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Kena Outdoor is a proudly South African Billboard One of the key highlights for Kena Outdoor is having
Media company that services its clients in placing their branded the Soweto Cooling Towers for its client FNB
advertising on large format billboards across the country, during the World Cup 2010 and recently branding
viewed by various types of audiences. Soweto Gold on the same iconic site which is one of
largest tourist landmarks in the country. The rebranding
We o er a boutique one stop solution that not only of The Soweto Towers remains one of the distinctively
provides billboard advertising but also the print recognized Out-of-Home innovations thus far in
production of the client’s artwork, as well as the ighting South Africa.
in-house which not only reduces costs for clients but
minimizes the turn-around time of production to kick Kena Outdoor also prides itself on its community
start a campaign on time. outreach and development programs around areas
where their billboards are present. By giving back to the
Founded and incorporated in 2003 by its founders community, we enable a sustainable future for those less
Tshepo Matsepe and Lerumo Maisela, the pair fortunate than others.
organically grew the agency to being one of the top 10
biggest Outdoor companies in the country. Kena Outdoor’s innovation plan is to transform some of
Kena Outdoor currently has a footprint of over 500 OOH its billboards from static to digital so as to compete for
sites located in all nine provinces of South African. the digital market spend and continue to grow in the
years to come into a world class billboard business.
The company’s future plans are to expand its o erings to
further service their clients and place them in
countries across Africa such as Kenya, Mozambique,
Angola, Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda as an
identi ed market need.

The Main Straight Office Park, Cnr Main Rd & Portman Rd, Bryanston, 2191

011 447 7370 [email protected]

November 2019 C o n te n ts Issue 184

FEATURES 25 OMC updated 32 Experience immersive virtual
05 OOH’s multiplatform strength It’s been a good year for the reality
The oldest ad medium in the who delivers a report back into Digital transit advertising is
world has adapted to the digital 2019 action. becoming more and more
present, writes BRITTA REID. recognised by brands and
26 Digital does transit marketers in South Africa as
08 A budding business Digital transit advertising is a valuable investment, writes
With the relaxing of the laws becoming more and more MICHAEL BRATT.
around cannabis and cannabis recognised by brands and
products, is there a case to marketers in South Africa as 34 Hitting the sweet spot
be made for a marketing and a valuable investment, writes It’s been a good year for the
advertising body, asks GLENDA MICHAEL BRATT. OMC, says TRISH GUILFORD,
NEVILL. who delivers a report back into
2019 action.
12 What’s up with the ACSA
tender? 38 Media doing good
With the festive season upon
Back in 2014, the Airports us, IZA GREK checks out what
Company of SA issued a tender various companies are doing to
for airport advertising. MICHAEL benefit others.
out why it hasn’t been awarded 40 Embracing tech-driven sales
five years later. strategies

14 Airport advertising is soaring The Outdoor Advertising
With massive airport Association of America recently
infrastructure development asked committee members ways
across the continent, major they have helped traditional
opportunities are being created teams tackle a tech approach,
for airports advertising, as NICOLE RANDALL reports.
MICHAEL BRATT discovered.

19 Developing deeper R e g u l ars
relationships 02 Ed’s note
OOH on the move
In part 2 of her story on the state
of South African newsrooms, 03 Bites
LUCINDA JORDAAN finds out Media by the mouthful
what media houses are doing to
become more sustainable. 04 Who are you?
Keith Mafu is head of sales at
23 Digital out of home and South JCDecaux Transit
43 In The Hotseat
Head of the Outdoor
Measurement Council, TRISH 14 Kevin Fine, head of Kagiso
GUILFORD, looks into how SA
stacks up in measuring DOOH. Media’s Expedite

Keith Mafu was recently appointed head of sales for JCDecaux’s transit division.


On the record… Out of home
on the move
The Outdoor Advertising Association Glenda Nevill
of America in August reported that [email protected]
the industry had seen 7.7% growth in
the second quarter of 2019, adding up to SUB-EDITOR
Glynis O’Hara
a whopping $2.7 billion and marking the
sector’s highest quarterly growth since 2007. Michael Bratt, Justin Brown,
Kevin Fine, Iza Grek, Trish Guilford,
Although there was upward movement across Lucinda Jordaan, Keletso Nkabiti,

all formats, digital out of home (DOOH) was Britta Reid

responsible for 31%. ART DIRECTOR
Darren Rosenberg
Locally, DOOH is forecast to account
for at least 40% of out of home adspend
and as infrastructure development booms Kalyn Fagan

(particularly airports and bus systems) in Africa, [email protected]
011 280 5467
so too will digital. Location-based targeting
will be a key driver. Vanessa Tiddy
[email protected]
Trish Guilford, who heads the Outdoor 011 280 3058

Measurement Council in South Africa, reports GENERAL MANAGER, MAGAZINES
Jocelyne Bayer
THERE’S A SIGNIFICANT a “significant increase in spend going towards
digital out of home advertising” [see story [email protected]
INCREASE IN OUT OF on page 23]. Guilford reckons South Africa’s
research and creative use of DOOH is on a par PUBLISHED BY
HOME ADVERTISING, with the rest of the world, but would like to see Arena Holdings
Hill on Empire, 16 Empire Road
WITH THE DIGITAL it become less of an “afterthought” and more (cnr Hillside Road)

FORM IN PARTICULAR budgets directed towards OOH as the primary Parktown
channel for brands. Johannesburg
BOOMING IN TRANSPORT Certainly, digital out of home is the choice
of transit media, featured at airports, in Ubers, 2193
HUBS. around taxi ranks and train stations. In this
Postal Address: PO Box 1746
issue, in which we shine a light on out of home Saxonwold

advertising, we’ve focused on these fast moving sectors. We’ve also found, at last, Johannesburg
some answers on why the much anticipated and hugely lucrative Airports Company
Telephone: 011 280 3000
of South Africa tender still hasn’t been conferred to either the incumbents, or other
Copyright: The Media. No portion of
players and joint ventures. It was first issued in late 2014 with a deadline of February this magazine may be reproduced
in any form without written consent
2015, but a number of complex legal issues, which are still in progress, have prevented
it being awarded. [See story on page 12]. of the publisher. The publisher is not
This issue isn’t purely focused on outdoor media. We’ve also explored the value responsible for unsolicited material.

of radio competitions and how expensive it has become to publish international The Media is published by Arena
Holdings. The opinions expressed
magazines in South Africa. Is it worth it? are not necessarily those of Arena

Then we’ve taken a look into the near future and reflected on how the budding Holdings. All advertisements /
advertorials and promotions have been
cannabis industry in South Africa will market and advertise its products. Regulation will paid for and therefore do not carry any

be a given, but at this stage, it’s an exciting space, and certainly one to watch. endorsement by the publisher.

The Media, got to love it.


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P 2 The Media |

media by the mouthful

The joke(rs) on us?

It had to be a joke. A wicked joke. In a perfect
example of the synergy between out of home
media and other channels, Ster Kinekor’s agency,
Fox P2, took over a number of billboards across
Johannesburg, defacing them with the words ‘HA
HA HA’. Social media then stepped in, and the Joker
buzz spread like wildfire. [See our story on OOH and
multiplatform media planning on page 5]

Now you too can feel just like a Flying Fish

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a Flying Fish. South Africans recently took a deep
dive into the country’s first Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)
experience. They were invited to “explore the feeling of what Flying Fish tastes
like”. ASMR, in this case, was used to provoke “flavoursome sounds which
typically provoke a tingling sensation down the back of the neck and which have
turned ASMR into a global phenomenon of sensory experiences”.

ASMR, according to Wikipedia, is an “experience characterised by a static-like
or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves
down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-
tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson”.

“Flying Fish has built its brand on flavourful experiences and this is no different,”
said marketing manager, Colleen Duvenage. “We tapped into the overwhelming
international popularity of ASMR to encourage South Africans to explore the crisp
refreshment and fresh flavour of Flying Fish with all of their senses. We are taking
the enjoyment of Flying Fish one step further by engaging in both the sounds and
feelings which our refreshing liquid evokes.” Those, they suggest, could be the
crunch of a chilled green apple, a bite of sweet honeycomb or perhaps the sound
of a sharp knife slicing through a ripe lemon…

Ninety percent of Joburg billboards don’t
have approvals

The City of Johannesburg has estimated that just over 90% of out of home advertising signs do not have the required
approval in terms of the by-laws and are “therefore deemed to be illegal”.

It has accused “unscrupulous” media owners of “heightened efforts” in erecting out of home advertising signs.
“What has also become apparent is that these illegally erected advertising structures are not branded so as to
immediately identify their owners,” said MMC for economic development, councillor Leah Knott, and MMC for
development planning, councillor Reuben Masango, in a letter to residents.
It urged OOH media owners to declare ownership irrespective of legality during a transitional period instituted before
new by-laws are put in place. This was done in an effort to ensure that the sector was not disadvantaged while the new
by-laws were suspended due to litigation, the councillors said.
An emergency plan will allow the City to criminally charge the landowner, the signage company and the advertiser “to
ensure speedy resolution of this unprecedented, rampant disregard of the law through applicable policies”, they said.
“The City therefore calls upon brand owners or advertisers and their advertising agencies whose reputation may be at
stake to contact the City in order to confirm legality of any such advertising sign before concluding any media contracts.”
The City impounded 214 illegal billboards in August.

The Media | P3



Keith Mafu was recently appointed head of sales for JCDecaux’s transit division, a critical management position. With
10 years experience in sales and marketing, and a track record in lead generation, expanding sales and customer
engagement, Mafu has been instrumental in growing this side of the global out of home company’s South African

What was the road that led you to working in the Out of Home media industry, specifically the transit ad side of
I’ve always had a passion for all types of out of home advertising, I would notice it wherever I went and I would wonder
the effect it had on other people. Having worked and lived in over 25 countries, I soon realised the importance of
the transit sector for a large number of people around the world. South Africa has the opportunity to redefine the
transit advertising experience, particular in cases such as the Gautrain. We are looking at how best to create seamless,
meaningful and immersive brand experiences without being intrusive. In a nutshell, I see the transit ad space growing
even more and I want to be a part of the further expansion of this sector.

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities
in the sector, and the out of home media industry in
Well...South Africa hasn’t had the easiest trading climate in
recent months. However, the agencies and media owners
that have continued to show positive growth are those
that overcome challenges of providing more accurate,
measurable and trackable data. This data is then used
to create dynamic campaigns that are solutions-based
and not just product-based. Everyone is talking digital
advertising now but what does it mean to use it? How will
be effective? Is there enough coverage across all media
owners in South Africa? We need to educate our brands
on what is possible within this space and show that we
can go beyond what is being done at the moment.

What three things can you not live without?
A shower! Lol
Creative space to work in
Suits and cologne

Who is your superhero and why?
I’ve been blessed to have a number of sponsors and
mentors throughout my journey but my mother is at the
top. She has taught me resilience and tenacity in the face
of adversity. This is something that keeps me going no
matter what environment I’m in.

In five years time you will be…
This is a difficult one to answer, as I believe in the gift of
being present and executing as best as I can right now.
Although I live my life deliberately and I know what my
purpose is, I believe it is sometimes foolish to constantly
plan five years ahead when we don’t know if we have

P 4 The Media |

Media planning

Primedia Outdoor’s award-winning ‘social wall’ campaign

OOH is a nifty adaptor to the
multiplatform digital landscape

Adding OOH to the media mix increases market share growth substantially, says BRITTA REID. And there’s more developing
all the time.

Out of home may be the oldest advertising medium, but home (DOOH) is the global driver of growth in the out of
its strengths remain undiminished in the changing media home space.
Indeed, the oldest medium has been positively spritely
Chris Nortje, associate account director for media and in adapting to the digital present. McKinon refers to
digital at Kantar South Africa, notes that their CrossMedia Professor Mark Ritson’s assertion that DOOH offers
Database places it third after TV and in store in its the best of the digital and traditional worlds: the data,
ability to deliver both reach and frequency. (Marketing targeting, context, relevance, immediacy and creative
effectiveness guru Les Binet argues that 90% of a flexibility of the former are balanced by the trust,
medium’s effectiveness lies in its reach.) Nortje says their transparency, impact and ability to drive fame of the latter.
2017 AdReaction study showed South African consumers Binet has been able to pinpoint the contribution of DOOH,
were the most receptive to outdoor advertising, while they demonstrating that it doubles OOH effectiveness.
were least accepting of online video.
Another advantage OOH enjoys is its ability to amplify
The Global CrossMedia Database reveals that OOH’s other media, particularly online: according to Nielsen it
contribution to brand impact increased from 2015 to is four times more effective than other media at driving
2018, and its cost effectiveness has also improved. consumers to online, and Binet has shown it boosted the
Further Binet, using the British Institute of Practitioners in effect of website search by 54% and social media by 20%.
Advertising effectiveness case studies, has demonstrated
that adding OOH to the media mix increases market share The Silver Loerie winning Toyota Corolla Beaded Love
growth by 36% and boosts profit growth by 20%. Letter billboard was a singularly local celebration of South
Africa’s most loved car. Its CSI element, the partnership
The Economist has called OOH “an old but booming with the NGO, Woza Moya, ensured that more than love
ad medium”. JCDecaux Africa’s head of sales, Darren was spread around, and the ultimate re-use of the beads
McKinon, confirms this, citing PWC’s 2013 to 2022 media made it environmentally friendly. But even a prime site
and entertainment outlook statement that digital out of on the M1 highway has limited reach, explains Thulani

The Media | P5

Media planning

Nombewu, media planner at FCB. Thus, the agency innovation award earlier this year. (The Federation
created ‘making of’ content and shared it across Toyota’s European Publicite Exterieur is now known as the World
website as well as the social media pages of Woza Moya. Out of Home Organisation.) One of three finalists,
The story spread like wildfire. Primedia demonstrated the immediate integration of other
media platforms with DOOH through their innovative
By contrast the Gold Loerie winner, Educatin is in product offerings, ‘Social Wall’ and ‘Radio-to-Road’.
Grate Shape, for Right2Read took a lower key approach.
The Havas JHB team of Luigi Morrico (creative director), The Social Wall links live social feeds from Twitter and
Carl Wilsenach (copywriter) and John Davenport (CCO) Facebook, which are automatically displayed on selected
recognised that lower-income people spend as much Primedia DOOH screens. Jorja Wilkins, executive for
time on their mobile phones as their access to data allows marketing and marketing services at Primedia Outdoor,
them. explains how the #PrimediaBigLove showcased this
Setting out to help Limpopo citizens campaign for the
removal of the MEC for education, Havas used low-cost Twenty-four hours before Valentine’s Day, Primedia sent
guerrilla posters at transport nodes, featuring misspelled out a social media post to let everyone know they could
notes written by local school children. A QR code on the send their loved one the biggest Valentine’s Day card ever
posters allowed pedestrians to upload a pic of the poster by tweeting a message using the hashtag. They received
to the MEC’s official Facebook page. These pics flooded over 220 tweets throughout the day and replied to every
the site, and the campaign was certainly a factor in the one with an image of the Twitter post on their DOOH
removal of the MEC. network. In total, the campaign yielded 8 927 organic
impressions and according to TrendWiki SA, the hashtag
Platform integration was one of the trendiest on Valentine’s Day, peaking at
That South Africa is keeping abreast of DOOH fourth position. A trade initiative ensured media agencies
developments was shown by the nomination of Primedia were aware of the campaign.
Outdoor for the FEPE international technology and
Account lead at PHD, Marlize ten Krooden, outlines how
P6 the product contributed to Sensodyne’s integrated Gentle
Whitening Tooth campaign: Sensodyne placed a massive
life-like tooth in key Gauteng locations and consumers
were encouraged with a prize incentive to take photos
of themselves with the giant tooth. These were then
uploaded onto Twitter and automatically flighted onto
digital billboards.

From radio to road
Radio-to-Road is a collaboration with Primedia
Broadcasting, which enables an advertiser to reach
motorists in their cars on radio and billboards,
simultaneously. As the radio spot begins to play, it
triggers the same campaign creative to roll out on digital
billboards in the station broadcast area. While Vizeum was
the first adopter for their client, Mini, the uptake has been

Andile Qokweni, business unit manager at The
MediaShop, explains how DStv attempted to help The
Proteas make it to the final of the Cricket World Cup.
Recalling how Francois Pienaar thanked fans for being the
extra player on the field and carrying the South African
rugby team to victory in 1995, DStv saw the opportunity to
unite South Africans to become the extra man that South
Africa needed to help them succeed.

Of course, the campaign would drive tune-in at the
same time. Striking visual executions of the cricket ball
and stumps liberated from the confines of the billboard,
together with the slogan ‘Protea Fire’ lit up the streets
of South Africa. The Radio-to-Road offering came into
play with the tune-in radio spots being used to trigger a

The Media |

Media planning

blazing message to encourage viewers to watch the next their digital OOH muscles and we are seeing some great
game. (Unfortunately, the Proteas clearly needed more innovation through tech and smart media usage coming
than fan support to get to the finals!) through”. Also, she points out that mobile contributes
significantly through connecting the on and offline
Penquin account manager, Hannes Joubert, recounts consumer experiences and serves as such a rich source of
that the Radio-to-Road offering played a useful role in the audience profiling. “When mobile data is fused with other
successful Xbox Christmas campaign last year. Not only location data reference points, we are able to isolate and
was it necessary to excite gamers and their families about prioritise the best set of OOH panels to deliver to a client’s
the product and bundled games, but it was also important objectives successfully,” she says. In order to stay ahead
to convey the appealing price point. The agency ensured of the game, Posterscope has “successfully launched Live
that the creative executions on the radio and billboards Poster, a dynamic creative content tool allowing us to
could stand alone as well as work synergistically, and that deliver on relevance for our clients”.
they were intelligently sequenced.
McKinon says that JCDecaux Africa is also pressing
Some media owners are forward with “creating an online, live bidding platform
(VIOOH) so that all OOH media owners can upload
stretching their digital OOH inventory… that allows you to buy OOH in real time”.
The first stage involves integrating a sophisticated set
muscles and we are seeing some of tools on top of the current inventory management
and billing systems, while the second will move to the
great innovation through next level, ingesting live audience data in real time and
offering programmatic options to interested buyers via
tech and smart media usage SSP and DSP integration. The final stage introduces a
content management platform for scheduling and content
coming through moderation. They are aiming to roll out the first and third
phases in mid-2020. The second phase is dependent on
Creative is an area that concerns Christo van den the supplementation of Roadside Outdoor Audience Data
Bergh, head of out of home at Mediology, who believes (Road) with mobile or other geo-data to create the live
many brands are still getting the creative fundamentals element.
of DOOH wrong. He enthuses that the greatest strength
of DOOH is “the impact that striking animated ads offer, OOH is proving to be a nifty adaptor.
which not only increases noting… but has the ability
to entertain and lift the mood of the commuter stuck Having spent some decades
in traffic”. And, he adds, “The ability to change creative working in media agencies, Britta
frequently… allows more opportunity to engage with Reid now relishes the opportunity
commuters with a narrative over time”. Nevertheless, he to take an independent
says, “We still see brands use static creative on DOOH or, perspective on the South African
on the other hand, some advertisers try to fit an essay of media world, especially during
text and messaging into a 15-second slot.” He believes this time of radical research
that greater collaboration between creative and agencies transformation.
will solve this problem.

While Livia Brown, Posterscope’s general manager,
was not in a position to share campaign specifics as
they were in the process of being formally case studied,
she is excited that “some media owners are stretching

o Sites for those with sight
out smart
011 781 3765
The Media |


[email protected]

Cannabis product marketing

Photo: CBD oils are on sale/Pixabay

Cannabis marketing: A
budding industry

The laws around cannabis use have relaxed, and there’s a huge industry out there waiting to be marketed. Industry specialists
talk to GLENDA NEVILL about the way forward.

It is tough and expensive to have an ad flighted during the President of the company, George Allen, said while they
Super Bowl. This year, for the first time, an advertisement were disappointed their ad – and $5 million budget – had
featuring cannabis came close, but was ultimately been turned down, they weren’t surprised. As long as
discarded because it was not consistent with TV network marijuana remained illegal for recreational and medical
CBS’s advertising policy. purposes on a federal level, it would be difficult to get
buy-in from major media companies. Cannabis is now
Nevertheless, the head of the US Cannabis Marketing legal in 33 states in the US.
Association, Lisa Buffo, was delighted. “The fact that an ad
was even considered for the Super Bowl shows that we’ve Cut to South Africa, where we are in the initial stages of
turned a corner,” she told The Guardian newspaper. The legalisation. CBD oil, an extract from the plant, is legal for
ad was for Acreage Holdings, a marijuana and cannabis now, and the Constitutional Court has said personal use of
investment firm and start-up, and focused on the medical dagga in a private space is not a criminal offence. Deputy
aspects of the controversial plant.

P 8 The Media |

Cannabis product marketing

chief justice Raymond Zondo ruled certain sections of those of The Cannabis Expo, have attracted global
the Drug Act and the Medicines Act were unconstitutional attention with exhibitors, guests and government
and invalid, infringed on a person’s right to privacy, and departments flocking in from as far afield as Netherlands
gave Parliament 24 months to correct the constitutional and Australia to Mozambique and Botswana.
It was the “Wild West”, as one visitor said, hosting
South Africans were ecstatic. The ruling opened the everything from cannabis-infused water and alcoholic
floodgates for everything from cannabis-related products drinks, to teas and chocolates and lollipops, to growing
to plant foods sold in nurseries and even a competition to systems, lighting, agricultural equipment, CBD oil
grow the nation’s biggest bud. It also created questions products for humans and animals, clothes and fabrics, and
around the need for some rules of engagement around of course, recreational smoking accessories. The expos
advertising and marketing. did, however, give insight into what an unregulated and
confusing space this is right now.
The ‘Wild West’
A series of Cannabis expos held in major cities showed the Buffo established the American Cannabis Marketing
level of interest in cannabis from a consumer and business Association “in response to the unprecedented
perspective. Although a series of such expos have been challenges cannabis communications professionals were
held in major cities around the country, The Cannabis experiencing”. Industry marketers, she said, were unable
Expo is the biggest of its kind on the African continent and to use traditional marketing tactics and technology
fast become Africa’s gateway to the global cannabis such as paid advertising, social media or digital outlets.
industry. The South African media, compared to the rest Unclear regulations, fragmented markets and a “pervasive
of the world, are more open to reporting and showcasing perception problem”, left marketers with the task of
this lucrative industry as has been seen across various rebranding cannabis.
platforms and publications. Their efforts, together with
South Africa could certainly benefit from a cannabis
marketing council as part of an industry body, says

The Media | P9

Cannabis product marketing

Peter Searll, founder of cellular plant food company CBD products. We’re now seeing people jumping on the
enOrmus Bud and the man who ran the successful bandwagon with a range of local and imported products
growing competition. Industry guidelines will need to be available,” he says.
established, he says, not dissimilar to alcohol or tobacco
and other adult matter. “However there are many dangers and pitfalls for both
the consumer and the producer to be aware of. We
“The plant has been stigmatised over many years, and are now working with the regulators to create a viable,
all of the potential benefits may not be realised without regulatory framework for the sale of honest, legal CBD
a perceptual shift. This includes the use of hemp (the products, that have been analysed, certified and tested, in
non-psychoactive sister), which has so many uses. These order to protect both the public and the industry itself.”
include medicine, food (hemp seed is a superfood),
and brilliant fibre for fabric. It can be used for biofuel Entrepreneur Liam la Grange, founder of Hey Bud,
and building materials and many other things. It seems which manufactures hydroponic grow boxes among other
ludicrous that it is still illegal, as it could be at the related products, says building a new industry means
epicentre of an amazing green economic resurgence. A creating a foundation that is ethical in terms of marketing
marketing council could stimulate this revival.” and providing consumers with correct information. Like
Searll and Cohen, he believes education and creating
Sensationalism, mistrust and misconception conversations is key.
Someone with major experience in this field is CEO of
Elixinol South Africa, Anthony Cohen. He was one of “When I studied the legal industry in California, I realised
the founding members of the UK’s Cannabis Traders that the best marketing tools farmers had were creating a
Association (CTA), set up to regulate the CBD industry. It’s story or narrative behind their farms, much like the wine
been instrumental in the formation of the UK’s policy on industry has done,” he says. Currently word of mouth
marijuana and CBD. is his best way of driving sales, and he does use social
media, but admits it is quite challenging to get around the
“There is a lot of sensationalism, mistrust and Facebook/Instagram guidelines.
misconception around both the sale and consumption of
“Yes, we have had our Instagram page banned and
P 10 had posts removed from both Facebook and Instagram.
However I fully understand that these companies had an
algorithm in place when cannabis was illegal and once we
got in contact with Instagram, they unbanned our page.
I do believe that in a couple of years advertising cannabis
products on social media will be like marketing any other
product,” La Grange adds.

The best marketing tools

Californian farmers had were

creating a story or narrative

behind their farms, much like

the wine industry has done.

Less dangerous to society
The ‘Dagga Couple’ are well-known activists. Myrtle and
Jeremy Clarke run an NPO, Fields of Green For All, the
result of a “heavy-handed” arrest in 2010. Police were in
search of a “‘drug lab”’ and found “a quiet middle-aged
couple in their pajamas”. That set them on the road to
activism, and a mission to have dagga legalised.

“The marketing of cannabis should be no more
restrictive than that of alcohol or tobacco,” says Myrtle
Clarke. “Cannabis is proven to be far less dangerous to
society than both those legal narcotics, so a level of

The Media |

Cannabis product marketing

marketing with that in mind is foremost.” Stories around brands are important, but at this point, it’s
But the whole business of a cannabis business “is a bit about “educate educate educate”. “There’s so much talk,
and it’s not always accurate,” he says.
like putting the cart before the horse,” she says. “We deal
with dagga arrests daily, urine testing, the child custody Word of mouth
battles, the continuing stigma and a police force mostly Mike Saunders is head of African Pure, a range of CBD
out of control. An apology from the government and oils, and a digital marketing man to boot. He plays in
reparations for all those cannabis prisoners over the the e-commerce space too. “We exist in a digital, tech-
years would be a good start. How about we give them oriented world and needed to build digital virality and
the front of the queue when the government, like rabbits brand awareness as quickly as possible. Our approach
in the headlights, is handing out lucrative licences to overlaps traditional word of mouth by using evangelists
foreign corporations? Then we can talk cannabis business speaking to large audiences about the products,” he says.
marketing,” she reckons.
At the same time, Saunders used a search strategy to
Nevertheless, thinking about dagga and its potential identify powerful keywords and sites, and used discounts
economic impact has entered the mainstream. to wholesalers to develop a larger footprint for his
Businessman Jonny Katz recently opened an upmarket products. Social media plays a role, but as others have
CBD shop in central Cape Town, Goodleaf. He believes said, US legislation is highly prescriptive. “We decided to
marketing around cannabis products has to distinguish stick within the confines of what platforms allow,” says
between the “good leaf” and the “bad leaf”. Saunders.

“We have to be responsible, and acknowledge we’re Clifford Giesenow of Taste of Cannabis imports lollipops,
dealing with a substance (THC) that has its dangers. If chocolates, chewing gum, and teas as well as smoking
and when THC is legalised, we need a framework that is accessories. He too believes the first major marketing push
sensitive to children, for example,” Katz says. needs to be around education: “Health benefits, use vs
abuse and the dangers, hemp and agricultural use, how to
Katz says the response to his shop has been engage with it”.
phenomenal. His marketing efforts centre on his website
and social media and SEO, as well as word of mouth. And Giesenow believes some kind of association is needed.
good old-fashioned service in a “pleasant retail theatre”. “Right now, technically speaking, it
is still illegal to advertise or market
The Media | cannabis anything. The Drugs Act
and Medicines Act are changing and
no doubt the advertising laws will
need to change also. An industry
voice to engage government in this
regard would be useful, especially
as it relates to advertising and
promoting to underage users. In the
US, for example, product packaging
and advertising comes with strict
Giesenow says it is vital the
industry is regulated and taxed as
soon as possible so it can “get going
“Warning labels on product and
product testing and efficacy is
a must. We must legitimise and
embrace this miracle plant so that
the economic and health benefits
can be felt by all,” he says. “Educate,
empower and enable South Africans
to use (not abuse) it for maximum

P 11



Back in 2014, the Airports Company of South Africa announced that it was overhauling its airport advertising model.
Companies were invited to tender, with applications due in by February 2015. It is nearly five years later, and still a tender
has not been awarded. What’s going on? MICHAEL BRATT and GLENDA NEVILL find out.

The Airports Company of South Africa’s lucrative airport (issued in 2017) was cancelled and bidders were notified
advertising tender has been cancelled again. The deal, accordingly. Therefore, it says, “Claims of actual litigation
it seems, is mired in legal issues, and not just in terms of related to this specific tender are therefore moot”.
The ACSA is embroiled in procurement related litigation
Smart Airport Media is a joint venture (JV) comprising “that is not connected to the advertising tender but
Outsmart Outdoor Advertising, Los Pepes and Nfinity. which will provide clarity on certain principles and the
“The purpose behind creating the joint venture was to approach preferred by the company”. It says it is waiting
bring together a team of transformed industry specialists for finalisation of this legal process before re-issuing the
who, as a collective, were able to deliver the best possible advertising tender. Again.
solution for ACSA by providing a service offering which
would allow small to medium size transformed entities “The time required to finalise this litigation is dependent
to compete effectively and efficiently with the bigger on the parties and the courts. We are therefore unable
players who have to date monopolised the market,” a to indicate when this matter may be completed,” a
spokesperson for the JV told The Media. spokesperson says.

The JV says ACSA on the face of it was complying Smart Outdoor Media are having none of it. “When we
with the law by inviting parties to tender for certain were then advised in June 2018 that the tender under
opportunities. But the reality, they say, is that “this is just a reference COR51/2017 had again been cancelled we
façade as there is no real intention to allow new entrants simply could not accept this nor could we accept the
into this market and that the very same incumbents basis for such cancellation as was put forward by ACSA,”
simply remain in occupation and possession of the rights the spokesperson says.
afforded to them by ACSA”.
“We were left with no option but to challenge ACSA
This is not so, says ACSA. The entire advertising tender and launched review proceedings to challenge the
cancellation of the tender and the continuous renewal of

P 12 The Media |


the current advertising concessionaires’ rights to continue and contractor base”.

to provide advertising services to ACSA.” It says important lessons were learned as the litigation

As part of the review, and in order to assess how the proved instructive in the company’s understanding and

tender/s were managed, ACSA had to provide Smart interpretation of regulations related to transformation

Outdoor Media with its records. “This documentation and the need for constant supplier engagement to ensure

served to confirm our concerns that ACSA’s conduct was, that all stakeholders’ objectives are aligned. “Ongoing

in our opinion, not above board, as it revealed that the bid litigation continues to affect our ability to advance

adjudication committee had in fact recommended that our transformation objectives within our seven sector

our consortium be recommended for an award based on strategies: ground handling, car rental, retail, property,

our bid,” the spokesperson says. construction, IT and advertising sectors of the business,

“It would also seem, from the information and and test the ability to be agile in the generation of revenue

documentation which we growth within the commercial

have to hand, that what space”.

then transpired is that It says it is dealing with

after the bid adjudication outdated retail fittings and

committee made the extended leases “which do

recommendation to make not provide optimal turnover

the award to our joint and rental revenue for our

venture, that the bid was airports, pending the outcome

then cancelled, although of litigation which will enable

not conceded to by ACSA, us to drive our transformation

but as a result of one of the objectives as well as define

current concessioners being our go-to-market strategy for

excluded from this process commercial opportunities”.

as their BEE certificate was Smart Outdoor Media says

non-compliant” “as matters currently stand,

The company is and after having challenged

concerned ACSA’s process this process, and after having

was “neither transparent demonstrated, as we see it, that

nor is it open or fair but it OOMPH! the process is both flawed and
has rather been designed contrary to the very prescripts
to ensure that the current LOUDER THAN WORDS of our Constitution, the current
incumbents remain in concessionaires remain in

possession of their sites”. ACTIVATIONS|MEDIA|MARKETING possession and occupation of
ACSA, though, says these particular sites. This is, simply, unacceptable”.
it is committed to

transformation. “It is The JV is determined to

essential that any company see the legal review, currently

wishing to do business with Airports Company South underway, to its conclusion.

Africa or planning to submit tender bids should be aware “As indicated, as part of the process ACSA was

of our unwavering commitment to genuine and tangible to provide us with a complete record of all of their

transformation,” the spokesperson told The Media. documents relating to the decision which has been taken.

“In aligning our Group needs with those of our Certain of the documents have not been provided and we

stakeholders, we have awarded work packages that will have now been forced to compel the provision of these

increase the participation of black-owned businesses documents. An application to compel the outstanding

in our operational, developmental and commercial portion of the record will be issued soon,” says the

procurement,” it says. “Our record of including emerging spokesperson.

SMME contractors in IT projects is an effective model to “The only realistic outcome for us is that the facts of

be replicated in other sectors once litigation has settled this matter must be presented before a Court of Law for

and decisions handed down, and this will fundamentally the Court to make a decision as we believe that ACSA

alter the tenant mix in our airports and the way we do has acted unlawfully and unfairly in this process,” the

business with local communities.” spokesperson says. “It is precisely these practices which

ACSA in its Annual Report admits it has been a difficult need to be stopped so as to ensure that transformation,

year in terms of transformation due to “ongoing litigation which is a national imperative, becomes a reality within

directly related to our intention to transform our supplier our industry.”

The Media | P 13


Airports have high dwell time

African airport advertising
soars to new heights

The construction, renovation and revamping of many airports across Africa is creating more valuable spaces for advertising
opportunities. MICHAEL BRATT explores marketing in these transit hubs.

A number of huge upgrade projects are happening at million), which has overtaken South Africa’s OR Tambo
airports across the continent at the moment. International Airport as the biggest airport aviation hub in
These include a massive additional terminal already built
at Kenneth Kaunda Airport in Zambia (built at a cost of At last count, five African countries recently built new
$360 million and described as a self-contained mini-city); airports, and eight countries are currently busy with or
a new, modern terminal at Kotoka Airport in Ghana (built have already commissioned the construction of new
at a cost of $275 million, which opened on 15 September airports.
2018); and Ethiopia’s newly expanded Addis Ababa Bole
International Airport terminal (built at a cost of R467 According to the Centre for Aviation’s (CAPA) Airport
Construction Database, African infrastructure investment

P 14 The Media |

your business

to high

visibility and


A true leader in creativity and innovation, Khombisa Media provides a service to the travelling audience, enhancing the
airport experience with progressive and dynamic media offerings. Our products include a wide range of advertising
formats and by customizing these flexible media formats, advertiser’s objectives can be met very effectively. We offer
brands the perfect platform to reach one of the highest-profile audiences in Out-of-Home Media.

LUANNE LASCARIS | t: +27 (0) 73 152 7768 | e: [email protected] |


value in the sector currently stands at $16.125 billion. Activations in airport environments where there is high
This budget, in terms of actual or anticipated airport ‘dwell time’ after check-in are also popular and effective.
infrastructure investment, is targeted at 24 projects across But Jones cautions, “Brands are competing with the air
the African continent. traveller’s state of mind, and the time they have available.
Activations that entertain or provide value tend to hit the
These developments are creating more opportunities mark best.”
for brands to market their goods and services to a captive
audience, which is generally on the upper end of the A major marketing growth area at airports is branded
socio-economic measure (SEM) scale, has disposable services. Examples are branded lounges, wi-fi and data
income on hand and is in a receptive state of mind. services, restrooms, and refreshments. “Matching your
brand with a relevant need at an airport can lead to
“The revamping and upgrading of airports across incredible brand affinity with passengers,” says Du Preez.
Africa allows for the de-cluttering and sophistication of
environments within airports to make advertising more Approval from airport landlords
impactful,” comments Lyn Jones, regional manager for Airport environments can be a bit restrictive when it
In Touch Media. “Advertisers are more likely to place comes to advertising, as the landlord has to approve the
their messages and content in a streamlined and clean space, particularly with activations. But Du Preez strongly
environment, which reflects well on their brand. High believes that there is still a lot of room for creativity and
impact digital formats are replacing static sites, and the integrated use of all the various media touch points
digital TV and niched networks across environments and at airports. “Media owners, brands and airport authorities,
countries are now available.” however, need to work together in creating more
memorable brand experiences for passengers.
Jacques du Preez, managing director of Provantage
Media Group (PMG), adds, “Airports are more and more We were left with no
dependent on non-aeronautical income streams and
therefore advertising revenues are becoming more option but to challenge
important. With the large number of new airports being
constructed in Africa, we have seen a rapid growth ACSA and launched review
in advertising revenues. This is also driven by the
introduction of digital media formats in these airports. proceedings to challenge
Because African airport infrastructure was lagging behind
the rest of the world, we believe that advertising revenues the cancellation of the
will grow much faster than in developed markets, as
brands want to be present at the new airports.” tender and the continuous

Static, digital and activations renewal of the current
Like other out of home advertising mediums, the
popularity of digital is growing in the airport spaces. Digital advertising concessionaires’
offers clients “the opportunity to run more innovative
campaigns,” explains Theresa Horn, owner at Khombisa rights to continue to provide
Media, “as well as opening up the airport space to a wider
market as they offer a more economical way to update advertising services to ACSA
campaigns and shorter lead times”.
“We need to surprise passengers and enhance their
But this does not mean that strategically placed static journeys by bringing brands to life at airports and I don’t
media is dying, in fact it’s an ongoing success. However think we are creative enough. Half the problem is that
one reality is that clients are booking shorter campaigns. brands and their agencies do not understand the airport
Never before have we received as many one-month environments or the various airport media types on offer
campaigns. The average used to be three-month well enough and this leads to a one-size fits all approach.
campaigns and greater,” says Dave McKenzie, CEO of Creativity requires hard work and is most certainly
BOO! Media. possible at airports.”

According to Primedia Outdoor, which has a presence Horn adds that airports are encouraging creativity and
at nine airports in four African countries (Botswana, South innovation “provided it does not affect how the airport
Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe), there is a higher demand operates. The safety and flow of passenger traffic as well
for static opportunities in airport advertising. as the overall passenger experience is the first priority for
the airport owners”.
They add that one of the factors that has an impact
on airport advertising is the “extremely niche market” More advertising spaces, more consumers
that advertisers are speaking to, which will only relate to Passenger numbers on the continent are on the rise.
certain brands, and secondly, client budgets.
The Media |
P 16

AIRPORT MEDIA According to the International Air Transport Association
P 18 (IATA), Africa is set to become one of the fastest growing
aviation regions in the next 20 years with an annual
expansion of nearly 5%.

IATA statistics show that passenger traffic, including
all domestic and international traffic across all of Africa’s
commercial airlines on the continent has increased on
average by 5% year on year for the past six years. A 4.3%
increase was recorded for the first quarter of this year

From a South African perspective, statistics from Airports
Company South Africa (ACSA) point to passenger numbers
across the country’s national airports increasing every
year for the past four years, and this year is on track to
continue this trend. “There has been steady growth across
South Africa’s three main airports over the last five years,”
says Horn, “with total passenger traffic at Cape Town
going from 8.7 million in 2014 to just over 10.8 million in
2019, King Shaka (Durban) has grown from 4.5 million in
2014 to just under 6 million in 2019. OR Tambo remains
the busiest with passenger numbers growing from 19.1
million in 2014 to 21.3 million in 2019.”

A prime example of growing airline travel in Africa is
air traffic between China and the continent, which has
jumped 630% in the last decade. An article from the
business publication Quartz Africa notes that Chinese
firms have been bidding on and winning infrastructure
projects in Africa, including airports: “Chinese firms
have helped build airports in Kenya, Mali, Mauritius,
Mozambique, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo, Togo and
Sierra Leone, among others in recent years”

Future upgrades
The work being done at African airports is not stopping
anytime soon. The next big one is a revamp of Cape
Town International Airport. “This massive project, due to
commence early 2020, has been planned in stages and
will take approximately five years to complete,” says Horn.
“The revamp has been planned to improve the passenger
experience and flow within the airport, but the team is
also working closely with ACSA Advertising and has made
provision to include advertising opportunities within the
new layout.”

Michael Bratt was until recently a
journalist with The Media Online
and The Media. He recently took
a job with Huawei in SA. He has a
Bachelor of Journalism degree with
Honours from Rhodes University.
He is the deputy president of the
Johannesburg Chapter of the
Professional Speakers Association
of SA.

The Media |

Modern Media

State of the Newsroom Part II:
Monetising and modernising
media for sustainability

In Part II of The State of the Newsroom, Lucinda Jordaan goes beyond Wits University’s annual report on South Africa’s
changing media landscape to explore working solutions and best practices for how journalists and media houses can
remain relevant and trusted – and media companies can best monetise their offerings.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced their intention to sue several British tabloids.
[Wikimedia Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International].

Exposing corruption and malfeasance are perhaps the reportage of Trump’s Ukraine scandal is riddled with
strongest arguments for a free and fair press – and why bi-partisanal takes, while Prince Harry suing the Mail on
unethical politicians are the first to denounce the media’s Sunday (as well as The Sun and The Mirror) highlights that
credibility when their actions are called into question. tabloid’s selective and salacious reporting of the Duchess
The furore around US President Trump’s impending of Sussex. Closer to home, South African media houses
impeachment hearing, and the ongoing State Capture wage open attacks on each other – and the reputations of
inquiry are proof of the need and relevance of reliable several journalists are being called into question.
reporting. Not that the media as a whole is blameless:
At its annual general meeting in June, the South African

The Media | P 19

Modern Media

Leveraging the Hashtag: National Editors’ Forum (Sanef), vowed to support the
Innovative campaigning for sector in three critical ways: by launching an enquiry
into media ethics; looking into a campaign to tax large
relevance tech companies through co-operation with government
and civil society; and embarking upon research into new
With real, relevant content being a priority for any models of journalism.
publishing outfit, canny brands have long been
leveraging the power of the hashtag for stirring “The notion of an enquiry into media ethics is critically
conversation and highlighting social issues, and South important to the future of journalism. Right now, far too
African media is waking up to the benefits. many media are putting the emphasis on getting attention
through one-sided reportage and blatant sensationalism,”
In September, Independent Newspapers launched ventures marketing analyst and media commentator Chris
#MyPromise, a clarion call for men to speak out about Moerdyk.
gender-based violence. It’s not the first campaign
from the Independent stable, with previous campaigns Rhodes journalism lecturer, Simon Pamphilon, who
including #RacismStopsWithMe, #DontLookAway and teaches JMS3 Communication Design and Media Law
#DignityProject. and Ethics, is all for the Sanef inquiry. “The allegations
the panel will be looking into have been thrown about
Cosmopolitan, too, has been at the forefront of for a while now, and, even if they are dealt with to some
innovation content and campaigning, most notably extent elsewhere (for example in the Zondo Commission)
with their striking February 2018 cover featuring the I think it is a good thing for the industry to demonstrate
global brand’s first ever transgender model, Laverne that it has the will and ability to deal with these issues. And
Cox. “The goal was to disrupt hetero-normative ideas the fact that it is Sanef itself says something, in that it is
around Valentine’s Day and look at love in 2018 – editors and senior journalists deciding they want to look
including acceptance of self, others and non-binary at this, rather than anyone else telling them they must do
relationships,” notes Associated Media CEO Julia so,” he says.
Raphaely. The results speak for themselves: “On social
media, the campaign hashtags #COSMOxLaverne and “There seem to have been a lot of cases involving
#SayYesToLove reached 17-million within 72 hours, journalists relying on dubious sources with hidden
and the story went worldwide with coverage on E! agendas and not corroborating information, or publishing
News, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and Allure, among allegations without giving the people supposedly involved
others.” the right to reply. Obviously the starkest example of
this was the Cato Manor ‘death squad’ story which had
Cosmo also covered actress and UNHCR enormous repercussions,” he adds.
ambassador Nomzamo Mbatha in their August 2018
#activismissue, timed with SA Women’s Day (reaching Revolutionary disruptions
15 million readers in the first 48 hours), and featuring Sanef is not the only organisation recommending
Mbatha dressed in a custom bodysuit printed with becoming firmer with tech giants – with good reason.
the words: womandla, feminist, #timesup, fearless, The Reuters Institute’s 2019 Digital News Report, released
female, power, #metoo and activist. 500 Limited in September and unpacked at the Digital Media Africa
Edition covers, featuring Mbatha wearing a doek in the conference, highlights the ongoing dominance of US-
same printed cloth were released, with R5 from every based tech and social media platforms. The report, which
issue sold going to a woman’s empowerment charity. included South Africa for the first time, presents findings
from surveys of 75 000 people in 38 markets on the
Cosmo has also placed the spotlight on influencers, evolution of audience behaviour and trust in news media
featuring local YouTube influencers Mihlali Ndamase, around the world – and highlights the pressure on media
Nadia Jaftha and Jessica Van Heerden for their March houses to diversify their offerings.
2019 cover, which was also the brand’s first ever selfie
cover globally. They extended on this by partnering Moerdyk offers a few revolutionary recommendations:
with YouTube & Google in SA, and hosting a series “Advertorial, or paid for content, should no longer
of YouTube challenge videos, as well as a panel at be considered unethical. It has been proved by TV
the Google South AfricaWomen Will International programmes such as Top Billing and various lifestyle
Women’s day event featuring Cosmo editor Holly magazines, that consumers do not care whether content
Meadows and the cover stars. has been paid for as long as that content is of a high
enough quality. That will be hard to swallow by die-hard
Their April 2019 cover of local celebrity and editors but regrettably it is the truth of today’s consumer.”
influencer Bonang Matheba reached a 25-million
strong audience in the first 48 hours, and having Moerdyk’s sentiments are echoed in Wan-Ifra’s
Matheba as headline speaker at the COSMO Career September report: Unlocking Journalism Resilience:
Summit on 4 May proved equally beneficial, as the Adapting a Digital Business Model to Promote Press
event sold out within 24 hours.
The Media |
P 20

Modern Media

Freedom, which found that paywalls and membership We need to develop a deeper
schemes have had little impact on revenue – and
concluded that “news publishers will need a mixed relationship with readers,
bag of diversified revenue streams to survive, including
subscription membership, contributions, events, branded focus on live events and
content and other services”.
conversations with them.
Moerdyk goes one step further though, by suggesting
that advertising and sponsorship revenues “are obsolete”. subscribers. Just like newspapers and magazines such
as Readers Digest used to do in the good old days when
“One of the biggest mistakes many traditional media they offered their subscribers deals on books and music,
made when dipping their feet into digital waters was to so today, online portals need to sell something to their
assume that their digital platform was simply an extension subscribers. That’s where the money is.”
of their newspaper, TV or radio station. What they did to
their detriment was start giving away their news for free. Dire though the situation may be, canny media houses
There are still, amazingly, online ‘news’ sites that continue have proven that there’s merit in remodelling their
to operate like newspapers by dispensing information offerings, and that they can remain relevant as the fourth
and selling advertising and sponsorship. All of them go to industrial revolution takes hold. Taahir Hoorzook, chief
enormous lengths to build up subscriber numbers – many financial officer of the Mail & Guardian, says the weekly
of them reaching tens of thousands more than newspaper has to become less reliant on advertising revenue, taking
subscriptions. What they don’t realise is that these a stronger focus on building reader revenue. “We need to
subscribers are gold. These are their biggest assets.” develop a deeper relationship with readers, so will focus
on live events and conversations with them. While digital
He’s not suggesting that media houses monetise revenue is growing, it doesn’t come to the publishers,
these subscribers by selling their lists, though. “What it
actually means is quite simply selling something to their

360-Degree Print, Digital, Social & Live Event Media Solution

The Mail & Guardian (M&G) is one of South Africa’s most
respected news publishers. We focus on pan-African political
analysis, investigative & special reporting, business, tourism,
education, health, science, sports, lifestyle, and arts and culture. Our audiences are
Educated, affluent and sophisticated
C-suites: professionals, business owners, government and

Drive the economy, front change, transform society and
influence debate.
Enjoy new technologies, and are tech savvy.

Our reach includes
1,5 million Followers on social platforms
1.3 million monthly Unique online users.
500 0000 weekly readers

TTohegMeetdmia |otrheeminefdoiaromnalinteio.cno.zoan advertising in the Mail & Guardian contact [email protected] Tel: +27 11 25P0 271300

Modern Media

but rather goes to the big tech platforms. Our strength Events and e-commerce have certainly helped
is we understand news, and our events, which will be innovative newspaper and magazine brands retain market
sponsored, will give live expression to that,” he says. relevance, with the latter still showing remarkable room
Hoorzook says the print product is still the M&G’s core for growth, if a US report on the industry in South Africa is
business, and that advertising revenue is still important, anything to go by: according to, South Africa’s
despite recent struggles, but that readers will need to be online spend forecast projected annual growth rate of 15%
made aware that content can no longer be free. through 2021, with media products such as books, CDs,
DVDs, and games topping South Africa’s product category.
“Naspers is a great example of the monetisation of
the online environment,” notes Moerdyk. “They built Cosmopolitan, one of the oldest magazine titles in, for example, into a formidable information the world, is a case study in successfully transitioning
and news portal. Then they used that portal to promote from single to multi-platform. This, says Associated
their other online businesses such as (now Media CEO Julia Raphaely, has been achieved through They invested in Tencent and numerous “always remaining relevant to their audience, delivering
other online businesses. Today the newspaper and exceptional content and being able to stimulate and drive
magazine side of Naspers hardly qualifies for one or two the conversations that really matter.”
sentences in their annual reports. All one needs to do is
have a look at the Naspers organogram to realise that just The magazine launched its Ready to Shop (RTS)
relying on newspapers and magazines with token online app about a year ago, with QR codes (quick response
attachments, is simply not sustainable,” he adds. barcodes) scattered throughout the magazine that
allowed readers to scan and shop directly off the page.
Token online attachments not sustainable
Lisa MacLeod, head of digital at Tiso Blackstar and It also ran QR codes on the covers of all its titles, which
vice president of WAN-IFRA, recently addressed the did come in for a bit of flak on social media. As one reader
organisation’s conference in India. “Daily newspapers pointed out, she buys magazines on covers, and a QR
average about a 16% year on year decline. Paid content is code didn’t quite swing it. See images above.
still in its nascent stages, but we have added a significant
number of subscribers. Online margins are about 30% “Our objective in creating RTS was to serve our audience
higher compared to print because we save the cost better and remain relevant to both our consumers and our
of delivery,” said MacLeod. “Our active digital users partners,” notes Raphaely. “We did this by leveraging our
represent about 35% of our subscriber base and that editorial influence, our brand authority, and our insights.”
number is growing,” she told delegates. The company has
undergone a massive overhaul in terms of digitisation, but The project is paying off, with, she says, with RTS results
remains a media business. It has an internal wire system from December 2018 to April 2019 showing real growth:
designed to share content from all its titles for web and
print. Stories are commissioned across the group, and a • QR scans grew from 7 000 to 17 430
big events area (where the Zondo Commission is currently • Page views in shops grew from 47 000 to 84 441
sitting) has boosted revenue. • Products loaded in the shop grew from 1 500 to 3 174
As she says, “Magazine media can play an important role
in helping this part of the economy grow via our brands’
influence, and we therefore want our medium to be a
driver and not a bystander.”

P 22 The Media |


Photo: Geopath

Does South Africa stack up to
international DOOH trends?

Billboards have a huge role to play in advertising, and digital outdoor advertising is taking the format to exciting new levels,

Advertising on billboards or digital billboards has usually day. Digital has opened up new ways of buying OOH
been secondary to TV, radio or digital advertising. and while locally the same systems of selecting a panel,
booking and flighting are followed, we are not far from
But there have been times where such advertising, programmatic buying across digital platforms.
known as out of home or OOH, has been the only
medium to be used, and very successfully too. Over This has given a completely new spin to planning digital
the years, innovations have created more opportunities campaigns and there’s been a significant increase in spend
to reach target audiences in different environments. going towards digital out of home advertising (DOOH).
Where once OOH was a big billboard on the roadside, Even our research friends in the US, Geopath, have used
it now offers advertisers other environments such as DOOH to promote their research with a buyout in Times
parking areas, bus shelters, shopping mall environs, street Square, as the accompanying picture shows.
poles, airports, buses, trains, taxis – any area that can be
branded. An afterthought
Back home, OOH is nine times out of 10 the secondary
The biggest change has been the move to digital. Not medium and is often an afterthought. OOH seldom gets
only is it less expensive to produce, it allows for different the budget allocation that it deserves, but rather the
messages to be flighted at different times of the days, budget that is left over. With the new local innovations in
across different structures and allows for numerous OOH, there’s no doubt the usage and planning will have
messages to be displayed. The creatives can have a field

The Media | P 23


to change. That is where our Roadside Outdoor Audience were media agencies doing this in South Africa, both
Data (Road) measurement system is so important. It offers Australia and Belgium confirmed that they had the same
information that allows for proper planning of OOH, issue. Somewhere along the line, people believe that
planning that will ensure the correct budgets are allocated taking a sixth of the results is the norm. The bottom line,
and overall impact can be measured. however, is measuring DOOH is lot more complex than a
simple mathematical equation.
The Road research is on a par with all other international
OOH research around the world. We use the same To accurately measure DOOH panels, one has to take
platform as all other countries that have OOH research into account traffic flow patterns, both peaks and troughs,
and because of this, we are able to share learnings and throughout the day, plus visibility zones and other
implement best practices. factors. Traffic speeds should ideally be measured every
5 minutes over a year. All of this information is then put
A web conference with other international players in the into an algorithm which gives a more accurate result. This
field agreed that it is categorically wrong to take a DOOH algorithm is being used in a couple of countries and it will
panel, divide the reach and frequency by the number of hopefully become the worldwide measurement standard.
ads on the board and then say that is what you achieve.
It was interesting to note that when we mentioned there Is South Africa at the point of being able to measure
DOOH? Well unfortunately, we are not quite there. We
P 24 are investigating various options in order to get the right
information to put this puzzle together, and there is a
possibility that we have an interim solution, but we will
only know for certain in a couple of weeks’ time.

While we grapple with measuring DOOH along with
our international friends, our OOH playing field and
opportunities have certainly kept up with international
trends. Sophisticated campaigns cutting across social
media, radio and DOOH messaging to ensure synergistic
campaign messaging, localised campaigns for small
retailers and shopping malls, you name it, there is an OOH

In my opinion, South Africa does play on the same field
as the rest of the world. Is there room for improvement,
for more innovations, for more sophisticated ways of
planning and evaluating the medium – always! We
all know though, that these things take huge capital
investments and time. We’re learning from others and
implementing locally and we continue to move forward.

Growing the OOH share of adspend to the levels we
believe are realistic remains challenging, but winds of
change are blowing and I look forward to seeing the
medium getting its fair share of advertising budgets when
clients and media strategists realise the importance and
impact of OOH.

Trish Guilford started her career
as a PA in client services in 1989.
In 2016 Guilford started her own
media consulting business, Tradigital
Consulting, offering media services
from training to media audits and
implementation. Guilford was offered
the opportunity to join the Out of
Home Measurement Council in 2018
as General Manager.

The Media |


Photo: Primedia Outdoor

Don’t JUST go virtual, go by Road!

It’s been a good year for the Outdoor Measurement Council, with more users signing up to use the Road research tool,

The Outdoor Measurement Council’s Roadside Outdoor These three add 430 roadside panels to the total
Audience Data research, one of the most sophisticated number of panels we have on the Quantum software.
research tools available in South Africa,takes the guessing We envisage having another three to four media owners
game out of media planning. joining the OMC before the end of year with their
inventory being available as of January 2020.
In its fourth year of existence, Road’s founding
members, JCDecaux, Primedia, Outdoor Network and Ad Meanwhile, the Road research continues to gain
Outpost, have ensured that the OMC continues to provide traction.Many briefs to the media owners now clearly state
the industry with robust and reliable research to measure that preference will be given to those media owners who
roadside out of home inventory. Brand IQ joined the OMC can supply Road research results for their panels.
in July 2018, bringing our members up to five and we will
end the year with more new members. Media agencies should be setting budgets and realistic
media parameters for all clients who use out of home
In February this year, the OMC launched its annual in their media mix. We have therefore welcomed new
update to the industry with the first three-year rolling Quantum software users this year, two of them media
sample of 45 000 respondents, the largest sample of all specialists who understand the importance of our
research in South Africa. research.

We also hosted James Whitmore, managing director So to conclude, a successful and positive year for the
of Route, the UK’s outdoor media company. As a result OMC: three new members with more to come, new
of this engagement, the OMC implemented a new media agencies and media specialists using the Quantum
membership costing structure that became effective from software and the prospect of continuing to grow both our
1 July this year. membership and user base into the foreseeable future.

It’s very favourable for small to medium-sized media Should you be interested in finding out more about
owners and allows them to join the OMC and pay becoming a member of the OMC, or media agencies who
according to the number of panels they would like to have do OOH planning and would like to see the research and
loaded onto the Quantum software. the Quantum software, please contact us and we will be
more than happy to engage with you.
The change was well received, and three new members
joined in September: Tractor Outdoor, Mamela Media and
The Guyz Media.

The Media | P 25

Commuter DOOH

Hubble’s in-Uber advertising

Targeting people on the go
with digital creativity

From in-vehicle screens and digital boards at transit hubs to mobile targeting of people as they commute, digital transit
advertising is a booming sector in South Africa. MICHAEL BRATT explores this vast outdoor advertising medium.

Described as “underutilised as a segment” by JCDecaux on ‘out of home’ at commuter nodes or inside public
Africa’s marketing director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Donald transport. Nowadays, this includes anything from the
Liphoko, digital transit advertising is becoming more and high-end Gautrain in Gauteng and airports across the
more recognised by brands and marketers in South Africa country, screens in Ubers and mass commuter nodes like
as a valuable investment. taxi ranks, train stations and bus depots.”

From cars, buses and taxis to trains and planes, this No matter the transit type, players are in the same
advertising medium targets economically active people, in situation, according to Liphoko. “All of us are experiencing
captive environments, with a “one-to-many” reach. a growth in numbers, are experiencing increased duration
of people on various platforms, and are being forced to
As Touch Media managing director Margie Carr innovate in terms of content, technology and go-to-
comments, “In South Africa, we have the benefit of digital market strategies regarding packaging and pricing.”
transit exposure to audiences across the board. Due to
the travel patterns in the country, there is a heavy focus

P 26 The Media |

Commuter DOOH

Choosing the right transit type Established networks, but not many new opportunities
But with so many transit types and spaces to choose from, Despite the growth in popularity of digital transit
how should the choice be made of the most relevant one, advertising in the country, Wallis, who is an advocate of
which will provide maximum return on investment? Carr the effectiveness of this medium, says there aren’t many
identifies these five factors that will make for an effective new opportunities.
“Transit DOOH offerings have remained static over the
• Identify the correct audience last few years. Large networks have been established and
• Your message must stand out/be unique/create have not been added to, in any significant way…most of
the prime commuter nodes have been assigned to media
interest/call for action owners on a long term basis, so there is little flexibility/
• Your design will make or break the campaign – it opportunity for innovation,” he explains.

has to be eye catching and quick to comprehend SA Taxi’s communications executive and director
• Select a DOOH option that has proven its worth – Maroba Maduma, and head of media Jarrod Rohland,
believe there have been some ideas that have been
and one that creates audience interest, and limit piloted but haven’t landed yet, including content serving
your advertising slots media players and logistic apps. “These would be great
• Consider time of day to ensure you reach your product placement or interstitial ad platforms. But the
audience at the time most relevant to your product/ right mixes of Capex and revenue generation and user
service. uptake hasn’t been found yet. The new frontier is going to
be programmatic advertising based on populations inside
Craig Wallis, business unit manager at The MediaShop, the vehicle,” they say.
adds, “Marketers should deal with reputable media
owners who have researched the audience, and can Trends they see developing in the next few years include
offer a professional media offering. But all DOOH focused apps and in-vehicle mediums encouraging
transit platforms are effective advertising mediums for ‘deets for treats’ data collection, journey expectation

The Media | P 27

Commuter DOOH

management, and community store-/spaza-specialised attention-grabbing movement.
advertising, all the way to the holy grail of in-trip “A UK study by Neuro-Insight concluded that while both
purchasing, and being able to collect goods at the rank
the journey begins or ends at. static and full motion content delivered high levels of
positive emotional response, full motion content delivered
In terms of transit hub advertising, the duo stress that even higher emotional and memory intensity peaks when
having a digital platform at a taxi rank doesn’t mean you it was combined with interactive technology. The net
are going to be effective. “It has to be in the right space, impact of these measures in combination equated to an
attracting the attention of commuters, either queuing eight times stronger impact for full motion DOOH with
while waiting for their ride or in central interaction points technology, compared to static content,” says Liphoko.
like food stalls before their trip begins,” they explain. “The
spaces that transit media providers work with are very Mobile integration to boost OOH’s reach
restrictive due to municipal laws and bye-laws as well as Digital transit advertising extends beyond the physical
the agenda of the dominant political party of the city or infrastructure in vehicles and at transit hubs. Mobile is
the province’s objectives. Something we are working on increasingly being incorporated into OOH campaigns to
is rejuvenation of ranks and finding the best for space and not only broaden the reach, but to also get closer to the
purpose for digital offerings in these projects.” consumers through targeting with relevant content.

Africa’s first large format digital screen “We serve ads based on a number of things, but
JCDecaux, which has exclusive rights to advertising primarily location. We plug into a network, get a user’s
opportunities in the Gautrain network, is installing Africa’s location when they log onto a publisher and then
first large format digital screen in this space. This is on top serve an ad… for example, we could geofence Gautrain
of their 244 digital screens across 10 Gautrain stations, stations and then re-target people who have been in
and highlights their belief, which has been reinforced by those stations with specific advertising for the Gautrain,”
studies, that digital outperforms static, mainly because of explains Neil Clarence, chief operating officer at Vicinity
Media. This approach adds the benefit of measurability of

P 28 C

The Media |

Commuter DOOH

audience, with stronger analytics, and without the need planning and buying media, as well as ease of delivering
for physical infrastructure on the ground. creative and having the tools to access the data.

There have been instances where traditional OOH “We will shortly be offering a Cost per View model, with
players have paired their offerings with Vicinity Media’s user-initiated video only. If the platform is interactive, it
services, which Clarence refers to as “out of home opens up a lot of scope for creativity,” he adds.
amplification”, citing studies that show that OOH works
better when working in conjunction with mobile. In terms of the major developments in transit media
that are creating innovative advertising opportunities,
He identifies a desirable advertising scenario as: “A Atherstone identifies more interactivity, less static and
brand should speak to a particular consumer throughout more video, more data-fed media, gamification and
their day at various touchpoints. So a consumer has been augmented reality as key, though the latter is still in its
to the taxi rank to travel, so the brand takes an advert on infancy in South Africa.
a board there, and then the brand can use mobile to re-
target them when they are at home at night.” He also points to a bugbear that he has, explaining,
“Clients only focus on conversion. Many clients shift their
Interactivity, programmatic, and video driving digital entire budget to only converting customers. What they
One of the more innovative digital transit advertising don’t realise is that if they are not advertising in all stages,
options is Hubble, which offers in-Uber media awareness/consideration/conversion, then they are likely
opportunities. With a current inventory of 700 screens in to put off many customers who might have come around
rideshare vehicles (with a goal of 2 000), the company’s eventually.”
creative director Brett Atherstone reveals that Hubble
will be exploring what is called “programmatic” in the That’s why, he says, “Media agencies must push back
rideshare space once they are able to scale their platform. to clients and educate them on the dangers of having
a conversion only mindset. People need a bridge of
Programmatic is a major trend not only in digital transit trust and familiarity with a brand before they consider
VMa_dTMvOeEr_tAids_in11g-,11b-u19t_dV1ig.pitdafl in1 ge2n0e19r/a1l1. /I1t1pro1v1i:d2e6 s ease of purchasing. Digital is an easy sell for conversion, therefore,
a challenge for DOOH.”

The Media | P 29


Entrepreneur’s closure a
sign of the times

With the fluctuating rand and the challenges faced by print media worldwide, it’s clear magazines publishing under licence
in South Africa are having a hard time, writes JUSTIN BROWN.

The recent closure of Entrepreneur magazine in South included increased pressure from advertisers to provide
Africa highlights key issues faced by publishers, especially discounted rates and difficulties in dealing with the
those that bring international media brands into the local onslaught of digital change.
market under licence.
“The revenue model for the magazine no longer
The once popular publication shut down at the end of worked,” a source close to the former publication said.
August after having launched in April 2006. The closure
resulted in about 10 people losing their jobs. Entrepreneur In a statement in early October, Enterpreneur Media
Media South Africa held the local licence from the US- South Africa said that after initially closing its print division
based Entrepreneur magazine. The closure was partly due in January 2019, the magazine decided to focus on its
to issues around the cost of the licence fees from the US digital division. “Unfortunately, the digital division alone
parent company amid the weakening in the US dollar/rand proved to be an unviable model for Entrepreneur Media
exchange rate. Other factors to weigh on the publication South Africa,” the company said.

P 30 A former contributor to the magazine, who wished not

The Media |

M agazines

to be named, said that she was “saddened” and “surprised” countries and are confident that it deserves a place on
to hear about the publication’s closure. “The magazine their schedules,” she says.
promoted so many entrepreneurs,” she said.
Shapshak believes taking out a licence meant you were
The shutdown is yet another example of an international buying a lot of useful stories and features. However,
publication that set up locally but ultimately couldn’t be he warns that the cost of foreign currency licence
sustained. Others that spring to mind are Marie Claire and fees could be prohibitive, especially when the rand
Huffington Post. fluctuated. Reid believes that the major challenge was
to adapt the international formula to the requirements
Britta Reid, a Johannesburg-based independent media and idiosyncrasies of the local market. “Managing that
consultant, said that the closure of several publications successfully will be determined by local skill and insight
produced under international licences was “certainly a but also by the latitude given within the licence,” she said.
Unlike Weakley, Julia Raphaely, CEO of Associated
Reid says that the wider trend was that many local Media Publishing, which publishes magazines like
publications were struggling to reinvent themselves Cosmopolitan, thinks there is a trend of local publications
amid an evolving media ecosystem. A weakening rand under international licence closing.
exchange rate was just one of many challenges that local
publishers faced, including declining circulations, cover “The entire publishing model as we know it is in
price declines and declining print advertising revenue, the midst of huge change, which requires substantial
which was not being offset by an uptick in digital revenue. investment in building an omni-channel ecosystem and
therefore is a very risky space for anyone. Added to that,
Stuff magazine publisher and editor-in-chief, Toby the international licencing model as it stands rests on a
Shapshak, says it is getting harder to publish profitably fixed term, which usually favours the licensor, and built-
in South Africa, especially for foreign-owned titles that in guarantees in a foreign currency… Your hard-working
charged fees in US dollars, Euros or British sterling. rands will need to absorb a US dollar or Euro guarantee
before anything else gets taken care of.”
The local Stuff magazine is produced under license from
a British company. Reid recommends that before bringing in an
international licence it is vital to determine whether there
On the other hand, Danielle Weakley, editorial director is a real need for the publication. “They would also need
for the South African editions of both Women’s Health to consider whether the title had already travelled a long
and Men’s Health, says she didn’t believe that there was way down the road of digital innovation as well as the
any trend emerging related to the international licenced development of alternative revenue streams,” she adds.
But despite the closure of Enterpreneur magazine’s local
“Media brands under licence should be beholden to the edition, the South African media and communications
same set of strategic insights as any local brand; the only sector is still bringing in internationally licenced products,
real difference is an additional cost of licencing fees. But if although perhaps in a different way.
your brand is evolving to meet the needs of the audience
and the ever-changing digital landscape, it shouldn’t This was evidenced in early October when local
make a difference whether you’re under licence or not,” communication agency King James announced that it had
Weakley says. concluded a deal with Cedar Communications in the UK
to take over a licencing agreement in southern Africa by
“Working on a brand like Women’s Health has seen us acquiring a majority stake in content marketing agency
– in 10 years – go from being a website and a monthly Cedar South Africa.
magazine to being a content brand that serves up a
monthly magazine, stand-alone bookazines, digital fitness This move will add content publishing, which is a form
and weight loss pay gates, a website, social media… of marketing, to King James’ offering.
workout and food videos, a fitness influencer programme
and a robust portfolio of ticketed events – like Fit Night Justin Brown is a freelance journalist,
Out. And we’re still growing. That’s where the magic is… with over 20 years of journalism
Invest in diversifying what you have,” she adds. experience. He was until recently
the business editor at City Press;
Bringing an international magazine into South Africa 1and also worked for The Star’s
under licence meant buying into a well-established brand Business Report for almost ten years.
that offered brand awareness, strategic direction, a flow of He holds a Bachelor of Journalism
ideas and insights from a network of editions worldwide, degree from Rhodes University and a
she added. Bachelor of Commerce degree from
the University of South Africa.
Reid says that producing a local edition of a major
international title comes with the assurance that the P 31
formula had been successfully developed and tested. “It
might also offer easier access to a pool of international
advertisers who have supported the publication in other

The Media |


The Tiguan immersive AR experience

How VR gave me a taste
for a Tiguan

Savvy marketers are using immersive Virtual Reality to give prospective customers an all-round experience – and make
them feel understood. It’s a win for both partners in this dance, reports KELETSO NKABITI.

I have a friend who waxes lyrical about his Volkswagen. The new era of experiential marketing employs
No, that’s an understatement: he is obsessed. He loves technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented
listing the ways in which my ‘No Name Brand’ hatchback Reality (AR) and Gamification, tactile elements and other
is inferior to the workmanship of the German automobile creative mediums to create a multi-sensory encounter
giant. It wasn’t until recently, that an immersive Virtual that immerses the customer and closely mimics reality
Reality activation by New Reality and Volkswagen showed and even fantasy. The goal? To place the customer inside
me exactly what the hype was all about. It reminded me the brand’s story and position the brand firmly in the
why, though we have a long way to go in South Africa, customer’s life moments whether they’re having baby,
the creative use of technology is disrupting traditional going to university or…buying a car.
experiential marketing and brand storytelling.

P 32 The Media |


When Volkswagen approached local immersive Volkswagen has had the courage and commitment to
experience designers, New Reality, to once again design embrace innovation that allows us to do what we do best,
an experience that would allow prospects and prospective for products that really benefit from VR, in ways that are
customers to test-drive a car which was not even released always new and exciting.”
yet, using a VR headset and wireless hand controllers, they
relished the challenge. Customers will remain in their comfort zone, but once
you inject this new world of immersive technology, their
My work as a brand strategist and my personal curiosity buying experience becomes one they didn’t
about the brand gave me a unique opportunity to exciting one at that.
participate both as a prospective consumer and a student
of customer behaviour. I chose the Tiguan, but I also had The most important factors I suggest you consider
the option of the brand new T-Cross or the sleek Polo. to make sure your VR, AR Gamification installation is
unforgettable are:
Once ‘inside’, I was hooked. The engaging virtual guide
talked me through a few of the specifications that set the 1. Create intimacy, free from distraction. VR does this
Tiguan apart from other models. I am not a ‘car person’ well.
and yet I was far from bored. Afterwards, I could even talk
about Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and torque as if I was 2. Technology should not be an interruption. It should
a real pro. be high-quality, fast and easy to use.

After taking a good look at the interior and examining 3. Initiate moments that create community. And some
the legroom, my VR guide walked me through viral social sharing won’t hurt.
personalising the exterior colour and testing the boot
capacity. I even selected a fun fictitious occupation to 4. Encourage trust and create an authentic encounter
guide the rest of my experience. As an ‘interior decorator’, by stimulating the senses.
I tested the ample boot space as we piled in carpets and
furniture. Depending on the option I chose, there was And the Tiguan? As soon as my hatchback is paid off,
even space for a pram. I could feel the feedback in the that boot space is mine.
controllers and hear fellow shoppers as I ‘stopped at the
mall’. The only thing missing was the new car smell. Keletso Nkabiti is a brand
strategist with Idea Hive. Her
Locked in with the brand degree in Brand Building
As a brand storyteller, I am struck by exactly how and Management from Vega
invaluable this experience is. The ‘holy grail’ for every School in Johannesburg and
marketer is earning the consumer’s trust in the brand and an Honours degree in Strategic
understanding their human truths – whether good or bad. Brand Communication is the
I was locked in with the brand, undistracted by phone perfect marriage of creative
notifications, and after such a short time, I was a convert. I and business management.
felt known, and in a world where customers buy with their
emotions, I was already planning my first trip to the beach. P 33
In the world of marketing, this process could have taken
months and multiple marketing touchpoints.

That is what makes digital marketing so successful.
Digital marketers can tap directly into the known likes and
dislikes of individuals available on the various social media
and online shopping platforms. Traditional marketing,
though effective, is directed at a wider audience and
essentially tells them how to feel.

One of the hurdles of the technological approach is,
of course, the cost. It takes a brand with a courageous
outlook and an understanding of the immense
reward beyond the risk (cost) involved. Someone who
understands how invaluable it is to tell the brand story in
a way that gets their customer’s exclusive attention for a
much longer period than a 30-second TV advert.

“VR is undoubtedly the future,” says Steve Pinto, CEO
and co-founder of New Reality. “But, for those brands
with the foresight to embrace it, it’s already the present.

The Media |

R adio

Photo: Pixabay

How to hit the sweet spot
with radio competitions

On-air competitions have long been a feature of radio content. But what is the return on investment for stations and
advertisers, and is it worth it? GLENDA NEVILL asks the experts.

Western Cape regional radio station Smile 90.4 FM Of course, attracting new listeners is a vital part of
recently launched a competition with an eye-watering competitions, but keeping them once the competition is
R2 million prize for one listener. Billed as Africa’s biggest over is the trick.
on-air giveaway, the station said it was an effort to build
listenership, as well live by its brand positioning, which is “When stations develop their own competitions it
to keep South Africans in good spirits. would be to either drive an increase in cumulative (cume)
audience or extend time spent listening. Audience growth
For Smile, the “two million reasons to smile” campaign’s may spike slightly after a competition, but the trick is
return on investment was an increased listenership, and to have all the elements on the station in place before
opening the competition up countrywide via listening on running great competitions.” says programming manager
its app was the means by which to bring new ears to the of East Coast Radio (ECR), Zane Derbyshire.
station’s offering.
“If the music, presenters and content are compelling,

P 34 The Media |




TELL:: 011 22668866669900 WWW.MASSIVMEDIA.COM
CELL: 00786285070473441923 WWW.MASSIVMETRO.COM

R adio

the increase driven by the competition is likely to stick numbers now, and have benchmarks around the type
a lot more. Because the Broadcast Research Council’s of competition that was running, and based on the
Radio Audience Measurement (BRC RAM) survey releases mechanic, and entry point we can pretty much work out
are rolled waves, it is hard to determine if one single how many entries a client should be expecting. And by
competition had a true impact on audience numbers, as using those unique numbers and comparing the entries
most competitions do not run for six months at a time.” to our databases we can determine whether it’s made an
impact on listenership.”
ROI for brands
ECR’s head of promotions, Jonathan Lumley, agrees. The return on investment for brands is a different
“It’s been hard to track in recent years with the change matter, and depends on the client’s objectives. Minenhle
to BRC RAMS, and not having any longitudinal data to Dlamini, head of creative and promotions at Gagasi FM,
refer back to has been frustrating. Before, we could says some want to drive leads or traffic to a website or
compare listenership around a period of time that a major a place, while others want to push sales or grow brand
promotion was running and see the impact on cume and awareness. “You would then measure the ROI based
time spent listening,” he says. on whether the objective has been met or not. The
competition mechanics need to speak to the client’s
“Often we could see a marked increase in numbers, objective,” she adds.
or not, if nothing had been done, but a competitor
had. So we usually gauge engagement with our entry That’s why it is crucial to analyse and question the
purpose of the competition from the client upfront and

Thotbox is a through the line, 360 Media Buying agency specializing in content creation and Marketing activations. Our niche is
community radio sales enabled by our strategic partnership with the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF). Through this
partnership, Thotbox is able to exclusively offer Advertisers access to over 150 community radio stations with a combined listenership
of over 12 million (source: Telmar)

We offer the following services on these platforms;

- Commercial and Community radio airtime sales [email protected] The Media |
- Out of Home Advertising - static & digital billboards 010 591 3501
- Train station branding and wall mural advertising
- Television production
- SimPulc3a6st radio interviews and Outside Broadcast
- Tailor made Marketing activations
- Commercial and Community advertising placements


then deliver on that brief, says Lumley. “We could run try to test themselves or they listen in to hear if they
a competition that generates thousands of entries, but could have done better. There’s engagement with your
few opt-ins for the client, and consequently fail on their competition on-air, which a normal ad does not afford…
expectations. Generally we measure by looking at the social media also allows for that engagement and
total number of entries, then measure against the unique opportunity to share.”
entries and any further op-ins for the client.
The competition as content
Social media a powerful element Advertisers, says Campbell, are beginning to see the
“If it’s the radio station’s own competition (not sponsored) value of doing competitions as part of content. “Weave a
we are more inclined to really measure total entries and narrative around the competition idea and your listeners
how much PR value we
got from the promotion. are more inclined to enter
Competitions are great for or care about who wins,
creating a launch platform which automatically means
for a new offer or service exposure for the sponsor,” he
from a client and a fun way says.
to engage with an audience.
For some of the bigger As an example, he refers
promotions we definitely to a campaign for UCook, a
gauge through focus groups brand that wanted to break
and audience recall from our into the KwaZulu-Natal
own research. If it shows up market. “A content-based
or is highlighted, we then creative was conceptualised
know we hit the mark,” he where listeners could win
reckons. the chance to cook dinner
for their favourite East
Creative director at Coast Radio presenters.
Mediamark, Andrew Because UCook provides
Campbell, believes their customers with
social media has added exactly the right quantity
a powerful element to of ingredients and easy-
on-air competitions, and to-follow instructions to
helped increase return prepare the meal, listeners
on investment. It plays a found themselves buying
“massive role in terms of into the notion of removing
creating awareness around any potential stress involved
competitions”, he says. when you have guests over
for dinner. It also drove
“If the message is tailored to the audience without them engagement with the brand as listeners had to download
ever feeling like they’re reading a post that’s been paid the UCook App to see for themselves how easy it was to
for, it will drive interest and set up appointment listening subscribe and to enter.”
for something the sponsor is involved in on-air. It also Lumley has words of caution. “I think what is important
gives listeners the chance to interact with their favourite to note is that clients and ourselves as media regard
presenters, and by default, the advertiser associated with ourselves in high esteem, and tend to forget that we are
a specific competition, in a visually appealing manner. intruding on our audiences in their private space (home,
It’s also a great tool to use as part of a creative solution car or office) and we have to remember that we aren’t the
for the client where listeners can now see the product or most important thing in their lives. We like to think we
brand and potentially the presenters interacting with it as are, but we aren’t,” he says.
well,” he explains. “So sometimes entries to a competition can be lower
than expected – when this happens you have to look
Social media helps spread the message, says Dlamini. at the golden triangle of a promotion, these being the
“Competitions help you to stand out, as opposed to timing, the offer (reward) and the ease of taking up that
having your message in the spot breaks. Through offer. If you can get all three in proportion, you will have
competitions, you get presenters to create some great a stellar competition that hits the sweet spot with an
hype around your brand when they run the competition, audience.”
and you also get to partner with them (the presenters)
when they do the competition,” she says. “Also, listeners P 37
get involved with the competition when they listen in,

The Media |


Media show they have heart with a
variety of CSI projects changing lives

With the festive season just around the corner, IZA GREK finds out what media companies are doing as part of their
corporate social investment.

From the airwaves to print media and out of home, media mountain bikes. The journey started near the Cape Town
companies are doing their bit to build communities and Waterfront during a live Good Morning Angels crossing on
enhance future prospects for the impoverished and Breakfast with Martin Bester and ended at Jacaranda FM
disadvantaged members of society. and Tracker’s Off The Beat ’n Track mountain biking family
event in Irene. The journey raised R1.5 million for Good
Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels show (GMA) Morning Angels.
started in 2005 and has been growing and going non-stop
ever since. Requests for assistance are submitted via email Also, in 2019 GMA did more than its fair share for
and Good Morning Angels receives on average between Mandela Day. During a live Good Morning Angels
100 and 200 requests per day. broadcast at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital,
listeners and corporates donated R1.8 million towards
The show has been broadcast on prime airtime every #GMAHeartsOfHope to fund paediatric heart surgeries.
Wednesday morning for more than 14 years. Financial
and other contributions are made by listeners, advertisers At the end of the broadcast, the Round Table’s Boikanyo
and corporates. More than R7 million in assistance Bug (a 1970s VW Beetle) departed on a 14 500km
was distributed per year in 2017 and 2018. The show is journey through Africa to the International Round Table
not only proactive but also remarkably responsive to Conference in Romania and raised a further R900 000 for
emergency situations. paediatric heart surgeries. This collaboration brought in
enough funds for 67 heart operations.
For example, listeners, schools and corporates donated
close on R2 million for the families of children killed “R8.1m has already been raised from January to July this
or injured in the school bridge collapse at Hoërskool year, and distributed, so, despite a challenging economic
Driehoek in March 2019. climate, the funds raised in 2019 should be well over R10
million,” said GMA presenter Martin Bester.
The Boikanyo Bug
In its #MilesForAMillion charity initiative in April 2019, Caxton trains journalists
three Jacaranda FM listeners undertook a gruelling 10- On the news front, the Caxton Group helps to ensure the
day journey from Cape Town to Irene in Gauteng on future of the industry by investing in students from two

P 38 The Media |


leading tertiary institutions. needy mothers and children in impoverished and Aids-
The partnership between Tshwane University of affected communities.

Technology (TUT) and Caxton Local Newspapers gives Taxis to the rescue
third year journalism students the opportunity to gain the And taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily
six months’ practical experience required to complete commute, the SA Taxi Foundation, the corporate social
their three-year course. Students come away knowing investment arm of SA Taxi Finance group (of which SA Taxi
more about how to cover various beats, photography, Media is one) of companies has several initiatives.
and compiling video and audio under the guidance and
mentorship of editors and senior journalists. Established in January 2014, it focuses on
developmental projects in education. It already directly
In its relationship with Wits University, Caxton prints the administers in excess of R8 million, said Kalnisha Singh,
journalism students’ bi-weekly newspaper, Vuvuzela, with director of the SA Taxi Foundation.
a print run of 10 000, at no cost to the university. Students
produce the content and receive training in layout using The foundation’s latest project is a R272 550 investment
the InDesign program and on the printing and colour at Mthekelezi Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal, which was
process.. The Caxton team also sets up templates and used to build dry sanitation ablution facilities as the school
helps with production of the first edition, as well as with has no direct access to water or sewerage infrastructure.
ongoing support throughout the year.
The foundation also supports a mobile library. The
Running shoes South African Primary Education Support Initiative (Sapesi)
In the Johannesburg North newspaper division of the takes its cue from a Japanese model. The initiative brings
group, the Rosebank Killarney Gazette collaborated with the vehicles that have been retired from mobile library
the local Spar grocery store to create a ‘Donate a pair and service in Japan to South Africa.
show you care’ campaign to collect running shoes.
Sapesi collaborates with the national Department of
It began when both companies noticed a large number Education, which imports the vehicles and provides a
of barefoot children taking part in the annual Spar standard set of books per vehicle. The department also
Women’s Race.The project has grown over the years funds research, undertaken by the University of the Free
and now receives support from all the Johannesburg State Education department, into the efficacy of the Sapesi
metropolitan publications. Hundreds of pairs of running initiative. “Studies so far indicate that it has a tangibly
shoes are collected annually for children at deserving beneficial effect on student literacy,” says Singh.
organisations and schools, such as Realogile Secondary
School in Alexandra. Mobile literacy
Sapesi’s goal is to deploy 70 vehicles by 2020, extending
And at the coast, the Caxton Durban branch supports mobile library services to some 2 000 schools, 420 000
the Robin Hood Foundation’s Warrior Women event in learners, and 14 000 teachers.
aid of the Buy A Brick Campaign. This year R165 000 was
raised for the charity, which focuses on constructing SA Taxi Foundation provides support services, including
crèches and schools for learners in disadvantaged making office space available for Sapesi and funding
communities. awareness campaigns in the communities to which
mobile libraries are to be rolled out.
The foundation also raises money to assist the elderly,
Says Singh, “At SA Taxi, we believe education is the pivot
The Media | on which the country’s economic success will turn and, of
course, reading is the basis of education.”

“So, we focus the foundation’s major initiatives on
projects that will not only enrich communities’ oral
traditions with literacy options but will also inculcate a
love of reading in the generations on whose shoulders the
future of South Africa will rest.”

Iza Grek is an editor, sub-editor,
blogger and award-winning
journalist based in Johannesburg.
Her interests include media and
advertising, personal development,
psychology, and lifestyle and
organisational development.

P 39


How international OOH sales
teams have adopted a data-
driven approach

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) recently asked various committee members, “What are some ways
you’ve successfully helped traditional OOH sales teams embrace a more data and technology-driven approach to selling
OOH advertising?” This is what they told NICOLE RANDALL.

P 40 The Media |


Ian Dallimore, Lamar Advertising Company We used that data to highlight digital OOH they should
This is a very exciting time for our industry, with the purchase and what creative they should be playing, ie:
massive amount of data available to both vendors and breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. I strongly believe the
agencies. Brands are holding budgets close to more more accurate data we can use when pitching OOH
measurable and smarter campaigns, and OOH can and campaigns to brands, the more ad spend OOH will
does play in this space. receive.

One of my favorite training opportunities for an agency Marcus Danneil, Mile High Outdoor Advertising
on more data-driven buy was for a QSR brand (KFC and The ability to provide advertisers with concrete stats
Pizza Hut). We used data to measure the “old way” of through technology has added a tremendous amount of
buying within a 5km radius from the store and compared credibility to OOH. It has also enabled our sales team to
to all other inventory in the market. We were able to show approach new advertisers with ideas and confidence, not
the inventory that was outside of a 24km radius performed just generic cold calling. I believe our industry needs to
higher than the inventory the agency had purchased take advantage of this. Sales people now have the ability
within a 1.6km of the QSR. to make certain assumptions about a specific business or
category that is not spending money in OOH and research
It was a great learning opportunity to use real data to statistical information that heavily supports making OOH
determine locations that visited the QSR in the entire part of their media mix. Cold calling with a concept that is
market. We took it a step further, because why wouldn’t supported with statistics and potential creative executions
you if the data is available? And then also measured the
time of day of exposure.

The Media | P 41


elevates the chances of making a sale and introducing customers – fast and professionally organised OOH plans.
OOH to a new advertiser or category. Our sales team has This applies to both large agency customers as well as the
really embraced taking advantage of this and making more local pizza shop, whose founder is training his daughter
educated cold calls. (who is technically savvy) to take over the business.
Customers want information quickly and concisely
There is a direct benefit to returned to them so they can make timely decisions.

sales professionals who Sharon Peyer, Crane Connectivity Solutions
We begin by demonstrating how OOH data helps them
adopt technology driven accomplish the client’s objective with the highest
possible return on investment. We use historical
improvements in the sales viewership data to provide a benchmark for total viewable
impressions. Location-based audience data (ranging from
process demographics to purchase behaviours at our associated
points of sale) helps inform creative messaging by
Jonathan Gudai, Adomni audience. Sophisticated models both conduct A/B testing
Be transparent. Ensure that the media plan and targeting for optimal deployment and measure the effectiveness
strategy shows the actual locations and media types in and impact of an OOH ad during and after the campaign.
the consideration set. We have found that traditional OOH We look to bring in third parties wherever possible to
sellers are interested in executing an audience-optimised measure the contribution of our campaigns to the entire
strategy but still would like to maintain visibility into where media mix, and we incorporate the resulting insights
the OOH ads might flow. They realise that every location into our standard best practices. Data and technology-
in the inventory consideration set may not be reached; driven OOH advertising is only as valuable as the results
but the added level of location-level visibility provides it can generate. With numerous data points, near-real
buyers with more peace of mind as the industry transitions time reporting, and a relentless focus on continuous
and embraces an audience-driven advertising approach. improvement, buyers can see that digital OOH campaigns
The same goes for proof-of-performance (POP) report are better positioned to succeed in achieving client
transparency. objectives because:

Leslie Lee, Vistar Media • We know we’re reaching the right audiences at the
Programmatic technology enables sellers to reach right times, and;
more buyers and enables buyers to access inventory
seamlessly, transforming what was once a very manual • We can optimise messaging on the fly, based on the
task. Incorporating programmatic into an existing sales performance data we’re monitoring and comparing
programme allows networks to fully monetise unsold to proven benchmarks that have been developed
inventory and maximise their yield. We work hand-in- over time and validated by third parties.
hand with media owners to help them build strategies that
support multiple revenue streams for a robust network, *The Out of Home Advertising Association of America
across direct, private marketplace and open exchange (OAAA) is the national trade association for the $7.8 billion
sales. Vistar works with OOH sales teams to develop out of home advertising industry, which includes digital
education on audience-based buying strategies and how out of home (DOOH), and comprises billboards, street
to engage new digital buyers, so all teams are set up to furniture, transit advertising, and place-based media.
succeed in OOH’s programmatic future.

Ken Sahlin, DoMedia Nicole Randall is the senior
There is a direct benefit to sales professionals who adopt director of communications at
technology driven improvements in the sales process the Out of Home Advertising
– it allows them to spend more time working with their Association of America.
clients on their business instead of spending time on
spreadsheets. Additionally, this provides the ability to be The Media |
more responsive to presenting a wider range of OOH
options as well as maximising the creative impact of our
medium. It also meets the needs of many of our future

P 42

With: Kevin Fine

After eight years at the helm of Jacaranda FM, Kevin Fine has left the station to head a new business
within Kagiso Media. As the founding director of Expedite, a business aimed at creating “new value
for clients, the stations, and stakeholders”, he is putting his skills to good use by by leveraging radio’s
resources and inventory in innovative ways.

I am 46 years old and so far in my career… My death row meal would be…
I’ve been lucky enough to see the world from many different I wouldn’t be on death row, but penne al salmone and a peri peri
perspectives. chicken qualify as my favourite dishes.

What excites you most about your new position at Expedite? I think 2020 will be…. A year that separates the men from the
Breaking the mould of the way things currently work. boys.

What do you think will be your key challenges in this role
and what are the key challenges in commercial radio space?
Shifting mindsets and bringing people along for the ride at pace.
No time for procrastination.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned
on your media journey?
These vary, but the most important is to get up every day, strive
for excellence and do the right thing.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Not applicable.

The quality I most respect in people is…
Energy with follow through.

What scares you most?
Flying. Not so much the actual flying, but crashing? A lot.

My best qualities are…
My eyelashes, empathy, leadership from the heart.

My personal motto is…
In omnia paratus, or in English, “ready for all things”.

A perfect day would be…
Every day Expedite is changing the South African media landscape.

If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would
be with…
My wife.

The gadget/s I can’t live without and why.
Siri, I love voice activated control. It’s the future.

My addiction is...
Good whisky and good coffee, not necessarily together.

The Media | P 43

Lesotho,TNHamEibMiaA, LReKsoEthTo,PNLaAmCibEia, Lesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia We are location experts and through our Location Intelligence Data
Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Eswatini Stack and Propriety Location Tools we are able to cross-over between
Angola, Mozambique, Angola, Mozambique, Angola, Angola, Mozambique, Angola, Mozambique the digital world and the physical world to understand and activate
audiences effectively to achieve business results for our clients and
AFRICAZambia, Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya,Tanzania saving them money.

Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi We can gain an understanding of where audiences are based
MEDIA OWNERLesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia, Lesotho, Namibia sdtaratate.gies smarter for our clients, answering the WHERE question usingWspmsWpoemoiaenicarnttcarteotanerofnrgffiongafiontrainetrioneroaueranuersntrscutaclunianlendinedndednterbstsrb,sets,aeahtanahnansnavdwsvdiiowniieonugerugriranorianolgf)lgfw)twwhtwhhhehehieecrWiechrWehHawHauwEeuEdRedRciEecioEenoqmncqmucebueesbiesnsiatsneiartoeeirtoneotbnoubhaushaseisesenlipednlgpdguodusodnasnpatvpaltvaaa.laarn.irnoiOouOOusOsHdHdaaatanatndasdesloeltocstcsa(ats(itsooioocncinasialts,rlt,dardateetemegmgoieoigesgrsarapphhicic, ,

Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Eswatini, Botswana, Eswatini wwwwww.p.poossteterrssccooppee.c.coomm

R E P R E S E N T A T I V E SAngola, Mozambique, Angola, Mozambique, Angola, Mozambique, Angola, Mozambique

Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Kenya,Zambia, Kenya
Tanzania, Ghana,Tanzania, Ghana, Tanzania, Tanzania, Ghana,Tanzania, Ghana,Tanzania, Ghana
Nigeria, Malawi, Nigeria, Malawi, Nigeria, Malawi, Nigeria, Malawi, Nigeria, Malawi
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We pioneer in:

• Static & Digital Billboard Advertising • Rope Access

• Flat Signs • Billboard Flighting & Cable

• Building Wraps Frame Installations

Contact details:
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Website: Instagram: platinum_outdoor

Proud members of Ohmsa

A new specialist digital media
owner launching in the South
African market looks to drive
innovation through providing
industry-leading tools to brands
and agencies in the space.

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