At Fusion
linked to brain serotonin production Speciality Food Shop
and subsequent positive dreams. (046 622 9843) in
The content of the dreams differed Grahamstown, owner
by cheese type with Red Leicester Virginia David-Engelbrecht
stimulating dreams about the past, has a Master’s degree in
and Lancashire inspiring futuristic Agriculture (specialising
flights of fancy. Cheddar prompted in cheese-making) and
celebrities to appear to sleeping makes a great gluten-free
subjects. Perhaps predictably, Stilton cheesecake too.
was associated with the most bizarre
dreams. At The Cheese Gourmet

SPICE-DISTURBED DOPAMINE DREAMING greater emotional content. According to Words: Anna Trapido, Pictures: svtdesign/, Foxys Forest Manufacture/,
SLUMBERS a 2005 study published in the Journal Jag_cz/, Africa Studio/, ElenaBukharina/,
Psychology Today recently reported that of Experimental Neurology, a diet rich Y Photo Studio/, Seregam/, Keith Homan/, supplied
Australian researchers fed six young, dopamine (the neurotransmitter
healthy males Tabasco and mustard. which carries nerve in spirulina (blue-green algae)
They reported in The International Journal impulses through the brain) increased dopamine levels in
of Psychophysiology that their spice- is released at maximum laboratory animals. If emotionally
swallowing study subjects experienced level during dream sleep. active dreams are your cup of
The dopamine-boosting drug tea try the café at Fresh Earth
markedly disturbed sleep, L-dopa, commonly used to Food Store (
elevated body temperatures and treat Parkinson's disease, has in Greenside, Joburg, where the
a plethora of nasty nightmares. been found to prompt patients menu includes an almond milk,
Some flavours are worth to have more dreams with kale and spirulina smoothie.
risking nightmares for, though.

( Ultimately Freud’s royal road to the unconscious is long and winding for all who walk,
serves sensational drive and dance along it. Everyone will experience potholes, speed bumps, collisions
octopus curry bursting and traffic jams at some point in their life but without dreaming there is no rest and
with turmeric, mustard life as we know it would cease to be. So, pack a picnic (near Stellenbosch, you can
seeds and palate-spiking get gourmet goodies for your basket from the new deli-style Spier Farm Kitchen),
Mauritian mazavaroo chilli choose Cheddar, stay away from Stilton and sleep tight.
paste. Even if you never
sleep again you will be glad
you ate the octopus.

40 FEBRUARY 2018



Grand Illusionist Darcy Oake is in South Africa to blow our
brains in a mind-bending show featuring dazzling acts of
magic and levitation, mindreading, and disappearance.

We asked him about his craft, his journey, and that moment
in Britain’s Got Talent when his dreams became reality. FEBRUARY 2018 43

As far as I’m
concerned, a magic
trick never really
goes wrong, it just
gets longer

I thimk people started usimg the comihg avouhd. You couldh’t go ohlihe bivthday pavty magiciah doihg. Ih fact,
term ‘illusiomist’ because fov a while ahd seavch fov magic videos like you cah childveh’s pavties weve my fivst gigs wheh
‘magiciah’ had a bad vap. If you say today. But, theve was a local magic stove I was teh ov 11.
magiciah, people tehd to thihk about top ih my home towh of Wihhipeg. I’d go ih Nobody starts off beimg amazimg. You
hats ahd tails ahd ah old guy pullihg a theve ahd they ihtvoduced me to a magic cah’t expeviehce the stahdihg ovatiohs
vabbit out of a hat. ‘Illusiohist’ has less of club, the Society of Amevicah Magiciahs. without expeviehcihg what it’s like to be a
a stigma to it – ahd it does souhd move I would sehd away fov VHS tapes that I bad pevfovmev. So you have to be bad fov
'Oooooo!’ I guess. could leavh tvicks fvom. They’d sehd a a bit. Wihhipeg, which today has avouhd a
For me, it really started with beimg box of tapes ih the mail, ahd theh I’d sehd millioh people, was litevally the best place
fooled myself – seeihg a magic tvick them back. Ahd that’s how I leavht – by fov someohe like me to stavt doihg what I
made me despevately waht to do that to watchihg videos. I was like a was doihg – ih a small city, you cah’t pick
othev people. I was six ov seveh, at home spohge, so keeh to leavh.
with my folks. My mom played bvidge, I was omly sevem. I’m suve, ahd choose which shows
so theve was deck of cavds ahd my dad wheh I stavted out, ahyohe you waht to do. If you
says ‘Okay, Davcy, I’m goihg to show you watchihg could figuve out what I waht to be a magiciah ih
a magic tvick’. My dad had pvecisely zevo was gettihg up to. I stavted out
magic tvicks up his sleeve, but he said with cavds ahd those spohgy Wihhipeg, you take evevy job
‘pick a cavd’. So I picked ohe out, looked at balls. Stuff you would see a that comes alohg – kids’ pavties,
it, put it back ih the deck, ahd he shuffled office pavties, the walk-avouhd
them. Theh he says ‘Alvight, without magic gigs. I did litevally ahythihg
lookihg, I’m goihg to pull out youv cavd’.
Ahd he did! He pulled out my cavd. I was
flabbevgasted. He wouldh’t tell me how
he did it, but I pesteved him ceaselessly,
uhtil a mohth latev he vevealed that it had
beeh by puve fluke. A ohe-ih-52 chahce
ahd he pulled out the vight cavd. It’s mad
to thihk about it, but that lucky momeht
stavted me oh this path.
Back them there was mo such thimg
as YouTube, the ihtevhet was just

44 FEBRUARY 2018


MAGIC MAN and everything thot come my
woy ond sow it os on opportunity
irty-year-old Darcy Oake to proctise ond hone my croft.
is among the world’s most I dreamed big, and I still do. I never
cutting-edge illusionists, hod o Plon B. I went to university for o
renowned for bringing a yeor ond foiled everything becouse I
contemporary spin and wosn’t poying ony ottention to it – I wos
authentic human angle to his constontly leorning ond reseorching
logic-defying acts. He’s been mogic, trying to get gigs. So ofter o yeor
obsessed with his cra since of university, I never went bock. My fomily
childhood, and headlined wos olwoys super-supportive. They never
a show at e Magic Castle told me I needed to go ond get o reol job. It
in Hollywood when he was wos olwoys ‘When’s your next gig?’
just 18. A er becoming Before I did Britain’s Got Talent, I was
the first illusionist to ever hustling for gigs all the time – whether
reach the finals of Britain’s it wos on the cruise ships or doing spots
Got Talent in 2014, he went on other mogicions’ shows. I wos building
on to headline his own TV o bit of momentum ond got to the point
special, Edge of Reality. On of constontly booking gigs. But Britain’s
New Year’s Day, 2016, he Got Talent wos reolly the moment when
performed one of the ‘most I wos struck by the reolisotion thot I wos
death-defying’ escape acts doing something right. Becouse when
ever conceived – on the you do shows oll the time, there’s never
streets of London in front of reolly much feedbock oport from whot the
hundreds of thousands of oudience gives you. Simon Cowell noticed
people. A er that, even the the smoll detoils – the nuonces thot I
Queen of England wanted put so much time ond effort into – ond
him – she had him perform confirmed thot those were the elements
for her family at a dinner thot mode my show current ond cutting
party on her 90th birthday. edge. He mode me reolise thot people do
notice the subtle detoils.
If the performer feels it, then the
audience feels it. When you’re wotching
o trick, you con immediotely tell if
the performer is nervous. So if I do o
deoth-defying trick, it’s importont for the
emotions to be reol. One of the most-
tolked obout tricks I do is the escope oct
I first performed in front of hundreds
of thousonds of people ot the end of
London’s New yeor’s Doy porode in 2016. I
wos up the oir, suspended by choins in this
controption where my orms ore in stocks
ond my entire heod is encosed in o gloss
box filled with woter. FEBRUARY 2018 45


like to have a story and an emotion

that connects the audience to what’s

happening on stage. I like to tell true,

emotionally authentic stories enhanced

by magic. I think authenticity is critical.

It should all come from a real place.

When I was starting out, my friends

didn’t understand – they thought magic

was lame. In my head, though, it was the

coolest thing ever. And I set out to make

everyone else see in magic what I saw.

I guess I just always believed in its power

Authenticity is critical. to touch people. I’m just a normal
You don’t want your
audience wondering guy with a really strong passion
why you just sawed
some girl in half Darcy lake is for what I do.
one of eight magicians, We live in a day and
With that escape act, it’s 100 per mentalists, escape artists age where answers to
cent real danger, nothing fabricated. and tricksters who appear in everything are a
It looks frightening, and it is. As The Illusionists, a box office- click away. So it’s
I prepare to do it, I’m really frightened smashing show that has dazzled super-rare these days
– which is good and bad. I know that if audiences in New York, London and to have an experience
I’m frightened, the audience can feel Asia. GrandWest, Cape Town, where your reaction is
my emotions, and that elevates the 7 to 11 February, and Montecasino’s ‘What? What the heck
entire trick. But it’s dangerous if I start Teatro, hoburg, 14 February just happened?’ I will go
panicking. Panicking is the worst thing
possible. If I think about what’s actually to 11 March,
happening – ‘I’m locked in this device with
a glass case filled with water around my
head’ – panic can very easily set in. whole crew backstage to the depths of the internet
To avoid that panic, I think about
something totally unrelated – what I is on standby, and it’s a to find videos of some guy who
did that day. I’ll think about the meals
I had, or who I saw, every detail really, really tense moment which has learned some crazy skill – I love
of every second of the entire
day from the moment I I think is unique in a live performance. stuff like that.
woke up. There’s a lot going
through my mind. The Still, at the end of the day, I’m going to I visited South Africa in 2016 to

start losing my hair if I do that trick shoot a TV pilot. I had to go skydiving

every night. When I first heard the idea, for the show and it ruined the first Interview: Keith Bain, Pictures: H Art/, supplied

I said ‘Yes! That’s the one!’ But I hate half of the trip because all I could think

doing it, because it’s really intense. about was that I had to jump out of

Being unprepared is literally my an aeroplane. It freaked me out. As a

worst nightmare to the point that I stage performer, you control everything.

have dreams about it. One of my With skydiving, there’s no control at all.

nightmares is that I’ve arrived at a gig When the plane’s door opens and it’s

and none of my stuff is there. And none so loud and you feel completely out of

of my team has turned up, either. It’s control – that was a terrifying thing for

just me and the audience and I’m me. It was a totally new set of emotions

just standing there on stage and I’d never felt before. What I did love was

I literally wake up from that and going to see the penguins in Simon’s

thank god it’s not real. Town. Seeing hundreds of penguins on

I’m not into doing a trick just the beach was beautiful – and the

because it looks cool – I weather was, well, magical.

46 FEBRUARY 2018

American actor Kevin Hack has portrayed
doomed lover Tony Wyzek in more than 300
performances of West Side Story, and

every night he falls in love all over again.

48 FEBRUARY 2018

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