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Khuluma October 2017

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PICASSO HEADLINE take me home please October 2017

Siv Ngesi is


FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5




the topVIEW FROM

D o we really have any personal sense of what is beautiful, or is our opinion entirely
formed by society? If you lived in Papua New Guinea you would want to see
a bone through your husband’s nose, yet my wife has had no urge to embellish
my face similarly.

Willie Wikkelspies wrote that ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, but this
is evidently not true as some brand labels clearly validate a whole new level of ugly. Is that
chrome kitchen clock that is passed off as a watch really beautiful, or does its price and
name make it so? What about artists whose paintings only become beautiful after their
demise? The reality is that it is the same dog’s breakfast that nobody wanted to hang in
the guest toilet, but which is now suddenly worthy of pride of place in the entrance hall.

So is beauty actually justified by price? Is this why some rich people own such ugly
stuff? I suspect that BMW’s chief designer from the 1990s, Chris Bangle, wanted to
prove this point when his designs lost in beauty as they gained in price, culminating in
the ‘Bangle Butt’ BMW 7 Series. Amazingly this very expensive monstrosity – the E65,
with its bulging backside – became the all-time 7 Series bestseller. I am sure all of
those owners did not wake up one morning and decide ‘what I really want is a
very big, expensive and particularly ugly car’.

Why did we think that shoulder pads and poufy hairstyles were beautiful
in the 80s? If they were, then surely they would still be in fashion today?
Perhaps beauty is just today’s passing fad, and tomorrow plaited armpit
hair and body odour will be beautiful.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd OCTOMBEARY 20176 3


Negester Klein-Kariba offers
you the Bushveld at its best

Negester Klein-Kariba, with its beautiful Bushveld fauna and flora, is situated in
the Waterberg Biosphere – a UNESCO Heritage Site. This secure and sustainable
lifestyle estate for fifty-plussers borders the ATKV Klein-Kariba Holiday Resort,
is located near Bela-Bela (Warmbaths), and is only an hour’s drive from Pretoria.
The Bela-Bela and Waterberg region has a wonderful summer rainfall climate,
great shopping facilities, a private hospital, top-class golf courses and a variety of
nature reserves.


At Negester Klein-Kariba, the design style of the buildings reflects a
contemporary interpretation of historical Lowveld farm architecture, which
blends perfectly with the Bushveld environment and agricultural milieu. The
homes are designed with low energy consumption and a low eco-impact in mind,
and are built with low-maintenance materials. The lifestyle estate comprises
83ha, with plenty of open green spaces and wildlife such as zebra, impala, nyala
and warthog.

A variety of full-title and sectional title properties are on offer to the discerning
buyer or investor. The price of full-title plots start at R426 600, and the price for
the sectional title duet units starts at R895 000. Facilities include a modern 12-bed
healthcare centre, and homecare is offered as a standard option by Medwell, the
healthcare service provider. They have a practice number that enables them to
recover costs from medical aid schemes on behalf of the residents in certain cases.

A healthy lifestyle is also encouraged with the best sports facilities available
(which will include tennis courts, a heated swimming pool and bowling greens).
A community centre that will house a multipurpose hall, library, lounge and
ladies’ bar is envisioned.


Well-known Afrikaans author and poet DJ Opperman’s poem, ‘Negester en
stedelig’, was the inspiration behind the development of the Negester brand
and slogan: Shine bright! The Negester vision expanded on this, through the
development and management of sustainable, secure and valued lifestyle
estates, where the total wellbeing of the fifty-plusser group is cherished.

Visit Negester Klein-Kariba’s website at,
send an email to [email protected] or call
them on 014 736 2388 for more information.

Contents 33

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30 41

Our CEO why the human concept of beauty is so Durban offers carbs and ways to work them off Dylan Edy explains why he thinks
easily subject to change. this month. William Shakespeare was a workaholic
with limited social skills; and a bunch of
16 REAL BEAUTY 30 BEYOND THE BOARDROOM comedians tells us which hashtags
Cover star Siv Ngesi on the value of being After meetings in Tshwane, there are places should be #trending.
comfortable in your own skin. to explore, markets to browse and spooky
dance floors on which to bust a move 43 SEE THE MUSIC
The guide on Halloween. Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as
Cat Stevens, tells us about the beautiful journey
The Nitro Circus is in town. In the Eastern Cape, tiny, tidy Bedford is
in full bloom. 43
On our radar this month we have music and 40
food festivals and a short film festival, a stand-up
comedy show and a naughty Shakespearean
pantomime, a new cookbook, a club that brings gin
to your front door, a Pride parade, an MTB tour, and
a few international acts landing on Mzansi’s shores.

8 OCTOBER 2017


Features 86


Siv Ngesi explores the world fearlessly; Cape Town’s finest food

strip; places with races that’ll put you through your paces; bars with good

looks and views worth looking at; and the intrepid and brave

Bryony McCormick explains why sometimes you have to brace yourself,

pace yourself, and then just do it.

How Swaziland’s glass-blowers produce unconventionally beautiful
glassware; and we discover how high-drama and big emotions fuel the
excitement that unfolds behind the cameras on the set of Idols SA.

Things to covet, crave & adore

Read about the crazy lengths humans will go to in order to look beautiful.

Meet the grande dame of the SA fashion scene.

114 ROAD TRIP 104
Not all cars are created equal.

All the tips you’ll need to safely buy
your next home off plan.

Don’t cry for her, Argentina.


10 OCTOBER 2017

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beaREAuL ty
S ometimes I meet people who
are not necessarily physically
attractive, but they believe
they're attractive, they have self-
confidence, and I think that's quite a

game-changer. I believe confidence is the

secret – without it, no-one is capable of

being beautiful. Internal self-belief and

authenticity – for me – are beautiful. SEE SIV IN THE FLESH

With me, what you see is what you get. Siv has a new stand-up comedy show,
Siv-ilized, premiering this month.
Siv is as authentic as they come. I am ‘It’s just me sharing my views on
the world,’ he says. ‘Four years have
what I am, take it or leave it. passed since my last one-man show,
so I’m a bit older (and hopefully
The key is that I'm very comfortable in wiser) now, and I'll be looking at how
my perspectives have changed. I've
my skin. Being confident in my own skin become a lot more vocal about the

is probably the most important injustices of the world. I will talk
about things that irritate me,
lesson I’ve managed things that make me happy,
things that inspire me, my
to learn in my life – Do you disco? ambitions, my goals. It’s quite Interview: Keith Bain, Photograph: Sven Kristian
confident to the point Let's be honest: no-one an honest opening-up about
where I don’t care cares about disco no more. Me? my life and where I’ve been. It’s
what people think I'm way too young even to know the real me, this show.’ Baxter
of me. I have my about disco. Although I do remember
mother to thank the tight pants, the shirts, the gold eatre, Cape Town, 2–14
for teaching me chains, the mirrorballs…. And, of course,
that, and I think it’s there was John Travolta. But me? On October,
one of the greatest the dance floor I get down to hip-hop
and house. And on page 53 you can
find out how I discovered my love

of salsa.

things you can teach

your children: self-love.

It takes years to perfect, but if

you get it right, the result is an authentic

version of you, and with that comes

happiness and the kind of beauty you don’t

need to look in the mirror to experience.

16 OCTOBER 2017

Free stuff

Win 1 x Gents Oxford Superdry watch,
Autofreight will transport your car from courtesy of CJR Gift Sales. The watch Whether you’re riding on the streets
your door to your destination, saving you has a black and grey nylon strap with or the trail, you don’t have to quit
a silver case and black dial with silver when the sun does, thanks to the Varia
time and frustration on long elements on the dial. It UT800 headlight, which adjusts as
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Win tickets to Nitro Circus Live at the FNB Win a short course in Report Writing in the Enterprises
Stadium on 28 October, compliments of Big University of Pretoria treasure hunt. The two-day
Concerts. Nitro Circus Live – a global action course will take place in 2018 and is valued at R3 950.
sports phenomenon – presents an all-new show, To enter, find the Enterprises University of Pretoria logo
filled with unbelievable world firsts, spectacular in your copy of khuluma, visit
tricks and mind-blowing stunts. Even more exciting is the and hit the competitions tab to enter.
news that action sports icon Travis Pastrana, who was unable to
take part in the 2014 trek, will join this summer’s tour, and will
ride in South Africa for the first time. Visit
and hit the competitions tab to enter. Competition closes on
25 October.


Pieter Toerien Productions is giving away tickets to the spectacular, iconic masterpiece –
EVITA. Don’t miss your chance to see this musical that depicts the rags-to-riches story of
the woman who rose to become the most powerful woman in Argentina. There are 5 pairs
of tickets (10 seats) up for grabs at the Jo’Burg Teatro on Friday 20 October at 8pm and 5
pairs of tickets for the Artscape in Cape Town on Tuesday 5 December at 8pm.
Log on to and hit the competitions tab to enter.

pictures: xxxxxxx


wGUthIeDE g for

orth travelin

Words: Keith Bain, Picture: Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool ' W ith this trick – called the-top tricks are executed using a variety
Words: Keith Bain; Picture: marssanya/, Supplied “The Ruler” or “Ruler of contraptions – aside from BMXs and
Backflip” – you get into skateboards, there are stunts on scooters, a
a nice, straight, vertical line with your wheelchair, inline skates, shopping trolleys,
bike while performing a backflip,’ says boogie boards…even a drinks cooler and
legendary freestyle motocross rider, Josh a bright pink Barbie car. There’s loads of
Sheehan, seen here in action at the Red elaborate choreography and big money
Bull X-Fighters. To execute this insanity, goes into effects and sets such as the 50-
Sheehan leaves the ramp in second gear at foot Gigant-A-Ramp. During the ‘Hole-in-
around 58km/h, and immediately pushes One’, riders launch from the ramp and
the bike out away from his feet as hard as try to land inside an inflatable Zorb ball.
he can. ‘As the bike spins upwards, my body
drops down so I’m basically hanging from Sheehan says it’s the adrenaline
the bike, looking towards the landing.’ rush that drives him. ‘And the satisfaction
of landing a trick. After an accident you’re
Sheehan is among the stars of Nitro in pain and in plaster, but by the time you’re
Circus Live, which returns to South Africa healthy, you’ve forgotten about the crash.
this month. The show was dreamed up I think what ultimately keeps pushing us is
by Travis Pastrana, the first-ever freestyle riding in front of 10 or 15 thousand people,
motocross rider to land a double backflip all screaming and cheering for you. It’s an
in competition. Sheehan, meanwhile, landed unbeatable sensation.’
the first-ever motorcycle triple backflip Catch Nitro Circus Live at Cape Town
in 2015. The travelling team comprises over Stadium on 21 October, Durban’s Moses
40 phenomenal riders and includes thrills Mabhida Stadium on 25 October, or
that stretch well beyond launching from FNB Stadium in Joburg on 28 October;
ramps on motorbikes. Outrageous, over-, OCTOBER 2017 21

5 2
7 m om entsBEAUTIFUL
4 1 Regular travellers will relish Comair’s 4 The Sharpeville Food Festival
new SLOW XS lounge at Lanseria happens at George Thabe Stadium from
International Airport’s domestic terminal. noon on 28 October. There’ll be food stalls,
Available to qualifying, FNB, a beverage garden and 15 music acts.
RMB and Comair Limited VIP guests, it’s
open from early each day. Meanwhile, will soon be introducing credit 5 Nirit Saban, the kitchen genie
and debit card payments onboard all its behind Olami, a beautiful deli-restaurant
flights – the switch to plastic means that on Bree Street, has a new cookbook out.
cash will no longer be accepted as Published by Jacana, the book is called
payment for menu items. Olami: Simple Nourishing Fresh and
brings Nirit’s famously fabulous fusion
6 2 A happy reminder that in this crazy, flavours to the fore. You can read about
upside-down world, laughter really does other restaurants on Bree Street on
pictures: xxxxxxx matter, Alan Committie’s one-man show page 57.
Laughing Matters plays at the Pieter
Toerien Main Theatre at Montecasino, 6 SA now has 50 gin distillers
Joburg, from 18 October. Committie says producing over 75 local brands. Our
his show will provide 5.37 laughs per love of gin has sparked the arrival of
minute, guaranteed. The Gin Box, a craft gin club that’ll
deliver a package of gin and gin-related
3 Onesies season has arrived, and treats to your door, giving you the chance
October sees Black Coffee commanding to try out new varieties every month if
the decks at SA’s two biggest music you wish.
festivals – Oppikoppi (5–7 October) and
Rocking the Daisies (5–8 October) – which 7 Pretoria Pride happens on 7 October,
happen simultaneously on opposite ends of with an exuberant parade starting at
the country. So grab your earplugs and 2pm from Centurion Rugby Club. Held
headache medication and make sure you annually in celebration of the LGBTI
have your tickets and a fully-functional tent community, this year’s theme is ‘Carnival’.
before you’re that poor sod on Facebook Gates to the venue open at 9am, with
begging for help with your social life. celebrations continuing into the night.,

OCTOBER 2017 23


8 9

10 8 The Victoria diamond engagement 12 John Legend will be in SA next
11 ring is set with a 0.78ct round month with his ‘Darkness and Light’ tour.
brilliant cut diamond, crafted in 18K The ten-time Grammy Award-winning
12 white gold and is now available from crooner performs at the Ticketpro Dome in
Shimansky stores around the country. Joburg, 3–4 November, Durban’s Moses
14 Mabhida Stadium, 7 November, and at Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Mads Norgaard, Supplied
15 GrandWest, Cape Town, on the 9th and
9 The shnit Worldwide 10th.
Shortfilmfestival which happens
simultaneously around the world 13 Turning their attention to the classics,
in eight cities, returns to Cape the team at Gate69, the beautiful theatre
Town with a wildly diverse selection on Bree Street in Cape Town, will be
of short, compact movies screened at performing Macbeth, albeit as an adult
various venues. 18–22 October, pantomime featuring three foul-mouthed witches and some head-spinning musical
numbers. The show opens on 25 October
10 Josh Wantie, the vocal and plays until the end of the year. Gate69
wonder from Durban, is among the isn’t the only place to brush up your
musicians who’ll be on stage at the Shakespeare this month – read about The
Pecanwood Oktoberfest in Merrivale Fugard’s new comedy on p. 37.
on 28–29 October. The festival, held on
Pecanwood Farm, includes trail running
events, an MTB race, an Enduro X event, 14 Seven-time Grammy Award-winning
food stalls, a G&T garden, beer tent Nashville-based Lady Antebellum
and wine tasting. Each entry ticket will perform in SA for the first time this
( earns an entry into month. Having garnered massive attention
a competition that’ll earn the winner with their 2009 hit ‘Need You Now’ the
a Blythedale Coastal Estate property threesome recently released their 6th
valued at R650 000. studio album, Heart Break. They’re at GrandWest, Cape Town, on 13 October,
and at the Ticketpro Dome in Joburg on 15
11 The FNB Wines2Whales October.
MTB tour kicks off in the winelands
of Somerset West this month. 15 The Big Farm Taste is a festival
Riders will cross through (and over) celebrating cheese, wine, craft beer,
13 wineries, 26 private farms, six boer goat meat, skaapstertjies, tripe...
mountains, historic roads and While the focus is primarily on what
nature conservation areas (including you can put in your mouth, with an ice
the Kogelberg Biosphere) before cream eating competition and a braai
finishing in Hermanus. There are competition, there will also be live music,
three divisions – an adventure, a traditional boere sports, sheep-shearing,
ride, and a race – each happening and a display of sheepdogs in action. At
over three days. 27 October- Sandringham farm outside Stellenbosch
5 November, on 14 October.

24 OCTOBER 2017


Flip out Ft hr ue idtseeopf Words: Will Edgcumbe, Pictures: Supplied, Avi Mack

It’s quite a thing seeing this city from the bowels of a gigantic dragonfly – these Durbs
awesome helicopter flips start with a low flight up the Umgeni River Valley, before doesn’t have
popping up over the Inanda Dam wall and then ascending to the top of a mountain the strongest
where you land for a picnic with a view of everything from Moses Mabhida Stadium to fish and chips
the Valley of 1 000 Hills. It’s definitely the most beautiful view in the greater Durban tradition, possibly
area, and you'll have it all to yourself. 031 569 1531, because in our lazy
East Coast drawl it sounds
Go Dutch less appetising than it should. But
Deep Blue Fish Co. is changing
Built in the Cape Dutch style, the very the city’s fishy reputation, and
pretty Holland House is a classy serves easily the best take-away
antidote to large, faceless hotels and ‘fush and chups’ in town, plus it
ambivalent service. It’s a mere five stocks excellent fresh and frozen
minutes on foot to the bustle and fish for you to prepare at home.
heave of Florida Road and a quick The beer-battered hake and chips
drive to the beach, yet is in a beautiful, is just R30 at lunchtime – and
leafy part of the suburbs that feels they do a life-altering deep-
tucked away, totally serene. It’s fried Mars Bar to seal the deal.
pretty exclusive, too – the two suites Arcadia Centre, 87 Umhlanga
are actually private apartments, Rocks Drive, Durban North,
each beautifully kitted out, with 031 461 2530,
individual private lounges and dining deepbluefishco
areas, and a balcony overlooking
Guilty pleasures the city. Not only will you be super- Words: Keith Bain; Pictures: Greg da Silva/, Supplied
comfortable, but treated like gold
Plan B Dessertery takes its cue and served a gorgeous breakfast in
from international street food the communal kitchen. 34 Wallace
desserts that are easy to hold and eat Road, Morningside, 031 303 7156,
on the move. We’re talking churros (a
fried-dough pastry), bubble waffles
and dessert tacos with insane fillings.
All the kinds of things that quickly
ramp up your caloric sugar rush
intake – but they’re delicious calories
and designed with enough colours
and textures and chocolatey sprinkles
to send Instagram completely over
the edge. 41 Mackeurtan Avenue,
Durban North, 031 563 1173,

28 OCTOBER 2017


Spring is an ideal time to extend your stay beyond your next meeting in
the capital. Each October, Pretoria puts on her purple finery and a sweet
perfume fills the air as the city’s famed jacaranda trees come into bloom…

MINGLE SLEEP Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Henry Marsh, Eben Liebenberg, Supplied

Market @ The Sheds. The capital these days sees its fair share of excellent weekend Sierra Burgers Park. This vast business
markets, and one of the best places to imbibe Tshwane’s rich mix of cultures, fashion, hotel – with its Vegas carpets, koi ponds
music, food and craft beer is at 012 Central’s gathering in the city centre on the final and spacious interiors – is bang in the
Saturday of the month. If you can’t hold out – or are into dietary fads – pop by the Banting centre of the city and close to the leafy
Food Market at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden on 7 October and stuff your face namesake park which it overlooks. Aside
with bacon and cheese and carb-free everything. 28 October from noon, 381 Helen from its large inventory of rooms and
Joseph Street, suites, it’s endowed with 12 different
conference and meeting rooms. Apart from
DELVE PARTY numerous nearby attractions (including
historic Melrose House), the Sierra has
Freedom Park. A visit to this modern Halloween 2017. Hello Beautiful a lovely garden and pool, and lounges
monument up on Salvokop is an (above) is among the acts that’ll be sporting deep, voluptuous sofas to sink
opportunity to reconcile with our nation’s performing on the Metropolis stage at back into after a hard day’s negotiation.
turbulent past. Its architecture and this ghoulishly-themed annual opskop 424 Lilian Ngoyi Street, 012 322 7500,
exhibitions celebrate the many cultural at the Voortrekker Monument. Other
differences and similarities within Africa. killer acts include PHFAT, Alien Ant
The interactive museum, //hapo, unravels Farm from the USA, Fokofpolisiekar,
the complex tale of Africa across both The Plastics, and Ryan Murgatroyd.
Dress up is essential. 28 October,
time and space, starting with African
creation legends set 3.6 million
years ago, and its Wall of
Fame remembers the many
heroic figures who have
helped our nation achieved
freedom. A music festival
and a pop-up market
are scheduled for
7 October at noon.

30 OCTOBER 2017



Bedford is a beauty Celebrate spring with a visit to
one of the country’s finest annual
From the expansive farm gardens with garden festivals in this beautiful
little Eastern Cape hamlet.

their rivers and mountains, and those

along the garden route through the Springtime delights
informal settlement, to the South African
Rosarium, with its heritage roses, Bedford Spring brings with it the four-day Bedford Garden Festival (20-23 October), now in its
beguiles with its natural and nurtured 13th year, where gardeners with dirt still under their nails open their gorgeous patches
beauty. Situated in the Eastern Cape of green to visitors. It's a long weekend of farmers' markets (fresh produce, homemade
Midlands, 80km from Cradock and 150km goodies and kaggelkakkies), workshops on how to grow a veggie garden and what to cook
from Port Alfred, the little town is carved with it, golfing, hiking, concerts, sosaties and sundowners. There
into the earth of the Baviaans River Valley. are four suggested itineraries as well as 40 gardens along the
It was founded in 1854 on a section of township garden route. Donations are welcome if a garden
Maaströom Farm, which belonged to doesn't have a set entrance fee (usually around R20).
the British Lieutenant Governor of the 082 932 8864,
Cape, Sir Andries Stockenström, who

named it in honour of his dear friend, the

Duke of Bedford. To this day, you'll find

remnants of the 1820s Settlers and their

descendants along the dirt roads that

radiate from the main thoroughfare. And,

for a small community, there’s much to

see – from the celebrated architecture of

the much-admired Glen Lynden Churches

north of town, to farmsteads with fifth-

generation families still living on them. OCTOBER 2017 33


Stay in the most beautiful garden of all Ethartoyuoguhr awnaeydible garden Words: Iga Motylska, Pictures: romawka/, Supplied

If there's only one garden you visit, let it be the one at Cavers During the festival, Albertvale Farm's Kim
Country Guest House, not too far out of town. It’s a working van Niekerk offers salad lunches (on 20
sheep farm with an English manor house that has graced the and 21 October) comprising ingredients
pages of Keith Kirsten’s garden books and been photographed freshly plucked from her decorative,
for numerous magazines. Aside from providing some of the edible garden. Kim will inspire your own
best accommodations for miles, the owners host a lunchtime green fingers, too. She’ll be running two
concert in their five-acre garden. If you don't manage to visit during Cook’s Garden workshops (23 and 24
the festival, the garden is open to visitors for high tea by appointment. October, R400 each) focussing on how to create delicious dishes using culinary
and medicinal herbs, and how to prepare
On the wings of butterflies meals using aromatic plants and edible
Huntly Glen is a working farm where you can learn to shear a flowers. She’ll also advise on companion
sheep or ‘throw a fleece’, and children can bottle feed lambs and rotational planting, and how to grow
and kids. And on hikes across the property there are antelope urban and vertical gardens with limited
and rare birds – including Cape vultures, black eagles and blue space, and teach you how to prepare your
cranes – to see. If you’re lucky you may also spot meerkats own compost.
and mongooses and elephant shrews which live here too. A
little odder is the fact that Huntly’s home to the world's largest
privately owned collection of South African butterflies – around
16 000 specimens and close to 800 species are on display. ‘I've
trekked all over the country over many years to find these butterflies,’
says Huntly’s Ernest Pringle, who not only rediscovered the critically
endangered Brenton Blue, but is sufficiently expert on butterflies that he’ll be giving
talks on them during the Garden Festival. 087 803 5699,

34 OCTOBER 2017


BardTHE BEAUTIFUL Ready to heat up the stage with
good looks and a sharp wit,
Dylan Edy plays the greatest
playwright in human history
in the stage adaptation of
Shakespeare in Love which opens
in Cape Town this month.

Was Shakespeare a rock star in Romeo + Juliet that really got me In Shakespeare in Love, I’m playing
his day? From his portraits, he looks like excited about the possibility of performing a non-fictional character in a fictional
an introvert. He does have that earring, Shakespeare in a more contemporary, story. And there are scenes where
but I reckon he was soft-spoken. He’s relevant way, making his plays and his Shakespeare plays Romeo, a fictional
balding, he’s out of shape, he came from words accessible to young audiences. character that he created. So that version
the West Midlands. I don’t think he was a You don’t need a leopard skin vest to of Romeo must be absolutely correct and
party animal. As much as he might have make Shakespeare relevant. It’s not about true – because on stage I am the writer
attended a few parties once he became location or milieu, it’s about nowhere and
famous and developed a bit of an ego, I everywhere at the same time. It’s playing the character he’s created
still think he was an introvert who locked a fictitious world that is relevant and speaking his own verse. It’s
himself in his attic and wrote all day to the here and now. If the story a monumental task. It’s an
and all night. He looks a bit sad inside, isn’t coming across clearly then exciting role because I get
miserable in his eyes. I’m sure an animal the actors aren’t doing their jobs. to be Romeo, the most
might have come out every so often famous tragic love hero –
when he got drunk, but I don’t think he and, at the same time, I’m
was rock ‘n’ roll. Shakespeare, the greatest
My first exposure to Shakespeare was writer who ever lived.
watching Franco Zefirelli’s Romeo and The play is a mix of
Juliet at an all-boys boarding school. historic fact and
It was made in 1968, and is full of very guesswork and
heavy, classical Shakespearean language. fiction. They do
I wasn’t one of those typical laddish blokes know that he
rolling his eyes at it – I’d always been married Anne
infatuated with film and got stuck into it. Hathaway
It was hard work as far as entertainment
goes, but I could see this guy knew how to
tell a story. Since then, there’s never been
a time when I’ve come across Shakespeare
and thought ‘Oh, crap!’ – I’m always pretty

impressed by the way he tells a story.
It was probably Baz Luhrmann’s OCTOBER 2017 37


Shakespeare when he was 18. But time it’s unfolding, he’d only written The BRUSH UP YOUR
in Love plays at Two Gentlemen of Verona, but that’s not SHAKESPEARE
the Fugard Theatre true, because historically it’s known that
from 10 October; he’d written a few plays before Romeo Beautiful, deliciously funny and Juliet. So there’s quite a bit of artistic and a little bit sexy, the
licence that’s taken with the timeline.
what their relationship A lot of the actors are playing original lm version Interview: Keith Bain, Pictures: Daniel Rutland Manners, lestyan/,
multiple roles. And I have my of Shakespeare in Love Katyau/, Supplied
was like while she was left moment of fun when William was made in 1998
disguises himself as Philomena. and picked up seven
behind in the countryside and he was It’s me in a dress speaking in a Oscars, including
high voice. I’m going to take full Best Picture and
in London, apparently falling in love, well advantage – I find women’s dresses one for Gwyneth
very comfortable and those moments
that’s speculative. They never got divorced, always get a laugh. Paltrow who played the
I don’t think Shakespeare had great Bard’s lover.
and she died years after him. The idea that, social skills, and I think that’s why he was
a brilliant writer. I like the idea that he For Romeo + Juliet, Baz
while he was in London, he was running was a quiet person who overheard Lurhmann used Leonardo
a lot and recognised the beauty
around chasing tail and falling in love in other peoples’ words. To have DiCaprio and Claire
created so many characters, he Danes to turn his 1996
with a sweet girl is more than likely all must have been a people-watcher. adaptation of the
I just imagine he wasn’t the life of world’s best-known
fictional. It’s entirely possible that he was the party although he was possibly at love story into
the party – in the corner, observing quietly. a glossy, action-
unfaithful. But there’s no proof, so that’s all He must have been working – writing packed contemporary
– constantly. I’m not sure he had time to
something that we’re taking liberties with. get drunk and hang out with prostitutes. I cinematic event that
think he was conquering some of breathed new life into a
The progression of the timeline is also his own anxieties – he wanted to familiar tale.
be the best and in order to do
a bit wonky. The play hones in on the that he just never stopped writing. Will is a ten-part TV series
I don’t think he could do anything from TNT that weaves a
year in which Christopher Marlowe died, else, which is why I think he was
socially inept. wildly ctitious tale
but that doesn’t add up in terms of That’s not to say I’m going to play around the Bard’s
him that way. Greg Karvellas, the early career in
what this play tells us about director, has told me I will be a London. Filled with
romantic hero and like it – he’s told illicit love a airs,
what Shakespeare had me to run everyday, lose 5kg, late-night tavern
get buff and be sexy if it’s the last carousing,
already written as a thing I do.
and scenes of terrible
playwright. The play torture, it centres on a
wannabe playwright who also
happens to be ridiculously

suggests that at the

38 OCTOBER 2017

#dirtylaundryFour of Mzansi’s Worst trend Loyiso Madinga Donovan Goliath
hottest young ever?
comedians – Loyiso Ed Hardy is the worst Shaving off eyebrows then
Madinga, Robby thing white people have drawing them back on. Not
Collins, Schalk ever done to each other. all of us have a steady hand
Bezuidenhout and It literally goes Ed Hardy, or artistic ability.
Neil Green – are then World War II.
touring the country I once peroxided my hair.
with Trending Most These make-up tutorials Terrible idea because I'm
Comics, a three-city embarrassing on Instagram. As soon as so pale. It came out burnt
stand-up pilgrimage trend I ever one starts I have to see it orange.
featuring local followed? through. I’m compelled to
hosts Kurt know how it ends. They Something that would make
Schoonraad get me every time, man. people nicer on Twitter.
(in Cape Town), Every. Time. With their lies.
Carvin Goldstone #DidIReallyJustUse
(Durban), and A trend I’d I’d love to make people ThisHashtagToScoreFollowers
Donovan Goliath like to start? realise that they don’t need
(Joburg). to practise freedom of speech
We asked six of in the comments section.
them to air their Just move on.
fantasy #trends.
The hashtag #LoyisoIsBetterThanYourEx
that best
describes me?

A trend Can we please wake each other Start a Twitter account
airlines up for food? Ubuntu, people. with a hashtag where airline
should adopt? Ubuntu. You don’t want to sit passengers share their
next to me when I’m hungry. weirdest and most
I will elbow you. embarrassing
flying experiences.
Trending Comics
happens at Cape Town Mzansi’s Our president. Black Twitter.
Comedy Club, 20 and 21 funniest
October (; trend?
031 Comedy Club in Morningside,
Durban, 28 and 29 October
(; and The Goliath
Comedy Club Melrose Arch,
Joburg, 3 and 4 November

40 OCTOBER 2017


Car vin Goldstone Neil Green Schalk Bezuidenhout Kurt Schoonraad

Clothing. I think once we Without doubt men’s sandals. The fidget spinner. What’s Turn-ups in your trousers.
started wearing clothes it All those straps criss-crossing its purpose? There is no skill And yo-yos... A plastic thing
was downhill from there. over and in-between hairy man involved. Yet kids are addicted. travelling up and down a
If we were all naked we toes and beefy ankles. Just With yo-yos you could at least string? What’s the point?
wouldn’t be so judgemental wear slippers, guys. do tricks! And there was a
because we’d all be equal. sense of danger involved.

Dyeing my hair blonde. All Peroxiding my hair. I blame I wore a bandana for a while Turn-ups. I also wanted
the kids in the neighbourhood the R&B singer Sisqó and his when I was 9. I’m not saying it to look like the
did it. So I found myself also hypnotising dance moves for was a trend then…but I thought I rest of the sheep.
peroxiding. And then when making me go through that. looked cool as all hell. It
I was blonde I went to a Robby Collins still peroxides his had Pokemon on it, which
restaurant to apply for hair now and again. Maybe we didn’t help. Nothing says
a job as a manager. should check his iPhone to see ‘please beat me up’ like a
if ‘Thong Song’ is on there. bandana with Pokemon on it.

Durban slang. I’d love to Live subscriptions – the real- Colourful jerseys from the I’d bring back the dingbat. A bat
see Madam Speaker calling world version of online music 80s. To be honest I think I have and a ball on an elastic band,
someone to order in parliament and video streaming. With my already started the trend. the fun never stops. Perhaps I’ll
saying, ‘What, kind honourable scheme you’ll pay a monthly design a dingbat app… All the
Interviews: Keith Bain, Pictures: Shorena Tedliashvili/, Supplied member, what’s vaaing fee to see as many live shows fun of a dingbat from the privacy
on there?’ as you want. of your own smartphone.

#Zumaresigns #SATaxRebate. I would get #pleasedonotfollowme. That’s #lookupfromyourphone
followers who believe we how you get the rebels. fromtimetotimeyou
should qualify for special tax. aremissingoutonalot

I think getting to I would like an area of Don’t stand in the queue Parachutes. I am surprised this
know your flight mates the plane for people while you wait for the one hasn’t happened yet!
should be encouraged. wanting to socialise. Maybe terminal gate to open. Sit down
And we can rate them the seats can swivel towards instead and wait until there are
online. #gettingtoknow each other in one section so you no more people. Then get up
thepassengernexttome can play board games. and go through. Although...if
everyone does that...
Checking in online. It’s like
people think they won’t be For me the funniest trends are Those rhino horns that people The red
allowed on the plane if they the ones where you know you put on their cars for rhino- rhino horn
don't first check in online. shouldn’t get involved. But you poaching awareness. Like I get on the front
can’t stop yourself. I love the that it’s a very good cause, but of bakkies.
#SisterBettinaChallenge. it looked ridiculous. OCTOBER 2017 41




Ahead of his three-city concert tour of South Africa next month,
Cat Stevens talks about the wild world and all the good things to come.

There’s a hidden history between me When Peter Gabriel rang me up asking and I could potentially be a pop star. So
and South Africa. In the early-60s, one of if I’d come to South Africa for Nelson I went for it.
the first shows I ever fell in love with was Mandela’s 46664 benefit concert for I used to listen to my sister’s record
a musical called King Kong. It had an all- the cause of AIDS, it was my first real gig collection while I was painting. I was
black South African cast and played across in 20-odd years. Peter and I did a very absorbing Beethoven, as well as the
the road from me at the Shaftesbury special ‘Wild World’ duet that included crooners because my sister liked Frank
Theatre. It was amazing – a jazz-infused a Zulu translation of the song and featured Sinatra and that sort of stuff. But then
musical, totally unique. I hung around the the Soweto Gospel Choir. The love I felt along came Little Richard, Buddy Holly
stage door almost every night to listen to from the audience is something I’ve
it. Something about the music really struck never forgotten.
me, and informed my own music. I always wanted to be an artist and first
I have South Africa to thank for helping I tried painting. I tried selling my pictures
me back on my path to full-gear writing next to Green Park and did portraits of
and recording. When I started to go back people on the pavement. I realised that it
in the studio to start an educational label wouldn’t be easy to make a living as an
for children in the mid-1990s, we ended up artist – it would be an uphill climb. But
recording in Joburg with a local choir. That then along came the Beatles and – wham!
choir inspired a new African/South African – the doors were suddenly open. All I
arrangement of ‘Peace Train’. needed was a catchy song, a good name, OCTOBER 2017 43


the 50th anniversary
of his first major hit single
and debut album Matthew and Son,
Cat Stevens – who, in the late-1970
changed his name to Yusuf Islam – brings
his Peace Train Tour to South Africa next
month. He’ll be performing at the TicketPro
Dome, Joburg, on 8 and 9 November; at
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Cape
Town, on 11 and 12 November, and at the
Durban ICC Arena on the 15th,,

and the Beatles, and that was all The lyrics of that genre are all vital and born in London. I didn’t have cultural roots Interview: Keith Bain, Pictures: Supplied
so relevant to where I was and life-inspiring and to do with change. When as such, but I grew up in the centre of
where I wanted to get to, so I joined Dylan came up with ‘The Times They Are London, a busy metropolis. So, in a way, I
the revolution… a-Changin’, it resounded with what we created my own environment within my
Music was not just a commercial were dreaming of and singing about in songs. I painted pictures of the places I
enterprise, it was massively important. those folk clubs. wanted to be, of the kind of world I wanted
My social consciousness awoke early, Learning the guitar was a bit of a chore. to live in.
when I was doing the folk circuit. My fingers hurt for a long time until I’m always in the mood for change.
I developed a thick skin. Otherwise, music My next album offers a bit of a twist in
came quite easily to me. Because I always the story. I’ve re-recorded songs from
had music in the background. I lived in Matthew and Son and I’m having a great
the West End where there were shows time going back into those memories, the
constantly, so I’d pick up all the vibrations, simplicity of those songs and the melodies.
all those different colours and cultures For my last album I was going through a
and sounds. bluesy phase – I wanted to revisit my RnB
The vision of ‘Peace Train’ is idealistic, clubbing days, so I did that. Now I’ve come
like any vision. It’s like Utopia. And we back to very simple, almost pop-ish, very
don't give up on Utopia because of hurdles. child-friendly songs – a mix of old and new
Because hurdles are always going to be songs. The album is called The Laughing
there. My second-to-last tour was entitled Apple. It’s very optimistic, in the way
‘Peace Train...Late Again’ so I’m a realist in ‘Moonshadow’ is optimistic.
that sense. I know the ‘Peace Train’ hasn’t In a way, I’m still the son from ‘Father
arrived and it may still take time, but I am and Son’, I’m still the one walking out
still waiting and I’m still hopeful. The song the door. I’m still the one looking for that
is more to do with ‘I’ve been happy lately change. The other side of me, the more
… thinking about the good things to come’ placid side, has of course also come out
– which is futuristic. I’m talking about the in a way. I’m a family man now. I have
future. We may not be around when it five children and eight grandchildren. It’s
happens. That’s not in our control. But it’s wonderful. So there is that side of me,
hope that carries us forward and gives us which has become settled, but at the
momentum in our lives and our goals. same time, I can’t stop dreaming I can’t
I’ve always felt kind of universal in stop working, I can’t stop trying to make
some sense. My father was from Cyprus, things better with the means that I’ve
my mother was from Sweden, and I was been given.

44 OCTOBER 2017


Siv Ngesi has been around the block, and he’s been around
the world. He shares his best, his worst and his downright
scariest moments.

48 OCTOBER 2017

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