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Published by Candace Bentel, 2016-12-14 04:18:02

Gyata Akasa - Edition 1 | 2016

Gold Fields - West Africa

West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
Looking to a bright
future in Ghana
West Africa
Dear Colleagues
We have indeed had an exciting past few months here at Gold Fields
Ghana. The signing of the Development Agreement with Government in March was followed by the announcement of the Damang Reinvestment Plan in late October.
These developments are of critical importance both to Gold Fields Ltd and to our West Africa Operations. The reinvestment will allow us to unlock
the full value of ore in the Damang pit, adding 8 years to Damang’s life of mine and raising its pro le as a key asset in
the Gold Fields portfolio. It will protect existing and create new jobs and deliver ongoing bene ts to communities and the economy.
You can nd all the information about the Reinvestment Plan on pages 2 and
3 – and many other stories on successful people and projects throughout the rest of this publication.
We have a
Damang Reinvestment explained
Investing in community youth
Energy update
EDITION 1 2016
We hope that you enjoy reading this rst issue of Gyata Akasa – we know how important ongoing engagement with our people is and we trust that you will nd the stories inside both informative and inspiring.
Please join us in congratulating Augustine Osei Gyapong (HR department)who won the “Name our Newsletter” competition. Augustine won a Ghc150 shopping voucher for suggesting the winning name.
Gyata Akasa means ‘the lion has spoken’ – these words
bring together the lion at the centre of Gold Fields’ brand and the importance we place on communicating.
Warm regards
Alfred Baku
EVP: West Africa Region
Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
Damang reinvestment gets go-ahead
There was great excitement in Gold Fields Ghana on
24 October when Gold Fields announced it will be investing US$1.4 billion in capital and operating costs in our Damang mine, extending its life of mine by 8 years.
The Reinvestment Plan follows the 11-year Development Agreement
signed between Gold Fields Ghana and Government in March this year. In terms of the agreement, Gold Fields Ghana’s tax rate was reduced from 35.0% to 32.5%, our royalty rates are now linked to the gold price, and we receive concessions on import and other duties. These savings paved the way for future investment in our Ghanaian operations.
The Reinvestment Plan entails a major cut back to both the eastern and western walls of the Damang Pit. This will give
us access to the full Damang ore body, including the high grade Tarkwa Phyllite lithology, and unlock an estimated additional 1.65 million ounces of gold over the next 8 years.
In so doing it will help protect the jobs
of our people, create additional jobs
and deliver enormous bene ts to the communities. We will continue to invest in sustainable development projects
and, over the 8-year period this may amount to US$5m. At the same time, we have already commenced work on the US$17m project to tar the road between Tarkwa and Damang.
Speaking on the day of the Reinvestment Plan announcement, EVP Alfred Baku said, “In Ghana on average 8 to 10 people rely on each person who is formally employed in the mining industry. This means that the Damang Reinvestment will have a huge positive impact not just on employees but also on communities.”
The announcement re ects Gold Fields’ commitment to its Ghanaian operations.
The Damang
Steps in the process
1. A 265m pre-strip will allow us to access the base of the existing pit.
2. While pre-stripping is in progress:
• mining continues at Amoanda, Lima South, Kwesi Gap and Tomento East pits to provide short-term ore supply
• plant feed will be supplemented by low-grade surface stockpiles
3. Pre-strip will be followed by a deepening of the pit by a further 76m, giving us access to the full Damang orebody.
76 metres
depth that the existing pit will be deepened by
Reinvestment will have a huge
additional gold ounces that the reinvestment plan will unlock
positive impact not just on employees but also on communities. Alfred Baku EVP: West Africa Region
number of jobs that are directly associated with the Reinvestment Plan
increase in the Proven and Probable Reserves (to 1.68Moz) compared to December 2015 figure

S$5 million over 8 ye
• Life of Mine (LOM) extended to 2024 (8 years)
• Additional 1.65 Moz gold • 75%in reserves
Gold Fields
Reduced Tax Rate
Damang Reinvestment
will have a huge positive impact not just
on employees but also on communities.
Alfred Baku EVP
1,400 contractors
(60% from local communities)
368 Gold Fields employees
(50% from local communities)
90 xed term contractors
(100% from local communities)
Gold Price – Linked Royalty Payments
Financial Savings for Gold Fields Ghana
Ghana Government
Concessions on import and other duties
This investment will
position Damang as
one of the quality assets in
our portfolio.
Nick Holland CEO
... signed between ...
• Ongoing payment of taxes and royalties
• 8-10 dependants supported by every person employed
Agriculture US$1.6m Education US$1.5m Infrastructure US$1.0m Water & Sanitation US$0.7m Health US$0.2m
Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
Changing lives through surgery
74 lives changed
Gold Fields Ghana recently partnered with the Greater Works Restoration Foundation (GWRF), an NGO, to provide free reconstructive surgery for 74 patients with severe burns, cleft palates, contractures and tumours.
These highly specialised operations are life changing, yet unaffordable for most patients. Medical professionals and surgeons from the GWRF work with the Ghana Reconstruction of Anomaly and Trauma Fund (Graft) to perform them for free. Gold Fields Ghana helped to make the surgeries possible by covering more than a quarter of the total costs.
The donation con rms the company’s commitment to community upliftment, which includes providing quality health- care to communities as well as specialised medical care.
“We are very impressed with GWRF’s commitment to transforming individuals’ lives. It aligns with our own strong
belief that corporate organisations and institutions have a key role to play in helping to reduce poverty, promote economic growth, and enhance people’s quality of life,” says David Johnson, Vice President for Corporate Affairs.
David Johnson (left) presenting cheque to Dr (Mrs) Hoyte-Williams, Board Member of GWRF.
Nana Kwabena Amponsah IV, Chairman and Chief of Bosomtwe Traditional Area.
Surgical services are some one of the most expensive in
the field of health, and having Gold Fields’ support for this project has contributed substantially in helping us restore a sense of self-worth, dignity and confidence in these patients. Dr Paa Ekow Hoyte-Williams, Reconstructive Plastic and Burns Surgeon and GWRF Founder
with our communities
Our mines hold regular meetings with key stakeholders in our host communities. At a recent meeting in Damang, chaired by Nana Kwabena Amponsah IV, (chief of Bosomtwe Traditional Area), Damang’s Head
of Community Affairs, Abdel-Razak Yakubu, briefed community members on local employment opportunities arising from the Tarkwa-Damang road upgrade project.
Nana Enimil Kwaw, Chief of Nyamebekyere, one of the stakeholder communities of the Damang Mine.

Investing in community youth
Obaahemaa Adwoa Kwantwiwaa of Bompieso, presenting an award letter to Foundation recipient, Sebastian Diaw.
invested in students from our communities
Through the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation (GFGF), Damang has awarded scholarships and bursaries to 65 students from the mine’s 9 host communities.
Seen on
Feedback from Gold Fields followers
On our Damang Reinvestment Plan
“Great news indeed. Well done Gold Fields.” Delsen Boisen
“Now that’s a company that looks beyond all possible measures for growth.” Emmanuel Kwashie
“Great news! God bless our homeland Ghana! Long live Ghana, long live Gold Fields!” Abugre Lord Samuel
On our Development Agreement with government
“Lots of hard work has nally paid off. I have no doubt it is going to impact 2017. Congrats!”
Michael Kuttin
On the new road between Tarkwa and Damang
“Very well done Gold Fields. Ful lling part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and improving the lives of locals within your operational areas.” Alhaji Sheriff
“This is an excellent CSR project. A good move and we appreciate it.” Ben Asante
On Damang awarding bursaries to students
“Awesome... Typical of Gold Fields Damang. Proud to be part of the team.” Kobena Wiredu (Engineering Department)
“Great to see this investment in one of Ghana’s great assets: its people.” Jacqui Coombes
Follow Gold Fields’ page on LinkedIn for more feedback, Gold Fields news and job opportunities
Almost half of the students were granted full scholarships, while the others received bursaries to cover their senior high school (SHS) or tertiary education. The bene ciaries were selected by a scholarship committee, comprising representatives from the Damang Mine, the Ghana Education Service (GES), traditional authorities, as well as assemblymen from the host communities.
At the event where the announcement was made, Nana Ko Enyan, Gyasehene of the Damang Divisional stool, commended Gold Fields for its continuous assistance and contribution to education, health, water and sanitation, and other infrastructure projects in host communities.
by the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation since 2004
Over 65% of our scholarship and bursaries beneficiaries
are in gainful employment, and at least four of them are medical doctors who deliver quality healthcare to Ghanaians in di erent parts of the country. So we know that our support to these brilliant young men and women go a long way, even beyond our immediate communities.
Abdel-Razak Yakubu Damang’s Community A airs and Public Relations Manager
bursaries awarded
Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
Ben’s Masters gives greater insight into business strategy
Balancing the demands of full-time work and full-time study is not easy, and Ben Ocran: Union Secretary, feels a justi able sense
of achievement at having completed his Masters Degree in Human Resource Development through the University of Cape Coast.
Ben’s studies were co-
funded by Gold Fields, together with the Union
“Gold Fields sponsored my fees, accommodation and food while the union picked up the bill for transport and books,” he explains.
Ben previously studied a Post-graduate Degree in Labour Policy, but he believes his latest studies are just as closely aligned with his role as Union Secretary. He explains why: “Part of my role is
to educate union workers about the company strategy so that we can all move towards the same goal. I don’t believe I can negotiate on behalf of our employees if I do not understand the business strategy myself.
My focus area was training. To
deliver on our strategic objectives, our employees need to have certain skills and how we develop our people is obviously a key union focus. The degree gave me the understanding of business strategy through the lens of human resource development, and a greater understanding of the holistic management of the company.”
He adds that the programme is a popular choice among union of cials. “I think this re ects a level of union maturity – the fact that they appreciate the need
to understand business better in order
to work with companies towards a common purpose that ultimately bene ts everyone, including employees.”
I want to show my appreciation to Gold Fields
management, especially the VP: HR and Michiel van der Merwe, and to the Mine General Secretary Prince William Ankrah who identified me to pursue this degree.
Ben Ocran Union Secretary
Ben’s study-while-working tips
Ben’s biggest challenge was balancing the demands of full-time education with work and on-site issues. He gave this advice to others who are thinking of pursuing studies:
• Have realistic expectations - any free time you have will be spent studying and this can be tough when everyone around you is relaxing
• Keep focused on whatever task you are doing – whether it’s for work or study – so that you are maximally effective and don’t waste time
• Plan ahead and don’t leave anything to the last minute • Keep at it – it’s tough but it’s worth it!

line managers from Damang trained to date
HR for Non-HR Managers Training Programme
A new two-day training programme is giving line managers, many of whom have no formal background in HR, more insight into this business function and the important role they play in managing it effectively.
Aimed at empowering managers, the training covers:
 HR management basics
 How HR gives a company a
competitive advantage
 Line managers’ role in day-to- day HR management – from new employee orientation to motivation and engagement
 Disciplinary procedures and grievance handling
 HR and organisational alignment
Participants: Line managers, senior supervisors and union executives.
Clement Yamoah
Finance Department – Damang
In their own words
In every issue we’ll be asking employees for their views. Here are our rst two respondents.
QA What do you believe Gold Fields stands for?
For Safety. In Tarkwa where I stay when you get in a commercial car and fasten your seatbelt, the rst question the driver asks you is, “Do you work at Gold Fields?” and when you reply that you do, he smiles and says that is why. This shows the extent to which Gold Fields’ safety campaign has reached its people. So in my opinion when you say Gold Fields, the rst thing that comes to people’s minds is Safety. The one equals the other.
Joshua Bedjoe
Engineering Department – Damang
Q Do you have any ideas on how we could make
A the mine run more ef ciently so we can
achieve our goals?
To achieve the mines’ objectives, we need visible leadership and for all employees to understand the goals
of the company at any given point
in time. I also think Idea Generation Sessions (IGS), where employees contribute their ideas and technical know-how on speci c projects, would be helpful. When they can see that any good ideas have been embraced and implemented by management, employees will work even harder to get things done.
Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
Meet tomorrow’s top talent
Theophilus Hemenes Minnow
Accounts Payable
Studied Accounting at Takoradi Polytechnic
Eric Doe Ackuayi
Community Affairs Of cer
Studied BSc Development Planning at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
This has truly broadened my horizons. I would
have had to pay millions of cedis in formal education to get the kind of training and skills I have got here. It has been extremely challenging to come
out of school and had to adapt to working life, but I can honestly say I feel I have learned far more than my peers in other companies.
My aspiration is to become a permanent
employee and eventually reach the highest level where Sustainable Development policies regarding communities are made.
Rebecca Nana Aba Nomen
Accounts Payables
Studied Accounting at Takoradi Polytechnic
One of the most important things
I’ve learned is how to work in a team. The mining world o ers great development opportunities and with the experience I’ve gained, I feel I could work anywhere.
Esther Bentum Essel
NSP/Safety Administrator
Studied BA Information Studies at the University of Ghana
I’ve gained valuable insight into mining operations and
learned how to manage my time, focus on safety and improve my personal relationships with colleagues. There
is deep level of respect among employees and all business partners on the mine, and this has impacted my life positively.

aspirations, are currently on one-year contracts.
Everyone here wants you to learn as
much as you possibly can. I have been exposed to almost everything – I’ve even been asked to stand in for someone who was on leave. I’d like to be an auditor and this experience will help me on that path.”
I’ve been exposed to all kinds of
environmental work. I hope to grow into a position in Environmental Management Systems or Training where I can contribute significantly to Gold Fields’ e orts in protecting the environment.
Usually one would have to pay a great deal
to learn how to use systems like SAP. I’ve learned that here. It has been an incredible on-the-job experience. My dream is to be an accountant and I’d very much like to fulfil that dream at Gold Fields.
I’ve gained so many people skills, like how to motivate
and inspire fellow team members when things get tough. I’ve learned how to be proactive and to think and consider things before I act. I’d love to grow into a position in the metallurgical department where I can contribute meaningfully to helping the mine meet its monthly targets, safely.”
Esther Osei
NSP/Environmental Department
Studied Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering at the Sunyani Polytechnic
Every year between 100 and 150 young people gain valuable work exposure at Gold Fields as part of the National Service Programme. These students, the majority of which are from our communities, get hands-on experience in the world of work while spending a year at our operations. Many of them have had their studies sponsored by Gold Fields and some go on to join our formal workforce. The ones here, who shared their experiences and
Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
Esther Hammond
Accounts Payable
Studied BCom at University of Cape Coast
Nelson Oware Boama-Secu
Metallurgy Department
Studied Mineral Engineering at the University of Mines and Technology
Stephen Donkor
Accounts Payable
Studied Accounting at Kumasi Polytechnic

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
Energy update: Every action counts
Gold Fields’ new Group Energy and Carbon Management Guideline is all about continuously improving our energy management, so that we can keep reducing our costs and carbon footprint. Every stage of the mining process provides good opportunities to do just that.
Here are some tips:
Drilling and blasting
✓ Maintain all machinery according
to the requirements of the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).
✓ Reduce re-drills to save fuel.
✓ Improve blast fragmentation through accurate marking and drilling; it will also make loading more ef cient.
✓ Avoid drilling in broken ground to prevent losing ground engagement tools (GET) (drill consumables) and wasting fuel.
Loading Hauling
✓ Don’t let your excavator idle unnecessarily as it wastes fuel.
✓ Limit unnecessary loading by ensuring full bucket loads per pass.
✓ Ensure that the excavator operates from a level bench.
✓ The excavator should be positioned to ensure effective loading between the digging face and haul truck bucket.
Did you know?
Acceleration uses nearly 50% of the energy needed to power a vehicle. ‘Quick’ starts and hard braking can increase fuel use by as much as 40%.
✓ Maintain haul roads to reduce diesel use and improve tyre life.
✓ Drive in the highest gear possible and keep to lower engine revolutions to use less diesel.
✓ Stick to a constant travelling speed.
✓ When operating a truck, accelerate and break slowly and smoothly – it also helps to save fuel.
Getting skilled in saving fuel at Tarkwa Gold Mine
The mine’s new
training programme
presented by Caterpillar, focuses on operating our machines more ef ciently to save fuel.
US$10 300
invested in the training Almost
2 300 000 litres
of fuel will be saved per year by applying the training
5 655 tonnes
of carbon emissions will be reduced per year

our progress
In 2015 we used:
3 694TJ
At a cost of:
In 2016 to date, we have used:
3 256TJ
At a cost of:
3 710TJ
(Target for the year)
3 256 TJ
(At present)
Crushing Milling
✓ Choke-feed the crusher to utilise power more ef ciently.
✓ Take care to prevent GET from getting crushed to reduce down time, damage and wasting power.
✓ Make sure that conveyors don’t run when empty.
✓ Ensure the crushing circuit keeps operating ef ciently by clearing blocked chutes and screens as soon as possible.
✓ Use power more ef ciently by maintaining the correct feed rate for the SAG and Ball Mills.
✓ Monitor pump operating points ( ow and pressure), especially cyclone
feed and tailings pumps, to ensure that they are operating at the best ef ciency point.
✓ Make sure that walkway, security and area lights are switched off during the day.
✓ Repair all leaks in compressed air lines to reduce compressor power consumption.
Have a question about energy management?
Let us know at
[email protected]
or contact Hans de Beer,
VP Projects & Head of Engineering – West Africa at [email protected]
The top question will be featured in the next edition.
Saving energy – it is everyone’s business
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Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire

Gold Fields › West Africa newsletter to inform › engage › inspire
EDITION 1 2016 Akasa
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Go team!
Relay race
Out and about
World Heart Day 2016

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