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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-07-31 06:01:24

Sappi GSAW 2018

Global Safety Awareness Week
Special online edition
Sappi Europe 2-4 Sappi North America 5-6
July 2018
Our global operations owning and sharing safety
In June every year, staff and contractors across the Sappi group dedicate much time and effort to participate in our Global Safety Awareness Week (GSAW) – an initiative to remind ourselves to think, plan, work and act safely in all we do, every day, throughout the year.
Sappi Southern Africa
Sappi Trading
6-10 11-12
This year, our ‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ theme called on each one of us to take ownership and responsibility for our behaviour and actions, and to share that sense of responsibility with others.
Our regions adopted this theme with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Thank you!
Sappi Europe
In this region, focus was placed on wearing the correct personal protective equipment, exercises and techniques to reduce stress and improve posture, CPR training, as well as fun activities to test staff’s ability to perform tasks with speed and skill – without injury.
At some units, employees formed small groups to ‘share safety’ – discussing safety lessons learnt, ways to change risky behaviour and areas that can be improved upon to make their work environment accident-free.
Several sites also had safety-related booths where vendors performed health and wellness tests and shared information on how to live a safer, healthier lifestyle.
Sappi North America
Safety presentations, vendor fairs and interactive games and activities that brought our 2018 theme to life were all part of this division’s programme for GSAW.
Some sites placed focus on how to prevent common causes of injury, including fall hazards, the wrong use of chemicals and other substances, poor ergonomics and failure to comply with correct procedures.
Preventative health was in the spotlight too,
with emphasis on healthy eating, the signs and symptoms to help prevent serious illness, and why a good night’s rest is crucial to working safely.
South Africa
Employees and contractors in this region celebrated their commitment to safety in a creative manner through song and dance, role plays, industrial theatre and ‘show and tell’ sessions – showing unsafe acts, talking about the causes and how to rectify wrong behaviour.
Staff at several units took part in activities that placed attention to detail top of mind when doing a job. Identifying hazards in the workplace was another favourite item.
Also on the agenda were mock protest marches in support of our ‘Think Before you Act’ campaign, self-defence workshops, departmental exhibitions and the making of safety videos, which were watched by staff in true movie-style.
Sappi Trading
Colleagues at our Sappi Trading of ces each signed a safety pledge, committing themselves to taking responsibility for their own safety and that of others.
They also took a hands-on approach to our GSAW theme by discussing issues in their work area
that put them at risk of injury. For example, the precautions that need to be taken in case of an earthquake, emergency evacuation routes and exits, and the correct use of rst-aid and CPR protocol.
Furthermore, they looked at practical ways to safeguard their of ces against possible accidents; eg by installing corner protectors, using electronic ling cabinets and a reminder to walk, not run.
Staff at some of ces watched safety videos as a ‘refresher’, and used this as an opportunity to share their views on risks and safe behaviour.
Page through this edition to see our regional staff in action.

Sappi Europe
Alfeld Mill
Our hands are one of our most valuable assets. However, we often fail to keep them safe. Here, Thomas Rajcsanyi (Mill Director, right with short sleeves) asks his colleagues to try out a new type of safety glove.
The Physio Vital team explaining to staff how moderate exercise can help one recover from stress.
Why wear safety glasses? Here’s why: wearing them can protect your eyes against serious injury, including the impact of an air gun projectile traveling at 420 km/h!
Brussels of ce
Ivo Maassen and Michael Gerstle taking Claire Picard taking part in exercises to part in exercises to strengthen back promote a healthy back. muscles and improve one’s posture.
Self-hypnosis teacher Danker de Rijke explaining the bene ts of self-hypnosis in dealing with stress and work pressure.
Ehingen Mill
Billy Tröge (external contractor offering sawing training courses) creating a ‘Sappi, but safe’ logo from an oak board, with an electric saw, wearing personal protective equipment.
Dominik Illision and Jens Simp e are two of the apprentices at the mill who created a lm showing funny scenes on how to work safely.
Christian Geiss (right) from the Technical department explaining to Yvonne Amico what to be aware of before opening a ange connection.
2 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018

Global Safety Awareness Week
Gratkorn Mill
Piero Masi, Max Oberhumer and Steffen Wurdinger taking part in a wheelbarrow race, requiring speed, skill and focus – elements needed to execute a job speedily, but safely.
Thomas Schaupp and Isabella Wippel trying out the activity at one of the safety booths that prompted staff to rst think, then act.
Michael Feldgrill, Harald Mulle and Max Oberhumer at the booth, ‘I take care of myself’, where they tested their ability to balance.
Kirkniemi Mill
Eevi Uimi practising rst-aid with her dad, Arto Uimi (left). Kari Korhonen from the mill’s re brigade is guiding them.
Fall protection is the current safety topic at Kirkniemi Mill.
The maintenance team in Kirkniemi’s Pulp department has worked for over 12 years without an accident. Mika Elonsalo and Valtteri Wejberg are proud of this fantastic achievement.
Lanaken Mill
Many people attended the general safety Small groups of employees working on Lanaken Mill’s canteen staff are also presentation held in the canteen. several safety items to ensure a hazard-free committed to working safely.
work environment.

Sappi Europe
Logistics Wesel
A hearing aid acoustician testing Health and wellbeing is part of Sappi’s Employees enjoyed an array of healthy Dominic Herdina’s hearing. holistic approach to safety. Dermatologist foods during lunchtime.
Fokko Jansen screening Boris Domnik’s skin.
Maastricht and Sappi Netherlands
Regi Dorfel is standing on a special scale that measures his weight, body mass index,
Ann Rutten and Sandra Hendrix learning muscle, bone and fat mass, as well as his the basics of CPR. metabolic age.
Jean-Pierre Haenen (left) experiencing several dangerous situations in the mill using a virtual reality device. Dominik Verrydt is instructing him.
Stockstadt Mill
Stockstadt apprentice Emrah Keskin testing Marcel Hellermann introducing the new Young electricians showing how to correctly protective clothing against re resistance. re ghting vehicle at the mill. secure machinery.
4 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018

Sappi North America
Global Safety Awareness Week
Ronald Williams giving a talk on proper blood-borne pathogen handling and clean up.
Cole Hildabrant performing a gas leak evacuation drill for Allentown employees.
Robert Stroker conducting a fall-risk team assessment, where all members on site search for fall hazards.
Boston of ce
The Boston Of ce hosted Seanna DiStefano from Cigna as its main presenter. She followed up on her popular presentation from last year, discussing preventative health and adding the bene ts of early detection.
To learn the importance of getting a good night’s rest, Cathy Niles tries to complete a maze wearing sleep deprivation goggles.
Boston associates enjoyed a vendor fair, as well as a Sappi information booth providing valuable information on safety, goodies and raf e prizes.
Somerset Mill
Somerset Mill’s safety week started off with mill leaders handing out safety challenge coins to all employees, as a consistent reminder of Sappi’s commitment to safety. Over time, the mill plans to use this symbol to push their safety performance to even higher levels of success.

Sappi North America
South Portland of ce
South Portland employees enjoyed attending the ‘Eat This, Not That! demonstration by Wellness Concepts. It taught them more about healthy eating habits.
When you think safety, do you think sleep? Kari Jones of Logistics trying out the sleep deprivation goggles to mimic the effects of not getting enough sleep while completing tasks.
South Portland employees had a chance to win some neat prizes during GSAW. Raf e tickets were given out at each station and session, to ensure participation and learning. Jim Atkinson of IT was one of the winners.
Westbrook Mill
Employees visiting various booths on safety health, which included gol ng activities like
best practices.
Sappi Southern Africa
putting and driving.
As part of the mill’s larger emphasis on ergonomics, there was a booth on shoulder
The Classic Release team hosted a booth on knowing what’s in your safety circle at home and at work.
Global Business Services
GBS staff were separated into groups to show fellow colleagues what ‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ means to them. Penny Jenkins, Mervyn Nair and Lizelle Anderson (Bestmed) were the judges on the day.
The blue group performing a war cry on the importance of being safe.
Employees would like to thank their safety teams for making this year’s event a great success. From left: Yuvika Pillay, Yasmin Ismail, Radhika Mothilall and Pranisha Maharaj.
6 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018

Global Safety Awareness Week
Lomati Mill
‘How focused are you?’ Staff in each department staged or built a display, depicting a real-life hazard to mimic a safety situation at the mill. Here, employees had the opportunity to test their level of focus with the wire loop game.
Collectively, these employees have close to 400 injury-free years at Lomati Mill. From left: Aleck Ngobeni (33 years), Stephen Selelo (33), Robert Mankabidi (40), Frans Mokwevho (39), David Baloyi (36), John Khoza (40), July Mapanga (37), Robert Raholane (32), Lucy Mabuza (30), Malan Maluleke (38) and Samson Ngobeni (33).
A mock display of the dangers in the log yard, if correct procedures are not followed.
Ngodwana Mill
What a feat! These mill employees were awarded for 25 years of service without an injury. From left: Aubrey Mashego, Louis Hewitt, Nick Dreyer and Ida Lombard, joined by Pat McGrady (left, Vice President Manufacturing, R&D and Engineering, Sappi Southern Africa).
Fibreline #3 team was the runner-up for the GSAW safety stall exhibition. From left: Thokozani Thekiso,Tshepiso Tlokolo, Mosetsanagape Mokgosi, Lungile Sumbane-Prinsloo, Nasiphi Bewana, Makgalemele Lethea and Okkie Deetlefs.
The Technical department was this year’s winning team for best GSAW stall exhibition. They are joined by Naresh Naidoo (sixth left, General Manager) and Nick Dreyer (back, fth right, Technical Manager).
Rosebank Head Of ce
Security staff did a walk-about in the of ce and placed stickers on all ‘hot items’ lying around; valuables that need to be kept safe or locked away.
Joni Coetzee and Jessie Freitas trying some
of the moves learnt during the Krav Maga Staff on their way to the assembly point
self-defense demonstration. during a emergency evacuation drill.

Sappi Southern Africa
Sappi Forests Mpumalanga
Gobonzela contractors celebrating their commitment to
safety. Workers felt
so strongly about safety that they staged a march, carrying posters in support
‘of the ‘Stop and Think Before you
Act’ campaign. They encouraged one another to make the smart decision to be ‘clever me’ – in the interest of the safety of everyone.
Camelot North
Contractors from Beziway hosted a ‘show and tell’ session highlighting our safety theme. They were also given special clothing as part of GSAW.
Sudwala (Mooifontein)
Kanyi Ilanga Trading contractors talked about the principles of the ‘Stop and Think Before you Act’ campaign, as depicted on the poster produced for the occasion. Other contracting companies visited by Sappi forestry management to reiterate our focus on safety were Simbambane, Bostek, Sizanani and Jagelda.
Ngwenya forestry contractors took part in a role play (about the danger of driving whilst talking on a cellphone), as well safety songs and a dance. They also came up with a couple of life-saving rules.
PJV contractors celebrated four million manhours without a lost time injury (LTI). From left: Tshepang Montoedi, Solomon Maseko, Simon Gininda and Vusi Yende.
Camelot South
Sibambane contractors divided their employees into groups and performed songs and industrial theatre with ‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ as the main theme. Forestry Manager Dirk Beukes also handed them a certi cate for working over six years without a lost time injury.
8 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018

Global Safety Awareness Week
Saiccor Mill
Managers and the safety coordinating team singing and dancing while handing out GSAW invitations to staff.
‘Be wise, don’t compromise’ was the name of the safety show at Saiccor, highlighting the consequences of risky behaviour. Here, Suhana Harilal (in the role of Beauty) and Lindokuhle Shandu (as Risky) are working on a chemical line.
Simphiwe Khumalo (Mr Safety) and Seema Govender (Miss Smart) chatting about the rules that need to be followed to work safely.
Sappi Forests KZN
Kehly-Ann Samuels (Environmental Of cer) starred in the role of a victim in the ‘effects of using a cell phone while driving’ role play at the Victoria Country Club in Pietermaritzburg.
The KZN South event held in Bulwer attracted several contractor companies and government departments, sharing safety messages in the form of role plays and musical performances.
Contractors from Riblore, SOS and Naickers Cleaning Services joined forces to share safety messages and stories with the Sappi team during the Midlands GSAW event at Shafton.
Clan Nursery celebrated one million hours without a lost time injury. Konrad Buchler (left, Nurseries Manager, KZN) receiving
the Sappi Safety Gold Award from Terry Stanger (Managing Director Sappi Forests).

Sappi Southern Africa
Stanger Mill
All departments made safety videos, which were watched in movie-style during GSAW. Pat McGrady (Manufacturing and Technical Director, SSA) with the Pulp Mill Engineering team, winners in the operational category for the third consecutive year.
After watching safety videos, employees viewed a re-enactment of a car crash – a scene that will remind them to be alert and aware when driving.
In the Non-Operational/Admin category, the Procurement department won the award for best safety video.
Technology Centre
Helene West and Samantha Govender practising the self-defence moves that were demonstrated by Krav Maga instructors.
Safety means teamwork. A potjiekos competition was held as part of the Sappi Technology Centre’s GSAW activities. The winning team, led by Frans Mat eld, cooked a delicious creamy chicken potjie.
Pulane Jele is using tips taught by the Krav Maga instructor to break free from John Masemola’s strangle hold.
Tugela Mill
Pat McGrady (Manufacturing and Technical Director, SSA) handing over the one million Lost Time Injury Free (LTIF) certi cate to General Manager Beverley Sukhdeo.
Marlon Gengadu (middle) awarded as top safety representative for 2018. He is joined
by Pat McGrady and Beverley Sukhdeo. The Safety Spirit team during their role play.
10 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018

Sappi Trading
Staff at Sappi Trading’s of ces (including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Kenya, Sappi Africa Sales and Sappi Export Services in South Africa) commemorated GSAW by each signing a safety pledge.
Other activities included discussions on what the ‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ theme means to them, safety presentations by management, watching safety- related and CPR videos and doing walkabouts in the of ce to pinpoint risk areas that could pose a safety hazard.
Brazil of ce staff Flavio Ignacio (Managing Director), Adilia Almeida, Bruna Liberatori and Karen Roedel with their signed safety pledge.
Global Safety Awareness Week
Colombia of ce
Martha Lasso and Juan Murcia, holding whistles and a rst-aid kit – a requirement in each of the Sappi Trading of ce in case of an emergency.
A safe escape when its needed... the emergency exit in the Colombia of ce.
Clearly marked warning signs and safety equipment to keep staff safe should disaster strike.
From left: Andy Pan, Shirley Li, Charles Li, Selina Shen and Jacky Ni with the signed safety pledge in the Sappi Shanghai of ce.

Sappi Trading
Kong of ce
Mexico of ce
Sappi Export Services
Wayne Ray (CEO Sappi Trading) and members of the SES team proudly af rming their signatures to Sappi Trading’s safety pledge.
Considering that the Mexican of ce is situated in a territory were an earthquake can happen at any time, the team took the following actions:
• Understand and know what kind of earthquakes are possible in
the area, and how to proceed in case one occurs, or a seismic
alarm is signalled
• Check and con rm the safety process for earthquakes in the
building in which the Sappi Mexico Of ces is located
• Have two representatives on the safety team in the building
• Be aware of the safety areas in the of ce and building
• Be aware of the evacuation process of the building
• Be aware of the safety areas outside the building
• Have a contingency plan in case it is not possible to exit the
• Ensure that visitors to the of ce are aware of the safety zones
and evacuation process in case of an earthquake.
From front left, clockwise: Vezumuza Nzama, David Naidoo, Pauline Govender, Msawenkosi Mzolo and Banele Duma discussing what safety means to them.
Wayne Rau (CEO Sappi Trading) sharing his thoughts on ‘Own Safety, Share Safety, with the SES team.
Did you know?
12 Special Online Edition | GSAW 2018
Mexico is located in the world’s highest seismic zone – between ve seismic plates that are in frequent movement.

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