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Shining in the TALK RADIO
radio business
Building or dividing
STATION the nation?

From conducting a
trio to a full orchestra


Living and breathing
the Gen Z connected life


to all things audio


Refilwe Moloto,
breakfast show host on Cape Talk

CONTENTS July 2020
Issue 185

FEATURES 30 Put some creativity into 57 The elements that make a
radio ads, please radio show
08 Keeping a station’s assets well oiled What is needed to make a great radio Radio has evolved over the years but
The role of station manager has changed ad in South Africa? IZA GREK finds out. the basics of putting together a radio
substantially, writes JUSTIN BROWN. show have remained much the same,
34 The state of play at writes LWAZI MPOFU.
12 Radio, well done, is a thing of beauty SABC Radio
The COVID-19 pandemic impacted The first signs of a turnaround 59 Top radio tech trends for 2020
mightily on The Radio Awards, but are evident at SABC, writes With an increasing number of new
the show had to go on, says organiser BRITTA REID. users, creativity is driving trends for the
TARYN WESTOBY. rest of the year. FRANK BEACHAM lists
40 Branded content captivates five audio developments for 2020.
13 Stars shining brightly and amplifies
Previous Radio Awards Bright Star winners Canny marketers can use branded Cover: Refilwe Moloto, CapeTalk
tell ZOË SKIRROW what they’re up to now. radio drama to create an identity breakfast show host
for decades to come, says
17 Making sure your Radio Awards REFUE MOFOKENG. REGULARS
entry sings
Judges at this year’s Radio Awards deliver 50 Talk radio: powerful and 04 Ed’s note: On the record
advice on how to make your entry for transformative, or divisive?
2021 stand out. LUCINDA JORDAAN explores whether 05 Bites: News in brief
talk radio helps build the nation, or
21 Lessons from a pioneering whether the discourse divides us. 06 Who are you?
journey into podcasting I am Lesley Geyer, Radio Algoa’s
Loyalty and influence come with a 54 Let’s build good new marketing manager.
highly engaged podcast audience, community news 60 The Hot Seat
says GARETH CLIFF, and he should know. Community radio stations need With Kevin Ndinguri, managing
to use technology and work smart director of full service media
23 Radio in a time of COVID-19 so they can produce the current agency, Universal Media.
affairs content necessary to
Former Bright Star winner SIMON J keep their listeners, says 17
CARTER landed in London in January PAUL MCNALLY. 34
to take up his dream job at Smooth
Radio. Then the pandemic struck… 56 The personal connection
The power of personality is a key
26 The importance of Gen Z driver in attracting audiences for radio.
DEBORAH SCHEPERS tells us more.
If radio doesn’t interact with Generation
Z on the platforms that interest them,
the industry will lose a whole generation,

50 The Media | 3

On the record... INDEPENDENT INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE IMAGES: Citizen Justice Network, supplied

W hat to say about these extraordinary
times we’re living in? We could say how
disappointed we were at not to be able PUBLISHED BY
to show off our annual audio issue at Arena Holdings
The Radio Awards gala event, with Hill on Empire, 16 Empire Road
The Media being the event’s magazine partner for the (cnr Hillside Road)
first time.
We could talk about the agonised discussions over Johannesburg
what we should do about the MOST Awards survey, which
usually gets underway in May, and whether we would be 2193
able to host the popular gathering at The Wanderers in
September. (We won’t, so the survey goes in field in September, while the 2020 event Postal Address: PO Box 1746
will take place in March 2021). Saxonwold
We could weep about our flagship print product, The Media Yearbook, languishing
at the printers as lockdown regulations kicked in, which excluded magazines as Johannesburg
essential services (unlike newspapers). 2193
We can say we’re devastated at the impact on our sector, that the news of
Associated Media Publishing and Caxton Magazines closures, within a few days of Telephone: 011 280 3000
each other, sent shockwaves through the industry.
We’re all talking about the ‘new normal’, but honestly, we don’t really know what EDITORIAL
that is going to be. Chief brand officer of global giant WPP, Mark Read, recently said Editor: Glenda Nevill
innovation had been brought forward by 10 to 15 years because of the coronavirus. [email protected]
So perhaps that is the sliver of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. The media Content Manager: Raina Julies
sector is filled with innovative, solutions-driven people. Across the globe, they’re [email protected]
developing ideas for the media industry’s ‘new normal’. And digital solutions, of Sub-Editor: Glynis O’Hara
course, will be a large part of that thinking. Content Co-ordinator: Vanessa Payne
For The Media, the crisis heralded our swing to digital magazines in future. No,
we’re not losing our print cred. But we’re saving it for special projects such as the Contributors: Charis Apelgren-Coleman,
MOST Awards and The Radio Awards issues. Frank Beacham, Simon J Carter, Justin Brown,
Ironically, it was our distribution of the digital version of The Yearbook that Gareth Cliff, Iza Grek, Lucinda Jordaan, Paul McNally,
hastened that decision. Because we were unable to deliver the print magazine, we
chose to issue it via digital channels first. Refue Mofokeng, Lwazi Mpofu, Britta Reid,
We had such extraordinary feedback on the digimag, to a large degree from our Zoë Skirrow, Taryn Westoby, Deborah Schepers
advertisers as well as about the editorial content, that it seemed clear the time had
come to take that step. DESIGN
In the meantime, this audio issue will be the first of six digimags per annum. It’s Head of Design: Jayne Macé-Ferguson
been a while in the making, due to the strange times we’re living in, but here it is.
At last. Design Team: Mfundo Archie Ndzo,
Lesley-Ann van Schalkwyk
The Media. Got to love it.
Glenda Advert Designer: Bulelwa Sotashe

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any endorsement by the publisher.

4 The Media |



Radio New Frame, a must-listen Frame gets recorded in our well-equipped little studio in
podcast for progressive people Braamfontein, Johannesburg. It is early in our podcast life,
but we hope to establish and grow Radio New Frame into a
New Frame is a not-for-profit online publication based in must-listen for progressive-minded people not only here in
Johannesburg. Its aim is to cover social justice issues in South Africa, but around the world,” Leonard said.
a non-sensationalist way, not chasing clicks but quality.
“Podcsting lends itself perfectly to that, which is why we Content includes features on the mental health of taxi
started Radio New Frame, our current affairs podcast. The drivers, a female academic talking about her 11 months as
first weekly episode was posted on Friday 6 March this a platinum mineworker underground, another on working-
year,” says podcast editor, Charles Leonard class street theatre in India, and Mo Shaik opening up
about his book on being a spy.
The publication’s journalists provide news features, and
three of those reporters – Musawenkosi Cabe, Tebadi Oh, and if it’s music you want, Leonard’s themed Mixtape
Mmotla and Njabulo Ngidi – rotate as hosts. “Radio New series is not to be missed. ~ Zoë Skirrow

Megazone Bollywood his team fought a long and patient plays the best of South African traditional
now on FM battle, intent on delivering Megazone music and up-and-coming local artists
Bollywood to more people. needing exposure. Cassette Radio is the
Megazone Media in Durban has been place to find English hits from the ’70s,
granted an FM licence for its Bollywood But Megazone Bollywood is just one of ’80s and ’90s. Others are EDM station
digital radio station, which can now be eight digital radio channels in the stable. UltraCol Radio, Christian worship music
found on 104.8 FM. The station is popular Megazone Hit Radio plays English pop on Radio Hallelujah and Mirchi SA,
in 216 countries around the world, and R&B music, while Megazone South home of proudly South African
boasting 2.1 million unique IP addresses streams Tamil & Telugu and some South traditional music.
logging in to the channel. African traditional music. Diamond FM
Bollywood radio studio
IMAGES: SUPPLIED But Megazone Media founder and CEO,
Vishal S. Maharaj, realised he needed
to address and resolve an obstacle to a
wider listenership in South Africa, and
that was the high cost of data.

“This meant that Megazone Bollywood
was not reaching the masses as it was
only accessible via the App or via web
streaming, all of which pre-supposed
the purchase of data,” explained the
company’s Nirvana Salikram and
Sasha Gounder.

Maharaj liaised with the company’s
board of directors and argued that
Megazone Bollywood had to be delivered
to the people through a more cost
efficient medium – an FM Frequency.
Faced with the challenge of a national
moratorium on FM licences, Maharaj and

The Media | 5


I am Lesley Geyer

L esley Geyer is Radio Algoa’s Lesley perspective, realign and pursue new IMAGES: SUPPLIED
new marketing manager. Geyer partnerships and enhance the brand
She worked for the station awareness.

between 2014 and 2018, and marketing manager at Radisson Blu,
was the senior marketing but my heart yearned for media – it’s What three things can you
executive before moving on to explore ever-changing opportunities and not live without? Only three! I’ll
different pastures. Her focus, in line the rise of content creation, new
with the repositioning of Algoa FM as technologies and trends.

have to narrow it down to my family
a media house based on a very strong and friends, a good bottle of bubbly or
radio foundation, will be on creating You say Algoa FM is in a wine and a full body massage.
engaging content and campaigns; ‘season of innovation’. Can
enhancing brand awareness through you tell us more about what Who is your superhero
influencer marketing with the on- this entails and your role in it? and why? I admire certain qualities
air team and re-aligning the brand
through partnerships to better connect As the new marketing manager, I’m in most leaders, but close to home,
with its audience. able to look at the brand with a fresh my parents are great mentors in my
life. They each have qualities I admire,
What led you to becoming a my dad is sensible, has a cautious
marketing and public relations approach, is revered by many and has
professional? Marketing and PR a dry humour that I love. My mom
lives her life with a Godly love; she’s
intrigued me and it was a simple a selfless carer and places her needs
decision to pursue studies in media, after other people’s. She’s always
communication and culture after enthusiastic and has a sound
school. I was part of the Ironman financial mind.

media team as a student, ventured
into business as an events intern, was In five years’ time you will be…
assistant and then manager at the
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber … as optimistic about the media! I
and from there moved to Algoa FM, an will have grown in my career, shared
industry I loved from the start because knowledge, continued to learn
of its dynamic, creative, flexible and more and become a more rounded
engaging nature. As a senior within businesswoman. I will have invested in
the marketing team, I dealt with key my personal life as an individual, wife
sponsorships, events and the national and new mom.
trade marketing. I began my Master’s
in Business Administration wanting My heart yearned
a different challenge in my career. for the media
For that reason, I took on a role as

6 The Media |

Station managers:
The conductors of radio

While 20 years ago a radio station manager may have been looking after
the metaphorical equivalent of a trio or quartet, today the role demands
someone who can conduct an orchestra, reports JUSTIN BROWN.

T he role of a radio station terrestrial radio. You have to be open Big Data
manager has drastically to experimentation.”
changed. Not too long ago, “I have yet to speak to a radio person
the position meant focusing In fact, Tim Zunckel, a trainer and who understands big data,” says Tim
on terrestrial broadcasting radio creative, says that in his opinion, Zunckel, a trainer and radio creative.
alone. Today though, the demands of the station manager role at many “So, you aggregate 50 000 WhatsApp
digital channels, internet rivals and data commercial radio stations has largely messages…what does that mean? Just
management have transformed the job. gone and has been replaced by a getting data doesn’t mean anything.”
managing director.
“You are a conductor,” says Greg Big data refers to a massive volume of
Maloka, Kaya FM managing director. “You Advertisers are digital data that is so large it is difficult
have moved from conducting music for increasingly to process using traditional databases
a trio, and you now have an orchestra.” comparing what and software techniques, according to
radio stations have
“The station manager’s role has to offer with major
broadened,” says Tessa van Staden, digital platforms such “Unless you are a digital company like
CapeTalk’s station manager, “and I as Google, Twitter Google, I don’t think we have enough
suspect it will continue to broaden. You and Facebook resources and people to understand
have to monitor audience behaviour how to aggregate digital data,” Zunckel
across several platforms, not just says of the radio industry.

Tessa “East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM, Kaya What radio stations probably need,
van Staden FM, OFM and Algoa FM no longer have a he says, are data scientists, working as
station manager. [But] you will still find consultants, who could interpret big data
the station manager role in community for them.
radio because it is much more hands-
on,” Zunckel says. business are we in?’ Everyone answered
‘radio’. That is great. But we are not
“The role of station manager has in radio anymore. We are now in the
changed a lot,” Maloka believes. “When content business.
I joined Kaya FM 12 years ago, the very
first question, I asked the staff was, ‘what “FM is merely a channel. Content
is king. And people are seeking a
credible source of content. However,
you don’t want to be led by technology.
Radio is still able to capture a mood,
a memory, a story. Managing radio
stations is going to be broader than

8 The Media |


JD Greg Hennie
Mostert Maloka Myburgh

just finding people to create In a similar vein, Kaya FM has means there is pressure on
content. It is also about using the developed many content platforms. the station managers to find
new tools that you have,” The station has launched Kaya TV, Kaya alternative revenue streams.
Maloka adds. Travel, Shop Kaya and Jazzuary FM, a It is challenging.”
jazz only online radio station.
Competitors are anyone Advertisers are now
who creates content Radio’s slice of the media pie is under looking for multi-platform
pressure due to the huge growth in solutions, increasingly
On the topic of content, 5FM the internet media, Mostert says. “This comparing what radio
station manager JD Mostert says stations have to offer with
radio stations’ new competitors major digital platforms such
are anyone that creates content. as Google, Twitter and
“The reality is that technology Facebook. Therefore radio
has disrupted radio in such stations need to adapt and
a way that everyone has become evolve rapidly.
a content creator of sorts,”
he reckons. Data costs are going to
fall in South Africa, which
Just 20 years ago, a radio will make the internet more
station operated by building accessible, and consumers
an audience on FM and selling could devote more of their
that audience to advertisers. time to it, Mostert adds.
“You now need to understand
your audience from all their At two stations, Jacaranda
various touch points,” he says. ‘Touch FM and CapeTalk, website
points’ meaning all the different digital audiences are already greater than their
platforms that radio stations are now broadcast followings.
involved with, such as social media,
apps, video, podcasts and digital radio. The digital dichotomy

Jacaranda FM has nine different Jacaranda FM programming manager
platforms, but terrestrial FM, its website Hennie Myburgh says the station has
and app are the most important. the most significant commercial radio
website in the country with 1.6 million

The Media | 9


unique browsers per month, compared Why The Radio Awards FM is making inroads as a digital station IMAGES: SUPPLIED
with the station’s FM terrestrial audience added the Station in the Western Cape.
of 1.061 million. Manager’s Choice Award
to its line-up Digital platforms allow Jacaranda
CapeTalk‘s Van Staden says the FM to reach audiences, including an
station’s website had a record of over The Station Manager’s Choice Award international audience. “We have a fair
one million unique browsers in February. was added to The Radio Awards’ more bit of audience from places like the
By comparison, CapeTalk has a terrestrial than 80 categories in 2020. UK, Australia, Dubai and Canada,”
AM audience of between 75 000 and The award was introduced in order Myburgh says.
80 000 people. to acknowledge the unsung heroes
operating in sales, marketing, finance South African radio stations need to
“No one is entirely sure why there and other roles at radio stations that start thinking globally, Mostert believes.
is such a big difference. If you look at are not normally in the public eye, says “We have people listening to us from all
national and global trends, it is unusual Taryn Westoby, head of Arena Events. over the world because of the internet.
to have such a small terrestrial audience Our international audience is mainly
and a huge digital audience,” she adds. “The new award is a great way South African expatriates,” he says.
for station managers to let these
…it is unusual to individuals, and the listening public, Not a conventional set-up
have such a small know how appreciated they are, and
terrestrial audience how essential their contribution is,” Another new development is the
and a huge digital Westoby says. emergence of dedicated digital radio
audience outlets without a corresponding,
The criteria for the award conventional broadcast set-up. Examples
To keep its digital assets well oiled, are credibility, fellowship, work of these stations are East Coast Gold and
Jacaranda FM has a small and growing commitment and personal performance. Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral.Com.
team of five people dedicated to its
digital and social media. The station “The nominee’s impact was However, Zunckel’s opinion is that
recently appointed a market determined by his or her spirit of FM will remain relevant as it is free and
engagement manager. camaraderie, commitment to the job, relatively easy to maintain. Van Staden
and performance,” Westoby says. says pure-play internet stations are
“This shows a desire and intention to not as big in South Africa as they are
grow in this space,” Myburgh says. “We The winners of the inaugural award overseas. “Advertising spend still goes to
can’t do anything without considering were Marika de Jongh of OFM, and traditional terrestrial radio,” she says.
what the digital impact or approach will Linda van Schalkwyk of Pretoria FM.
be around it. That has been a real mind Myburgh adds “FM has three major
shift for us.” For The Radio Awards as a whole, things that are going for it. It is live, there
there were a record number of is still that element of locality, and it is
Trying new things is a key part of the entries of more than 2000 from free. Bandwidth remains a barrier to
new era, and Jacaranda FM in February over 160 stations. digital radio.”
started an experiment with video sharing
social media platform, TikTok, he reports. video-heavy. Video outperforms every Justin Brown is a freelance journalist
other form of content, especially short with over 20 years of experience.
Mostert says 5FM is experimenting videos,” he explains. He was until recently the business
with TikTok too. “Our presenters are editor at City Press and worked
communicating with TikTok. It is very Using its digital platform, Jacaranda at The Star’s Business Report for
FM last year started a campaign to almost 10 years. He holds a four-year
position itself as a national station. Right Bachelor of Journalism degree from
now, 70% of its audience is in Gauteng, Rhodes University and a Bachelor of
and 30% is outside Gauteng, especially in Commerce degree from the University
the Western Cape. Via its app, Jacaranda of South Africa.

10 The Media |



Tim Thabethe [email protected]

Anchen Lintvelt [email protected]

(051) 505-0900

Jenny Ghoos • jenn[email protected]



25-49 years old, LSM 7-10

30-something, typically female, lifestyle-oriented,
enjoys family time, loyal and aspirational

Free State, Northern Cape, North West
and southern Gauteng
(BRC RAM, Jan-Dec 2019): 271 000
ADVERTISING POLICY: 11 minutes per hour
BROADCAST LANGUAGE: English and Afrikaans
FORMAT: Adult contemporary hits from the ’80s,
’90s, ’00s and now

The Good Morning Breakfast show

123 386 likes

58 700 followers





A word from the organisers

Head of The Radio Awards, TARYN WESTOBY, reflects on the crucial role

of radio and the importance of recognising people’s hard work in the field.
W hen the clock struck
twelve and we rang in Radio, done well, is There are so many people to thank
the New Year, along for their contribution to ensuring The
with a new decade Radio Awards remains the prestigious
– which many of us recognition event that it is. A huge
thanks must go to the adjudication

optimistically dubbed ‘twenty-plenty’ – a thing of beauty – panel who gave so much of their time
little did we know what lay ahead. Now it’s the heartbeat of to listen and judge the more than 2
is an unnerving, uncertain time… but it’s communities, provides 000 entries.
also a time when radio has never been nourishment for the
needed more. soul, and can create Our advisory panel and members
of the National Association of
For the majority of South Africans, Broadcasters provided invaluable
the only access they have to the insights and guidance in support

outside world is radio. It’s one of the camaraderie when we of growing the relevance of, and
few mediums that audiences can enjoy need to unite participation in, The Radio Awards
without paying a cent. And this is what – we thank them for sharing their

makes good radio extremely powerful. expertise and passion for the medium.

Radio, done well, is a thing of beauty BDO South Africa were appointed

– it’s the heartbeat of communities, as auditors for The Radio Awards this

provides nourishment for the soul, and year, and provided great confidence

can create camaraderie when we need The responsibility of broadcasters, in the process of reviewing the results

to unite. station managers, presenters and and making sure everything was above

producers has never been greater. board. Thank you.

The Radio Awards are a way to As we move through this challenging

recognise and award the outstanding period, the need to connect with

work of the South African radio others across physical distance is

industry, and we’re proud to have important. Radio provides a bridge to

managed and nurtured this platform keep us all in touch.

for the past 10 years. We’re also quite To the industry: Keep up the

relieved to have pulled off a successful great work.

online awards event for the first time! To listeners: Keep talking, keep

Congratulations to all the finalists, listening, and stay safe. IMAGES: SUPPLIED

and especially the winners of this For the full list of all the 2020

year’s Awards. The South African radio winners, visit The Radio Awards

industry supported The Radio Awards website here.

with a record number of entries (more

than 2 000) from a record number

Comedian Loyiso of stations (more than 160) – and Taryn Westoby is head of Arena Events,
Madinga, hosting The winners should be incredibly proud a division of Arena Holdings, which
Radio Awards live from of their performance in a very
his couch. competitive field. organises The Radio Awards.

12 The Media |


Bright Stars lead the way

Every year, The Radio Awards highlights outstanding young talent through its
Bright Stars Award. ZOË SKIRROW catches up with former winners to find
out what they’re up to now.

Carl Wastie: Nick Efstathiou: Zeenat Abdool:

2018 Bright Star 2013 Bright Star 2012 Bright Star
award winner. winner. Currently winner, now the
Winner of Best CEO of the Central Associate Public
Commercial Radio Media Group, after Information Officer
Show in 2020 and running OFM as for the United
presenter of Kfm’s general manager Nations in South
The Flash Drive. for seven years. Africa.
Carl Wastie fulfilled his promise by In 2019, Nick Efstathiou was appointed Winning a Bright Star Award was
winning again this year. Thinking back CEO of the Central Media Group, which exactly what Zeenat Abdool needed at
to 2018, he said the award was “an owns top Free State commercial station, the time.
honour, but more of a push to keep OFM, as well as Mahareng, a printing “It gave me a confidence boost
on innovating and creating a radio and publishing company. that I really needed,” she says.
product worthy of my listeners’ ears Until then he was general manager of “I was studying for a degree in
every day”. OFM, presiding over the station winning communication science at the time
Wastie is thriving in the radio a Grand Prix Loerie and 13 nominations and working as a journalist, having
industry, having won Best Commercial at the 2018 The Radio Awards. entered the industry with a degree
Radio Show for The Coke Top 40 SA. “Being recognised by the industry in education. I knew deep down
He also hosts the Western Cape’s is a great honour, and rewarding to that journalism and telling people’s
popular afternoon drive show, The say the least. To be seen as among an stories was something I was good at.
Flash Drive, every weekday afternoon industry’s leaders is an achievement, I continue to think and believe that
on Kfm. but comes with responsibility. Winning every person has a journey and a story
When he started his career in radio, the award in 2013 has had an impact worth being told.”
in 2008, Wastie says there was some on my career, including being asked to Abdool is now the Associate Public
concern about the future of radio serve on industry bodies,” he says. Information Officer for the United
and its survival in the digital age. “But While radio has undergone numerous Nations in South Africa, based in
my thoughts were then as they are changes over the past decade, it is Pretoria, and features on Radio Islam
now: radio is a social medium run by still human capital that underpins radio every Thursday in the UN report.
humans who want to connect with its power. She says radio journalists have done
other humans. “Good radio stations will make use well in incorporating new technology
“Technology will help getting of their human capital,” he says. “The into their medium and using it to get
more ears onto radio. WhatsApp and personality of the medium and the closer to audiences.
streaming platforms have helped me emotional connection people have “Technology has opened up new
share content and bring the audience to the medium will last for many avenues,” she adds, “and now we reach
into the content too.” more years.” audiences beyond our expectations.”

The Media | 13


Amore Simon Carter: Zukiswa Mqumbisa: IMAGES: DIRCO, SUPPLIED
2018 Bright Star, 2018 winner of a
2012 Bright now a producer at Bright Star award and
Star, currently Smooth Radio in the producer for SABC
working as a United Kingdom. Education.
radio consultant Simon Carter Winning the Bright
for student and recently relocated to Star award helped
community radio. the United Kingdom Zukiswa Mqumbisa
The multi-talented Amore Swanepoel to pursue his career in radio. “I won the realise her potential. “It made me want to
is a GIBS MBA graduate; co-owner of Bright Star Award in 2018 and it helped shine in everything. It made me work hard
Ophelia Café in Joburg, a radio raise my profile at East Coast Radio. At and motivated me to be innovative in the
specialist, media and NGO enthusiast the time I was the daytime producer and way I approach content. It made me want
and radio consultant. I was desperate to be considered for a to be the best in the industry.”
“Receiving the award was a real pat producing gig on either the breakfast Mqumbisa has been praised for her
on the back; it was very special to be show or the afternoon drive show. I on-air delivery. She produces shows such
recognised in a medium that I’m so wanted more responsibility and I was as Izimvo Zabantwana, Scamto and Youth
passionate about. It really made people hungry for the prestige that comes with Ke Yona.
in the industry notice me when it came working on one of the flagship shows. “I also produce youth shows which
to looking for new work opportunities. Within a few months of winning I was focus on Grade 12s. I’ve come up with
It’s something that the employer would promoted to executive producer on innovative ways to work with school
notice and mention,” she says. East Coast Breakfast. children all around the country. We have
She started her career in community “Winning the award meant a great deal radio lessons, which assisted 2019 Eastern
radio and now works as a consultant for and I still feel a sense of pride when I think Cape Grade 12 learners.” Their results
student and community radio stations. about it,” he says. showed a marked improvement, she says.
“Having left formal employment at the Carter is currently breakfast show Her shows have a podcast and video
end of 2019, I’ve come to realise again producer at Smooth Radio, part of the component, and boast a large social
how passionate I am about community Global Media Network. media following.
radio. This is where I started my radio As technology progresses, Carter She also has a business show that
career and I’ve seen how it impacts the believes that radio has taken the profiles small businesses and assists them
lives of the listeners and the employees/ opportunity and has really run with it. “My with tips on how to grow.
volunteers at the station,” she says. previous boss, Zane Derbyshire at East This story was edited for length, but will
“I also implement campaigns on a Coast Radio, used to say that you need to run in full on The Media Online.
freelance basis and I’m honoured to be engage with your listener at every touch
on the Advisory Board of the 2020 point, they no longer only consume your The Radio Awards’ 2020
Radio Awards.” brand via an FM frequency. You want Bright Stars
She believes most stations are really them to ‘Listen, Watch and Share.’ Radio
keen on embracing technology but in that is turned into video content is such a Alex White: RX Radio
a lot of instances, the integration with powerful tool in creating great bits Christopher Baloyi: KAYA Fm 95.9
radio is not yet there. “Tech is evolving for online.” Makhosandile Mpunzi: Trufm
so quick and to keep abreast with it on He likes the way South African radio Mienke Van Rooyen: OFM
almost a daily basis can be a challenge. has turned the simple WhatsApp voice Siya Motha: Voice Of Wits
In a perfect world there would be regular note into “amazing content”, adding, Thabang Maluleke: KAYA FM 95.9
workshop sessions where the entire “it’s such a radio-friendly way to Wayne Boonzaaier: RX Radio
industry gets together and strategises on communicate and share stories with
how to stay on top of our game.” your audience”. See all the winners here.

16 The Media |


2020 Radio Awards judges explain
how to craft your entries

A radio station’s entry into The Radio Awards is its shop window. It should

intrigue, engage and reveal just why it deserved to be in the running. Read on for

sterling advice. Charita van der Berg: Managing artistry of the presenter/producer,
director of Student Radio
J udges were looking for Network and the command of the language.
creativity, innovation and
excitement. Sticking to the Keep the audio submission to six • Remember to check the audio
rules helped too, they said.
Stations had to submit an minutes. Don’t only use one clip – use of the submission.

• Include clips which promote relevance

audio and a written submission for their two or three to give a better idea. Do not and maximum meaningful audience

entries. The written motivation had to edit these, as we can pick it up. When participation.
be tailored to category criteria, and fill writing your submission, keep it short
• Co-hosts should have a proper

in any gaps the audio component might and to the point. synergy and handle their interaction

not feature. Judges, after all, have no I just want to get an idea of what the with professionalism and respect for

idea how the show fits in to the station, show is about, without spending too the listeners.
or where it lies in the bigger picture. much time on one clip. On the other
• Compelling content and flow will

Context is essential. hand, don’t submit a clip of under 60 make me want to stay with that

This year’s audio submissions, a seconds, as it’s not enough time to really radio programme.

maximum of six minutes, had to feature judge on.

material aired between 1 January 2019 Sipho Kaleni: Radio and
and 31 December 2019. The judges had television personality. DJ for
to stop listening when the six minutes Christian radio station Radio
was up. First impressions count, so the Pulpit and host of the music
entries needed to be compelling. A single show Gospel Gold
broadcast, the judges warned, might not

give them enough material to evaluate Clips submitted should always include

the submission. a brief programme lineup in order to

give the judges an idea of what a typical

programme will sound like.

• The purpose and projected outcomes

Co-hosts should have of the programme should be made
a proper synergy and
handle their interaction clear by the presenter.

• Clips should demonstrate the

preparedness of the presenter/

producer on the subject matter,

with professionalism and relevant expert or guest.
and respect for
the listeners • The clips should include brief critical

elements/features of the radio show.

• Clips should demonstrate the

The Media | 17


RX Radio
is by and
for children

RX Radio is the first radio

station in the world that trains Gabriel Urgoiti

child reporters to broadcast Gabriel Urgoiti is a medical doctor working in the field of child health, child
from a hospital, in this case,
participation and health communication for the last 35 years. He was a founder

the Red Cross War Memorial member of two of South Africa’s first community radio stations, Radio Zibonele and
Bush Radio and actively involved in the birth and growth of the community radio

Children’s hospital,writes sector in Southern Africa. He was a founder member of the NPPHC Media Training
GABRIEL URGOITI. Centre. He is the founder and current manager of RX Radio.

RX Radio is a radio station As a result, adults working in the voices from around the world. Two of
run by and for children hospital are starting to question common our reporters broadcast live from their
operating from the Red Cross assumptions about how child patients feel, homes, with the support of the team.
War Memorial Children’s what they know and understand, what We also record experiences of parents

Hospital, Cape Town. It is the they need and what they want. Health of RX Radio reporters and frontline

first radio station in the world that trains professionals are therefore reviewing and health care workers. You can access

child reporters to broadcast from within changing policies and protocols. this programme at

a hospital. In the last three years RX Radio We strive to: coronavirus/ RX Radio also partners
has trained 100 child/young reporters, with the Western Cape Provincial

aged from 4 to 18. • Improve children’s experience of Department of Health to increase the

RX Radio SA broadcasts 24/7, with live the hospital and of their illness; reach of our broadcasts to other public

and pre-recorded programmes (including • Increase adult understanding of hospitals. We now reach Paarl Hospital

talk shows, music, podcasts and radio children’s experiences of chronic and during 2020 we will be reaching

diaries). The station transmits audio and illness and the hospital; Brooklyn Chest Hospital. The vision is

images through the hospital’s internal • Provide health workers with to reach every public hospital with a

television network. We also live stream information to improve paediatric ward in South Africa.

the same content on our website and app, hospital practice

and frequently update our social media • Be a developmental platform

(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). RX Radio for children (patients and non-patients)

has content syndication deals with Bush as well as sta .

Radio and Radio KC and is currently in the

process of applying for an FM licence. Due to COVID-19, RX Radio is currently

RX Radio is more than just a radio station; working remotely with our reporters

it is a unique tool with the potential to using WhatsApp.

a ect change on many levels. It uses the They have produced a variety of

magic of the microphone to give children programmes, including PSAs, personal

a platform to voice their opinions, feelings experiences about the pandemic and

and concerns. entertainment. We also hear children’s

18 The Media |

The Media | 19


Judges listen to It is also important to grab the judges Shabba Mavuso: Ligwalagwala IMAGES: SUPPLIED
between 40 to 60 attention in the first five to 10 seconds FM’s Afternoon Drive Show host
submissions at a time, with high impact content.
so if your clip does Most stations that I was judging seem to
not immediately have Judges are listening to between 40 understand the mechanism now, except
an impact, chances are to 60 submissions at a time, and if for a few who left the motivation space
they won’t listen to your clip does not immediately have empty; motivation is very critical to
the rest an impact with something compelling, every entry.
chances are theywon’t listen to
Naveen Singh: Programming the rest. Leanne Kunz: Station manager
manager at SMILE 90.4 FM at TUKS FM
Another suggestion is a short
I think the motivation is an important 10-second intro from the presenter to I would place a heavier focus on
piece of the submission. sell it up a bit. creativity and innovation as these set
good presenters apart from the rest.
We need to understand the context We’re looking for the unexpected and
within which you sent the submission to be surprised. It’s the core element Many of the entries I judged were
so that we can accurately judge that distinguishes good radio from interviews, which can add value if
the tone, execution and delivery of mediocre radio. executed well, but in most cases were
the piece. very run-of-the-mill.
When you hear something that
Jonathan Lumley: Head of has been done many times before, Unless the station gets an exclusive
clients, channels and markets at chances are that you will be relatively interview, or with a very high profile
immedia underwhelmed or unimpressed. guest, delivering a stock standard
interview is pretty average for me.
Ideally, stations should not submit Star Nyembezi: Senior
a one-off piece of audio from one production engineer at Algoa FM Doc Fick: Media trainer and head
broadcast and expect that to be judged of the broadcast department
as a year’s worth of work. Some [stations] just need to be mindful at National Electronic Media
of audio quality, usage of sound effects Institute of SA (NEMISA)
It should rather be a montaged piece and audio levels that match.
that demonstrates various broadcasts. With community and campus station
Entrants need to understand that this entries, sometimes the audio did not
Gavin Meiring: Director at GM is very competitive, so they must send match the description and motivation.
Radio Solutions us their best work; clips that push the And sometimes the audio was just a
envelope, not the traditional radio of random piece of unedited and poorly
It’s vitally important that the technical announcing songs and talking about packaged material.
quality of the submissions is given the weather. They need to stand out.
attention. Submissions that are One item had the business presenter
distorted and of poor sound quality are Candy Dempers: Managing talking for a straight six minutes and
immediately at a disadvantage and are director of MediaHeads 360 kept promising there was a guest in the
not likely to get a full hearing. studio. We never heard the guest.
Under the station imagery section,
please ask the campus and community Commercial stations have one clip
stations to combine their imaging with short, succinct pieces of audio. This
into one single entry; mix and edit gives a general feel for subject matter,
it into a two to three-minute piece calibre of guests, and programme style.
instead of submitting one liners Community and campus stations could
for each of their shows or for emulate this kind of submission.
the station.
Now you know. Sterling advice from
Explain that it needs to be a the judges to reflect on before The
collage of their best station Radio Awards 2021.
imaging into an edited package.

20 The Media |


Power to podcasting

Podcasting is flourishing, not just globally, but in South Africa too. There
is no other audio medium that can reach an audience as highly engaged as
podcast listeners, as GARETH CLIFF explains.

Podcasting is the
most modern form
of the ancient form
of storytelling

L oyalty and influence come 1The power of content 2The power of the
with a highly engaged It’s about brands that produce virtual auditorium
podcast audience and as a content which add value for the Podcasts work via computers or
result, the people who make audience, rather than shouting mobile phones. There’s no
up this audience are an your company’s name or obsessing
attractive target for brands. about banner clicks or impressions. transport to a venue and there’s no need
It’s about engaging each one of those to feed an audience! Imagine filling an
In CliffCentral’s six-year pioneering listeners to care about your brand. That’s auditorium week after week? When
journey, these are just four of the what will bring the results. the listener completes a typical
lessons we have learned. podcast series (let’s say 10 episodes,
at an average of 30 minutes each) he
or she has spent a very long time (300
minutes) in a receptive mindset,
without skipping between stations
when the ads come on. A listener’s
indirect exposure to the brand that
produces the content (and possibly
the direct exposure to their product)
cannot be measured in the same
way as measuring the number of
reluctant listeners to a 30-second
radio ad. According to Spotify
(May 2019), 81% of people who hear
an advertising message in a podcast
take action by either searching for
the product online, connecting on
social media or telling their friends
about it.

The Media | 21


3The power of the tribe 4Access in perpetuity The Interactive Advertising Bureau IMAGES: ISTOCK.COM
building itself They spent double on a projects podcast advertising to reach
People are over in-your-face traditional radio campaign $659 million in 2020 worldwide, which
advertising and fake than they did for their ‘Blind gives podcast creators and distributors
History’ podcast series on CliffCentral the potential to get a slice of that
testimonials, of the kind so often seen – their radio campaign gave them a growing pie.
on TV. They WhatsApp each other for total of nine minutes of air time over
recommendations...or ask their Facebook 12 weeks, and once the campaign Brands working in podcasting don’t
friends. Businesses that spark those kinds of was done, the audio was obviously no focus on making a hard sales pitch,
conversations will win. longer on air. but offer creative, interesting and
fun content with a high emotional
Monetisation comes in many forms By comparison, 13 weekly episodes
and ultimately, the role of of ‘Blind History’ provided a total of value to their audience. This,
branded messaging in a over four hours of airtime – and all in turn, allows brands to
podcast is to: the audio, and its associated brand create connections with their
a) Create brand value, will be available for access customers.’s
awareness and in perpetuity. offering is inclusive of both
brand recall; productions and distribution to
b) Stimulate a call to Troy Gold (a fintech startup that a valuable podcast audience,
action; and allows users to buy and sell fractional as well as integrating brand
c) Sell a product gold) had a near ten fold increase in podcasts into all the available
or service. user sign-ups after their six-episode podcast platforms, including
podcast series on CliffCentral. These Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts
On-demand audio for are just two examples. and Spotify.
discerning listeners seeking
quality content has replaced Podcasting is the most modern
mainstream traditional audio form of the ancient form of
options and the valuable storytelling. It can help create
audiences are now found a whole broadcasting hub in
in podcasts. a neighbourhood, and let that
neighbourhood generate its own
A brand that can recognise colourful content, pioneering
a synergy in their ‘ideal’ the prototype for a new way
customer and the content of connecting.
of the podcast, can put
themselves front and centre Gareth Cliff is president of
to those listeners and elevate the brand –, which he and Rina
not just from a thought leadership point of Broomberg launched in 2014. They
view, but also to increase sales leads. took the leap from traditional radio to
internet and mobile, creating the
This has proven to be true for many of pre-eminent ‘infotainment’ online
the branded content podcasts that have content hub. Cliff is host of The Gareth
been produced by CliffCentral. Cliff Show and, with his trusted team,
delivers uncensored, real conversation
‘Blind History’ – which is produced in about everything in the news with a
conjunction with Taylor Blinds and Shutters healthy dose of humour, intelligence
– has won Gold in the NxtGen Awards and inspiration.
and was a finalist in the New York Festivals
Award, and the series has increased both
brand awareness and sales for Taylor Blinds.

22 The Media |


You’ve got a friend: Radio in the
time of pandemic

Radio is a great medium during a time of crisis, both from a comfort
and a public service point of view, writes SIMON JAMES CARTER.

Ifirst heard about COVID-19 while means presenters and producers are frenzy, they show up to the studio and
listening to a news broadcast in all largely still on air and working in the conscientiously do their best to keep
December 2019. I’d just landed studios. We’ve been issued our own people informed. They provide company
in London, scooped up this microphone muffs; everyone has a and connection, up to date information,
incredible radio job, and I was laptop with a microphone and and a slice of peace in a world of chaos.
getting my feet cold and wet while recording software.
covering the Christmas shifts. I glossed I watched over 180 international
over the news reports, and focused on There are many ways of getting a radio stations all play ‘You’ll Never
developing a prep sheet for my new broadcast out to listeners. Walk Alone’ on the radio in sync to let
presenter and show, due to be launched everyone know that we’re all in this
in January. You must remain live together. I watched as the Department
and relevant because of Education in KwaZulu-Natal, South
We went live on 2 January 2020 at now, more than ever, Africa announced how they would be
6am without a hitch. The first show was people are turning broadcasting lessons for matric students
great! We received tons of feedback to radio on the radio.
from our executive team at Global Media
and Entertainment to keep going in the Presenters and producers are The day after Boris Johnson
direction we had set. having to think ahead, anticipate announced the UK’s effective lockdown
announcements and prepare for all sorts we launched a campaign where
But, the news reports were shifting. of outcomes. You must remain live and all Global’s radio stations will be
Although the virus spread quickly in relevant because now, more than ever, simulcasting an ‘Applaud to all our NHS
China, it seemed a little too far away for people are turning to radio. heroes.’ What a way to unite an entire
me to truly focus on, and it felt all very nation by thanking the people that are
much business as usual. Radio is by far the most effective and on the frontlines of our battle with this
immediate form of broadcasting there virus. Only radio can do this.
The first report of a COVID-19 positive is. Radio offers hope, comfort, advice,
case in the UK landed in February. We facts and information, joy and music It’s time for radio to lead again. The
started listening. I read as many articles to the entire globe. Radio offers world needs a friend to listen to.
as possible and consumed all sorts more connection and up to date
of information, verifying all the way. I information than a curated playlist Simon Carter is currently the breakfast
remember saying that if this thing on a streaming service. producer at Smooth Radio, the UK’s
hits the London Underground, we’re third biggest commercial radio station,
in trouble. Radio people are my favourite which is a part of Global, Europe’s largest
people: even when the world is in a radio company. Before joining Smooth,
Fast forward Carter was the executive producer of the
award-winning East Coast Breakfast at
Fast forward to now. I’m writing this East Coast Radio in Durban. Carter was a
article from home. The conversation has Bright Star Hall of Fame Inductee at the
changed. All non-essential broadcast The Radio Awards 2018.
staff are working from home, which

The Media | 23

Radio cannot ignore connecting
with Generation Z

If radio doesn’t find how to interact with Generation Z on the platforms,
gadgets, and channels that interest them, the industry will lose not only a whole
generation, but also the one that follows, writes CHARIS APELGREN-COLEMAN.

From video to podcasting In the end, it all work to make the world a better place,
to the connected car, the comes down to according to marketers. Authenticity
radio industry has become content connection. and meaningful interactions are also
considerably more complex. If you want to attract extremely important.
I remember getting ready for school Gen Z, you need to
with the radio playing in the background, deliver compelling and And what makes radio unique? The
getting in the car and the radio would be entertaining content relatable, personal connections a listener
on; relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and that they can’t get feels with the presenter. So radio can fulfil
the radio would be on. I did not have the anywhere else Gen Z’s requirements perfectly.
luxury of Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer,
YouTube and the like. Radio was the The category your product falls into Radio also wins in capturing the
only place I could listen to my favourite helps determine the investment and younger audience through family
artist or find out what was happening in effort you should put into the product. listening – radio campaigns like East
the world. Coast Radio’s ‘The Grand Challenge’ or
If we think of audio and Gen Z, radio the American show ‘Are You Smarter
I even remember sitting with my tape should be sitting in the Stars category Than A Fifth Grader?’ work well in
recorder next to the radio and when my – high investment upfront to attract, entertaining the older audience and
favourite song came on, I would quickly nurture and maintain the emerging allowing the younger audience to
record it just to be able to listen to it market with a taste for different ways of join in.
again later. consuming and engaging with radio.
What we cannot assume is that these
Today it is a completely different If radio is to be viable a decade from teens will grow into adults who join the
ball game. But what is still the same now, connecting with today’s teens isn’t workforce, buy cars, start commuting to
is the authentic, local connection just desirable, it’s mandatory for survival. work, and then stumble upon the radio
between radio and its listeners. The on the dashboard. The idea of radio
only difference now versus decades Gen Z cares about improving the simply isn’t as appealing to younger
ago is that today people can enjoy that world and actively chooses brands that music lovers as it is for their parents.
connection anywhere they are across a
variety of platforms. According to the American Edison
Infinite Dial 2019 study, the audio
Something familiar to the marketing landscape in the United States is
mind is the Boston Consulting Group exploding. There has been huge growth
Matrix. The matrix puts products into across various audio categories, including
categories including the categories of a 2500% growth in smart speaker
Stars (hot, new product), Cash Cows ownership and more than 48% increase
(successful, mature product), Problem in podcast listening. It’s becoming more
Child (low share, high growth) and Dog and more clear that what’s on your
(declining product). smartphone is what will be coming out
of your car’s dashboard speakers.

26 The Media |


How is Gen Z listening to music every day Video

Think about how quickly TikTok (120
million monthly active users) has grown
worldwide, or even Likee. Stations that
are not invested in video on demand or
creating visual entertainment will be
left behind.


It’s easy to use our on-air and social
channels to promote and market
podcasts. The challenge comes in
creating on-demand content that
resonates for a younger audience. There
is nothing wrong with creating podcasts
that are not aligned to the main brand.
It allows you to tap into new talent and
content ideas.

IMAGES: HTTPS://WWW.YPULSE.COM Defining Gen Z radio stream is not enough. Think about Be local
why Buzzfeed is loved. It is an oasis of
Born between 1995 and 2012, Gen Z will infotainment. Consider providing a great Be where Gen Z is. The great thing
soon surpass Millennials as the most mobile experience with news, gig guides, about radio that you can’t get from an
populous generation on earth, with more games, video and alternative radio app, is the human connection. Think
than one-third of the world’s population streams. We know Gen Z are engaged of activations and events targeting
counting themselves as ‘GenZers’. on their phones hourly – so why not join this market.
them there?
Gen Z is the first generation to be Get tech savvy
raised within the era of smartphones. Be social
Many don’t remember a time before The digital space provides opportunities
social media. They live and breathe the According to the Global Web Index, for radio to expand its reach to other
virtual connected life. Gen Z spend an average of three channels and formats. However, it also
hours per day on social media. That’s creates challenges because it demands
A study by the global firm Ipsos the highest amount of time among all time, personnel, different skill sets,
highlighted that Gen Z spend more generations. They are also gravitating and the difficulty of monetising
than 18 hours each week and 2.6 hours to photo and video-based platforms, digital content.
or more each day listening to audio, such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat
accessing this audio content across a vast and Vimeo, platforms without extended In the end, it all comes down to
array of platforms, including broadcast commentary. Gen Z also tends to have content connection. If you want to
radio, digital streaming, podcasts and a shorter attention span. They expect attract Gen Z, you need to deliver
smart speakers. quick, bite-sized content that catches compelling and entertaining content
their eye and gets to the purpose quickly. that they can’t get anywhere else.
So, what should the approach be to
attract Gen Z to your radio brand? Focus on educating and entertaining Charis Apelgren-Coleman is the
simultaneously. market engagement manager
Mobile at Kagiso Media Radio. She has
worked with small and large local
Develop a smartphone strategy that organisations as well as large
speaks to these young consumers. Your multinational organisations, while
managing specialist content teams.

The Media | 27

contact information

Station manaGEr:

Leanne Kunz: [email protected]
SaLES manaGEr:

Caitlin Weber: [email protected]
Station PHonE: (012) 420 3805
aDVErtiSinG EnQUiriES:
[email protected]

Station information

corE aUDiEncE: 16–24 year olds
tYPicaL LiStEnEr: Tuks FM speaks to an
upwardly mobile, trendy student market in Tshwane.
This market segment is always connected and highly
aspirational, priming themselves today to be the
leaders of tomorrow.
BroaDcaStinG arEa:

Tshwane (also worldwide at
totaL PaSt 7 DaYS fm LiStEnErSHiP:

24 000 (independent research)
totaL PaSt 7 DaYS StrEaminG LiStEnErSHiP:

12 000
BroaDcaSt LanGUaGE: English and Afrikaans
format: Contemporary hit radio station
moSt PoPULar SHoWS: Weekday breakfast
(Monday to Friday 06:00 – 09:00) and Drive
(Monday to Friday 15:00 – 18:00)
coSt of fLiGHtinG a 30-SEconD rEcorDED

R850 and R750 respectively
DiGitaL anD SociaL mEDia rEacH:

@TuksFM1072 – 174 400 followers
Tuks FM 107.2 – 78 500 likes
@tuksfm1072 – 7 527 followers
Tuks FM 107.2 – 1 810 followers



Put some creativity into
radio ads, please

Pundits and media experts share their views on what it takes to
make radio advertising capture the imagination of its audience
– and increase sales. IZA GREK delivers the insights.

Most experts agree that But Brett Morris, CEO Nahana to evoke any emotion if you don’t have
advertising on radio can Communications Group, says there a compelling, engaging idea rooted in a
be hugely entertaining are huge possibilities here: “Radio is great insight or human truth.”
and effective, but they probably one of the easier mediums to
also agree that there are evoke emotion because there is so much The only way to make a radio ad
too often problems with the ads that do potential in the theatre of the mind. memorable, says Moerdyk, is to apply
get flighted. You can create whole worlds and rich the theatre of the mind principle. This
characters with a simple sound effect might be a voice, a turn of phrase or just
Marketing and media analyst Chris or voice.” something that makes listeners wait for
Moerdyk is particularly critical: “The it whenever they hear the ad. But every
majority of radio ads in South Africa are “Every aspect is key,” says Karabo radio ad should contain some sort of
created on the premise that audiences Denalane, CEO of TBWA/Hunt Lascaris, promise. “Just telling consumers that ‘we
do not have minds,” he says. “Radio is which won Gold, Silver and Bronze are the best’ or ‘we care,’ doesn’t crack
all about the theatre of the mind but awards at the 2019 Cannes Lions it anymore.”
most ads simply project a newspaper Festival Radio Awards for their six-part,
advertisement into sound. They are Zulu and English, City Lodge Hotels’ Karabo
largely boring, unimaginative and created ‘Mahala’ campaign. Denalane
as a reluctant addition to TV and print
advertising campaigns.” “Sound design, the voice-over
artists’ performance or the scripting –
Chris all are important. By tapping into
Moerdyk culture, or what the consumer relates
to, you’ll elicit a more memorable
response.” The local voice seems to
be important, he says. “Plus, using the
right language is key, not ‘advertising
language’ but language a consumer
relates to. A language they understand.

“Too many radio spots sound like a
laundry list of features or functional
benefits. This means nothing to
anyone. Ideas need to be distilled into
something relatable and good. If you
can be relevant, you’ll hopefully evoke
emotion,” he says. “Start with a great
idea,” says Morris. “You’re never going

30 The Media |


IMAGES: SUPPLIED And adds, “The consumer has grown Morris agrees that radio ads in South However, Morris says the medium falls
up and simply does not buy into this sort Africa have a unique flavour. It comes short when advertisers use it as a “blunt
of hype. Most of all, radio advertising down to rich characters and authentic instrument to ram a message down
needs to be entertaining. It makes no insights, he says. “While they may be people’s throats (or ears). It doesn’t mean
sense to advertise on an entertainment uniquely South African, they also have you can’t be hard hitting, but be mindful
medium without any entertainment.” universal appeal, as all good stories and of the context the audience is hearing
characters do.” your message in and deliver it in an
We have our own engaging and entertaining way.”
voice. Our language, “We have our own voice. Our
our cultural language, our cultural idiosyncrasies, Moerdyk adds the problem with radio
idiosyncrasies, our our insights. “We are able to laugh at advertising often lies with the brand
insights…we are able ourselves and we’re becoming better manager, who does not understand its
to laugh at ourselves at putting ourselves in the spotlight tremendous power and persuasiveness.
from an awards point of view. We’re not “This has been a problem for decades
Brett shy of what makes us unique and this and radio continues to play second fiddle
Morris confidence is coming through in the kind to all other advertising media.”
of work we’re making.”
As Denalane points out, too much
Morris points out that there are work is poorly produced. “I love the
definitely things that work well on 60-second spot but if we’re only able
radio and these are generally timeless. to flight 30 seconds then let’s not cram
“Music coupled with rich and interesting everything into it. Too many radio
characters, unique voices and a surprise ads are not single-minded enough.”
element, can draw the listener in.” The result can be unconvincing and
insincere. “Insincerity does more damage
Moerdyk finds radio advertising bland, than good. You might as well have a
“simply because brands are not prepared straight read on-air then.”
to invest in creativity and production”.
If you have “single-mindedness, a
There are fewer constraints with strong idea, great voice-over talent, a
technology, Morris says. “As production solid radio engineer, well-written scripts
software has become more advanced, and a client that is willing to not sound
it’s made it a lot easier to produce a piece like everyone else,” then you have the
of content. This allows you to focus on makings of a winning ad.
crafting the idea and gives you access to
basically any sound you want to create. Adds Moerdyk: “With few exceptions
The only limitation is imagination.” radio advertising is still considered
an afterthought to TV and print ad
Denalane adds, “We can now record campaigns. Creative budgets are minimal
from anywhere in the world through and no thought is given to the negative
the use of technology. impact of high frequency flighting.”

Sound libraries have helped speed Iza Grek is a freelance writer at A
up the time taken to produce a radio word or 2. She is an editor, sub-editor,
spot. “This allows us valuable time blogger and award-winning journalist
to craft what is necessary, ie, the based in Johannesburg. Her interests
delivery of the voice, editing etc. include media and advertising, personal
We get radio spots crafted beyond development, psychology, lifestyle and
the allocated studio time, where organisational development.
email facilitates approval. Things
have changed dramatically over the
last 10 years.”

The Media | 31

The Abundant Media
group sets course for
the stars

Times have been tough, but
community radio has set a
new standard in reaching out
to communities and bringing
messages of hope. Abundant
Media has been privileged to join
in, writes JUDY MILNE.

W ith not much making children and elderly relatives and the we decided that we loved that new ‘us’.
sense in the world sometimes overwhelming anxieties We now have no desire to return to life
around us during the about COVID-19 as it was before COVID-19. This is far
COVID-19 pandemic, too exciting.
it was imperative that As leaders, we reached out to
we as leaders at The Abundant Media our clients with hope. Hope that if We also reached out to many of
Group secured our footing, in order to they spoke to their consumers and our partners in local community
extend confidence and certainty to the reassured them with messages that radio stations across South Africa,
rest of the sta . were clear and purposeful, they asking them to share with advertisers
would survive. what they were doing to help their
We had to establish our true North communities during this crisis. The
and find new bearings for new We advised them to reach out to unbelievable outreach programmes
circumstances. As the streets and our communities all around South Africa that they had initiated were and still are
o ce phones fell silent, we knew that with clear messages of optimism. simply astounding!
a clear course through and beyond the They did, and it became the powerful
lockdown was essential to our survival, beginning of our own path into These include laying water pipes in
both as leaders and as a team. uncharted territory. rural KZN to give communities critical
access to water, supplying food parcels
As cancellations of our advertising Our own exploration of this new to the elderly from door to door,
campaigns flooded in, our sta course had us reaching for the stars, adjusting programming to give children
struggled with work uncertainty, nothing less. We had learned some access to education long before
how to stay connected, manage crucial lessons about how robust and government even began to consult,
strong we actually are as a team, and

32 The Media |


IMAGES: supplied going to busy taxi ranks in Gauteng and We are grateful for our cleaner who our vernacular translators and
the Eastern Cape to educate the drivers cleans and cleans, every surface of our voice over artists have been dedicated
and passengers about keeping safe o ce, again and again. We are grateful and careful.
during COVID-19, and accepting long for our resilient nance department that
periods of messaging for broadcast from ensures we stay on course and grateful for We are grateful
di erent Government departments who the ladies who make sure every advert is
desperately needed to speak as quickly placed on every one of the more than 250 We are grateful for a stunning team in
as possible to communities around community stations. our Cape Town o ce who worked 18-
South Africa. We are humbled to be in hour days from their homes to ensure
the company of such powerful voices. Programmes include that the Western Cape Government
laying water pipes was able to deliver daily messaging to
Give and get in rural KZN to its communities. Grateful too, to our
One of the most incredible laws of the give communities Brand Connection team in Cape Town
universe is that the more you give, the critical access to who spent long days driving through
more you get. It really works if you water, supplying communities loud-hailing messages of
food parcels to the social distancing and community safety.
apply it! We have doubled our e orts elderly from door to
to give our sta financial security in door, and adjusting We are grateful for a powerful sales
a very uncertain world and they programming to give team, all working from home, keeping
have more than doubled theire orts children access to up with educating their children, as well
to be productive, to be innovative and education as the acceleration in the business, all
concerned about their while attending endless virtual meetings
fellow colleagues. We are grateful for our Brand and avoiding the coronavirus.
Activation and Outside Broadcast
We have also doubled our e orts team, who despite the COVID-19 We are grateful for the powerful
to reach out to community stations lockdown, somehow managed to start consumer insights, research
and they have more than doubled a partnership in a digital podcasting, and marketing strategies, visual
their e orts to improve their service to radio and TV station from our o ce presentations and hours of bold and
both their clients and listeners. They in Lanseria and have, during the last intrepid brainstorming that led to
are focussed and e cient and aware seven weeks, hosted an exciting array implementation of activities within our
that they play the most exciting role in of celebrity musicians, artists and marketing team. Our digital team too,
the future of the South African radio influential leaders in the South African stepped up to the mark.
landscape. Their listeners are out there, business landscape. Conversational
responsive and invested in their own radio and TV has brought life and hope We are grateful for a magnificent
survival and well-being and giving to both us and those that watch and training academy, keeping our interns
advertisers the opportunity to hyper- listen. Our production studios have around the country paid and cared for,
target their campaigns. This is such an been buzzing with creating ads and for working on innovative proposals for
exciting development in our business. education and training and for o ering
hope to isolated students all over
The law of gratitude has created a the country.
unique working environment within
Abundant Media. We have taken every And we are grateful that advertisers
opportunity to tell our sta and our have finally realised that their consumers
clients that we are deeply appreciative and their target market are listening to
of their input into the business. The local radio, that they can go beyond the
application of this law has resulted in stations to communities that are really
greater trust and respect for every listening, engaging and reacting.
single advertiser and every person in
the organisation. So we are on our way to the stars.
We are looking at the world from a
new reality. We invite you to come and
join us. The view is spectacular.

The Media | 33

SABC Radio: Turning The year 2019 was a brutal one
around or tumbling? for traditional media: Claire
Herman, media operations
Broadcast revenue did not look pretty last year, manager at The MediaShop,
although there were some gainers among the points out that Nielsen reported
losers. While SABC’s African language radio a mere 2% year-on-year growth on overall
stations didn’t do too well, there were some ad investment in this sector. Broadcast
wins and there are good signs for the public media, which accounts for three-quarters
broadcaster, reports BRITTA REID. of investment, began to decelerate.

34 The Media | This pain was not equally shared across
radio broadcasters and sales houses: SABC
took the brunt, dropping by 7% (as it also
did across television).

Specifically, it was the African Language
Service stations that were responsible for
this decline.


However, Herman identifies the SABC Given that Ukhozi FM singlehandedly Claire
Radio stable as unique, “in that its main used to deliver some 20% of SABC’s Herman
selling point is the African Language radio revenue, this was not adequate
Stations and speaking to people in their compensation. The star performer
own language, delivering relatively high among the remaining PBS stations was
levels of reach at the same time”. Radio 2000, albeit coming off a small
base; while in the commercial station
It is a truism, cited in the SABC 2018/19 portfolio, 5FM saw a dramatic drop in
Annual Report, that “revenue growth advertising support.
is inherently linked to audience”, but
an examination of January-December Providing context, SABC acting
2019 ad revenue indexed on the spokesperson, Mmoni Seapolelo, points
previous year, compared with indexed to the tough economic times and
weekly cumulative audiences (January- “many competitors in the industry
December Broadcast Research Council vying for a piece of the advertising
Radio Audience Measurement reports), industry”. Indeed, there are a raft of
reveals that things are not that simple. commercial stations such as LM Radio,
Vuma FM, Yfm, Classic FM and YouFM,
While Ukhozi FM’s audience as well as community stations, Jozi
remained stable, advertising support FM and Hot 91.9 FM, which enjoyed
plummeted; in contrast, Ligwalagwala an outstanding 2019 and impacted on
FM, Phalaphala FM and trufm garnered SABC’s performance.
support ahead of their audience delivery.

The Media | 35

“SABC’s service is shocking” is the Nick Taryn
comment of one business unit director, Calf Naledi Hood
who elected to remain anonymous. That
is not an isolated sentiment. Herman Vulnerable to more flexible radio stations … having pretty strong
identifies that “lack of new content and competitors audiences…SABC has not been able to
marketing is letting (SABC) down” and maximise its commercial value.” He is
warns that “marketers will channel their From a trading perspective, Nick not aware “of any particular strategies to
budgets elsewhere” if they consider Calf, GroupM head of investment, is grow audiences, but more concerning,
audiences to be declining. concerned that in a declining market I am not aware of any strategies to
“any innovation in the way the SABC improve the commercial return these
She also highlights that developing trades seems to be in contravention stations bring to the SABC”.
multiple pieces of creative with different seems to be in contravention of the
translations comes with its challenges internal policies the internal policies Stressing Publicis Media’s positive and
and says that their sales teams need to of the SABC”, which makes them empathetic outlook towards SABC, Hood
drive home harder the value of creating particularly vulnerable to more points out that “it takes time to weed
original items for each language group, flexible competitors. through wasteful spending, enforce
if they want to retain and grow revenue. new controls, establish governance
In addition, she advises, “they need to Taryn Naledi Hood, managing director and heal the wounds of a devastated
look at alternative opportunities beyond of research and analytics at Publicis workforce – all while battling the
straight generic advertising”. Media, concurs that the corporation economic headwinds”.
is “uniquely guarded by legislation
She also suggests that “doing governing their operating behaviour, Showing signs of correction
combined television and radio deals to which is not going to change overnight”.
ensure that revenue stays within their She lauds Madoda Mxakwe, Group CEO,
stable would be a good strategic move She points out that SABC is not alone for the strength and resilience displayed
– there have been conversations around in its decision to stay away from “bank- while steering the broadcaster’s
doing this with some clients, but they rolled bulk buying deals, especially turnaround plan and points to “last year’s
still operate as very separate entities.” around trading grey areas” and points annual financials showing positive signs
out that it has been successful in of correction…with a 35% improvement
The first signs of a implementing last-minute buying deals. on the fiscal prior”. She points out that
turnaround are evident She believes that on a rate setting level, “SABC has pulled in the reins on creditors
at SABC, but the SABC understands the need to remain and called for settlement” and continues
question is whether competitive, “not just among its peers, by saying that “bullying advertisers
the momentum can be but also when to being compared to and global agency TIGERS [market or
maintained through other media channels”. category dominators] are as much to
these deeply uncertain blame for SABC’s cash flow tyranny
economic times Calf suggests that communication
is an issue, saying despite “SABC

36 The Media |


IMAGES: UNSPLASH, SUPPLIED and the difficult cycle we have found extensively embark on major marketing Like Herman, Hood believes that
ourselves in”. drives. However, a key component of SABC needs to find more creative and
the turnaround strategy is prioritising interesting ways of trading and delivering
Hood says SABC Radio still owns assets marketing and that includes trade value over and above their generic
that local and global commercial stations marketing”. She references the event airtime offerings e.g. looking closer at
only wish they could own. “South Africa’s ‘RadioConnect’, which was launched content, production and talent related
terrestrial radio stations command last year as a platform to engage the offerings, and becoming better organised
audience sizes not experienced advertising and marketing industries, around non-traditional radio content,
anywhere else”. She points to “Metro FM’s saying it was well received and that SABC especially events. Key to this are out-
massive recovery” and the “remarkable reaped benefits from the engagements. of-the-box thinking and AdVenture, the
transformation stories, such as those of Another step in stabilising the unit that was established to focus on
Radio 2000 and Munghana Lonene FM”. organisation from a leadership revenue generation outside of traditional
However, she acknowledges that the perspective has been the filling of advertising platforms via the exploitation
SABC’s the mandate is demanding, and critical vacant positions, according of the SABC’s vast asset base, vested in its
the costs have a direct impact on the to Seapolelo. She highlights the more than 3 000 trademarks.
bottom line. appointment of station managers at
Lesedi FM, 5FM, Ikwekwezi FM and Of this, Calf says “this has had no
Spokesperson Seapolelo affirms that Thobela FM. In addition, other key noticeable impact in the market; we
SABC radio stations are a key vehicle in appointments have also been made in have had no meaningful interaction”.
the corporation discharging its public the technical areas of the radio division. Meanwhile, Hood concedes that
mandate. “In particular”, she notes, “our “advertising teams are largely unaware
vernacular radio stations play a critical In touch with audiences of AdVenture” and that further marketing
role in informing and educating the will be crucial, if the SABC is to unlock
millions of South African who live in rural Hood picks up on this theme, pointing to this new revenue stream.
areas and lack access to digital and other “the bold moves they have made around
media platforms, through connecting shuffling and attracting new talent”. Another area, which Hood believes
them to the rest of the world in their She thinks that “SABC Radio still has a SABC talks about, but needs to
own languages”. She points out that few tricks up their sleeves…Its Business aggressively step up, is their digital
“no other broadcaster in South Africa Intelligence unit has been reorganising capacity to unlock the opportunity that
is charged with delivering content and reintroducing valuable research, lies with their rapidly digitising audiences.
such as dramas; curriculum based including music testing. The fact that they Building digital audience offerings,
educational programmes, and specialist were able to maintain audiences without grounded in strong data management
music programmes”. music testing is indicative of the great and marketing automation platforms is
talent and how in-touch it was with their key to its future.
A platform to engage advertising audiences – even intuitively”.
and marketing industries The first signs of a turnaround are
The cultural textures that SABC stations evident at SABC, but the question
She cautions that “it would be premature can add to the understanding of their is whether the momentum can be
for the SABC to go into the finer details audiences is something Hood identifies maintained through these deeply
as firstly some of this information is as a valuable contribution and she uncertain economic times.
commercially sensitive and the SABC expresses the hope that the industry will
needs to still report back to Parliament see more of the station brands and their Britta Reid as an independent media
and other relevant stakeholders on the representatives. Similarly, she believes consultant. She relishes the opportunity
progress made in terms of its turnaround that the talent and skills within assets to share her independent views on the
strategy and strategic roadmap”. such as RAP Studios [in which the SABC industry after decades of media agency
offers a radio advertising creative and and media owner experience. Equally
However, she admits that “due to production service] are untapped asset important to her is the opportunity to
financial challenges experienced by and need to be unlocked. share her experience with newcomers and
the organisation over the last few curious media practitioners of all ages.
years, the SABC was not in a position to

The Media | 37

Tell a story, warm the heart and shift your

thinking from marketing in content to

content marketing

Radio is a trusted medium, and wide open to drama, whether dark or warm
and cuddly. Canny marketers can use this to create an identity and characters
that will grab the listeners for decades to come.

In the 12 years I’ve worked in the radio
industry, I’ve been exposed to brands,
creative solutions, airtime schedules,
costings and multi-media campaigns
provided by the various radio stations to
big brand clients, as solutions to connecting with
audiences and consumers.

The power of the traditional 30-second advert
or promotion spot seems as strong as ever as
brands continue to book on reach and frequency,
show popularity and quarter-hour statistics. Peak
times in the year see time channels selling out
and being oversubscribed beyond the allowed
eleven minutes per hour. Coupled with this are
show sponsorships and feature sponsors.

It is hard to disagree that when shows get busy
with commercial bookings there is an element
of clutter that is difficult to sell to loyal audiences
as an entertainment offering…The common
goal must be to try to solve the ‘clutter’ issue to
the benefit of both audiences and commercial
clients. Listeners have immediate needs and if
these aren’t serviced by what they are listening
to, the advert will go unnoticed and their filters
will block the messaging the brand was trying
to convey.

In the struggle to break through, create recall,
avoid being irrelevant and irritating and win the
fight for attention, brands are seeking solutions

40 The Media |


that captivate, activate and Content marketing transcends Radio is still the most trusted medium
amplify their message to new traditional delivery and is platform and reaches millions of South Africans in
and existing audiences. agnostic. If you have a good story any one of 11 official languages, daily.
it can be told on radio, television,
Storytelling has always been a film, social media and at events. The The beauty of radio is that it can
powerful tool for audio advertising. And advantage for brands that invest in capture the imagination of the listener
it will remain one as radio and audio content marketing is that they own the with narratives they can relate to. The
consumption changes. story and narrative and they can share story comes alive as listeners develop
their own sense of the identity of the
The ability to share and develop
brand narratives has become characters and the storyline.
an integral part of content One script, with many ears
marketing solutions. In the last painting the mental picture
decade, storytelling has claimed and story.
its place in the marketing mix
because of the development Radio drama and
of relevant and relatable storytelling case study
characters that amplify life and
create sensationalism. McDonald’s is an example
of a brand that continues to
On radio, as in life, people use storytelling and powerful
love drama. Understanding this, audio. It used
how do brands use the power a drama series to show
of storytelling and associated their restaurants as a
tools to get the audience’s place for happy moments and
attention and ultimately their special family time
consumer spending? and integrated products from
their menus into the story.
The case for content
marketing The campaign’s results
speak volumes as to the
Content marketing is arguably effectiveness of storytelling.
one of the most effective
IMAGES: SUPPLIED solutions to cut through and shape it for as many platforms they Refue Mofokeng is head of creative
the clutter in order to share brand want to plug into. and production at MediaHeads 360.
messaging, narratives and values. When Born in Johannesburg and raised in
working on campaigns and looking for Radio, the original Cape Town, Mofokeng started her
solutions to connect with audiences, I storytelling platform media journey after attaining her
always encourage clients to explore Diploma in Copywriting from the AAA
this solution. Radio is the original storytelling School of Advertising. During her
platform and brands that have time at an advertising agency, she
Content marketing is defined as: invested in this kind of marketing enjoyed writing for radio and decided
‘Content marketing is when a brand have reaped the rewards by speaking to join the talented team at YFM as a
creates content to advertise their to consumers and their behaviours. production co-ordinator.
product for the purpose of creating Storytelling has been a part of South
awareness and share the values of African radio since its inception and in She then joined Kaya FM, where she
a brand.’ recent years astute brands have created filled several roles, the most recent
narratives that are relatable for the being head of production. Mofokeng
Understanding this, content audience and therefore created value is currently putting her skills to use as
marketing can inspire brand love, brand for themselves. head of creative and production.
consideration, and brand recall through
the process of storytelling. The Media | 41


Nostalgia and longevity
of good radio

There’s no question music from the ’60s and early ’70s was in a class of

its own, and listening to it today doesn’t mean you’re out of touch, it just

means you like good music, whatever your age, writes ChrIs Turner,

founder of the new LM radio.
I’ve always been a fan of radio,
particularly music radio. My interest I found one common theme. LM Radio’s and costume drama. It all helps to connect
started at a young age. By the time programming style, music and even the us to our ancestry.
I was 12-years-old in 1964, I was jingles connected with the listener in an
intimate way. When we listen to music from past
generations it helps us connect to

completely hooked and LM Radio Once the re-launched LM Radio went their memories and stories. It triggers

was my favourite radio station. on air, we received a fantastic response. feelings of nostalgia, even though

There was something exotic about LM The listeners raved about how the station they were not our experiences and

Radio. Perhaps it was because it broadcast brought back their memories and feelings memories. That sense of nostalgia

on shortwave from beyond the borders of of happy times from their youth. helps us to feel anchored in a world,

South Africa. I always imagined the then But what surprised us over the next few which is becoming increasingly

Lourenco Marques as a tropical paradise, years was the response we received from uncertain. It gives us a sense of

with palm trees, cocktails and white sandy much younger listeners. They told us LM meaning and purpose helping to boost

beaches. Later, when talking to the well- Radio made them feel happy. How they our confidence.

known LM Radio DJ John Berks, he told danced around the house when listening. It seems to be a commonly held belief

me it was a similar sense that drew him to How it made their days more enjoyable that radio, like other media, only reflects

the station. and how they forgot about the tough the world we live in. But this is not

In the mid 1990s, talk radio arrived, times they might be going through. true. Music radio influences our taste in

along with new commercial radio stations It got me thinking about nostalgia, music by introducing new songs, styles

catering for youth. Music radio in South what it is and the role it plays in our and artists that we’ve not heard before.

Africa seemed to forget about the baby lives. So I started listening to people and The record industry learnt decades ago

boomer generation and the X generation observing their response to the music that if you want to ‘break an artist’ or

born during the ’60s and early ’70s. we played on LM Radio, particularly ‘break a song’ you need to play it on the

I was inspired to bring back music radio among the younger generation. radio until is it so familiar you want to

targeting those forgotten listeners. When you think about it, people want hear more.

I started researching LM Radio to find to know where they come from. Children So why should so-called ‘old school

out why it had been so successful. I love to hear stories from their parents and music’ not be re-introduced and played

tracked down and interviewed people grandparents of what life was like and to the younger generation as much as

who had been involved with LM Radio what they experienced. As we grow older, ‘new school music’? If it’s good music,

going back to the mid 1950s. I collected we research family history, we collect then it’s good music, no matter when it

press cuttings and audio recordings. antiques and enjoy watching old movies was first performed.

42 The Media |

Frequency: 89.1 FM Frequency: 100.6 FM Frequency: 97.1 FM Frequency: 98.7 FM
Province: Gauteng Province: Gauteng Province: Gauteng Province: Mpumalanga
Footprint: Alexandra, Eastern Footprint: Vereeniging, Sasolburg, Footprint: Southern Ekhuruleni – Footprint: EMalahleni
Johannesburg, including Germiston, Heilbron, Parys, Spruitview, Katlehong, Boksburg, Alberton, Germiston, Thokoza, (Witbank) and all its extensions,

Edenvale, Kempton Park, Sandton, Vosloorus,Thokoza, Carltonville, Katlehong, Vosloorus, parts of Eastern Phola, Ogies, Kriel, Vandyks Drift,

Marlboro, Tembisa and Randburg. Randfontein, Ennerdale, Lenasia, Soweto, JHB, North of Vereeniging & Eastern Rietspruit and Tubelihlei
Past 7 days BRC listenership: Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
44 000 Meyerton,Alberton, Eldorado Park Ekhuruleni, Wattville & KwaTsaduza 54 000
Broadcast Languages: All 11 Past 7 day BRC listenership: Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Broadcast Languages:
official languages spoken in 160 000 215 000 Zulu, N. Sotho, Ndebele
Broadcast Languages: English, Broadcast Languages: English, Sotho
South Africa South Sotho and Zulu and Zulu and English
Audience: Serving a predominantly Audience: Predominantly black Audience: A youthful and vibrant Audience: Rural and farming
black cosmopolitan audience community within footprint between community of predominantly black community inside footprint
Rates: From R695 to
between the ages of 16 – 34 the ages of 16 and 49 working class. R15 442
Rates: From R554 to R1 292 Rates: From R803 to R2 218 Rates: From R858 to R2 429 Station Profile:
Station Profile: Station Profile: Station Profile:

Frequency: 106.6 FM Frequency: 88.4 FM Frequency: 102.1 FM
RADIO Province: Gauteng Province: Mpumalanga Province: Limpopo
Frequency: 93.0 FM Footprint: Hammanskraal, Temba, Unit Footprint: Bushbuckridge and Footprint: Polokwane City
Province: Gauteng D, Suurman, Pretoria CBD, Mabopane, surrounding areas, including Past 7 days BRC
Footprint: Most of Pretoria,
Soshanguve, Rosslyn, GaRankuwa, Soshanguve, LephengVille, Mandela Hoedspruit, Sabie, Hazyview, Kruger Listenership: 39 000
Mamelodi, Winterveld, Broadcast Languages: English,
Atteridgeville, Hammanskraal and Village, Ramotse, Makapanstad, National Park Pedi, Venda and Tsonga
parts of Warmbaths Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Audience: Younger audience, lower
Past 7 days BRC listenership: Kgomo-Kgomo, Moretele Village, 21 000 to middle working class
55 000 Broadcast Languages: N Sotho, Rates: from R777 to R4 191
Broadcast Languages: Tswana, Montana, Mamelodi, Stinkwater, Tsonga Station Profile:
Zulu and English Audience: Rural and farming
Audience: Serving a predominantly Piennars Rivier & many more communities inside footprint
black audience between the ages Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Rates: From R774 to R939
of 16 – 50 plus. 103 000 Station Profile:
Rates: From R344 to R860 Broadcast Languages: Tswana,
Station Profile: English and Ndebele
Audience: Surrounding rural communities of all ages
Rates: From R600 to R1 295
Station Profile:

44 The Media |

Frequency: 106.0 FM Frequency: 90.0 FM
Province: Limpopo Province: Free State Kindness.
Footprint: Greater Giyani Footprint: Welkom, Odendaalsrus,
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: 57 000 Virginia, Winburg, Ventersburg We LOVE it.
Broadcast Languages: Tsonga,
English, Venda and Pedi and Theunissen “If you want to be a rebel, be
Audience: Lower income working Past 7 days BRC Listenership: kind.” This bold and exciting
class in semi-rural Giyani 45 000 statement by Pancho Ramos
Rates: From R165 to R824 Broadcast Languages: Sotho and Stierle, activist, mirrors what
Station Profile: English we have been seeing unfold
Audience: Semi-urban Sotho inside The Abundant Media Group over the speaking community last two months. We realised early on that
Rates: From R230 to R688 we needed to shift the way we think and
Station Profile: embrace the chaos. We found ourselves working from home
and having to get used to a new way of
KOPANONG FM QWAQWA FM communicating and an unfamiliar way
Frequency: 100.0 and 103.5 FM Frequency: 100.3 of staying connected to agencies, radio
Province: North West Province: Free State stations and each other.
Footprint: 100km radius around Footprint: QwaQwa, Kestel, Harrismith,
Zeerust, Lehurutshe Bergville, Swinburne, Clarens, Golden It took us a moment to adapt, but what
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Gate & Bethlehem, Fouriesburg, happened when we found our footing was
69 000 Witsieshoek nothing short of spectacular.
Broadcast Languages: Tswana Past 7 days BRC Listenership: 56 000
and English Broadcast Languages: Sotho We learned that in our grapple to find
Audience: Varied audience that and English strength and build on what we already did
includes rural communities to Audience: Rural and semi-urban as a team, there was an existing abundance
communities of skill, knowledge, experience and a wealth
semi urban Rates: R680 of resources available to all of us from all of
Rates: From R443 to R909 Station Profile: us. We all brought everything we possibly
Station Profile: could to the table, and we made space for
one another to contribute, share, come up Connecting During Lockdown with ideas and offer solutions.

The Media | 45

Frequency: 107.7 FM Frequency: 91.5 FM and Frequency: 98.0 FM Frequency: 107.6 FM
Province: North West 102.3 FM Province: KwaZulu-Natal Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Footprint: Broadcasting from Province: KwaZulu-Natal Footprint: Inanda, KwaMashu, Durban Footprint: Reaches Matubatuba
Mmabatho, the footprint covers the Footprint: Extends down the coast from North, Umhlanga, Tongaat, Phoenix, from the South via Nongoma, Vryheid
Stanger to Umkomaas. Includes
Mafikeng, Ditsobotla, Ramotshiri, Newlands, Umgababa, Amanzimtoti, and the the borders of Swaziland and
Tongaat, Umhlanga, KwaMashu, Durban,
Moiloa and Ratlou Municiplaities IsiPingo, Chatsworth, KwaMakhutha, Mozambique all the way to the coast.
BRC Listenership: 60 000 Amanzimtoti, Umlazi, Pinetown.Touches
Broadcast Languages: Tswana Umlazi Township Other areas include Pongola, Jozini,
and Emglish parts of Pietermaritzburg and beyond Cato Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
Audience: Rural and semi-urban 128 000 Sodwana Bay, Hluhluwe Game Reserve
communities of all ages Ridge.We cover PMB and parts of Howick Broadcast Languages: Zulu, English
Rates: From R688 to R1 070 Past 7 days BRC Listenership: and Xhosa and St Lucia
Station Profile: 115 000 Audience: Semi-urban communities Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
Broadcast Languages: English of all ages within footprint 87 000 and Hindi Rates: From R722 to R1 354 Broadcast Languages: Zulu, English,
Audience: Predominantly Hindi Station Profile: Swati and Tsonga
community of all ages Audience: Predominantly rural Zulu
Rates: From R323 to R654 speaking communities of all ages of lower
Station Profile:
to middle LSM Rates: From R626 to R999
Station Profile:

Frequency: 90.5 FM and 107.7 FM Frequency: 96.7 FM Frequency: 98.3 FM and 93.8 FM Frequency: 88.3
Province: KwaZulu-Natal Province: North West Province: Eastern Cape Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Footprint: KZN Midlands and upper Footprint: Covers a 100km radius Footprint: Mount Frere, Mt Fletcher, Footprint: Greater Nongoma and
KZN North Coast. 90.5 FM covers that includes Mahikeng, Setlaole, Cedarville, Mt Ayliffe, Qumbu, Tsolo, surrounds. Ulundi, Melmoth, Eshowe,

Klipriviier, Bergville, Ladysmith, Colenso, Madibogo, Gelukspan, Kopela, Mthatha, Libode, Ngqeleni, Port St Mvoti, Mthunzini, Mpangeni, Richards

Estcourt, Mooi River, New Hanover, Lions Ramatlabama, Itsoseng, Litchtenburg Johns, Lusikisiki, Flagstaff, Bizana, Bay, Jozini, Mtubatuba, Manguzi,

River, Weenen, Tugela Ferry, Greytown, and Tshidilamolomo Kokstad, Matatiele, Umzimkulu, Swaziland, Pongola, Dundee,Vryheid,
Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
Msinga, Nqutu, Dannhauser, Glencoe, 88 000 Hardini, Xopo and Zingolweni Nkandla, Hlabisa, Paulpietersburg
Broadcast Languages: Tswana Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
Pinetown, Camperdown, Richmond, and and English 84 000 and Gingindlovu.
Audience: Predominantly black Broadcast Languages: Xhosa, Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
some of Pietermaritzburg. 107.7 FM audience between the ages of 10 to 69 English and Sotho 111 000
Rates: From R254 to R1 033 Audience: All ages and all incomes Broadcast Languages: Zulu and English
covers Babanango, Ulundi, Mtonjaneni, Station Profile: within a predominantly Xhosa Audience: Zulu speaking semi-
rural communities
Melmoth, Eshowe, Nkandla, Empangeni, speaking community Rates: From R169 to R994
Rates: From R1 227 to R1 869 Station Profile:
Kranskop, Gingindlovu, Mtunzini, Lower Station Profile:
Tugela, Salt Rock & Ballito
Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
79 000
Broadcast Languages: Zulu & English
Audience: Zulu speaking communities
of all ages of all income groups
Rates: From R688 to R1 067
Station Profile:

46 The Media |

Frequency: 107.9 FM Frequency: 88.2 FM
Province: Eastern Cape Province: Eastern Cape What we found is that we did it with such
Footprint: Port Elizabeth Footprint: Situated in Alice conviction and kindness for each other that
and surroundings, Despatch/ covering the Amathole region and we were inspired to keep working this way
Uitenhage and surroundings, and cultivate habits that encouraged being
Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, surrounding areas: Butterworth, in tune with one another and fine-tuned
Patensie, Colchester, Paradise ‘team mentality’ to achieve our goals. A way
Beach. Kirkwood, Addo, Grahamstown, East London, King of being that invites an authenticity in our
Jansenville, Paterson workspaces which will in turn impact clients
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: William’s Town, Stutterhiem, Port and stations.
60 000
Broadcast Languages: English, Alfred, Queenstown, Tsomo We evolved together and, in that journey,,
Afrikaans and Xhosa Past 7 days BRC Listenership: we came to love the ‘how’ in what we do.
Audience: Multi cultural and 114 000
diverse community Broadcast Languages: English and Even more exciting, was that across
Rates: From 540 to R1 078 Xhosa the country as we checked in on our
Station Profile: Audience: Rural to urban community radio stations, we learned that
communities, predominantly black they were having similar experiences. They were working tirelessly to make a positive
community difference in the lives of the communities
Rates: R1 000 they serve during the lockdown.
Station Profile:
We evolved together and, in that journey,
we came to love the
LUKHANJI FM MDANTSANE FM ‘how’ in what we do.
Frequency: 93.7 FM Frequency: 89.5 FM
Province: Eastern Cape Province: Eastern Cape QwaQwa Radio, for example, inspired
Footprint: Chris Hani District, Footprint: Peddie, Mooiplaas, Komga, by the campaign against gender based
Queenstown, Ezibeleni, Whittlesea, Nkonkobe, Elliotdale, Ngqamakhwe, violence, decided to focus on the family and
Butterworth, King Williams Town, discuss what a healthy family is.
Tarkastad, Sterkstroom Stutterheim, Kei Mouth.
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Muncipalities: Buffalo City, Kei, Chris We collected about 50 different voices
62 000 Hani and Nkonkobe from our listeners, each giving their view
Broadcast Languages: Xhosa, Past 7 days BRC Listenership: 61 000 of what a strong happy family is. We
English and Afrikaans Broadcast Languages: Xhosa, English, believe we have put together not only
Audience: Farming and rural Afrikaans and Zulu an entertaining advert, but one that’s
communities within footprint Audience: Diverse and multi-cultural stimulating and provokes the listener
Rates: From R573 to R789 community – though predominantly to introspect.
Station Profile: black semi-rural and rural
Rates: From R383 to R1 245 Station Profile:

TBC Offering

The Media | 47

Frequency: 99.9 FM Frequency: 98.9 FM Frequency: 93.8 FM Frequency: 91.3 FM
Province: Eastern Cape Province: Northern Cape Province: Western Cape Province: Western Cape
Footprint: Bisho, Mthatha, Rhodes, Footprint: Kuruman and the borders Footprint: Riversdale, Swellendam, Footprint: Greater Cape Town,
Queenstown, Tarka, Jamestown, Riviersonderend, Mossel Bay, George, Goodwood, Stellenbosch, Somerset
of North West reaching 180 Villages
Burgersdorp, Maclear, Lady Grey Past 7 days BRC Listenership: Knysna, Wilderness, Sedgefield, West, Simonstown, Durbanville,
Past 7 days BRC Listenership:
139 000 73 000 Dysseldorp & Oudtshoorn Worcester, Malmesbury, Paarl,
Broadcast Languages: Xhosa and Broadcast Languages: February 2020 BRC Listenership:
English Audience: Farming and rural villages 188 000 Wellington, Hout Bay, Fishhoek,
Audience: Predominantly black Broadcast Languages: English
semi-rural and rural inside footprint Afrikaans and Xhosa Muizenberg, Grassy Park,
Rates: From R861 to R1 117 Rates: From R711 to R803 Audience: Diverse multi-cultural
Station Profile: Station Profile: black and coloured community Retreat, Wynberg
Rates: From R336 to R1 102 February 2020 BRC Listenership: Station Profile: 146 000
Broadcast Languages: English and Afrikaans
Audience: Muslim community of
all ages
Rates: From R351 to R1 338
Station Profile:

Frequency: 97.0 FM Frequency: 98.2 Frequency: 104.0 FM Frequency: 98.2
Province: Eastern Cape Province: Northern Cape Province: Western Cape Province: Western Cape
Footprint: Mthatha, Butterworth, Footprint: Upington, Karos, Keimoes, Footprint: Greater Cape Footprint: Cape Town, Phillipi, Grabouw,
Ngcobo, Tsolo, Qumbu, Port St John’s, Morning Glory, Nisikilelo, Currieskamp Town including W Coast up to Somerset West, Langa, Gugulethu,
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: 68 000
Libode, Ngqeleni, Mount Frere and Broadcast Languages: Melkbosstrand, Durbanville, Khayelitsha, Bluedowns, Umfuleni, Eerste
Afrikaans, English, Xhosa and Tswana
Mount Ayliff Audience: Diverse community of all Kraaifontein, Stellenbosch, Somerset Rivier, Mitchell’s Plain, Delft, Nyanga,
Past 7 days BRC Listenership: ages. Mainly rural and farm dwellers
170 000 West, Strand & Gordon’s Bay Manenburg, Stellenbosch, Strand, and
Broadcast Languages: Xhosa and inside footprint. February 2020 BRC Listenership:
English Rates: From R742 to R932 127 000 parts of Trent
Audience: Rural and farm Station Profile: Broadcast Languages: Afrikaans and February 2020 BRC Listenership:
communities inside footprint English (Xhosa from 22h00 to 6am) 176 000
Rates: From R318 to R525 Audience: Predominantly Christian Broadcast Languages: Xhosa, English
Station Profile: focused multi-cultural. Family and Afrikaans
Audience: Township and rural communities oriented. with in footprint – serving all ages
Rates: From R267 to R867 Rates: From R1 222 to R1 330
Station Profile: Station Profile:

48 The Media |

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