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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-02-15 06:34:30

Sappi InTouch 18_03

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Here it is! A new name
to keep you in touch
Following our recent naming competition, InTouch has been selected as the new name for our Head Of ce staff newsletter, previously known as Headlines.
15 February 2018
A total of 70 employees participated in the competition, with the top three choices being: In Touch, Sappi in Motion and The Rosebank Review.
We believe that In Touch, adapted to InTouch, is an apt choice, for several reasons:
} The name re ects the purpose of this
bi-weekly newsletter: keeping people in touch with what is happening at Head Of ce, in Sappi and where relevant, in the Rosebank area.
} It resonates with our aim of being in touch with Sappi’s mission, vision and strategy in all we do; as well as staying in touch with market changes, customer and consumer trends.
} It also highlights our intention to keep in touch with one another – connecting and collaborating – in line with our One Sappi approach.
Thank you for helping us choose a name that re ects who we are as a team and what we aim for.
The newsletter naming competition winner, Rani Subban (middle, Rebate Administrator) joined by Mpho Lethoko (General Manager Communication, SSA) and Samantha Johns (Manager Corporate Digital Communication).
Our lucky draw winner, who received a Rosebank Mall shopping voucher, is Rani Subban.
InTouch will continue to bring you news relevant to Sappi staff at our Head Of ce in Rosebank. This online newsletter is produced every second week.
Article submissions are welcome (submit them to [email protected]). The deadline is at 10:00, every Thursday.
A good performance and on track
to achieve our 2020Vision
Sappi delivered a good rst quarter for FY2018, in which many of our businesses performed strongly and even ahead of budget, particularly in Sappi Southern Africa.
“The drop in share price is by no means a re ection of our underlying performance,” noted Sappi CEO Steve Binnie during the results presentation to Rosebank Head Of ce staff on Monday. Our share price has rather been impacted by current political in uences, which are moving the business into a period where the stronger Rand will
continue to place pressure on our business and margins.
“Importantly, however, is that we are
well on track to achieve our 2020Vision targets,” he said, and predicted that Sappi’s results are likely to plateau in FY2018 due to external factors, followed
by a huge acceleration in the next year “as we get payback on investments made to grow the business”.
These investments include the acquisition of the Cham Paper Group, as well as R&D investments, expansions to add
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15 February 2018
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Quarter 1 results (continued)
additional tons of dissolving wood pulp, the conversion of coated capacity to packaging in line with growth in this market segment and procurement and ef ciency programmes.
Sappi Southern Africa also had a good quarter with strong demand, resulting in gures on par with, and even exceeding budget in several areas, including
paper production (114% of budget), containerboard (122%) and sales (101%).
However, CEO of Sappi Southern Africa, Alex Thiel, pointed out that the stronger Rand is adding pressure to the region’s pricing and production costs, making it vital “to contain and manage our costs and expenses in all areas, so as not to exceed what was budgeted for.”
In terms of safety, it was a great quarter for SSA, with very few lost time injuries reported. The results from the Du Pont safety survey will soon be discussed and communicated, “but indications are that we are already doing what is right, we just
need to sharpen our focus and efforts.”
In conclusion, Alex thanked staff for a great effort during the quarter. “Let’s keep up
the good work to ensure that we reach our budget as intended.”
Concern regarding the air conditioning system at HO: Deon van Aarde assured staff that the problem in regulating the
air conditioning temperature is receiving urgent attention. The relevant service providers have been informed and are busy with onsite investigations to resolve the issue.
Canteen challenges: Concerns regarding the drop in food quality have been noted. One of the factors that seem to have aggravated the problem is a lack of staff support. “If we are not supporting the canteen, they are not making money – and hence the decline in quality,” said Deon. He also pointed out that canteen management
were challenged to cook off-site due to the limited space in the kitchen. They have now con rmed that they should be able to make adaptions and cook on site, which may result in better quality meals. In terms of the canteen staff subsidy, the focus
is still on healthy meals to be subsidised by the company; and not on comfort (unhealthy) foods and snacks. These are not part of the Sappi meal subsidy.
Will more staff be moved to the Shared Service Centre in KZN?: Alex explained that the ideal situation with the new Shared Service Centre outside Amanzimtoti would be to have the SSA Shared Service team all working under one roof – as is the case with Sappi Europe’s Krakow shared service of ce and the Portland facility in Sappi North America. “People work better as a team when they work together,” he said, “but no-one will be forced to relocate to the KZN of ce.” Staff will have the option to move.
During question time, the following in-house issues were addressed:
Well done on long service
Congratulations to the following colleagues, joined by Alex Thiel (left, CEO Sappi Southern Africa) who recently celebrated long service with Sappi. From left: Izel van den Heever (10 years), Tricia du Plessis (15 years), Louis Kruyshaar (25 years), Koosh Panday (15 years), Grant Robertson (30 years) and Serena McGinn (15 years).

Up close with...
Steve Binnie (CEO, Sappi Limited)
15 February 2018
In this new series, we get up close and personal with our fellow colleagues at Sappi Head Of ce – a fun way to get to know one another better on a more personal level. Thanks to Steve for agreeing to
go rst.
1. What makes you happy? When Scotland win at football or rugby!
This means I’m not happy very often.
I love spending time with my kids and my favourite has to be dropping them at school in the morning. It’s the only time they seem to open up.
2.How do you deal with stress? Red wine or a Glenlivet-on-the-rocks always helps. Running in the morning
and going for a run whenever I’m on business trips are also refreshing and give me time to clear my mind.
possession? My record collection.
I bought my rst album in 1981 – Vienna by Ultravox – and I’ve been building up
my collection ever since. I love the fact that there has been a resurgence in vinyl sales, with more records available in recent years.
4.Who is the person in history you admire the most? There are many to admire, so I’m going to stay
away from the obvious and stick with a fellow Scot. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the greatest life-saving drug the world has ever seen and forerunner to modern antibiotics. Imagine making such a difference in the world.
5. What is your favourite book? I read Lord of the Flies when I was a teenager and it blew me away. The
behaviour of the boys was very revealing and re ective of many people I would encounter in later life.
What is your favourite movie 6. or play? There are so many
favourites to choose from. From recent movies, I enjoyed Hacksaw Ridge
– very inspirational. Older movies, I love Stand by Me, as it reminds me of my youth. I recently watched it again with my 13-year-old daughter and she also loved
it; so, it’s great that it has stood the test of time. Finally, I must have a sports movie. Being Scottish and a runner, there can only be one, Chariots of Fire, the story of Eric Liddell. The scenes where he is running in the highlands of Scotland with the music playing, give me goose bumps every time.
Share a hidden gem in SA that is
9.Which talent would you most like to have? I would love to play
a musical instrument. About 15 years ago, I went for piano lessons. Unfortunately, my musical skills are awful, and I didn’t have enough time to practice, so I quickly gave up. I’m determined to give it another go in the near future.
10.What character trait do you value most in a person? Someone who stands up for
what they believe in. I’ve worked with people in the past who just go with the ow and only to please their bosses. I admire someone with a spine. Watching some of our current politicians ip sides, just because a new leader has been appointed, makes me so mad.
What can’t you live 11. without? Sad to say, but
probably my cellphone. I need to change that.
12.What don’t people at Sappi know about you? So much, and I can’t share it all here! But
one thing, when I was 16, I sang in a punk band in my home town, called the Cakes. We played a couple of gigs. We were terrible, and my singing was the worst of all. The only reason I got to sing was that I had the loudest voice. I used to have a few tapes with us playing, but destroyed them a few years back because they were so bad. Wish I’d kept them now.
What excites you about working for 13. our company? Sappi is at a
wonderful stage in its evolution.
We have positioned the company for future growth and have a huge
amount of opportunities. I get so excited by the prospects in DWP, packaging and bio-products. And the global push for renewable/sustainable raw materials will open more doors. We truly have the chance to make a difference.
Overseas, a hidden gem has to be my home town of Stirling, Scotland. A town with great historical signi cance, as it
is strategically placed on a river in the middle of the country and was known
as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’. It
has a beautiful castle overlooking the town and many famous battles were fought there, including the one from the movie Braveheart, where William Wallace defeated the English invaders.
What was your rst job?
8. I was an auditor. What can I say, my sparkling personality had to come from somewhere.
worth a visit. Not a hidden gem, but I love Franschoek – the wine, food and scenery are all wonderful.
What is your most treasured

JP Morgan race:
Sign up and be part of Team Sappi
In line with our value of executing with speed (we all want to improve our previous best time), let’s dust off our running or walking shoes, start stretching those muscles and join the spirit of Team Sappi at the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge on Thursday, 05 April 2018.
15 February 2018
It’s fun! Excited Sappi team members at a previous JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.
Join the Sappi team by entering online via Our team name is Sappi Southern Africa.
Please note that Sappi has limited entries available, which will be allocated on a rst-come- rst-served basis. Although entries are available to Sappi full-time employees only, we encourage contractors to also enter through respective companies.
Important: Before signing up, please check your diary carefully to ensure that you can attend the event, as no substitutions are allowed. Race numbers are printed overseas. The race number will be allocated to you has a tag, linked to your eMail address and mobile number.
Race packs and t-shirts will be available closer to race day. Collection details will be sent to participants in due course.
Should you require further information, please eMail either Deon van Aarde (team captain) or Norma Brown.
Watch this space for regular updates.
Use Sappi Learning to become
a great mentor
In support of the various mentoring initiatives in our business, the internally developed Introduction to Mentoring course is now available on Sappi Learning.
Introduction to mentoring
Mentoring is a valuable development tool for Sappi. It is aimed at equipping our talent with the right skills needed to function effectively in their role and career journey. Furthermore, it provides Sappi mentors with the opportunity to actively contribute to the personal and professional growth of their mentees, through the sharing of their experiences.
The course simpli es mentoring as a
process and contains downloadable resources, such as preparation checklists and discussion topics. Its primary initial
target audience is the engineering and forestry mentors who work
with Sappi EIT and FIT trainees, but it could add value to anyone who is thinking about being a mentor.
Other mentoring resources available on Sappi Learning:
Mentoring that Matters
Finding Mentors – How to connect with successful people
The bene ts of mentoring in the workplace (a video) Tips for nding a mentor

Next blood donation:
20 February 2018
A person can donate blood if they:
} Weigh at least 50kg or more
} Are between the ages of 16 and 65
} Are in good health
} Lead a sexually safe lifestyle
} Consider their blood safe for
} Commit to donate blood regularly.
Do not give blood if:
} You have had more than one sexual partner in the past six months.
} You have had sexual contact with someone whose sexual background is unknown to you.
} You are a man who has been involved in sexual activity with another man.
} You have or may have contracted a sexually transmissible disease (STD), such as HIV or Syphilis, which can be passed on to a patient through a blood transfusion.
} You are giving blood to get a free HIV/ AIDS test.
Join our weekly
15 February 2018
The new demarcation regulations under
the long-term and short-term Insurance
Acts, which came into effect in 2017, means that some changes have been made to Admed Gap bene ts effective 01 January 2018. These bene t changes apply to all Sappi employees who are members of Admed Gap.
How will the regulations impact your Admed Gap bene ts?
} Shortfall bene ts will be capped at R150,000 per person a year. This is the maximum allowable bene t limit as stated in Demarcation Regulations for Gap products.
} Lumpsum bene ts (Cancer and Accidental Death and Disability Bene t) will not be included in the capped amount.
} The long-term hospitalisation bene t has been removed.
} The accidental death and disability bene t has been doubled to R50,000.
} The casualty bene t will no longer pay claims where the medical scheme has not paid at least a portion of the casualty costs.
The changes to Admed Gap have been made to ensure that the product is compliant with the demarcation regulations.
It will only affect Sappi members for claims dated 01 January 2018 onwards.
Claims that are submitted for service dates prior to 01 January 2018 will still be processed under the old product. Members have four months to submit claims from the date of service.
Legislation and its impact
on Admed Gap
Donating blood is safe
You cannot contract HIV/AIDS from donating blood. All needles and nger prick lancets are new, sterile and used only once. After use, each lancet and needle are placed in a special medical-waste container and incinerated. Trained staff collects all blood donations and very strict protocols are followed to ensure that all blood donation procedures are safe.
Our pilates classes have resumed and will take place every Thursday from 12:00- 13:00 in the Oxford Meeting Room on the ground oor.
All staff are welcome to join.

15 February 2018
New appointments in Sappi Forests
Several structural changes have been made in Sappi Forests with effect from 01 March 2018. We wish the following employees the best in their new roles:
Forestry KZN
Mbeko Nkosana is appointed as Senior Area Manager: Khulisa. Mbeko will lead the Khulisa team and will report to the General Manager Forestry: KZN, Duane Roothman.
Forestry MPU
Mark Barnardo is appointed Senior Area Manager: KZN South. Mark will lead the KZN South team and report to the General Manager Forestry: KZN, Duane Roothman.
Andie Immelman is appointed as Development Manager: KZN. Andie will be redeployed to the Forestry KZN technical team, reporting to the General Manager Forestry: KZN, Duane Roothman.
Jaap van der Berg is appointed as Logistics Services Manager: MPU. Jaap will lead the Logistics team in Mpumalanga and reports to the General Manager Forestry: MPU, Dietmar Schroeder.
Steve Reynolds is appointed as Forestry Manager: Fire Management and will be redeployed to the Forestry KZN technical team, reporting to the General Manager Forestry: KZN, Duane Roothman.
Schalk Jacobs is appointed as Area Manager: Risk MPU. Schalk will lead the MPU risk and technical team. Schalk
will report to the General Manager Forestry: MPU, Dietmar Schroeder.
Riyad Ismail is appointed as Data Scientist and Remote Sensing Specialist reporting to the General Manager
– Research, Planning and Nurseries, Giovanni Sale. Riyad will lead the newly created Data Science department.
Kayla Noeth will join Jolanda’s team as Research Of cer: Pests and Diseases.
Stefan du Plessis
is appointed as Resources Manager: MPU and will report to the General Manager Forestry :MPU, Dietmar Schroeder. Stefan will lead the Resources team in MPU and takes over from Joggie Hills, who retires in October this year.
Research, Planning and Nurseries
Ian Horrell is appointed as Divisional Planning Manager, reporting to the General Manager: Research, Planning and Nurseries, Giovanni Sale. Ian will lead the Planning team and takes over from Nico Hattingh who retires in May. Ian will work in tandem with Nico until Nico’s retirement.
André Wise is appointed as Principal Research Of cer: Mensuration. André will report to Riyad Ismail.
Jan Jansen is appointed as Planning Manager: Assets reporting to the Divisional Planning Manager, Ian Horrell.
Adré Steyn will join the
Data Science department as Research Of cer: Data Science. Adré will report to Riyad Ismail.
Louis Gower is appointed as Planning Manager: Resources. Louis and his team will report to the Divisional Planning Manager, Ian Horrell.
Jolanda Roux is appointed as Programme Leader: Pests and Diseases reporting to the General Manager: Research, Planning and Nurseries, Giovanni Sale. Jolanda will lead the newly created Pest and Diseases programme.
in safety perception survey
As part of our commitment to make Sappi a safer place to work, staff in the SSA region were asked
to complete the Du Pont safety perception survey in November last year.
The required participation rate for the survey was 20%, but Sappi exceeded this and achieved a
rate of 51% for our own employees and 17% for contractors. This strong response shows that our employees share in the company’s pursuit of a zero-injury workplace.
Job categories:
286 responses Supervisors/Team Leaders
427 responses Employees/Workers
3,337 responses Professionals
250 responses
No job categories selected
Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Your support
of this critical aspect in building a sustainable, pro table business, is highly appreciated. Final survey feedback and discussion workshops will commence on 14 February 2018. This will be followed by a risk conference, where actions and timelines to address the survey ndings, will be agreed on.
Total responses received:

Life Skills
Enrol for the 2018 Life Skills Bootcamp with FAMSA and gain life long skills to help you balance your life.
Bootcamp sessions (no tness gear required)
15 February 2018
with FAMSA
Dealing with tweens so they get you
21 June 2018 11:00-12:00
Learn how to get your point across and deal with di cult situations in their language.
The art
of communication
14 February 2018 | 10:00-12:00
Communication is the key to success. Especially with your loved ones!
16 August 2018 11:00-12:00
Learn the secrets of keeping each other happy
Manage stress like a pro
12 April 2018 | 11:00-12:00 Learn healthy coping skills for stress
Navigating trauma
18 October 2018 Learn skills that will help you deal with trauma
Enrol for the bootcamp series and receive a FREE happiness kit in which you can place all the goodies that you receive after at- tending each session. You must enrol to qualify for the happi- ness kit. All sessions will take place in the Oxford Training Room.
To enrol email [email protected] by 10 February 2018.

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