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Published by Candace Bentel, 2017-12-07 09:34:15

My Sappi | Nov/Dec edition 2017

Sappi Southern Africa
Nov/Dec edition 2017
Keeping you in the know

Vol 17 Issue 4
CEO, Sappi Southern Africa
Over the past year we have made great strides to further execute on our strategy as One Sappi – a group of
like-minded people collaborating and sharing the same values and passion to help build a growing, diversi ed wood bre business that delivers signi cant bene ts to all our stakeholders.
This new-look My Sappi – our Sappi Southern African regional newsletter – re ects some of the good work being done in our region to ful l our 2020Vision objectives, through supplying value-adding products and services to our customers, while also having a positive impact on our communities. Our efforts have even been recognised in many forums. Congratulations to the teams involved.
With the festive season fast approaching, I
want to thank you all for your hard work and commitment during the past year. We are well- positioned for 2018 – a year of further growth and expansion, while operating our business as safely and ef ciently as possible.
Safety remains a key priority and I urge you
to keep it top of mind as we enter the holiday season. Whether you’re working, staying home, on the road or enjoying time away with friends and loved ones, do so safely, so that we can all return to our jobs energised, refreshed and ready to make 2018 our best yet.
Valida Nanocellulose promotional material
its global headquarters
Thank you for your participation
2018 Sappi Calendar inspired by growth; Sappi now on social media
Festive season safety
wins a Loerie
makes its mark
14 15
18 19
4-5 6
8-9 10-11
‘Stop Think Act’ campaign wins a Silver Quill; SSA wins export awards
Trainees hard at work
Complete your Universal Pro le on Sappi Learning
from across the group
Wi-Fi best practices
One Sappi in our forests
Cover photo: The head of ce steering committee and change champions who worked hard to ensure a successful move to the Sappi group’s new headquarters in Rosebank.
From Corporate Communications
Why a new My Sappi? We ran a survey earlier this year asking you to share your ideas and speci c requests on how to rejuvenate
the My Sappi newsletter. Based on your responses, we are excited to bring you the refreshed version of My Sappi – see some of the highlights from the survey on page 18.
Some of the elements in this publication might also look familiar; resembling that of the Sappi European (Paragraph) and Sappi North American (@sappi) regional newsletters. This is in line with our One
Sappi approach, bringing about synergy in the way we communicate and do business as a group.
We are really looking forward to hearing from you so please write to us and
send us your Sappi stories by eMailing [email protected]
In this edition you can catch up on the big Head Of ce move from Braamfontein to Rosebank, review the new Sappi 2018 calendar and get some tips on how to stay safe during the festive season.
General Manager Communications, Sappi Southern Africa
In addition to being printed, the My Sappi will now also be distributed electronically in the form of an HTML eMail teaser, ' ip book' and pdf, which are easily accessible on your computer and smart phone. Let us know what you think of this new functionality.
Cover printed on 200g/m2 GalerieArt Silk, text printed on 135g/m2 GalerieArt Silk produced by Sappi.

Vol 17 Issue 4
Promoting Valida Nanocellulose
Sappi has launched new Valida promotional material including a new advert, banners and brochures to be distributed to our nanocellulose target audience.
The brochure explores the properties of nanocellulose, applications and functions. Using a fresh design style and vibrant images, assists our target audience to relate to the product. The banners are also used at tradeshow stands for visual impact.
“We have done a lot of research into personal care and cosmetics products and tradeshows such as the ones in China, provide us with a platform to promote Valida and the versatility of our nanocellulose,” says Vice President Biomaterials Matt Spence. The promotional material positions Sappi as a sustainable partner in developing nanocellulose applications.

Vol 17 Issue 4
A new headquarters for a new Sappi
A forward-thinking, modern and sustainable organisation in step with current and future technological advancements, and supporting our 2020Vision. That’s who we are as a company, and that’s the image that is re ected by Sappi’s new headquarters in H Rosebank, Johannesburg.
eadquartered in Joburg since inception in 1936, Sappi has been a proud corporate resident of Braamfontein, where we have made signi cant contributions to the redevelopment and upliftment of the area.
However, over the past couple of years we have restructured and strategically refocused as a group. This has meant that the requirements of our global headquarters have also changed.
On 09 October 2017, head of ce staff moved to newly built premises in Rosebank – a three-storey building about a third
of the size of the Braamfontein of ce – where a ten-year lease agreement has been signed with Barrow Construction. The move went smoothly and everyone has settled in.
An outside view of Sappi's new headquarters.
Strong performance, geared for growth
Sappi delivered another strong set of results, we are ahead of our 2020Vision targets and during a recent investor roadshow, it was clear that our shareholders are equally excited about our performance and plans for future growth.
But safety remains a major concern. In the Sappi Southern African (SSA) region, three people lost their lives during the past quarter. At the recent Quarterly results announcement, CEO
of Sappi Southern Africa, Alex Thiel, appealed to staff to put safety rst in all we do. An analysis of our mill environment will be conducted to determine the level of safety in areas previously identi ed as low-risk.
Sappi Southern Africa delivered strong results with increased sales volumes compared to the previous quarter. Our cost
saving initiatives, through Project Ranulph, are also ahead of target, but staff are urged to continue to contain costs.
Projects in the pipeline geared for growth in SSA include additional tons of dissolving wood pulp to be added at Saiccor Mill, an expansion at Ngodwana Mill and an investment in the woodyard at Saiccor.
“Thank you for your superb commitment during the past quarter and year. Let’s continue to work as One Sappi to grow our business and pro ts going forward,” Alex said.

Vol 17 Issue 4
On each oor, there are synergy rooms, focus quiet rooms and other private spaces to be used by staff and contractors.
It’s comfortable. The collaborative spaces also include kitchen pause areas (left) and sitting areas (above), which form part of the open of ce environment.
Safety is top of mind...
Geared for collaboration... The building features formal meeting rooms of different sizes.
A warm welcome... Thandeka Vinqi and Bikanyo Montsho on switchboard/reception.
Well said
Siyanda Gama,
Specialist, HR:
“It’s always refreshing
to know that when your company plans for the
future, you are kept in mind. Our new home not only provides
us with modern and top-of-the range facilities, but also with a fresh start in a building that represents the diverse and vibrant team we are.”
Open-plan of ces
New of ce address: Of ce hours: Switchboard number: 108 Oxford Road 07:30 to 17:00 +27 011 407 8111 Houghton Estate
2198 Johannesburg
New physical address:
108 Oxford Road Rosebank
(Vehicle parking and pedestrian entrance on 9th Street)
Postal address:
PO Box 31560 Braamfontein 2017 Johannesburg

Vol 17 Issue 4
89% completion rate in
SA Employee Engagement Survey 2017
Sappi Southern Africa
The Employee Engagement Survey that was rolled out during September 2017 was a huge success. Sappi South Africa had an excellent overall participation rate of 89%.
This is a huge improvement from the 78% in 2015. It was also on par with the global manufacturing norm for high performing organisations. Thank you all for taking the time to express your thoughts and having your say.
Your participation enables us to build on what we’re doing well and to improve on those areas where we need to do better. It also informs the company’s efforts to create a work environment where you are enabled to ful l your unique personal development goals.
Regional results
Herewith the regional participation rates of this year’s survey:
Number of surveys completed
Total number of employees
% Completed
North America Trading
1,513 2,143 71% 105 110 95%
The overall results will be rolled out in December 2017. Staff will also receive business unit-speci c feedback on the results, with workshops hosted for all our employees. This will be rolled out in early 2018.
The results of the survey will be used to further improve on areas where we need to do better, so as to ensure that our employees remain engaged, enabled and energised as we build One Sappi together.
South Africa
Sharing our story on
Our good-news Sappi story was recently shared on the air waves as Sappi CEO Steve Binnie was interviewed by The Money Show’s Bruce Whit eld on Talk Radio 702.
Steve spoke about how, more than a decade ago, the decline
in graphic paper followed by the global economic dip, propelled Sappi on a path to rethink our future and restructure our business accordingly. He explained our strategic goals, the value of investing in a diversi ed wood bre business, our commitment
to managing our manufacturing operations and plantations responsibly, and the important role played by our South African operations in the pro tability of the group.
About 25% of our sales, but over half of our pro ts, comes from South Africa. We run a very competitive local business because of our ability to grow trees in a cost-effective manner. Steve Binnie, Sappi CEO
To hear the full interview, go to corpaffairs/sbinnieradiointerviews/Pages/ default.aspx, or click on the link: 

2018 calendar re ects inspired growth Sappi has been on a journey of change, and in keeping with this spirit we have taken a
new approach for our 2018 calendar to help showcase the theme, 'Inspired Growth'.
The end result? An artistic feast for the eyes, featuring the diverse works of 12 South African artists who have been commissioned to create unique masterpieces to showcase their creative interpretation of our theme.
Vol 17 Issue 4
A variety of paper-based Sappi products are used in the artwork, including dissolving wood pulp, containerboard and snippets of newsprint and graphic paper. The photographed pieces in the printed calendar also showcase different Sappi papers and printing techniques, including embossing and UV varnishing to enhance the end product. Read more about each artwork in the Sappi calendar.
We believe that these beautiful pieces will demonstrate how Sappi has built on its rich past through creativity and innovation to set a course for the future – one that will increase our revenue and deliver more value to our stakeholders.
March – Untitled (embroidery) by Danielle Clough.
April – The girl waiting for the school
bus (melted plastic) by Mbongeni Buthelezi.
May – One sapling (paper and collage) by Frans Cronjé.
July – One time (illustration) by Lazi Mathebula.
Follow us on social media
Driven by our 2020Vision and One Sappi approach, the of cial Sappi Group social media Twitter and Facebook handles went live in November 2017.
The of cial handles are:
Sappi Group Facebook: Sappi Group @SappiGroup
Sappi Group Twitter:
We encourage staff to follow these Sappi Group handles, and we invite you to share any published content on these pages. Also share these links with your customers, potential business partners, family and friends – and help Sappi build its stakeholder engagement.

Vol 17 Issue 4
What to do in a prang
You’re on the road and the next moment the unthinkable happens ... you’re in a car crash. Panic! Automobile Association spokesperson Layton Beard says:
 Stay calm. Pull onto the side of the road and get out of the car. Assess the damage.
 Exchange information with the other party (names and ID numbers, phone numbers, addresses).
 Record the exact accident location (name of the street, the brand of the other vehicle/s involved), time and date.
 Take photographs with your cell phone if possible.
 See if there are any witnesses and get their details.
 Make sure you call the police or go to the police station and get a case number for insurance purposes.
Rules for safe travel this festive season:
1. Ensure that your car is in a safe driving condition before you undertake your trip. Check the tyre pressure, shocks etc.
2. Keep a safe following distance.
3. Stick to the speed limit.
4. Driver and passengers should wear their seatbelts. 5. Pull off and take a break when you feel tired.
6. Don’t drive under the in uence of alcohol/drugs.
Is your rst-aid kit properly stocked?
One item you should never forget to pack when going on holiday, is a well-stocked rst-aid kit. Netcare 911 speci es the following items:
➦ Four packs of sterile gauze
➦ Adhesive, hypoallergenic tape
➦ Adhesive bandages in several sizes
➦ Triangular elastic bandages
➦ Crepe roller bandages – large and small
➦ Large and small sterile dressings
➦ Sterile eye dressings
➦ Eye pads with bandages
➦ Sterile cotton wool swabs
➦ Assorted plasters antiseptic wipes and antibiotic cream
➦ Paracetamol syrup and tablets
➦ Rehydration sachets
➦ Any extra prescription medication
➦ Tweezers, sharp scissors and safety pins
➦ Face cloth, thermometer and gloves
➦ Torch and spare batteries
➦ List of emergency contact numbers, eg ambulance, family doctor, paediatrician etc.

Vol 17 Issue 4
Not home? Burglars don’t need to know
1. Cancel the mail and ask a neighbour to regularly clear your post box/driveway of mail items.
2. Create the illusion of someone home (set lights/TV/ radio on a timer)
3. Be careful about who you share your departure dates with; and don’t announce them on social media.
4. Give your holiday contact info and spare home keys to at least one friend or neighbour.
5. Make sure your security measures are in good working order and properly advertised.
Human traf cking: keep your kids safe
Parents, when in a public place this holiday season, don’t leave your children unattended. Keep them close and watch them diligently. Also teach them the following:
 Know your address and phone number(s)
 If you’re scared of someone, run to safety
 Tell your parents or a trusted adult if someone is asking you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
 Don’t let anyone on the phone or at the door know that you are home alone.
 If you get lost in a mall, ask the closest store clerk for help and then stay where you are until you are found.
 Avoid shortcuts when you are walking from one place to another.
 Don’t act like a target. Be alert and vigilant. Don’t stroll behind mom/dad staring at the oor or playing on your cellphone.
 If you are ever ‘scooped’ up by someone, scream, kick, bite and ght as hard as you can to get away. Never trust what the ‘scooper’ tells you.
 Never talk to people online without your parent’s permission.
Numbers to keep on speed dial
 Nationwide emergency response – 10111  Ambulance: 10177
 Cellphone emergency: 112
 Crime Stop: 08600 10111
 ER24: 084 124
 Netcare: 082 911

Vol 17 Issue 4
Successes in numbers:
To date, the project consists of 88
Abashintshi in 43 communities nationally. The pilot group in 2015 started with
18 volunteers.
The number of small businesses that have either started up or have been rejuvenated thanks to the inspiration and assistance of the Abashintshi. These range from brickmaking projects to poultry farms, pig farms, crèches and home industries.
Sappi Southern Africa’s Abashintshi social mobilisation project has received top honours by being awarded a Gold Loerie in the corporate/institutional category at this year’s prestigious Loerie Awards.
More than half of the community participants indicated in a follow-up audit that they were very satis ed with their relationship with Sappi.
Under the banner, ‘Doing good while doing business’, the project, entered by Sappi’s business partner DevCom, served as an excellent example of the mutual bene ts to be derived when business and community join hands in pursuing goals that deliver shared value.
The Loeries is a non-pro t organisation that celebrates creativity, innovation and value-add in terms of brand recognition.
After two years, res in the target area
have declined by 89%.
Zelda Schwalbach (Communications Manager, Sappi Forests) and Mari Lee (CEO, DevCom) with the Gold Loerie trophy awarded for Sappi’s Abashintshi social mobilisation project.
To read more about the Loeries, go to or click here
Abashintsh wins a
Gold Loerie

Vol 17 Issue 4
Proud Abashintshi
celebrate at Awards days
Sappi’s Abashintshi participants in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal recently celebrated another year of successful training and community mobilisation in style at various awards ceremonies. We thank them for their positive attitude and commitment to this programme.
Abashintshi (KZN South) at their awards ceremony, joined by Alex Thiel (back fourth right, CEO, Sappi Southern Africa).
The Abashintshi programme's relevance to the Sappi brand:
➦ It has resulted in higher stakeholder engagement in our plantations, leading to a dramatic decline in res (by 41% in the rst year).
➦ The reduced res in the KZN South region saved us money on damages and re ghting services.
➦ It enhanced our community relations and shifted perceptions about Sappi as a responsible corporate citizen.
➦ In 2014, Sappi was mostly seen as a re ghter in these communities. Now we are regarded as a company that creates jobs.
➦ We now have a credible communication channel within the communities surrounding our forests, enabling us to be proactive in handling issues.
➦ It encourages communities to become entrepreneurs that can reach their own goals, instead of depending on outside institutions.
A spirit of jubilation prevailed at the Abashintshi awards ceremonies. These motivated young people set a shining example in their communities.
Abashitshi (KZN North) performing a song containing their motto: “If you think you can, you can!”.

Vol 17 Issue 4
makes its mark
Visitors to the Spar Tradeshow were attracted to Sappi’s vibrant red and white product stand, where our Typek mascot welcomed and entertained them.
Sales volumes get a
Makro boost
While our mill staff are working hard to produce a quality of ce paper product, the Sappi Typek sales team is working equally hard to promote this brand in the market.
A hit at the
Spar Tradeshow
Typek was one of the major, visible brands showcased at the Spar Tradeshow held in Johannesburg. The show attracted hundreds of trade representatives and franchise owners.
Our Typek team made use of this brand opportunity by showcasing the full product offering – from the tiny Typek A7 mini note paper and miniature box, to the Typek trolley stand specially designed for Spar retail stores.
Support our brand, buy a Typek exam pad
We have once again partnered with Shoprite and Checkers to promote the Typek exam pad in stores nationally.
Shoprite and Checkers is one of our strategic retail customers and the exam pad is a key item on their retail shelves, particularly over the busy back-to-school period.
Typek sales at Makro stores have improved by more than 40% thanks to the ‘Boost your bucks’ customer incentive programme hosted earlier this year.
This annual initiative was implemented to motivate and challenge Makro store representatives to increase their Typek sales volumes year on year.
Support our products and add this funky exam pad to your shopping basket.

‘Stop Think Act’
campaign scoops a
Silver Quill
Sappi Forests’ Stop and Think Before you Act (STA) safety campaign was recognised for excellence in safety communication when Regional Communications Manager Elsabe Coetzee won a Silver Quill Merit Award as part of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Africa Silver Quill Awards programme.
In her citation, Elsabe noted that the rst phase of the STA campaign – safety performance – resulted in fatalities decreasing from three in 2016 to one in 2017. The Lost Time Severity Rate also dropped (from 182.76 to 52.21) and the Injury Index declined (from 47.00 to 12.58).
The Africa Silver Quill Awards is a precursor to the global IABC Gold Quill Awards. Her Silver Merit Award gives Elsabe the opportunity to aim for gold.
Vol 17 Issue 4
SSA wins export awards
At the 2017 Exporter of the Year Awards, Sappi Southern Africa received awards for overall winner in the Manufacturing and the Large Exporter categories.
“We ship approximately 75,000 TEU equivalent containers a year out of Durban harbour operations, which earns approximately 1% of South Africa’s total foreign revenue,” said General Manager of Sappi Export Services, Morgan Moodley.
The awards were initiated by the Durban Chamber of Commerce to publicly acknowledge the role that exporters play in the economy of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and the country at large.
Pat McGrady (fourth left, Manufacturing and Technical Director, Sappi Southern Africa) joined by Morgan Moodley ( fth left, General Manager, Sappi Export Services) and the Sappi Export Services team.
We are proud of this achievement, as it con rms that the dedication and hard work of the Sappi team is recognised by the industry. Alex Thiel, CEO of
Sappi Southern Africa.
Elsabe Coetzee (Sappi Regional Communications Manager) with her Silver Quill Merit Award, joined on stage by Daniel Munslow (Director and past President, IABC Africa regional board and Phumelela Dhlomo (Board Member, IABC Africa).
The Stop and Think Before you Act campaign is a four-year behavioural change initiative to improve safety and eliminate fatalities in Sappi Forests and its contractor businesses by 2020.

Vol 17 Issue 4
Pilot groups get handy at Sappi
Skills Centres
The Sappi Skills Centres at Saiccor and Ngodwana Mills welcomed their rst intake of Basic Handyman trainees in October 2017.
Ten trainees at each site form part of the two pilot groups. They will be training at the centre for nine weeks to complete a programme covering life skills, basic tool usage (including welding and power tools) and how to create a micro-enterprise. In addition, each group will also be exposed to a specialisation skill – at Saiccor that of electrical handyman and at Ngodwana, painting.
“The aim of the training is to inspire local unemployed youth to create their own small service businesses, using the skills attained at these centres,” said Regional Learning Manager Melanie Jacobs. Some of them will also have the opportunity to apply for general worker or shut contractor vacancies.
Trainees eager to learn at Sappi Ngodwana Mill.
André Palmer (African Industrial) handing over welding electrodes to Sappi’s Theunis Malan and the Sappi Saiccor Skills Centre's trainees, known as Alpha Greens.
Trainees feeling positive at Sappi Saiccor Mill.
Saving an endangered species, one tree at a time
In celebration of Arbour Week and as part of the Gauteng International Arts Festival, Sappi recently donated six Pepper Bark trees, which were planted at the Brooklyn Theatre in Pretoria by Alex Thiel (CEO, Sappi Southern Africa) and representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Dendrological Society and the Of ce of the Mayor of Tshwane.
The highly endangered Pepper Bark (highly sought-after for its multiple medicinal uses) has been saved from extinction thanks to a long-term commitment by Sappi, SANParks, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), SANBI (South African National Bioinformatics Institute) and Priscillavale Farms.

Shine like the star you are
Want to give yourself the best chance to further your career at Sappi? Want to stand out from the rest?
Get yourself noticed online by completing your Universal Pro le on Sappi Learning.
A complete, up-to-date Universal Pro le will assist our HR team with identifying internal talent and skills that match up to new
job opportunities that become available internally. It will also improve the quality of development discussions and give you the opportunity to think about your career ambitions.
How to complete your Universal Pro le:
1) Visit Sappi Net
2) Click on System Links and select Sappi Online Learning
3) Click on Universal pro le and complete the following details on your Bio. The Bio can be found under the Home tab on Sappi Learning ( Select Universal Pro le.
Vol 17 Issue 4
4) Then complete the following elds:
Making it easy for you to gro
, has now
A Global Leadership Framework booklet has been distributed to
staff to help you understand your leadership role and the development opportunities within the company.
Read this guide and nd out:
➦ What kind of leaders Sappi requires
m/)➦ Where you t in with regards to the ve leadership
Grow and succeed as a leader in Sappi
levels within Sappi
➦ The skills that each leadership level require to be
ions. ve leadership levels.
. For more information, contact your relevant HR team member.
successful, and
➦ The development opportunities available to each of the
Sappi’s new learning management system, Sappi Learning  About – Skills and interests
been con gured and tested over the past few months. We are
 CV – Education, skills, previous experience and ready for all employees to start using it.
 Career preferences – Career aspirations and goals
The Udemy online learning system was completed in March 2016 and more than 1,700 employees are using the system to
improve their skills on a regular basis. Udemy can now also be
Achieve blue star status and be rewarded
accessed through the new Sappi Learning Management System.
By completing your Sappi Learning Universal Pro le, you are
A brand new way of doing personal onedesvteloppmcelontseplrantnoinag,cwhiiteh vaing blue star status.
built-in ability to search for all the
training that Sappi has to offer.
Employees can request training, and
The rst 100 employees to complete their Universal Pro le and
one or more Sappi Online Learning modules by 31 January 2018
line managers can approve or even willaasscighnietrvaeinibngluoenlisneta. r status and receive a gift.
Access to all Sappi’s training offerings, including Udemy, through a single
2) View a quick seven minute video on t Having this information handy will imfpunrcotivones tahveailaqbulea. lity of
development discussions and give you the opportunity to think
Employees with computer access no
3) Have a look at the Frequently Asked
about your career ambitions. The Bio can be found under the
longer have to use passwords.
Home tab on Sappi Learning (
Clicking on the link takes you straight
Your local HR team will be in contact to
Find out more
1) Log on to the system (https://sappi.cs
and enrol for the Sappi Learning overvie – it’s only 30 minutes long.
samldefault.aspx). Select Universal Pro le.
into the system. Employees without
with new development planning for all t
computer access will log in with their
company number.
Dates of available classroom training are listed well in advance.
e.Mail reminders are sent to participants and their managers if they have to
: w cou
he ma Quest
start eams
Contact your local HR team for support, or send an eMail to [email protected] for more information.
attend classroom training.

Vol 17 Issue 4
Booklet wins Positively Print Award
Sappi North America was selected as the 2017 winner of the annual Positively Print Award co-sponsored
by the NPES (Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies) and Two Sides North America.
We won the award for the booklet, Verticals: The Marketing of Higher Education.
This rst instalment of the Verticals series endeavours to bring colleges and universities across the United States a set of best practices for attracting new students through in-depth research and case studies.
To read more about Verticals: The Marketing of Higher Education, go to education or click here
Investment in barrier technology
We have boosted our Packaging and Speciality Papers business by acquiring the barrier lm technology of Rockwell Solutions Limited, which is now a subsidiary of Sappi Europe.
By gaining access to
their barrier lm technology,
we will be able to accelerate
the development of our own solutions and offer customers an even wider range of barrier coated packaging products.
Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Packaging and Speciality Papers for Sappi Europe.
Boosting our biore ning expertise
Sappi has strengthened its Biotech division by acquiring Xylex® and Versalac® technologies (including the patents, knowhow and equipment) owned by Plaxica Limited. Some of their key technical staff have also joined our Biotech team.
The Plaxica’s Xylex® solution is rated as one of the most advanced for the separation and clean-up of C5 sugars from pulp mill hydrolysates.
This acquisition is another step towards building a meaningful bio- product business in executing Sappi’s 2020Vision. “We are con dent that its hydrolysate extraction capabilities, together with the proprietary low cost Xylex® technology, will enable us to participate in the downstream value chains that include Furfural, Glycols and Xylito,” said Executive VP of Sappi Biotech, Louis Kruyshaar.

at Europe’s Labelexpo 2017
As a world-leading provider of speciality papers for self- adhesive applications and packaging, Sappi participated in Labelexpo Europe 2017 – the world's largest event on the label and packaging industry calendar.
The expo provided the year's most important forum for Sappi
to demonstrate its expertise in silicone-base papers and label papers. The primary focus of our presence at the trade fair, under the theme ‘People, Paper, Possibilities’, were innovations in the Release Liner and Label Papers product groups.
Printer of the Year winners announced
The 12 Gold Award winners of the annual Sappi North American Printer of the Year contest has been chosen. Regarded as the world’s most respected accolade of excellence in printed communications, this award recognises innovation and creativity in print across 11 categories for work produced on Sappi paper.
The 2017 winners were chosen from nearly 1,500 entries.
Showing off our packaging grades in Las Vegas
Vol 17 Issue 4
Among the 12 Gold Award winners, Lithographix, Inc., a premier offset and grand format printer, was chosen as the overall 2017 Printer of the Year award winner.
To view the list of Gold Award winners, go to winners-2017-printer-year-competition or
click here
Sappi displayed its full range of speciality and packaging grades at the 2017 Pack Expo Las Vegas.
We are experts in what
we do and a reliable partner when it comes to challenging packaging solutions, as well as the manufacturing processes for these types of packaging.
It was exciting to share
our full product line with prospective customers.
Mark Odgers, Director of Packaging Sappi North America.

Vol 17 Issue 4
Thanks for completing our reader survey
The My Sappi reader survey yielded almost similar results in terms of article and reader preferences compared to
the survey conducted in 2015. We will incorporate suggestions relevant to the purpose of this publication over the next couple of editions.
Result highlights:
Most people still prefer to receive the My Sappi both as a printed and digital publication.
People would most like to read about corporate news, followed by staff making a positive difference, product and marketing news, our commitment
to sustainability, social investment and practical advice on safety. Over half also prefer news from our global operations and the industry.
The majority prefer a column from the CEO.
Most felt that the regional focus connected them to other Sappi divisions. The majority also felt that the articles are relevant and newsworthy. Less than 5% have negative sentiments: ie news is a duplication, old and stale or doesn’t add value to their lives.
Congratulations to our survey winners:
First prize:
Mandlenkosi Gardwell Zungu, Driver Loader, Tugela Mill
Second prize:
Nomusa Ntobela, Contracts Administrator, Southgate Business Park
– follow these Wi-Fi best practices
Does your face also light up when you see a ‘Free Wi-Fi’ sign in a public place such as a restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or airport?
Be careful! A public network is generally open (unsecured), allowing access to anyone. These networks are available in public places, usually in the form of a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection. When you connect to a public network, your online activities and data transmissions can be monitored by others, and your device may be at risk to a potential attack.
Safety tips when using public networks:
Limit your use to casual browsing only, eg. checking the news, looking up restaurant or movie
information or ight information, etc.
Avoid going to sites like banking while
on an unfamiliar wireless network.
Don't enter any personal or confidential information such as passwords, credit cards etc. until you have a more
secure network connection.
Read, understand and heed all browser
warnings you see (ie pop-ups).
Beware of unusual computer behaviour, such as your system operating extremely slowly
(an indication of snooping).
Consider alternative Wi-Fi connections such as using a cell phone to connect
to the internet (tethering).
Pay attention to browser
warnings and shop smart online.
Never accept/install software updates when travelling. Some intruders push malware application updates to hotel network users. Update your applications before travelling and
avoid updates until you return home.
Don't connect to a wireless network you don't recognise. If you aren't sure what's available, ask someone in authority.

EITs experience One Sappi
in our forests
Vol 17 Issue 4
Sappi’s Engineers-in-Training (EITs) spent three days in our plantations, learning and getting their hands dirty, literally. The group, from Sappi Saiccor, Tugela and Stanger Mills were exposed to various aspects of our forestry operations as part of their graduate trainee programme.
Our EITs in action during their visit to Sappi Forests' operations.
Day 1
Sappi Tweedie Research Centre,
where the group learnt more about tree breeding, research and the supply and value chain. “Understanding the importance of sustainability and the extensive research required, gave us a well-rounded insight into Sappi's vision," says Saiccor Mill's EITs.
Day 2
Clan Nursery, where the EITs worked
in the hedge, rooting, production and
growing camps. “Most memorable was
when we joined workers in completing their daily tasks. It helped us to understand the value chain system and silviculture and harvesting processes," says Tugela Mill's EITs.
Day 3
Planting of trees. “An amazing experience, from learning how to properly dig a hole, to holding the tree and positioning it correctly so that it will grow straight. Also, how new trees are grown from the stems of mature trees after cutting, and how harvested
wood is stored for a certain time to allow evaporation of water before sending it
off to our customers," says Stanger Mill's EITs.
Walking in Sappi foresters’ shoes, so to speak, brought the One Sappi slogan to life for us. Through various disciplines, we are all working towards the same goal, a more pro table company,” one of the trainees remarked.

How our packaging segment packs a punch
Ef cient, functional paper packaging
Sappi provides a range of paper for packaging products, all manufactured to world class standards, for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications. Paper combinations of UltraFlute®, KraftPride®, UltraTest® and FusionTopliner® offer strength and high humidity bene ts, as well as yield and cost advantages to converters.
This ensures visually appealing, cost-effective end-use products that will retain their required performance in the supply chain. Paper is a versatile medium for packaging to protect products from farm to market, and is made from renewable resources.

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