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KHULUMA January 2020

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PICASSO HEADLINE take me home please January 2020


with Lesego Tlhabi
FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5



O scar-nominated Black Panther did much to focus the eyes of the world not only on African culture, but on the potential in
this continent’s future.
With over 60% of Africa’s population under the age of 25, imagining a proud, successful African future is now
more important than ever before. Our rich and proud – but often overlooked – heritage includes Great Zimbabwe,
the ancient lost city of Kweneng recently discovered outside Joburg, the pre-colonial Kingdom of Loango in what is now the
Congo, and of course the great Malian empire.

Any of these near-forgotten civilisations might have inspired the spirit of Wakanda, and today there are numerous innovation projects
happening on the continent that signal the scope for technological innovation and advancement that suggests the kind of future that might
once have been relegated to sci-fi.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises an opportunity for African countries to catch up and leapfrog other parts of the
world. Disruption needs to be encouraged and not feared to find the solutions we need for sustainable living.

In the Silicon Savannah of Kenya, technology is spreading throughout the region. An app called iCow helps herders manage their
cattle populations. Another, known as Kytabu, makes it possible for students and teachers in underprivileged schools to
lease textbooks on mobile devices. The digital recordkeeping platform FarmDrive has enabled hundreds of farmers to
receive financing after banks started using the app as their credit bureau.

In Uganda, Brian Turyabagye has designed a biomedical ‘smart jacket’ that quickly and accurately
diagnoses pneumonia, an infection that kills 27 000 young Ugandan children every year, mostly because
it’s misdiagnosed as malaria. With Turyabagye’s jacket, a modified stethoscope linked to a mobile
phone app records sound from a patient’s chest and enables a preliminary diagnosis that’s up to four
times faster than that of a doctor. In 2017, the MamaOpe jacket was shortlisted as a finalist for the
Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize.

Uganda’s Elizabeth Nyeko, co-founder of Mandulis Energy, was recently recognised as a Top 10 Female
Innovator in Africa by the World Economic Forum. Her company turns widely available biomass waste into
electricity. Then by using Modularity Grid, a digital platform that leverages artificial intelligence, as well
as blockchain, she is able to operate mini grids to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to low
income communities.

Rwanda, meanwhile, has also been pioneering the use of drones to convey blood and other
medical supplies to far-flung communities. Plus, in Kigali, Africa’s first green city – 620
hectares of land comprising environmentally-friendly mini-factories, fully electrical vehicles
and environmentally sustainable, affordable housing – is launching this month.

African innovations like these are disrupting the norms of our unsustainable modern lifestyles –
and in the process helping us build a greater future.

As June Jordan wrote in her seminal ‘Poem for South African Women’, presented to the
UN in 1978: ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’

Wrenelle Stander, CEO: Comair Ltd JANUARY 2020 3




We are the future we’ve been Mzansi’s food scene is taking its Fashioning the future one brick at
waiting for, says our captain. roots into the future. a time.

Our cover star and her sidekick Meet superhero Alwyn Uys.
alter ego say the future is now. 50 LOCATION! LOCATION!
EXPERIENCE You might not want to leave No lies!
the roof.
Catch Black Panther in the flesh. 52 AFRICAN BUCKET LIST Doggone.
So much to see, so little time.
Stomp to the beat, laugh in the 65 URBAN LEGENDS
aisles, watch the best Rocky Horror Coconut Kelz is the last person
Show ever and then see Roger and you should take Jozi tips from,
Trevor and Rafa and Bill hitting but still...
a tennis ball.

Poppie Nongena is coming
to melt your heart.



8 JANUARY 2020


Accessories for

Coconut Kelz’s
handy guide to pale-
face pastimes.

more often.

They’re way beyond
leopard print.

Things for now and things for
the future.

Netflix has finally made a truly
homegrown African series.


10 JANUARY 2020

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H owzit guyyys! It’s me, Kelz! And me, Lesego! It’s both
of us and it’s neither of us. Confused? Please don’t Rant aside, Kelz is excited about the Interview: Keith Bain, Picture: Sven Kristian
be. Let’s just say that I was born Lesego and spent future of South Africa and its ability to
my formative years as Lesego, but after a few years get it together under one ‘nation-building’
in London, I came home and Coconut Kelz emerged. I’d love to ideal. The fact is, I don't think Africa is
tell you that she was born in an ice cave at the South Pole, or the future… I feel strongly that Africa
that she’s the result of exposure to some magical vibranium is the right now. What worries me, like
from Planet Wakanda. But the truth is she’s a direct response many millennials and other sane people
to everyday life in South Africa. everywhere, is that no-one is looking after the
planet. I just have to go outside and feel how hot
Kelz is a satirical character born out of the desire to speed it’s getting – or watch the news for five minutes – and
up some of the more difficult (and urgent) conversations we I find myself Googling ‘How to get ready for the climate
need to have in Mzansi – especially around race. She’s change apocalypse’. Perhaps the idea is to have as much
a vehicle (probably Maserati) for social commentary, fun as possible until then. #EnjoyItWhileItLasts. But I am
illuminating our differences and similarities and the sometimes not sure that approach is working. The world is full of aging
empty promise of the rainbow nation. Yes, Coconut Kelz is leaders trying that schtick and they are definitely failing
black on the outside, but her heart is white, so sometimes what us. To be honest, if Instagram didn't take so much of
she says (especially about the skebengas!) may shock you. But, my time, I'd run for president.
really, she’s a mirror. Having been in majority white schools
my whole life, I became used to hearing certain kinds of social Africa – Lesego’s Africa and Coconut Kelz’s Africa
commentary. And nowadays – on social media – I find myself – is full of potential. We’ve both seen the movie and
reading the same sorts of comments. They’re from old school think, ‘Oh wow, viva, Wakanda, viva!’ But maybe what
mates – friends – and yet I still feel I’m in a space where people we need is to realise that the future is being formed
don’t quite get how ridiculous and apathetic they sound. right before our eyes. I think people assume that 50
years from now, Africa could and should look like the
The kinds of things I hear folks say are hilarious but also pretty picture Black Panther paints. Wouldn’t that be
quite concerning. So in response, I developed a character who great? But the reality is going to be very different if
personifies the kinds of comments you hear all the time. Kelz we don’t all wake up and smell the single origin lattes,
began as a critique of whiteness and white privilege but, as guys. The townships and squatter camps are still the
a satirist, I really don’t discriminate. Kelz may seem OTT and reality, and there are still too many of us with our heads
full-on, but a lot of what comes out of her mouth is precisely buried in the sand. Africa is not the future, Africa is now. So
what some people in this country still think. let’s make it work.

18 JANUARY 2020


wfrchoaBimnlcayphsrmtatehdgayyeredeowa1parr1ap,sc9ytoeh.,dbnayopolaotuetker, JANUARY 2020 19

Find out
more about Cape
Town’s renowned Bass
Racing Stables at

20 JANUARY 2020


Pictures: Sven Kristian WHEN LESEGO

With every socialite for miles picking their outfits for
the year’s biggest grown-up outing – the Sun Met
at Kenilworth Racecourse on 1 February – we sent
our cover star to make friends with a horse. To be
fair, this was Lesego’s very first up-close encounter
with a four-legged thoroughbred, so it had to be a

special meeting.
Obviously, to ensure she had the time of her life,
we sent her to Bass Racing Stables in Milnerton.
Started in 1976 by Mike Bass, the now-retired
legend who over several decades was responsible
for training scores of horses, the stables continue to
produce champions under Candice Robinson, Mike’s

daughter and now head trainer.
While Lesego confirmed that she wouldn’t be doing

any riding or racing during her visit to the stables
(or during the Sun Met), she did get to groom and
cuddle and share intimate moments with one of
the horses at Mike’s stabling centre. According to

Lesego, ‘It was a pioneering moment!’
Not everyone gets to spend time with these four-
legged stars, but don’t miss out on the fabulousness
at the Sun Met (more about that on page 29), and
if you’re keen to have a stake in the game, you can
also place your bets from the comfort of your own
home – or wherever you go online – with World

Sports Betting ( JANUARY 2020 21

WAKANDA CALLING Words: Keith Bain, Picture: Supplied

Since 1993, the term Afrofuturism has been used to describe an aesthetic that seeks
to reclaim black identity through art, culture, and political resistance. It offers

a portal through which to view alternate realities and possible futures. While it offers
a reflection of the past, it projects a brighter future – one in which African culture and

innovation are foregrounded rather than relegated to the margins.
Artists, storytellers, designers and musicians have worked in the realm of
Afrofuturism since even before the term was coined, of course. But then Hollywood’s
blockbuster interpretation of Black Panther came along with its vision of superheroes
who dwell in an imaginary African kingdom that happens to be the world’s most
technologically advanced country. That’s when the world really stood up and took

notice, and Afrofuturism suddenly went mainstream.
This month, you can see 29-year-old Will Irizarry bringing the film’s namesake Black

Panther to life in the stunt- and special effects-laden Marvel Universe LIVE!. The
action-packed stage show brings together superheroes such as Spider-Man, Doctor
Strange, The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy who all team up in a madcap

adventure filled with pyrotechnics, stunts and high-tech visual wizardry. There’s
a fittingly crazy storyline, too. The good guys are pitted against the likes of Loki, Yondu

and the Green Goblin in a race to prevent the Wand of Watoomb from being used to
wreak havoc across the Universe. Marvel fans can witness the unfolding mayhem
– along with an erupting volcano, superhero smackdowns, aerial flight, motorbike
stunts, lasers, smoke and a kick-ass soundtrack – at Sun Arena, Time Square, Menlyn

Maine, Tshwane from 24 January until 9 February.

22 JANUARY 2020



t out & abo JANUARY 2020 23





Back to the source

More than a chiselled chin below those Arctic-
hued eyes, Leon Kane – the DJ and music
producer who goes by the name Avalon – is
among the most respected names in psytrance,
having set countless dance floors alight all
around the world. And while he’s played the likes
of Boom, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Burning
Man, Tribe, Dreamstate USA, Exit, Glastonbury,
Sunburn, Ultra, Rainbow Serpent, Symbiosis,
Atmosphere, Time and Space, Gatecrasher,
Universo Paralello, Xxxperience, BAT, Antaris and
the opening trance set at Ozora, he says Cape
Town is home to his favourite trance scene on
the planet. He’ll be hitting the local scene in full
force when he headlines Origin, performing not
only in his solo capacity, but also as one half of
Killerwatts, his project with another psytrance
legend, Tristan, who’ll have a solo set, too. Other
international acts this year include Noir, Oliver
Koletzki, Nico Schwind, DJ Tsubi and Dirty
Doering. That’s over and above the scores of
gifted local trance DJs who’ll bring their A game
to what’s widely considered the most enchanting
annual event of the summer psytrance season.
It happens at Elandskloof Farm, not far from
Greyton., JANUARY 2020 25


Roger meets Rafa in the Mother City January
The two superstars will be going head-to-head in a fundraising match on L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Racing
7 February. For Federer, who is a 20-time Grand Slam Champion, it’ll be Festival, Cape Town.
his first match in sub-Saharan Africa. And as for Trevor Noah… Well, he’ll Whether you’re into horses or simply
be teaming up with Nadal against Federer and Bill Gates, a kind of curtain- there for the bubbly, air-kissing
raiser, ice-breaker, and evidence that tennis needn’t always be such serious and fancy hats, this blue-and-white
business. Because Federer’s mother was born in South Africa, he will have themed dress-up affair at Kenilworth
a vital personal connection with the match, but it is also a vital opportunity Racecourse promises a galloping
to raise funds for the school readiness programmes that his charity, Roger good time.
Federer Foundation, funds.
25 Delheim Harvest Festival,
Circus of Lies Stellenbosch.
A stomping good time (literally) with
Whether or not you’re a fan of The Lion King, wine, food, grape picking–and-stomping,
you owe it to yourself and your entire family live music and a tractor ride – plus
to check out funnyman Alan Committie’s new a good part of the ticket price goes to the
one-man show, The Lying King: Circle of Pebbles Project charity.,
Laugh. Not only does he swear to perform the
entire opening sequence of the original film with
himself portraying nearly every single animal, 25–26 Festival of Rebels,
but he will also design and sew all the animal Cape Town.
costumes. He will thereafter make jokes about every major global and local Harley-Davidson is powering this
news event, while performing his dissertation on the politics of water-polo motorcycle enthusiasts’ get-together
coaching as interpretative dance and reciting his world-famous introduction that’ll include live music and DJ-fuelled
to Bitcoin trading dressed in a tutu. All of this may or may not happen, but fun – plus revving engines, tight leather
you will roll on the floor laughing. Guaranteed or your Bitcoins back. It’s at pants, and food. It’s all happening at
the Theatre on the Bay, until 25 January. the Castle.

26 JANUARY 2020


February YCoo-nYcoerMt a se Summer
1 Cotton Fest, Joburg.
Riky Rick hosts this one-day As always, the current Kirstenbosch Summer
celebration of hip-hop and fashion. Sunsets Concerts are a real mixed bag, featuring everything from Jimmy Nevis, Craig Lucas and Paxton
Fielies performing on 5 January, to the Cape Town
1 Overhex Summer Picnic Philharmonic on 19 January. Also on the bill this month
Concert, Worcester. are Mi Casa (12 January) and, on 26 January, both
Some call him a balladeer, some GoodLuck and Tresor. The season continues until early
call him a legend. He’s Theuns April, and the sole international highlight is a one-off
Jordaan and he’ll be providing the concert by cello-wielding prodigy Yo-Yo Ma, happening
rhythms and vocals while you picnic on 8 February. The American-Chinese musician will
on the lawns at Overhex Winery. perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello without interval.

8 Cape Town Pizza and Pasta Lilos optional
Festival, Cape Town.
Joke’s on you if you’re Banting. If Some 50 live acts will perform at the 30th
you’re not, it’s at Fort Wynyard in edition of Up the Creek, the relatively intimate
Green Point. festival (2 500 revellers maximum) held on the
banks of the Breede River near Swellendam.
11–01 The Mother City Comedy With four different stages, including the
Festival, Cape Town. awesome one on the river’s edge that you
That’s a whole lot of stand-up, can watch from the comfort of your personal
happening at the Baxter’s Studio inflatable, there’s something for most tastes,
Theatre. and these days you don’t even have to bring your
own tent if you’re scared by the idea of having
26–29 Design Indaba Festival of to get it into that little bag after four days of
Creativity, Cape Town. partying – a limited number of pre-erected tents
It runs concurrently with the Design are available. 6–9 February,
Indaba Conference which you can
read more about on page 145. Hunting high and low
If you grew up in the 1980s, you will recall the chart-
28–29 Ultra South Africa, topping song ‘Take On Me’ which turned a Norwegian
Joburg & Cape Town. boy band named A-Ha into an international
Untz, untz, untz, untz, etc. sensation. Not only was frontman Morten Harket a total dish, but they made some great videos, and
songs that integrated danceable pop with something
strangely melancholic and meaningful. The boys are
now all in their 50s and Morten barely seems to have
aged a day since their heyday. Check them out for
yourself when they appear live in South Africa next
month. They’ll be at Green Point A Track in Cape Town on 14 February and at Marks Park,
Emmarentia in Joburg on 15 February. JANUARY 2020 27


For pony lovers… …goaantsd for mountain

Saddle up and get on your pony as you Cape Town’s original Trail Series, first
prepare to rub shoulders with the best of started in 2008 – and traditionally
high society at Africa’s richest race day. divided into two racing series, one in
That’s right, although we’re not confirming summer and another in winter – has
that our cover star will be at this year’s adopted a new format. It’s now the Trail
Sun Met in person, she’ll certainly Series Super League and comprises
be there in spirit, rocking her finest, seven event days staggered through
sparkliest, glitziest outfit among the celebs, the entire year. There are now three
trendsetters, fashionistas and horse-lovers. distances per race day – the first event
Plus, of course, there’ll be selfie-chasers, is happening at Kirstenbosch Gardens
party-chasers and those dream-chasers on 14 January, with the second in Elgin’s
who come for the main event – placing bets Lebanon Forest on 2 February. Sign up
and feeling their hearts pulse as their horse for the entire series upfront or join on a
sprints towards the finish line. Aside from race-by-race basis.
the opportunity to dress up and hang with
the fun-seekers, there’ll be DJs in the house, JANUARY 2020 29
flowing bubbly, hosted gazebos, fashion
shows and all sorts of entertainment. It
all goes down at Cape Town’s Kenilworth
Racecourse on 1 February and this
year’s dress-up theme is African Luxury:
Visionaries. Racing formalities kick off at
10am and the afterparty runs from 6pm till


Tell us about it, Janet! Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Mark Sampson, Jesse Krame, Supplied

Thank you for the music Pictured as Dr Frank-N-Furter is Craig Urbani, a local
stage legend, who has powered his way through
From ‘Dancing Queen’ to ‘Super Trouper’ to ‘The Winner Takes It umpteen musicals. He says playing the cross-dressing
All’, their music spans 73 singles and eight studio albums. ABBA ambisexual alien in Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky
ranks among the most loved creations Sweden ever put out and Horror Show has been an ambition since he played
is probably even better known than either Volvo or Ikea. They Rocky in a production in 1992. And finally his dream
first appeared in 1972 and their danceable, earwormy pop tunes has come true. The show – co-starring Jarryd Nurden
continue to induce sing-alongs and fanfare. You can catch Aussie as Rocky and Kate Normington as The Narrator – has
ABBA impersonators, ABBAsolutely fABBAulous, in their world- been driving audiences at Cape Town’s Artscape Opera
touring The ABBA Show at Sibaya’s iZulu Theatre until House wild with anticipation since it opened early last
12 January. Then – for one night only – it’ll be at the Grand Arena, month. It’s playing there until 12 January, after which
GrandWest in Cape Town on 18 January. it moves to Joburg from 17 January until 1 March at
Montecasino’s Teatro.

Get hooked on ice

The last time the world-touring Imperial Ice Stars came to
Mzansi, they put on a heart-melting version of Cinderella. Now
they’ve added a frozen landscape to J.M. Barrie’s celebration of
eternal youth with Peter Pan on Ice. Witness Peter Pan, Captain
Hook, Tinker Bell, plus a bevy of cutthroat pirates, the Lost Boys,
Tiger Lily, mermaids and even that old rogue crocodile skating
up a storm. There’s plenty of LED wizardry, flying sequences,
aerial gymnastics and even an awesome fire-on-ice scene to
keep audiences enthralled. It continues at Montecasino’s Teatro
in Joburg until 11 January, and then moves to Artscape in
Cape Town where it’ll play from 15 January until 2 February.

30 JANUARY 2020


This may be the most important film you see all year

32 JANUARY 2020


Clementine Mosimane
is a study in stoicism.
Her eyes… her voice…
her posture… She is
unwavering, refusing to surrender her
humanity even as the entire world seems
to be imploding around her. What we
see is an unbreakable woman with an
indomitable spirit.

Her poise makes Mosimane captivating
as Poppie, the title role of Christiaan
Olwagen’s latest film, one which every
South African should see. Thunderous
in its quiet, restrained study of the
character at its heart, it is among the
most humanising films yet made in this
country – by the end of it, Mosimane’s
performance is seared into memory. Her
story will haunt you forever.

Poppie Nongena tells the story of
a Xhosa woman – a mother, daughter,
wife, live-in domestic worker, and nanny
to her employers’ daughter – whose life
is thrown into tumult when she discovers
that by some bizarre bureaucratic
twist, she’s suddenly deemed to be an
illegal resident in her own country. The
apartheid system has conjured up a law
that requires her to leave her home in
Cape Town and resettle in a faraway
Xhosa homeland, a place she has no
connection with at all. JANUARY 2020 33


PLAY CATCH UP WITH LOCALLY In 2018, Poppie Nongena’s director, Christiaan Animated in Cape Town and co-directed by
MADE FILMS ON THE MULTICHOICE Olwagen, made this sometimes hilarious, South African Daniel Snaddon, this delightful
sometimes tragic film about gays in the children’s film is based on the picture book by
STREAMING SERVICE, SHOWMAX apartheid-era military. It stars comedian Schalk Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. It’s about an
Bezuidenhout in a coming-of-age coming out tale accident-prone dragon who, during his time at
34 JANUARY 2020 that features beautifully rendered song-and-dance Dragon School, gets himself into mischief while
scenes that pay tribute to 1980s pop icons. There’s learning how to fly, breathe fire and act fierce.
awkward kissing, there’s tenderness, there’s Boy
George, and there has also been a string of well-
deserved awards.


The dramatic stakes are high. Not only Despite being rooted in a particular
because the clock is ticking for Poppie, but time and place – namely racist,
because the fuse to a political time-bomb apartheid-era 1970s South Africa – it
that must eventually alter the nation’s also speaks to the ongoing crisis of
entire social order has been lit. She is upheaval and displacement facing
caught up in a whirlwind of upheaval people all around the world. Olwagen
during a period when countless black says that even though the book was
written in the 1970s, there is
women were being arrested, fined and a global and universal crisis that the
ultimately uprooted. Against story continues to address. ‘Poppie could
the backdrop of a rising tide easily be an Uber driver from elsewhere
of resentment and riots, in Africa struggling to get a permit to
Poppie must figure stay in our country today. While the film
out a way forward. is set in that period, I wanted it to mirror
Between her daily the current situation, and reflect on
duties – cleaning those things that have not changed.’
up, making meals
for her employers, Asked about the film’s relevance,
looking after their Mosimane said, ‘Poppie Nongena deals
daughter – and her with our history as a country and people,
frustrating encounters where we come from and what strong
with apartheid women we had fighting the system of
apparatchiks, she worries the day. The theme of walking your own
about her own family. journey when the rest of the world does
What to do about her children’s not even know what you are going through
is very close to home because I know so
education, her husband’s illness? many mothers and women who have
The story that plays out on screen is walked that road.’
a condensed telling of a far more
expansive biographic account of the real- Gratifyingly, the film never for a moment
life Poppie, who was written about in Elsa treats Poppie as a victim. Her stoicism,
Joubert’s novel Die Swerfjare van Poppie strength, love for the people around her…
Nongena (The Long Journey of Poppie this is what stands out about her. She is
Nongena). The film condenses Poppie’s the film’s backbone – not only is she on
story so that we get a strong sense of screen for the duration of the movie, the
her entire life whilst witnessing it through camera never once leaving her, but she
the prism of what is perhaps the most lends emotional support to everyone, even
tumultuous moment in her life. when all the odds are stacked against her.

Shameela Seedat’s documentary charts Thuli See heartthrob Armand Aucamp as the river guide
Madonsela’s final year in office as Public Protector. in this adventure film about five women who seek A surprise box office hit based on the true story
It includes exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage self-therapy in the form of an adventuresome of a woman who murdered her 20-year-old drug-
and interviews and won the Special Jury Prize at white-water rafting trip on the Orange River. Of addicted son rather than continue putting up with
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary course, with a wild river and multiple personalities criminal self-destructive behaviour. It explores the
Festival, the largest documentary festival in to contend with, things are destined to be messy in heartbreaking, harrowing relationship between
North America. more ways than one. mother and son, with extraordinary performances
from a committed cast. JANUARY 2020 35


FNIALTMUMRAALKEBRORN Olwagen’s goal as filmmaker is pretty he says he’s very hands-on and very
clear. He wants the audience to empathise honest with the actors. He cites as
‘I’m pretty boring,’ says Christiaan with his characters, to feel what they influences films that tend to have longer
Olwagen, who – judging by his creative feel. ‘Films are empathy machines,’ scenes that stay focused on character
outpouring – definitely isn’t. ‘I do have rather than relying on the tick-tock cuts we
house plants. I wouldn't brag about it, he says. ‘Their power is to make see so much of on TV these days. Instead,
but I don't kill them. I read a lot. I watch audiences feel for people they he works hard and in great detail with his
too much television. I don’t exercise as might not necessarily have actors so that by the time he calls ‘Action’
much as I should, but I do travel when met or otherwise known or they are able to be completely in the
I can. I live through my work, I guess, and understood. To make us see moment, fully realised and real.
there’s nothing weird or wacky about me. and feel the other.’
Nothing quirky, although I think I am Olwagen honed his skill And he says that as much as he aims
a little bit more neurotic than people at tapping into that power to evoke empathy, he avoids audience
might think if they met me for the first while working as a theatre manipulation. ‘I don’t want to tell
time. I’m quite neurotic. I think my friends director, developing a passion audiences how they should feel. I really
find that endearing.’ for actors and figuring out how to just want to present the most truthful
account. I want them to feel that what
Boring? Neurotic? He even claims to get the best possible performances they’re seeing is real – so they can truly
be a bit of a scaredy-cat. ‘I have a fear of from them. understand what she’s going through.
heights, a fear of spiders, you name it, I’m I definitely want to evoke empathy, but
scared of it.’ ‘I think coming from theatre means I don’t want to manipulate them to feel
I know you don’t necessarily have to sad. I just don’t work like that.’
Truth is, despite Olwagen’s self- edit an actor’s work to get an incredible
deprecating tendencies, he’s a gifted performance.’ To get those performances,
filmmaker, a natural. And while he might
be afraid of extreme sports, he is weirdly
capable of captaining a team of 200
people on a film set – by all accounts
a far bigger, scarier task than
jumping off a bridge with an
elastic band tied around
your ankle.

Even though he says
making a movie is a bit
like going to war (with
the elements, budget
constraints, time, any
number of variables),
he loves it. ‘This job
is kind of like living
a dream. After my first
film [Johnny is nie Dood
nie], I was hooked, so it’s
probably a bit of an addiction.
As tough as it is, it’s awesome
making movies, and after one is done,

I just kind of want to get back onto set.’
It’s not out of a sense of responsibility,

he says, but something more urgent,
something that is in his blood. The
storyteller within demands to do what it
was born to do: to unleash his overactive
imagination in meaningful ways.


Set in the eponymous Joburg suburb, Sara With Thandie Newton as executive producer, Set against China’s expanding influence on the
Blecher’s crime film is about a prodigal son this groundbreaking documentary defies easy continent, this documentary looks at the life and
forced to deal with the consequences of his description. It is a documentary, but includes dreams of a teenaged Malawian boy and his school
businessman father’s occasional brushes with animation (by Nigerian Shofela Coker) and uses friends who are raised in a Chinese Buddhist
money laundering. With death threats looming storytelling techniques to weave the true stories orphanage in Africa. Torn between two disparate
and unwillingness to get his own hands dirty, how of five children in eSwatini into a fablesque cultures, he must decide whether to return to his
far will Zaid go to protect his family? The film was fantasy about a girl – Liyana – who sets off on home village and the traditions of his people – or
screened at the 62nd BFI London Film Festival a perilous quest to save her twin brothers. It’s go to Taiwan to study.
in 2018. utterly gorgeous, lyrical and poignant. JANUARY 2020 37


That said, it’s hard not to be swept elegance of baroque paintings – Poppie Nongena
away by Poppie Nongena, difficult not to gorgeous hues rendered with a is Christiaan Olwagen’s
be consumed by its emotional charge, its nostalgic brush. The heartache of fourth feature film and possibly the
tenderness. The manner in which it calmly course is that, despite any nostalgic most important movie you will watch
plays witness to unfolding events is both yearning to return to the past and this year, perhaps ever. Olwagen – with co-
beautiful and unnerving. undo the misdeeds, we as viewers screenwriter Saartjie Botha, cinematographer
are helpless; we cannot resurrect and Vicci Turpin and actresses Clementine Mosimane
There are moments when you are so correct this moment in history. We and Anna-Mart van der Merwe – was evidently
drawn into Poppie’s reality that it feels like cannot make amends for the tragedy ideal for the job of bringing the tale to the
a physical punch in the gut. ‘I always tend visited on the countless Poppies whose screen. It won 12 awards at 2019’s Silwerskerm
to gravitate towards letting audiences sit in lives were destroyed. Film Festival, including Best Feature Film,
real time because it literally just sucks you Best Director and Best Actress for
in,’ Olwagen explains. All we can hope to do is pay attention Mosimane’s portrayal of Poppie. The
to that past and ensure we do things film releases nationwide on
The film is also sweepingly beautiful, differently today.
with the frames evoking the aesthetic 31 January.

Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Supplied


Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, whose latest film, Knuckle This award-winning documentary is set in It’s a bit schlocky, but delivers a few bloody thrills
City, releases on the big screen next month (don’t KwaZulu-Natal’s iMfolozi wilderness. Five young with its scary hospital setting and focuses on one
miss it) is steadily establishing a reputation as Zulu women, led by KwaMashu-born Lihle of those prevailing human fears: that the next
South Africa’s hottest film director. This one is a Mbokazi, the first black South African female time you go in for an operation, you’ll either wake
man-on-the-run Western set in the early-1950s. wilderness guide, undertake a journey of self- up missing a kidney, or won’t wake up at all. Yup,
Based on a real-life Robin Hood-like sheep rustler discovery, healing, and reconnection with the raw there’s high melodrama and more than a few
named John Kepe (marvellously played by Ezra beauty of the natural world. They sleep under the shrieks in this 2017 film where the bad guys are
Mabengeza), it has just about everything you could stars, have up-close encounters with elephant servicing an organ smuggling syndicate. It drops on
want from a film, including chases on horseback and rhino, and discover the various threats to this Showmax on 2 January.
and some exhilarating (and funny) scenes involving untamed environment.
a sheep.

38 JANUARY 2020


Local truly is lekker at these restaurants serving up a taste of home JANUARY 2020 41

he first time I met David TRUTH. AFTER DARK
Donde, I’d just been to the
dentist and my mouth was A cheeky night-time take on nostalgia-satisfying Sowf Effrekin
still rubbery from being dining as showcased in the café’s innovative ‘Gastro-Kaap’ menu,
injected many times in the gums because the idea is to showcase some of those dishes and delights you
I have a high anaesthetic tolerance. Donde’s commonly associate with being South African, particularly a few that
advice? ‘Next time, ask them to drill you might be too embarrassed to admit being in love with. Of course,
without anaesthetic.’ That was shortly after under Donde’s anaesthetic-free watch, they’ve been given a modern,
Donde had left Origin, the coffee roastery unexpectedly upmarket spin. The ‘Bovril-y on Toast, and a Bietjie Biltong,’
in De Waterkant, to start Truth, which for example, is ostrich carpaccio, exotic mushroom biltong and meat
he claimed was set to garner a cult-like jelly on a buttery brioche, while the ‘Nie Jou Ma se Yellowtail Frikkadel nie’
following and ultimately take over Cape is a dish of yellowtail pâté meatballs with gluten-free garlic bread and apricot
Town and Mzansi’s coffee landscape. Donde jam. The ‘Mixed Grill’ comes with free-range rack of lamb, chicken and boerewors with spicy umfino and
to some extent succeeded, especially grilled corn; there’s a vegan sosatie; and a Durban-inspired slow-cooked lamb bunny chow. And all those
when he developed his second outlet favourite desserts – melktert (jazzed up with white couverture chocolate, coffee ice cream and mango
in a huge space on Buitenkant Street in passion crémeux on a crispy speculaas biscuit), malva pudding (with Amarula and Valrhona chocolate, of
the then neglected East City. Vitally, he course), peppermint crisp tart (salted caramel, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate and mint ice cream, and
got furniture designer Haldane Martin Valrhona chocolate) – are there, too. Plus, there’s a selection of cheeky cocktails based on typical local
to fashion the interior, bestowing it with childhood memories – a ‘Stoner’ mixes witblits, ginger puree, lime and hemp, while the ‘OROSie’ is blood
a steampunk-inspired fantasy look that orange juice with triple sec and grenadine. 6pm–midnight, Tuesday–Saturday,
lured people from miles around. Truth Café 36 Buitenkant Street,
quickly scaled the opinion polls and was
soon inducted onto those lists of must-see
places that announce what’s best at this
and that across the globe. It was deemed,
by at least one such list, the planet’s best
coffee shop, and the queues of camera-
wielding tourists never let up.
More significant than the lines of curious
foreigners is the fact that Donde’s café
helped kick-start the rebirth of a seemingly
forgotten part of the city. That renaissance
is ongoing and Truth is taking its meal
service to a new level.
Plus, as we discovered, it’s not the only
restaurant retrofitting South African
cuisine for a bold future...

42 JANUARY 2020



In a light-filled corner of the newly revamped
Rosebank Fire Station – a heritage building dating
back to 1935 – Brik Café is unassuming and utterly
wonderful. ‘We wanted to tap into the heritage of the
building and the heritage of our country,’ explains
owner Sasha Simpson. Furniture and tableware are
by local designers, Neil Grantham, David Krynauw
and Takk studio, while Duma [Black Mobu] created
the beautiful earthenware by hand. Brik serves food
with the kind of flavour that is worthy of cult status,
with a forward-looking, proudly South African ethos.
Like their own chakalaka (just try it!) with housemade
ricotta and honey on gluten-free date bread, or short
rib with mielie meal and Brussels sprouts. ‘Reuse and
repurpose’ is the name of the game here: marmalades
made from orange peels, a delicious burger basting
made from veggie leftovers, banana bread or a vegan
barbecue pulled banana dish made from banana peels…
true story! Unusable scraps go to a farm compost heap,
where Sasha plans to grow their own veggies in the future.
Brik also owns the first electricity-efficient Nuovo Simonelli
Aurelia Wave coffee machine on the continent, and uses
compostable dustbin bags, coffee cups and takeaway
containers. And the service? It’s every bit as good as the
rest. Luckily there are firemen on the premises because
this place is lit. Tuesday and Wednesday 7am–7pm;
Thursday–Saturday 7am–10pm, Sunday 9am–2pm, 16
Baker Street, Rosebank, JANUARY 2020 43


It’s safe to say that the future belongs not only to the young upstarts, but also to the old guard set on keeping up with the times, reinventing and re-
orientating themselves. In the Cape Winelands, Franschhoek’s Haute Cabrière is a prime example. Bought by Achim von Arnim in 1982, the farm opened an
underground cellar in 1994 (exactly 300 years after French Huguenot Pierre Jourdan was granted this land) and it’s now had a rather impressive facelift.
Takuan von Arnim, director of wine and second-generation cellar master, says the project’s been about exactly that: ‘honouring the legacy of our heritage;
while celebrating the beauty of evolution’. That evolution includes a reworking of the interiors and – most notably – the outdoor area, which has been enclosed
in a magnificent glass structure with an ultra-modern infinity deck. Jaw-dropping views. Tick. Shelter from the elements. Tick. And an updated, impressive
menu too. ‘My inspiration has always been classically French, with an appreciation for the South African palate,’ says destination manager Nic van Wyk. Which
translates to pork kaaiings with the new bakery’s irresistible sourdough for tapas, or a rich, gloriously tasty venison loin with port and truffle sauce on the à la
carte menu. The future’s looking rosé, er, rosy! Monday–Saturday 8am–7.30pm, Sunday 8am–3.30pm, Lambrechts Road, Franschhoek Pass,


Conjuring up the atmosphere of a high-pedigree
sports bar, this multi-storey eating-drinking-
schmoozing establishment has a curious history.
Formerly owned by the sports enthusiast Herbert
Tothill, it was once a kind of speakeasy that flew
in the face of apartheid-era discrimination by
welcoming patrons (especially sportsmen) from
across the colour spectrum. Its new owners have
taken inspiration from that era and used the walls
and antique cabinets to curate memorabilia,
newspaper clippings and photographs that tell
tales of South Africa’s often unsung athletes.
There’s an element of sophistication, too,
thanks to the plush leather- and velvet-covered
chairs, embossed wallpapers, Persian rugs on
herringbone floors, and marble countertops.
Food, which might be an afterthought for many
who come here to drink, is also of the winning
kind. Aside from the canapés and snacks, there’s
a selection of tapas as well as substantial Greek
and Mediterranean dishes, including coal-fired fish
and meat items that can be ordered to share or as
a main course. Monday–Saturday, 12pm–2pm and
6pm–10pm, Friday and Saturday, bar until 2am,
35 Buitengracht Street,

44 JANUARY 2020



If you think we’ve included Spier because it’s home
to good old Africa-themed Moyo and that cheetah
project thing, well, you obviously haven’t visited
for a long, long time. The only cheat-ah you’ll find
here is yourself – cheating on your Banting diet
with the fresh sourdough and flaky croissants at
the Spier Farm Café, baked across the lawn at
acclaimed chef PJ Vadas’ Vadas Smokehouse and
Bakery. The Café (previously known as Spier Farm
Kitchen) dishes up unpretentious breakfast and
lunch kos from chef Hennie Nel (who previously
worked with PJ across the werf, and at Constantia
Uitsig and the One&Only Cape Town Hotel).

What sets the Café apart is yummy, honest-
to-goodness food, and an authentic eco ethos.
Hennie’s team not only sources local, ethical
ingredients, but sends minimal waste to landfill.
The star of the breakfast show is the eggs
Bennie – and the eggs come from contented,
outdoor-roaming hens. But the sourdough waffle
with dark chocolate, raw honey and cream is
another winner. That flavourful burger patty?
It’s from Farmer Angus McIntosh who supplies
beef from cows reared on Spier’s own pastures
– sans hormones or routine antibiotics. Fear not,
futurists… vegetarians and ‘Veganuary’ fans are
well catered for, too!

The sustainability drive of the 328-year-old
wine farm extends to their amazing Growing
for Good initiatives, from a Tree-preneurs
project – teaching members of impoverished
communities to care for indigenous plants and
exchange seedlings for vouchers, clothing and
other essentials – to the Eagle Encounters raptor
rehabilitation project based here. Tuesday–Sunday
8am–11am and 12pm–3pm, R310,


In an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, your caffeine fix is accompanied by a small snack such as popcorn.
Joburg’s Milk Bar was founded with this tradition at heart, launching an African-themed coffee shop adjacent
to Kramerville’s treasure trove of African artefacts, Amatuli. It soon outgrew the premises, and has evolved
into a popular restaurant and bar at its new home in Parkmore. Having revolutionised the Sandton Sports
Club, Milk Bar fast became an after-work stop-off for Sandtonites and a laidback local for many Joburgers.

The menu features feel-good fare with a South African leaning – think bobotie nachos, biltong with a chilli
dipping sauce and a finger-licking Milk Bar bunny chow. There’s a breakfast bunny too, with Nutella and
strawberries, but the sweet potato ‘toast’ is a stand-out to start the day right. With a kids’ menu and a big
outdoor area with sandpit, jungle gyms and a weekend jumping castle, the restaurant welcomes abantwana
too. Plus, you can catch world-class South African musicians playing live every Thursday evening and Sunday
afternoon. 7am-11pm daily, 11 Holt Street East, Parkmore, JANUARY 2020 45



Words: Nicci Collier, Keith Bain; Pictures: Crave Photography, Page & Holmes Photography, Supplied EIKE BY BERTUS BASSON, STELLENBOSCH. DUKKAH, DURBAN.

In Stellenbosch, Bertus Basson is a cheffing legend who now has five restaurants under A modern, beautiful space on Florida Road, Dukkah is
his belt. Each is an experience, but if you’re looking for heritage-with-a-twist cuisine that will a sophisticated bar and restaurant inspired by the cultures
spark longwinded discussions about the food for weeks after your meal has ended, then this of our continent – and KwaZulu-Natal itself. The menu,
establishment is precisely what you need. It promises to be a night out filled with intrigue – designed by well-known chef Pete Goffe-Wood, takes
there’s the beautiful (somewhat hidden away) venue, the avant-garde plating and, of course, the its influence from the eastern coastline of Africa, from
sometimes just-too-clever-for-words experiments on the plate. Through each of six courses, you Nairobi’s Maasai Market and Stone Town in Zanzibar, along
can’t help but notice how hard the kitchen has worked to challenge convention and raise eyebrows the Spice Route to the culinary smorgasbord of Durban.
all while harking back to a hit of inspiration that originates in some part of South Africa’s heritage: Think dukkah chicken, Berber spiced seafood curry,
think wildebeest with macadamia and celeriac; bobotie made with lamb tartare; and good old springbok carpaccio and pickled fish.
plankie vleis, which is a traditional way of serving sliced steak. Each of these arrive on your table
as inventively reimagined versions of vintage recipes. And your server will have a cool story to NCW, JOBURG.
accompany each dish. One is about the provenance of the beef tallow candles that are lit at your
table so that the drippings can be used as a fat spread for your bread. The historic origin of these At NCW, in Melville, chef Ence Willemse looks to humble
‘opsitkers’ candles is both quirky and romantic, and – like the rest of the meal – will add drama and local ingredients, like waterblommetjies or rooibos,
depth to a night spent in a highly original restaurant. Tuesday–Saturday from 6pm, 50 Dorp Street, to create a menu of fine-dining delights. It’s a more sustainable approach and the menu, which changes
seasonally, may offer up Mzansi classics like mosbolletjies, dombolo with chakalaka puree, ostrich fillet or venison


A bar, eatery and gallery space in Braamfontein, Artivist
is owned by Bradley Williams and Kenneth Nzama (DJ
Kenzhero). The menu features everyday African favourites,
but elegantly, bringing together Pan-African flavours and
local street food such as tripe (mogodo) and sheep’s head
(skop) – plated without the skull and with beetroot pickle
and pap or dombolo. Art exhibitions, live music
and DJs round out the Afrofuturistic concept.


A contemporary take on the Moyo chain, Urban Moyo
opened last year, bringing African cuisine to the heart of
Africa’s business HQ. Owner Gugu Zuma-Ncube says the
revamp is an up-to-date and modern expression of Africa
that focuses on looking ahead. Many of the main courses
are finished on an open flame – braai-style – and you can
expect everything from Kenyan chapati flatbreads to West
African jollof rice, Moroccan tagines and SA-style bites like
biltong potbrood, pap and potjie. On the province-based
cocktail menu, the Gauteng cocktail comes with a sprinkle
of gold dust.


Zimbabwean Elisha Madzivadondo spent a decade working
as a gardener, handyman, and butler in Cape Town, before
managing an upmarket private guesthouse, and training
as a chef. Having eaten vegan since the age of 15, he is
passionate about sprouting and his amazing microgreens
feature prominently on his famous vegan burgers at
the Sunshine Food Co. It’s a tiny hole in the wall, run by
Elisha and his wife Abigail, but its freshly pressed juices,
smoothies and custom-made vegan burgers are making
waves in Sea Point.

JANUARY 2020 47

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