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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-06-21 01:35:37

Sappi InTouch 18_12

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
21 June 2018
GSAW: We owned and shared safety
Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Global Safety Awareness Week (GSAW) activities. We had great fun, and much to learn.
Hot items
The week’s events started off with the Security team conducting a ‘hot item’ audit to remind us to always keep our valuables safely locked away. Let’s continue doing so.
‘Hot items’... keep your valuables safely stowed away.
Hazard hunt
Self defense
The Krav-Maga workshop taught employees some valuable self- defense skills. Participants were entered into a lucky draw. Leola Britton won a nifty self-defense toolkit.
Des Brown and Katherine Dawson during the Krav-Maga demonstration.
The hazard hunt, which took place from 11-13 June, was a tricky affair for some, but congratulations to the 12 participants who managed to identify all the safety hazards. A few other potential hazards were highlighted as a result of the activity and will be attended to.
The hazard hunt lucky draw grand prize was won by David Wood, who will enjoy a weekend away for two at a Fortis Hotel, sponsored by Bleeker’s Travel.
Koosh Panday and Dieter Ahrens also won themselves heat bags, sponsored by Suede Wellness.
Rosa Moodley and Marlene van Aswegen during the hazard hunt. }

21 June 2018
Safety suggestions
Thanks to staff who shared their tips in the safety suggestion competition, and to Tsebo for part sponsoring the prizes for the top ve. Here are the top suggestions:
Nomawethu Nkomo:
} Install safety wheel stops at the basement parking, especially where there are cemented car parking barriers, to avoid bumping against the barrier.
} Draw safety walkways for pedestrians at the basement parking areas.
} Place a stop sign where one enters and exits the basement parking and encourage employees to indicate when they enter the parking areas. This will ensure greater visibility.
} The blue cemented area at the canteen is a bit slippery. Place a sign to warn staff.
Shelewe Matlala: Install an alternating boom gate, with some sensors to control cars exiting between the two parking oors. (Alternate on a rst-come, rst-open basis.)
Brian Percival: For hot/cold water mixers in kitchen sinks and basins, the handle should be left closed in the cold position. This will help to avoid the next user scalding their hands if hot water was recently used.
Koosh Panday: The entrance to the canteen, opposite the entrance to the ground oor of ce door, poses a potential collision hazard with trolleys and people. Install a convex mirror to allow better visibility.
Dieter Ahrens: Doors leading to the covered eating areas should have some glazing on, so that people are aware that these are glass panels.
Nomawethu Nkomo winning rst prize in the safety suggestion competition.
From left: Alex Thiel with David Wood (weekend away winner), Koosh Panday (safety suggestion winner 4th prize) and Shelewe Matlala (safety suggestion winner 2nd prize).
From left: Alex Thiel with Brian Percival (safety suggestion winner 3rd prize), Dieter Ahrens (safety suggestion winner 5th prize) and Leola Britton (lucky draw winner (self-defense kit).

21 June 2018
Hazard hunt: Could you identify the 10 hazards?
As part of GSAW, Rosebank employees were asked to nd 10 hazards that posed a safety risk. Were you able to pin-point them?
Hazard 1: A loose cable hanging from the ceiling on the second oor.
02 03 04
Hazard 2: Cardboard not stowed away Hazard 3: Emergency exit signs missing on Hazard 4: A bucket and mop left unattended properly, on the ground oor near the the third oor near Sigrid Oliver’s of ce. with no wet oor safety signage.
synergy room, which is a re hazard.
05 06 07
Hazard 5: An unknown parcel placed in Hazard 6: A missing evacuation plan Hazard 7: A faulty re extinguisher on the front of the serving counter in the canteen. against the wall on the second oor. third oor near André Oberholzer’s of ce. What if it was a bomb? Did you report it?
08 09 10
Hazard 8: An unlabeled bottle that could have potentially contained a hazardous chemical.
Hazard 9: The emergency assembly point sign missing against the fence in the parking area.
Hazard 10: A chair blocking the emergency exit on the NW corner of the building.

Our Comrades heroes made it
Congratulations to Candice Mahlare, Matt Spence, Tashmeen Authar and Nelson Sefara (Technology Centre) on successfully completing the Comrades Ultramarathon this year. We’re very proud of you.
21 June 2018
But what was it really like to spend just over 90km on a road that never seemed to end, joined by 20,000 fellow runners, amid huge crowds cheering you on?
“The race humbled me”
Candice Mahlare, Legal Counsel: “The Comrades was not part of my plans for this year. All I wanted was a good nish in the Two Oceans Marathon. This materialised... and then the Comrades bug bit!
“The Comrades will humble you,” said a few of my friends when
I registered for my rst ultramarathon earlier this year. I could not comprehend what they meant. But indeed. I was humbled by the cheering crowds, the amazing support and mostly by the depth of my perseverance to conclude the race with painful knees and an injured hip.
The run into Moses Mabida stadium to the nish line was amazing. My family and friends awaited my arrival and had tears of joy running down their faces in celebration of my Comrades nish. I will return next year with much more respect and humility for the ‘Ultimate Human Race’.
“It’s a day that tests your limits”
Matt Spence, Vice President, Biomaterials: “It really is an amazing event... thousands of tenacious people lining up with a shared objective of getting to the end, on their targeted time, and encouraging one another to keep on going. The crowd support was absolutely incredible and got very entertaining as the day progressed.
I had a very comfortable and incident-free run and enjoyed
it immensely. It’s a day that really tests your limits and takes everything you have. Getting your head around having to complete two 42km marathons back to back, and then having to convince your legs to take you through a distance equal to that of the JP Morgan Challenge after you have already done around 94,000 steps, results in some interesting conversations with yourself!
After my countless early morning runs at 04:00 (covering over 1,600km from January to June), and the gruelling distance on
the day, the sight of the stadium as I came into Durban – and the knowledge that I’m going to make it – was an incredible and very emotional moment. It’s one of the greatest feelings one could ever experience.
This is truly a race like no other, and we are privileged in South Africa to have access to this great event.”
Candice Mahlare intends to return next year with more respect for the Comrades.
Matt Spence enjoyed a comfortable race.

Our Comrades heroes made it...continued
21 June 2018
“The stories and the crowds made it worthwhile”
Tashmeen Authar, Senior Process Engineer: “This year’s Comrades was a perfect day out. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the atmosphere at the start was electric. Entering the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium for this year’s nish, is an experience I will never forget. The cheering from the crowd was deafening.
My plan this year was to nish in a comfortable 11 and a half hours. I wanted to take it easy and really enjoy the day. I’m happy to say I really took the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak; taking in the kind words and atmosphere with the spectators. The best part of the race was sampling all the food!
What makes this race worthwhile for me, is hearing the stories from fellow runners. I met a runner doing his 42nd Comrades!
What also stood out was when we ran past the Ethembeni School for the Disabled. All the school children lined up along the road to give us ‘high ves’ and encouragement. It is always an honour to share a hug with them and know that you are running for those who can’t.
And of course, the spectators are the absolute best. It is pure 90km of encouragement, delicious food, smiles and good wishes! I’m always amazed at how people of all ages, races and cultures come together to support the runners.”
“It was a dream come true”
Nelson Sefara, Technology Centre Manager: “This was my rst Comrades marathon and it de nitely lived up to its title as the ‘Ultimate Human Race’. I expected a long day on the road, and it ended up as such. There were moments when my legs were so sore that I couldn’t take it any longer. But I just had to ignore the pain and keep on walking-running towards Durban.
The spectator support along the way was amazing. They call you by your name and offer all kinds of encouragements. The help received from other runners along the road was also out of this world.
My plan was to nish the race in 11:40. I crossed the line in 11:53. I was very happy with my time, and the Vic Clapham Medal handed to me at the nish line. It was a dream come true!
I can’t wait for next year’s Durban to Pietermaritzburg up-run leg. Training starts in August 2018.”
Brother-in-law Shamal Authar, with Sappi’s Tashmeen Authar who loves the camaraderie of the Comrades.
A joyous Nelson Sefara at the nish line.

Welcome to the Sappi family
21 June 2018
A warm welcome to our new employees who joined us at Head Of ce in May 2018.
Give life, donate blood
It’s not
It’s a life waiting to
be lived, thanks to your blood donation
Date: Monday 25 June 2018
Time: 09:30 – 11:30
Venue: Training Venue # Ground Floor
Thank you that we can count on your support.
Taking time out
during visit to SNA
Showing their support for the Boston Red Sox baseball team at Fenway Park... Executive members Steve Binnie, Glen Pearce and Fergus Marupen taking a break during their visit to Boston for the Sappi North America (SNA) board meeting.
Nomawethu Nkomo
Assistant Tax Accountant Regional Tax department
Stafford Augustine
General Manager Procurement Regional Procurement department
I joined the Sappi family from a Chemicals and Oil company where I worked as a Statutory Reporting Accountant. I’m passionate about tax and thrilled to be given an opportunity to work for a global and diverse company such as Sappi.
I look forward to contributing to the Tax department and Sappi as a whole.
Stafford has over 20 years’ experience in Procurement across various industries. He is passionate about this eld and believes it is “a strategic enabler to solve business- related problems”. He aims to build meaningful stakeholder relations and add value in the supply chain.

21 June 2018
Soccer World Cup:
FIFATM Friday’s at Head Of ce
The Soccer World Cup is now in full swing.
Get in the spirit and join the FIFA fun activities taking place at Head Of ce.
1) Wear your favourite supporter T-shirt to work each Friday for the duration of the tournament.
2) Join the Foozeball Team Challenge.
3) Watch the game with your colleagues on the rooftop balcony.
4) Give in your winning predictions and win awesome goodies.
Details on all of the above will be announced soon!
2018 Soccer World Cup facts
} Dates: 14 June – 15 July
} Host country: Russia
} Firsts: This is the rst World Cup to
be held in Eastern Europe, and the rst World Cup to take place on two continents (Europe and Asia)
} Teams: 32 (from ve confederations)
} Matches and venues: A total of 64
matches at 12 venues (in 11 host cities)
Tournament schedule (from this Thursday onwards)
The 2018 FIFA World Cup includes eight groups of four teams in the group stage. The teams play to qualify for the Round of 16, followed by the quarter nals, semi- nals, third place play-off, and ultimately the nal in Moscow.
FIFA TM logo – Copyright
Group stages
Thursday 21 June
Denmark vs Australia (Group C) France vs Peru (Group C) Argentina vs Croatia (Group D)
Friday 22 June
Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D) Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E)
Saturday 23 June
Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G) South Korea vs Mexico (Group F) Germany v Sweden (Group F)
Sunday 24 June
England vs Panama (Group G) Japan vs Senegal (Group H) Poland vs Colombia (Group H)
Monday 25 June
Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) Spain vs Morocco (Group B) Iran vs Portugal (Group B)
Tuesday 26 June
Denmark vs France (Group C) Australia vs Peru (Group C) Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D) Iceland vs Croatia (Group D)
Wednesday 27 June
South Korea vs Germany (Group F) Mexico vs Sweden (Group F)
Serbia vs Brazil (Group E) Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E)
Thursday 28 June
Japan vs Poland (Group H) Senegal vs Colombia (Group H) England vs Belgium (Group G) Panama vs Tunisia (Group G)
Round of 16
Saturday 30 June
Group C winner vs Group D runner-up Group A winner vs Group B runner-up
Sunday 1 July
Group B winner vs Group A runner-up Group D winner vs Group C runner-up
Monday 2 July
Group E winner vs Group F runner-up Group G winner vs Group H runner-up
Tuesday 3 July
Group F winner vs Group E runner-up Group H winner vs Group G runner-up
Quarter- nals
Friday 6 July
Winner match 49 vs Winner match 50 Winner match 53 vs Winner match 54
Saturday 7 July
Winner match 55 vs Winner match 56 Winner match 51 vs Winner match 52
Semi- nals
Tuesday 10 July
Winner match 57 vs Winner match 58
Wednesday 11 July
Winner match 59 vs Winner match 60
Third place play-off
Saturday 14 July
Loser match 61 vs Loser match 62
Sources: and
Sunday 15 July
Check out the SuperSport World Cup schedule, results, top scorers, predictions and
more at: https://www.supersport. com/football/ fa-world-cup-2018/ match/10069885
Image credit:

21 June 2018
Welcome to the GBS
team! In future editions of InTouch, you will be seeing more news about our colleagues based at Global Business Services (GBS)
in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu- Natal.
What is GBS?
The Global Business Services of ce situated in the Southgate Business Park was of cially opened in November 2016, when Sappi acquired a building on the premises.
Over the past two years, the number of employees has grown, with more than 60 people currently based here, representing many different departments.
The establishment of GBS has created a synergy that allows for a range of different, and otherwise dispersed, departments to come together. Previously, this level of ef ciency was not catered for in the business. But now, with its multi-functional characteristics,
the integration of a variety of different departments such as IT, Communications, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, Sales and Marketing and Legal are accommodated; all operating under one roof.
This approach is not only bene cial by adding value through ef cient systems and cost-saving measures, but also by providing quality services to our internal and external stakeholders.
Standing together
The GBS team has started bonding really well during the past few months, and with the help of the safety and EWB committees, employees are starting to support initiatives that are important
to them.
One such event was Tekkie Tax Day, when staff paid ‘tax’ to
wear takkies to work; all for a good cause. Another, which really hit home, was when they heeded the call to wear orange in the #StandUpForSadia anti-gun violence campaign, following the fatal shooting of a nine-year old Durban girl in a botched hijacking.
Taking a stand against gun violence, the GBS team came out in support wearing orange.
Good to know
In future editions, the GBS team will be introducing us to their various departments, and shed some light on what services they provide at GBS, as well as sharing news about the many activities that they participate in.
GBS staff dressed in traditional nery on Heritage Day last year.
Introducing our
Global Business Services of ce

Wellness doesn’t only refer to a person’s physical health; it is a way of living and being. Blessing Karumbidza, Sappi Forests’ Stakeholder Relations Manager, touched on several wellness matters when he conducted his keynote speech at the GBS of ce’s Wellness Day, held on 15 May 2018.
21 June 2018
GBS staff listening to Blessing Karumbidza’s talk on wellness.
The theme of the day was, ‘Happiness – Mastering yourself
and nding the rest button’. Blessing spoke about choosing happiness, knowing how to access it and taking charge of your happiness in all spheres of life: mentally, physically and spiritually.
EWB practitioner responsible for the GBS team, Makhosi Khuzwayo, ensured that Sappi’s wellness providers – Bestmed, Lifeline, Summit and CANSA – were on site to share their services.
Representatives from Summit, Sappi’s nancial wellbeing partner, assisted employees with nancial advice.
The healthy breakfast offered to staff was a good start to promoting a healthier way of life.
A CANSA representative sharing information with a GBS employee.
GBS team embraces wellbeing

21 June 2018
Life Skills Life Skills
Join the 2018 Life Skills Bootcamp with FAMSA and gain lifelong skills to help you balance your life.
with FAMSA
Dealing with tweens and teens... so they understand you
DaJteo:i2n1tJhunee22018|LTimfee:S10k:i0l0ls-1B2:o00o|tcVeanmuep:OwxiftohrdFRAoMomSAandgain lifelong skills to help you balance your life.
Dealing with tweens and teens... so they get you
with FAMSA
Dealing with tweens and teens...
Date: 21 June 2018
so they get you
Time:10:00-12:00 Venue: Oxford Room
Date: 21 June 2018
It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it.
Learn how to effectively communicate sensitive, tricky or important
Venue: Oxford Room
conversations/topics with your children or teenagers.
It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it.
Learn how to effectively communicate sensitive, tricky or important
Joining this session means you also qualify for a free gift!
conversations/topics with your children or teenagers.
See you there.
It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it.
Joining this session means you also qualify for a free gift!
Learn how to effectively communicate sensitive, tricky or important conversations/topics with your children or teenagers.
See you there.
Joining this session means you also qualify for a free gift!
See you there.

21 June 2018
Identity theft is real
Identity thieves take over everything – your bank accounts, your house and your name. They steal your life. It can happen to you in an instant if you share even the tiniest personal detail about yourself online or in an email. Sometimes it’s not even your fault. Your bank or favourite online store could be breached, leaking your details to the world.
Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom. There are things you could do to stop identity theft. Find out more by visiting and take back control of your life.
Identity Theft is Real.

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