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take me home please May 2017


Starring Shimmy Isaacs

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C hances are that you do not know your neighbours, unless you live in a cardboard box and share
a bottle. However, you quite likely know about them. Like the guy on the right who has a yapping
canine that barks all night, and which you would happily dip in his mosquito-infested pool to drown
out the noise, if it had more than a foot of water in it.

Or the one who lives behind you, whom you have never seen, but would like to mulch with
his own lawnmower at 5am on a Sunday morning. Or the brat sitting right next to you at this
moment, whose drumsticks should be lodged where sound does not travel.

There is definitely an inverse correlation between the proximity to your neighbours and the depth of
your relationships with them. When I lived in a townhouse, I could toss the toothpaste into my neighbour's
bathroom, but I had no idea who lived there or if they even brushed their pearly whites. Now that I live in
the wilds, my nearest neighbour is 100 metres away, but I know them all on a first-name basis. One
would think that this has something to do with security, but this is not the case. I got burgled in my
townhouse but have had no problems on a plot – perhaps because any intruder must be confident of
outrunning four large dogs for over 100 metres, only to potentially be ripped apart and electrocuted by
the fence before being mauled by the dogs next door.

I think the real differentiator is that we country folks accept that we will get
woken by our neighbour’s rooster, but not by them gargling in the morning.
So there is simply less probability of wanting to kill our neighbours before

being introduced.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd MAY 20176 3

Contents 78
MAY 2017

38 41 The Guide 99
Our CEO on neighbourly love. The sky’s the limit with these Why local olives are worth celebrating.
three leggy air hostesses. 38 CULTURE VULTURE
12 KNOCK, KNOCK… Funnyman Mark Banks gets super-serious
Meet Shimmy Isaacs, the comedienne 22 CITY SLICKER about what to see live this month.
next door. Why George is so gorgeous. 41 SEE THE MUSIC
The stars explain why neighbouring
16 THIS MONTH IN 25 THE WEEKENDER Swaziland is where the fire burns
KHULUMA’S ’HOOD Slip away to Karongwe’s snazzy brightest; and find out how Justin Bieber
On our radar this month there’s new lodge. learnt to be a better neighbour.
a star-studded Durban music 48 READ BETWEEN THE LINES
festival, a great new local film, 29 DEALBREAKER Lock yourself in a room alone with
three must-see shows, rings Visiting the Okavango Delta needn’t Fred Strydom’s new novel.
for men, Africa’s dreamiest cost you an arm and a leg.
drink, and SA’s greatest
motorbike festival. 32 TOUGH STUFF
Stretch your legs before and after
the Comrades.

6 MAY 2017 16


Our cover comedienne Shimmy Isaacs falls for music legend
Thandiswa Mazwai; and spare a thought for the people picking up
your plastic throwaways.

Make friends with the strangers on this plane; discover why the
people of McGregor are such great neighbours; see Cape Town’s
neighbourhoods from a new angle; and explore Johannesburg
through the eyes of its diverse cultures.

Film and theatre director Christiaan Olwagen wants his neighbours
to be quiet and his productions to be powerful.

Think you’ve got crazy neighbours? Think again.

Things to covet, crave & adore

Is Ubuntu at the heart of psychological wellbeing? And step into
the Moroccan Barber for the royal treatment.

How traditional Lesotho styles are influencing global fashion.

This money-saving online property agency also produces illustrated
neighbourhood maps based on social media activity.

Cars for sharing the morning commute.

Explaining the incredible
success of stokvels.

Mad Giant is a slick craft
brewer in Joburg’s original

8 MAY 2017

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Knock, knock…
D on’t be scared, it’s only me: Shimmy. You look pretty much the same, so when the husband of
know, the funny girl next door, hiding behind neighbour number four parks his car outside the wrong Photograph: Sven Kristian
the blinds on the front cover. South Africa single mother’s house after a night on the town, you
can be a confusing place, where high walls and can safely assume that everyone will hear what his
intense security sometimes separate us from our
neighbours. Imagine living next door to someone wife has to say about it. Soap operas are free in my
you have never meet? To remedy this neighbourhood, although they mostly start after
phenomenon, I’ve popped in to borrow midnight. Here, the nosy neighbours have
some sugar, share a few jokes, and their uses, too. The gossip-addicted ones
catch up on the latest gossip in your can be trusted to notice every detail
neighbourhood. And what could be a of every moment, so I’m able to relax
better place to get to know someone when I’m on holiday because I know
than right here on a plane? The I’ll always get a full and detailed report
stranger seated next to you right now of everything that goes on around my
might be someone whose conversation house while I’m away.
you’re missing out on. Who knows? Like I said: don’t be scared when your
Perhaps this could become the chattiest neighbours come looking to borrow
aeroplane in the sky if someone just a bit of sugar – or sit down for idle
manages to get the ball rolling. conversation. Now more than ever, we
South Africans should be finding reasons
The strangest neighbour from my to extend the hand of friendship.
childhood was Aunty Bet – at least that’s
what everyone called her. Like clockwork every SHIMMY’S SHAKEDOWN
morning at 7am she would walk down the street
and greet everyone. She might have just been Shimmy has just been nominated
showing off her pyjamas and doing her morning for the Best Presenter award by the
gossip rounds, but what matters is that people ATKV-Mediaveertjies for her TV show,
assumed she was being friendly – a good neighbour. Ken Jy My?. When she’s not biting her
Ai! In that village where I grew up, neighbours played nails waiting for the announcement
a big part in my childhood. My neighbours knew their (due to be made this month), she’ll
job – they were there to keep tabs on us children. In be performing live at the Cape Town
fact, they’d report any child’s suspicious behaviour in a Comedy Club, 10-14 May, and at the
heartbeat. If you stepped out of line, your name would Golden Valley Casino in Worcester
be thrown around until the next neighbourhood on 19 May. She can also be seen in the
scandal. Yip, the village that raised me was small, current kykNET series, Sara se Geheim,
very hot, and apparently very low on sugar. about two families in two very di erent
Cape Town neighbourhoods – Athlone
These days, I live in the shaded southern suburbs and Durbanville. It’s on Tuesdays, 8pm.
of Cape Town. In my area, most of the houses

12 MAY 2017

flying 101

Get your own story, and tell it well

We all know them – the people who have the excitement of doing the same thing GET YOUR OWN SEAT
no travel stories to tell. There are only tomorrow and the next day. But they need
so many times they can talk about their their own travel stories about shark-cage So how do fans convert Avios into
raging night at the gym, asking strangers diving, zip lining or at least rock climbing Travelbank credit – and get their bums
if they even lift, or brag about what to talk about at the real braai. on a seat? Super easily, actually:
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this weekend. GET YOUR OWN REAL
TRAVEL TALE Programme at and start
DON’T FAKE IT collecting Avios points on your
Thankfully, and Avios have everyday spend.
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stories from a fake neighbourhood braai stories and badly retold tales, because Travelbank with your kulula ID details
they never went to. They even add their now everyone has a chance to travel and (if you don’t have an ID you can
own twist to the plot – just to make it more experience life for realsies by converting quickly create one).
interesting. Their response to every ‘Have their Avios points to flights. 3. Then log into Avios with your Avios
you done this?’ or ‘Have you been here?’ log-in details.
is always an eye roll, or worse, a fake story GET YOUR OWN AVIOS 4. Finally, convert your Avios to
about ‘turning up’ at a place that closed Travelbank credit so that you can
down 10 years before this conversation fans who have joined Avios can spread your wings and fly like a bird
even happened. But they aren’t bothered, already collect Avios points at a rate of (not an ostrich or a penguin, but any
they tell it with pride anyway. three Avios for every R10 spent on kulula other kind of bird.)
flights. Now they can also convert their It’s that simple. Let’s end the reign of the
They live vicariously through their Avios to Travelbank credit to purchase ‘I’m-spending-my-leave-days-with-a-
second cousins, aunts, friends, uncles, flights. Fans will be able to redeem in good-book-ers’. Get your own stories
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watch TV and then finish up the day with plane, as well as pay for airport taxes. because of Avios and



Damian Marley – youngest son of the legend – headlines this month’s Zakifo music festival
in Durban. Also on the bill are such luminaries as the ever-smiling Ray Phiri (pictured here)
and Thandiswa Mazwai, who was interviewed by our cover comedienne Shimmy Isaacs for
our chatty feature on page 50. Blue Lagoon Beach, 26-28 May,

SHE’S DRY, BUT PRICKLY As a gentle reminder to passers-by, staff
at Atlantic Point Backpackers in Green
Watch, learn and laugh as the distinguished Point, Cape Town, had this sage and simple
and wise former ambassador to Bapetikosweti reminder painted on its street-facing wall.
To highlight this gesture, Atlantic Point
gives an uncensored, unparalleled is offering khuluma readers discounts on
and unhinged look at the whole already discounted winter rates. Readers
can bag en suite double rooms for R816
thorn-ridden history of SA – from a night, and family rooms for R1 360.
the arrival of Jan van Riebeek to These special rates are effective from
whatever the latest upheaval might May through to August – book directly
be – in Evita Bezuidenhout and the online or via email, using the promo code
Kaktus of Separate Development. ‘savewater’.
Montecasino, Joburg, 23 May – 11
June; Theatre on the Bay, Cape Town,
20 June – 1 July,


Thanks to record-breaking box-office sales, the South African run
of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has been extended until mid-
June. The award-winning musical about three Australian drag
queens travelling across the Outback features probably the best
costumes and biggest shoes ever seen on a local stage. Teatro
at Montecasino, Joburg, until 18 June,

16 MAY 2017



With circuit test rides from the likes of Harley-Davidson, Ducati,
KTM, Husqvarna and Indian, the debut of SA’s 1 000cc superbike
rider’s battle, and the chance to purchase two laps around the
circuit on one of over 70 new motorcycle models, the South Africa
Bike Festival is essential for anyone with a passion for two-
wheelers. After dark, there’ll be a breathtaking freestyle motocross
display, with lasers and music and scintillating tricks executed in
death-defying style by the Monster Energy riders.
Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, 26-28 May,

A TASTE PUT A RING ON HIM Words: Keith Bain; Photographs: Sydelle Willow Smith/Red Bull Content Pool, Kent Andreasen,
OF HOME Antonia Steyn/THE RARE LIBRARY, Nardus Engelbrecht, Keith Bain, redchocolate/, Supplied
These men’s wedding rings are made
Amarula Cream – widely regarded from palladium, a rare white metal
as Africa’s most iconic drink – has that jewellery designer Yair Shimansky
won two major international booze compares favourably with platinum.
awards. Aside from a Gold Liqueur Lightweight and hard-wearing, palladium
Masters Award at London’s Global has a unique lustre, is hypoallergenic,
Spirits Masters competition, the and is resistant to corrosion, oxidation
and tarnishing, making it ideal for hard-
drink also claimed gold at the wearing daily use. The rings are available
New York International from Shimansky stores across
Spirits Competition. the country.

Pigs might fly, but have you ever seen a warthog on ice? Next
In our behind the scenes interview on month Pumba dons his skates – along with a host of other
page 86, Shimmy Isaacs talks with
award-winning theatre director Christiaan Disney characters – when Disney on
Olwagen about his debut feature film, Ice tours South Africa. Three khuluma
Johnny is nie Dood nie, which opens in readers can each win a set of family
tickets (valid for two adults and two
local cinemas on 5 May. The film, which children) to see the show either at the
looks at what Olwagen calls our Ticketpro Dome in Joburg on 30 June,
‘post-revolution hangover’, Durban’s ICC Arena on 13 July, or at
has already garnered
awards and acclaim at Cape Town’s Grand Arena, GrandWest,
festival screenings, and on 19 July. Go to
is reckoned to be a and hit the competitions tab for a chance
game-changer for to win, or get your tickets immediately
Afrikaans cinema. at

18 MAY 2017


Words: Keith Bain; Picture: Supplied GUthIeDE

g for worth travellin

Chicken or beef? Or something
below the belt?

Winter’s headed this way, but that’s no
reason to stay at home. On page 72, you
can see why Cape Town remains a hot
destination throughout the chillier ‘secret
season’. And here's another secret worth
sharing: Gate 69, an intimate dinner-
theatre venue in the CBD, is where you can
catch the Mother City’s edgiest musicals
– its outrageous burlesque performances
and naughty drag acts are designed to raise
eyebrows and send inhibitions flying.

Each Wednesday and Thursday, Cathy
Specific – SA’s First Lady of Aviation – is
joined by her svelte, long-legged Trolley
Dollies for an evening of grown-up fun. It’s
worth booking a trip to Cape Town just to
see the size of their hairdos – then settle
in for the accompanying meze meal and
ceaseless ribald. Between below-the-belt
jibes and saucy songs, this trio of buxom
cabin attendants reveals what really goes
down in and around the cockpit after the
‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign goes on.
Gate 69, 87 Bree Street, Cape Town,
021 035 1627, MAY 2017 21


With mountains for neighbours and the sea
down the road, George may be small, but

it's gorgeously endowed.

Prim, proper, pampered Picture-perfect plates Power pass Words: Gareth Pretorius, Keith Bain; Photographs: Petro Le Roux, Kelvin Saunders, Supplied

With golf carts whizzing around the There’s a subtly Afro-French ambience The Outeniqua Mountains are like a
estate linking golfers to holes on three at Meade Café, an acclaimed restaurant luxuriant ball gown that wraps itself
different courses, or ferrying guests that’s been named among the Garden around the town. Explore them in style
back to their rooms, Fancourt is a vast Route’s top 10. Pop in for slow breakfasts, by taking a trip on the Outeniqua Power
neighbourhood unto itself – everything, languid lunches and serious coffee get- Van, one of George’s unique attractions.
including sumptuously landscaped togethers. It’s all about quality-focused An experienced tour guide will tell you
grounds and panoramic mountain views, comfort food that looks amazing on the tales of the ‘4 Passes’ as you putt slowly
is at your fingertips. Here, Manor House plate – there’s poached haddock and through tunnels, forests and fynbos.
is a pampering, boutique-size hotel-within- scrambled eggs for breakfast, and lunches
a-hotel, with 18 individually decorated include pulled pork wraps, chicken kormas, At times, the traverse is so narrow you
suites occupying a heritage monument. and slow-roasted lamb served with can reach out and touch the rock face on
hummus and Greek salad on a toasted either side. Once you’ve admired the view
Aside from butler-style service, it also pita. There are homemade pies, a quiche from the summit, you’ll head halfway
has a library, bar and pool – and, when of the day, and a selection of salads and down to lunch at a picnic spot with
you want to mingle, there’s always a golf gourmet sandwiches, too. awesome views. Just 20 people can
cart to transfer you across the estate to 91 Meade Street, 044 873 6755, be accommodated on each trip, making
soak up the rest of Fancourt’s extensive this quite an intimate journey.
facilities, including its incredible spa. 082 490 5627, [email protected].
Montagu Street, 044 804 0000,

22 MAY 2017



S ometime during the late 1990s,
fences between a number of adjoining
farms in the central Lowveld region of
Limpopo were dropped – the resulting terrain,
now restored to its pre-agricultural glory, became
Karongwe Private Game Reserve. It’s a glorious
8 500-hectare conservation area of pristine African
bushveld, and around 45 minutes southwest of
Kruger National Park, where around 60 mammal
species (including the Big Five) thrive. The reserve
is a rich mix of Lowveld and mopane bushveld,
with grass savannah, riverine vegetation and
rocky outcrops. At lodges throughout the reserve,
Shangaan trackers bring considerable experience
and knowledge of the bush to bear on productive
game drives, and lodges are able to offer a host of
activities, including bush walks and the opportunity

to sleep under the stars.
Now, a spiffy new safari lodge adds

another reason to visit… MAY 2017 25


Karongwe’s recently opened Becks A TheraNaka spa provides pampering EARN YOUR KHAKI Words: Ethan Pitt; Pictures: Supplied
Safari Lodge offers the reserve’s most between game drives, and there’s a 20m IN KARONGWE
high-end accommodations – there are infinity pool and gorgeous views from
just eight spacious suites tucked into the deck at the main lodge, where there Aside from its safari lodges,
an immaculate setting overlooking the are lounges to relax in and a bar at which Karongwe is also the location
Makhutswi River, plus two family suites you can unwind. To take the edge off cool of one of the camps where
a short distance from the main lodge, winter nights, there’s a sunken fire pit to EcoTraining hosts its immersive
which looks out to a high-traffic waterhole. gather around while tales of the day’s
events are shared. eld-guiding training course.
The lodge’s designers have opted for Apart from its professional,
a bold, modern look, using lots of steel Each morning and late afternoon, one-year eld-guide programme,
and wood and neutral hues to create guests can look forward to expert guiding the organisation runs a variety of
a chic, contemporary aesthetic. Space with gifted trackers at the helm – you shorter experiences that expose
and natural light are emphasised with can set out on foot or join a 4x4 safari. participants to the thrills and
large foldaway doors that open towards Karongwe is known for sightings of spills of being a ranger. From
the river or waterhole. The suites come large cats (cheetah and leopard are both learning to nd your way in the
with colossal, comfy beds bedecked in regularly spotted), and elephant and bush, tracking wild animals and
soft linens, and have indoor and outdoor white rhino populations also make for a identifying plants to setting up
showers and private decks – the layout rich experience – plus, for twitchers, there for a night under the stars and
is geared towards privacy. are some 365 different bird species to living o -grid for days at a time,
tick off the list. it’s a hugely memorable way to
engage with nature and go home
Rates at Becks Safari Lodge with skills that will serve you in
start at R6 100 per person unexpected ways.
per night in the low
season (May to August). eir Karongwe camp is
At the other end of unfenced and consists of 10 walk-
the scale, a night at in tents, each with twin beds,
Karongwe’s Shiduli duvets and pillows. Ablutions
Private Game Lodge
can be had for R2 660. are shared and there’s a communal area as well
as central viewing
decks, with the
chance of spotting
hyenas wandering
through the camp
during the night.

26 MAY 2017



W hile we South Africans are lucky
enough to have an abundance of
game reserves and safari lodges on
our doorstep, Botswana offers a vastly different
landscape and experience. Moremi, in particular,
is known as a wildlife hot spot, and is a protected
area of the Okavango Delta that’s home to lion,
leopard, cheetah, wild dog, spotted and brown
hyena, large concentrations of hippo, elephant and
crocodiles. Oh, and don’t forget the birds.

With tented accommodation, daily game-viewing
cruises and reasonable rates, Xobega Island Camp
may just be the Okavango’s newest sweet spot,
reveals Lynette Botha. MAY 2017 29


It was a yellow-billed kite. That was the morning after breakfast, and another Rates at Xobega
bird I became very familiar with during my late afternoon, in time for sunset. start at $295 per person
three days at Xobega Island Camp. Also, And man, the sunsets on a river in the and include all meals, safari
there were lilac-breasted rollers, yellow- Delta need no filter. The sky was washed activities, park fees and taxes. The
billed storks, African jacanas, kingfishers … camp is accessible via self-drive
and many more I can no longer recall. from Maun (a 4x4 is required) or via
light aircraft. Insect repellents should
The Okavango – a paradise that’s right suffice, as Xobega is not a high-risk
on our doorstep, but so easily overlooked malaria area, but always consult
– is a world-famous birding destination, a travel clinic beforehand.
and if keen twitchers surround you, it’s
hard not to get caught up in the thrill of
with varying intensities of yellow, orange
Still, it was the greater beasts that
held my attention. The pair of hippos and pink every night that we were lucky
protecting their calf below the surface
(and making me a little nervous as we enough to experience it.
drifted by); the elephant wallowing
along the riverbank, undisturbed by our Located in the Moremi Game Reserve,
presence; the crocodile camouflaged
between the reeds. And there was, of on an unfenced private island, Xobega is
course, the magic of experiencing all of
these scenes from the relative comfort one of the Delta’s newest accommodation
and ease of a boat being expertly steered
through the channels. offerings, and one of the most affordable,

At Xobega Island Camp, there are no too. Made up of just 10 Meru-style canvas
4x4s. The preferred mode of transport
for game viewing is a boat, with two tents, each with twin stretcher beds and
four-hour boat cruises daily – one in the
en suite, open-air bathrooms, the camp is

laidback and extremely eco-friendly (from

solar power to bucket showers). Meals

are enjoyed around a long communal

table, and while the food is unfussy, it’s

tasty and there is plenty to go around.

Two communal lounge gazebos that

are sheltered and shaded by surrounding

trees provide the perfect place to read,

relax and enjoy a few G&Ts, while the Photographs: Em Gatland

swaying hammocks are an idyllic spot for

an afternoon siesta. At night, the open-air

boma turns into the informal bar where

stories are swopped around the campfire

as lions roar from across the plains.

30 MAY 2017



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Our teams are on standby to help you out
with any questions you may have. MAY 2017 31



with Mark Banks
Isreaitanl‘dTnumammois’eto, rotor‘Tigmoinoe-a,flTufunemnmyia’?isleWtchhoeamftueenvdneiarienhsetr My one-man show won this year’s Oscar
working in the country. von Memerty Award for Best Picture of the HFoeiutfrn,easn’sonyaumthmtaeitbnrleeeA’
Year … but, actually, the winner was read nothing will go wrong at all.
CTahleedCoanle, 6doMnaCya, csoinmo,pHuotitcekle&t.cSopma,. from the wrong envelope, so we’ll hand all
praise singing and name shaming over to 3TMhaeya–tr1e7oJnutnhee,Bcaomy, CpuatpicekTeotw.conm, .
DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN one anonymous and slightly tipsy theatre
Now in its 237th year! It’s South Africa’s patron who, after a particularly splendid
longest-running one-man comedy show performance, said: ‘It’s probably one of (Screaming) I AM NOT A FAN OF
the most fun nights out I’ve ever had!’ SHAKESPEARE! Still, you can’t help
and it’s been seen by over 23 million Studio Theatre at Montecasino, Joburg, but wonder what happens when it's a
people. Tim Plewman’s show is already play-within-a-play aboard a ship anchored
17 May – 9 July, off the South African coast in 1608.
scheduled to play at the Elon Musk Pieter Toerien Main Theatre, Montecasino,
Theatre on Mars in 2057. Joburg, 3-21 May,

Parker’s Comedy and Jive, Montecasino,
Joburg, Sundays until 25 June,


VEIta'mrsLroaimtlohemua1eosb9SCfrv-etRa2eocpy1nnhaeueMt’nsespasGvSl,yeaoyG,rysmcyerlleidapnoyhswgbtsooynpincnltLyashaayfeOoneLrrLddcaaibGhblLleeye.acrsnttnothaard.ezasd,a,weHCa.nuhintdgohdaiortl.h, e tiahsSsaAaetwlrtloteiaslndcblitaokahpuedeetatdocgOooespca,aekl‘yW.rsIaitonh’HlfalStoCpA’suar,osrm#debm,iiafnCfbei,naltyiephszsiesmomTomiounmwsuets’infni–ac, loaolnl.r
20-27 May,

FUNNY GIRL MAMBA REPUBLIC Words: Mark Banks; Photograph: Supplied

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a Clearly this is a stage version of a David
one-woman stand-up comedy show. It’s a Attenborough-style documentary about
stage musical version of Barbra Streisand’s
classic movie. Come for the accents, come dangerous reptiles and other political
animals who’ll be sinking their fangs into
for the singing, but do come.
The Fugard Theatre, Cape Town, anyone seated in the front row.
until 4 June, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Durban,
16 May – 3 June,

38 MAY 2017



Among artists who perform there and
around 26 000 revellers who attend each
year, Bushfire in neighbouring Swaziland is
regarded as one of the hottest music festivals
on the continent. A uniquely diverse and
energetic gathering, it’s one for the bucket list.

‘We performed at Bush re in 2015 – it was such a great
experience! ey said, “Bring your re”, and we did – we
brought our re! e festival was striking for various

reasons. Firstly, discovering Swaziland was fantastic,
and the people were so welcoming. Secondly, the festival
itself created an opportunity to mix with an incredible
diversity of people who’d arrived from so many di erent
parts of the world. We were also really amazed by the peaceful,
harmonious vibe. Bush re is de nitely on re.’ – Les Nubians MAY 2017 41


‘Bush re was de nitely one of the highlights
of my year. e festival is a unique and
exciting experience – I think everyone
should experience it at least once in their
lifetime.’ – DJ Zinhle

Performing this year is Tuareg ‘It’s the idea of people
desert blues musician Bombino. reaching deep within
Born to the Ifoghas – a tribe themselves to step beyond
known as the Sahara’s traders, even what is expected,
travellers, and warriors – this self- beyond what is comfortable
confessed rebel collaborated on sometimes, beyond what is
a recording of the Rolling Stones taught – that’s what “Bring
classic ‘Hey Negrita’. His second
international album, Nomad, your re” means!’
meanwhile debuted at number – Saul
one on the Billboard World Music Williams,
Album Chart. American
‘What a serious honour to have been invited to what’s considered singer-
a proper world-music festival! We had the chance to watch some songwriter,
incredibly interesting acts from around the world – performances slam poet
that we might never have gotten the chance to see. It was also
the rst opportunity for all of us to visit Swaziland, so that was
fantastic.’ – Russell Grant, Shortstraw bassist

42 MAY 2017

THE GUIDE SEE THE MUSIC With Belgian and Words: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied
Angolan roots and a Pictures: Supplied
Performing at Bushfire for the first time this sound and style that’s
year is Congolese poet, composer, lyricist, extraordinarily unique,
actor, writer, and consummate Yannick Ilunga is better
all-rounder Baloji. He’s known known by his stage
for breaking down genres name, Petite Noir. He
by creating music that was formerly part of
combines rap, traditional a collaborative outfit
African beats, American called Popskarr, and is
forms like soul, funk and now regarded among
jazz, and even deep house. Cape Town’s most
He grew up in Belgium, intriguing electronic
performs in French, and has musicians, with regular
been dazzling listeners since overseas engagements.
his debut album Hotel Impala He makes his Bushfire
was released in 2008. debut this month.

month, MTN
Bushfire celebrates its
11th edition, with scintillating
performances curated from among
some of the finest world-music acts
on the planet. The gathering – which
includes art happenings, craft stalls,
and a family-friendly atmosphere
– takes place in Swaziland’s
Malkerns Valley. 26-28 May,

‘MTN Bush re is one of the festivals
you have to perform at during your
career. It is such a great representation
of Africa on African soil. We really
enjoyed the vibe, the love, and the
energy from the crowd. We hope to
come back and rock our fans again in the
near future.’ – Kenyan band, Sauti Sol,
comprising Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis
Austin Chimano, Polycarp Otieno,
and Savara Mudigi

44 MAY 2017


Unbelieberble Purpose
World Tour SA dates
Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is heading to our shores this month. Not
to egg anyone's house or run riot in the neighbourhood with his Ferrari, but FNB Stadium,
for two concerts destined to send tens of thousands of teens into a frenzy. Joburg, 14 May

Cape Town Stadium,
17 May

F ew people have made Justin has managed to embrace the 7 BELIEVABLE THINGS
international headlines for consequences of the vandalism episode,
provoking their neighbours to and even parodied the egg-flinging incident 1ABOUT THE BIEBER
the extent that Justin Bieber did when he in adverts for his 2015 Comedy Central Justin Drew Bieber was born
lived in a gated community in Calabasas, Roast, which turned out to be one of the in 1994 in London, Canada.
California. Residents complained most watched TV roasts in history. His
frequently about his dangerous driving – he former neighbours, however, have been 2He speaks French uently.
allegedly sped around in his white Ferrari attempting to sue Justin for a million He was teased at school for
with little regard for neighbours. One dollars due to the distress they claim being short, but claims he
couple bore the brunt of Justin’s outrage, to be suffering years after the egging, was like ‘a pitbull … small, but
so much so that in July 2014 he pleaded loud parties and drag races. Last year, I could hold my own’.
no contest to a misdemeanour charge of the court ordered the complainants to
vandalism for throwing eggs at their home. undergo psychological His little sister calls him
He was ordered to pay $80 000 in while Justin 3 ‘Boo Boo’.
damages and carry out 40 hours of was touring He has over 60 million
community service, which he completed the world
at a homeless shelter doing maintenance and 4 Twitter followers.
and janitorial work. He was also ordered to sending His tattoos include an owl,
serve two years probation, a punishment teen girls
that was lifted a month early. into a 5 the word ‘Believe’ on his le
different kind
At the time of his bad conduct, Justin of emotional arm, a bird on his hip, Roman
was still a teenager – now he’s 23 and spin. numerals and a crown on his
probably knows better. He’s also relocated chest, and Jesus on his ribcage
to a 10-bedroom home in the tiny LA Words: Keith Bain; Picture: Supplied
neighbourhood of Toluca Lake. The 6and le calf.
lake-front mansion even comes He taught himself how to
with its own boat, but since play the trumpet, guitar,
last year, he’s barely been piano, and drums – ‘Row Row
there to enjoy it thanks Row Your Boat’ was the rst
to his Purpose
touring 7song he learnt.
schedule. If you’re hoping to bump
into him while he’s here, a
good place to lie in wait is
your nearest mall. He
makes a habit of visiting
a shopping mall in
every city he tours.

46 MAY 2017



insideON THE
Over a year ago, Fred Strydom tweeted: ‘My
new novel The Inside-Out Man crawls to a finish. Madness is obviously a big theme
Hitchcockian, Faustian, Scrooge McDuckian? of the book, but the question becomes:
This one fried my brain.’ Now that the book’s
been published, he tells us how – and why.

Does madness have any virtues? If it

does, can it ever be used to our personal

advantage, as a form of liberation from

In a sentence, I’d describe the novel The protagonist lives in Observatory, the many overbearing constructs of

as a twisty, psychological cat-and-mouse which was one of my old stomping our lives, or is madness only ever its

between two men on opposite sides of grounds as a student, and I’ve always own prison?

a locked door. found it to be a pretty paradoxical suburb. More than anything, I’m driven by the

I’d say it’s for anyone looking for a Walk 10 metres to the left, you’re in the ‘feel’ of the story. Character names get

bit of a cerebral, philosophical spin rear end of the world; 10 metres to the forgotten, as well as plot details, but the

on the psychological-thriller genre. There’s right, you’re in one of the most progressive, unspoken experience of a book or film is

an almost old-fashioned sensibility to eclectic hubs of the city. what lingers – what we carry with us. My

the story too, a blend of Roald Dahl’s The city in the novel is never actually primary job as a writer to decide how

dark, sly adult fiction, the twist-in-the- directly referred to as Cape Town. I’d like my reader to feel about the book

tale short stories of Jeffrey Archer, and This was done intentionally, to create a a day, a week, a month after reading.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents … and even place of imagination rather than reality. Plenty of weird things happen in the Interview: Keith Bain; Photograph: Joanne Olivier

the subversive, high-concept fun of The The same thing goes for the location in book, some of which, out of context, may

Twilight Zone. the countryside. You take the N1 out of do more damage to mention than

It had a funny little inception. A few Cape Town and you see all these good. But I’d have to say that

years ago, a good friend and I set a task dirt roads on either side that Fred Strydom’s the central premise is
for each other: to craft an original story don’t seem to go anywhere, second novel, about as nutty an idea as
based on a single, arbitrary location. It was but are still curiously named. The Inside-Out Man, it gets, with the rest of
decided that mine would be ‘The Room’. Krymeer, the countryside area is published by Penguin the oddities branching
It seemed to lend itself to all sorts of in the novel, is a fabrication, Random House South off in supporting roles.
interesting conceptual and philosophical but it’s my riff on one of those Africa and is available Like a bunch of freak-
implications, so I ran with it. mysterious turn-offs. on shelves this
show side acts, I guess.

48 MAY 2017

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