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PRIME - December 2019

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Choosing where
to invest


Opportunities beyond
our borders

Outdoor living
goes retro
Sleep tips


‘I will always be
an athlete’


Published by: Picasso Headline CONTENTS HAPPINESS,
An Arena Holdings Brand HEALTH AND
13th floor, 2 Long Street, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: +27 21 469 2400 Fax: +27 86 682 2926 Football legend Doctor Khumalo People like Doctor Khumalo make it look
easy, but it takes a lot more to remain
EDITORIAL 5 PROPERTY happy, healthy and wealthy in
Editor: Tersia Booyzen your prime.
Content Manager: Raina Julies Choosing where to invest We give you some financial and
Contributors: Delia du Toit, Michelle Lippert, Nia Magoulianti- emotional tips on getting kids
McGregor, Puseletso Mompei, Thando Pato 11 FINANCIAL FITNESS through school and university
Copy Editor: Brenda Bryden while coping with ageing parents.
Content Co-ordinator: Vanessa Payne Sandwiched between two generations
Digital Editor: Stacey Visser But, as the gurus say, you
12 INVESTMENT can’t pour out of an empty
DESIGN cocktail shaker.
Head of Design: Jayne Macé-Ferguson Designer: Archie Ndzo Opportunities beyound our borders
So some much-needed downtime and
Advert Designer: Bulelwa Sotashe 16 LEISURE a good night’s rest in a lifestyle estate helps
to recharge and refill.
SALES Cheers to local craft gins
Sales Project Manager: Merryl Klein, And, in case you have some spare cash,
[email protected], +27 21 469 2446 19 LIFESTYLE we investigate the benefits of offshore
property investments.
PRODUCTION Outdoor living goes retro
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His fondest memories of

the game are winning the

African Cup of Nations,

qualifying for the 1998

Soccer World Cup, and

winning the Mandela

Cup with Kaizer Chiefs

in 2001.

Khumalo was 35

when he retired from the

beautiful game, the age

most people only start to

FAST FACT attain their career goals. But
in sport it is different; the
During his career Doctor Khumalo physical constraints mean
played 397 games for Bafana Bafana you peak earlier.
He says he understood
and Kaizer Chiefs and scored the role that the fans and
75 goals. commentators played
in his life, and his goal
He is the 13th most capped South was to maintain a good
African football player. reputation that would last

In 1992 he was voted South African him beyond the field.
Footballer of the Year.


Retirement might have been

STILL a mental battle for some, but for
Khumalo it was inevitable and he took
it in his stride. He still plays a limited number of
games through the annual Legends Games that

TAHDDEICGTEADMTOE he organises, he goes to the gym regularly and
watches what he eats. “There are certain things in
your genes that you cannot forget. I will always be
involved in the game. I will always be an athlete.
Some of the current players talk to me about
certain issues that they encounter.”

Khumalo has carefully cultivated his career
post-football as an ambassador of the game. “If

you have protected your brand, people will look

Doctor Khumalo, one of South African football’s most celebrated players, up to you. I made sure my brand is sustainable
tells THANDO PATO why football is and always will be a part of his life and one that people can look up and relate to,”
he explains of his success as a commentator and

technical assistant.

His future goal now is the Doctor Khumalo

I t has been 17 years since football legend football commentator on national telecaster SABC. Academy, an academy for male and female budding
Doctor “16V” Khumalo retired from playing The latter is an integral part of his life. “I may not footballers between the ages of 6 and 19, which will
professional football. Although he has hung be playing competitive soccer, but I am clued up on open its doors in January 2020.
up his number 15 jersey for Kaizer Chiefs what is happening. I am addicted to it as a sports
and Bafana Bafana, he is still heavily involved in the commentator and someone who has coached.” “I will always be involved in
sport that built his career and his brand. the game. I will always be
Khumalo keeps abreast of local and international
During his heyday, Khumalo was dubbed the football on TV while also reading extensively on

“magician” by some sportcasters due to his ability the sport. an athlete.” – Doctor Khumalo
to dribble and score goals. He was comparable in So how did he prepare for retirement from a

talent, say some sports veterans, to Maradona and game that is clearly in his blood? “I guess at some

Lionel Messi. stage I knew it [retirement] was going to happen. I “I decided to launch the academy due to demand.

Since his retirement from playing the game, didn’t prepare for it; I just had a feeling that I had to People kept asking me about my legacy, so this is a IMAGES: SUPPLIED

Khumalo has been involved in football as an stop while I was in my prime. I didn’t want people project that is built firstly, on my personal passion

assistant coach for Kaizer Chiefs; a technical director booing me off the field. I decided to stop while I was and knowledge of football, and secondly, because of

for local team Baroka FC; a football columnist; and a still ahead.” the need expressed by the public.”




With di erent living and lifestyle developments mushrooming across the country, choosing where
to invest can be a daunting task. DELIA DU TOIT asked the experts for advice

T oday, several new options Bruwer to all residents as needed, while estate within another development offers the
are available to suit de Jager multigenerational estates have opportunity to remain part of a larger community
almost any lifestyle opt-in care. Retirement villages are of differing ages and lifestyles, adds Rodrigues.
and budget. The only often less costly than assisted care
difficulty is choosing the right in other settings, says Bruwer de There are, however, several differences that
option for you. Jager, national sales manager at depend on the development rather than the age
Devmark Property Group. group it’s aimed at. Hayden Giger, head of growth at
MATURE LIFESTYLE At a minimum, people should FNB Private Bank Lending, says when making your
PREFERENCES choice you should consider:
ensure that their choice includes • Your dependants: Certain retirement options will
Though they go by various names there at least primary healthcare and
are really three broad options to choose emergency health alerts and services, says not allow dependants younger than a certain age.
from: Multigenerational lifestyle estates where Miguel Rodrigues, director at Rabie Property Group. • Your pets: Certain estates don’t allow pets.
anyone can live and where opt-in care or facilities “Even if the development does not have its own frail
are available; retirement estates or villages limited care facility, you must be able to have optional home Miguel
to residents of a certain age; and retirement homes care should you need it.” Rodrigues
where the focus is on providing care for those Design will also differ between the three options.
who are either semi-independent or completely “Lifestyle estates usually have larger units, often
dependent. Each has its pros and cons, and your double-storey unit designs, while retirement villages
choice is entirely dependent on your needs. have smaller units and are mostly limited to single
storeys,” explains De Jager.
The biggest differences are in the level of Lastly, of course, both retirement estates and
healthcare and the design of the buildings. homes are limited to certain age groups, while a
Retirement homes focus on assisted living and multigenerational lifestyle estate or a retirement
healthcare, retirement estates offer healthcare

Leloko Eco Estate
near Hartbeespoort Dam.




According to the FNB Estate Agents
survey, downscaling with maturity
constitutes about 20 per cent of the

total property sales in SA.
is is more prevalent in the upper
end of the market, where such sales
can be as high as 25 per cent of

market volumes.

Langebaan Manor. Oasis Life, Clara Anna
Fontein near Durbanville.

• Your hobbies: Does the development offer “ ough homes can be valuable assets to own and
recreational activities, sports, or transport to o er perks like stability, tax bene ts and equity, they
such facilities?
can be costly.” – Wikus Lategan
• The management: Is there good security? Are
there strict rules residents must follow, and part of the estate and will be inherited by says Rodrigues. “You will be protected by the
recourse for noisy neighbours, for example? Housing Development Scheme for Retired
beneficiaries, adds Mmule Lebeloane, a director Persons Act. This means that you are assured
• The setting: Do you prefer an urban, suburban or of a home for the rest of your life, which is not
rural lifestyle? And how far is the development at Projectprop (developers of Leloko Eco Estate the case when renting. Your levies will also be
from medical facilities, shopping complexes, kept stable with no special levies, which allows
and more? near Hartbeespoort). As such, says De Jager, you to plan more accurately.”

SOUND FINANCIAL CHOICES buying a unit at age 50 makes much more sense MAKING YOUR CHOICE

Housing costs will be part of your budget, whether than buying a unit at age 80. “If you invest Research is key when making your decision, says
you rent or own, says Wikus Lategan, CEO of De Jager. “Firstly, location is incredibly important.
property developers Calgro M3. The decision to in a stable property market with good capital Whether you choose an urban or rural setting,
buy or rent will depend on your age, lifestyle, identify safe areas within established, stable
budget and requirements. “Though homes can appreciation, it can also produce good rental markets and where municipalities are in good
be valuable assets to own and offer perks like shape. And when you’ve decided on an estate
stability, tax benefits and equity, they can be yield for investors.” or village, make sure the developer is registered
costly. Fluctuations in market value, unexpected under the Retired Persons Act 65 of 1988, which
maintenance expenses, and insurance deductibles • Sectional title ownership: With a sectional title, protects you as a client from any capital risk
can all increase ownership costs.” during the development period — essentially
the management, maintenance and insurance of preventing the developer from running away
There are several pros and cons to consider when with your money.”
making your decision. the property is managed by the body corporate,
• Renting: Renting provides more flexibility and Now, set a realistic financial budget and consult
says Giger, and you should have capital growth on a financial adviser if necessary, says Lategan.
liquidity, and you’ll spend less money and time Know exactly what you can afford — now and
on maintenance – leaving you more money to your investment to boot. But sectional title units in the future — before you even start looking at
enjoy life, says Lategan. The cost of holding the properties. To fine-tune your decision, make a list
property (levies, taxes and maintenance of the have limitations, cautions Lebeloane. “What you of your physical, medical and emotional needs and
superstructure) remains the responsibility of the look for options that meet those needs. Schedule a
property owner. Giger says you should keep in buy is what you will live in — you won’t be able to tour and see if it speaks to you and your needs.
mind, however, that renting could become very
expensive over a longer period as the make major structural changes. These units are Of course, finding the absolute perfect place
landlord increases the rent amount at the perfect price is like finding a needle in a
year on year. usually attached or semi-attached, so you’ll likely haystack, so it could be a good idea to split your list
• Full title ownership: Giger says of needs into three, says Lebeloane: features you
full title ownership offers perks be aware of neighbours’ movements and sounds. absolutely cannot do without, features that would
such as more privacy and leeway be nice to have, and features you don’t need.
to remodel (within estate limits). This type of living requires neighbourly patience
“But consider that you will also Lastly, urges Lategan, read the housing contract
be responsible for maintenance, and tolerance, but also gives a sense of community very carefully and review it with a lawyer if
insurance, capital growth on you’re unsure of anything. It’s a big decision, but do
investment, tax, and other costs.” since residents are likely to see each other often.” it right, and you could spend your retirement years
Buying property later in living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
life will mean that the • Life rights: Despite reference to the buying and
property will form
selling of a unit, there is no purchase of real

estate here. Rather, you would purchase the

right to live in a unit while the developer

retains ownership. The purchase

price will be a pre-determined

amount, which is often viewed as a

lifetime of rental paid in advance.

The unit won’t form part of a

deceased estate — it will be sold,

and your heirs may only receive

a percentage of the purchase

price, the remainder of which is

placed in a stabilisation fund,

explains Lategan. As such, IMAGES: SUPPLIED

it’s not an investment

Mmule vehicle, but it does
Lebeloane offer some perks,



Property developer Projectprop is selling three pieces of land in the
sought-a er Hartbeesport area

P rojectprop (Pty) Limited is a property vary in size and, therefore, selling price. Phase 1 and that, Projectprop engaged professional companies
development company that owns and 2 are fully sold out. About 380 full title erven are and consultants to focus on the development of an
wishes to sell part or all of its assets to available for sale across Phases 3–5. All the phases implementation strategy, curriculum and designs
interested buyers or investors. These have generous green belts to cater for the roaming that support this concept.
assets are a bundle of three pieces of land in Kosmos game. The sectional titles stands are zoned for
Extension 7, 8 and proposed Extension 9 in the 90 townhouse units per hectare. Part of Phase 4 is MAGALIES NATURE RESERVE
Hartbeespoort area in the North West province. earmarked for a retirement village and frail care
Projectprop’s business model is simply selling stands facility. The Leloko Hartbeespoort Association is The mountain piece of land is spread over
to people who wish to build houses, or to investors a fully functioning homeowners association that 258 hectares and is divided into two by the new
who want to develop sectional title stands. runs and maintains the estate as well as Sanral road. This land forms part of the Magalies
the infrastructure. Nature Reserves and as such its development is
Given the proximity of the area to Johannesburg, limited to one structure. Given its prime location and
Pretoria and Rustenburg, home buyers from these PROPOSED KOSMOS the new road, the land presents unique potential
areas have been flocking to Hartbeespoort, which is EXTENSION 9 business opportunities for the establishment of a
regarded as the ideal second or holiday home area. service station or a game lodge.
The estates with dam frontage have attracted people The farmland is currently unserviced, measures
who work in the cities but prefer to live in eco and 76 hectares and is the remainder of Portion 129, FOR MORE INFORMATION
lifestyle estates. which is reserved for the establishment of Kosmos
Extension 9. With the proposed township layout, the 011 883 1832/33
The three parcels of land up for sale are the Leloko land has a density of seven Res 2 erven totalling [email protected]
Lifestyle Estate, Eastern farmland (proposed Kosmos 36.7 hectares, two boathouse or storage erven
Extension 9) and a piece of the mountain land totalling 1.96 hectares, 1 clubhouse erf of
situated in the Magalies Nature Reserve. Each parcel 1.13 hectares, 2 private open spaces totalling
of land is distinct from each other, but all boast a 30.6 hectares and 1 private road erf of 5.83 hectares.
view of the Hartbeespoort dam and the Magalies The Res 2 erven have town planning controls of
mountain range. A recent independent valuation of three storeys with coverage of 40 per cent while
the asset valued all the remaining Projectprop land boathouses/storage erven are limited to one storey.
at R300 000 000. The Res 2 stands have mixed unit densities ranging
from 70–90 units with up to 2 936 units allowed on

The Leloko Lifestyle Estate is fully-serviced and Apart from building residential units, Projectprop
self-sufficient in terms of bulk infrastructure and has explored other development opportunities
reticulation. It consists of 729 full title stands, for which this land can be used. As such, a project
14 sectional title stands, 1 retail site, 1 office block, was undertaken to explore the possibility of
1 boathouse site, 1 exclusive cluster site, and building a high-tech boarding school that caters
1 clubhouse erf. It boasts jetties and a boat launching for mainstream and technical curricula. A market
site. The estate is divided into five phases with Phase study was undertaken to establish demand for such
1 closer to the main entrance gate and Phase 5 closer a concept and the outcome proved positive. Based on
to the dam. The full title erven from Phases 1 to 5


HARTBEESPORT P rojectprop (Pty) Limited is a property
PRIME PROPERTY development company that owns and
UP FOR SALE wishes to sell part or all of its remaining
land asset to interested buyers or
Property developer Projectprop is o ering private buyers or investors the investors. Projectprop is a developer company of
chance to purchase prime land in the scenic and trending Hartbeesport area the Lekolo Lifestyle Estate in the Hartbeespoort
area. This estate — Projectprop — is part of the total
8 PRIME original 486-hectare land parcels situated on the
northern banks of the Hartbeesport Dam. The
three parcels of land owned by the company form
part of Kosmos Extension 7, 8 and the proposed
Extension 9 in the Hartbeespoort area in the North
West province. Approximately 258 hectares consist
of land that is not fully developable as it is a nature
reserve and only one structure can be built on it.
The remaining 223 hectares consist of serviced land
(Leloko Lifestyle Estate — Kosmos Extension 7 and
Kosmos Extension 8) and unserviced land (farmland
— reserved for Kosmos Extension 9). The estate
consists of serviced stands and covers an area of
146.8 hectares, while the farmland measures
76.2 hectares.

Projectprop’s business model is simply selling
stands to people who wish to build houses, or to
investors who want to develop sectional title stands.
This selling has mainly been through agents.


The Leloko Lifestyle Estate is fully-serviced and
self-sufficient in terms of bulk infrastructure and
reticulation. It consists of 729 full title stands,
14 sectional title stands, 1 retail site, 1 office block,
1 boathouse site, 1 exclusive cluster site, and
1 clubhouse erf. The estate boasts the following
amenities and infrastructure:
• Security fence with an entrance gatehouse
• 20 MVA electricity substation with capacity to

serve 10 000 households
• Entertainment area at the waterfront with public

pool and braai facilities
• Road network
• Sewerage
• Water reticulation
• Electricity
• Street lights
• Boathouses
• Jetties
• Boat launching site

The estate has generous green belts and views over
the Hartbeespoort Dam in a beautiful landscape
and an indigenous African theme. The designs of
the homes are supported by elegant architectural
solutions to community living. Stone, wood, red
earth, thorn trees, light and reflective water are the
consistent themes in and around the estate.


Architectural style the new road, the land presents unique potential town offers an array of amenities including schools,
The views in Leloko and indigenous yet luxurious. business opportunities for the establishment of a colleges, shopping malls, medical facilities, and
Leloko give the feel of a wild eco living and service station or a game lodge. leisure activities. The Hartbeespoort area offers both
embodies community living. The nature zones offers commercial and domestic properties — these range
children a safe environment to play in and stretch ESTATES IN THE from beautifully extravagant guesthouses to affordable
their imaginations, while also providing room for HARTEBEESPOORT AREA family homes. The area’s income category is considered
the game to roam. to be largely wealthy (LSM 10) and current owners are
Many of the higher-priced sales of Hartbeespoort middle-aged and mature, ranging from 36 to 50 years
The estate is divided into five phases with Phase 1 houses are in the popular lifestyle estates market of age.
closer to the main entrance gate and Phase 5 closer with estates like Pecanwood Golf Estate, Westlake
to the dam. The full title erven from Phases 1 to 5 Estate and Caribbean Beach Club Estate accounting There is, however, an observed trend of younger
vary in size and, therefore, selling price. Phase 1 and for a significant percentage. The Island Estate is also property purchasers, under 35, acquiring homes in the
2 are fully sold out. About 380 full title erven are another popular estate. Hartbeespoort Dam area.
available for sale across Phases 3-5. All the phases
have generous green belts to cater for the roaming Many Hartbeesport INVESTMENT VALUE
game. The sectional titles stands are zoned for properties naturally offer
90 townhouse units per hectare. Part of Phase 4 spectacular and scenic views On a global scale, South Africa consistently performs
of the estate is earmarked for a retirement village of either the dam or the well compared with other major players in the
and frail care facility. The Leloko Hartbeespoort property arena. Returns are relatively high and risk
Association is a fully functioning homeowners mountains. relatively low. Hartbeespoort Dam, in particular,
association that runs and maintains the estate as has attracted significant buyer interest and can be
well as the infrastructure. At the higher end of the price spectrum are regarded as the next property “hot spot”. Properties
beautiful mansions, ranging from R5m to R40m. with proximity to water and exceptional views
PROPOSED KOSMOS At the mid-price level, property prices range from combined with a 21st century concept of sought-after
EXTENSION 9 R3m to R5m. At the lower price levels, prices estate living offer the potential for great returns for
range from about R750k to about R3m. Leloko is a investors. The estates with dam frontage have attracted
The farmland is currently unserviced, measures combination of all ranges. The sectional title stands people who work in the cities, but prefer to live in eco
76 hectares and is the remainder of Portion 129, can accommodate units for the low-end market and lifestyle estate.
which is reserved for the establishment of Kosmos while the full title stands can accommodate all price
Extension 9. With the proposed township layout, the ranges in the various phases. The minimum house The three parcels of land that Projectprop is
land has a density of seven Res 2 erven totalling sizes per phase are: selling are the Leloko Lifestyle Estate, Eastern
36.7 hectares, 2 boathouse or storage erven totalling • Phase 1: Blazing Sky — 140m2 farmland (proposed Kosmos Extension 9) and a piece
1.96 hectares, 1 clubhouse erf of 1.13 hectares, • Phase 2: Burnt Stone — 170m2 of the mountain land situated in the Magalies Nature
2 private open spaces totalling 30.6 hectares and • Phase 3: Dark Wood — 210m2 Reserve. Each parcel of land is distinct from each other,
1 private road erf of 5.83 hectares. The Res 2 erven • Phase 4: Ancient Earth — 255m2 but all boast a view of the Hartbeespoort Dam and
have town planning controls of three storeys with • Phase 5: Sacred Waters — 330m2 the Magalies mountain range. A recent independent
coverage of 40 per cent while boathouses/storage Buyers in Phase 5 can design homes according to valuation of the asset valued all the remaining
erven are limited to one storey. The Res 2 stands their tastes with the maximum allowable sizes. Projectprop land at R300 000 000.
have mixed unit densities ranging from 70–90 units
with up to 2 936 units allowed on this land. OVERVIEW OF HARTBEESPOORT FOR MORE INFORMATION

Apart from building residential units, Projectprop Hartbeespoort or “Harties” as the area is Contact: 011 883 1832 /33
has explored other development opportunities affectionately known is a small town flanked by [email protected]
for which this land can be used. As such, a project the splendour of the Hartbeespoort Dam and the
was undertaken to explore the possibility of Magaliesberg mountain range. The town is located
building a high-tech boarding school that caters 45 minutes away from both Johannesburg and
for mainstream and technical curricula. A market Pretoria, making it ideal for permanent residents
study was undertaken to establish demand for such as well as families looking for the perfect holiday
a concept and the outcome proved positive. Based on or weekend home. Given the proximity of the
that, Projectprop engaged professional companies area to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rustenburg,
and consultants to focus on the development of an Hartbeespoort has seen a flock of home buyers
implementation strategy, curriculum and designs from these areas. Also, driving the interest in living
that support this concept. near the Hartbeespoort Dam is the fact that it is
only 30 minutes from Lanseria. Many Hartbeesport
MAGALIES NATURE RESERVE properties naturally offer spectacular and scenic
views of either the dam or the mountains. The
The mountain piece of land is spread over
258 hectares and is divided into two by the new
Sanral road. This land forms part of the Magalies
Nature Reserves and as such its development is
limited to one structure. Given its prime location and

prime 9




e ctional image of multigenerational families looks like rambunctious meals and shared tales around the
dinner table. However, writes PUSELETSO MOMPEI, this picture omits the overextended caretaker juggling

the responsibilities of raising kids and tending to ageing parents

M ore and more people are finding in trusts. Make use of interest-generating
themselves sandwiched between investments as part of the financial support and
two generations. Lifestyle coach use the interest rebates per individual on these
and financial planner Mary amounts to provide a stable, tax-free return.”

Fourie acknowledges the pressure this puts these The juggling act for the sandwich generation is

individuals under. “Financially you’re paying for not only demanding on the pocket, but can also

the day-to-day expenses of yourself, your children wreak emotional and physical havoc according

and your parents and you’re also needing to to Fourie. “You’re potentially stretching yourself

save so that you can break the cycle of financial very thin as you work to balance the needs of

dependency for yourself and your own children three generations. This can cause a strain on

when you stop working one day,” she explains. relationships as resentments and frustrations

“The biggest challenge is that often the build. This could result in health issues and

reality of present day’s needs outweigh burnout if one needs to work extra hours, or more

the desire or responsibility to invest Mary than one job.”
in your own future, therefore, the Fourie Fourie cautions that preparing for the future

cycle is continued and not broken.” requires taking honest ownership of your life.

Christelle Louw, advisory “Think longer-term than just the present moment,

partner at Citadel, says that the financial resources to day, week or month. The difficult conversations

people should prepare for this support two generations, to to be had should centre on the financial facts. It’s

possible scenario by starting with Christelle identify separate capital funds important not just to talk about these things, but
the financial requirements of the Louw for each family as the income to act on plans to prepare for the future. It doesn’t

different generations and creating a requirement per family may serve anyone to dance around the issue, or not

“firewall” or pool of funds for each of them. differ and, therefore, the investment confront the reality.”

“It may be wise to consolidate expenses like allocation per family will differ. Louw echoes this and stresses that the entire

avoiding payment of double household insurance, Make sure that your core family’s investments family must be enrolled in finding solutions.

double maintenance, double rates and taxes and so and financial independence strategy stay on “Encourage small business thinking and earning

on for two households. Perhaps adding onto your track. If you support your family from your cash of additional income. Establish business-like

property to accommodate children and/or parents flow and not invested assets, make sure that you rules, schedule meetings and agendas to address

should be considered.” accumulate an additional emergency fund from cash flow requirements per family unit requiring

Since only eight per cent of the population is your cash flow to have a capital amount handy. financial assistance. Be transparent regarding

able to replace 75 per cent of their final income Louw’s advice is to “be mindful of 7C taxation available cash flow and lifestyle expenses for each

at retirement, Louw advises that if you find that has been introduced to loan accounts family unit.”

yourself having to care for two generations, but

aren’t prepared, “to revisit your personal financial

situation first — the last thing you want to do is to “Revisit your personal nancial situation rst — the last
burden your children by not being prepared for thing you want to do is to burden your children by not
your own retirement years. Be realistic about how being prepared for your own retirement years. Be realistic
you will be able to support your family and have
open conversations about expenses.”

 Louw advises people to make sure they have about how you will be able to support your family and have
an emergency fund to the value of three times open conversations about expenses.” – Christelle Louw
the family’s monthly expenses and, if they have

P R I M E 11



A more globalised world, new industries and economic trends warrant a look at how you can cash in on opportunities
beyond our borders. PUSELETSO MOMPEI investigates

Investing offshore allows you to gain access A tax clearance certificate is required Mitchell says there are several factors
to sectors and industries that may be small or
nonexistent in the local market, such as the first, which is not difficult to you should consider when
cutting-edge technology sector where you
could buy Apple, Google or Twitter shares. acquire. You simply go on the venturing into this territory.

If you are considering taking the plunge and South African Revenue FAST FACT “At a high level you need to
pouring your funds into offshore investments, Ben Services (Sars) eFiling make sure that the country
Mitchell, senior consultant at IP Global, says one platform and apply. Once South African-based investors sent you are considering has
of the key benefits is diversification and giving tax clearance has been about $4.9-billion, roughly R68.5- a stable political and
yourself a hedge against the political and economic provided, a local bank can billion, overseas in 2018. Sixty per cent economic environment,
volatility that we face locally. The Rand has lost a deposit the money in an of the money was invested in retail, and that the entry and exit
third of its value against the US Dollar in the past offshore account, which close to twenty per cent into each of the costs won’t bite into
five years and remains under pressure. Emerging can then accrue interest, the investment, that
markets that are rapidly growing offer the prospect be traded and used to buy office and industrial sectors. there is a transparent
of yielding better returns than those limited to the propert or bonds. legal and tax framework
domestic market. Source: US research and analytics
Ellina points out that group, Real Capital in place, that it is easy for an
Investing offshore provides investors with an Analytics (RCA)
opportunity to reduce their exposure to local risk
and allows investors to access the vast investment some locations, such as Cyprus, international buyer/investor to
opportunities available globally. 
Mauritius, Austria and St Lucia, offer get local mortgage finance, among
Jenny Ellina, founder and managing director
of Cypriot Realty, adds that another the opportunity to secure second citizenship other factors.”
advantage is that by internationalising
the investment you are creating or permanent residency through property WHAT TO KNOW WHEN
a legacy for your family and investment, so the property purchase results in a MOVING YOUR MONEY
safeguarding your wealth tangible benefit to the main applicant and family.
by diversifying your risk
exposure from a single country. Other potential benefits can include favourable Mitchell says the next step is to dig deeper and
“Apart from hedging against
the volatile Rand, an offshore tax regimes and solid capital appreciation. identify the areas you want to invest in within
investment can realise a decent
income, and depending on the The different vehicles for offshore those countries. “This is where you can become
location of the property will be
appealing to either a long-term tenant or investments include offshore unstuck unless you know what you’re looking
to the short-term, holidaymaker.”
venture capital, offshore mutual for.” The risks of putting your money in a different
funds and international market warrant seeking professional help;
According to regulations, every South African
citizen over the age of 18 is entitled to take real estate, and Mitchell experienced guides can assist by undertaking a
up to R1-million per calendar year offshore
without applying for permission from the South Jenny says each needs a tailored comprehensive research and due diligence process
African Reserve Bank. This is called your Single Ellina approach. “Different routes on behalf of clients.
Discretionary Allowance. South Africans can move
a cap of R10-million a year out of the country to will work for different clients “They will look at everything from the supply
foreign bank accounts, provided they are taxpayers
in good standing. and each one needs to and demand imbalance of a location, for instance,

be explored on a case by case assess if there is not enough property being

basis to determine the best options built to keep up with the demand,” explains

for them based on their individual set Mitchell. They will also identify if there are any

of circumstances.” regeneration or infrastructure projects being built

Increasingly, looking at offshore investments as that will drive future price growth and rental

part of their retirement planning is not just limited yields and look at the underlying sales and rental

to the super-rich, even middle-class individuals are market and its track record. “Only after thorough

looking beyond our borders to invest. However, investigation and when we are 100 per cent

retirement savers are constrained by regulation confident in a particular location will we identify

28 of the Pension Funds Act, which keeps their investment opportunities within it.”

offshore exposure to 30 per cent of the fund, According to Ellina, when it comes to the

but retired investors, who have invested their legalities around offshore investments, the most

retirement savings in living annuities are free to set important factor is proof of source of funds.

their own offshore allocations.  “There needs to be a clear connection between

If you’re a new entrant to this class of investing, the investor and the funds, with supporting

12 PR I M E


Mauritius has signed double tax avoidance
agreements with 46 states worldwide, 18 of
them from Africa, which makes investment in
this region quite attractive.

documentation as proof. Another important of R500 000) into a tax-free savings account (TFSA). terms, making it the fastest-growing wealth market
checklist item is a clean police clearance certificate.” A TFSA is not a single, standardised investment in Africa and one of the top three worldwide.
vehicle. It can be a money market or fixed-term Offshore investors can be tempted by simpler
She explains that when securing permanent bank account, a JSE-listed exchange-traded fund, or taxation systems, for instance, in Mauritius
residency or second citizenship through property a unit trust that invests offshore. corporate income and personal income are taxed
investment, requirements include securing at a maximum rate of 15 per cent, with further
apostilled unabridged personal documentation You can take your annual TFSA and invest it into tax concessions available. Mauritius does not levy
from South Africa, for example, birth, marriage a unit trust that invests offshore and pay zero tax withholding tax on dividends and there is no capital
and police clearance certificates, proof and source on it, locally and abroad. gains tax, property tax, or inheritance tax.
of income, and medical insurance in the country
of destination. Investors are advised to appoint TAX-FRIENDLY COUNTRIES The Caribbean offers some of the most popular
conveyancing attorneys in the jurisdictions they tax havens in the world, providing benefits such
are buying property to ensure they are fully Some countries have structured the tax regimes to as very low tax liability and financial privacy.
represented and protected. attract investors, sometimes controversially so. For Among the most used Caribbean tax havens are the
instance, Mauritius has signed double tax avoidance Bahamas, Panama, and the  Cayman Islands.
The extra charges that one could run into agreements (DTAA) with 46 states worldwide, 18
when investing offshore depend on the type of them from Africa. These bilateral agreements Despite the appeal, it is advisable to work with
of investment you are making, but according encourage investment by ensuring investors from a seasoned tax professional before setting up an
to Mitchell, they are not really that different one country operate in another without being taxed offshore account or business. The perfect scenario
to those you need to consider when investing twice on the same income. will be to bring your money back to South Africa
locally, especially when putting your money into when the Rand is weak and when you have
property. “It is things such as legal fees, stamp Over the past 10 years, the total wealth held in substantial gains on your investment.
duty/transfer duty, mortgage arrangement fees Mauritius has risen by 195 per cent in US Dollar
and furnishing the apartment, however, it is
IMAGES: SUPPLIED important to understand the different definitions “You need to make sure that the country you are considering
and processes before you embark on offshore has a stable political and economic environment, that the entry
property investment.” and exit costs won’t bite into the investment.” – Ben Mitchell

South Africans are allowed to invest a total of
R33 000 per year (maximum lifetime contribution

P R I M E 13



Nothing is more expensive than
a missed opportunity!

M any South Africans are buying • it’s the quickest process in Europe PROPERTY INSPECTION TRIPS
offshore property to acquire
permanent residency or second • all dependent children up to age 28, as well as We arrange personalised property inspection
citizenship. The main reason is trips for you to visit Cyprus and look at the
to formalise a Plan B to guarantee their family’s the investor’s parents qualify property options and experience the lifestyle on
future by protecting against political risk and offer. From arranging meetings with taxation
economic instability. • the properties can be rented out and legal specialists to opening up your offshore
bank account — we hold your hand every step of
Europe is by far the most popular investment • citizenship is for life and passed down the way.
destination. As the world’s largest single market
and global trading block, Europe is entering a through descent, offering a legacy to Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss
growth cycle; employment is on the incline plus the how we can help you invest safely in Cyprus and
lifestyle on offer ticks many boxes. future generations. realise your Plan B.

Cyprus, an English-speaking, ex-British colony Protect yourself, your family and your assets FOR MORE INFORMATION
and full EU member, has been voted as having the
best permanent residency and second citizenship from unpredicted events by taking advantage Jenny Ellinas, founder and managing director
programmes available. 083 448 8734
of the opportunity to secure permanent [email protected]
Permanent residency is granted in two months on
Cyprus’ Fast Track residency programme. residency or second citizenship in Cyprus
• the minimum investment is €300 000 cRyeparilot yt
• three generations qualify (including children up to while both of these programmes are still open.
age 25 and both sets of parents) Both of these options will guarantee your
• the property can be rented out
• there is no requirement to live in Cyprus, nor to be family’s future. LOGO

domiciled there for tax YOUR TRUSTED PARTNERS
• permanent residency is for life (never needs to
Cypriot Realty — a proudly South African
be renewed). company in operation for more than 11 years
Your EU passport is issued in six months via with offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Cyprus
Cyprus’ Citizenship through investment — is your trusted partner to realise your Plan
programme. B in Europe. We are recognised and respected
as southern Africa’s authoritative investment
specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal
destination for acquiring EU citizenship or
permanent residency, for property investment,
for immigration or retirement, and starting an
EU-based business. We understand investors’
needs, and we have an impressive track record
showcasing our success.

14 p r i m e


Gin a cionado, MICHELLE LIPPERT, reviews our new favourite tipple, cra gin

C raft gin is taking the good old G&T to a whole new level. Think elevated drinks … TAKING ON YOUR SENSES
I’m talking pink, Indian and elderflower tonics, and glasses bejewelled by fresh
fruit, mint leaves and even spices. Your imagination, and that of your mixologist, Barely a year old, and Smiths Gin has already taken
is the only limit. the craft gin industry by storm. All three inspired
With so many craft gins available in South Africa, and new tonic water flavours that almost gins have bagged awards in the 2019 SA Craft Gin
overwhelm, the combinations are literally endless. And there’s even a craft G&T for those who Awards: double gold for the elderflower and spiced
prefer a whisky on the rocks or brandy and coke, so vast is the flavour palette. So, get ready to gins, and gold for the citrus.
paint your very own G&T masterpiece.
Rachel Smith describes her namesake as a gin
CRAFTING A CLASSIC GIN for every palette. Smiths Gin’s Citrus, she says, is a
starting point for traditional gin lovers to expand
Matt Beech tells me about a journey that began when their palette just a little. Her Elderflower Gin is
he decided to take a gap year. It was when he started “light, floral, delicate and perfect for those who don’t
working on a boat that he took the first step, venturing like heavy flavours”.
into the cocktail industry. From there, he says, it was a
bit of luck and a lot of mentoring. And then there’s the Spiced Gin, double gold
winner, and for very good reason. It is, simply
Now 22, he is South Africa’s youngest distiller, put, bold and complex. Taking on your senses the
running his own still. His philosophy is simple: “I don’t moment you raise the glass to your nose. Smith
care for what anyone else is doing, what I am trying to describes it as “that moment you walk into the
do is focus on the classics. Gin done right.” Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg and you are
enveloped in a hug of spices, that’s what I envisioned
When the godfather of craft gin Roger Jorgensen with my spiced gin.”
has mentored you that philosophy is second nature.
And it doesn’t disappoint. I try it on its own as
Remember what I wrote about fruit bejewelled a shot, in a negroni, and as a single gin with
glasses? When I ask Beech about this trend, he nearly Indian Tonic. (Don’t worry, these
jumps through the phone. “That’s a South African trend, were tasters!) And I’d have to agree
and it’s just wrong. It’s about simple garnishes that complement a gin, not about a fruit with the creative mind behind this
salad in your glass.” triumph of a gin, but I liken it to
my Cape Malay roots. Especially
And on the topic of tonic, he is equally purist: “Pink tonic gets its colour from in the G&T, I immediately
additives. The same with cucumber tonics, that flavour is artificial. Just stick to get that spiced aroma. First, I
Indian Tonic.” His brand’s pay-off-line explains the reason behind naming this smell it, and then when I take
award-winning gin, “success is when your signature becomes an Autograph”. a sip, that aroma turns into
the same flavour.
The Gin Guide, a prestigious body dedicated to celebrating the most exceptional in
the world of gin, named Autograph the Best Gin in Africa for 2019, and just last year It envelops me, but it doesn’t
it bagged the award for the Top Scoring Craft Gin at the Michelangelo International overwhelm. Probably because
Wine & Spirits Awards. Smith had some of South
Africa’s masters of flavour back
So, what’s next for the “mad scientist” behind Autograph? “New developments include her vision. Celebrity chef Peter
limited-edition releases once a year. I’m thinking botanicals that are going extinct, Goffe-Wood, head of the Cape
creating something from ash … I’m not interested in creating anything sugary or fruity.” Wine Academy Harry Melck
and renowned mixologist Chantelle Horne.
“I’m thinking botanicals that are going extinct,
creating something from ash … I’m not interested For Smith, this is not just about award-winning
in creating anything sugary or fruity.” – Matt Beech gin. It’s also about being a part of growing the South
African economy. In the pipeline are plans to award
two bursaries for education in the hospitality
industry every year from the proceeds of her
business endeavours.

16 PR I M E



When thinking about a brand with purpose, Ginsmith pretty much ticks Smith says: “We cannot think of Ginsmith separate from the
all the boxes, with conservation and sustainability being core values of environment in which we create it, or from the magnificent Cape
the brand.
leopard that graces our farm and the Grootwinterhoek
African sage, wild rosemary and buchu are all hand- Mountains. We have been fortunate enough to have sighted the
harvested on the farm, which, along with the distillery, is leopard on a couple of occasions, to have heard them, and to have
powered by the sun. The gin itself is made from pristine seen their spoor.”
mountain water. If this isn’t enough, Ginsmith has also
partnered with the Cape Leopard Trust — R10 from every But let’s get down to the gin itself.
bottle sold goes towards the trust. On the issue of tonic water, Smith prefers Indian Tonic
because, “some of the coloured and flavoured tonics do not
“Everything we do is rooted in having an ethical and complement our gins, tending to rather overwhelm the subtlety
sustainable relationship with the environment and all who of the botanicals used in many a craft gin”.
inhabit it. It would be unthinkable for us not to have Why choose Ginsmith? Well, Smith says, because it is the real
a meaningful cause at the centre of our endeavour,” thing. “If the consumer wishes to experience handcrafted gins,
say Colleen Smith and Lesley Clarke, the partnership made in small batches of 200 bottles at a time, where mountain
behind Ginsmith. botanicals are hand-sourced by the people who then distil, bottle
and package, then Ginsmith answers all of these criteria.”
And you can tell these magnificent, endangered cats are And to top it off, it’s a multi-award-winning gin, having
close to the hearts of both Smith and Clarke. The farm is bagged seven gold medals, including one double gold, in its first
named Tygerkloof and the image of the extremely shy Cape leopard 14 months on the shelf.
graces every bottle.

P R I M E 17



The Cradle of Humankind is the home of and the The Wild Cucumber gin, which won gold in the True to his motto of not complicating IMAGES: SUPPLIED
inspiration behind the flavours of Flowstone Gin. year it was launched, is lovely with a slight back his flavours, Autograph Gin’s Matt
note of citrus. The Marula is fruitier and lighter, Beech recommends the Dr Rosso
When Glyn French describes the labour of love — 25ml Martini Rosso, 25ml of his
one can’t help but smile with her. “These soft, but it’s the Bushwillow that wins Distillery Road gin, topped off with
wonderful flavours are foraged from the lush, me over. It’s very soft, but very, very tonic and fresh orange slices.
mostly indigenous trees right here, around my flavourful. Glyn says this is the gin
home. Authenticity and pedigree, that is what lover’s gin, with woody, earthy tones. Smiths Gin’s Rachel Smith enjoys her
Flowstone is about.” But I pick up a floral, sweet citrus note, spiced gin with Indian Tonic and either
which Glyn attributes to mace. black peppercorns, rosemary or mint
She and her son Mark laugh when I to garnish.
say that it’s like the trees surrounding her These uniquely South African gins
property were just waiting for someone will soon find themselves in bottle Colleen Smith describes as “simply
to infuse their flavours into these award- stores in the US and France, with delicious” a Ginsmith Navy cocktail
winning gins. Unlike the centuries of history China showing some serious interest. from Alchemy bar in Ballito, made
that surround her property, Flowstone is just An incredible feat, given the craft gin using a dash of Angostura bitters,
over two years old. craze sweeping the globe, from Iceland a dried orange wheel, and some fresh
and Russia to the UK and Spain. Not coriander leaves.
Even more remarkable, is what it’s achieved forgetting the Philippines, which consumes more
in this short time, as the first gin range in the history than 43 per cent of the world’s gin. Glyn French recommends using
of the Michelangelo International Awards to be But Flowstone Gin manages to hold its own in Flowstone’s Bushwillow gin with Indian
awarded three concurrent double gold medals in 2019. a market that is constantly growing. Tonic, for a refreshing G&T. And here’s
And just a sip of any of the three will tell you why. the twist, char a few cashews in a dry
pan until well blackened, and serve
with some fresh thyme.

18 PR I M E



Creating an oasis in our outside living spaces this summer includes connecting with nature, our families
and Delicious Monsters, writes NIA MAGOULIANITI-MCGREGOR

“H ome for the holidays”. That’s Mobelli’s range of illuminated furniture, which become the sanctuaries to escape our hectic lives.
how Alon Sachs,
co-owner of includes coffee tables or bar stools is ideal. There is also a solid move away from woven plastic
specialist store,
Mobelli Furniture and Living, “They change colour as well!” furniture, which is a petrochemical material.”
describes the latest South African
summer trends in outdoor living. The colours grey and ecru still Like Sachs, Martin says conscious consumption is

There has been a shift in dominate big products like day now a “thing”. “Buy less, and be more selective,” he
perception, he says. “People’s
overriding desire is for connection beds, but scattered cushions range suggests. “Items should have integrity and quality.”
rather than conspicuous
consumption. There is a realisation from mustards to flamingo pink If you want to be on trend, says Martin, choose
that the magic happens when we’re
with our family and friends. That’s where our Alon in various textures and patterns. bold colours — come 2020 summer in Europe, the
happiness lies.” Sachs “This way it’s easy to change the
move will be towards saffron, rusts, and corals —
This, combined with a new awareness of
reducing harm to the environment, has seen the colour scheme of your space.” with strong geometric shapes such as circles and
“return of retro”. “We’re going back into the past
for our design inspiration, but using modern, high- Taste, says Sachs, has become triangles. “There’s a late mid-last century nostalgia.
grade, hassle-free materials that won’t wilt under
UV light and which are Teflon-coated to ward off so individualised, that it’s hard “Our Hula chair is very reminiscent of those
water. Consumers also want bigger, deeper, more
comfortable seats, because comfort is every bit as to go wrong. typical garden chairs of the 1970s — it’s playful
important as style now.”
Speaking at this year’s annual SA Design and nostalgic, but instead of the uncomfortable
The throwaway culture of past years is gone,
Sachs says. “We’re looking at a conscious consumer Indaba, forecaster Li Edelkoort says certain shades material of old, we make ours in rustproof stainless
who is looking to buy clever. They’re choosing
pieces with ‘staying power’ in sustainable materials are in this year. “Standouts include pink and bright steel. Stainless steel recycles well — there’s no
like aluminium that can be recycled to help
minimise environmental impact.” yellow,” she told visitors. “They’ll be used in small degradation of material and it’s too precious for

Sachs says for a bit of whimsy under the accessories that serve to ‘pop’ against their setting.” the rubbish dump,” he says. “It’s a reinterpretation
moonlight — and practical for power cuts too —
She says because of our tech-heavy lives, and the of the past — it may be something about climate

awareness of the deterioration change that has seen a

of our natural resources, “we nostalgia of the activism

will feel the need to ground of that time.

ourselves in nature.” “Gardens have moved

Haldane Martin of design away from colonial style to

firm Haldane Martin Design indigenous and water-wise.”

agrees. “People are feeling a But to be really on trend,

need to connect with nature. even on a budget, there’s a

There’s huge anxiety about must-have. Remember your

IMAGES: SUPPLIED climate change. Our indoor mom’s Delicious Monster

spaces have been invaded by plants? “They’re back in a

busyness, so our garden spaces, Haldane big way.”
Martin Now that’s retro.
our courtyards or patios have

P R I M E 19



One … two … if counting sheep has stopped

doing the trick, here are a few other ideas FAST FACT

for your best zzzz tonight • You spend about one-third of
By NIA MAGOULIANITI-MCGREGOR your life sleeping.

• Humans are the only mammals that

willingly delay sleep.

• e higher the altitude, the greater the

sleep disruption. e disturbance is

COTTON COMFY devices with their believed to be caused by diminished COLOUR
high concentration of oxygen levels, which elicit changes in CODED
• Yes, you’ll luxuriate in the feel of an 800 thread blue light affect levels respiration. Most people adjust to new
Egyptian cotton sheet, but, says Gaynor McVitty, of the sleep-inducing A new 2019 study
founder of homeware store Granny Goose, all you altitudes in about two weeks.
in the UK by Dulux

need to enhance a good night’s sleep is “pure, good hormone melatonin. So, Source: shows that the colour

quality cotton. In summer, try a more open weave while beneficial during the of your bedroom walls

like percale. Pure cotton fibre allows your skin to day because it boosts attention, affects how well you sleep.

breathe better than synthetic fibres that tend to reaction times, and mood, switch off In the study, respondents

insulate heat and cause overheating. Pure cotton your phone at night. Or, suggests Harvard considered green as the most restful

pyjamas will also help.” University neuroscientist Anne-Marie Chang in shade with a calming effect, helping to relieve people

• For your duvet, McVitty says, “pure down Scientific American, dim the brightness of your from stress. Dulux SA’s colour consultant Palesa

products have similar qualities to pure cotton in devices. “You can also make use of programs that Ramaisa also suggests the colour blue, which is

that they allow your body to maintain a constant filter out the blue light in associated with calm and rest. “A colour like Ascot

temperature while sleeping.” Similar in structure, the evening.” Blue —a light blue — permits you to take time out of

but more affordable than pure down, is a product MATTRESS MAGIC the daily hustle and bustle of life to get some rest.
called Fossflakes, a synthetic down-like filling Minimalist furniture and tactile throws will help

material for bedding products. It’s highly personal, but whether you like firm or soft, continue the relaxed feel.”

MARIE KONDO IT experts agree you should spend at least 20 minutes
lying on your chosen mattress in the store. Bed

• Tidy up. A recent study conducted at New York’s manufacturer Serta’s Crizelle Govender says a recent 5 SLEEP TIPS
St Lawrence University found that people who survey done by the company showed that 75 per
hoard objects tend to not sleep as well as those cent of those interviewed reported fewer relationship Dr Kevin Rosman of the Morningside Sleep
whose bedrooms were devoid of clutter. issues after buying a new mattress because they Centre, Johannesburg recommends the
said they were less likely to pick a fight with their following to ensure a good night’s sleep:
• In a 2015 study, US organisation the National • Never go to bed hungry.

Sleep Foundation also found those who make partner when well-rested. She advises you to consider • Keep regular bed and waking times.

their beds every day are more likely to have a a little more room too. “While your full-size mattress • Have a consistent bedtime routine for
good night’s sleep. may seem like a snug fit for you and your partner, about half an hour before bed — it
upgrading your mattress size can be a game-changer allows the brain to “switch off” before
FEELING BLUE in the comfort stakes — especially if pets usually end trying to sleep.
up on the bed too.”
• Scientists have long warned that light-emitting • Give yourself a break between working
and getting into bed — otherwise,

you’ll be full of the problems of the day.

Have a consistent bedtime routine for about half an hour Spend some time on a hobby instead. IMAGES: SUPPLIED
before bed — it allows the brain to “switch o ” before • It’s usually better to watch TV out of
trying to sleep.
bed, so the body learns that bed is
for sleeping.

20 PR I M E

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