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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-05-24 04:34:08

Sappi InTouch 18_10

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Second quarter results
24 May 2018
Strong quarter, shareholders excited about growth
“We have a more resilient business than in the past, with more stable earnings. This makes us highly attractive to our shareholders,” said Sappi CEO Steve Binnie as he addressed Rosebank staff at the results presentation earlier this week.
Sappi’s Q2 nancial results re ected a strong quarter where all regions beat budget,
sales improved, and EBITDA and net pro t increased.
“We are now moving into the second phase of our 2020Vision – growth,” said Steve, explaining the higher debt on our balance sheet. “To do this, we have to invest in the business.” The rst phase of Sappi’s vision focused on improving ef ciencies, reducing costs and lowering debt, “but now it is time to grow”.
The good news is, “when talking to the market, it’s clear that our shareholders are very excited about Sappi’s prospects for growth,” said Steve. They are also very supportive of, and excited about the South African business and the opportunities in this region.
Several investments in SSA
CEO of Sappi Southern Africa, Alex Thiel pointed out that several investments are on the cards in SSA:
} At Saiccor Mill – improving dissolving pulp capacity
} Ngodwana Mill – further expanding our packaging grades
} Stanger Mill – the installation of a CO2 plant to lower production costs and improve our environmental footprint
} Tugela Mill – plans to install a second spray dryer to increase pulp production for more virgin uting, as well as a 25kg bagging plant to help us enter smaller enterprise businesses in the lucrative Asian markets.
Alex also highlighted that Lomati Mill has been moved from a forestry business to a manufacturing operation. This transfer is set to improve production and lead to more integrated planning and sales processes.
From an operational perspective, he applauded the graphics paper team on an
exceptionally strong quarter. The region also beat budget in terms of prices and production, sales were strong and good volumes were achieved for dissolving pulp.
Safety shows improvement
In SSA, safety has shown a fair improvement. “Lost time injuries are slightly down and there is more talk about safety in the business,” said Alex. Initiatives to soon to be rolled out include the ‘eight golden life-saving rules of safety’, as well as learnings established due to collaborative work with DuPont.
“It’s been a good quarter for us,” said
Alex. “With a focus on taking costs out of the business, selling all volumes, keeping stocks low and improving prices, we are on track to do well in subsequent quarters and for the full year.”
Net operating assets and sales distribution
Sales by source (%)
Sales by product (%)
Sales by destination (%)
Net operating assets (%)
North America 25% Southern Africa 24%
Europe 51%
Coated paper 57%C Uncoated paper 5% Speciality paper 12%
ommodity paper 7% Dissolving wood pulp 18% Other 1%
North America 23% Southern Africa 10%
Europe 45%
Asia and other 22%
North America 25% Southern Africa 36%
Europe 39%
for the period ended March 2018
for the period ended March 2018
for the period ended March 2018
as at March 2018

24 May 2018
Substance abuse:
why and how to report it
Sappi has a Substance of Abuse policy in place to ensure the safety of its employees, their wellbeing and the company’s compliance to safety and health regulations and the SA law.
We value the lives of each of our staff members. Please help us to foster a safe work environment for all by reporting reasonable suspicion among fellow colleagues who may seem to be intoxicated due to substance abuse.
If you suspect that a colleague presently at work has used a substance of abuse, you should notify:
} The supervisor/manager on duty to request an onsite drug test by the Occupational Health practitioner; or
} The onsite Occupational Health practitioner directly.
Signs of substance abuse may include:
} Bad breath, body odour, clothes } Slurred speech
} Unsteady on feet
} Eyes: bloodshot, dilated pupils, pin-point pupils } Excessive sweating
} Flushed/red complexion
} Impaired motor skills.
Alexander Forbes appoints new health care consultant at Sappi
Sihle Blose is Alexander Forbes’ new health care consultant dedicated to Sappi employees for all medical aid related queries. He takes over from Maggie Mtsweni, who has been promoted.
Sihle Blose
Sihle will assume overall responsibility for assisting with queries regarding Bestmed, Sizwe and Admed Gap, the processing of applications, induction sessions for new members, as well as scheme withdrawals and transfers.
He will do onsite sessions and inductions for Sappi Rosebank, Ngodwana Mill and Sappi
Need to get in touch with Sihle?
As the service consultant for Sappi, any Bestmed, Sizwe medical scheme or Admed Gap query or request can be directed to Sihle at:
} eMail: [email protected]
} Tel 011 269 1349 / 012 452 7034.
Nicole Lombaard will remain as the principal consultant, focusing on strategic health care consulting for Sappi, and any escalated matters. Sihle will report directly to Nicole at [email protected]
Members are also welcome to contact the member service centre on:
} eMail: [email protected] } Tel 011 269 2690
Forests staff in Mpumalanga. Onsite sessions and inductions have also been arranged at Sappi mills in KwaZulu-Natal, although recruiting is underway for a permanent AF representative in this province.

24 May 2018
Up close with...
Candice Petrus (Procurement Operations Manager)
Candice Petrus’ family are (from left): sons Christian and Alessandro, Candice and her husband Anthony.
8. My favourite holiday spot is... at home. Visiting different places is a lot of
fun, but for me, the most relaxing, get-your- head-straight holidays have been at home – in the space that is mine, where I know where everything is. I’ve forgotten nothing at home.
9. In my spare time. I read, cook, read, watch SuperSport, read – you get
the idea.
10. My rst job was... as a typist in a typing pool at Spoornet. My rst real
job was, and still is, as a mother.
11. What people at Sappi don’t know about me is... that I wanted
to be a medical examiner when I grew up. I wanted to perform autopsies to nd out what the cause of death was. I guess the TV series Quincy had a huge impact on this young mind.
12. I love working at Sappi because... there are so many
exciting things happening, and I truly believe that the Sappi leadership give employees the space to contribute to the company’s growth and success by giving us opportunities to get involved. I always feel like I’m making a contribution.
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to
see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to
[email protected]
3. I laughed out loud the day... my youngest son, who was 18 at the time,
told me that I, “look kinda sexy for an older lady”. I don’t know what was funnier – him thinking that using the word ‘older’ would soften the blow (I was 41 at the time), or the look of distaste on his face when he used the word ‘sexy’!
4. The things I treasure most... are not possessions. I attach value to people,
not things. But there are a few small things
in my home that have sentimental value; such as the brass pieces that my late brother gave to my mother for a birthday, and the champagne glasses that my parents toasted their engagement with.
6. My favourite read is... there are so many. The Bad Place by Dean Koontz,
IT and Pet Sematary by Stephen King and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
I am inspired by... people. The car
guard that always tells me to drive safely. The lady that always blushes shyly when I
tell her that she looks pretty. My youngest
son, when he tells his older brother that he is ‘enough’. These experiences remind me to really see people, to acknowledge who they are, and to treat them with respect -always.
I can’t live without... books. I love to
read and being transported to different worlds. I suppose that you could say that I have a good imagination. My favourite authors are Stephen King, James Patterson, and Faye Kellerman. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowle novels. I also believe that every child should have the opportunity to read Enid Blyton – go Famous Five!
When I feel stressed out... I whip
out my ‘Sing Along’ playlist. I sing and dance along to every song – yes, I know all the words. It’s an awesome way to loosen those tense muscles and get the blood owing.
I love watching movies about
World War II... because there are
so many complexities around this period in our history. History in and of itself focuses
on the key role players, but I love that these movies are reminders that real, everyday people fought and/or were affected. Among my very favourites are Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, which portrays the Battle of Iwo Jima from both the American and Japanese perspectives. Hacksaw Ridge, Saving Private Ryan, Land of Mine, and The Darkest Hour are also quite spectacular.

Let’s get well, let’s get walking.
Happy walking in Rosebank
Sappi Rosebank staff had great fun during our wellness initiative, AmaTeki Week, held earlier in May. Congratulations to the lucky draw winners Leander Brown, Natasha Milton, Cecily Daniels and Brenda Luthers, who each won a Mr Price Sport voucher.
Join the daily walks and win!
• Meet at reception at 11:30 sharp for a 30 minute guided walk
• Each time you walk is an entry into the lucky draw to win one of four Mr Pric
• Bring a buddy and receive an additional entry into the draw!
• Lucky draw will take place on Friday 11 May at 13:00 in the canteen
24 May 2018
During AmaTeki Week:
• Ditch the lift and take the stairs.
First priz Second p Third priz Fourth pr
Ready, set, walk! A group of participants geared up for AmaTeki Week.
• Join the AmaTeki Week Walks.
• Take regular breaks away from your computer.
• Walk whenever possible.
Did you know:
By raising our heart rate, stair-climbing helps protect against high blood press lowers the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, va Stair-climbing also exercises our bones and muscles, improving strength, bone important for women in sedentary office jobs, as they have a significantly higher ost activities like stair-climbing are also associated with improved mental health. It h so-called feel-good hormones. It also provides us with time to think and reflect, stress and tensions.
The AmaTeki Week lucky draw winners (from left): Leander Kagiso Mamabolo, Surprise Maluwa and Brown, Natasha Milton, Cecily Daniels and Brenda Luthers. Fumani Nkuna enjoying AmaTeki Week.
To You
Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate their
Sport Vouchers
birthdays in June:
01 Crailene Makukule
03 Jacques Rossouw
03 Matshediso Moshoeshoe
05 Karen van Heerden
06 Melanie Jacobs
dr0a8wKgpwreirazneo sNo:toane
12 Keshia Palmer
: R1,000 Mr Price Sport Voucher 18 Antonio Pires
16 Daniel Rossouw
rize: R500 Mr Price Sport Voucher e:R18250SuMrprriPsericMealSuwpoartVoucher
ize: R250 Mr Price Sport Voucherer 19 Steve Binnie
19 Fumani Nkuna
20 David Wood
20 Lazarus Machini
18 Chief Sambo
21 Beverly Lawson
re, weight gain and clogged arteries. T
22 Glen Pearce
scular dementia and even some cance
23 Theresa Mariuzzi
density and muscle tone. This is especia
24 Sigrid Oliver
eoporosis risk than men. Incidental physi
24 Mpho Lethoko
elps our bodies to release endorphins, t
26 Nat Maelane
hich are key factors in managing everyd
27 Koosh Panday
28 Natasha Milton
28 Maarten Van Hoven
is rs. lly al he ay
uh c

Disability sparked these inventions
At Sappi, we recognise the value that people with a disability can bring to an organisation. But the bene ts have an even wider reach. Did you know that there are several inventions today that were developed due to ‘disability inclusive’ initiatives?
The typewriter
A blind Italian aristocrat from the 19th century, countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzon, was something of a muse for Pellegrino Turri, who invented an early
version of the typewriter in 1808. Carolina was blind and not able to write legible letters to her sighted friends. The prototype for the typewriter was designed by Turri to help her solve this problem.
The telephone
Alexander Bell invented the telephone because of his efforts to facilitate communication amongst people who were deaf or hearing impaired, by understanding
different methods of transforming speech into a visible messaging system. The system allowed anyone to accurately pronounce
the sounds of a language, even if they had never heard it before. This not only lead to a trend where people who were deaf could learn to lip read and speak, but inadvertently lead to ways of transmitting sound through the telephone.
Eye tracking
Tracking eyeball movements is not a new science,
but it has the potential to help people with severe disabilities gain more independence. Many people with
paraplegia and quadriplegia operate computers and wheelchairs using eye trackers.
Chatty Web
IBM-developed software with a working title of Chatty Web, was designed to allow blind people to scan web pages easily. It is designed to help users interrogate a
page by asking questions to quickly identify only the most useful information.
The mind-reading headset
Mind-reading used to be a thing of science ction,
but another project by IBM looks set to harness Electroencephalography (EEG) – a technology currently
used mainly in medicine – for the bene t of people with disabilities. And soon it may be bene tting us all.
24 May 2018
Meet Workplace Integrated Learner: Bongiwe Zwane
Bongiwe joined Sappi Rosebank on
02 May 2018 as an intern in our Internal Audit department. She has a BCom Accounting degree from the University of Witwatersrand.
1. Describe yourself in a
nutshell: Kind, mature and an achiever.
2. What are you
passionate about?
Sharing knowledge.
3. What is your greatest
strength? Being a committed person.
4. What is your favorite quote? Do what you can, with
what you have, where you are right now.
5. Who is your role model? Anyone who manages to
make a living doing what they love.
6. What are the things that you enjoy in your current
role? Coming from an external auditing background, I enjoy being part of a process where I can add value and help to improve operations.
7. What are your hobbies? Hiking and watching
comedy movies.
8. What do you hope to gain from this internship?
Sappi is not only a global company, but a leader in its industry, so I am really looking forward to the huge learning curve that I will be exposed to. To me, Sappi represents continual growth.
9. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
Thus far it has been getting my Associate General Accountant (SA) membership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).
10. If you could acquire one quality or ability, what
10. would it be? Patience is a learned ability for me. It
would be nice to have it as a natural ability.
11. What is your motto in life? Do what you love, and
11. love what you do.

afety, Share
Global Safety Awareness Week 2018
Attend and you could win an Elite Self-Defence Hamper packed with self-defence goodies!
Krav Maga Self-Defence Workshop
presented by Elite Defence Academy
Thursday 14 June 2018 | 11:30-12:30 | Oxford Room
24 May 2018
What is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is a constantly evolving practical self-defence system that originated in Israel – and is known for being powerful, e cient and easy to learn.
Krav Maga is the self-defence and close quarter combat system of choice among Special Forces units, military units and law enforcement agencies like the CIA, FBI and the British Royal Marines. Krav Maga is also practiced by ordinary men and women worldwide, as it works for anyone and can be learned easily.
Booking essential:
Reserve you space with [email protected] by 01 June 2018
Own Safety, Share Safety

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