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Khuluma June 2017

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take me home please June 2017


Starring Nik Rabinowitz

FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5

the topVIEW FROM

I think most of us have at some time had a romantic notion of being a Ranulph Fiennes, someone who
spends large chunks of time exploring inhospitable places. However, the differentiating factor is whether
we are prepared to lose our own fingers, or sit on the couch and watch someone else lose theirs on the
National Geographic channel.

Being quite fond of my fingers, I am prepared to take the middle road and venture away
from civilisation to the extent of perhaps inadvertently squatting on a thorny bush, but I’m not
prepared to sacrifice my appendages to a ravenous crocodile. Speaking of the middle road,
I tend to go where there is one of some sort. Although, these days you can head into the middle
of nowhere with complete confidence that your trusty GPS will take you back to the nearest
Spur for dinner – this has, sadly, taken some of the adrenaline out of exploring.

Many years ago, when cellphones were only a twinkle in Nokia’s eye, I headed into the Cederberg
on foot with only a bottle of water, and it really was exciting to see nobody all day and have to find
my way back to a dirt road before the sun set. And this was only because I am partial to cooked
food that is intended for human consumption. So I am definitely not in the Bear Grylls category
of scraping slimy invertebrates from under rocks and boiling them in elephant dung juice, which
greatly increases your chances of later squatting on a thorny bush.

As for the Antarctic, Mount Everest and anaconda-infested swamps,
I have a comfortable couch at home and a satellite dish, and I can explore

the fridge without losing my fingers.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd JUMNAEY 20176 3

Contents 45
JUNE 2017

12 2122 33


Regulars The Guide 49

Our CEO explores the world from Put foot and explore Africa.
Leggy air stewardess Cathy Specific

the safety of home. 22 CITY SLICKER gives good opinions about what to
Why Cape Town stays hot
12 EXPLORING THE EDGE – even in winter. see this month.
Nik Rabinowitz is going deep into
Calitzdorp celebrates winter with Learn how Disney’s ice engineers
16 START EXPLORING port wine and beautiful mountains. create a rink for their skating stars;
On our radar this month, there’s the and trip out in Grahamstown with
National Arts Festival, a sweet potato 33 BUSH FEVER our cover star, Nik Rabinowitz.
festival, a craft beer festival and an Join YouTube ranger Ryno on
aloe festival. Then there are bangles his jaunts into the bush 49 SEE THE MUSIC
for men, a new jazz CD, a manly ballet, and beyond. Singer-songwriter
free Smurf tickets, whisky pairings, Michael Lowman is
homemakers expo, award-winning gins, 37 EPICUREAN TALES here to help you
and a pair of treasure hunts. Hunting for mushrooms understand his
is all the rage. kind of pop music.

6 JUNE 2017 37

123 76

Nik Rabinowitz hangs out in a mall with Chris Bertish;
and meet Cape Town’s ultimate food innovator.

Experience the joy of being stranded on an island with
Kinglsey Holgate; go on a magical journey to the Karoo with
Nik Rabinowitz and his three perfect children; discover why
gin is the ultimate explorer’s tonic; and find out why modern
travellers have no right to complain.

Nothing will prepare you for the kind of honeymoon that
Riaan and Vasti Manser went on.

A culinary history lesson explaining why explorers need
never go hungry.

Things to covet, crave & adore

Sweat it out this winter.

Exploring the limits of the
concrete imagination.

These gadgets could change
your life – or help you see
in the dark.

One BMW to rule them all.

It’s a pirate’s life
for me. Aar!

In the middle of the
Atlantic Ocean, Chris
Bertish has a moment of
perfect clarity.

8 JUNE 2017

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edgeEXPLORING included ‘entertaining the guests’. I had sense what was funny and went with
THE to do other jobs too, such as carrying the it. That was encouraging. I used to
guests’ human waste in a black bag on my gravitate towards safety, doing what Interview: Keith Bain; Photograph: Sven Kristian, Illustrations: Crystal Home/
I ’ve always thought of myself as an canoe. After four days, making them laugh I knew worked in stand-up situations.
explorer. My childhood holidays took was definitely the easier part of the job. But I’m increasingly becoming bored
place mostly in the Cederberg, where with doing what I’ve done in the past.
my dad spent 30 years searching for rock My second job was as a handlanger Now the excitement lies in the world of
art. We camped in the deep and cavernous for a theatre company. It was one step not knowing if the next joke is going to
Agter Pakhuis Mountains, which remain up. I still had to dig the long drop, but work or not. And if it does work, it’s really
a special place for me. I didn’t have to take anything out of it. exciting. Then you’re probably ready to
I’d drive the cars, pitch the tents, type go on holiday with three children, an
My godfather Percy Sieff was like the the scripts, and I did the lights. I also had experience I recently survived. (Read all
jewish Tolla van der Merwe, and in high to cook the books. I remember one night about it on page 76.)
school I started memorising his jokes. So while on tour I spent an hour in the bath
I’d take my friends up to the slopes of a in a shady hotel in Lusaka, performing a I guess that’s part of what it
mountain on the farm where we lived and 45-minute monologue to myself where means to be an explorer:
tell those stories around the campfire. It I was pretending to be some or other weird testing our limits, and
was always an adventure, and that’s when character. I explored some pretty deep going beyond our own
I realised I could make people laugh. interior landscapes back then. boundaries. In the
process, hopefully
In a way, I was working as a kind of As a comedian, I’m always exploring we discover who
funny low-level explorer way before some sort of edge – whether it’s we are.
it even occurred to me to do stand-up my own edge, or the audience’s.
comedy professionally. My first job was The trick is to not fall over the CATCH NIK LIVE
as a handlanger (a lackey) for a rafting edge. I’ve tested
operation on the that edge quite Known as the world’s most
Orange River. Part often, like the accomplished isiXhosa-
of my job description time I did a speaking Jewish comedian, you
sketch in can catch this month’s cover
isiXhosa star, Nik Rabinowitz, in his
in front one-man show, Forty ed, at
of a live TV the National Arts Festival in
audience in the
UK. Somehow Grahamstown early next
the Brits could month (4-8 July). He’s
also part of the gi ed
line-up in Rob van
Vuuren’s Very Big
Comedy Show on
5 July; read more
about the festival
on page 46.

12 JUNE 2017

flying 101

Get your own story, and tell it well

We all know them – the people who have the excitement of doing the same thing GET YOUR OWN SEAT
no travel stories to tell. There are only tomorrow and the next day. But they need
so many times they can talk about their their own travel stories about shark-cage So how do fans convert Avios into
raging night at the gym, asking strangers diving, zip lining or at least rock climbing Travelbank credit – and get their bums
if they even lift, or brag about what to talk about at the real braai. on a seat? Super easily, actually:
‘beast mode’ they were on at CrossFit 1. Join the Avios Travel Rewards
this weekend. GET YOUR OWN REAL
TRAVEL TALE Programme at and start
DON’T FAKE IT collecting Avios points on your
Thankfully, and Avios have everyday spend.
They’re the guess-what-ers at the joined forces to give everyone their own 2. Then visit the home page
Tupperware party, telling everyone fake stories. Gone are the days of hijacked and click on ‘convert Avios’. Log into
stories from a fake neighbourhood braai stories and badly retold tales, because Travelbank with your kulula ID details
they never went to. They even add their now everyone has a chance to travel and (if you don’t have an ID you can
own twist to the plot – just to make it more experience life for realsies by converting quickly create one).
interesting. Their response to every ‘Have their Avios points to flights. 3. Then log into Avios with your Avios
you done this?’ or ‘Have you been here?’ log-in details.
is always an eye roll, or worse, a fake story GET YOUR OWN AVIOS 4. Finally, convert your Avios to
about ‘turning up’ at a place that closed Travelbank credit so that you can
down 10 years before this conversation fans who have joined Avios can spread your wings and fly like a bird
even happened. But they aren’t bothered, already collect Avios points at a rate of (not an ostrich or a penguin, but any
they tell it with pride anyway. three Avios for every R10 spent on kulula other kind of bird.)
flights. Now they can also convert their It’s that simple. Let’s end the reign of the
They live vicariously through their Avios to Travelbank credit to purchase ‘I’m-spending-my-leave-days-with-a-
second cousins, aunts, friends, uncles, flights. Fans will be able to redeem in good-book-ers’. Get your own stories
because, well, they don’t do much. These increment of a 1 000 Avios, which is equal and make them so epic that somewhere,
are the vanilla people who are proud to to R60 in Travelbank credit, and can be someone wants to to tell it at a real
cook, gym, fetch their kids from school, used to purchase any seat on any kulula braai (but don’t worry, they won’t have to
watch TV and then finish up the day with plane, as well as pay for airport taxes. because of Avios and


GUthIeDE Put foot!

‘If the unknown makes you uneasy, then this probably isn’t your kind of
adventure,’ says Put Foot Rally founder Daryn Hillhouse. ‘The rally is for
those who see themselves as explorers, unafraid to chart the uncharted.’

This epic 18-day journey through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana,

worth travellinWords: Keith Bain; Photograph: Justin Lee Photography ( and Malawi isn’t a race, nor are there any prizes at the finish line,
aside from the obvious reward of having participated in the trip of a lifetime.
g for Covering roughly 8 000km, the journey encompasses five checkpoints with
five themed parties along the way. There’s an on-road and off-road option, and
the point is not to worry too much about racing to the finish. Virtually any kind

of vehicle is permitted, and participants invariably discover how to adapt, how to make

do with very little, and how to make a plan in even the dodgiest circumstances. If you can’t

read a map when you start, you’ll pick it up pretty quickly – along with plenty of other skills.

While there’s fun to be had along the way, teams raise funds for worthy causes and participate

in charitable work en route.

‘It’s not for whingers and moaners, and the outcomes are uncertain,' says Hillhouse. ‘Put

Foot is for those unfazed by the prospect of running out of petrol or losing a tyre ... even in

the middle of a pack of lions or herd of elephants.’

Around 200 crews will depart Cape Town on 19 June, aiming to arrive at the Livingstonia

Hotel campsite in Malawi on 6 July.

Entries for the 2018 Put Foot Rally are now open; JUNE 2017 21


Never mind the winter chill, exploring the
Mother City will always warm your soul.

Head for the docks Savour the sea god’s brew Go below

British architect Thomas Heatherwick According to Norse mythology, Aegir was It may seem counter-intuitive to spend
and local hoteliers Liz and Phil Biden a sea giant who knew how to throw a your time in a beautiful city trudging
have taken an abandoned 1920s heritage- party. The crew at Aegir Project Brewery through a dark tunnel four metres below
listed grain silo down on the docks and aren’t giants, but they are close to the the surface. But, as you’ll discover on
transformed it into a world-class boutique ocean, and know how to brew a fine keg of a Tunnel Tour with Mathias Weisse,
hotel, The Silo. Liz has individually ale. Their unique exploration into modern these brick-lined tunnels that were
decorated its 28 rooms with a heavy dose twists on old classics has resulted in used for irrigation by early settlers are a
of her signature eclecticism, bringing such unique brews as their apricot IPA (or fascinating and largely forgotten relic ripe
together smart furnishings, bold colour Hopricot). You can pop into the brewery for exploration. Mathias walks and talks
schemes, and oodles of expensive fabric to pick up a few bottles, or hang out in the you through the history of Cape Town
and eye-catching art. Unless you’re aching taproom and soak up that true Noordhoek and its canal and tunnel system in such
to blow R12 000 on a room, restrict your hospitality. Tastings every Friday 4-7pm, a manner that even a brief tour will have
visit to the sixth-floor café, or a light meal Saturday 12-6pm, and Sunday 12-3pm. you looking longingly at those generic
with the best view in Cape Town on the 65 Beach Road, Noordhoek, manhole covers you’ve always ignored.
Sky Terrace (sadly the roof’s sunset-facing +27 61 964 9535, Tours by appointment, depart
pool is for guests only). from the Castle of Good Hope,
Silo Precinct, V&A Waterfront,
+27 21 671 5502,

22 JUNE 2017


Words: Andrew Thompson; Pictures: Clare Gunn Photography, Supplied Take time for the soul Surf the East City

What started out as a humble and utterly SurfaRosa is one of three new hangouts
charming caravan doing the circuit of local filling the gap left by The Assembly, the
markets and festivals has grown into a veritable iconic music venue that helped transform
tea empire. Lady Bonin’s Tea Bar is like a the East City’s image from gritty to
sweet, polite middle finger in the face of Cape hipstery. Champion surfers Grant ‘Twiggy’
Town’s ceaseless eruption of coffee shops Baker and Jordy Smith have collaborated
– and the offering of local and international to help create this watering hole, which
teas is superb. You can sit and sip, join an pins itself as an edgy neighbourhood
informative tasting of new varieties, or stock bar. It’s worth exploring – inside you’ll
up for your home supply from their selection find mounted decks and surfboards,
of expertly sourced leaves. plastic fish, shiny face-brick walls and
213 Long Street, +27 21 447 1741, meticulously hand-painted slogans,
rendered in an attempt to look haphazard.
61a Harrington Street,
+27 76 070 4474,

Do the Hokey Poke

Neon-pink lights, understated signage and stark breezeblock walls
– the Hokey Poke Bar & Take Away is Cape Town’s first poké
restaurant. This bowl-based Hawaiian dining concept is all about
fresh ingredients and bold flavours. Think raw tuna and salmon,
rice, kale, shredded kombu, toasted nuts, sweet onions, nacho dust
and pickled ginger. Select from prepared bowls, or go rogue and
make your own using available ingredients. It’s the hip and healthy
takeaway or eat-in option that’ll have you salivating at your desk
a good 30 minutes before lunchtime.
1 Church Street, +27 21 422 4382, JUNE 2017 25


Locals like to joke that Calitzdorp
is so small that if you swerve for
a chicken, you will miss the town
entirely. Anna Stroud picks a few
good reasons you shouldn’t swerve
– even for an ostrich.

Pop in for a tipple Where food and ar t combine

During the biennial Calitzdorp Winter Festival, the mountains Along the scenic Groenfontein Road,
are capped in snow and visitors warm themselves with port- you’ll find an old post office that’s been
style wines from Axe Hill, Boplaas, Calitzdorp Wine Cellar lovingly converted into an art gallery
and De Krans. Portuguese cultivars like Touriga Nacional and and coffee shop (+27 83 283 5055,
Tinta Barocca flourish in the arid climate, which prompted [email protected]). The
Calitzdorp to call itself SA’s Port Capital, at least until 2012, spanspek-and-basil juice is delicious,
when Portugal legally prevented the use of ‘port’ to describe and the gallery displays local pottery,
non-Portuguese wines. ceramics, small statues and crafts. Back in
16-18 June, +27 44 213 3775, town, Gallery Route 62 (+27 44 213 3227)
on Queen Street houses a collection of
Rustic self-catering local artworks curated by Penny Rudder.
Try the apple-frangipane tart – a ‘crisp
Airbnb lists at least 20 places to lay your head in Calitzdorp. Among them, described buttery pastry with sliced apple and an
as a ‘stylish straw bale eco cottage’ on the site, is Strooi Kooi (+27 82 576 5855, apricot glaze’.
[email protected]), a self-catering, stand-alone pad built with straw bales,
river stones and reeds, and clay sand. It’s just 1.5km outside town. Also check out
Die Hooisolder (+27 82 899 7364), a studio set in a rustic barn in the town centre.
And for backpackers and those who carry their own tents, there’s Calitzdorp
Railway Station (+27 81 473 3232, [email protected]), a novel
conversion in a gorgeous setting – there are also preset tents with beds and linen. JUNE 2017 29


tPhoretfiarnedplapcipees by Bask in nature The time warp

Ebenhart’s Handmade Pipes Calitzdorp is surrounded by the Rooiberg, You can’t miss the
and Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind Groenfontein and Gamkaberg mountains 105-year-old sandstone
spot on the main road, where you – ranges that shimmer in shades of blue, Dutch Reformed Church – declared
come for the food and stay for the green and red. The mountains sustain a national monument in 1991 – but
conversation. The fireplace makes populations of endemic species of do pop inside for a glimpse of the
it a cosy spot for tucking into a succulents, fynbos and spekboom, as well enormous organ. Comprising 1 495
hearty lamb curry, followed by a as dassies, klipspringers, steenbok, kudu pipes, the organ was donated to
glass of port and chocolate cake. and even leopards. Drive or cycle over the the church in 1912 by the Potgieter
It’s worthwhile chatting to the Huisrivier Pass, or pack your tent for a few family, whose descendents still reside
eponymous owner and pipe maker. nights in the Gamkaberg, Swartberg or in De Oude Pastorie – the oldest
Ebenhart has handcrafted more than Matjiesvlei nature reserves. house in town (1859). Next door you’ll
20 000 pipes, and he also restores +27 44 213 3775, find Tristan da Cunha, the only straw-
vintage cars., roof house left in the little town.
+27 44 213 3569,

Retreat into luxury Pictures: Neil Curry, Nolte Lourens, Peter Rimmel, Mike Neebe, Colin Lumb, Bennie du Plooy, supplied

About 20km northeast of Calitzdorp, along the Groenfontein Road, there’s wonderfully
warm Karoo hospitality with epic mountain views and great walking trails at The Retreat
at Groenfontein, which also hosts terrific communal dinners with garrulous hosts and
fine food. The Victorian farmhouse is a magical place, where sunsets colour the horizon
strawberry-jam red, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee greets you on your way back
from a morning’s walk among the blooming aloes. +27 44 213 3880,

30 JUNE 2017


the Bush is an
bushTHE online video channel inspired by
SuzelleDIY’s YouTube success. Its star is
Meet Ryno. Animal expert. Tree hugger. Nature lover. He’s Ryno, a freelance game ranger with a love for
also the boyfriend of Marianne, SuzelleDIY’s best friend and all things fauna and flora. His special knowledge
sidekick. And he’s a tireless explorer, always searching for and skills include tracking, bush walks and wild
flowers. On his show, he shares interesting
South Africa’s most incredible outdoor getaways. and unexpected facts from the bush.
The blue lagoon

In the summertime, or when we’re feeling very brave, Marianne and I love to swim
in the blue lagoon at the West Coast National Park. There’s a lovely picnic area
at Tsaarsbank. We like to pack some lunch and relax with the slow tortoises and
cunning ostriches. What magnificent creatures. There’s some great bird-watching
there too, and you should see it in flower season. Fantastic. It is a real privilege to
experience something so beautiful. Flower season usually happens during August
and September. Marianne always insists that we go, and I don't mind because it’s nice
for us to have some romantic time together. And I also love flowers.

Seaweed and fynbos

You’ve probably guessed it by now, but I’m fascinated with wild
flowers, fynbos and herbs. The best place to experience this is at Cape
Point. I just did a fantastic foraging course with Roushanna from Veld
and Sea (, where we foraged for seaweed and fynbos,
which is surprisingly delicious. One of my favourite features at Cape
Point is the lighthouse that was built in 1859. It stands 238 metres
above sea level, and if you want to check it out, you've got to go up
this crazy Flying Dutchman Funicular. I took my nephews there a few
months ago on an outing and they bloody loved it, even though little
Danie twisted his ankle. It is like a natural theme park. Fantastic. JUNE 2017 33


The miracle

I’m always trying to brush up on my bird knowledge, so I regularly visit
Simangaliso Wetland Park, about 274km north of Durban. It is SA’s first UNESCO
World Heritage Site. The name iSimangaliso means ‘miracle’, and I'm telling you
it’s a perfect name because the nature there is so diverse and plentiful. I saw
a beautiful flamboyance of flamingos. There's great wildlife too; I visited to do
some research on the turtle nesting sites. Did you know that the wetland park
is one of the preferred nesting spots of loggerhead and leatherback turtles?
You should see them go. It's quite a sight, I tell you. They make their way up the
beach and dig a hole. Then they lay their eggs in this hole, cover it up and get
straight back in the sea. The eggs hatch after 45-55 days, and you should see
these little guys skedaddle towards the water. Bloody cute.

Home sweet home Words: Ryno in the Bush; Pictures: Supplied,
Cape Town Tourism, SA Tourism
And, lastly, one of my favourite places is the bush
outside of Graskop in Mpumalanga. I grew up there
and I explored the bush with my brothers almost
every weekend. That’s where I found my passion
for nature and wildlife. One of my favourite spots
in that area is God’s Window, which is a popular
vantage point just outside the town. On a really
clear day you might be able to see over the Kruger
National Park towards the Lebombo Mountains on
the border with Mozambique. What a sight that is.
It always reminds me of my childhood.


Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a very special relationship with owls. I just love
those nocturnal birds with their ‘hoot, hoot’. Owls are, in fact, why I visited Hooters in
PE, after I spent time at Addo Elephant National Park. I assumed it was an owl-themed
restaurant, but I honestly have to say I was glad I had my girlfriend Marianne with me,
because the ladies serving the burgers and ribs and curly fries weren’t exactly ugly.
There wasn’t an owl in sight, though, and Marianne entered us into the quiz to make
me feel better about not seeing my favourite bird. It was a culture shock, but the sticky
ribs and wings were delicious.
Hooters, 59 Heugh Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, +27 41 581 0310,

34 JUNE 2017


Iga Motylska goes hunting
– for mushrooms.

M y favourite smell is freshly What I do know is But there are
picked wild mushrooms. that a lot of people have also medicinal
Their aroma conjures the wrong impression of mushrooms, which
childhood memories of weekends on mushrooms. ‘People are are used in alternative
the Mpumalanga Highveld, uncovering scared of them. They’re taboo, medicine. ‘There are more cures
mounds of pine needles on the forest floor and children are cautioned not to touch in the fungi kingdom than all the plants
in search of porcini, saffron milk caps and them,’ says Gary Goldman, who calls found in the forest,’ says Gary. And he's
slippery jacks. himself the ‘Mushroom Fundi’ and has not talking about magic or psychedelic
classified 203 local species through mushrooms, although those are growing
Back then I hadn’t the faintest notion DNA sequencing. in popularity too.
that humans are more closely related It all comes down to common sense. As
to fungi than to animals. That’s one of It’s true that worldwide there are around blithely as we’d hunt for wild mushrooms
the amazing facts touched on in a TED 100 poisonous mushrooms, though only as children, pretty much ignorant of the
Talk I recently watched by mycologist 10 are fatally poisonous. The death cap potential hazards, these days I know
Paul Stamets. The talk’s title, '6 ways (also sometimes called ‘destroying angel’) better than to tempt fate. ‘Never pick
mushrooms can save the world', says is responsible for about 95% of poisonings a mushroom you cannot identify, even
it all. There’s a lot more going if you're 99% sure it's something you
on in the dark substrate because it looks a lot like a button know,' warns Justin Williams, aka ‘The
of our forests than even mushroom. Only about 0.2% Mushroom Forager’, at the start of one
a mushroom lover like of people survive, and only of his mushroom expeditions.
myself knows about. if they’re treated within
40 minutes. JUNE 2017 37



with Cathy Specific
from KZN.
bwsDteeWhheGoceoeeaanhldu’tmadctuesvrbyroeee6ioesna9Clutgetf,rareifnCtittdhghshaanhiatyspnohtteeSdteiiashnxpTb…ietgenolrdrecgawooivorfiowtnafocfs,ngwiaettwa-hpvuhoniepelpantlertipbcmyytyaieeotFoabeuetrugpasrhidirmnels…eaarahtipyegtaof.ihnotwootdnr, . Did someone push their call bell more I fell for a guy once, Phil va-va-voom!
and Saturday until 30 June, than once? We heard you the first time, Never mind Vivaldi, it was
Pieter-Dirk Uys, and we chose to ignore it. Durban City Hall, 1-22 June,
+27 21 035 1627, We’re here to save your ass – not kiss it!

Words: Cathy Specific; Photograph: Supplied SWAN LAKE Pieter Toerien Main Theatre, BEAUTIFHUYLMBNESAUTIFUL
Montecasino, Joburg, 14-17 June;
nOcosuoWnmorneeahstohkiahdfieisaerudvdrvseoeoedsfrtwashhaniieouatchnvdlieeeitotdgritfoasosSniwnariwneneimgadmdnfdmtaohLairnienantckgdpheeroiasyriwcssbar.eiaoltW,llssalhesoelaltadwvc,oeboleanustk’tottes., bWsfewokeARayr’oudotttsutchehitlcfiirdausloblvlhsutdeshhareipvnoiynVerwgkTeiiblnfhol–eegieferBearhrvneseotimardmimceuae,oataP,irsmfybuerabuelooettBrbnoewuekrtaatniehaccuoehl,ctwa1iumffdn8uariaoerlfamtnosHnereiodmbythfi!otitsslyhe.e
like to gossip, but apparently they Theatre on the Bay, Cape Town, 25 June,
couldn’t even get a real swan. from 4 July,
Artscape Opera House, THE EULOGISTS
Cape Town, 2-18 June, CATHY AND THE TROLLEY DOLLIES Louis Viljoen is an award-
winning playwright with a
This is our laugh-a-minute mini-musical wicked sense of humour.
and satirical take on the airline industry.
At 35 000 feet above sea level, there’s no His characters are often
dark and deviant and this
telling what could happen. Buckle up
– flying will never be the same again. play about writers and
Gate 69, Cape Town, every Wednesday journalists waiting for
a famous statesman to
and Thursday until 29 June,
+27 21 035 1627, die promises much
black comedy.

Fugard Studio, Cape
Town, until
17 June, JUNE 2017 41


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42 JUNE 2017


Disney's You can catch
FROZEN ASSETS the South African leg
of Disney on Ice at Joburg’s
Ticketpro Dome, 30 June
– 9 July; Durban’s ICC Arena,
13-16 July; and at GrandWest,
Cape Town, 19-23 July;

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice has toured more thickness (4-5cm)
than 75 countries on six continents. But putting on a show at all times. If it
that happens on ice is understandably a little trickier than becomes thicker
your average family musical. than this, it melts
easier. And if it’s
I t’s not only the cast of Frozen who’ll 64-tonne refrigeration units in order to too thin, it quickly
be showing off mad ice-skating create an ice-skating surface that's around becomes susceptible
skills in this winter’s chilliest 50x20m in size. To contain the water to breakage. The ice
family extravaganza. The world-touring that will become ice, they begin by laying engineers monitor the
production features a huge cast of beloved down extruded aluminium panels. The surface temperature constantly,
and a battery-operated Zamboni (ice
Disney characters – from Mickey and panels are installed with tubes through resurfacer) that travels with the show is
used to scrape and resurface the ice with
Minnie to Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Dory which a chilled mixture of glycol and water hot water between performances and
during intervals.
and Nemo to Pumbaa and Timon. flows. Once the refrigerator units are
Aside from its huge catalogue of turned on, the temperature of the mixture After each production, the panels are
dismantled and taken outside to melt,
costumes and eight-tonne set, the show drops to –11°C, and as water is sprayed presumably in such a manner that the
precious water can be recycled.
comes with very specific demands. Since across the surface, the subzero glycol/
It’s not only the ice stage itself that
Words: Ethan Pitt; Pictures: Supplied many of the arenas in which Disney on Ice water mix causes it to freeze and seal the requires tremendous work behind the
is performed don’t have existing ice floors, entire surface. Heavier coats of water are scenes. It takes a team of 50 Cinderellas
to fabricate the 300 costumes used in a
these have to be built especially for each gradually added until the desired thickness production of Disney on Ice. Making these
requires well over 1km of fabric and more
new venue. It’s a mammoth task requiring of ice is achieved – it requires around 40 than 1.5km of zips.

some 425 man hours to install, maintain 000 litres of water. The entire process is
and dismantle the ice rink for each five-day completed in under 48 hours. Once done,
venue engagement. the ice floor weighs 68 000kg.

The show has ice engineers who For the safety of the skaters, the

create the ‘ice tank’ – they work with two ice floor must be kept at its optimum JUNE 2017 45


new tricksOLDGOAT,
Nik Rabinowitz explores his memories of the
National Arts Festival, which happens again

in Grahamstown from 29 June – 9 July.

M y first Grahamstown show I haven’t been back to Grahamstown in
was One Man One Goat 10 years, and for some reason I can’t recall
in 2007. I borrowed a real any bad shows, although I’m fairly sure
live pet goat named Stoffel from a friend there was one that involved hypnotism of

of a friend – it was a sort of marketing some sort.

exercise. I’d walk around the Village Green After a decade, I’m excited to be

and hand out flyers with him (which going back. I’ll doing my one-man show,

makes it sound like he was also doing the Fortyfied, which is all about being on the

handing out, which he wasn’t). verge of a midlife crisis. Of course, as a

My friend Janni Younge had constructed comedian, instead of buying a Ferrari and

a goat puppet for the show. Stoffel took abandoning my family, I created a new

a fancy to the puppet and ate quite a bit show. I will also be joining Rob van

of it one night at our communal living Vuuren for one night in his Very

area, which was a repurposed railway Big Comedy Show, about which

siding slash pigsty just outside town. I know very little (except that

Stoffel didn’t enjoy sleeping outside and it’s on 5 July at 9.30pm). But

made a helluva racket on the first night. I’m guessing it won’t be small,

My neighbours weren’t happy, so I took since the line-up includes See our comedian- Nik Rabinowitz Portrait: Sven Kristian
to sharing a room with him. This became Loyiso Gola, Tats Nkonzo, explorer Nik Rabinowitz
problematic when my wife arrived in Alan Committie, Mojak in the flesh in Grahamstown
Grahamstown toward the end of the Lehoko and Prins – plus in Fortyfied from 4-8 July. Don't
festival. In fact, on the afternoon of her Rob van Vuuren, who forget to also check out the
arrival, Stoffel pissed on her pillow. They hosts the show. There’s Very Big Comedy Show on 5 July.
did not get on so well. also an international Visit
comedienne, Louise Reay, for the full National Arts
I’ve seen a lot of crazy, off-beat stuff
Festival programme.

in Grahamstown. Like the night my on the bill. She’s known for

friend Luke and I consumed a vast doing crazy stuff like performing

quantity of strange muesli that some in Chinese in front of an audience

students posing as hippies gave us. We of people who don’t understand

went on a late-night walk and floated Chinese. I do that with isiXhosa every

across town like hovercrafts. I wonder now and then. It just goes to prove

if we saw any theatre? that people will laugh at anything.

46 JUNE 2017

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