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Mims Magazine - Drugs in Sport 2017

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Drugs in Sport 2017

Mims Magazine - Drugs in Sport 2017

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in Sport


Your guide to banned
and permitted medicines/
nutritional supplements

in competitive sport

in Sport


Drugs in Sport


Business Manager Silke Friedrich
Consulting Editor Marlize Smuts, M.Pharm
Senior Designer Eona Smit
Sales Executive Loren Chimes
Production Manager Mercy Baloyi
GM: Magazines Jocelyne Bayer

Published by MIMS, a division of Times Media (Pty) Ltd

© 2017 Times Media (Pty) Ltd/Marlize Smuts. All rights
reserved. This book is copyright. Apart from any fair
dealing for the purposes of private study, criticism or
review permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be
reproduced by any method without prior written permission.

All medicines and supplements listings featured in this
publication are based on information released by the World
Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and prepared in South Africa
by the Consulting Editor, Marlize Smuts. The A-Z Medicines/
Supplements Index and the Therapeutic Classes Index are
based on the DrugSearch in Sport database – no part may be
reproduced by any purpose without prior written permission
from Marlize Smuts.

This publication is an index of information, and not an
assessment or recommendation of the various preparations.
It is intended to serve as a reference source for athletes and
sports enthusiasts and their professional advisors. Although
every effort has been made in compiling, editing and checking
the information to ensure accuracy, the publishers, editors
and their employees or agents will not be responsible for
the continued currency of the information, or for any errors,
omissions or inaccuracies in this publication, whether arising
from negligence or otherwise, or for any consequences
arising therefrom.

While comprehensive, this guide does not list each and
every medicine and supplement available in South Africa.
When considering the use of any medicine or supplement,
athletes and sports enthusiasts are urged to consult their
medical doctor as well as the South African Institute for
Drug-Free Sport (

Drugs in Sport


This guide provides all athletes and serious sports enthusiasts
with a handy reference source on which medicines
(prescription and over-the-counter) and natural supplements
are prohibited and permitted in competitive sport. If you
participate in events like the Comrades, Cycle Tour or any other
organised sport, this guide is for you.
MIMS Drugs in Sport lists medicines and supplements
(colour-coded for easy reference) available in South Africa,
explanatory information and anti-doping guidelines relevant
to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s 2017 stipulations for
competitive sport. Under WADA’s strict liability policy,
athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body,
regardless of how it got there. Yet, irrespective of their status
and ability, all sportspeople should acquaint themselves with
the dangers of doping in sport – in the spirit of fair play and for
their own health and wellbeing.
This guide is not intended to replace medical advice, and if in
doubt over any personal medicines/supplements or training
issue, please consult your doctor as well as the South Institute
for Drug-Free Sport (


Drugs in Sport

Introduction............................................................................... 6
What is Doping?...................................................................... 10
Drug-Testing In Sport............................................................. 13
2017 WADA Prohibited List..................................................... 16
2017 Monitoring Program...................................................... 28
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index........................................ 30

Prohibited and permitted medicines/
nutritional supplements in sport –
arranged in alphabetical order

Therapeutic Classes Index...................................................... 93

Prohibited and permitted medicines/
nutritional supplements in sport –
arranged according to the
therapeutic class in which they fall

Notes [1-9].............................................................................157
Hydration in Sport............................................................... 161
Advisory Note on Sports Supplements.............................. 164
Preventing Sports Injuries.................................................. 166
Treating Sports Injuries........................................................170
Sports First Aid Kit................................................................176


Drugs in Sport


The use of drugs to improve performance in competitive sport
(known as “doping”) still occurs today, despite widespread
regulations and controls to keep sport “clean”. Witness the
case of cyclist Lance Armstrong who, in a 2013 interview with
Oprah Winfrey, finally admitted to using EPO, testosterone,
cortisone, human growth hormone and blood doping – in
various combinations – to help secure each of his seven
consecutive Tour de France wins.
While some argue that performance-enhancing drugs are
no different to new, high-tech materials found in sports
equipment and clothing that bestow a competitive edge
(such as drag-reducing swimsuits), most sports organisations,
including the International Olympic Committee, consider them
unethical. Why? Doping can be a health hazard with sometimes
fatal consequences; it gives performance-drug-taking athletes
an unfair advantage over their non-drug-taking counterparts,
thereby negating the spirit of fair play; and it gives those
sports where abuse is rife a bad name.
The practice of taking in substances to improve performance
dates back thousands of years. Competitors in the ancient
Greek Olympics used mushrooms and herbs to improve speed
and endurance. Later, in the 19th century, athletes commonly
used alcohol, opium and caffeine to up their game. The winner
of the Summer Olympics of 1904, Thomas Hicks, was revived
more than once during the race by his trainer, who each time
injected him with strychnine sulphate (a common rat poison
which stimulates the nervous system) mixed with brandy.
After winning, Hicks had to be carried off the track and may
have died had several doctors not treated him in the stadium.
At the time, strychnine and other stimulants were regarded
by the sports authorities as necessary performance aids in
demanding events.
Over time, doping fell into wide disfavour, but also became
more sophisticated and covert. Allegations of in-sport drug-
taking and even drug-related deaths (including that of British
cyclist Tommy Simpson, who overdosed on amphetamine
during the 1967 Tour de France) encouraged the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) to set up a medical commission
in 1967, which banned the use of certain drugs and other
performance-enhancing substances. Small-scale testing was
introduced at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, followed by full-
scale testing at the next games in 1972 in Munich.


Drugs in Sport


Drugs in Sport

Following a large number of doping offences committed in the
mid-1990s, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was formed
to promote and co-ordinate the fight against drugs used in
sport on an international level. It formulated the World Anti-
Doping Code – a document that sets out anti-doping rules and
procedures governing the conditions under which sport should
be played. Providing the framework for the harmonisation
of anti-doping policies and regulations across all sports and
all countries around the world, it was adopted by the South
African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) in 2005.
As the promoter and enforcer of anti-doping regulations and
policies in South Africa, SAIDS has an enormously challenging
task. It needs to ensure that organised sport stays clean – a
requirement for the national sports federations, their member
(and accredited member) bodies, and even for activities or
events affiliated to the sports federations. Not only must the
professional athlete comply with the Code, but also the sports
enthusiast who competes in such organised sporting events
as the Comrades or Cycle Tour. In the spirit of fair play and for
their own health and wellbeing, all athletes should acquaint
themselves with the South African Anti-Doping Rules.
As part of its enforcing role, SAIDS runs extensive education
as well as in- and out-of-competition testing programmes.
While the damaging effects of, for example, anabolic steroids
are widely known, even innocuous-seeming nutritional
supplements, cough mixtures or diet pills can lead users to test
positive for doping. There is no excuse; athletes are personally
responsible for any prohibited substance or its metabolites or
markers found to be present in their urine or blood samples.
Accordingly, it is not necessary that intent, fault, negligence or
knowing use on the athlete’s part be demonstrated in order to
establish an anti-doping rule violation.
Aware that steroid abuse is on the rise in South Africa, SAIDS
devised the Schools Education and Testing Programme that
was launched in 2013, to implement standardised drug-testing
at South African schools. To date, 84 schools have participated
in the Programme. Education has become a key focus of the
Programme; it plays a deterring role, ensures users are aware
of the consequences and dangers of doping, and encourages
them to stay healthy. As such, the next aim is to incorporate
anti-doping education into the Life Orientation curriculum of
the Department of Basic Education, to ensure that learners
across all schools are educated on the values of clean sport in
supporting health and wellbeing.


Drugs in Sport


Drugs in Sport
What is Doping?

What is Doping?

Doping is a deliberate or unintentional use by athletes of
medicines, dietary supplements (vitamin, mineral, herbal or
other nutritional preparation) or methods that may enhance
performance during a sporting event. Performance-enhancing
substances are banned in organised sport.

Deliberate doping C
Those who deliberately use performance-enhancing Y
substances to give them an edge over other competitors
in sport are engaging in deliberate doping. The penalties
for being discovered through testing can be severe; an
anti-doping rule violation in sport – whether deliberate or
not – may lead to disqualification of the result obtained in
that competition with all resulting consequences, including
forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes. Depending on
the findings of the South African Institute for Drug-Free
Sport (SAIDS), the athlete may further be banned from
participating in any sporting event for a fixed period of time –
or indefinitely.

Inadvertent (unintentional) doping CM
Inadvertent doping takes place when an athlete uses a CY
medicine to treat an illness, or takes in a food supplement or CMY
drink, without realising that it contains a banned substance. K
Consequently, the athlete returns a positive drug test result.
In this situation, even though the athlete is not taking
the substance deliberately to enhance performance, a
positive test may still result in sanctions. A policy of
strict liability exists in elite sports, whereby athletes are
responsible for any prohibited substance detected.
Ignorance is no excuse.

Some examples of medicines that contain prohibited drugs
are commonly-used cough suppressants and cold and flu
remedies. In most cases, alternative medications that do
not contain the prohibited substance can be used to treat
the illness.

Therapeutic Use Exemption

In some cases, a doctor may not be able to find an alternative
medication to treat an illness. Athletes with a documented
medical condition requiring the use of a prohibited substance
or a prohibited method may be eligible to receive a
Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate from SAIDS.


Drugs in Sport
What is Doping?


Drugs in Sport
What is Doping?

If an athlete must use a medication that does contain a banned
substance for a genuine therapeutic reason, the following
steps should be taken:
 The athlete must apply to SAIDS for a Therapeutic Use

Exemption (TUE). For TUE application forms, he or she
should contact the SAIDS offices at (021) 686-1904.
 The completed application form, together with supporting
medical documentation, should be emailed to: rado-tue@ (The sender should keep a copy for
his or her records.)
 The application must be submitted for approval before
the medication regimen is required to be started. TUE
applications take approximately 30 days for the applicant
to receive an answer
 Submitting an application is not an automatic waiver to use
the medication.
 SAIDS will approve/not approve the TUE.


Drugs in Sport
Drug-Testing in Sport

Drug-Testing in Sport

Drug testing – enforced by the South African Institute for
Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) – has become an increasingly large
part of both professional and amateur sports in this country.
An athlete can be called for drug-testing at any time, in- or out-
of- competition. Testing may be random or targeted.


The athlete may be notified by an official about a drug test,
and asked to sign a form acknowledging this notification. The
athlete is entitled to have a representative (such as his coach
or team doctor) present to verify that the testing occurs in
accordance with the prescribed guidelines. A urine sample of
approximately 90 ml is required (under close scrutiny of an
official of the same gender); the urine is split into two bottles,
marked A and B and sealed by the athlete. Each set of test kit
bottles has a unique code number which is recorded on the
relevant paperwork. The laboratory staff never knows the
athlete’s name; only the bottle identification number. This
ensures that the correct result is given to the athlete whilst
retaining his/her anonymity.
Following the sampling procedure, the athlete must complete
a medical declaration, which states all medicines and
substances that he or she has taken during the previous seven
days. It is important to record everything – from prescribed
drugs to over-the-counter medicines and supplements. If any
of these substances appear on the prohibited list, the athlete
must be in possession of a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).
The athlete, representative and official all check the form
before the official and athlete sign it, and both parties
hold a copy.
The samples are then sent to a laboratory accredited by
the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) where sample A is
tested. If sample A tests positive for any banned substance,
the laboratory will notify SAIDS which in turn notifies the
governing body of the sport; it in turn notifies the athlete. The
athlete may request to have his/her sample B analysed. The
athlete is entitled to be present at the opening and verification
and testing of the B sample. If this, too, is positive, the
athlete will have the opportunity to present his/her case to an
independent tribunal which will determine the merits of the
case presented by both parties, namely the athlete and SAIDS.
The independent tribunal will then decide on the matter.


Drugs in Sport
Drug-Testing in Sport

Blood-testing is used to detect drugs such as human
Growth Hormone (hGH), erythropoietin (EPO) and artificial
oxygen carriers or plasma expanders. Similar anonymity
and representative procedures apply as for urine sampling
where the athlete is asked to select and check the testing and
collection equipment. Depending on the type of test required,
either one or two samples of blood are collected. Once
collected, the blood tubes are inserted directly into the A and
B sample collection bottles and sealed by the athlete. Samples
are sent to an accredited laboratory for testing.
More recently, WADA is leading the development of a strategy
against doping in sport called the Athlete Passport Program,
which is based on following an athlete's biological variables
over time. The objective of this strategy, which will be added
to other anti-doping strategies, including "traditional" testing,
is to detect abnormal variations of determined biological
variables in order to better target testing and/or sanction
those found with abnormal variations.


Drugs in Sport
Drug-Testing in Sport


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

The 2017 World Anti-Doping Agency
(Wada) Prohibited List

Below is an extract of the list of prohibited drugs, as detailed
by WADA, which is effective from 1 January 2017. It is valid until
further notice.
The List covers different doping classes to illustrate the doping
definition. No substances belonging to the prohibited classes
may be used even if they are not listed as examples. For this
reason, the term “and related substances” is introduced. This
term describes drugs that are related to the class by their
pharmacological actions (how the active ingredients affect the
body) or chemical structure.
Listed substances are examples and are not exhaustive, and
also include analogues of substances (substances that are
similar but not identical) and related substances.
In accordance with Article 4.2.2 of the World Anti-Doping Code,
all Prohibited Substances shall be considered as Specified
Substances except substances in classes S1, S2, S4.4, S4.5, S6.a,
and Prohibited Methods M1, M2 and M3.

(In and Out of Competition)


S0. Non-Approved Substances

Any pharmacological substance which is not addressed by
any of the subsequent sections of the List and with no current
approval by any governmental regulatory health authority for
human therapeutic use (eg drugs under pre-clinical or clinical
development or which have been discontinued, designer
drugs, or substances approved only for veterinary use) is
prohibited at all times.

S1.Anabolic Agents

Anabolic agents are prohibited.
1. Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS)
For purposes of this section:
* “exogenous” refers to a substance which is not ordinarily

produced by the body naturally.


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

** “endogenous” refers to a substance which is ordinarily
produced by the body naturally.

a. Exogenous* AAS, including:
• 1-androstenediol (5α-androst-1-ene-3β,17β-diol )
• 1-androstenedione (5α-androst-1-ene-3,17-dione)
• bolandiol (estr-4-ene-3β,17β-diol )
• bolasterone
• calusterone
• clostebol
• danazol ([1,2]oxazolo[4’,5’:2,3]pregna-4-en-20-yn-17α-ol)
• dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (4-chloro-17β-hydroxy-17α-

• desoxymethyltestosterone (17α-methyl-5α-androst-2-

• drostanolone
• ethylestrenol (19-norpregna-4-en-17α-ol)
• fluoxymesterone
• formebolone
• furazabol (17α-methyl [1,2,5]oxadiazolo[3’,4’:2,3]-5α-

• gestrinone
• 4-hydroxytestosterone (4,17β-dihydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one)
• mestanolone
• mesterolone
• metandienone (17β-hydroxy-17α-methylandrosta-1,4-

• metenolone
• methandriol
• methasterone (17β-hydroxy-2α,17α-dimethyl-5α-androstan-

• methyldienolone (17β-hydroxy-17α-methylestra-4,9-dien-


What do In and Out of competition mean?
According to the South African Institute for Drug-Free
Sport (SAIDS), the following definitions apply:
In Competition: Unless provided otherwise in the rules
of an international federation or other relevant anti-
doping organisation, "In Competition" means the period
commencing 12 hours before a competition in which the
athlete is scheduled to participate through to the end
of such competition and the sample collection process
related to such competition.
Out of Competition: Any doping control which is not
In Competition.


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

• methyl-1-testosterone (17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-5α-androst-

• methylnortestosterone (17β-hydroxy-17α-methylestr-4-en-

• methyltestosterone
• metribolone (methyltrienolone, 17β-hydroxy-17α-

• mibolerone
• norboletone
• norclostebol
• norethandrolone
• oxabolone
• oxandrolone
• oxymesterone
• oxymetholone
• prostanozol (17β-[(tetrahydropyran-2-yl)oxy]-1’H-

• quinbolone
• stanozolol
• stenbolone
• 1-testosterone (17β-hydroxy-5α-androst-1-en-3-one)
• tetrahydrogestrinone (17-hydroxy-18a-homo-19-nor-17α-

• trenbolone (17β-hydroxyestr-4,9,11-trien-3-one);
• and other substances with a similar chemical structure or

similar biological effect(s).
b. Endogenous** AAS when administered exogenously:
• 19-norandrostenediol (estr-4-ene-3,17-diol)
• 19-norandrostenedione (estr-4-ene-3,17-dione)
• androstenediol (androst-5-ene-3β,17β-diol)
• androstenedione (androst-4-ene-3,17-dione)
• boldenone
• boldione (androsta-1, 4-diene-3, 17-dione)
• dihydrotestosterone (17β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-3-one)
• nandrolone (19-nortestosterone)
• prasterone (dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA,

• testosterone
• and their metabolites and isomers, including but not

limited to:
5α-androstane-3α,17α-diol; 5α-androstane-3α,17β-diol;

5α-androstane-3β,17α-diol; 5α-androstane-3β,17β-diol;
5β-androstane-3α,17β-diol; androst-4-ene-3α,17α-diol;
androst-4-ene-3α,17β-diol; androst-4-ene-3β,17α-diol;
androst-5-ene-3α,17α-diol; androst-5-ene-3α,17β-diol;
androst-5-ene-3β,17α-diol; 4-androstenediol (androst-4-ene-


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

3β,17β-diol); 5-androstenedione (androst-5-ene-3,17-dione);
androsterone (3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one); epi-
dihydrotestosterone; epitestosterone; etiocholanolone;
7α-hydroxy-DHEA; 7β-hydroxy-DHEA; 7-keto-DHEA;
19-norandrosterone; 19-noretiocholanolone

2. Other anabolic agents
Including, but not limited to:
• clenbuterol
• selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs, eg

andarine and ostarine)
• tibolone
• zeranol
• zilpaterol

S2. Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors,
Related Substances and Mimetics

The following substances, and other substances with
similar chemical structure or similar biological effect(s), are
1. Erythropoietin-receptor agonists:

1.1. Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs), including
darbepoietin (dEPO); erythropoietins (EPO); EPO-
Fc; EPO-mimetic peptides (EMP), eg CNTO 530 and
peginesatide; GATA inhibitors, eg K-11706; methoxy
polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta (CERA); and
Transforming Growth Factor-β (TGF-β) inhibitors,
eg sotatercept, luspatercept

1.2. Non-erythropoietic EPO-receptor agonists, eg ARA-
290, asialo EPO and carbamylated EPO

2. Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) stabilizers, eg cobalt
molidustat and roxadustat (FG-4592); and HIF activators,
eg argon, xenon

3. Chorionic gonadotrophin (CG) and luteinising hormone
(LH) and their releasing factors, eg buserelin, gonadorelin
and leoprorelin, in males

4. Corticotrophins and their releasing factors, eg corticorelin
5. Growth hormone (GH) and its releasing factors including

growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and its
analogues, eg CJC-1295, sermorelin and tesamorelin;
growth hormone secretagogues (GHS), eg ghrelin and
ghrelin mimetics, eg anamorelin and ipamorelin; and GH-
releasing peptides (GHRPs), eg alexamorelin, GHRP-6,
hexarelin and pralmorelin (GHRP-2).
Additional prohibited growth factors:
Fibroblast growth factors (FGFs); hepatocyte growth
factor (HGF); insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and its
analogues; mechano growth factors (MGFs); platelet-
derived growth factor (PDGF); vascular-endothelial

Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

growth factor (VEGF) and any other growth factor affect-
ing muscle, tendon or ligament protein synthesis/degra-
dation, vascularisation, energy utilization, regenerative
capacity or fibre type switching.

S3. Beta-2 Agonists

All selective and non-selective beta-2 agonists, including all
optical isomers, are prohibited.
Including, but not limited to:
• fenoterol
• formoterol
• higenamine
• indacaterol
• olodaterol
• procaterol
• reproterol
• salbutamol
• salmeterol
• terbutaline
• vilanterol
• Inhaled salbutamol (maximum 1600 µg over 24 hours, not

to exceed 800 mg every 12 hours)
• Inhaled formoterol (maximum deliverable dose of 54 mg

over 24 hours)
• Inhaled salmeterol: maximum 200 mg over 24 hours
The presence in urine of salbutamol in excess of 1000 ng/ml
or formoterol in excess of 40 ng/ml is presumed not to be
an intended therapeutic use of the substance and will be
considered as an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) unless the
athlete proves, through a controlled pharmacokinetic study,
that the abnormal result was the consequence of the use of
the therapeutic dose (by inhalation) up to the maximum dose
indicated above.

S4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators

The following hormones and metabolic modulators are
1. Aromatase inhibitors, including, but not limited to:

aminoglutethimide; anastrozole; androsta-1,4,6-triene-3,17-
dione (androstatrienedione); androsta-3,5-diene-7, 17-dione
(arimistane); 4-androstene-3,6,17 trione
(6-oxo); exemestane; formestane; letrozole and
2. Selective oestrogen receptor modulators (SERMs)
including, but not limited to: raloxifene; tamoxifen and
3. Other anti-oestrogenic substances, including, but not
limited to: clomiphene; cyclofenil and fulvestrant.


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

4. Agents modifying myostatin function(s), including, but not
limited, to: myostatin inhibitors.

5. Metabolic modulators:
5.1 Activators of the AMP-activated protein kinase

(AMPK), eg AICAR; and peroxisome proliferator
activated receptor δ (PPARδ) agonists, eg GW 1516
5.2 Insulins and insulin-mimetics
5.3 Meldonium (mildronate)
5.4 Trimetazidine

S5. Diuretics and Masking Agents

The following diuretics and masking agents are prohibited,
as are other substances with a similar chemical structure or
similar biological effect(s).
Including, but not limited to:
• Desmopressin; probenecid; plasma expanders, eg glycerol

and intravenous administration of albumin, dextran,
hydroxyethyl starch and mannitol.
• Acetazolamide; amiloride; bumetanide; canrenone;
chlortalidone; etacrynic acid; furosemide;
indapamide; metolazone; spironolactone; thiazides,
eg bendroflumethiazide, chlorothiazide and
hydrochlorothiazide; triamterene and vaptans, eg
• Drospirenone; pamabrom; and ophthalmic use of carbonic
anhydrase inhibitors (eg dorzolamide, brinzolamide).
• Local administration of felypressin in dental anaesthesia.
The detection in an athlete’s sample at all times or
In Competition, as applicable, of any quantity subject
to threshold limits – of formoterol, salbutamol, cathine,
ephedrine, methylephedrine or pseudoephedrine, in
conjunction with a diuretic or masking agent, will be
considered an Adverse Analytical Finding unless the athlete
has an approved TUE for that substance, in addition to the one
granted for the diuretic or masking agent.

M1. Manipulation of Blood and Blood

The following are prohibited:
1. The administration or reintroduction of any quantity of

autologous, allogenic (homologous) or heterologous
blood, or red blood cell products of any origin into the
circulatory system.
2. Artificially enhancing the uptake, transport or delivery of


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

Including, but not limited to:
Perfluorochemicals; efaproxiral (RSR13) and modified

haemoglobin products, eg haemoglobin-based blood
substitutes and microencapsulated haemoglobin products,
excluding supplemental oxygen by inhalation.
3. Any form of intravascular manipulation of the blood or
blood components by physical or chemical means.

M2. Chemical and Physical Manipulation

The following are prohibited:
1. Tampering, or attempting to tamper, in order to alter the

integrity and validity of samples collected during doping
Including, but not limited to:
Urine substitution and/or adulteration, eg proteases.
2. Intravenous infusions and/or injections of more than 50 ml
per six-hour period except for those legitimately received
in the course of hospital admissions, surgical procedures or
clinical investigations.

M3. Gene Doping

The following, with the potential to enhance sport performance,
are prohibited:
1. The transfer of polymers of nucleic acids or nucleic acid

2. The use of normal or genetically modified cells.


In addition to the categories S0 to S5 and M1 to M3 defined
above, the following categories are prohibited In Competition:

S6. Stimulants

All stimulants, including all optical isomers (eg d- and l- where
relevant) are prohibited.
Stimulants include:
a: Non-specified stimulants:
• adrafinil
• amfepramone
• amphetamine
• amfetaminil
• amiphenazole
• benfluorex
• benzylpiperazine
• bromantan
• clobenzorex


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

• cocaine
• cropropamide
• crotetamide
• fencamine
• fenetylline
• fenfluramine
• fenproporex
• fonturacetam [4-phenylpiracetam (carphedon)]
• furfenorex
• lisdexamfetamine
• mefenorex
• mephentermine
• mesocarb
• metamfetamine(d-)
• p-methylamphetamine
• modafinil
• norfenfluramine
• phendimetrazine
• phentermine
• prenylamine
• prolintane.
A stimulant not expressly listed in this section is a Specified
b: Specified stimulants.
Including, but not limited to:
• 4-methylhexan-2-amine (methylhexa-neamine)
• benzfetamine
• cathine**
• cathinone and its analogues, eg mephedrone, methedrone,

and α- pyrrolidinovalerophenone
• dimethylamphetamine
• ephedrine***
• epinephrine**** (adrenaline)
• etamivan
• etilamfetamine
• etilefrine
• famprofazone
• fenbutrazate
• fencamfamin
• heptaminol
• hydroxyamfetamine (parahydroxyamphetamine)
• isometheptene
• levmetamfetamine
• meclofenoxate
• methylenedioxymethamphetamine
• methylephedrine***
• methylhexaneamine (dimethylpentylamine)
• methylphenidate
• nikethamide

Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

• norfenefrine
• octopamine
• oxilofrine (methylsynephrine)
• pemoline
• pentetrazol
• phenethylamine and its derivatives
• phenmetrazine
• phenpromethamine
• propylhexedrine
• pseudoephedrine*****
• selegiline
• sibutramine
• strychnine
• tenamfetamine (methylenedioxyamphetamine)
• tuaminoheptane
• and other substances with a similar chemical structure or

similar biological effect(s).
Imidazole derivates for topical/ophthalmic use and those
stimulants included in the 2017 Monitoring Program*
* Bupropion, caffeine, nicotine, phenylephrine,
phenylpropanolamine, pipradol, and synephrine: These
substances are included in the 2017 Monitoring Program, and
are not considered Prohibited Substances.
** Cathine: Prohibited when its concentration in urine is
greater than 5 μg/ml.
*** Ephedrine and methylephedrine: Prohibited when the
concentration of either in urine is greater than 10 μg/ml.
**** Epinephrine (adrenaline): Not prohibited in local
administration, eg nasal, ophthalmologic, or co-administration
with local anaesthetic agents.
***** Pseudoephedrine: Prohibited when its concentration in
urine is greater than 150 μg/ml.

S7. Narcotics

• buprenorphine
• dextromoramide
• diamorphine (heroin)
• fentanyl and its derivatives
• hydromorphone
• methadone
• morphine
• nicomorphine
• oxycodone
• oxymorphone
• pentazocine
• pethidine


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List
S8. Cannabinoids

• Natural, eg cannabis, hashish and marijuana, or synthetic
• D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
• Cannabimimetics, eg “Spice”, JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-210.

S9. Glucocorticoids

All glucocorticoids are prohibited when administered by oral,
intravenous, intramuscular or rectal routes.

P1. Alcohol

Alcohol (ethanol) is prohibited In Competition only, in the
following sports. Detection will be conducted by analysis
of breath and/or blood. The doping violation threshold is
equivalent to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 g/L.
• Air Sports (FAI)
• Archery (WA)
• Automobile (FIA)
• Powerboating (UIM)

P2. Beta-Blockers

Beta-blockers are prohibited In Competition only, in the
following sports, and also prohibited Out of Competition
where indicated.
• Archery (WA)*
• Automobile (FIA)
• Billiards (all disciplines) (WCBS)
• Darts (WDF)
• Golf (IGF)
• Shooting (ISSF, IPC)*
• Skiing/Snowboarding (FIS) in ski jumping, freestyle aerials/

halfpipe and snowboard halfpipe/big air
• Underwater sports (CMAS) in constant-weight apnoea with

or without fins, dynamic apnoea with and without fins, free
immersion apnoea, Jump Blue apnoea, spearfishing, static
apnoea, target shooting and variable weight apnoea.
*Also prohibited Out of Competition
Beta-blockers include, but are not limited to:
• acebutolol
• alprenolol
• atenolol
• betaxolol
• bisoprolol


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List/2017 Monitoring Program

• bunolol
• carteolol
• carvedilol
• celiprolol
• esmolol
• labetalol
• levobunolol
• metipranolol
• metoprolol
• nadolol
• oxprenolol
• pindolol
• propranolol
• sotalol
• timolol


The following substances are placed on the 2017 Monitoring
1. Stimulants: In-Competition Only: bupropion,

caffeine, nicotine, phenylephrine,
phenylpropanolamine, pipradol and
2. Narcotics: In-Competition Only: codeine, mitragynine
and tramadol.
3. Glucocorticoids: In-Competition (by routes of administration
other than oral, intravenous, intramuscular
or rectal) and Out-of-Competition (all
routes of administration)
4. Telmisartan: In and Out-of-Competition.
5. Beta-2-agonists: In and Out-of-Competition: any
combination of beta-2-agonists.
* The World Anti-Doping Code (Article 4.5) states: "WADA, in
consultation with signatories and governments, shall establish
a monitoring program regarding substances which are not
on the Prohibited List, but which WADA wishes to monitor in
order to detect patterns of misuse in sport.”


Drugs in Sport
2017 WADA Prohibited List

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

This index lists prescription medicines,
over-the-counter medicines
and complementary medicines/
supplements which are prohibited or
permitted in competitive sport. It also
lists active ingredients (generic substance
names) of medicines.

The information in this index is based on the DrugSearch in
Sport infobase, a comprehensive reference work on drugs in
South Africa relevant to the latest World Anti-Doping Agency
(WADA)’s stipulations relating to competitive sport – as of
1 January 2017.
The A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index is colour-coded
and marked up for ease of reference. Please refer to the
Explanatory Information alongside, as well as to the Notes
[1-9] on Page 157 – which describe this index. If in any doubt
over a drug or substance you may be taking or are considering
taking before or during a competitive sports event, please
refer to the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS)

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Explanatory Information also see Page 157

Code Interpretation

Green Permitted drugs

Red Prohibited drugs in and out of competition
(prohibited at all times)

Red italics Generic names of prohibited substances: IN and

Red underlined Prohibited drugs in competition only
(only during specified competition periods)

Red italics Generic names of prohibited substances:
underlined IN COMPETITION only

Blue Prohibited drugs in Particular Sports

Blue italics Generic names of prohibited substances:
in particular sports

[1] – [9] Notes – see Page 157

green * / red * / Asterisk (*) indicates a preparation with alternative
red */ blue * ingredients or supplements. Some of these alternative
and substances and/or supplements might cause problems.
green * / red * / If no descriptive information is available, it is recommended
red */ blue * to athletes and their entourage not to take such products.

Abbreviations IM inj Intramuscular injection
Aer Aerosol IS inj Intrasynovial injection (local)
Aq Aqueous IV inj Intravenous injection
Caps Capsules Liq Liquid
Cr Cream Oint Ointment
Conc Concentrate Ophth Ophthalmic
DoU Declaration of Use OTC Over-the-counter
DP Dry powder capsules
Caps for inhalation Paed Paediatric
Emuls Emulsion PoM Prescription-only medicine
Inf Infusion (PoM) OTC or PoM for certain
Inh Inhaler conditions
Sol Solution
Inhal Inhalation Supps Suppositories
Inj Injection Susp Suspension
IA inj Intra-articular injection Syr Syrup
IB inj Intrabursal injection
(local) Tabs Tablets
ID inj Intradermal injection
(local) TUE Therapeutic Use Exemption
IL inj Intralesion injection

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

TUE Athletes, like all others, may have illnesses or
(Therapeutic conditions that require them to take particular
Use Exemption) medications.

If the medication an athlete is required to take to
treat an illness or condition happens to fall under the
Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
may give that athlete the authorisation to take the
needed medicine.
The purpose of the International Standard for
Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE) is to ensure that
the process of granting TUEs is harmonised across
sports and countries.
For further information, go to the WADA website:
To support the decisions of TUEs regarding the use of
intravenous infusions, attention is drawn to the fact
that medical information is provided on the WADA

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index


A Accord Oxaliplatin Powd for
Sol for Inf PoM
A Vogel Boldocynara Liquid *
Accord Paclitaxel Sol for
A Vogel Echinaforce Drops * [3] Infusion PoM

A Vogel Echinaforce Junior Tabs * Accord Pioglitazone Tablets PoM
Accord Ropinirole Tablets PoM
A Vogel Echinaforce Tabs, Forte
Tabs * Accord Temozolomide
Capsules PoM
A Vogel Hot Flush & Night Sweat
Remedy Tabs * Accord Vincristine Solution
for Inf PoM
A Vogel Molkosan Liquid *
Accumax Tablets PoM
A Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Accumax Co Tablets PoM
Powder * Accupril Tablets PoM
Accuretic Tablets PoM
A Vogel Nephrosolid Oral acebutolol [4]
Liquid * [3] Acesyl Co Tablets PoM
A Vogel Prostasan Capsules *
Achromide Ointment
A Vogel Sore Throat Spray * Aciclovir Sandoz Tablets PoM

A Vogel Vegomega-3 Capsules * Acitab DT Dispers Tablets

Abacavir & Lamivudine Acitop Cream
Cipla 600/300 Tabs PoM Aclasta Sol for Infusion PoM
Acnetane Capsules PoM
Abflex-4 Tablets Acriptaz Tablets PoM
Actamax Tablets PoM
Abic Leucovorin Injection Actemra IV Infusion PoM
Abic Vincristine Injection PoM ACTH (adrenocorticotrophic
Abilify Table, IM Injection PoM hormone)
Abitrexate Injection, Tablets PoM
Actifed Cold Tablets, Syrup [6]
ACC 200 Effervescent Tablets
Accolate Tablets PoM Actifed Dry Cough Linctus [6]
Accord Anastrozole Tablets PoM
Accord Bicalutamide Tablets PoM Actifed Dry Cough Sugar Free
Syrup [6]
Accord Carboplatin Solution
for Inj PoM Actilyse Infusion PoM
Actiprez 1000 Tablets PoM
Accord Epirubicin Sol for activators of the AMP-activated
Injection PoM
protein kinase (AMPK)
Accord Escitalopram Tablets PoM Activelle Tablets PoM
Accord Finasteride Tablets PoM
Activir Cold Sore Cream
Accord Gemcitabine Powder
for Inj PoM Actonel Once-a-Week 35mg
Tablets PoM
Accord Glimepiride Tablets PoM
Actophlem Syrup
Accord Irinotecan Solution
for Inj PoM Actorvit Kiddy Syrup
Actos Tablets PoM
Accord Letrozole Tablets PoM Actraphane HM Injection PoM
Accord Metformin Tablets PoM
Accord Midazolam Sol for Inj PoM

Accord Omeprazole Powd for Sol
for Inf PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Acuflu P Syrup [6] Adco-Emtevir Tablets PoM
Acular Solution 0,4% Solution PoM
Aculoid Tablets, Syrup Adco-Enterolyte Suspension
Acurate Tablets Adco-Erythromycin Caps, Susp PoM
Acutussive Expect Adult, Expect
Adco-Ethyl Chloride Spray
Paed [6] Adco-Fem 35 Tablets PoM
Acuzole Tablets PoM Adco-Fenoterol HBr Inh Sol PoM
Acuzyrt Tablets, Syrup
Acyclovir Biotech Tablets PoM Adco-Flupain Tablets [6]
Adacel Quadra Injection Adco-Glucomed Tablets PoM
Adalat Retard Tablets, XL Tabs PoM Adco-Granisetron Injection PoM
Adco Abacavir Tablets PoM
Adco-Acyclovir Cream Adco-Histamed Co Capsules
Adco-Acyclovir Tablets PoM Adco-Indomethacin Capsules PoM
Adco-Alcophyllin Syrup Adco-Irbesartan Tablets PoM
Adco-Allopurinol Tablets PoM
Adco-Alzam Tablets PoM Adco-Lamivudine Tablets, Sol,
Adco-Amethocaine Cream Alcohol Free Sol PoM
Adco-Amoclav BD Tabs PoM
Adco-Amoxycillin Caps, Susp PoM Adco-Linctopent Syrup
Adco Amoxyclav BD Tablets PoM
Adco-Atenolol Tablets PoM [4] Adco-Linctus Tussi Infans Syrup
Adco-Atorvastatin Tablets PoM Adco-Loperamide Tablets, Syrup
Adco-Betamethasone Cream PoM Adco-Mayogel Suspension
Adco-Biohist Lotion Adco-Medigel Suspension
Adco-Bisocor Tablets PoM [4] Adco-Mefenamic Acid Susp,
Adco-Captomax Tablets PoM
Adco-Cefazolin Injection PoM Caps PoM
Adco-Cefotaxime Injection PoM Adco-Meloxicam Tablets PoM
Adco-Cefoxitin Injection PoM Adco-Meropenem IV Injection PoM
Adco-Ceftriaxone Injection PoM Adco-Metronidazole Tablets PoM
Adco-Cefuroxime Injection PoM Adco-Metaxol Elixir
Adco-Cetirizine Tablets, Syrup Adco-Midazolam Injection PoM
Adco-Cimetidine Tablets PoM Adco-Mirteron Tablets PoM
Adco-Contromet Tablets, Syrup PoM Adco-Napacod Tablets
Adco-Co-Trimoxazole Tablets PoM Adco-Napamol Tablets, Elixir
Adco-Cyclizine Tablets, Syrup Adco-Naphensyl Drops,
Adco-Dapamax Tablets PoM
Adco-Dermed Shampoo Paediatric Drops
Adco-Desloratadine Syrup Adco-Naproxen Tablets PoM
Adco-Diatussin Syrup Adco-Nebrafen Inh Sol
Adco-Diclofenac Tablets, Inj PoM Adco-Nevirapine Tablets PoM
Adco-Dol Tablets Adco-Normospor Cream
Adco-Efavirenz Tablets PoM Adco-Normospor Vaginal Cream
Adco-Norpene Tablets PoM
Adco-Omeprazole Capsules PoM
Adco-Otised Drops
Adco-Paroxetine Tablets PoM
Adco-Phenobarbitone Vitalet

Elixir PoM
Adco-Prednisolone Syrup PoM [2]
Adco-Prodium Tablets
Adco-Prolief Tablets
Adco-Quinaretic Tablets PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Adco-Retic Tablets PoM AGE Protect Antioxidant
Adco-Ropivacaine Infusion PoM Formulation Tabs *
Adco-Roxy Capsules PoM
Adco-Roznal Capsules PoM Aggrastet Solution for Infusion PoM
Adco-Salterpyn Syrup
Adco-Salterpyn Tablets PoM Agiobulk Granules *
Adco-Scripto-Lyte Solution Agiolax Granules *
Adco-Simvastatin Tablets PoM Agrylin Capsules PoM
Adco-Sinal Co Tablets AICAR (AMPK activator)
Adco-Sinal NS Capsules
Adco-Sodasol Eff Granules Airborne Effervescent Tablets *
Adco-Sporozole Capsules PoM Airmune Effervescent Tablets *
Adco-Talomil Tablets PoM Akineton Tablets, Injection PoM
Adco Tenyl Transdermal
Akrinor Injection PoM
Therapeutic System PoM
Akrinor Tablets
Adco-Tussend Syrup [6]
Adco-Vascard SR Capsules PoM Alapren Tablets PoM
albumin (intravenous)
Adco-Zetofen Syrup
Adco-Zetomax Tablets PoM Albusol IV Infusion PoM
Adco-Zetomax Co Tablets PoM albuterol (see salbutamol) [1]

Adco-Zidovudine Tabs, Sol, Alchera Tablets PoM
Sugar Free Sol PoM alclomethasone [2]
alcohol [3]
Adco-Zildem Tablets, SR
Capsules PoM Alcophyllex Liquid

Adco-Zolpidem Tablets PoM Aldactone Tablets PoM
Adco-Zopimed Tablets PoM
Adenocor Injection PoM Aldara Cream PoM
adrenaline (epinephrine) [8] Alendronate Unicon Tablets PoM
Adrenaline-Fresenius Injection PoM
adrenocorticotrophic hormone A-Lennon Calciferol Tablets PoM

(ACTH) A-Lennon-Dapsone Tablets PoM
Adriblastina Injection PoM
A-Lennon Diazepam Injection PoM
Advanced Bio-CoQ10 Complex
Capsules * A-Lennon Diclofenac Tablets,
Supps (PoM)
Advagraf PR Capsules PoM
A-Lennon Doxycycline
Advantan Cream, Oint, Fatty Capsules PoM
Oint, Milk, Scalp Sol PoM
A-Lennon Furosemide Injection PoM
Advil Cold & Sinus Tablets [6]
A-Lennon Hyoscine Butylbromide
Advil Liqui-gels Capsules Inj
Afinitor Tablets PoM
A-Lennon-Reserpine Tablets PoM
AF Ointment, Powder
A-Lennon-Thiamine HCl Tablets PoM
African Ginger Tablets *
African Potato Cream * A-Lennon-Vit B Co Injection PoM
Agarol Lactulose Syrup
A-Lennon-Vit B12 Injection PoM

Alepet Sol for Injection PoM

Aleve Caplets
alexamorelin (GH-releasing peptide)
alfentanil (fentanyl derivative)

Alfuwin XL Tablets PoM

Alimta Infusion PoM

Alkafizz Effervescent Granules

Alkeran Tablets, Injection PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Allecet Tablets, Syrup Amloc Tablets PoM

Allergex Eye Drops Amlodac Tablets PoM

Allergex Mepyramine Cream Amlosyn Tablets PoM

Allergex Non Drowsy Syrup, Amoclan Tabs, BID Tabs, Forte
Tablets Tabs, Susp, Forte Susp PoM

Allergex Tablets, Elixir Amoxil Syrup, Forte Syrup, Paed
Drops PoM
Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops #2,
Free Single-Use Droppers * amphetamine (amfetamine)

Allermine Tablets Amphojel Suspension

Allerway 5 Tablets Ampicillin-Fresenius Injection PoM
AMPK activators
Allevyn Adhesive/Sterile Wound
Dressing Amtas Tablets PoM

Almadin Tablets PoM Amuco 200 Effervescent Tablets

Almatil 1% Cream Anadin Tablets, Extra Strength
Alomide Drops
Anafranil Tablets, SR Tabs, Inj PoM
Alphagan Purite Solution anamorelin (GHS secretagogue)
alpha-GPC (hGH-secretagogue) anastrozole
alprenolol [4] andarine (selective androgen

Altargo Ointment PoM receptor modulator)

Altosec Capsules, Powd for Inj PoM Andolex Oral Rinse, Spray,
Alumag D Suspension
Andolex-C Lozenges, Oral Gel
Aluvia Tablets PoM
Andolex-C Oral Rinse, Spray
Alvesco Inhaler PoM
Androcur 10mg Tablets PoM
Amaryl Tablets PoM
Androcur 50mg Tabs, 100mg
Amaryl Combi Tablets PoM Tabs, Depot Inj PoM

AmBisome IV Infusion PoM 1-androstenediol (5a-androst-
amfepramone (diethylpropion) 1-ene-3b,17b-diol)
amfetamine (amphetamine)
amfetaminil (amphetaminil) 1-androstenedione (5a-androst-
Amikacin Fresenius Injection PoM
2-androstenone (5a-androst-
Amiloretic Tablets, Amiloretic-HS 2-ene-17-one; “Delta-2”)
Tabs PoM
4-androstenediol (androst-4-ene-
amiloride 3b,17b-diol)
2-amino-4-methylhexane (methyl- 4-androstene-3,6,17 trione
5a-androst-2-ene-17-one (2-an-
Aminophyllin IM Injection, IV drostenone; “Delta-2”)
Injection PoM
5-androstenedione (androst-
Aminophyllin IV-Fresenius 5-ene-3,17-dione)
Injection PoM
Amiotach Injection PoM 5a-androstane-3a,17b-diol
amiphenazole 5a-androstane-3b,17a-diol
AMPK (activators of the AMP- 5a-androstane-3b,17b-diol
activated protein kinase)

Amlate Tablets PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

5a-androst-1-ene-3,17-dione Angstrom Manganese Liquid
(1-androstenedione) Angstrom Minerals of Life Liquid
Angstrom Molybdenum Liquid
5a-androst-1-ene-3b,17b-diol Angstrom Platinum Liquid
(1-androstenediol) Angstrom Potassium Liquid
Angstrom Selenium Liquid
androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione Angstrom Silver Liquid
(boldione) Angstrom Sulfur Liquid
Angstrom Ultimatium Liquid
androsta-1,4,6-triene-3,17-dione Angstrom Vanadium Liquid
(androstatrienedione) Angstrom Zinc Liquid
Annin Tablets PoM
androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione Antabuse Dispergettes PoM
(arimistane) Anthisan Cream
anti-estrogenic substances
androstatrienedione (androsta- Antipeol Ointment
-1,4,6-triene-3,17-dione) Antipyn Forte Tablets PoM
Antistax Active Leg Tablets *
androstenediol (androst-5-ene- Antosart Tablets PoM
3β,17β-diol) Antoxivite Tablets *
Anusol Pain Relief Ointment
androst-4-ene-3a,17a-diol Anusol Suppositories, Ointment
androst-4-ene-3a,17b-diol Anviro Tablets PoM
androst-4-ene-3b,17a-diol Anzatax Injection PoM
androst-4-ene-3b,17b-diol Aosept® Plus Solution
Apen Capsules, Suspension PoM
(4-androstenediol) Apex-Isotretinoin Capsules PoM
androst-5-ene-3a,17a-diol Apex-Loratadine Tablets
androst-5-ene-3a,17b-diol Apidra Injection PoM
androst-5-ene-3b,17a-diol Apiton Syrup *
androst-5-ene-3b,17b-diol AP Loratadine Tablets, Syrup
AP Methylpred IV Injection PoM [2]
(androstenediol) A-Por Topical Cream
androstenedione A-Por Vaginal Cream
Appe-Check Tablets *
(androst-4-ene-3,17-dione) Aprate Tablets PoM
androst-4-ene-3,17-dione Aprovel Tablets PoM
Aqueous Cream (UEA) BP
(androstenedione) ARA-290 (non-erythropoietic
EPO-receptor agonist)
(5-androstenedione) Aranesp Injection PoM
androsterone (3b-hydroxy-5a- Arava Tablets PoM
Arcoxia Tablets PoM
androstan-17-one) Aredia Injection PoM

Anethaine Cream

Anexate Injection PoM

Angeliq Tablets PoM

Angised Tablets PoM

Angstrom Boron Liquid

Angstrom Calcium Liquid

Angstrom Chromium Liquid

Angstrom Copper Liquid

Angstrom Germanium Liquid

Angstrom Gold Liquid

Angstrom Indium Liquid

Angstrom Iodine Liquid

Angstrom Iron Liquid

Angstrom Magnesium Liquid

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Arelix Tablets PoM Aspen Azithromycin Tablets PoM
Arem Tablets PoM
argon (HIF activator) Aspen Bromocriptine Tablets PoM
Aricept Tablets PoM
Arigoline Tablets PoM Aspen Carboplatin Injection PoM
Ariknow Tablets PoM
Arimentia Tablet PoM Aspen Carvedilol Tablets PoM [4]
Arimidex Tablets PoM
Ariprel Plus Tablets PoM Aspen Cefazolin Injection PoM
Arixtra Sol for Inj, Pre-filled Syr PoM
Aromasin Tablets PoM Aspen Cefotaxime Injection PoM
aromatase inhibitors
Aropax Tablets, CR Tablets PoM Aspen Cefoxitin Injection PoM
Arrow Budesonide Nebulis Susp PoM
Arrow Citalopram Tablets PoM Aspen Cefpodoxime Tablets PoM
Arrow Clopidogrel Tablets PoM
Arrow Efavirenz Tablets PoM Aspen Ceftriaxone Injection PoM
Arrow Meloxicam Tablets PoM
Arrow Simvastatin Tablets PoM Aspen Cefuroxime Injection PoM
Arrow Terbinafine Tablets PoM
Arthrexin Capsules, Supps PoM Aspen Cetirizine Tablets, Oral
Arthro Synergy Colourastro
Biochemic Tissue Salts Tabs * Aspen Clozapine Tablets PoM

Arthrotec Tablets PoM Aspen Colchicine Tablets (PoM)

Arthrovite Tablets * Aspen Efavirenz Tablets PoM
Arthro XPS Tablets *
arimistane (androsta-3,5-die- Aspen Epirubicin Powd for Sol,
Sol for Inj PoM
AryCOR Tablets PoM Aspen Escitalopram Tablets PoM
Asacol Tablets, Enema, Supps PoM
asalio EPO (non-erythropoietic Aspen Etoposide Sol for
Infusion PoM
EPO-receptor agonist)
Asasantin Retard Capsules PoM Aspen Fluconazole Capsules PoM
Aspen Gentamicin Injection PoM
Ascabiol Emulsion Aspen Glimepiride Tablets PoM
Aspen Granisetron Tablets PoM
Ascorbic Acid-Fresenius Injection Aspen Ibandronate Injection PoM
ashwaganda *
Asic Tablets Aspen Lamivudine Tablets,
Asmanex Twisthaler PoM Solution PoM
Aspavor Tablets PoM
Aspelone Syrup PoM [2] Aspen Lamotrigine Tablets PoM
Aspen Lamzid Tablets PoM
Aspen Abacavir Oral Solution,
Tablets PoM Aspen Lansoprazole
Capsules (PoM)
Aspen Acyclovir Infusion PoM
Aspen Atazanavir Capsules PoM Aspen Levofloxacin Tablets,
Sol for Inf PoM

Aspen Meropenem PoM
Aspen Midazolam Injection PoM
Aspen Mirtazapine Tablets PoM
Aspen Mometasone Cream PoM
Aspen Naproxen Tablets PoM

Aspen Nevirapine Tablets,
Suspension PoM

Aspen Paclitaxel Sol for Inf PoM

Aspen Pantoprazole IV Inj,
Tabs PoM

Aspen Pentoxifylline SR
Tablets PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Aspen Pravastatin Tablets PoM Forte, ES 600 Susp, Tabs BD,
Aspen Quinine Tablets (PoM) SR Tab PoM
Aspen Risperidone Tablets PoM Auro Amoxiclav Tablets PoM
Aspen Simvastatin Tablets PoM Auro Ampicillin Injection PoM
Aspen Stavudine Capsules PoM Auro Cefalexin Tablets PoM
Aspen Teicoplanin Injection PoM Auro Cefepime Injection PoM
Aspen Tenofovir Tablets PoM Auro Fluconazole Capsules PoM
Aspen Trazodone Capsules PoM Aurone Drops
Aspen Vancomycin Injection PoM Aurone Forte Drops
Aspen Vinorelbin Sol for Auroprozil Tablets PoM
Auroxime Tablets PoM
Infusion PoM Austell-Amlodipine Tablets PoM
Aspen Warfarin Tablets PoM Austell-Amoxicillin Capsules PoM
Aspen Zidovudine Tabs, Syrup PoM Austell-Azithromycin Tablets PoM
Asthavent Inhaler, Ecohaler, Austell-Cefotaxime Injection PoM
Austell-Ceftriaxone Injection PoM
DP Inh Caps [1] Austell-Cetirizine Tablets
Asthavent Syrup Austell-Ciprofloxacin Tablets PoM
Astor Tablets PoM Austell-Citalopram Tablets PoM
Atacand Tablets PoM Austell-Co-Amoxyclav Tabs 375,
Atacand Plus Tablets PoM Tabs 625 PoM
Atana Ophthalmic Solution PoM Austell-Diclofenac Sodium Inj PoM
Atazor Capsules PoM Austell-Fluconazole Capsules PoM
Atenef Tablets PoM Austell-Furosemide Tablets PoM
atenolol [4] Austell-Gliclazide Tablets PoM
Atgam Injection PoM Austell-Glimepiride Tablets PoM
Ativan Tablets, SL Tablets, Austell-Levofloxacin Tablets PoM
Austell-Lisinopril Tablets PoM
Injection PoM Austell-Losartan Tablets PoM
Atolip Tablets PoM Austell-Metformin Tablets PoM
Atorvastatin Unicorn Tablets PoM Austell-Paracetamol Tablets
Atorvastatin Winthrop Tablets PoM Austell-Ramipril Capsules PoM
Atreslawin Tablets PoM Austell-Sertraline Tablets PoM
Atripla Tablets PoM Austell-Simvastatin Tablets PoM
Atrogel Gel * Austell-Tramadol Capsules PoM
Atroiza Tablets PoM Austell-Zopiclone Tablets PoM
A-Tron Tablets * Autrin Capsules
Atropine Eye Drops PoM Avamys Nasal Spray PoM
Atropine Sulphate-Fresenius Inj PoM Avastin Infusion PoM
Atrovent Beta Vials PoM Avaxim Injection
Atrovent HFA Inhaler Avebact Tablets PoM
Atrovent Solution, Unit Dose Avelon Tablets PoM
Avigra Tablets PoM
Vials PoM Avodart Soft Gel Capsules PoM
Augmaxcil Susp, Forte Susp, Tabs

Tabs 625, IV Inj PoM
Augmentin Susp, Forte Susp,

375 Tabs, IV Inj PoM
Augmentin BD Susp, BD Susp

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Avomine Tablets B-Cal Ultra Calcium Swallow
Avonex Injection PoM
BCG Culture SSI Freeze-Dried
Axtere Sol for Infusion PoM Powder
Azamun Tablets PoM
Azapress Tablets PoM BCG Vaccine SSI Injection
Azarga Eye Drops PoM
Azathioprine 50 PCH Tablets PoM Be-Ampicil Capsules,
Azilect Tablets PoM Suspension PoM
Azimax Capsules PoM
Beauty Synergy Colourastro
Azithromycin 500mg Tabs Biochemic
Zydus PoM Tissue SaltsTabs *

Azomid Tablets PoM Beceze Inhaler PoM
Azoptic Eye Drops PoM
Azor Tablets PoM Beclate Aquanase Nasal Spray

B Beclate Cream PoM

Baba C Syrup Beclate Inhaler PoM
beclomethasone [2]
Bactigras Tulle Gras
Bactrazine Cream PoM Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray PoM

Bactrim Tablets, DS Tablets, Becoplex IDO Injection
Inf PoM
Bedoral Injection PoM
Bactroban Ointment, Cream,
Nasal Ointment BelAIR Chew Tablets, Film
Coated Tablets PoM
Bemetrazole Tablets PoM
Ban Pain Syrup
Baraclude Tablets PoM Bendex-400 Tablets PoM
Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi-
Purpose Solution (bendrofluazide)
Bausch & Lomb Lens Lubricant
Beniprosin SR Capsules PoM
Bausch & Lomb Moisture Drops
Bennetts Colic Mixture *
Bausch & Lomb Renu Multiplus Benylin Bronchospect Syrup
Benylin Daytime Flu Tablets [6]
Bausch & Lomb Saline Plus
Solution Benylin DMD Decongestant
Cough Syrup [6]
Bayer Aspirin Cardio Tablets
Benylin Dry Cough Syrup
Bayer Aspirin Tablets
Benylin For Colds Tablets [6]
Bayer Aspirin Plus C Effervescent
Tablets Benylin Four Flu Liquid [6]

B-Block Tablets PoM [4] Benylin Four Flu Tablets [6]

B Braun Etomidate Emulsion for Benylin Original Cough Syrup
Inj PoM
Benylin Wet Cough Liq,
B Braun Propofol 1% Injection PoM Children’s Wet Cough Liq

BC 56 Cream * Benylin Wet Cough Menthol
B-Cal-D Chewable Tablets, Syrup

Swallow Tablets Benylin with Codeine Syrup

B-Cal-DM Chewable Tablets, Benzac-AC 5 Gel, Wash
Swallow Tablets
Benzaderm Oily Skin Cleanser,


Benzyl Penicillin-Fresenius Inj PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Cetizal 5 Tablets Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops *
Cipalat Retard Tablets PoM
Cetlev 5 Tablets Cipex Suspension, Tablets
Cipla-Abacavir Tablets, Oral
Cetralin Adult Cough Syrup *
Cetralin Children’s Cough Syrup * Solution PoM
Cetrotide Injection PoM Cipla-Actin Tablets
Cipla-Azithromycin Tabs, Powd
C-Gard Tablets *
CG (chorionic gonadotrophin) [5] for Sol for Inf PoM
Champix Tablets PoM Cipla-Cyproterone Acetate

Chamiflor Ocean Nasal Spray * Tablets PoM
Chela-Fer Tablets Cipla-Docetaxel Sol for Infusion PoM
Cipla Doxorubicin Sol for
Chela-Preg Tablets
Injection PoM
Chest-Eeze Syrup * Cipla-Duovir Tablets PoM
Children’s Earache Relief Drops * Cipla-Duovir & Cipla-Efavirenz
Chirocane Injection PoM
Chloramex Ophthalmic Oint PoM 600 Tabs PoM
Chlorcol Capsules, Ointment PoM Cipla-Efavirenz Tablets PoM
Chlornicol Ointment PoM Ciplaflam Tablets PoM
4-chloro-17β-hydroxy-17α- Cipla-Fluconazole Capsules PoM
Cipla-Indapamide Tablets PoM
methylandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one Cipla-Irinotecan Solution for Inf PoM
(dehydrochlormethyltestoster- Cipla-Lamivudine Tabs PoM
one) Cipla Lamivudine & Tenofovir
Chloromycetin Redidrops PoM
300/300 Tabs PoM
Chloropect Suspension Cipla Letrozole Tablets PoM
chlorothiazide Cipla Lisinopril Tablets PoM
chlorthalidone (chlortalidone) Cipla-Loperamide Tablets
Cipla-Loratadine Tablets
Chocaton Syrup Cipla-Nevirapine Tablets PoM
Choleste Tablets PoM Cipla-Ondansetron Tablets PoM
choriogonadotrophin alpha [5] Cipla-Paclitaxel Conc Sol for Inf PoM
chorionic gonadotrophin (CG) [5] Cipla-Perindopril Tablets PoM
chorionic gonadotrophin releasing Cipla-Pioglitazone Tablets PoM
Cipla-Simvastatin Tablets PoM
factors [5] Ciplasyl Tablets PoM
Cialis Tablets PoM Ciplasyl Plus Tablets PoM
Ciavor Tablets PoM Ciplatec Tablets PoM
Cipla Teicoplanin Injection PoM
Cica-Care Silicone Gel Sheeting Cipla-Tenofovir 300 Tablets PoM
ciclesonide [2] Ciplaton Capsules *
Ciclovent Inhaler PoM Ciplavasc Tablets PoM
Cifloc Tablets PoM Cipla-Vinorelbine Injection PoM
Cifran Tablet PoM Cipla-Warfarin Tablets PoM
Cilapen Powd for Injection PoM Ciplazar Tablets PoM
Cilate Tablets PoM
Cilest Tablets PoM
Cilift Tablets PoM
Cilodex Ear Drops PoM
Ciloram Tablets PoM
Ciloxan Drops, Ointment PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Cipla-Zidovudine Caps, Tabs, clomiphene
Syr PoM clopamide
Clopamon Tablets, Syrup, Inj PoM
Ciploxx Tablets PoM Clopidogrel 75 Biotech Tablets PoM
Cipralex Tablets PoM Clopidogrel-Winthrop Tablets PoM
Cipramil Tablets PoM Clopivas Tablets PoM
Clopiwin Tablets PoM
Ciprobay Tabs, XR Tabs, Susp, Clopiwin Plus Tablets PoM
Inf PoM Clopixol Tablets, Depot Inj,

Ciprocina IV Solution PoM Acuphase Inj PoM
Ciprofloxacin Actor Tablets PoM Closolve Tablets PoM
Ciprogen Tablets, IV Solution PoM clostebol
Cipro-Hexal Tablets PoM Cloxacillin-Fresenius Injection PoM
Ciprol Tablets PoM Cloxin Capsules PoM
CNTO 530 (EPO-mimetic peptide)
Circadin PR Tablets Coaprovel Tablets PoM
Coartem Tablets PoM
Circutron Tablets * Co-Atana Ophthalmic Solution PoM [4]
Citenavir Tablets PoM cobalt (hypoxia-inducible factor
Citraz Tablets PoM
[HIF] stabiliser)
Citro-Soda Granules cocaine
CJC-1295 (GHRH analogue) Co-Codamol Effervescent Tablets
Clacee Tablets PoM Co-Diovan Tabs, Plus Tabs, Tabs

Clamentin Susp, Forte Susp, 320/12.5, Tabs 320/25 PoM
Tabs, 1000mg Tabs PoM Codomill Syrup
Codoxol Tablets
Claren Suspension PoM CoEnzyme Compositum Injection *
Co-Enzyme Q10 Tablets (NRF) *
Clarex 5 Tablets Co-Exforge Tablets PoM
Co-Flem Syrup
ClariHexal Tablets, 500 HL Tabs, Co-Gel Suspension
Susp PoM Cognimet 10 Tablets PoM
Co-Iprasal Unit Dose Vials PoM [1]
Clarinese Tablets, Syrup Co-Irbewin Tablets PoM
Colamziv Tablets PoM
Clarityne Tablets, Syrup Colcaps Childen’s Syrup [6]
Colchicine Houde Tablets PoM
Clear Cough Syrup Colofac Tablets
Coloplex Capsules *
Clearnail Application * Colo-Prep Powder
clenbuterol Combi 15 Capsules
Combiforte Capsules
Clenil Aqueous Nasal Spray Combiforte Spray
Clexane Injection PoM Combigan Eye Drops PoM [4]

Climara Patches-50,
Patches-100 PoM

Climen Tablets PoM
ClindaHexal Capsules PoM
Clindamycin-Fresenius Inj PoM
Clindoxyl Gel PoM
clobetasol [2]
Clobex Shampoo PoM
Cloment Tablets PoM
Clomid Tablets PoM
Clomidep Tablets PoM
ClomiHexal Tablets PoM

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


Drugs in Sport
A-Z Medicines/Supplements Index

Combivent Unit Dose Vials PoM [1] Cosmofer Injection PoM
Cosopt Solution PoM [4]
Combivir Tablets PoM Co-Tareg Tablets, Plus Tablets PoM

Comega Vite Omega 3 + 6 Extra Coughcod Junior Syrup, Senior
Strength Vegicaps Syrup

Co-Micardis Tablets PoM Covamet Tablets

Co-Migroben Tablets PoM Covancaine Drops

Complete Immune Tablets * Covarex Cream, Cr Athlete’s
Complivite-Complete Vitamin B Foot, Cr Junior

Tablets Coveram Tablets PoM
Coversyl Tablets PoM
Compral Headache Tabs, Coversyl Plus Tablets PoM
Headache Powder Covocort Tablets PoM [2]
Covostet Drops PoM
Computer Eye Relief Drops * Coxflam Tablets PoM
Comtan Tablets PoM Cozaar Comp Tablets PoM
Cozaar Tablets PoM
Concerta ER Tablets PoM Cozole Tablets, Suspension PoM
Co-Zomevek Tablets PoM
Concor Tablets PoM [4]
conivaptan CPL Alliance Alprazolam
Tablets PoM
Conoran Tablets PoM
CPL Alliance Cephalexin Caps,
Convulex Capsules, Syrup PoM Susp PoM

Copalia Tablets PoM CPL Alliance Ciprofloxacin
Tablets PoM
Copaxone Sol for Injection PoM
Crack Stop Heel Balm
Copegus Tablets PoM
Cranberry Tablets (NRF) *
Co-Pritor Tablets PoM Creon Capsules
Crestor Tablets PoM
Coralan Tablets PoM CRF (corticotrophin releasing

Cordarone X Tablets, Injection PoM factor)
CRH (corticotrophin releasing
Co-Renitec Tablets PoM
Corenza-C Effervescent Tablets Crinone 8% Vaginal Gel PoM
Crixivan Capsules PoM
Corenza Cold & Flu Syrup [6]
CromoHexal Eye Drops
Corenza Para-C Effervescent cropropamide
Tablets crotetamide

Coronary Care Tablets * Cruciale Capsules
Corsodyl Original/Mint Cubicin Powd for Sol Inf PoM

Mouthwash Curam Tablets, 1000 Tabs,
Susp PoM
Cortaject Powd for Injection PoM [2]
corticoliberin Curitaz Injection PoM
corticorelin Curlovon Tablets PoM
corticotrophins Curosurf Intracath Suspension PoM
corticotrophin releasing factor

corticotrophin releasing hormone

cortisone acetate [2]

Cortoderm Ointment, Cream PoM

Coryx Effervescent Tablets [6]

Coryx Paediatric Syrup [6]

Coryzalia Tablets *

green = permCitoteldourblCuoed=ep:rohibited in particular sports
red = prohibited in and out of competition red = prohibited in competition only

red/red /blue italic = prohibited generic * = refer to alternative substance(s)
Notes [1] - [9]: See Page 157


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