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The Alliance for a Competitive European Industry (ACEI) was created in 2004 to harness the collective intelligence of 11 of Europe’s leading industry sector associations and BusinessEurope.

The ACEI provides a proactive vision to EU policymakers on how to promote the competitiveness of the European industry on a global scale and transform it towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. The manufacturing industry and its skilled workforce are at the heart of Europe’s prosperity.

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ACEI Manifesto: Europe’s industry united for an inspiring future

The Alliance for a Competitive European Industry (ACEI) was created in 2004 to harness the collective intelligence of 11 of Europe’s leading industry sector associations and BusinessEurope.

The ACEI provides a proactive vision to EU policymakers on how to promote the competitiveness of the European industry on a global scale and transform it towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. The manufacturing industry and its skilled workforce are at the heart of Europe’s prosperity.

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ACEI Members



The Alliance for a Competitive European Collectively, the Alliance members are sizeable
Industry (ACEI) was created 15 years ago contributors to the overall manufacturing
to harness the collective intelligence industry’s economic weight in Europe.
of 11 of Europe’s leading industry sector
associations and BusinessEurope. ACEI represents:

The ACEI provides a proactive vision to EU 20.6M jobs
policymakers on how to promote the compet-
itiveness of the European industry on a global 7733%%of*overall
scale and transform it towards a sustainable
and low-carbon future. 1.2M companies

The manufacturing industry and its skilled 7538%%of*overall
workforce are at the heart of Europe’s
prosperity. € 5.8T turnover


10.6% of EU GDP


* Percentage of overall EU manufacturing industry
Source: Eurostat SBS (Structure Business Statistics), year 2015


in hand
for a
strong and



The critical challenges that Europe faces Europe’s Industry has identified five oppor-
today call upon EU policymakers and industry tunities to revitalise Europe’s industrial
to work together more closely than ever partnership over the next five years.
before, acting as partners to ensure Europe’s
social, environmental and economic progress. Policymakers and industry share a responsi-
bility towards European citizens to create the
Europe’s industry champions work for a strong conditions that support our collective freedom
and integrated Europe which creates jobs, and prosperity.
promotes innovation, and simultaneously
addresses climate change and sustainability. The Europe we want for our employees,
friends, colleagues and families is:
The strong and integrated Europe we support
will fuel the industrial growth needed for the EU 1. UNITED
to help keep its citizens united and able to resist 2. INNOVATIVE
global protectionism. 3. SUSTAINABLE

A thriving industry is at the heart of Europe’s
renewal. We commit to supporting the European
institutions’ efforts to adopt an ambitious
long-term industrial strategy, which will allow us
to deliver on these five key opportunities together.



across the EU
is essential
for growth, jobs
and services.



Harmonised legislation and mutual recognition We call on the EU institutions to:
across the European Union are essential for
driving business growth and competitiveness. ● Create the conditions for a fully operational
EU Internal Market by removing all barriers
The Internal Market needs to operate smoothly to the free movement of goods and services;
to realise the full potential for growth, jobs and
services. Although some progress has been ● Ensure consistent implementation and
achieved in this field, substantial obstacles enforcement of EU legislation throughout
remain which prevent European businesses Europe, with stable and smart policies
from living up to their economic potential. and with effective market surveillance,
while fostering job creation and social
EU manufacturing industry exports values integration;
(2018, € billion)
● Stand against measures which impede the
Intra-EU Extra-EU functioning of a European market;
exports exports
● Enable a human-centric, vibrant digital
1,811 future that builds on technological break-
throughs and takes society with it.


Source: Eurostat


Strengthening 2.
will keep us on
top of the curve
and guarantee
the prosperity of
Europe’s citizens.



As the innovation race accelerates globally, To support an innovative Europe, we
so does the speed at which new products and would like to offer our market experience
solutions reach markets. to policy-makers to:

Strengthening investments into research, ● Make regulation that is fit for innovation:
development and deployment of innovative nurture the European innovation landscape
solutions at scale will keep us on ahead of by designing regulations that are both
the curve and guarantee the well-being and flexible and stable enough to support
prosperity of Europe’s citizens. investment;

Industrial investments in R&D in 2018 ● Invest in our education systems for citizens
compared to 2017 (€ billion) of all ages and encourage them to be more
innovative and to take risks across discipli-
274 200 71 nary borders and into entrepreneurship;
● Increase and leverage R&D funding to
+5.5% ensure widespread access to state-of-
the-art technology infrastructures to test and
+20.0% scale-up new European technologies;

USA EU China ● Move towards an exciting and socially
responsible digital future by partnering on
Source: The 2018 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.



industry needs
to be robust
to achieve its



The speed and scale of the transformation To develop the right policy mix to
required to combat climate change is accelerate the transition, boost Europe’s
enormous. competitiveness and deliver on the Paris
Agreement, we are keen to work together
European industry needs to be robust to with the European Union to consistently
achieve its sustainability objectives, proceed advance the objectives of competitiveness
to the investments needed and innovate at and sustainability to:
full speed. Investments in climate neutrality,
resource efficiency and overall sustaina- ● Create a forward-looking, technology-
bility are essential components of European neutral sustainable finance framework,
competitiveness. which boosts investors’ confidence;

€ 320 bn ● Safeguard a solid share of the EU budget
dedicated to climate action;
will be allocated
for climate action – ● Improve the investment environment through
more than a quarter efficient market-based frameworks and
of the next multiannual innovative market design;
EU budget.
● Facilitate industrial cooperation around
Source: EC Communication “EU budget for the future”, 2 May 2018 the energy transition and notably the use
of clean electricity for the decarbonisation
of the economy.



We are proud
that the EU
to be open
to trade and
investment and
advocates for



The European Union relies on exports in an ● Continue to develop an ambitious and
increasingly fragmented global economy. comprehensive network of bilateral trade
and investment agreements notably in fast
We must therefore ensure that the European growing regions;
manufacturing industry operates in a healthy
global trade environment to guarantee ● Improve the implementation and enforce-
sustainable growth and jobs’ creation. ability of trade rules and trade agreements,
so that more European companies
We are proud that the European Union is and can benefit from trade and investment
continues to be open to trade and investment. opportunities;
We strongly believe in the virtues of multilat-
eralism and rules-based trade, while applying ● Work to maintain a strong and stable
trade defence measures to counter unfair relation with the US as one of our most
practices. important trading partners, and seek oppor-
tunities to develop a positive agenda while
To maintain our position, we want to help effectively safeguarding European interests;
policy-makers to:
● Work to rebalance the relation with China
● Remain strongly engaged in the reform by promoting a framework that ensures
of the World Trade Organisation as the equal and fair treatment for European
guarantor of the world’s trade order. Promote companies and improved access to the
a more effective international trading order Chinese market. The conclusion of an
with modernised rules and a functional ambitious Comprehensive Agreement on
dispute settlement mechanism; Investment remains a priority.


We work 5.
to ensure that
a skilled
workforce is
able to take up
the challenges
of the European



Fewer young people join the European manufac- ● Guarantee education and training curricula
turing industry workforce today than in the past. – including for re-skilling and up-skilling –
The EU’s population is ageing and stagnating, which that match the current and future needs
is an additional concern for its future workforce. of the industry, with special emphasis on
STEM (science, technology, engineering and
These trends occur against a background of rapid mathematics) subjects, digital and languages,
change in industry. Decarbonisation, new technolo- as well as on soft skills that allow for adaptability
gies and business models, innovative products and to fast changing manufacturing processes
new technologies substantially transform all manu- and conditions;
facturing processes. We want to work together to
ensure that a qualified and skilled workforce is able ● Facilitate cross-border and cross-sectoral
and willing to take up the new roles and challenges labour mobility by improving transparency and
that Europe’s Industry has to offer, and to improve recognition of certificates and degrees in terms
the overall attractiveness and public perception of of learning outcomes – including from higher
the manufacturing industries as workplaces. education and vocational education and training
– in individual Member States and, where
A dynamic partnership between Industry appropriate, throughout the European Union;
and the European Union will enable us to:
● Establish efficient mechanisms for mentoring
● Align the need for skills and curricula, programmes to allow the transfer of know-how
by developing a highly-qualified and skilled from an ageing workforce to younger staff;
workforce which enables Europe’s industry to
remain competitive, grow on the global market ● Raise awareness on the merits and benefits
and keep up with technological advances; of working for the manufacturing industries
in Europe, notably by lifting myths and
misunderstandings, including on wages and
working conditions.





We stand before an opportunity to build If you share this vision and are working to
a Europe that is united, innovative, unlock these opportunities for an inspiring
sustainable, global and social. It’s time future, you can count on our active support.
to work together to make it happen.
You can contact us either individually or collec-
Representing a broad spectrum of European tively through the ACEI – we look forward to our
industry, the ACEI stands committed to a strong dialogue.
and integrated Europe where innovation drives
renewed growth and competitiveness, while
enabling social, environmental and economic

We call on EU policymakers to work with us and
embrace these goals. Together, we can put in
place a framework to promote Europe’s global
industrial leadership while addressing societal
challenges from climate change to demo-
graphics to unemployment. Together, we can
show that EU-level collaboration can deliver for
citizens – today and in the future.



ACEI (Alliance for a Competitive European Industry) members

● ACEA ● Eurelectric
The European Car Manufacturers Union of the Electricity Industry
Kristian Ruby, Secretary General
Association [email protected]
Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General ● EUROFER
[email protected] European Confederation of Iron

● BusinessEurope and Steel Industries
The Confederation of European Business Axel Eggert, Director General
Markus Beyrer, Director General [email protected]
[email protected] ● Eurometaux
European Association of Metals
● Cefic Guy Thiran
European Chemical Industry Council [email protected]
Marco Mensink, Director General
[email protected]

● CEMBUREAU ● FoodDrinkEurope
The European Cement Association Representing Europe’s food and drink
Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive
[email protected] industry
● CEPI Mella Frewen, Director General
Confederation of European Paper Industries [email protected]
Jori Ringman, Director General ● FuelsEurope
[email protected] The voice of the European petroleum
European Textile and Apparel Confederation refining industry
Dirk Vantyghem, Director General John Cooper, Director General
[email protected] [email protected]
● Orgalim
Europe’s Technology Industries
Malte Lohan, Director General
[email protected]


Alliance for a Competitive European Industry
Rue d’Arlon 55, BE-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 234 10 45
[email protected]

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