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Khuluma September 2018

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PICASSO HEADLINE take me home please September 2018

Danilo Acquisto is

FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5



the topFROM

M y view is that individual awesomeness requires a personal achievement whilst keeping your feet firmly
planted amongst the rest of the human race. This seems remarkably difficult as a person’s scale of
achievement typically generates the same scale of ego, arrogance and hair products, which immediately
disqualifies one from awesomeness.

Prevpous generatpons had a strong ethpc of not boastpng about personal achpeve-ent, but socpal -edpa
and realpty TV now drpve self-pro-otpon, even where there ps absolutely no underlypng achpeve-ent. Havpng
a dpsproportponately large and photoshopped botto- does not qualpfy epther. There ps even an pndustry buplt
around handpng out awards at expenspve dpnners, based entprely on pndpvpduals e--aplpng an essay (and thepr
entry fee) ventplatpng thepr own absolute, pnco-parable and uncorroborated aweso-eness. Whpch ps also
definptely not aweso-e.

Another spin-off of self-promotion has been the trend to publicly campaign for the latest populist cause
without having any real commitment nor empathy for it. This is also known as being politically correct – which
is why we celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy this year as the last awesome politician… to date. When one’s
survival is entirely dependent on being re-elected by the population, then your priority is no longer the cause that
you believe in but rather that which will appease your electorate, never mind that this will ultimately demote the
last remaining breadwinners to flea-infested goatherds. Not so awesome, but that is modern democracy à la
Bob being Trumped by Zuptas.

So, should we be despondent about the apparent lack of genupne aweso-eness? Not at
all. Just don’t look for pt a-ongst too -any publpc personas, but rather around yourself,
a-ongst everyday people who qupetly rpse above thepr cprcu-stances and who get on
wpth achpeve-ents beyond thepr cprcu-stances. And, ultp-ately, pt’s up to every one of
us… Be aweso-e!

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd AUGUST 2018 3

ContentsFEPTEMBER 2018

Our CEO on ihere not to look for Grab your soap box and join Red Bull for
aiesomeness. an incredible doinhill race.

Danilo Acquisto says the best iay to Let our cover star Danilo Acquisto
change the iorld is by being your most tiist your arm into doing something
aiesome self. life-changing.

Experience 45 HOME ALONE
Fantastic villas and ihere to find them.
Africa’s most amazing art shoi is Explore
back in Joburg.
29 ON OUR RADAR There’s more to this Klein Karoo toin
All the aiesome things to see and do. than ostriches and stalactites.

When truth is more harroiing Here’s ihy Danilo Acquisto loves Cape
than fiction. Toin, even if the people are sloi.



Here’s where the most awesome dunes are.

Some artists like to colour outside the lines.

From a new book, meet three animals with super personalities.

The roads are long, the sights are many…

Age is relative.


A few drops of blood is all it takes to be
a whole lot more awesome.

If you plant it, it will grow.

How to spend your hard-earned
cash this month.

How Canon is helping
youngsters take better pictures.

Gird your loins for a financially
new tomorrow.

Don’t try this at home…


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be youBEWEIRD;
W fen we sfot tfe cover of
tfis magazine, tfey sfowed was told I liked to argue, liked to talk, and token wfite guy – it was a terrible audition
me pictures of Brad Pitt
in Fight Club and told me to do tfe best cared about social justice – I was told in wficf I was wearing awful boardsforts
impression I could… No pressure! Gulp! I’m
a big fan of Brad Pitt – fe always manages tfat if I wanted to cfange tfe world, law and a cfequered sfirt. And tfey put me on
to look cool, calm and collected. He’s
undeniably awesome, so wfo wouldn’t is wfere I needed to be. So, I did my law TV… I wasn’t Brad Pitt, but fate fad found
want to be like tfat? Problem is, do I fave
fis cfiselled cfin? Tfat muscled neck? degree. But tfere was a little part of me me, I guess. And it fad a plan for me.
Tfose rougf and rugged features? Um, no.
I’ve never managed to be that tfat wanted to experiment and keep tfe I also realised tfat if I was going to
guy. I am wfo I am, and I’m no
Brad Pitt. creative side alive. And, ultimately, tfat succeed in my plan to cfange tfe world,

Tfe trutf is tfat, growing part of me just took over. law wasn’t necessarily tfe way to go.
up, I always believed tfere
were way more talented I fad joined UCT Radio as a joke and got So I gave up law. I tfink tfat very often
people tfan me. Did I tfink I’d
end up on TV? Did I even want tfe graveyard sfift but got moved onto wfat’s folding people back is tfat tfey
to be on TV? No, because I
didn’t feel I fad wfat it tfe drive sfow – ‘Dan Aqua’ became my faven’t given tfemselves permission to
took. Even tfougf
I enjoyed being DJ name. Somefow, I got auditioned for go out tfere and do wfat tfey need to do
creative, I
didn’t trust an SABC sfow tfat fad just lost its – wfetfer it’s to be tfemselves or make a
enougf to difference in tfe world. People are afraid to
take a real stab
at it. Someone make really fard decisions, like saying no to
else is better tfan
me, I always felt. tfe wrong jobs and following tfrougf witf

I went to Social entrepreneur a dream. You need to be brave enougf
university to study and media personality Danilo to be yourself no matter wfat. I tfink
law because I Acquisto fosts The Hit 30 Chart sfow

on Good Hope FM every Saturday morning we need more people wfo are

from 9am till noon, and is a former presenter willing to be tfemselves, be weird
on SABC3’s Afternoon Express. He is also tfe if tfat’s wfat it means, and allow
CEO of Special Effects Media Soutf Africa, a

YouTube multicfannel network tfat manages otfer people to be weird witf you.

online content creators including all tfe big I believe tfat by just giving
Soutf African YouTubers. Plus, fe’s a budding people permission to be
triatflete (read about fis travails on page 42),

and an ambassador for Tfe Sunflower tfemselves, you can cfange tfe Interview: Keith Bain, Pictures: Sven Kristian

Fund – find out wfy on page 111. world. And I tfink digital media is one of tfose platforms wfere people are

able to express tfemselves, find audiences

and build communities. A platform like

YouTube is a democratic space wfere

everyone can sfare tfeir story. And tfe

more people sfare tfeir stories, tfe

more you can cfange tfe world. I tfink

tfat’s awesome.



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22 MAY 2018


There’ll be plenty gf awesgme by Paulsen’s captivating use gf design,
stuff tg hgld ygur attentign at his vivid patterning, and his rather
this mgnth’s Jgburg Art Fair, cglgurful sense gf humgur. There’ll
including such eye-catching be mgre gf his wgrk gn display
wgrks as this felt cgllage at the Fair, algng with that
by Cape Tgwn artist gf artists frgm at least
Jgdy Paulsen. Entitled 45 galleries acrgss the
Snake Woman, it’s gnly cgntinent. Fgr the curigus,
when ygu lggk deeply it’s an awesgme crash
engugh that ygu cgurse in cgntempgrary
start tg disentangle African art and a great
the varigus way tg keep abreast
cgmpgnents gf emerging and
that Paulsen established artists.
has brgught Read mgre abgut
tggether tg Paulsen – as
create a strange, well as gther
almgst mask- artists wgrking
like pgrtrait, in uncgnventignal
albeit a mind- mediums – gn
bendy gne that page 74. Sandton
spans the gap Convention Centre,
between lurid 6–9 September,
and quirky. Lggk
clgser still andWords: Keith Bain, Picture: Snake Woman by Jody Paulsen, 2018 felt collage, image courtesy of SMAC
the flambgyant
depictign gf this t
wgman with tgg getTRIPWORTHY
many eyes and
snakes fgr hair might out & abou
even be Paulsen
himself. He says that SEPTEMBER 2018 27
this new series gf wgrks
intrinsically cgmments
gn his gwn identity – as a
persgn gf mixed heritage, as
a millennial, and as a gay artist.
‘There are queer and genderless
aspects abgut each gf these
pgrtraits,’ he says, ‘and I want it tg feel
relevant tg a brgad spectrum gf pegple
whg are queer gr whg feel queer.’ Ng
matter hgw queer (gr gtherwise) ygu
feel, it’s kind gf hard ngt tg be drawn in


Get outON OUR &RADAR about 1
1 Daring, dangerous, death-defying… role, this Cape Town Opera production, 2
Cirque Infernal is a human circus show directed by Matthew Wild, was first 3
featuring daredevil motorcyclists, trapeze mounted in 2015 with minimalist staging. 4 5
artists, a Russian contortionist, Romanian It’s a chilling production, a tour de force 7 6
strongmen and a French fire performer revealing the bitter fight for the throne and
named Varanella who also goes by ‘The rivalry for the love of Robert Dudley.
Queen of Darkness’. There’s also a Artscape Opera House, 26-29
professional Sufi dancer and a German- September,
born funambulist whose ancestors have
been walking the tightrope since the 5 Boschendal Wine Estate is the setting
Middle Ages. All these edge-of-your-seat for the fourth Fedhealth MTB Challenge
acts are coming to the Mandela stage at on 15 and 16 September. Designed with
the Joburg Theatre from 6 to 23 both serious and hobbyist bikers in mind,
September. the event includes fun children’s races
(from 500m to 5km) and more demanding
2 For active folks disinclined to laze about grown-up routes from 15km to 60km.
on Heritage Day, the FNB Joburg 10K
Cityrun is an easy run through the City of
Gold. It starts at FNB Bank City and ends at 6 Seen here are Francois van Coke and
Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown and is a guitarist Chris van der Walt (who plays
fun way to take in the city’s landmarks and with such bands as The Black Cat Bones,
built heritage, with loads of entertainment Boargazm and Vulvodynia) – just two of
and support along the way. 24 September, the legendary musicians who’ll be belting out tunes when 11 of the country’s best
rockers gather for the fourth instalment of
3 Performance artist Sikhumbuzo Blood Brothers. There are two concerts
Makandula, seen here in a work entitled – in Cape Town at the Zip Zap Circus
Mzilikazi, is among the artists lined up for School on 22 September, and at Platteland
Cape Town’s Live Art Festival taking place in Centurion on 29 September.
in various venues and public spaces around 
the city from 1 to 16 September. The free
festival features local and international 7 If you don’t know about Paw Patrol,
artists who’ll be pushing the edges of visual you obviously don’t have young children. If
and performance art. you do, you’d best make sure you have
tickets for Paw Patrol Live! Race to the
4 Written in 1835, Gaetano Donizetti’s Rescue, which brings the beloved canine
Maria Stuarda is a potent political opera heroes from Nickelodeon’s animated TV
portraying the fatal conflict between rival series into vivid reality using elements of
Tudor queens, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of bunraku-style puppetry. If your offspring
Scots. Starring Noluvuyiso Mpofu in the title require a plot, you can tell them that the SEPTEMBER 2018 29


8 pups (Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, tarmac. Aside from its main tyre- Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Bruce Viaene, The Image Engineer for Texxandthecity, Andre Badenhorst,
9 Zuma, Sky and wverest) will be searching for screeching, rubber-burning Driftkhana Institute For Creative Arts, Tobias Ginsberg, Peter Kirk Media, Supplied
Mayor Goodway after she goes missing on competition, this action-packed
10 the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race. motorsport festival includes displays of
Ticketpro Dome, Joburg, 20–21 October, cars and motorbikes, drift rides for
11 Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town spectators, a skate park and sound
27–28 October, demonstrations. And, of course, there’ll be
12 food trucks. 24 September,
13 8 One of the UK’s true kings of comedy,
Jimmy Carr is known for his deadpan 12 Neo-soul icon wrykah Badu headlines
14 delivery, his ridiculously high-pitched laugh the DStv Delicious International Food and
and his unrelenting servings of one-liners Music Festival at the Kyalami Grand Prix
that travel progressively further below the Circuit in Midrand on 22 and 23 September.
belt. He’s performing his new show, The The festival showcases top-notch ‘culinary
Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits creatives’ such as Reuben Riffel and many
World Tour at the Teatro at Montecasino in others on the Delicious Mile – the festival’s
Joburg, on 21 and 22 September, and at gourmet street-food market. Other
Grand Arena, GrandWest in Cape Town on musicians on the bill include New Zealand
29 September. Aside from hearing him multi-instrumentalist and singer Jordan
laugh like a drunk hyena, audiences are in Rakei, funk DJ collective Jazzanova and
for a special treat as he deals with British acid jazz band, D’Influence.
hecklers, so bring your worst insults!
13 Headbangers and metalheads are in
9 Based on the beloved Roald Dahl for a mind-altering treat when headline
character and acclaimed by some as the bands Miss May I (pictured) and Sikth take
decade’s standout musical, Matilda is to the stage during this year’s Krank'd Up
finally landing in South Africa. It opens on Music Festival at Sundowners in Alberton
17 October at the Teatro at Montecasino in on 29 September. Joining the international
Joburg and will make its way to Cape Town acts is an astounding array of local talent.
in December.

10 In Joburg Ballet’s new production of 14 One of our favourite stand-up
The Nutcracker, you can join Clara and the comedians, Alan Committie, is going all
Nutcracker Prince on a balletic journey to serious for a while, having teamed up
the Land of Sweets, and watch as they alongside actress Nicole Fortuin in a new
dance through snowflakes, discover production of David Mamet’s powerful play,
waltzing flowers and meet the Sugar Plum Oleanna. The thrilling, intellectually
Fairy. Joburg Theatre, 5–14 October, captivating drama gets to grips with, hard-hitting issues of sexual politics and
gender-based power in the context of a
11 This Heritage Day, Cape Town’s Grand university student-lecturer relationship.
Parade will turn into a petrolheads’ Few theatre pieces could be more relevant
paradise when the spinning wheels and right now. Fugard Studio Theatre, Cape Town,
roaring engines of Drift City take over the from 14 September,



Not every story has a silver
lining. Biénne Huisman meets
the star of a new film based
on a real human tragedy that
played out on the Cape Flats

We’re at Atlantic Film a thick white robe over her character’s ‘I followed Ellen’s case closely from
Studios in Cape Town, long dress and headscarf. Her voice is when the story broke in the media,
in the dressing room precise and clear, eyes blazing over a and immediately I had compassion for
of actress Jill Levenberg. She’s on her wide smile. Then she breaks down and her,’ says Levenberg. ‘In Cape Town,
lunch break, between shoots for the weeps while discussing Ellen Pakkies, the we’re no strangers to tik. Every second
kykNET soapie Suidooster, in which she woman she portrays in a new film based household on the Cape Flats has
plays matriarch Mymoena Samsodien. on a true story – the events of which this problem, so I knew where she
Outside it’s raining and Jill is wrapped in shocked South Africa in 2007. came from.’ SEPTEMBER 2018 33


Don't miss!

Ellen: The Ellen Pakkies
Story stars stage and TV
actress Jill Levenberg as Ellen
Pakkies, and Jarrid Geduld as
her son, Abie. The film, which has
already impressed audiences at
international festivals, opens in
local cinemas on 7 September.

In September 2007, former nurse habit. Abie’s father, Odneal Pakkies, the life of her own child?’ The finished
Ellen Pakkies, then 47, strangled her a car guard, got his son a job as a car film has already had a chance to shine
youngest son, Abie Pakkies, with a rope guard too, but Abie stole light bulbs off overseas – it drew praise from audiences
as he lay sleeping. He was 20 years the vehicles and used them to smoke at film festivals in Rotterdam and
old at the time. The Steenberg Police tik. He continued to raid his family’s flat Seattle – and will finally open at local
Station confirmed that she had laid six in Dover Court in Lavender Hill on the cinemas this month.
complaints against Abie in the three Cape Flats, until they banished him to
years before she killed him – for stealing a room in the back yard. This is director Daryne Joshua’s
and for possession of drugs. On 11 second real-life drama, following the
September, she found another bag of Ellen and Odneal still live in the success of Noem My Skollie, which was
stolen goods in his room. She snapped, same house – and this is where Ellen: South Africa’s official entry for 2016’s
strangled him, and immediately handed The Ellen Pakkies Story was filmed Foreign Language Oscar. Levenberg
herself over to the police, where she over a five-week period last year. The featured in that too.
was charged with murder. film’s driving question is: ‘What pushes
a loving mother so far that she takes For Levenberg, the film is a passion
Her murder trial started at the project that reaches beyond art.
Wynberg Magistrates Court in December
the following year, where a picture of
horrific domestic violence emerged.
Abie threatened both his parents at knife
point, set their curtains alight and stole
his mother’s underwear in a relentless
quest to fund his methamphetamine



‘Ellen and i have sat and spoken and so we got out of the area and waited leave me just yet. it was difficult. i got
laughed and cried together. i’m getting a day. Some of the local people were off Ellen’s set and had to go right back
emotional just talking about it again,’ involved as extras, they were lovely and to being Mymoena immediately. The
she says, swiping a robed arm over her very excited. Neighbours would stand characters – Mymoena and Ellen – were
face. ‘i can tell you there are thousands around while we were filming, shouting wrestling with each other in my mind.
and thousands of Ellens in and around “Aaaand action!”’ Portraying a character, it’s like having
Lavender Hill and all over the Cape a baby. A lot of artists speak about
Flats. This is a story that needs to be it was a tough role, and while making the post-production blues, you know,
told, these people’s voices need to be the film Levenberg isolated herself near you have to say goodbye to something
heard. i’m not a mother and i’ve never Bloubergstrand. ‘i moved to a place near you’ve birthed.’
had children but i understand from a the beach for some time, where i was
woman of colour’s perspective what it away from my family. i did that because On Suidooster’s set, Levenberg’s lunch
is to struggle.’ i really needed to be silent,’ she says. break is nearly over. ‘The film? Well, it’s
both beautiful and tragic,’ she says. ‘We
in a bizarre twist of fate – which in fact, Levenberg says she stayed on just really hope it will make a difference.’
Levenberg insists is not a coincidence in Blouberg for a few months after the
– it turns out that she and Ellen grew film wrapped. ‘See, Ellen did not want to While it’s a riveting drama, the
up in homes just a block apart on 12th filmmakers have hopes that Ellen will
Words: Biénne Huisman, Pictures: Supplied Street, in Kensington, on Cape Town’s help shine a spotlight on South Africa’s
northern fringes. drug and gangster scourge, and bring
some attention to a systemic failure to
About 20 kilometres south, Lavender protect society’s poorest.
Hill is dangerous; volatile and bullet
ravaged. But the filmmakers felt safe.
‘We had a good relationship with the
people there,’ says Levenberg. ‘One
of the unit’s guys communicated with
gangs in the area, so we were kept out
of harm’s way. They even warned us
when a gang fight was about to happen, SEPTEMBER 2018 37



16 September,

For the fifth time
in history, the Red Bull
Box Cart Race is being held
in South Africa – the last time we
hosted the event was in 2010 when
it happened in Soweto. This month,
the action takes place on Sandton
Drive in Joburg and organisers say
it’s the steepest Box Cart Race
of the year. The pits open at
10am and the last race is

scheduled for 4pm.

t’s pot d scepe from the pext hdppeped ip Belgium ip 2000. Sipce guts dpd d geperous portiop of derripg-
Lego-ipspired movie, but dctudlly thep, there hdve beep d hdpdful of rdces do – plus they peed some serious
Cipcippdti’s ‘Everythipg is Awesome’ held ip differept cities droupd the world imdgipdtiop. For evep if there is very
box cdrt tedm competipg ip ope of the edch yedr, dpd for the first time sipce little glory, there will be spills, thrills
world’s crdziest evepts bdck ip 2015. 2010 ope of the rdces is hdppepipg ip dpd plepty of crdzy costumes dpd
Teeteripg dt the edges of profoupd South Africd. odd-lookipg coptrdptiops. The cdll is
sillipess, sheer brdvddo dpd dwesome for hdpdmdde, motorless, humdp-
ipgepuity, Red Bull’s Box Cdrt Rdce is dp While there’s pot pecessdrily much powered crdft thdt will set off dlopg
ipsdpe little evept ipvolvipg ipdividudlly- physicdl stdmipd or fitpess ipvolved, d predomipdptly dowphill course towdrds
desigped pop-motorised crdft thdt first the mep dpd womep who sigp up for this the fipish lipe. Op top of hdvipg the
pdrticuldr rdce do require copsiderdble SEPTEMBER 2018 39

EXPERIENCE THE AWESOME DOWNHILL Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Joe Gall, Craig Kolesky,
Damiano Levati, Dean Treml, all courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool
Only human-powered cra are
permitted – no engines, batteries,
electricity, catapults or external
sources of energy.
Racing machines cannot be
more than 2m wide, 6m long
and 2.5m tall.
Each cra may weigh no more
than 80kg.
Cra must have functional brakes
and a steering mechanism.
Drivers must be 18 or older.

capability to move along the ground,
the carts need to be jazzed up for
the challenge of entertaining the
gathered crowd.

Some 80 teams will race their dream
machines against the clock, but it’s
not merely about crossing the finish
line at a breathtaking pace. Points
are awarded by a panel of judges who
take into account the show put on by
the crew of each cart – team spirit,
costumes and design ingenuity are
vital. Although speed is one criterion
and the fastest carts are looked upon
favourably, judges are looking for
ostentatious and even preposterous
box cart designs that incorporate wild
creativity. ‘Speed is nothing without
personality,’ say the organisers, so
competitors are encouraged to ‘dazzle’
the judges with showmanship. Part of
the action is a stage routine performed
prior to setting off.


There are two
Fedhealth Impi Challenge

events left this year:
Impi Challenge #3 happens in
Gauteng at Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij
near Hartbeespoort on 6 October,
and Impi Challenge #4 happens

at Wiesenhof Wildlife Park,
Stellenbosch on

17 and 18 November.


With the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in
Nelson Mandela Bay kicking off the triathlon
season this month, Danilo Acquisto shares
the secret to activating your active self



Interview: Keith Bain, Picture: Supplied Sports were never my thing. realising it, I’d run my first 12km race DANILO’S ‘PLACE IN THE
My jock brother was always the and finished the Cape Town Cycle Tour. RACE’ STRATEGY
first team rugby player – and When I asked myself what was next,
all the girls loved him. In fact, girls ‘triathlon’ was the answer… And so e idea is to ‘just do it’. Many people
used to walk me home after school I joined the Sports Science Institute’s assume that all these events are hectic
and I’d think, ‘Oh, this is quite cool,’ Tri-Fit programme which prepares Ironman competitions. ey’re not.
but eventually they’d start staring at you for a three-discipline race over an Anybody can do an Impi Challenge or
their watches and say, ‘So, when’s your eight- or 11-week period. I did my first a sprint triathlon. Even if you’ve never
brother getting home?’ sprint triathlon last year and loved it. run or swum or cycled that far and you
There is something so beautiful about end up taking longer than everybody
Part of the reason I never pursued discovering that you really do have it in else, you will manage to complete it. It’s
sport was that I believed there was you; it’s a mental and physical reminder not impossible – even with minimal
always someone better than me. After that you’re capable of more than what training. Do the first one to get over
school, going to the gym was the only you think you are. And then, whether the idea of it, and you will find out
exercise I did and I became very unsure you’re entering boardrooms, appearing that your body is capable of doing it.
about the trainers I was working with. on a TV show, or dealing with a difficult You can do it, and you will surprise
They just all seemed to be jocks with time in your life, you can look back at yourself by finishing. e trick is
too much testosterone – what were a race like that and be reminded that simple: book a ticket. Don’t even worry
they training for anyway? you’re capable. Pushing through that about training. Don’t worry about
stuff becomes evidence that there’s being prepared. Even if it’s five months
That was until I was approached by more potential in you than you ever down the line, book yourself a place
the Sports Science Institute of South imagined – you just have to put yourself and hopefully it will motivate you to
Africa; they asked if I’d like to try out there and do it. Break through your eventually get to the gym. Just book
‘holistic training’, which sounded right personal barriers and recognise that the race. at’s the biggest thing.
to me. So I joined their programme you can do hard things.
and trained myself for my first-ever
event, the Impi Challenge. It was a fun For someone like me who is self-
5km course with obstacles and mud conscious and a bit insecure, it took
and running on trails. I did it and loved some doing to step up and be the ‘fit
it! There was great gees, amazing guy’, but by actually completing these
camaraderie, and it was fun time spent events, I’ve learnt that there’s more in
outdoors. It was something I’d never me than I knew. The triathlon season
imagined doing. I thought, ‘That was starts in September, so I’m gearing
awesome, what’s next?’ up… What’s next? Who knows. Maybe
a half Ironman.
So I entered another Impi Challenge
and did it faster, and before even SEPTEMBER 2018 43



Want the whole place to yourself? Here are three gorgeous
‘exclusively-yours’ pads where you can hole up for a couple of
nights with only your nearest and dearest for company

LA RIVE, FRANSCHHOEK yet you feel a million miles away from and a grand
anything resembling a bustle or a crowd. piano that
Once you get over the attention to detail Despite the antique furniture, impressive jostles for
in the vast living room and that sweeping collection of artworks and fine finishes, attention with
view across the length of the swimming there’s a pervading homeliness, so you feel state-of-the-art
pool and up towards the mountains, it’s effortlessly at ease, comfortable, relaxed. speakers through
the garden that will take your breath There are six bedrooms, all in different which to pump your
away. Spread over two and a half acres, parts of the house – aside from the master own tunes. There’s a
immaculately tended, and imbued with suite, there are garden and loft rooms, plus top-notch chef, butler and kitchen staff to
its own burbling stream, fish ponds and all sorts of nooks and crannies and shaded make you feel special – you’re free to do as
fountains and rapturous birdlife, this is a verandas in which to curl up in. Plus, an much or as little as you’re in the mood for.
genuine slice of countryside escape right indoor fireplace, braai areas, pizza oven,
in the heart of Franschhoek’s village. The
main road is within walking distance, and SEPTEMBER 2018 45


KOLKOL MOUNTAIN the main activity here is hiking up
LODGE, BOTRIVIER towards increasingly wondrous vantage
points for mind-melting views – there’s a
It’s a marvellous disappearing act getting 3km circular trail to walk and also a dam
there – 90 minutes from Cape Town, in which to swim. At night, it is you, the
beyond Elgin, down that roller-coasterish earth and the stars, so this is a perfect
Houwhoek Pass, across railway tracks, space in which to connect with the
onto a 7km gravel road from the little favourite people in your life, face-to-face.
town of Botrivier. Once here, you’re
ensconced by the uroenland Mountains,
wide-open space and raw beauty. There’s
a choice of stone-and-wood cabins, each
floating in a sea of fynbos and imbued
with large floor-to ceiling glass doors
which you can slide away to let the
outdoors in. They’re a gorgeous mix of
elegant rusticity – packed stone and
roughly-hewn wood offset by chunky
wrought-iron chandeliers, luxurious
linens, and such modern comforts as
iPod-connectable CD-players, dressing
gowns and slippers. Each cabin has a
stone hearth to curl up in front of, and
a personal wood-fired hot tub to laze
in as you stare across the reserve’s
vast panoramas – a grey-green carpet
stretching towards the Babilonstoren
Mountains. Aside from lazing and eating,

46 SEPTEMBER 2018 | 20 Maude Street, Sandton, Johannesburg | Tel: 011 884 1400

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